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Guarding Your Heart After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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October 10, 2020 8:00 am

Guarding Your Heart After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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October 10, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue their discussion on the topic of guarding your heart.

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hi this Voyager man talk radio podcast admissions to break down the walls of race and denomination your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds. Thank you. This is the Truth Network coming to you French and American in the heart of a letter masculine journey after our time to go to be more transparent on the topic of this so sit back and visit venture. Masculine journey after hours starts here now welcome the masking journey after hours and point us in the first episode we went.

If he didn't know mentally what were talking about so good either way you talk what you doing during this season to give your heart life.

There's plenty that's coming out it just a kind of just chip away. Mr. Tackett right all the COBIT updates all the things you gotta do all the protocol you can do what you can't do all these rules and regulations.

All these things and resist tiny down the political atmosphere. Oh my gosh, if you will fill oppression there. Somehow I don't know how you don't yeah I mean you could you could maybe play like 10 seconds of of the clip that we played earlier to because you definitely don't want this to be said of your heart. By the time the season is over evident could be if you're not careful Get a few seconds of it is for a little bit longer but it gets pretty funny that even he's worse than dead.

His brain is gone, you know, which happened right after the debate the other night I was pretty much everybody watched that their brains had been sucked out of you made it if you made I didn't I didn't watch any of it. Honestly I watch a lot of clips afterwards and my oldest son watch that you know he's in the second round of being able to vote you down so he's really engaged in psych lately.

I can't believe I watched some yeah I did get to have all the social unrest is important in the political thing is important in the covert thing is important in their vital and you need to know certain things, but it can wear your heart if you're not careful we played the bump and in the other show of hungry heart, and thereby is a hungry heart when you feeding your heart during the season, refuting things, it gives it life are you letting it consume some things. It doesn't give it life. You know early on I I was real concerned.number one I was sick.

I was in the hospital when they shut down the hospitals, literally, when it was announced. No doctors visits, you know know know hospital no elective surgeries, all that stuff I was in the hospital when that happened and I looked at my doctor and said hey look, I know I need to be in here for another three or four days but I'm going home and she said Yep you're going home. You're married to a nurse. She can take care of you were going get you out here and I like good deal. Let's go and that I was feeling you know good about that but then coming home. I can't do anything coming on, cut from stem to stern.

You know I mean I was I was laying in bed, you know, just healing and I'm watching the news constantly watching all this covert stuff and researching everything I could get on the Internet.

I'm a I'm a researcher I'm a teacher at heart and and I want to dig and dig and dig in. And so and I was doing that for you quite a while, to the point where it was like know this.

This is going to kill me and oddly enough, while I was in the hospital.

I had had an experience one night out couldn't sleep.

I have a hard time sleeping in the hospital because of hospital beds and I can't sleep on my back in when your whole sternum to you know bellybutton is cut open. You can't lay on your side. Initially and so I'm just laying there, not sleeping at night and literally almost in tears. Just saying God. II really am so tired I just need some rest at just need you know some sleep and and at one point I'm just having a conversation with God.

And I looked down at my stomach and there's this massive wound and I went man had his son, wounded, and I just feel like God's gone yeah yeah that is in you know a wound is a great place for healing to start and I was like yeah yeah I could tell you guy cannot get where you're going there but what type of healing are we talking about. And so my word for the year has been healing and we talked about this three weeks ago. I wasn't there that night, but but as I began to process that you know I all year long. God has been going after that just reminding me.

Hey hey work word were doing some healing and so some of the things I've done for my heart this year and it is opposed, but some of the things I've done is opposed. What I say what is it was opposed. Oh no, opposed opposed yet and I was not. Hey, it's not a pose as and I'm posing right yes thank you for clarifying that I do pose a lot, just not not in that particular area and so you know, one of the things I've started doing is you know we have a good friend that is also deeply spiritual counselor and so I've I've started you know spend some time with him every couple weeks and digging into some stuff because honestly when when I was first diagnosed as you know, when I end up in the emergency room and the doctor said look organ have to cut you open and working at Kutch: out and were going to have to give you a colostomy.

I went know and she said well you you really don't have a choice.

It's either that or Diana said I'm good with that. You know, and so Kim, our friend Kim Whitehurst is a great counselor in the Triad area.

If you live in this area need counseling.

I would highly suggest camp. Kim goes so small was with Darren. I mean, why were you willing to die rather than go through something that was going to bring you some healing and so been digging into that a little bit and asking that question and then God's really you know bring in some healing in that regard, and in some enlightenment on that and so you try to do that, trying to take the MO.

