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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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April 26, 2024 5:57 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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April 26, 2024 5:57 am

What were your thoughts on the NFL Draft? How did Detroit do? | Are Deebo Samuel & Brandon Aiyuk on their way out of San Francisco?  | Who can stop the Denver Nuggets?


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Minimum $10 per order, additional term supply. It's not deja vu necessarily, but the Lakers find themselves in a very familiar position as do the Denver Nuggets actually, not as the number one seed or the top seed in the West. They won't have home field, home ice or home court advantage all the way through these playoffs if both OKC and Minnesota and or OKC Minnesota end up winning their respective series moving forward. But the Nuggets, as we know, may be the toughest out in basketball, and that includes the Boston Celtics. Why? Because they're still on the throne. That's why. And because this team has got everything it needs to make another run at the NBA finals.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're going to get to Nuggets, Lakers, Lakers on the verge of being swept a second consecutive year out of the postseason. This time would be in the first round, so not even having the glory of beating Steph Curry and the Warriors and dispatching them before you get to face the Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals. So yeah, last year at least they got to the conference finals. This time they're hanging on a precipice and not sure they'll even get one more game, much less one more series. Eleven straight wins by the Nuggets over the Lakers. So not only are they confident, but they are cocky when it comes to LA.

So we'll get to that coming up plus to LMB'd under fire, not for what he said about his medicals or about how he played, but about a moment in which he's accused of being dirty. Actually had a player who for the Knicks was unable to return to the game. Philadelphia and New York haven't played against each other in postseason in decades, right? They're familiar with one another in the regular season, but it's not been a common postseason matchup and yet it is all kinds of spicy. So we'll do a little more basketball. Of course we're thinking, processing, sifting through what we saw on the first round of the NFL Draft. I actually have it on here in studio again because I watched the NFL Network version.

They're back to pick 22 and we're about to see Jordan Mylotta in Australia on a video game making the pick and a listener reminded us on Facebook and I did giggle when I heard it. He called the commissioner Uncle Roger. Did you? I don't know if you. That wasn't part of, yeah, it wasn't part of the video when Jay played it.

He kind of skipped right to the pick, which is fine. But yeah, he called him Uncle Roger. It was actually kind of a bit of, maybe a bit of an Australian bent Uncle Roger. Can we hear it? Let's go. How good is this? Thank you, Uncle Roger.

Uncle Roger. I love it. I kind of feel though, instead of playing football, he should be out battling gators or animals in the bush, the outback, the numerous amounts of animals that can kill you in Australia. Yeah, but that was neat. That was another cool moment and it was really to underscore the fact.

So convenient. I wonder if the NFL, the powers that be, went to Jordan and said, hey, can we send you to Australia during the draft to do some work for us there so that we can demonstrate how global the NFL is? Because it was right after three cards worth of Roger reading about how the NFL is global and will be playing its first game in South America this year and then more international markets to come, he said. So yes, they're tooting their own horns even as they are spreading the love from Detroit to Down Under. Detroit Down Under. It was convenient timing.

Please. It was orchestrated. I don't know if that's where Jordan spends his offseason or if he was there literally on some work for the NFL. He said he was working at a camp or some type of almost like a recruitment there to try to find some future NFL hopefuls because he came through a program that was designed to recruit NFL guys or future NFL guys and so he's the perfect ambassador in that case. So yeah, it was fun. Certainly enjoyed seeing all the crazy fans from all the different groups and I thought it was neat how they, I'm not big into selfie sticks, but I thought it was neat how they had selfie sticks for all the draft picks and they could go to the spot where those fans were hanging out and take photos. And I wondered, do you think they had a corral where the fans for each of the teams that was picking, that corral was full of those fans? Or if it was only the teams that were picking in the first handful of selections that had fans up front? Because I'm sure they had them all separated. They didn't just have all the fans together. It seemed like they had a bunch of fans. Of course the Eagles fans were there and they were pretty crazy so maybe they did kind of shuffle them up and when it was the Eagles turn to pick at number 22, well then they allowed the Eagles fans to come forward and fill that area. That would be a nice way to do it, right?

