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Interview With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 31, 2020 12:30 pm

Interview With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 31, 2020 12:30 pm

Welcome to Masculine Journey fellow adventurers! With the Fall Boot Camp just over the horizon, the guys discuss a question Jesus once asked. What would you have me do for you? The clips come from the films "Ragamuffin," "Elf," and "Flight."

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Mental radio podcast are missing the walls of license nomination your chosen radio broadcast will be starting just a few seconds thinking this is the Truth Network, the heart of every man craves a great adventure. But why does it usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of Brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome to the masculine journey. Now, this is Sam with Pat Sam for so long we've gotten spoiled email back when he used to go to the beach. I got toasted once went on but he's going to see his daughter in Las Vegas.

How exciting is venture and we have like a week from Saturday. Like on November 12 through the 15th.

We will be at boot camp, and honestly I don't know I've ever had more anticipation than what people are going to experience at this particular boot camp and I cannot grab this amazing opportunity in this show for somebody or Potenza somebodies or whatever have an opportunity to see how God might really come after them with a question Darren that by reading the Scriptures to find it wasn't uncommon for Jesus to ask this question affecting my own personal experience.

He's asked me this question it with with with a similar response that I really wonder if every listener when they come to the boot camp or not doesn't need to have this experience which is yet every listener, whether they come to the boot camp are not in fact I hope all you know I mean there's any more that don't come to the boot camp than do soulless work on those skills will get the ones at the big camp right where were going to give this question to them and the question comes straight out of Scripture out of out of John's Gospel and out of Mark's gospel. Mark presents one way John presents it a little bit differently but both of them basically present Jesus at the pool of Bethesda and there was supposed to be this almost magical aspect to the waters of the pool of Bethesda and and you are I typically do the opening-night talk and we always start with this question. Jesus goes to a blind man in Mark's gospel. A guy who's been called an invalid twitch means invalid and invalid man and and it appears from the Gospels that Jesus approaches them. They don't approach him and he literally says to them, what would you have me do for you. Would you like to be healed.

And the skies are sitting there obviously because they want to be healed right. And the reason Jesus is not being crude is not being rude by asking the question, and he's not being, you know, just overly sensitively kind, either. I honestly believe he's trying to remind them of what it felt like the first day they realized I'm really broken and I really need some help and I don't have it within me to get the help I needed from somebody else.

I think Jesus is trying to remind them of that time in their life and he's doing it in a kind way, but it appears that this was a regular habit of hits and we know as a group of band of Brothers. It's a pretty regular habit of his. Because he's done it with us. A lot of times right and it's it's a phenomenal thing that is I have. If you come to boot camp and we hope you do your Tennessee men sharing a story of where they've had struggles with pornography or struggles within their marriage or struggles with my calling or struggles with posing or struggles with lying or struggles with anger or whatever that is.

With their particular story is like a map you defined not and then by them, sharing how they been healed. It builds a hope in you that you did not have an order to show a movie in the in the clip at the end of the in the it's called an adventure to live talk about the butterfly circus of Amanda Scott no arms and legs and and is he's watching all these people perform another ringmaster's like what you got for an S and guzzle you don't understand I'm not like those other people to go so yeah but your you have an advantage because advantage of the arms and legs really what's up with the head and he says oh, the greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph and wow, that's what I thought about so much of my brokenness is when I looked at my story. I tried so many times to get it fixed and I'm not like those people. I don't have that stuff. But what were hoping to kinda share and we took it to the team and this week I asked them all to think about coming into this boot camp you personally like me included, like I'm coming at this boot camp because if we all don't get healing of his boot camp what what you know what can the ministry flow.

A lot of IME. We do it for the men that are coming but we we've never made any we've never hidden the fact that we do it for selfish reasons to because we get a lot of healing out of these boot camps we get blessed beyond our wildest imagination at these boot camps and we always start the night with this question and so last week you called me and said hey I think we need to ask the team to to present themselves with this question.

What would you know if Jesus were sitting beside you right now and put his arm around you and what you eye to eye, and he said Robby what would you have me do for you, and I thought man that is a crate that is a great topic.

