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What or Who are You Trusting in 2021 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 2, 2021 8:00 am

What or Who are You Trusting in 2021 After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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January 2, 2021 8:00 am

Happy New Year fellow adventurers! The guys continue their talk on what or who you're trusting in 2021, right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clip used is from "When Harry Met Sally."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening.

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This is the Truth Network coming to you from an entrenched barricade in the heart of central North Carolina masculine journey after hours time to go and be more transparent on the topic covered on this week that so sit back and on this adventure masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome to masculine journey after hours. We are not broadcast, 20, 21 year which I'm sure minimus up about 100 times in the next couple weeks. Now back in the day when used to write checks. You know how meowing it take you to get used to writing in the April, April, yet most of us to write a whole lot of checks anymore, but still there's an adjustment. In what we been talking about is what are you putting your faith in in 2021 write really at the core where you putting your faith and are you putting your faith in whatever the election results end up being you putting your faith in vaccine you putting your faith in the government you putting faith in you job your relationships.

Just fill in the blank. Enter anything into that where you putting your faith and if it's anything other than in God is probably on the come up short somewhere right and really the only way to know for me anyway how often I do that is to look back in the past and say where I put my faith before I and when I wanted didn't work out, and by working out. I don't necessarily mean that the way things I think I should work out the way it should. Where I think they should.

It's to work out to that the best outcome and so really wanted to talk about more about putting our faith in God in this upcoming year. Regardless of what's going on and all those other environments is very little we can do to control any that anyway on an individual basis.

Pray and pray banks are taking it to God and relying on God is really to be our best source and that's show I'm just getting a lot more about that. This is really your topic that was on your heart so that I articulate that well enough what would you add to it while I like that your topic that our topic and relating but we were going to die were working on their heart about idea of what fear do you deal with what what are you trusting in them. In general, are in the new year but I think where I came up with the idea. It really can't brainstorm more spam and will we were talking. It was like I remember hearing them talk on the wild podcast we talk about that quite a bit. That's where a lot of the street-based data may lock you. They talked a lot about their very focused on the heart. You know that you know it's really not. You know what the rest of this ministry in their ministry at the heart of the landmass during of the things that not dealing with what goes on in current that this is been occurring a bit, year 2020. And you know I have failed social media by maker to have a lot of people to put their hope on the flip of the calendar everything to be good one for there's no guarantees in you know you have political leader going into a dark winter.

You hear people talking about the results of the election. The civil unrest or the global reset the multitude of things, there will be forgetting about all those things are not really put our trust in God to be disappointed, but just like the God you know their time to think about the I think I got nailed, I'm unknown trusting in God. Usually these are probably areas of debt with most of my life and I guarantee that there blank box about life where I trust me way more than I trust God so my hope is been 2021 yet more revelation, what does places are that I'm not really trusted in God and you really do have that completely to where my faith is not the terminal what's going on around me what the circumstances are good or bad the outcomes are good or bad yet. I believe we trusting God outcomes, not always look like what we are not always, the time the week and sometimes they may not even come because our faith is an internal internal trusted him is really you know what what would drive with me coming there will we do have a brutal but not everything FDR way. There's nothing wrong with being passionate about our being an advocate for how you feel.

But there's a difference for cleaning in a patent passionate advocate for something and putting faith in his world of difference. You know, because I think it's okay to feel the way you feel in all those topics right but that's really between you got any way to sort out where the truth lies. It's okay to feel that way but where is that we are putting faith.

That's right. What were talking about here, and I think one might indicate where there's a lack of faith in his word. You still have fear what you still fearful of bankers that fear shouldn't in and Christians walk it if you perfectly doing it, which none of us are doing were all striving to get better at. But if you're perfectly doing it. There shouldn't be those fears back as you're walking in love and and and daily communion with him, but there still fears that other names that's a good focal point for this year of trying to move into that faithful walk with him and putting faith in him. Revenue unit talk about your clipper doing play Candice clip, what would you perfectly clean my clip. Okay I will set up a little bit because my word for 2021. We talked about last week was engage and so God's been certainly certainly taking me there, trying to figure out what that exactly means to know where my supposed engage in what ways and I understand that that phone with him and to some extent. He saw me that he's definitely engaged with me so this morning to quote Dr. Seuss. You know sometimes I puzzled am I puzzled in my puzzler get sore, but I have, I mean that sincerely publisher for 15 or 20 years puzzled over the song of Solomon chapter 5, verse two, three, four, five, six right of mirror over exactly what is going on there and you may of heard this before but it's essentially what the bride says, which is the church in the song of Solomon is the bride inch and it says I slept but my heart was awake and it's a parallel passage to Peter right in the garden of Gethsemane.

He was asleep, but his heart was awake and Jesus woke him up a couple times and I like to wake up Peter engage okay and get map what are the it is, is that the lover comes to the door. He's not knocking on the doors very similar to revelation came the door he knocked his hair was dripped with the dues that might well now the only place you can see that is a McGinley regarding same anywhere he sweat great drops of blood. Of course, that was a deal and he's knocking on Peter's heart saying you know, get up and she says and I like how can I get up denied.

