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Word of the Year: What A Year It's Been!

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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December 26, 2020 12:30 pm

Word of the Year: What A Year It's Been!

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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December 26, 2020 12:30 pm

From deep in the Masculine Journey After Hours Bunker - the guys really dig deep into their God given words for this past year and the next 12 months. The clips used come from "Top Gun," "It's a Wonderful Life," and " The Outlaw Josey Wales."

The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

Be sure to check out Masculine Journey After Hours as well as the Masculine Journey Joyride Podcast.


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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned in a hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy sharing. But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth podcast. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure but life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest with your band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

We are at our host Christmas tree new years show one of her favorite. I like to say that I guess they want to hear it only applies and like now it's the annual edition of the post-Christmas pre-New Year's and I am inordinately talking about our words for the year. But first, probably you know I'm gonna ask you what this is what today's New Year's eve VV EEEV think now we have that out-of-the-way yeah it is good so hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas yesterday and I've been a different York dear year for for everybody.

As far as get together family those types of things open about their have had a good Christmas and everything went well and it maybe starts new traditions like we talked about over the last couple weeks but we are to be revisiting our word for the year which it's at the end of the year so this is the end of this word for this year and then moving on. Turn new words and surrounded him ask you to kick it off if you would and talk about your work now to kick it off course some people maybe not not heard what they were. The year means of in previous out. We actually got this from John Eldridge's ministry, some many years ago, and the idea as you move into December to begin to think of where God where you taken me in the new year 2021 is the case maybe this year begin to pray and ask God know what's a word that we can kind of focus on in this year that we can, go on an adventure together and so last year we all participated quite heavily into the show in the middle you're talking about the progress we've made in in the sky think so my word this year was actually the word in Hebrew for love, which is 1/2 at which has to do with God's express love and it seemed like man. How cool. What a fun adventure to go on this year and spend a year to have that advantage it with so many ways. But what's interesting to me as he took me an attack with it not attacked by the attack like a sailor would take a different tack that I never would've seen coming because the wording in Hebrew is kind of like the father expressed in the kingdom expressed. If you can picture those kind of things merging together and that's an expression of what love actually is is God's love you for that lie makes perfect sense, what, where he kept taking me to it was, like the two moose if you've ever seen Brother bear when they played the ice by moving ice by tree and then a vertical log treat. If you think that the legal area but everywhere I look. This year he kept taking me back to trees and my study this year is been really fun hunt enjoyed and in Hebrew and this Addie.

It's a letter in Hebrew and it's it's very much connected to trees as you might see as will get 22nd but you know when you think about how many trees that you see just on your way here in your way there and you begin to see that that that letter itself means righteousness right and I had never connected how much righteousness was involved in law and I've heard people say before his right relationship that would be righteousness. But you know if you bottom line that now that I spent a year on that word and spent a year looking at trees and thinking about how trees were involved in making things right. Okay Jesus hung on a tree all the sacrifices were were burnt offerings. Everything about that the fuel to make things right. It was a tree insert like I am not like these moose okay tree tree and I've just been going there and so many different things that I've seen that the ark of the covenant. How did he save Mel and the boys go for tree that gets the picture that I do.

Spent my whole year just like oh my goodness, God, and in all pointing back to what the cross you want to see an expression of love like there is no other in the in the history of anything right. It's pretty dark was made with a lot of trees and was now an end and the ark of the covenant was to in the polls and the inner you can go on and on and on this. You know you just think about it, and in its really really beautiful thing. So I had a lot of fun with that word, so I was really, sorry to say goodbye to it that had so much fun with the word love so much fun with the word tree and so this year as I began to pray about it. I really thought I was going somewhere else and again he put me on a left turn right turn whatever and in his word this year for me was engage for 2021, and I thought about how my goodness in order to love you have to engage night you have to contend. In some cases you have to move anywhere. It looks uncomfortable whenever that may be to have the courage to do that so I put this scene in the movie Top Gun for years and years and years and years is just absolutely intrigued me because this is how I feel most my life is probably you need to engage God's negative negative look up listen how Maverick did it 60 miles in closing in faster syndicate THREE and four. Supersonic will be there in 30 seconds and kidding in their so to explain about little bit what was your hearing there is in the movie Top Gun Maverick had this knowing this, not wingmen.

His guy that sat in the backseat's name was goose and he'd flown through jet wash before and it ended up that they crashed and killed his best friend. There and so he's trying to engage and then all of a sudden he has exact same thing happening in other words, Satan knows where to get to them. He knows where to attack him to try to keep him from engaging and he hit some of the same thing more than you can hear your maverick begins you know talk to kids talk to me goose know what will I do and in the big part of that clip and I sense for my adventure for 2021 has to do with my wing man. If you if you're familiar with the movie. You can't leave your wing man okay. I mean, it's a big message of the movie. Well, Jesus is our wingmen and and and so a big part of engage for me what I'm looking forward to see where Ali takes Mamma but that's that's what I'm so I'd skip Lincoln in his repayment clip ocean a dollar for a tightness of the word engage selectmen.