We need to do that on the radio and I was super excited about it until I begin to pray about it and think about it and I and I literally I thought 08 weight and I called Robby back. I said wait Robby I don't know. I don't know if we need to send this out to the team because man I'm I don't know if I'm prepared to say it in on the radio. The question that I have for Jesus. I don't know if I'm even prepared to to say it to verbalize it.

To anybody but Jesus and and the reason was because I've I've lived very, much of my life as a senior pastor is a is a lead guide for a church and and when you do that you have to wear a mask a lot because you you can't let your church know how screwed up you really are and so if you're broken down preacher listening to us right now we have about 10 of them in their midst broken down ministry leaders are preachers of some sort. Other any other kind know there's really not, but a lot of them don't realize it yet and so that was one who just spoke in but honestly and so that was where you know Michael it came from. Was this this whole idea, but right which talk about a ministry leader in here if you want success. The only thing the clip comes from a movie called ragamuffin if you've never seen it is the life of Rich Mullins, you know, one of the greatest Christian music authors and writers of my lifetime. I loved his music. I remember the day that I heard that he died in a car wreck in and literally you know cried and and I've never had that experience before with with any kind of personality that I didn't know personally but I just felt like I knew Rich Mullins because of his lyrics were so deep and and all of that and I loved his music and so this comes from. He's doing a concert at a church and he's not having a great day. His father's in the audience and he's got some horrible father wounds which the movie illustrates very well and you can kinda feel the tension and he's up on stage and he supposed to be entertaining, leading people in worship and this train of thought just begins to kind of unconsciously come out and he talks about this issue of wearing masks you guys are all into that born-again thing which is fine.

We do need to be born again. Jesus said that a guy named Nicodemus tell many to be born again to enter the kingdom of God. I can tell you that need to sell everything you have and give it to the poor is Jesus said that someone go to and that's why God invented highlighters as we can highlight what we like in the Bible and ignore the rest.

I think that we do things to corrupt our lives is really just try to comfort some a currently have. I think that the church exists because we all kinda need each other while we all walk around church wearing these masks tending to be perfect so exhausting when we do I think that our only hope is the love of God.

So there.

Yeah, I know that as I began to pray about this question. It took me back to the first time that I was at a boot camp myself back in 2009 in Colorado and I remember John Eldridge standing on the stage and presenting that scripture at the end of his talk on Thursday night and then asking and basically saying okay right now is pray. Write down your journal as if Jesus is stating here talking to you because he is and he's asking you what would you have me do for you this weekend and my thought was your journal is not big enough. I had a long list, but hit it hit me hard and as I began to think about that II thought of some of the things that I would've listed in 2009 are still things that I would have to list again in 2020 and and that brought some shame and it brought some guilt and it brought just condemnation and and I thought man I cannot. I don't I don't know that I'm ready to go there. I think I would just soon put on the mask here and just fake it and that's literally what I called you and I said no we can't do this topic. If guys are going to be real about it because if we fake it and we pose our way through this question, it will give the audience the. The idea that that's okay and it's not that you don't have to tell me you have to tell anybody I'm not going to tell you some of the things that went through my mind right then, but I will be taking them to God, day in and day out between now and the boot camp and you know I'll look forward to the healing tomorrow if Jesus will break, but if not, I'll still be looking for it at this boot camp and so that's kind of where I wanted to go with this topic tonight.

I and so as I set up this meeting of the initial and I thought of similarly is like I know based on the healing that I'm looking for, which really is within my family within my relationship with my wife. Not that that's horrible around the rock but just like it's not where I wanted to like Jesus, I need you to come in here and it seems like this is something that I know I'm sitting under some lies so nobody the elf kinda helped us out with this one as we go into the break. I'm sitting on the throne of lies, because obviously that's from sitting. See you Santa are not lifeguards. I have no what song did I sing for you on your birthday this year a happy birthday. Of course your big boy, what's your name hello again I tell him what you want.

He's a liar. You discussed me. How can you live with yourself is cool exactly you sit on a throne of lies. Look, I'm not kidding, your faith, faith is scheduled to be dead.

Robby Gilmore here your mattress get a little thin on top.