I've Artie taken off my clothes and I'm I don't get my feet dirty, and so I can get up here comes the part where my puzzler is gotten sore since he took his hand. He reached through the lock the door. Now I study this to great deal to understand in those days in the least bit doors were split like you know the old farm houses like the top was open and the bottom was like so he put his hand through the door to unlock the door so he could come in, but then he went away and so she gets up out of bed and when she does, she says. My hands dripped with myrrh.

It says with sweetener from the lock of the door or the bolt of the door so if you picture a door in the Middle East and know that whatever century, Solomon was, you know, this is about like you would lift when she gets up obviously in her bare feet not learn everything she was wearing. She put her hands on the bolt and it's covered with myrrh and I have puzzled and I have puzzled my have puzzled about that particular part of the verse, and finally after years God said it's the anointing he'd left the anointing for her when she finally got up when she went to open the door, she would get the anointing found me and so when you sit in her sleep and he has been knocking on your heart for three days or whatever it is and it happens to me all the time or just feel like I've fallen away like Peter did when he denied Christ. This is exactly what's going on that he has left.

This is so beautiful it gives me so much hope it's unbelievable. Even though my heart to sleep and I'm falling out of the job and also the shenanigans if I'll get up. He left the anointing on the lock door so when I step out, he's left his essentially is really cool thing and in Psalm 92 where David says that my anointing is a fresh anointing is that, in other words, he's getting a new anointing of fresh anointing and the word is green okay in Hebrew and so you think about what he saying is if I'm attached to the vine. I meant to get a green I'm in a get a new anointing every time you wake up Christian yummy I'm talking to me every time you finally wake up and decide to get engaged. The anointing is waiting on you at the lock the door and if you look at what he did with Peter exactly what he did when Peter no.

11 anointing was just waiting for as soon as he decided to jump out of the boat to same so you know, for me, I find all sorts of faith right there to go okay Robbie your time getting engaged your work in you know contending where he wants me to contend so I can get peace on the other side of war considers a lot of wars I need to fight that I that I'm staying away from a people pleaser like jammin and other things to but what he's telling me is Robbie at whatever point you finally get up the noise can be there for this clip is from Harry Met Sally and what happened here is that these two have been together, but they have been asleep for the whole movie. The obviously both love each other but it's just been pure shenanigans of fighting and all the stuff and and and I see this and so many of my own relationships. Like when are you going to engage when when are you going to take this relationship serious and what you see here is finally here leads and he decides to really come matter at and it's a really beautiful interchange were my favorites and a lot of singers saving anything because I'm only using the right to remembered you the third time became friends, friends, and then we learned about the tie that into what you reducing I please articulate. I will so if you love me obey my commands and which have everything to do with that relationship with him so if you wake up Robbie and engage right if you'll stand up. The anointing is waiting on is just like Danny's clip if you get your eyes on me and wake up Peter start prematurely falling to temptation.

You know, if you wake up Sally and come to your senses.

I love that line that that you know it is there. You know the product will sign when he came to his senses upwards when he woke up. The father was waiting to put an anointing just completely waiting and and even though Sally didn't know it in her heart.

She'd been waiting for Harry to finally commit right to finally say you're the one in here came in with easy chair before the show. The one the lines in that clip was when urology was from the rest your life that you want to start as soon as possible so what's keeping us from starting right right what's keeping us from engaging. What's keeping us from stepping into that fear stepping into that place of uncertainty, not knowing how it's gonna work out. Trusting in him.

Whatever the situation is and so the question I have for Andy on the on the phone for all of us here in studio wears a place of fear that you still need to step into and don't feel like you have to share a moment calling. Anyway, see connectors share something that all start All-Star in. This is a hard one for me it's really become apparent to me in the last six months I need to really invite God into my finances, you know, I've tried many many things over the years to get things to where I want them to be and I don't do well with and so I've been praying a lot over the last few months and and God's family we dance and has a really change some things and to trust in him and some things in my finances because that's probably the one big area that I've held so tight is it feels like everything's risky and on par that is being a single parent in 11 income to the family and on filling pressure that's their it's really saying that I need to trust a new voice provided but I need three to help provide for me as I start to look towards retirement. It doesn't certainly enter into the stage of my life that's gonna look a lot different in five, six years nominated age where I could potentially retire and I want to be a physician working in when I want to do that but I really need to have some things change financially and in that invite is inviting God into it and is walking with him through and so I started that over the last few weeks of really stepping into that with him and making some plans to producing something so different without some things and really try to be in a healthier place three or four years and so that that's a big one for me it it it is hard for me to admit that it's one of those that it's if is like a burdensome left I was. I came into this pretty cocky thinking well and I am relying on God. I'm not listening to the news so most of that stuff doesn't bother me you hit on the one thing that bothers me most about a new year is figuring out how to remember what year it is today. Earlier I was right to check. Believe it or not, and I started with 1990s have been gets worse as you get over but at least my wife and I were we didn't go out Christmas Eve because it was a nasty night. We moved into a new neighborhood and went out today to give some little presents neighbors and Meda and we met a wonderful 80+-year-old lady that snake story and her two puppies and in talking to her. She lost her husband last year and she lost two daughters. The two previous years and it hit me like a teller breaks yet what I fear, bows, is losing loved ones.