I'm also building a house this year and that's extremely stressful because I'm the contractor on it. Basically and I've never done that before so I'm losing my mind right now but basically I try to start out every day with look. If this is the worst thing that happens to me this year.

I'm okay you know me, so the plumber had showed up for the last seven weeks that he was supposed to show up in any data try actually start he's trying really hard which is not doing and I won't say who the plumber is but anyway that's my dilemma. His equipment is sitting in my driveway right now. It has been for three days he lost his equipment for a while.

It's now there we found it. I know Sam told you that you should just texting the picture of his equipment said hey I found your equipment.

But I still don't have insurance and I still have a water pipe. You know, going from the road to my house and so but again I'm not to lose my mind about that. I can laugh about that now it's it's a little bit upsetting because it is delaying things but if that's the worst thing that happens to me this year. I'm okay with that.

Honestly and I'm trying to adopt that mantra little bit. It's good.

I for me.

I had a situation that it's not nearly as deep as yours, but it's been very revealing to me. I had back in May at these 230 foot plus trees maple trees in my yard. I know what they were, until they split in half and that we cut up you know that with that weird storm came through and and is likely less of a weird storm some kind of violent at times and then I started getting text for my neighbors. My two front trees at split in half and a micro my guess you know nothing of the house. Fortunately, nothing was really too bad in the street just enough it had to be dealt with and headed a timer finances are really want to get a great shape. Micro outhouses even a working know how to do it God can step in and help you find somebody came over and got the trees out at a reasonable price and I was just mad about it for a while really liked those trees change in the house there pretty was mad and I went really mad at God. I just mad about it and I look at big stumps and might just be nice trees also went to the processing of around July sometime heads make him grind the stumps that well you we spike its way to grind him because I went to rent a grinder and it's cost more to rent the grinder that has some way to do it inside spy do it again, money that would ensure had the came and edit and then I suppose tall off the mulch. Not knowing the church to trees produced 31 wheelbarrows full of mulch to drill it. Yeah, I stuff that I'm still feeling is that ours might. What started happening as I worked out there and it was hot and miserable and was unhappy was frustrated about it.

I didn't want to be there is you know once I got you know that mulch up in and got the rest were cleared out and put some topsoil down and put some grassy down and put some straw on it a few weeks ago started watering it and I was after checking it every day in honor so this is all green things far enough down the mountain in my heart was as is those little pieces of grass would come out. My heart would become more alive.

I realize that you knows this is whole taking something that was felt very devastating and I don't mean that like a health situation but do something that's a shock to your heart and make sure mad like really on top all this other stuff. I got a deal with us to write and then also got to know I can use this and you know like I check my card before I left I little spots and start growing grass with her get some green now you know mother watered every day. Just as the joy of the last like three or four weekends working in my yard just creating more and more of a nicer place to go outside. Last Saturday night. My son and up having something needed to do one home were planning to do a fire pit. I went outside and set for seven hours at the fire pit and just enjoyed it. Listen to some music to set outside is a beautiful night and is watching the fire all that stuff and just being out in nature feeding my heart on things that wasn't Netflix as part of the thing were talking about how the enemy become an after you during this time, and so that was a long story story really help me that story, so I thought it sounded like to me was the story of Jonah without the whale the Gordon have ignored came nobody and then got to get away like cool story though.

I think it you know it's been good at it. It's help me realize I enjoy taking something and turning it into something that I feel is better right. I think everybody's like that one realm or another whether that's you know with equipment or when it's with building something or whatever it might be the number for me. I found okay I need a little bit of that each week to go do something that's new and improved where I can look and go that looks a little better because of some effort I did.

It does my heart is some purpose yeah it is the sum like the speakers having things on you brag about hello those tool spots yard look awesome. You need to be that because it's about my how you yeah your life is honestly for the most the time up until then, until the trees came down. I was looking for new Netflix series or something lewd or something that is on Disney plus or whatever they hadn't seen before that had seen 20 times and I would be willing to watch again woman like Neil Robbie Teddy showed them the show Kabul, Cuba, Cairo. It was overcast Coburn I and is like all I got to watch the back story, things been washed as a whole, and I know it's what you get into you get into a certain groove and Netflix is just fine for that next episode starts in five seconds and up should be things like I can even wave through the go now everyone's while to commitment so used to watching rights. We have exactly as you got off.