Check out the new mattress topper from my pillow. I sleep hot. My wife sleeps cold which make its phase change material invaluable to us comes with a 10 year warranty. It's washable and dry bullets made me USA back by Mike Lindell 60 day warranty and best news ever go to save 30% use promo code, car guy, call 800-943-7096. Remember that promo code car guy is running from a messenger and a radio. At the last boot camp. I actually had a chance to respond to the worker talk now.

Here's what Sebastian learned about the true reality of spiritual warfare. The true reality of spiritual warfare that there really is an enemy. It's not just me and God. But in reality it's me when I get up in the morning we want to go to work on my drive, my daily life is something for you at the next boot camp and register now masculine coming November 12 through the 15th. Hiram Carson came I'm Dan Keene's grandson on the masculine generator might be camp expenses like mine.

One of the things that I realized this week was that I need to take time to listen to God. I felt like the Lord spoke to me and he said Mike how you listen. If you're always busy so this weekend what I've done is I've taken some time just to go on walks and to be alone.

Join us young guys of the next boot camp coming November 12 to the 15th masculine journey ready. and I like Sam I don't cut off the bombs. Not often, and we solicited old law, the left and Yvette spoke to you I did so we were in trading Bob Seeger songs always and this one came up. Harold mentioned that this was his favorite song so I was trying to think of strengths things Lana Bob Seeger, but I was like I know the third. He's got some good lyrics to the song so I looked it running.

It's a win and you know if it talks about. I found myself alone, surrounded by strangers I thought were my friends about muscle further and further from our home to go on. I mean it just seems to me like that's exactly where I was at a conference boot camp. I was really alone and you had people I knew and I do that get good friends, but I just didn't know really where I was at what I needed so it was spoke to me that what I saw something so now we left our hero Santa is fixed to get it from Buddy the elf. Yet you know in my own and I was. I began to process this in my own in a situation I was in a having dealt with my own struggles with pornography. I received all that healing from an outcome of the boot camps and a and I received all kinds of healing relationally with community and some other things that actually at the bottom of so many things I found is there is this lie right that that is in there that I have bought an agreement that I need to break and quite often it has to do with the internal lie of what I'm telling myself about what the situation is like Nick without you know that he thought he was different than anyone else out as I was working on the show. Actually, I found this clip and when I you know like another friend of mine is talk about waste our thing about this topic.

And so when I saw this clip I sat there and bawled like a baby because it's so much led me in the word. I think Jesus really wants to take me so here's a clip from a movie called flight to admin.

This Denzel Washington is sort of the hero and the bomb, knowing the same deal is an alcoholic but due to his fantastic ability to land the plane. He saves all the pastors on this plane, but the problem is he was drunk when he did it and so here comes your get your planes coming apart.

You're gonna have a crash landing and and it requires this guy to have what it takes. What she really does but he so broken in the midst of it, and now is being brought up as a hero and all the FAA and everybody wants to treat it like that. They don't hear anything about the alcohol. And so now are sitting in the in the trial were there another try and uncover all this stuff and everybody's told him to hide. This is lawyers and everybody else and everybody's ready to sleep in the comfort under the covers. But God won't let them do that. So here we have flight. I'm sorry my want your opinion Since her toxicology report is the only toxicology report that is admissible in this hearing and seeing fact tested positive for alcohol is a ^ Indian that Katerina Mike has drank those two bottles of vodka on playing. I'm sign is delayed occur I couldn't get elected. I said God help me. Yes. Well, however, is it your opinion. I dream it did not drink skids minister that she saved the boy's life. Ask that you speak louder. Katerina Marques did not drink about because I drink about an object anyway.

Vodka bottles on Capt. Whitaker on the three nights before the accident, October 11, October 11, October 12 and 13th and 14th. I was intoxicated. I drink all of those days I drink six on the morning of the accident. I was drunk and drunk now and right right now is black because I'm an alcoholic who hero that clicking measure cameras because the people got themselves a story. The truth comes out and as I was listening I went to tears because I realize that oh my gosh. I crash landed bad when I got news that Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep was millions of dollars short of what we thought we had it was quite obvious the wings would come off the plane and Westside Chrysler was coming down for very hard crash landing and and it was then that I was stressed and the disposition of how I was I gonna save as much as I can save especially what appeared to me at the time I wanted to make sure that the customers were made whole that nobody got there car with tax liens on a door that we didn't pay off their trade and I wanted to make sure that all the employees didn't get left you stuck with tax problems or other things and and all those things I had to make value judgments because it was crashing you, not to mention saving Robby Gilmore's face. You know, I mean that's what Satan is going to be telling you through all this is it's most important that you save your reputation now. I know Robby is faithful so I know the story you're telling is true that you were trying to save those other people even at the cost of your own detriment. At one point I even try to save God because I was covered up depot hello would you go the module you thought about about and I'm praying God and others looks really bad because a lot of people know I'm a Christian and and you know they're saying all sorts of stuff and this just doesn't look good for you.