I'm not sure, but that would make sense. If you ever want a chance to get close to the stage, your team's not picking, you don't need to be at the front, right? Right. And I think you do want to highlight the fact that you've got crazies from all over the NFL. That's the whole point. Yeah, exactly. It's definitely good eye candy for all the different fan bases.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. What did you think of the NFL Draft in Detroit? I thought the Motor City dazzled. In terms of the picks and the quarterbacks and the offense, well that was all kind of fun to process and the surprises of how it did not go the way that people expected, but I would say in terms of Detroit, terrific. Not just the star power, but the atmosphere, the electricity, the fans, the record 275,000 people who were, I mean they were crammed in outside.

I guess they had to rope off more city blocks and more city streets than what they expected, which is kind of fun. So good problem to have for Detroit, congratulations. And honestly, it's pretty clear the stakes have never been higher for teams when it comes to finding their franchise QB, recognizing now it's a new generation of QBs. More than half, and I'd have to go back and count the numbers and just update them, but well more than half of the quarterbacks in the NFL are in their early 20s. And so it's high stakes not just for now, but for the future as well, which is why you see a team like Atlanta at number eight taking a quarterback that they believe is a bit of a project, but they want him to be the franchise guy after Kirk Cousins, though they didn't tell Kirk Cousins that until they were about to announce Michael Pennix.

855-212-4227, then on Twitter and Facebook. Love to get your reaction for this first round of the NFL draft. Connor is in Buffalo. Connor, what do you think? I mean, I'm very high as a Michael Pennix thing. I'm glad to take the call by the way.

I'm very happy to talk to you and realize you're the best. But Michael Pennix is awesome. I mean, I remember a guy that was drafted number seven overall from Wyoming that wasn't supposed to be a guy, but I also remember a left-handed quarterback that was drafted number one overall from Atlanta, who's also very good. That made it really great for everybody.

Both people were great. But what I'm saying for number one for the Bills is everyone wanted to trade up one of the big three. I'm kind of happy about it. When you say big three, you mean receivers? Yeah. Okay. Harrison, neighbors, a doomsday. Yeah. Big three, you know.

But we've been trading back a lot. If we can get at least Polk, McConkey, or the guy from Georgia and Texas. You know his name. The guy from Texas who got drafted? No, he went, he was from Georgia, went to Texas, AD Mitchell. Oh, Adonai Mitchell? Yeah, exactly. If we can get one of those, one of the two, and then go defense all the way.

Brandon Bean's going to move all the way up with all these ticks that he got, moving all the way back. The guy's a genius. It was a pleasure talking to you.

I just want to hear what you have to say about it. Thanks for everything. Alright, I appreciate that, Connor.

Thank you. Actually, I was talking about them trading out of that first round and allowing the Chiefs to have Xavier Worthy out of Texas, the other Texas wide receiver product that was high. And I thought that was interesting because that's exactly what the Chiefs need, right? Another weapon, especially one as speedy as Worthy, who did the 4-2-1 at the draft.

That to me is a little interesting. I would agree with Connor in that they have holes to fill on the defensive side of the ball considering what they did in this offseason and the number of veteran guys that they released. They may have felt like they were past their prime, but also a bunch of that was done because they needed to get underneath the cap.

They needed to figure out their financial situation. So I do believe they've got the right culture, the right system. I like the leadership in place. I'm not one of those people that felt like the Bills needed to crumble it up and start over. But I think there are some question marks too.

I do believe they need, this is weird to say, but I do believe they need some more people around. Now with the departure of Stephon Diggs, who's your number one guy? And it's been funny to hear Bills fans say to me, oh it's this guy or that guy.

No, no it's not. You don't have a number one guy right now. Josh Allen is your number one guy.

That's what you've got. And I, yeah, I think they need more. Not to mention they're missing on some leadership and on the offensive line and so yeah, you can't have those types of defections or those types of changes to your locker room or to your depth chart without seeing some impact. Josh Allen can't play on the defensive side of the ball, please not that. So they do have some work to do. They traded out of that first round so that they are picking first on Friday.

So we'll see what the Bills do with that pick. 855-212-4227. Let's talk to Justin who's in Detroit. Justin, what did you think of your city?

