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Interview With God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 31, 2020 8:00 am

Interview With God After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 31, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers! The discussion from The Masculine Journey continues right here on the Masculine Journey After Hours Podcast. The clips comes from the films "Coneheads," and "An Interview With God."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hey this is Mike Swick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy sharing.

But most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the truth podcast. This is the Truth Network coming to and French and American masculine journey after our time to be more transparent and on the topic of this invention, masculine journey starts here now, my old buddy and I do mean old Harold Newman personally, but I never met a Matthew Henry went in referring to the song of Solomon. He said that it was so deep that elephant could swim around in that bad boy and I don't use bad boy.

But it did indicate that it was deep and so in our time by going deeper on the after hours and deeper into the subject of you know the boot camps. In a lot of ways are a treasure hunt and the treasure hunt is to try to get a good look at what God's hearts like because were made in his image as we begin to come into our heart. In Psalm one 1932, says, you know, I will run in the path of your commandments when you enlarge my heart and the idea being that. Can I have that kind of freedom, is that available to me and I have all that in order to do that, it's can it take some deep work it's going to take some healing and and hopefully rate we are going to have opportunities for God to take a stare and so the question that we ask on the broadcast was Jesus. What you know what my going after this boot camp you know he's asking us what can I do for you. Do you want to get well and essentially do have the hope that this can get better you know and and are you willing to do the work to to go into that. He asked that question of knowing in Mark chapter 10 verse 51. He asked that question.

What what would you have me do for you. Do you want to get well. Do you want to get heel the same thing in John five that the pool of Bethesda and and it appears from taking Mark's and John's Gospel together that Jesus asked that question more than once and it appears that this was an MO of his and so we are taking that for granted in asking this question of each other. Just saying. Okay so when we go to boot camp in a couple weeks we will be asking this question at the beginning of boot camp.

I mean it's it's it's primary.

It's it's almost as a set of guardrails you know because were on some pretty high, no shelf roads in the high country at at a boot camp and there is some danger on both sides and so this question that Jesus asks us really. We keep talking about the question we are asking him but really it's a question he's asking us what would you have me do for you what what would you like from me and so this question serves as a as a guide all the way through the boot camp if you will, and so she can make this boot camp or home income to another, but you can still go with Jesus on this question and explore that possibility as first up we got Rodney and and like recently took this to the team.

Hopefully were all coming in with this expectation that Jesus you know were or want to work on.

We were want to go deeper on this and so Rodney thinkest gags we want Jesus to lend our plane that crashed it right for so we want to we want a nice soft landing that we don't always get there.

I sometimes little bit of a bumpy ride. So I gotta get the back story because discriminant is longer and in this ministry I'm like okay this is the norm.

When I left last week's broadcast Michael Kay were working on Sam's math with the six things that are God hates in the submitted testable. 6+713, which that's a cool seven guys man is always better than ours. Anyway, so I'm like okay that's working on. Think of those types of things and probably sends out an email to Mike. This is something Robbie has forced to work at boot camp. He wants us to think about this.

We get that a couple waistline I need to kinda get on that start thinking about that and then I get just been getting emails that have this title that were applying to clips and it might hold were doing a show tomorrow about this topic and what were expecting at boot camp for God to do enforcement rationally know that's okay. I didn't read the emails. So like, all right, so what am I asking for. I had no idea. I'm going I gotta look something up again to figure something out. So I got okay is based on Mark 1051 so I went back remark 10 but see what's going on so I go there and get in context of okay what is it that this specific passage is talking about is a new like you're saying there and there's couple different instances of this happening out like okay I want to understand so I go and start reading and as I'm reading and going through the whole chapter there and I'm getting to this question that was asked which in and of the Bible. It's okay, Jesus saying what do you want me to do it now and I didn't really ask it that way asked more in the line of what do I want from Jesus and I and I picture myself there at the pool because I'm standing there asking Jesus what you know. What do I need from you what I want because this question what he will meet.

If you are I don't know. Artie started. That's why am reading this and trying to figure this out and as I get to that and I hit those words and I get this picture my head. I just begin to start sobbing on the ideas I just lost it immediately and I'm really thing okay there's something in here what's in here what's in this question.

And I might why or why am I just uncontrollably crying right now and losing it and the first thing that came to my mind was, depart from me. I am a sinful man what Peter said really that Jesus and I am just at that point and I'm just sort ask him all what do I need because I don't know what to ask you for I I'd I don't know what I want from you mom I come the emotional side as I'm a moral man. I don't deserve anything from you.

I'm just not worthy. I'm not there, he noticed some of the wounding that I kinda got from the last boot camp I came rolling out and I'm like okay if I'm broken, I'm hurt and all the stuff he's like you need healing and I might hold know I need healing and everybody's healing knowing what does that really help me with you now.

