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What or Who are You Trusting in 2021?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 2, 2021 12:30 pm

What or Who are You Trusting in 2021?

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 2, 2021 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! It's a brand new year, so consider this. What or who are you going to put your trust in this year? Ponder that while listening to the guys discuss that very question. The clips come from "The Shack," "The Prince of Egypt," and "First Knight."

The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show. Happy New Year!




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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth podcast. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call the masculine journey. The masculine journey starts here now welcome the masculine journey we are on our first episode of 20, 21 do not feel weird using figurehead. They can't see the radio so I say yes please yes take a ride in America and what else Jim Daly yes or no okay yeah that's what we think again just to be in the new year. There's a whole lot of feelings that come with that whether it's feelings of anticipation and hope feelings of dread usually find on yourself. On one side of that equation another in by now you primary broken Simi resolutions.

Don't worry about it you get a whole year to make those up that it is 2021, and I think this year is a little different than a lot of the ones in the past you know because we live such a different 2020. You know it's it's been a different season for all of us. You know Harold I know we we joke with you about being the oldest in the group but in reality you see more seasons than the rest of us, and imagine 2020 was a quite different one than any other one you never see absolutely. It's unbelievable how different it was just crazy for me.

No mass to social distancing all the terms we have in all the things that came into our vocabulary. This yearly exam in a different way. You know that had in the past has a lot happening for sure) yeah yeah back early on when were trying to get our word for the year and I felt the Lord was telling me that my word was happening like what Ellen wait a minute, what, where'd thing is that and then in about a month boom in an own and own it went. One of the things that has really been bad for me is were not able to have our worship services like we used to. We went for a couple months everything was buzzing and we rebel to mate on Sunday morning, but we have two services one at 930 for the folks over 60, and 11 for the ones under within no Sunday night service other than nothing on Winston and I really miss being able to gather together and I think that's why the church was actually instituted because of what it provides for us and to a certain extent.

We've lost some of that not all of it, but we've lost some of it and I can't wait for the stuff to get straightened out where we can get back to normal. Your new word for the years not normal as it actually have been asking but have yet to receive.

Still forced to look at happening. I'm hoping that things will happen better. Beginning shortly and I could be positive order or could move in the other direction Indiana you're not with us in person today, but you're with us on the on the phone in denial. I like the way that you set the topic and then failed to be here.

He sound like anybody else.

It's in the room or lease me and Robbie that's done in the past and Darren India. But anyway Andy Kelso have been about our topic for this week. Andy, I can now go ahead yeah wait, our dog day about topic so really wouldn't have anything related to body art.after that.

So let been all my heart. We all got with the wall art podcast on their show. They talk about how you know a lot of time. That is 2020 is a lot of people or things you know that effective like the flip of the calendar to give up new new year and a new Grateful Dead that with what we see, down the road might not necessarily be in the .1 if you're putting your hope in the flip of the calendar.

You probably appointed our hope needs to be, you know on the rock of Jesus, so that you know on his strong foundation but it's easy with what the term all that we Artie talked about we talk about a lot about it this year.

If there you know we have to get study, grounded focus, we have to to allow God to you and attend our heart, we need to get our own heart so that we put our people are putting our trust in him instead of what one on the outside was going on in and lie you whether it you know over to Grand Master social distancing or or riot table and grass.

You know the election. All those things are important.

And God cares about it, but ultimately we have to do is put our trust in him and to get us through, and it's not that easy all the time so this is just a reminder to you that that's what work but on the day of just a really no place in the hamper, 20, 21, other than Sunday school.

He answered Jesus throughout their right in. That is the answer and only the text on this topic.

Jim was the first to say in the answers God night when we went to bed as you to send us a second ago. We can know that, but to know it and to live it are two different things. I am into limited in every area of your life.

You know, at least my story there's been times I do well in one area, but I really don't do well in another area you know and that still I guess for me when it's when I try to control something really comes down to lack of faith.

You know not when I'm really trying to control the outcome of something I'm not putting my faith in God is much something faith in myself to get the outcome that I want to have it. Even if I'm praying about it.

I'm still actively probably pushing it a lot times more than I should be in on it and I think that part of that. The thing is how you put your faith in what's that look like the put your faith in God for this next year we are called all All of the partnership and I usually got the extremes about all of God, thought taking personal responsibility are putting all of myself glued well about my life so it is finding that partnership, allowing them delete you in it and then you got like you got all the category always part of our life like okay I'm good with that God will not find it.

That relationship cannot go back to work crazy because of this world, you know, maybe that's out of my control, truck, something like that. I love you see that word out. Carolyn, I brought together recently.

Somebody was basically blocking all the traffic and I made the comment to her about well and some folks this they don't have any control in their life so they want to exert somewhere and then it's one of those pointer fingers and three have more point back.

It may, but because especially on the road trying to be in control of the traffic. Myself and everybody else around me and it it is something that's inherent in all of us and wanting to have that control that the greatest release I've ever had. My life was when I realized that I wasn't in control and I could trust the one that was in.