Hey Amy, how are you? I was actually calling. I worked second shift at the G-Plan. I didn't get a chance to watch a whole lot of it, but I was just seeing like from the outsider's view because I know Detroit's generally, you know, the dumping ground and the butt end of jokes, what the general perception of was of how everything looked and how everything was handled, how the night went. So have you noticed the buzz and the electricity around the city even as they've been building up to it the last couple of days?

Oh absolutely. I know a lot of the white collar workers and stuff like that were complaining because they'd have to sit and drive a couple extra minutes, but I think just the pride of this city, you know, and it stems back from the last football year of just, you know, everyone, like I said, it just feels like we're the dumping ground. But this city enjoys our sports and even the Tigers lose 120 games in the 0-16 season. We've always seemed to be behind them, so to get, you know, the reward of being able to hold the draft, you just feel there's excitement in the air and, you know, can't wait for next year's Lions and all that stuff. You know, the Red Wings and the Pistons and all that are kind of down, but really excited about our Lions. Well I would say that it's perfect timing that Detroit gets the draft in 24 after the year in which they finally win the NFC North and also win a playoff game and have that fan support at home. I thought it was perfect timing and that's why I think there wasn't nearly as much booing of Roger Goodell. Lions fans are actually happy.

They're not in a place where they're negative Nancy's right now. I loved all the local flair. Eminem and Roger Goodell, could they be two more opposite ends of the spectrum?

And yet they seem to have a lot of fun together. The Jared Goff chants, I'm not sure if you saw that part with Amun Ra, St. Brown getting the crowd to chant Jared Goff and Aiden who's always hype and then to have Megatron and Barry Sanders. It was awesome.

I thought Detroit really dazzled and was the, yeah, was at this point now was the new standard for the draft, at least the primetime portion of it. You know, that's awesome to hear. I probably only saw maybe I'd say 10, 15 minutes collectively of the draft itself, but it was cool cause I was able to watch it on my computer there for a little bit and you saw the 810, the Thunderbolt, the planes that flew over and as soon as I saw it on the computer screen, I could hear it just rattling the assembly line. So it was pretty cool. Oh, that's amazing. I love that when it happens every now and then if there's a flyover at MetLife, I live just 15 minutes north of MetLife.

I hear them practicing earlier in the daytime, but then, yeah, it's awesome when you see it on TV and then you hear them fly over. It's absolutely love that moment. It was pretty cool. I appreciate your time and have a great night. Thanks Justin. Good to have you with us.

Yeah, that's fun. So he was able to hear it and I guess I should have mentioned it Justin, but I can mention it now. The NFL network is replaying this first round over and over and over again. So if you missed it because you're working or sleeping or studying or driving, you absolutely can catch it on NFL network because they'll be replaying it. This is really their crown jewel of the off season. It dwarfs the schedule release.

This is it. It's dazzling. It's a primetime made for TV event and they do it right. There are many things the NFL does right. The draft and the way that they've turned it into must-see TV is definitely one of those things and actually right now on NFL network, they've gotten to pick number 24 and the Lions of course with the trade and I really loved, in fact this is for you Justin. Jay, can we play Roger Goodell with the Lions pick? I have to find the number.

Oh yeah, number 90. The Dallas Cowboys have traded the 24th pick to the Detroit Lions. With the 24th pick in the 2024 NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select Terry and Arnold, defensive back Alabama. I just want to say Detroit, y'all got to start man. Hey, hey I'm home man.

I'm home. Hey these fans gonna be crazy man. Golly. Yeah it's gonna be crazy. First NFC Championship game appearance since 91. First playoff win since 91. First division title since 93. Oh yeah, it's the perfect time and I know that there's no way the NFL could have known this because the draft has been headed to Detroit now for five, six years. That's kind of how they do the bidding process but it's perfect timing from the category of you can't make this stuff up.

At the height of Lions football now going back to the early 90s, it's the perfect time to capitalize on all the electricity and the excitement in the Motor City. Golly. Terry and Arnold, Alabama and he's calling it home baby. Brent is in Seattle. Brent welcome to After Hours.

Yes, hey Amy. I'm a University of Washington graduate class of 1998 and I remember the team that they thought they underachieved a few years ago that finished 4-8 under Jimmy Lake and a lot of the players that were drafted and will be drafted in the next few days were on that team and so I'm just thrilled how well Michael Penix has done. I didn't expect him to be drafted so highly. I think he will benefit from studying under Cousins for a year or maybe two and I think that he'll do great in Atlanta as long as he stays healthy and doesn't have the injuries that he did in Indiana. He should do very well. He's a class act. We love him here in Seattle and he'll be always fondly remembered at the University of Washington. Good.