I mean, we need to do it pretty clearly tell me Robby I'll handle my reputation. You handle your budget so I didn't tell Washington. There the plane was crashing and I was intoxicated with other things that had my attention, which were actually horrible internal problems and things. It were way over my head spiritually and I block took my eyes off the instruments and that's exactly what Satan wants to do with Get your I off the ball. The cool thing that I love about that clip and I know where God wants to take me November 12 through the 15th is intelligence. I wish Washington admits and confesses that he was drunk that he drank to excess that he was intoxicated was was Jesus able to come in and and bring a healing which you know if you watch the movie. It's it's a beautiful thing. Well I'm looking forward to that beautiful thing to really really am and so the cool thing is we got a few more of these and we got after our show to do but it you know I don't want anybody to miss. I just don't want anybody to miss the opportunity that we have this boot camp to see your story is a map to you where healing is available to you. Just like this and so at the last boot camp I talked about this before, but only but he missed it's it may seem small but it's actually huge Jim Ricky came and said that he was gonna break an agreement in front of all of us and he was to play his guitar and singing worship because he felt like some people teased him years that he wasn't in a good at playing the guitar and saved a break this agreement and play for all this.

What even though when he was sitting there doing that as I'm sitting there watching this guy get freedom, get healing, get life get it abundantly and sit there going dolly I made.

That's faith agreement. You know a long time ago for a lot of same reasons and the next thing I know coming out at boot camp. I was gonna break that agreement. I began to practice my guitar and so yes, I know play it, but I but I want to see that the desire that I had to play once again. Could bring me back to that place that God really had for me and like in the movie Church of the fire there since validation that comes from him. I can feel his pleasure when I'm doing this, but there would be no healing if Jim didn't share his feelings and that is I'm sure my healing.

I noticed all the sudden Sam was to paint like a painter like pictures like beautiful pictures this what it been sit there for two years he didn't expect Wednesday's hearing about Jim's breakthrough on artistic endeavors right Robby's annexing you know Sam turn out paintings like Jenna van Gogh or somebody or O'Hara but that's not so. What I what I you know I don't know what it is in your life but Jesus wants you to ask that question. You know he wants to deal with with that with you.

Where's the healing available and let's get to work on this.

You been putting it off too long because everybody in your life is suffering as a result of of that condition and you have no idea that when you tell your story when your witness to the healing that you get the freedom that you're going to give all the people that are in your community, whatever that looks like Carol you have not because you ask not. Had road rage start and as a teenager. I'm now 79 years old and just the last couple of years because I asked God to have his Holy Spirit help me get over that problem because I couldn't get on the highway without screaming people that I thought were just plain stupid and that my wife was constantly telling me you're polluting my air and and I hated I hated myself for doing that but it took the help of the Holy Spirit for me to get out of that and no so now what I would as if Jesus said what do I want. It's give me a better attitude toward other people and not an intellectual snob thinking I'm smarter than other people. Some really not Harold I want you to know they are no less stupid out there so that you have gotten heal and now there's some wisdom so the really cool thing is that we have this after our show where you can hear Rodney's. He's asked that question.

Big Jim is asked that question and and they have clips to go along with that. So we have much more healing. That's at your disposal. Maybe I'll hit something that's according your life and you know through someone's testimony of work God showed up. He's so available at boot camp because we realize that he is the star of the show were any given time because we can have, the silence where were allowing time to take these questions to him and this is where the breakthrough happens yesterday to talk about wounds yesterday and talk about all those things but is November 12 through the 15th. The masculine journey.O RG.

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