It's hard to not look back and say where have I put my control in other places uniforms take a checklist you know there's time and finances.

I'd love to say that I put my hope in God and my finances. But in truth there's a lot of times I'm putting that upon myself relationships how often as I put my faith in that other person any we had about three minutes before we get a break want to go and have you get in this clip from Prince of Egypt you want to set it up word to play it off of it up real quick short clip basically is after the plague. I think the you don't hear it on the cliff but it basically right after the clip up in the event of the judgment of the plague of the river part of the blood and and really the writer talking a really frustrated I like everything and play okay got Sarah still has the power over our lives take away food home freedom he can take away your sons and daughters with one word Pharaoh can take away your very lives.

There is one thing he cannot take away from you. We will see God's will and sorry to go ahead and take his break, but what why that clip. I think the thing is right now to feel like everything is been taken from you know there confided no you don't want to go and fight government, the thing that there do it. I don't like a lot of agree with that. We have to be good about it but we feel like a lot of figure B of taken for about our ability. We may have had that our our holiday they could probably get to spend time with family. That kind of thing, but what if we left the bank continue to encroach on a take away from make us feel like we are not bricks. Why, then, we've allowed the enemy to take our faith with that's one thing I will not do or riot died died really commit not to L out at this for the enemy to take my faith he can take a lot of my commitment to not letting taken about take out all of the realize that that's really where that hope our faith. We cannot allow allow the enemy to take that things we need to keep in mind is that if we have most everything taken away from us still know me better off than most of the population of this earth. Yeah, he would talk about physical things I would ignite anything as we get into the relational distancing that we've all had experience this year and I've never really had experience that in in our recent lifetime.

Anyway, just the level of connectedness in person that we had been the ability to see people and spend time with people is has deftly changed and etiquettes if you put your faith in the government you put your faith in the vaccine.

You put your faith on either side of that the election whenever you're putting that faith, then it's not cannot meet your expectation right is not given me to hold it's in your heart that you may get the outcome that you desiring for season but it's really about this process of learning to put faith in God and so any what some of the things that you like to have faith in. In the past, probably, but I will talk about not knowing that God there with my I try to go off by control of myself and whenever you try to live apart from God really responding faith in candy mask sales. If it feels like everything is fine. We can listen to the masculine journey and find out why we use clips like to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of his gun designed to find which flights do we grab your gear, every Saturday I this assumes mask and turn him with my son Eli talked about ways he helps with ministry only smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that. Go to and click the donate button you can get a masculine and find masculine email something to PO Box 552 7285. Thank you for the bump and who was a 3.3.Lake United. I could look at iPhone but I just would ask you to see if you like that I got little back story behind that.

I would think it was back from her what we were talking about perfect love cast out. I remember I think I've heard that gravity into the radio show one night and that came on the mic while that that really speaks to what were talking about powerful phone made the week. We forget that you know we currently experience the perfect love of God that Peter will go you know I think looking clear to me is is listen to Montana's finally realize why so many Christian songs. The chorus repeats itself so often is because were really thickheaded. You know we don't get first time and so you know they have to say like four times and then finally I go. Yeah, fear I have that that I'm lacking some love bites is an faith in my love here or look whatever my faith is lacking you from having the fear and so the question becomes those areas that you're anxious and still. Why are you anxious if you really have a healthy trust of the design come through and switch over to you. You had a clip that you brought to us as we can talk about it yet in the clip is from the movie the shack which was a book that literally change my life because it opened up the door to see God in a bigger, broader scope other than a big guy sitting on a throne with a lightning bolt my name on and so you and a movie came out and that the scene in the clip is shown on the radio of cash in the that the main character is out in the middle of the lake about in the boat is coming apart and he's thinking and the character and represents Jesus is telling don't look it. What's going on. Look at me.

You know this is not this was going on inside of you and he's in a panic. Obviously got little lake in your boat cover art reason to panic but the messages focus on me not on your circumstance and it reminds me of it. Peter walking on water. Don't look at the circumstances and look at what you do it and that's got a clue about set that up pretty good so you completed clip you like. As you noticed in the clip as he focused more and more in Jesus. The storm subsided in a way that's about getting back together to I can see that you can clip you could visit you could hear that right that you things are calming down and things were going to be okay at the end of 2019. My wife and I were preparing we pretty sure we're got to get your house raised came in, get your house in order so we begin except old farmhouse. Get ready to sail into things begin to happen.

We begin the love the house we live in England is really looking nice were evicted up and then we roll in the 2020 and where Rick get really close to putting on the market and covered 19 and the world is gonna little Paul's perfume is my wife is a schoolteacher and were in the middle of this thing and were like what to do and therefore just a brief moment throughout a week or so we were questioning what we heard question were where the boat was coming apart goals in model mind I'm thinking okay I'm in an old farmhouse that Rob and I will pass inspection anyways by one of the and all is down comes and saw that the Bible won't this odd little house.