Oh I agree with that. I love everything that I've seen of him. I think he always has the right answers and just his joy, effusive joy with his family and friends in St. Pete when he was announced. He said he didn't find out until the Falcons called him so you weren't the only one who was surprised. Everybody was surprised by this pick except for the Falcons. Yes. I guess apparently the GM surprised a lot of the staff members in the war room by the pick. Yeah.

It definitely looked like there was plenty of surprise to go around and that includes the agent for Kirk Cousins who was out there talking about Kirk's reaction within minutes of the pick being made. Yes. Yeah interesting stuff.

Well not just Penix but then back to back with Roma Dunze. That was also cool. Right. I also ran into Anna Marie Cossé today at the University of Washington LL which is a Jewish organization today and I told her that she will be always remembered for the decision to move to the Big Ten just like Bill Gerben is remembered for basically forcing Don James out and accepting the sanctions in 1991. And she says I'm okay with that. Oh. I said to her that you remember with Nebraska football when they joined the Big Ten? She said not really.

It's interesting the eight digit Nebraska job. And I said well Washington is going to be the same way in the Big Ten. And so you know she says I don't agree with you. I said we'll see.

All right. Well that was bold. It definitely will be interesting to see the changes having talked to the Big East Commissioner Val Ackerman last night on the show. Definitely there's a lot that's on the horizon and that everybody's watching. Thank you Brent. I appreciate the phone call.

Thank you. So good Michael Penix Junior and Roma Dunze representing the Pac-12 for the last time. So much changing but haven't we gotten used to that now in college sports? It does not stay the same between transfer portal between the NIL that lures guys and gals to new schools and different places with these athletes getting paid.

I know technically it's not pay to play but it's a thinly veiled disguise of pay to play. Well then you've got nonstop movement and also you end up with the teams that are going from this kind of something we talk about in pro sports right. First to worst and that kind of stuff just because you are rebuilding teams or you can rebuild teams from the ground up if you need to through the transfer portal. Now it takes a special kind of coach who can do that and then get all of those guys or gals on the same page so that they can win in their first year. It's a little bit like bringing in a bunch of freshmen except you don't necessarily have to rely on teenagers.

Instead you can get guys that are a little bit older and maybe have some experience and really the attractiveness and what you can offer. It's a whole different world now when it comes to college sports and the conference realignment and maybe not a power five anymore but a power four. On Twitter A Law Radio on our Facebook page too. Again just now watching Terry and Arnold head up to the stage in what is a dapper pink suit. That's terrific.

I love the way these guys dress and all their different personalities and some of the coats on the inside of pictures or ways that they remember kind of their journey to get to this point. So yeah I've enjoyed it and I wonder whether or not Roger Goodell has cracked ribs after his encounter with JC Latham who went to Tennessee but not after not until after he airlifted the commissioner of the NFL. He airlifted him. It was a little bit well it was even more dramatic than Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and don't tell me Jennifer no Jennifer shoot. Oh my gosh this came out when I was a kid. Patrick Swayze and you know what without looking it up I don't know her name either. Oh my gosh I can see her nose. I can see her right now in my head but I cannot remember her name. At least I got the Patrick Swayze part but yeah they were terrific.

Or Eli and Odell. Remember that Super Bowl commercial a few years ago? The airlifting yes. Dirty Dancing lives on. Okay we're gonna get back to the NBA because the Lakers are on the precipice and Austin Reeves has got a pretty frank assessment of where the Lakers are right now. Thanks for joining us. Happy Friday to you if you're already awake on your Friday eek.

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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. You are listening to the after hours podcast. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. I decided to bump the basketball until after the update just because we have a relatively short segment here and a bunch of you are weighing in on the NFL draft on both our Twitter and Facebook so thank you for your comments. I like this from Peter on Facebook. Regarding the draft in Detroit, certainly a fantastic fun start. The venue was beautiful. The city was vibrant and welcoming. The crowd enthusiastic thoroughly happy.