That's a lot it in this thing is think about is your talk is in the print perfectly appropriate for me to go. Those are righteous trees out there. If I understood from Heber and so I could do that.

I sound like in Southern California. At that point exactly. Jim, I want to talk a little bit about your word from this past year and then I don't know.

Allow time for the clip before hand will talk about your word flashers only talking about it for us and fill us in on how God took you on the adventure this year with well it's really my word is faithful, which is also Robbie's name and he was the one that gave it to me last year and I appreciated it.

I wish I've done better with it but I did do my best when I thought about it and that the amazing thing about last year really was that God showed faithfulness to me and amazing ways, including just recently selling a house after I've given up on it selling in time to do what we needed to do, but a visit a week and 1/2 earlier, we needed to get Carolyn's money back in her IRA so it is been an amazing year of watching God's faithfulness. Thank you and come back in after the break-in and it will talk about your next word nuclear clip any Ella chuckled about your word from this past year what you tell us a little bit about it and what God's command taken you on adventure with I so this is pretty clip right recut okay so my word was abundance and once again I'm the slow student in the class. All I've got his last years were mixtures word way out ahead but anyway abundance God just done some incredible things when I first started praying about my word. Last year I kind of trying to help out God and thought I knew what it was but I just didn't have a piece with it, so I kept praying and got abundance and this year, you know, abundance yeah got abundance of sitting at home doing nothing.

You know, was covert unites didn't seem like a great year but mark my you know Fritz John 1010, the key thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I've come that you might have life and have it more abundantly used to listen to the here that a lot of times always but we tend always think that's you know, physical provision, you know money in our but not a show only so much you know that the Matthew 633 seek you first came in God and all these things be added into you, but he's just done some incredible stuff based basically on the relationship standpoint, but in other relationships and really it's been my best year financially ever and it is like I didn't expect that because the previous year wasn't that good. So it was, it was like it all happen at the end of the year was working towards it, but it really came in at a good time and but you know those things are immeasurable or easy to see but I traded all in for what I experienced in a deepening relationship with him. My abundant friends here that all my relationships with each one of these guys has grown and just you know it like you say you know we talk we would laugh about the facing of Giants movie that you know the guys got all these things up against him and all of them. God solves in and really I mean I feel like a little in a lot of ways God has done an incredible amount I could say that there's more than a desire form and there's always going to be that that he could delivers an you know of various things but just in the relationship standpoint, the eminent love God and love people with you get that down.

Those relationships are really where you want to be abundant absolutely come back when you get your clip and we got a special bump in that I don't think you be surprising that it is about the word go to masculine look at past podcast to get our contact information or send us an email to yourself if it feels like every day is picking a fight. We can listen to masculine journey and find out why we use clips like the to illustrate the story, God is telling in the lives of truth is God designed you to fight which fights do we grab your gear and come in every Saturday I this assumes masculine journey. I'm here with my son Eli talk about ways he helps with ministry only smiled at him and is information on website there on how to do that to and click the donate button. You can go to masculine and find the masculine working to mail something to PO Box 550 92728. I promise. I was only it seems so much longer and subways with no we had to bump into this so show today.

We had a really good Christian song that that Rodney brought night knowing that you use that one because I wanted to actually use grease and the other one was great it's it's amazing song and answer my favorite Christian songs, but so are you going to say my interpretation that for that for you as God is telling that you need to be a missionary to Greece. No thank you guys are sharing that with the baby get their primitive know the reason I want to use this bump. Robbie had the idea for last week and I want to use it because you notes about a word, even though songs about the word Greece right and so were talking about a word, and a lot of times the word that God gives you. Doesn't seem to make any sense of.

Harold was here he rotated his word for last year was happening and where like what you know when he first got in January and then when you look back and say wow this is a year you nonce mean you look at that you said okay so if God did it does give you the word Greece he's got something behind it is that something he's intending to dive into you with so there's no silly words.

You know whatever God throws out there. You discuss okay God, walk through this with you and Siri take me so that's that's what I really like that so much better than my take on I realized you need to get angry very very sizzling so anyway you have the microphone when you go ahead and talk a bit about your clip because it's about abundance right you can use an eclipse.

It is now out of season a little bit right in the middle because I got some Christmas to it and it's got the Owings okay. I learned both back, outsources some Robbie Grant grandma Mike's good I'll forget something. So I you know being the plagiarize, or that I am, I ran onto a clip that I was only used about a month ago but it really felt it really met my word. I felt like it matched with my word of abundance. It's from.