That's what I know you been watching too much. That's at least a couple hours writing that happened at about again watching Netflix is a bad thing, but sometimes of my heart needs just a little bit to unwind stuff on their bite all the other bad stuff, even if it's a stupid stuff in there that you watch like all is going on and put on that that show pawn stars after in watching people bring in the history you and mother really like to assure you really like the characters that much.

I like the things I bring you right so you know me just put that on just a kind clear my head, but six hours that would not be good for my heart and that's where we have to go look for the things in something else that's good for us. You know some of the people and why does love the characters you like the stuff and we have to find what's good for us in our heart and could be different at different seasons exactly in line with Alaska last frontier elected to Danielle alloys like just don't the can-do attitude and dad and then the adventure that they have an stuff that that was it was go to bed. Eventually I began to realize I need something, like you, I need something practice something I'm actually touching and stuff not put out a garden.

My mower for the year with abundance which I was thinking was really more like restoration but it came back to abundance have to say that this year has been one of the better year for my heart and it's because I got quieter. Now I'm not only I'm not being good. There's been times when I've gotten you know I watch the news too much. I've gotten focused on, you know, stuff that I don't need to, or whatever, but overall it really has been a good year of abundance with the Lord.

I feel much more like in John 15 where it says I'm connected to the vine much more know Harold, you are mentioned in Scripture while I been on the one year Bible plan for two years now and probably going to finish is going to take me two years to read through the Bible, but here is demo hardness, plenty going through that plan how how many times the Scripture really did match my, Michael the world so that the plans that I needed to do this in the year, but a final time, you know, so that was one thing that back tomorrow garden my small garden. It was really I don't have a lot of room up in Boone where I met them, on our side of the hill that I planted some tomatoes and I planted some squash you got this huge squash that was really cool to do. It's been a while since I been able to garden you know and and I don't know that I could say anything really per produced an abundance my jalapenos. I kicked his family were the benefactors that so yes, it's been a cool year of with all the bad God can be there providing you what you need for your heart. He knows how we he created us, he knows what we need if we do seek him will find those things down the painting. I've actually been working on that.

I think it's can end up being. It started out as a scene from the beach from a couple years ago when I first started on it in a heavenly Knights of the water was really dark and some Marvin sitting there and in Canada where then it's become like hopefully moving from 2022 2021 one side of it's really dark and got a lot of rain clouds and lots of stuff in the other side. You're starting to get some light. You know, I'm really hoping that that's a mantra that says okay it's going to be better. You know that next year than it was this year is my heart's been kinda making that travel of just feeling just the suppression because the enemy comes after you during this time. You know. Proverbs tells us it was his Proverbs 320.

During 420 garden Hartford's wellspring of life right don't take that lightly. Guard your heart because that's what gives you life you may think it's your brain, but I promise you it's your heart right your heart is reading the deepest thinking that you don't fall in love with somebody because it makes good financial sense. I promise you that you fall in love with somebody because your heart says the phone love with them. You have a kid you know it doesn't make financial sense to have a kid none at all. The cost a lot of money over the years, you better have a big farm if your heart man holding for the first time it's over right this heart makes the biggest decisions of guard that heart. Earlier I gave the head about you Babel for your phone got another one. Therefore, guard Smith arrange the Bible in chronological order and its range so that you read through the entire Bible in a year. Been doing that now for quite a number of years. I highly recommend that is waived trying to help your heart in these times because starting your day in both of those two ways will see you down the road away with your feeding your heart something good yeah and you get the community that words were given community with God in your community or some others in a different way. You know as well as our Tuesday nights, which is no like you said Andy you get another group started that's going to mean brotherhood for for us guys is important sisterhood and then shared community.

You know where the shoe church. Some other way. It's it's all good for me.

Unlike you, any this year is been one of the best for my heart. I really have not been in the covert thing at all when it started. I didn't watch a lot of news on Mike all yeah I was going to come here it's going everywhere. Look how bad it isn't time to start with an insight were all sent around Shockley to blame everybody and it's like geologist shut up and trying to solve it together and truly be all better off you know but you you have then all the other things are happening and what I knew about it and listen to enough to go okay on the form and it was going on. I know enough truth. So let me get back to the truth and get into the word, and that's been really good, but just to be able to for me.