Rumor has it several thousands of fans were not able to get in. Extremely proud of the city in two more days of NFL fun. Looking forward to more surprises here in Detroit.

So he is all about it. Lots of people just excited for the way that Detroit went all-in. Michael says the city of Detroit showed up but he thinks the commish is very corny. Let's see, Tony, decent from this Vikings fan perspective. Andy on Facebook, it looked like the football version of Woodstock with the amount of fans, should be number of fans, with the number of fans that attended. He said he thought it was quite entertaining with all the different choices and personalities involved in the broadcast.

Detroit should be proud. Thought the draft went the way the league has been going for years, mainly offensive and hand stringing the defense. Hand stringing? Do you think he means ham stringing? Hand stringing? Hand stringing. Either that's autocorrect or he doesn't know that the reference is ham strung. Like ham strung?

Ham stringing? It doesn't matter. I'm sure he just got autocorrected. That's it. Also on our Twitter, my Twitter, ALawRadio and then our show Twitter is at Amy after hours. Daniel says to touch on my Falcons conversation, our senior staff and scouts just a few weeks ago flew to Washington to work panics out individually. Everyone in Atlanta tried to make assumptions it was smoke and mirrors for a doomsday. It's all coming together after this first round now.

I like the confidence. That's fantastic. Let's see. Another one from Detroit. Brian says Detroit has set the standard. Oh, not from Detroit. My fault.

He just says Detroit has set the standard. As far as my team, the Niners, I really don't understand the pick. Just wondering why not an O-lineman or a cornerback?

That's a great question. I think a lot of people were surprised by the Niners taking a receiver and then instantly tying it to the narrative around the Niners. The defending NFC champions, by the way, with Brock Purdy tying it to the fact that Brandon Ayuk and Deebo Samuel are on the trade block or at least the Niners are making them available. So how close are they to trading those guys and does that reality or possible reality push them to take a wide receiver?

OK, so John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan, they got in front of the microphones on Thursday night and Lynch was asked about the pick of wide receiver and what that means for his two other stars. I know that we're continuing to have positive talks with B.A. and we are really efforting to get something done with him and we're excited about continuing down that path. And Brandon being a part of this team, Deebo is a part of this team and a big part of this team. So like I said, we feel great about that group and we feel like we just made it better with another really good addition to it who complements the group real well. Alright, so maybe thinking they don't need some defense right now, although there's always room for another offensive lineman. There's always room for more help, but this is where they felt like they could use it the most.

Or maybe that is where they felt like the best player was available. So Brandon Ayuk, now this is how the story goes, he actually sent a text to John Lynch. So John tells the story and Ayuk wasn't angry about anything. He wasn't upset that they drafted a receiver. Instead his text was fire pick.

I can't lie after that. Yeah, right after they pick Piersall because Ayuk and Piersall were former teammates at Arizona State and I guess they're still friends and so this is the tie there and Brandon's on board with it. However, what does this mean moving forward? Are we still looking at a potential trade for those two guys? Never close the door on a trade. I mean, we'll always listen and we have, but we like our group as it stands. Right now, it's a fluid situation.

We like our group as it stands right now. So both John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan did admit that they'd been talking with other teams as recently as yesterday. Been talking with other teams about trading Deebo Samuel and Brandon Ayuk. And I would say in the hours leading up to the draft, this was probably the biggest story because people had finally decided that, OK, we can wait a few more hours to see what happens with quarterbacks.

We've talked about that position ad nauseam. Still, mind blown in the first round in the first twelve picks of the draft specifically. And if you think about the history with Lynch and Shanahan, this is what they've done every year. It's kind of surprising that there wasn't any more of a splash, right? Aren't they typically wheeling and dealing and three picks here and four picks there and moving up, moving down, stockpiling selections.

They get they get very antsy. They can't just stand pat on draft day as long as I can keep surviving press conferences. Anyway, I get they were even joking about trading each other, which is kind of funny. Shanahan deadpan. It doesn't seem that likely, to be honest. I don't like playing this game.

Sure you do. Anyway, they're going to continue to take phone calls, no doubt. Between that and the fact that the Patriots and. What was the other team that I mentioned the Patriots? And there was one other that reached out. Oh, the Vikings, the Vikings, Pats and Vikings both reached out to the Chargers early in this process to ask about trading Justin Herbert that came straight from the L.A. GM.

