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Core Desires

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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March 20, 2021 12:30 pm

Core Desires

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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March 20, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! We are officially on the road to Spring Boot Camp 2021. The discussion this week is about the core desires of men's hearts. The clips are from"2nd Hand Lions," and "The Santa Clause." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network this is Truth Network the heart of every man is like doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we are glad that you're with us is weak. We are in the middle of her boot camp. Preparation time were about six weeks away from boot camp is gonna ask how many eaves that would be, but none of us could calculated that quickly. So now as we get closer. They were going to be bringing that up into 3535 for a lot of these, but still go register now masculine register for the Boot Camp boot camp coming up April 29 through May 2 and think about from April payment for May 2 and Robbie are going to kick off the first of the next like six weeks will be doing some boot camp talk shows based around the toxins and that we get the camp and you get the first one saying have absolute fantastic you know we left on the radio show all my goodness. If you would come join us at boot camp. That's where we really have a blast and God is inviting us all to kind of awaken our hearts and and so the first talk that we do a boot camp the invitation and it clearly is an invitation and when I heard this talk the first time I can believe what it did to awaken like smelling salts, things that I had forgotten that were down in my heart that that God really wanted to come after and so this first talk is very much an invitation. It's called the core desires of a man's heart and in you know we forgotten who we are and in so many different ways and so the neat thing about this talk is it comes after these three desires that ran talk about in today show and then after our show that the first of those desires it's it's called a battle to fight. And so it's kind of cool that King David himself. If there is somebody that you might think of in the masculine journey kind of guy in the Bible would be King David in Psalm 119 verse 32 is a critical verse that is on display in this talk and and in the verse reads that I will run in the path of your commandments when you enlarge my heart and what David is saying there is that wouldn't be just how amazing would it have the freedom to run with everything you have known you were going the right way because you're only gonna run with everything you have. If it's something you really, really, really want and so there's some desires that need to be awaken that clearly in my own life. I realized that you know is through these boot camps that I needed this invitation. In this first invitation is a battle to fight sword on jump right off with the clip Sam if you want to set this up because from my standpoint, here's an invitation for children of all ages. This is from a movie that you think is a kids movie but it's anything but. It's called secondhand Lions and it's about a boy named Walter the goes to live with his his two uncles. His mom just drop him off there and on they don't really want. And he doesn't want to be there and they develop this relationship and this is early in the movie and one of the uncles hub has had a heart attack and is just gotten out of the hospital instead of going home. He goes to have some barbecue with his brother and it is his nephew, great-nephew, whatever it is, and so we pick it up and and hubs feeling rather useless just coming out of the hospital after heart attack Sunday. I have to start acting your age that all you never let you know that I use a new young love to read point things make sense as anything.

So what we do. We got reactive ductile vision loss. Example 11 talk since his boat was given everything this idea of courage and manhood get together with a bunch of punk friends right around here take folks to good-natured. A thank you just dump you don't publicly thought to awards in A small little three conference hundred thousand men into battle with horses and swords to artillery and tanks and I'll try to know why Bennett ever seen before I went. I lost a dozen fortunes only one will with a passionate free like you begin to understand. We did mention he's actually choking the kid's attention fully right so it's interesting that here you've got like we talked about children's children of all ages, but there's still a desire to fight a battle there there is for any young child that you will ever meet. They don't play Army for nothing right in and they don't play tetherball forgotten.

You know, and I just would be that I would encourage the audience and then the guys in here with me. What were the games. What were the things that you when you were a kid that you play that major heart come alive when you know what did you want to do right. We played Army constantly tetherball you know we had this just as an example, had a tetherball out in the yard obviously got a chance to be my father's brother's face and with his regularly because you know that was part of the idea was to hit him squarely in the nose you with all possible. But I also had this habit of melting my models of the booklet look like they're in war scenes have these airplanes that hung from the ceiling in my bedroom.

Inside regularly take them out there living tetherball court because it was rocks and I would light them on fire in different diseases so they look like they're crashing you know that they've taken on the Nazis and all the stuff back in the day. We always fight the Germans and Japanese it to you what it was. So this particular day that just wasn't burning like it should. And so there's a can't ask can I use to do the lawn.

It just seemed natural that you would use this gas and sell up to speed things up a little but I failed to realize that the model still smoldering so as I'm pouring gasoline on the tetherball.

You know that the model was in the theme of the flame goes up into the spout of the tetherball starts to check in on I realize there's gonna be a bad explosion. So I kick the gas can over at which point in time 5 gallons of gasoline pours down the driveway, lighting up now 810 feet near and this have to be the exact moment that my parents are coming up the driveway in their car didn't cover cleaner driveway with the toothbrush. It just it's hard, but the point of this is that that you know there's a battle to fight in whether it's the Germans or whatever on the tetherball court and other stuff that has to go on but CM a lot of time in a pastors think it cut that came from an evil heart unit when I think back to that clinically displayed.

The boys are trying to find an adventure is picking the wrong things to be adventurous with trying to pick a battle in the picking the wrong battles because I don't know what to do with these desires that are healthy and that's where the church came a lot of times falls back to the passage where it says in Scripture that the heart is is evil, it's wicked right it. Which is true before you accept Christ as your Savior, your heart becomes a new heart and new creations in Christ all those other things we hear about.