Well, in the middle of nowhere, and all these things but I can't.

Get your offer is so we did and we put on the market actually sold for what we ask for, which was way above what I thought it was worth, and we moved from Ashburn King. So in essence what is happening in in my doubts in my fears, my faith has grown my wife and I have grown closer together because we've seen once again where fear has strata city in a wages, close rather Winston stepped out in faith in God always comes through.

Always comes through goals. We nothing short of a miracle and her story after story, story in the March household is the how that happens but it amazes me in human nature that you're always seem to be well I'm not sure this is really where we need to be or not sure I heard God correctly and that's that's been 2020 for us and think part of the uncertainty can come from. You can know that everything is going to be okay but my definition of what okay is God's definition isn't always the same God is always right. Mine is always right, but others at uncertainty of you know I we put the house up for sale and it doesn't sound that still okay right because of God's in control he's had me do this for a reason. And so that's part of that uncertainty and it honestly from your lack of faith, at times, as you know, I guess because I can't control the outcome. Go and play another quick clip and will come back in the after hours shall impair the clips elegantly.

This is is from first night, and what's happening here is you got King Arthur that's talking with the bag acumen who the bad guy is and that Melissa's now and I like the bad guy. Anyway, Jeremy Irons, placing sees a bag I can see the movie the logic of the bad guys, but he's the bad guys offered something that he doesn't really have the offer and when King Arthur doesn't want to accept the terms he talks about Lavinia risking war into the somewhat King Arthur's talking about on war and the McMackin KY that applies to where I've been, especially to be found on the recyclable fish that much, I chocolate when the short clips of use and it's one of my favorite quotes Robbie brought it to the show while back that for me when I look at some of these challenges my life these fears that I have. I look at them, almost as a battlefield right and there's times that I'll try to skirted to one side and avoid the battle and try to control a different way try to influence it in real issue is I got to remember that in order to have that peace that comes on the other side of whatever that battle is that I'm facing at the moment I got a walk through the general like a walk-through with the king and walk-through with God right I got to go through with him to get to that piece. On the other side and be willing to say regardless of what that outcome looks like it's in his will write a lease for whatever that season is you know and I can do really well in areas for time, but to be quite honest, I have a hard time doing well in all areas you know and so out of the question I have for myself this year as we go through. It is try to keep in front of me.

One of my fearful of right now, not that I want to focus on the fear that lets me know where I need to have more faith and more night need to praying and I got into that more night because there are some things and I look back in. That's a little bit earlier but to say more clearly there's times of put more faith in my paycheck when I put in my relationship with God, I hate to say it that way. But those monies very nice thing is gonna work out what happens when money is not there right at my faith in relationships and whether that be friends.

I talked to friends about issues a lot more than I would talk to God about issues and solutions no longer around. So all that investment of time with and much better suited investing that God those types of things and so looking at those and saying okay by the work and I put more faith in you and 2021, and where did I lack faith in the past. Robbie Wimmer heard from you today so it's hard for their mics. Yes, you yeah were sharing a couple mics and so down like that will make it work.

Working at your clip and the after-hours segment that what's going to hurt right now on this topic. I was really blessed to speak a canopy sturgeon term this weekend and can't really put it on my heart and what it meant to prepare him room and you know that as I was looking at this you know. Yes, obviously we want to get more in touch with God. But how, how do I specifically prepare him more room inside what I know his inner sanctuary in the holy of holies and aware the law is where the man is and it's a delightful actually kind of journey as he's really taken me on that to see some things that I did not see like I found out last week that Moses fasted 44 times he went 40 days and 40 not yet you we always know that the one fast when he got the 10 Commandments but you look at in Deuteronomy 10 he goes there four times and then in Exodus 15 to when it crossed the Red Sea, which Andy is wonderful clip there. He says God let me build in them and in Exodus 15 to it since. Let me build you a habitation. In other words he was preparing him room and and then he went on all these journeys up sign.

I know keeping everybody in line to whatever extent, but the last time when he asked God if she could see his face.

After all these fast and always things that happen you look closely at says after he agreed to show him his glory. He said that essentially, the angel Lord that's Jesus descends in the cloud, so before he gets a stevedore which is obviously some nobody else is in but most of you got to see what we are all longing to see dry by Jesus is sending in the cloud and and when you think about okay Robbie evaluate yeah you had it been a year your Pine-Sol in your spinal time, the word but once last time you spent 40 days and 40 nights on you. Six week vacation where you do nothing Like oh my God. But look at the fruit of of what it would be that that when Moses prepared him room so. We got so much more coming up on the after-hours podcast. You can go to spot if I Pandora anyplace you get podcast you can download it from our website that iTunes any of this place is to get it if you don't get it now. It's a masculine journey after-hours. You can also find out when we depose some events what's coming up and you can reach up there to contact us via something like ask about the clip suggestion a topic suggestion would love you.

Have you go to masculine and reach out to this is that Truth Network

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