So we start going little deeper and like okay what kind healing in the first thing he brought to me was contentment so Mike okay you want to bring in contentment. Mike okay, why are you bringing that up because this is 2020 is been one of the most contented years that I can ever remember. And this is to me been one of the most contented life will life I've had for the last year of I'm not all that worried the I'm sick of wearing mask everywhere. I've got got give you that big deal most things I'm not that worried about even with the election coming up among okay it's in your hands guide you got it. Whichever way we go we go I'm good but I said okay I got another 24 hours understand is all the more why I lost my mind here for a few minutes and just was like a lost my whole emotional side of myself. There and what it meant in that picture of me and Jesus having this conversation and I like okay how are we going to get through this. So start praying you have this ongoing discussion over the next 24 hours before we come in for the show today and I'm just thinking okay what you got for me and it's it's like sending content.

The site know it's for your season today.

I need you to be in this season and we've got things that are coming up that are going to need you to stay content, whether they go well, they don't go well or whatever happens, you need to and be still and know that I am God. So that was the other thing he starts putting in me when it comes back to Scripture is. I just need to rest in him and know that he is in control and he is sovereign and whatever suffering or anything of that nature does come my way.

It's okay because I got this and that's what our weeds went had a big camp at church and that's what was on suffering and the sovereignty of God's will.

A lot of wonderful talks with some great men over about three nights and it was wonderful and all the stuff coming why was does play together. I can see what's going on.

I can see what you're working for now and come up to boot camp or I can go be one on one with God.

During this time under so looking forward to it and knowing that no matter what God's with means got my back is huge. Knowing that basically what he gave me to do the response that I'm willing to do at boot camp has probably a lot to do with why this is all coming together, and how this is going down and so just a little teaser for everybody. If you really want to find out how messed up. Rodney is why he's screwed up right now you know for this season is there's all kinds of season on the screwed up many different ways that you can come to boot camp and start to find all this out. And maybe your screwed up in this way, and you can go deeper with God and this is that's my plan on doing when I get there and one of the things I was wanting get into is just the fact that being settled and comfortable with him is a huge ordeal because it's so easy to be you know flippant about it and just say it On me and Guy were good, but it's different when you really be honest with yourself and they okay what is our relay support and how can we go further and deeper into this so as I looked up contentment and try to find clips as like what Akamai got a fine I ran across the movie coneheads I'm going to come up with coneheads when you talk about contentment. So in this clip you got Dan Aykroyd who is billed are Conan and Jane Curtin who is the mother which is primary. Conan there lying in bed she's reading Cosmopolitan, causing her to feel insecure which is what a lot of these stupid Glamour magazines do right everybody else is beautiful and wonderful and she's currently what's been going on. Her mind is will build our if I die, what are you going to do and what she wants something for her heart because she's insecure right now and so she puts the question out tunes basically what you going to do and dulled our does a wonderful job which for me is like I picture in our language.

He puts on his mask goes tells her exactly what she wants to hear whether rethinking that are not needed to hear to build our response. Among the things you hear the very last statements was took me like several listings understand what he said that Eli's stability and containment in contentment. Sorry have been achieved and that's how the click commands like keeping your link. Now everything has become erratic a talk as you can. Why would I not be not I would like to enter my Scarface anything I like pensions. I would incinerate your carcass in the tradition of Obadiah the abuse and put it in a clean, dry place to find an Internet domain keeping direct my most precious one I would I would draw the shades, and I would live in the dark. I would never get out of my slide that talking myself.

My fluids would coagulate only travel and I would die miserable and lonely stench would be great need anything yet. I know good night. I agree contentment.

I wish I could fall asleep if this is no yeah and you you think about that insight you Jesus I that's what I want Jesus to do is tell me all these wonderful things right and everything would be fine and all, yes this I would never have known of you right, but you know and that's true with him but are we are going to believe it and walk with him no and allow that to happen in our life.

That's one of things from the boot camp that is why I'm still here and get going and get more out of each boot camp every time I goes is that that walk becomes deeper becomes more familiar is just wonderfully trying to get go down there now. I love kind away from reflecting back a little bit of what you said. I believe, is that week we go into these covenant of silences where we were going organic. Go to questions to God and therefore completely authentic and sometimes he shows up and just nonsense right off of our you know close and no and and and and hits us with something that we really owe like you're aware of that.

Like you want to be. I want to talk about ask what he was talk about why I and you talk about why you going God wants you and that that that that's really a beautiful thing and in the in the emotional thing that you talk about when your heart gets touched and then all the sudden the tears come, yeah and and it's almost like you know the bells going off tingling meaning being okay now or in the pater area of of of of healing like something something is fiction that this just an amazing story. Rob and I am very excited to see because again the beauty of these stories is were to none of us have any in a breakthrough yet were.