As we become Christians but is sometimes a church wants to try to keep people from sending and so the focus on the heart is wicked instead of helping them understand how to move into those desires in a in a healthy way yeah I mean you talk about Scripture you know Proverbs 423 is guard your heart with all diligence for out of the issue comes the issues of life. Well, the point is that saying it's it's not like that. It's talk about evil being in your heart, your heart is the source of all your being, and what you are doing. If your heart is dead because you killed all desiring it because everything is evil will never be able to really live and experience is just a matter of fixing what the object of your desire and I think that's the biggest thing is we get confused on what art or object of our desire should be equal. Either way, Internet killing them right or we misguided take them to other places.

So John Eldridge says now the passage in Genesis chapter 1 works is you we were made in God's image, both male and female is one of the most important things that you will ever read in the Scripture and in the point is is that we were made in his image, and so some of the things that we see come out even in the smallest child right are in fact the way that they were designed and so if you put any group of little boys right in a swimming pool, do they break out into synchronized swimming administered, no, no, I mean it's it's cannonballs and dunking in ink because there there gonna find some kind about putting menace in a field full of snow. Give him a football.

What might happen. You know the it's going to be on Jim. Absolutely.

I mean good about glassware that the dirt was nice and clear like all too often we would find ourselves in the construction areas of new homes and this made perfect places to entrench and completely bloodied each other with dirt clods and you know if you had arrived. Unit bonus so it made it what one of the hugest enlightenment for me in this whole subject was oh my goodness, you mean to tell me that this something that you know people been trying to take out of me my whole life is his battle to fight.

Whether that's emotionally or whatever and I know some people are saying I don't like the blood he scenes and warm it was I not but not limited ask a question when somebody cuts you off in traffic.

Okay, how do you feel towards that person like that moment like are they zipper merging on Harold over there right is a computer programmer and I get it, but believe me you don't want to be on the other hand an answer you. For that matter, Jim Ramey, to me, there is that the problem you have nowadays is there's too many counterfeit battles.

If you know know what's going on Facebook is full of them that the battle has to have integrity.

It has to have a reason for Harrison Tutu right or wrong and all too often we get caught up in the wrong fights the wrong battles and their counterfeit, so battle to fight to get a lot more type that in the second segment that the whole idea is this is an invitation for an awakening coming of boot camp April 29 through May 2 outing master and register what you think about what if one weekend wasn't up to you know anything.

All masculine journey.

Betacam basic training designed to give men permission to be how God made lawyers based on John averages allow that heart experience four days purpose for God to come after and perhaps reawaken dreams and desires neatly placed in your masculine heart during spring camp April 29 through May 2, masculine and register today. This assumes masculine journey on here with my son Eli talk about ways he held his ministry only smiled at him and smiled at him as his information on website there on how to do that you and click the donate can get a masculine and find the PO Box 559 and they were talking so you think that Dr. will so yeah I like that followings have. It's not fully scripturally accurate, but that one particular part is in the course and you know we are in a battle that you just to speak a little bit about the whole battle to fight is is I grown up and understood spiritual battle and earlier age and when a story come to boot camps. I realize that I really hadn't been engaged. I had pretty much tapped out and just wanted a nice quiet peaceful life which Scripture wants us to have that for ourselves. We are in a battle and I think what what we struggle with is me and is what does that look like we know were not going togo shoot somebody like it. Saving Pvt. Ryan. We do have a battle, a spiritual battle to fight and we have to keep our heart engaged to do that other clearly is an the reason why we actually talk about that very first thing it.

It's one of the entry points is because you're gonna be fighting a battle your entire time while you're at boot camp right here you're going to be contending for your desires. You're going to be contending that all I didn't really need unit, there's gonna be a battle all along the way so we want to set this place like this is a good thing that that you do have an enemy in order to get into that a lot throughout the boot camp at this point in time is just realized that God put this in us.

We are trained from birth to take this on.

So did you have some running just along those lines.

We always talk about men willing to fix things.

That's a part of battle.

The fight is fixing things, fixing the wrongs that are in the world, the unjust things are in the world and when the fix right with his huge party heart to get a clip here that I want to get to. It's called the contender I called the contender from the movie Santa Claus and Wheatley had the old guys right here were to come back to the kid by the name of Charlie from the movie Santa Claus looked at him sure many of same with Tim Allen but I want to listen to the scene with new ears. You've heard the scene probably nursing the scene many times where Charlie finds San on the roof that you know he slides often in. I'm hoping you're familiar with the scene but when God calls Israel in Deuteronomy 6 he says here oh Israel, the Lord your God is one. The word Israel means contender. Okay, it does Israel Jacob wrestled with God and so he got the name you know God wrestler and so this is a battle and and so one of the people that we love to battle if we had good fathers and hope many did like me like I love to wrestle my dad. He was like Iron Man like I could really test my strength when I wrestled my dad and I know that Sam's boys loved him to wrestle Sam and so one of the ways that we wrestle with dad as we wrestle emotionally. Now when you listen to this. You may think that Charlie is not respecting his dad is not obeying. There's a lot of things you may think that we would want to take out of this particular child but don't take out of them the desire to see you know to believe and to see what he's believing as he contends with his dad, Scott, Calvin later on Charlie talking about is, some is not. Now Charlie went to see here to stay right there. Exterior Charlie, would you listen to me.