Everything else is temporal. Doesn't matter. That is to if there going to heaven is all see them again but the put it exactly the flaky faces to my sisters who have more faith in the election and I do in God even though they will not say that, but that's the way it comes out mending those relationships, making sure the relationships are good is important to me, but my biggest fear really is losing my wife, my children, siblings and not necessarily knowing most of them. I know that it's that is really the only fear I can think of this moment and specially relationship sets a place to deathly invite God into it because a lot of times wave handled on our own doesn't work out you now I know that being a father I learn to pray more and more because my kids get into different situations and I've had to face and so I have to pray to God how I had a father them, you know, and so had I min this relationship, how to grow this relationship, how to enter and how I pull back what what should I do when that type of thing has many things I screwed up over time really tried to master the content of this last year and letting a lot of the stuff go. I subscribe stuff all the time financially, relationally, but really trying to let a lot of those go just email put them at the foot of the cross. You know it's easy to say it's really hard to to do.

I've done a lot better with that but I'm still very very fearful in the moment when something attacks me someone hits me know what something you know is this an audio podcast and over talk about fear and you know what is it that you know you will hit you and it's like I'm really okay now I don't I don't walk around fearing a lot of these things. It hit me, but it's when it does hit me.

I'm in the middle of it and I'm not prepared now and then out just hits me and then I might as fight or flight, and sometimes still you know there's no in between. For me, I'm either running for the hills or I'm ready to fight and that that part is something that I still need to contend with and try to work on and try to be able to say okay when that happens. Somehow, someway let God take over in that moment of heat and passion in me no strife or whatever happens be getting me a just let him take over and not let me into that moment because when I enter in.

It's not can be pretty yeah I can understand that Andy, what about you really glad you guys. I got out early thought about it. With the coming like Rodney. After I got much more contentment in the last couple years for like that where I used to carry like it will. I don't know, he or like the cloud around him like breaking. Bad to happen. Well, I think that will spirit well lived for a long time. A lot of bill got really much more union connection with God.

With that being said, without dear dear grid on daily basis. I still I'm not taking you know more of an intentional attitude toward my finances like what you were saying fan and really really getting a plan and really trusting more in stewardship and giving of those kinds of things as much as I should. He blessed me extremely and I gotta take more action in that area.

The other one would probably be relationship of where there are times when you know I'm not scared of engaging sometimes but yet I probably don't depend on his wisdom enough to handle things in their time, but I get defensive, justify my actions.

Those kinds of things about from the other persons point of view. Things take at what happened to date.

You know the difference between fear that is are you getting probably talking about am I gonna take those things all around back up.

I can't figure them out. I can't God help figuring out probably the two big message of hope and in part of the Hebrew word, not you Robbie means three and it was a disc about my word for new year.

Olivia's heritage you nothing about DNA and most of my life I've been somewhat of a committee that not really knowing who I am and being a people pleaser and so feeding the and where were I think I should be instead of finding out who I truly am so diving into my spiritual DNI DNA and being fearful that is asking God okay got them. Who do you see me and like you said or will be okay with because there's part of me this is that maybe that's not who I really will be because it could be this or could be that, fear that Olympics is not.

That is just something. This is, no doubt anything scarier than asking God what he thinks it is asking your spouse and I a million of the world is told us we've accepted labels with accepted things in our life that God doesn't see us that way. And so feels very risky. Stepping into that arena and an insane guy.

God, what are you gonna say that I am looking for the adventures and heavy on the share because it's going to be awesome is in really open your heart up to some things in the way you see yourself Robbie get anything you'd like to share on peers. I have not really okay so night before last I have to surrender stream. Actually my youngest daughter Mariah was in that my fear is similar to Jim's buddy. I did not know I had this fear is glaringly as God allowed it to be pointed out to me and she wasn't the beach and swimming in the ocean and as I was watching her swim. Also, I saw a great way green gray whale jumped way up out of the water coming in and I thought that was the coolest thing you know, like that man that went with really really cool and rise about you know she's 10 feet off shore something and there's no way the whales come up there about the time and this whale discharges her note knocks her down begins to chomp on her and I'm seeing the blood and I'm I'm sitting up in the beach. You know, I'm so stunned I don't run to the water right at the point of it becomes absolutely scared and I am terrified.

I mean, I am beyond terrified and then all of a sudden the water drains out of the ocean and Ryan gets up and she starts off and when I got up and started talk to God to help me understand the stream.

He had me read and believe and I still can't believe this guy look at it. It's it's Isaiah 4925 the end of the verse it says I will contend with him to contend with with the and I will save thy children and I mean that he had me at this verse. Within 10 minutes of that very and and I was like oh my gosh I had no idea that what you know.

I've never seen it but if you look at all of Isaiah 49 those you share mining and Jim's fear you're my only excuse me. Isaiah 49. What are you putting your faith in this year. Go to mask underneath that origin.

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