Flat out unequivocally held to the no was the answer in some form. That's got to make Justin feel good, don't you think? I think so. I think he felt good anyway, but. Well, to have Jim Harbaugh on board, he absolutely did feel good. But yeah, I think that this is. This is a validation of him and that they still believe in him, even though it's been a couple of rocky years for the team, not necessarily just it, but it all kind of folds in together.

Not too many quarterbacks I would trade Justin Herbert for at this time. True, definitely not a rookie. Definitely not.

Definitely not. By the way, right before the Chargers took an offensive lineman, you had Marvin Harrison as the top wide receiver and it was neat for me to see his father. Now, his father wasn't over in the green room. I mean, he was down there in the area, but he wasn't with the family and he wasn't with kind of the that group that was around his son. And so I want I actually said to my husband, I wonder where his dad is. I don't know if Bob had any idea what I was talking about, though he does love college football.

But then, just as Junior was about to walk up the stairs, there's his dad kind of understated, just waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. So that was neat to be able to see him. Anyway, he says he knew that he would be the first receiver off the board and so he knew he was headed to Arizona and he tells former, maybe future guest here on After Hours, Tyler Drake of AZ Sports that he is psyched to get started with Kyler Murray, as well as the other Cardinals.

There's so many pieces, but they all sort of got to him. That's Kyler Murray, one of the best quarterbacks in the game. And he's just so dynamic. I think he's a winner. Super excited to play with him.

I just know how special he is as a player and as a person. That's neat and cool that Tyler was part of it. Still lots of questions that had to be asked after the fact.

Not just some of the ones that I've talked about, right? Like the Chargers getting calls about Herbert. The Niners potentially trading away two of their top options offensively and then drafting a receiver. Whether or not Michael Penix is being brought to Atlanta in order to compete with Kirk Cousins, the answer is no. The Broncos had to answer for drafting Bo Nix at that point. And then also, and we'll get to this before the show is done, the Giants. There was a whole lot of smoke, if you will, around the Giants drafting JJ McCarthy.

Or potentially another quarterback. They don't do it. Was it actually realistic or was it interference? We're running interference so that you don't know what we're looking at. All of this is fun stuff. Such strategery.

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This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Jason Kosmicki on Denver Nuggets radio. When last we checked in with the defending NBA champions, Jamal Murray was thinking a true buzzer beater.

He releases the ball, the buzzer sounds, ball goes through the hoop, Lakers are dashed. And the champions added to their collection, like Lakers scalps, if you will, to use one of those old analogies, like the old cops and robbers. No, not cops and robbers. Cowboys and Indians movies, right?

Like the old, old ones that are no longer politically correct. It's not that there's no scalping in that movie. Oh goodness. Anyway, so the, the Lakers were trying to come up with some home cooking that would help them and lo and behold, what do they do? They build themselves a 12 point lead in the first half. Oh, where have we seen this before?

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Take a little break from the NFL draft to talk defending champions and the woeful Lakers. Jokic has it on a dribble handoff over to Jamal Murray guarded by Austin Reeves. Bounce pass inside the arc over to Nikola Jokic. Jokic back behind him to Murray. Left side over to KCP. Cutter is Jokic in the paint, leans in, layup is off the window and down.

Murray has it on the high right side. Top of the key over to Nikola Jokic. Seven on the shot clock Denver. Porter has it inside the arc.

He'll take a long two. Jumpers up and in 101 to 89. You score four more points and you won't lose. And Jamal Murray will inbound it across the way. Murray looks in 14 on the shot clock inbound top of the key over to Nikola Jokic. Jokic spins on Davis.

He goes right down the lane, leans in, layup good and a foul on Davis. That puts the Nuggets up 105 to 89, their big lead of the night. There's a confidence that comes with being a champion. You know, there, there, there's a confidence for that starting five, Christian Brown, who played last year. And as much as, you know, you miss guys like Jeff Green and Bruce Brown and Ish Smith, we have confidence in Christian and Peyton and, and Reggie Jackson.

But that starting group, man, they've, they've been through a lot of wars and they're battle tested. And every time we get down, we don't panic. We stay the course and we find a way to get back in the game.