It's a wonderful life and knowing the story George Bailey he's getting a bad situation and he's running the Savings and Loan and it looks like he did embezzlement and he really didn't mean was like he had finally gotten given up like you know it's probably better that I what ever been born. So when he gets what he does at Wishon he sees what goes through life, and he was like he never was born and so all the things all the people he touch you, you know that they're missing including them stuff like he saved his brother's life and this angel that gets them out of this dream and you know it's near the end of the movie and he begins to see how the people of rallied around them. In this situation is gotten in of embezzling the money and they could and all these friends come up and her help and methodology take over if I've missed anything or while know it's actually one of my favorite by all means the big deal. From my perspective. When the bell rings in her classes can get his wings and and George gets this book from Clancy Angel and the netbooks Tom Sawyer because it was my favorite book and it's written in the covering was a gift to him that says you know gnome and it says no man is rich unless he has friends or something you know basically here's the actual coat he had in his family member. No man is a failure who has friends.

Thanks for the wings and and again he had a scarcity mentality right like he did all reason he was committing suicide is you have the money to cover the bank but the next thing you know money poured in way more than he could've ever rightly trained so that what you're seeing here is everybody's coming to his rescue and providing the money that he supposedly stalled the Savings and Loan he had a couple songs in their unit is Christmas songs in an you know and then it gets down to where he he's meeting with Clancy.

The actually Clancy is in the book with the the note in it, but it just on abundance. When you look at it that there's a lot of stuff going on in the movie where you see the abundance of its his friends, to help them but it was that you and I had monetary bun abundance or whatever his needs were met through that but mainly it was just saying that he had friends and he had God looking at at out for them with the angel I get this. It's from London.

All Mr. cable Janine cash that my office instructed to advance you up to $25,000 and Merry Christmas Sam Wainwright is my big brother George, the richest man in town and a different use in were covered in that particular clip so well that's true you know we did display that you love you used it quite well. You have me thinking Robbie. He used it for. You know, being thankful you know I'm deftly thankful for the abundance like this. You all that God is done you. It's like you say whenever you gives you word it was like it was out of place. My what I felt like last year's work was going to be with them like restoration and even though there's some restoration that took place. It was like no, I got something even beyond that for you so I think one thing he is your time, not the whole abundance thing that 2020 has taught us that a lot of things that we wouldn't have recognized as being abundance in the past we really long for now that you know that a big gathering of family you know even the weird cousins or whatever that you don't really want to be around and I mean you start even miss those people after it's been long enough it NSAIDs. The abundance thing I think is is a lot more clear this year when we we've had been restricted from things that we would consider to be normal and you want to get to you on your word for this next year of 20, 21, you want to talk about it or play the clip first PowerPoint clippers. Okay, so I thought. Remember, you want to set up to clip this clip is actually from two of our favorite wealth from our favorite Western with one others that I found out last week. It's from the outlaw Josie Wales and this clip pretty much talks about my word without ever saying it.

Your word here in my pistols and rifles these things you say we will have we already have true and promising next I'm just giving you life and your given me life and I'm saying that man can live together without butchering one another, said governments are achieved by the devil times. There is iron in it wasn't at all Comanche to see and so there is iron in your words of life. No sign paper and holding it must come from man words of tenant barriers carries the same iron of life. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life or death that shall be life so that they could didn't say you your word nope, so wasn't life, death, or iron as the words were completely through that. That's true, it wasn't any of those he had all of those involved.

Okay burst my name is Jim which is short for James which is a Anglicized version of Jacob and Hebrew, which is it like Mary it's not one of those names you want. Mary's better.

I'm a deceiver race of planter, a trickster may never get lots of words that go for Jacob, and we know you but that might make me cry. Beware, it hurts well, but it is that is bypassed. I am a people pleaser have always wanted to say whatever I needed to say to make people like me and it was funny because last week. Oh yeah, you need to come up with here word by next week. I had it in the next second. And it was integrity and night came close to that last year that I was dancing around it and faithful came first and as I said get God was extraordinarily faithful to my wife that I this year. She retired in like the two times we've lack of money the least of been the times when we were earning the least she retired and when we went to Alaska mission trip that was a time when we never lack for anything but we got rid of everything but the integrity really is something I been hearing for a while and not necessarily just in that word out. I was crying the other day as I was reading the Bible before I got the word ask God give me a new name which she's given me through a side it really cry about that, but this right now is what Jacob got recently and the rest of that integrity could be an interesting year.

Can't wait to hear how it plays out fully as we share throughout the year together a masculine and you can download and listen to our podcast.

You can also look at it like a set of glass break. You might want to click on the button and listen to you can do that you can go to spot a five Pandora. Anyplace. It has podcast pickup or podcast. They go into masking journey after hours after the children and talk more about this topic with Robbie and I sharing in a little bit from everybody else that we hope you have just a wonderful new year and reach out to us in this new year. Let us know you're out there. Most of the questions might have. This is the Truth Network

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