There is not well do you hear me I'm just looking for dedication you look at the law is doing okay. Scene display do know I'm not kidding.

Let's go. Sam, I mean you need to get this young boy whose heart is coming alive like if you saw the beginning movie he wanted nothing to do with Christmas to one another and be with Anna and all the sudden that desires awaken and that boy and he not only obviously gets a chance to go on the ride of his life. He takes his dad along with yeah I think it's important time to get does start initially in the in the household. You know you guys have been on my boys night camp and its counseling. One of us punching each other. Seven each other whatever and it's it's out of love. You know that it's it's down there the night. Eli would just not leave me alone before he is going to bed is Flippantly hit me until he made me get up and that was his whole goal so he could wrestle with me a little bit my kids along been been able to beat me in wrestling and I know they probably realize that but it still does mean that no one test himself with dad and I were talking earlier on the social media and I think if you just really look at social media under this topic of battle to fight.

You realize there's a desire there and it's all over the place and a lot of ego. I wouldn't pick that battle I would pick that battle, but is not a lack of people having a desire to lack of knowing where to put it.

And then there's three core desires and talk a lot about in the after our show. The other two kids were just sticking with battle because we want to highlight that one being that's the one that really you carry in the boot camp gone okay.

I need to fight for my own heart. You know, God made me very uniquely with the desires that you have and quite often the movies that you love the way the games that you played when you're a kid. They are giving you an indication of the things that God put uniquely ended in the way that you and I do life and in much. I have a little brother and and we talk sometimes because he went to boot camp with us like you remember the time we got the BB gun and we shot Skipper) who could forget whatever anybody's going to the campus heard that story which don't get it.

Unless you come to boot camp right running the camp meeting. Think about how many battles you been in over your lifetime. To this day, not stopping there coming. There's more coming after this knowing exactly example saying how do we choose and then once we choose how do we enter you know is not to go in and beat people up in it's not necessary for you to go win the battle of the fight is to get in there and do what's right and be more righteous than what you're trying to do rather than just allow me to show you only make a name for myself. You know and I will call someone else out now. No, no, you're wrong, wrong place, get your heart right.

I'm sorry.

I'm distancing one of the main things that we do in this talk is we hold it to pictures as we figure if you can get a good look at it.

Jesus, if you could get a really good look at Jesus you would find out what God had intended for you.

If we could become this man, and so we hold up to pictures and you often hurt us use the scene with William Wallace. No calling those men into that particular battle and saying does this sound more like Jesus or do you think that if Mr. Rogers after Mr. Rogers was a wonderful man and all that other stuff but so many people think that a good Christian man is supposed to sound like Fred Rogers well when Jesus was clearing the temple right he he had a little different sound of his voice, and when you hear William Wallace in that speech. What he says is right that all yeah lying in your bed someday write what you wish you could trade all of those so that you can come back just one day and face your enemies.

In the end the ideas straight out of the gospel that he will will lose his life will gain it and so there is a battle that is more important than the physical life that you have on earth and believing is seeing.

And I think I think we lose track of who were battling we have an enemy in this world and that enemy is constantly trying to separate us from our father. And you know I have a Scripture verse on my wall in my office. I do not battle against flesh and blood, but against the powers and principalities of this dark world and it's so true we we often want to personify the evil in this world, when in reality it's the enemy, the devil, that's our true enemy in this world and that's who were constantly fighting and why would we have armor if we did have a battle that needs no shield or breastplate or a helmet or in of the belt of truth if you didn't need. I think one thing that's important is that we usually have younger kids or teenage kids or whatever that we enter into that when you see them rise up to battle right in and you don't squash it right, you may try to give them some advice. Be let him step in the decadence training ground is training ground for them and had to face the next big battle in the next big battle right that first bully.

Now it's, right. The kid at end God calls you out, I was reminded this weekend is like John Eldridge says look when it comes to spiritual battle. There's no there's no practice. It's all live fire that were receiving. It may come at a younger age and there may be different but it is all live fire so the training ground is an enemy truly trying to take light when I think John Jim said with your connection with the father but also your hope. If he can still your hope to where you there's no point in battling he's got you for eight months, Billy, squished my lunch ate every day at school. That was his deal ominous squish his lunch and that went on and one snowy day I'll never forget it.

He squished my leg once too often just punched him in the nose and it bled and I was all man that and then it was on.

He had to have the big in a shootout at the okay corral that fight literally change mama enough that I speak now at some point in time, they can't keep taking all your lunch so we get a chance to do that only seem to do in mood. You go to masculine register for the boot camp we barely even scratch the surface on this person or desires are so much more than were able to unpack winter camping and more boring. God can and back to camp and say this is where I called you to be in the battle. This is your unique place and how you should uniquely handle it asking and then after hours. This is the Truth Network

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