And crazy thing is it's another game. We were spotted a 12 point lead and we come back and win. And I hope that's not going to be the same come Saturday in game four, but bringing, winning a championship has, has brought that group tremendous confidence, not only themselves, but then the collective. I think I said one time, like winning is a lifestyle for us and we really enjoy it. Like it's really good when you're winning and when you're winning, especially when you win a lot of games, like everybody's happy. Everybody wants to play. Everybody's buying it, buying into the system. So winning, I think it's a lifestyle and we don't want to, we don't want to, I mean, I was here when we were losing, so I don't want to go back to that. Let's say like that. Winning is a lifestyle.

We don't want to go back to losing. I've been there. I've done that, says the two time MVP. Oh, two time? No, that was Giannis. Jokic, just a one, one time to this point. Is it just one for him? I don't know. They all blend together.

It's just a bunch of big men. No, I thought he won and then Joel Embiid took it, right? So it was Giannis twice. Embiid got the last year when it probably could have been Jokic again, but I think it could be Jokic again if not.

But I mean, Shay Gildas-Alexander is also a great selection. We digress. So Nicole says, I was here when we were losing and I'm not going back to that. He has two MVPs. We can now confirm and deny that we ever got it wrong. He almost won for a third straight year last year. That's right. So it was two Giannis. Oh no, Giannis. Maybe it was Giannis that only had one. Giannis plus the defensive player of the year? Giannis definitely got one of them. This is what happens when you do this for a living.

All this stuff just kind of blends together. If you ask me who won the last five NBA titles, I'd have to really think hard about it and like go backward when there were only two options, right? So Giannis, MVP and defensive player of the year. And then Nicola, two MVPs and then Joel. Thank God we got that out of the way.

All right. So anyway, here's my assessment of this game and really this team. If Aaron Gordon scores 29 points and pulls down 15 rebounds, they can beat any team in the league.

If Aaron Gordon is scoring 30 and defending and pulling down rebounds, I don't know why I'm yelling. Well, of course they're up 3-0. We know the closeout game is the hardest game in the series. So we're going to stay focused and come out and try to improve. And yeah, stay focused. Take it one game at a time. Aaron Gordon's one of my favorite role players.

I'm using my air quotations. He's pretty damn good in his own right. But yeah, he's out there hitting 12 of 18 shots and also pulling down the number of rebounds that he did, dishing out a handful of assists. I mean, it's nearly impossible to beat this team. If you've got four guys and you're starting lineup, Michael Porter had 20 points as well.

You put that in your pipe, you smoke it. Right. Meanwhile, for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, this is all too familiar. And I would let you hear from LeBron, but apparently he took forever to come out to the podium and do his post-game press conference. Even Charles Barkley was falling asleep inside the NBA on TNT set. There were 130 paint points between two teams tonight.

Just 30 was from three point line. What's up? Oh, we're just going to stay on TV till LeBron come out the shower.

No, we've got, cause you know, we got stuff to do. It's 119. Are we just going to sit here until LeBron, LeBron, get your ass out the shower.

So as Ernie is talking, Charles has got his head propped up on his hand and his eyes are closed. Now it's 119 in Atlanta, which is where the set is located, but it's only 1019 in Los Angeles. For heaven's sakes, the game wasn't over for that long, but LeBron, get your ass out the shower.

It's 119. Like Shaq to the floor. Are we just going to sit here until LeBron, LeBron, get your ass out the shower. Actually Austin Reeves was far more pointed than anything we got from LeBron post-game. I think Denver's just beating us to be honest. You can talk about adjustments, you can talk about this and that, but at the end of the day, you know, we got to go put our foot bet or best foot forward, win basketball games. You can talk about all the, you know, everything else outside the talks of everything, but at the end of the day, you got to man up and go win. We've had everything from Darvin Ham saying he and Anthony Davis will have to agree to disagree to Austin Reeves saying we're just getting beat to now coughing up back-to-back double figure leads.

Although 12 points is not a lot in the NBA, it's almost like the Nuggets are toying with them. Go, go ahead. Get a head start.

A cat and a mouse. Go ahead. Let's play hide and seek. You go high wherever you want. We're still going to find you and track you down and then crush your spirit.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence. Okay, picture this. It's Friday afternoon when a thought hits you.

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