That's what worked were bringing it expecting something like that. But Jim, you look like you are like me get from my standpoint, you know. Listen to Rodney McKenna brings up the you know, if I were to talk to God and say you know if he says how can I heal you peace and contentment is no break in the line. It seems like I'm for myself there's always a battle always something that has to be handled. Always something has to be taken care of for those that know me over the last few weeks I've had more than my fair share of tackles and you know I look to my wife the other day Nessus now II just want to stop praying because it seems like everything I pray for everything I you know want to do to make life easier doesn't happen or just the opposite happens know it's it becomes almost in the way dear ask God for healing. Do I dare ask God for these things and that's straight from the enemy right when the enemy doesn't want to scream. He doesn't want us going to God, and though we think that you know okay this is horrible and sometimes it really is very horrible know God has a plan.

Then we have to continue to remind ourselves of that egg because it can we can get them drawn down and worn out and tired and that's when things are going better now and I think that footed for the most part, we all want peace and contentment. You know, and what does it look like for you, Jim.

Jim was just talking. Yeah, I almost don't want to get in the mind is in the same redundant, especially after I was looking at Rodney's notes earlier. He accused me of cheating want that when this question was asked how, open up with that my first Gormley spiritual responses.

Lord I want exactly what you have for me and I realize that's a load of horse manure. What I want are the things that match my personality homes. These one of them's have fun and I want the saying I want contentment which I've gotten one of the more content people I know and realize Rodney was there with me, but it's good to hear because where kindred spirits with very different personalities, but it really is turned into a I want the easy life, I what I will win the lottery and somebody else at the table has expressed that point once I want to do that so I could do things for God, but admittedly we are talking earlier and this is totally change from what we talked about before, but the and Darren reminded me of this early when we are listening and all these Bob Seger song this week. I accuse these guys of having just a modicum of good taste. I didn't realize how you sort of blow it off the charts.

There Darren by picking one of my favorite artists and it during this show. It's changed to Jesus. I just with what you to hold me one of the lines from Rich Mullen song in the name of his holy Jesus because I'm shaking like a leaf. You've been my King of glory will to be my Prince of peace and and that's really what I want to be closer doing, but I don't want to be so close that I'm one of the disciples that gets killed or tortured to show that all of them and that's a place it sort of makes me sad but I really do feel that way when I talk to Jesus. I will say you want power to be closer to you, but I don't want to suffer for it.

Honestly that's not not the right place today I recognize it but that's where I am you talking about the boot camps in the times alone with God.

We can have those anytime but that that is part of our gathering is to talk about important things and then we don't talk to each other, which is where I would normally go.

We are set out in the covenant of silence to talk to God about and that's where you get the answers and I look forward to every boot camp. Not because I want to be with you guys.

I do, but that's a side benefit is it's a time when I am told to go spend time with God and part of my nature is to take the easy path, and enjoy myself while majority and that is always a a very special wonderful time but it's not what I seek when I'm by myself and I may be our last Jesus this time that Lord give me the desire to seek a more so your clip just kinda comes along those lines, yeah. Come, for she had a daughter. There is clear. Robbie accused me of having played this for five times up pretty sure it's no more than twice that I may have tried for five times but this is a wonderful movie units interview with God. And if you can find it is in the theater three days but it's out there that's listen.

The ice on God. He owes the cellular got one world. They see that sometimes light is your special and check it out. You 7000 miles or so more changes. Sarah just left yesterday. You are about using seating you really got talking about salvation. No kidding Made the front page you disagree, I don't disagree what it did like the front page of my life and the reason I picked this clip is because there is intimacy that many joking with them. I want that with my erection God now. It had much of what I want asking for that banter that interesting both amusing and deeply revealing conversation with God.

The interview part was the name of the movie, but I want to not only ask my questions that he will respond with a question to get me to the heart of the matter. Rather than answering the question, why haven't I won the lottery. What would you do with it. Jim you're right I don't need to win the lottery. It's a cruise. A lot is a appropriate response from rear way would I actually we cruised a lot before covert and that is disrupted our life that in a way that is made me appreciate when we will eventually maybe get a chance to do that again. And that is a town that special for me and I feel guilty about all God being on out there having fun and enjoying myself and well ladies already answering my request of him, but it is also a time when I feel like I can be myself without being in the church and I love my church and the people there that I can actually be me and I am more open to evangelizing and talking about God when I'm there to justify the need for cruises. J it sounds a little bit later just found a place and bring him back to the game I played was not so.

I love the idea interview with God.

I really I mean I really do and here's some ideas okay. If you think about going to mass concerning because it can be people praying probably start here in a few days that I can be praying for every attendee that then your canopy in the in a setting where you can't get on the cell phone. Not even if you want to and and you can be there in nature and in you your canopy someplace that God has prepared for you to have this interview with and something that it really is on his schedule because you are that important at and something in which you press out of this episode and ask God to intervene. Sure, Jesus. We do ask you Tuesday's election day and we hear an American we just ask you to intervene in that election intervene in our hearts. Jesus to help us to know that you are still king. No matter what happens you're still king. The matter how the interview with you goes, we love you Jesus, thank you for lightness. This is the Truth Network

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