I've been out fishing more. I'm never been a big fisherman. I got the point where I'm talking my son want one doing this and thinking that what you think and is like Dan I think you know more than me now is like beer out fishing and doing a 70 is a fish now for a while these in school he just busy in his head be at work all summer to he's just a busy guy and he's working multiple jobs and doing and going to school and he's just bare down so Michael, I'm kind of the opposite him freed up. I've got time on Mike and I'm taking time to be in that intentionality. Mike, I am going to go fish. I want to go do this and that. I've talked all the neighbors that is upset upon's behind us and all people live around the ponds of talked all of them may feel is okay if I come down and finished demonic. I do this to do that and got to know them. It's been really nice and they got it comes out it BLU about 530 in the evening to six Clark walks his dog so I could see the dog and pet him and we talk and chitchat that is so free is wonderful for my heart and you have to be intentional about going out doing those kinds of things with guys. I think we get so caught up in providing and doing all the responsibility stuff. We feel like they're being a good soldier whenever you walk away and don't really take care of your heart knew these things. You guys are talking about your ear do not have the life that you need to continue on the do those things that have the influence dear family did to me and the revenues talk about some I'm trying to figure out a project I can do in my yard. I'm an efficient morning fish and how I enjoy fishing go out.

I hope I'm catching there, much as fishing is aspirated and share the story again Rodney how useless in our podcast you found some you really like yeah right podcast.

Yeah, something is flashing back to season four. Well, you know, as were talking about this. We got another clip that we can play from bagger Vance, which we all decided his you know, probably as a group. It might be our favorite movie and ultimately what happens if you don't do some intentional work with your heart, you'll end up, like bagger does. In this clip and it if you remember the movie he's had a horrible day.

He's 12 are Judah Juna he's 12 shots back. He's getting his head handed to them and baggers trying to cheer them up a little bit and Juna just doesn't want to hear it and then this conversation happens where Juna gets really deep for a minute about the basically the life of the heart is no difference between winning and losing anything and was loves to slow the man lives. Amanda and in the end it all turns out to say you will.

An Italian company that affect the loan. So souls moment everything below it and give it things don't go his way easily. This gives up in the good Lord just takes everything back in the soul dies alone pretty much what you say is that's a sad story message and just about to dumbest thing I heard anything. Say you got alcohol was blowing everything God has will herald you new Juna and want to hit the ball. Three. Harold was a little boy following June around in the movie and and so I don't know what you think about that. Well I'm old but I do have one more recommendation. Okay if you don't already have one dog that's true damning dogs are therapeutic if if you know if you don't believe that dogs numbering life.

My dogs been sick a lot lately and we spent a lot of money on them. Thankfully we have pet insurance but but man I love them and we have three of them now. We are supposed to be fostering dogs for rescue until somebody else adopts the problem is all the ones we foster we fall in love with you when you keep on the good news is you had percent on it yeah yeah I you know I'm with you Harold. You know when all else fails when you can snuggle up to the dog and patted his head and or or when I'm sitting there in deep thought and frustrated and my dog comes up, then this will tell you a lot about my life I'll be reclined in my recliner and my dog will come up behind me and lick my bald spot and it's hard to be upset at anything when your dog loves you that much.

As I took my dog this last week I have a dog. It was my daughter's dog my dog is been with us 13 years and I thought oh he's slowing down he's getting a lot older and I just haven't been covert. I am able to get them out to getting groomed everything in and he just said slow down so much. Using a make it much longer. You know me not having another year when getting a haircut you think is a puppy. He couldn't see.

That was his problem that he runs around like where's that magic.

We talked about his heart a shot of a haircut or something that may conceal from doing to you. That's exactly what's wrong with us.

Though we walk around in this fog we walk around with what the world what the enemy keeps fitness with rightly got a gardener heart gives that shot a life and I've been listening to a podcast that I like how that other than ours and I've been listening to John Eldridge's wild heart podcast here.

I've listed for years but the last five weeks he's been talking specifically about the ambivalence of the second coming of Christ that that we kinda live in this ambivalence of well you know yeah I mean there's a lot of people out there right now saying hey it's common it's it's coming next week.

It's coming next month. It's common. The year after, and I don't know the answers and and in fact, you know, my Bible tells me that were not going to know but that there are some some signs, perhaps that old will tell us when times are getting closer and and I know this were closer today than we were yesterday, but one of the things that that is made a difference in this time for me is is is that just thinking about you know what I probably have lived a lot of my life. Not really. With that expectation of this might be. This might be the year and I'm good with that. I'm I'm excited about that, quite frankly, because I am looking for some deeper restoration. It's only going to come. You know, on the other side of this. In the meantime would ask you to do this week is just be honest with yourself.

You fear wearied you filled down if you like just don't have much going on. You need a shot of life and glass God working to get that life this week. I can tell you, you can get some great life you come to the boot camp November 12 15 for not doing it to make money make money on these things which missing people's hearts come alive.

And we know that's what this world. This is the Truth Network

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