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Word For the Year Revisited After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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September 19, 2020 8:00 am

Word For the Year Revisited After Hours

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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September 19, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome fellow adventurers, to Masculine Journey After Hours! On this episode, the band of brothers continue sharing their words for the year. The clips used this week comes from the films "Defiance," "Forrest Gump," and "Unbroken."

There's no advertising or commercials, just men of God, talking and getting to the truth of the matter. The conversation and Journey continues.


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Hey this is Mike Zwick from if not for God podcast our show stories of hopelessness turned and I hope your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network coming to an infringement barricade in the heart. Masculine journey after hours time to be more transparent on the topic sit back and masculine journey starts here now welcome to messenger me after hours and join us for the first part of this podcast on the regular show we been talking about our words for the year.

Her friend Rodney reminded us that we need to talk about it.

We are also very grateful to Ravi for that reminder.

It is as we talked about the first visible people shared what God's been doing with them for this year and continue that topic and get to the people that ended talking in the first segment and will continue on with the gym but reported that the word for the year is something probably brought to us from from what a hard group that they did it for a while and and and they still do it.

We learned it from them and then he can about tar group and it's easy to set Scott at the beginning year right before the beginning year what's my word for the year in chemistry and that prayer until you give your word in the spin that that year and entering into that word with him.

The second what's it really mean what's in my life are you bringing this to me. Why is this a topic that run everything now that type of thing like I just work on it throughout the year and so we come to Jim and Virginia talk a bit about his word, his clip that he brought with it which would you like to do first. Would you like to cook first to reject a talk first. Yes.

Okay lost.

I wanted to start by saying that I was like you I was sorta yeah my word that we not only have Rodney Rodney when we do happen to think that I was a Robbie to thank for this being brought to us, but he has made it possible for me to at least remember my word all year long because it's his name.Robbie and this is something I actually picked up from a leadership book that we were doing at my church, and when he brought it in and I was familiar with it, and I've never heard it was wild heart and it is been a very powerful thing and will start now go to the clip which is it's an interesting thing because it from a movie called defiance and that's pretty close to the opposite of my word from that clip will possible goad these waters will do it themselves together strength to back you give me about so we will link on the chain doing okay that it publishes the clip up a little more, but this is from the movie defiance.

If you haven't seen it you should.

But this is a group led by three brothers that really were just sort of thrust into the leadership of saving a large number of Jews that were running from the Nazis during war to and when this clip starts the beginning of the clip he is taking a handgun from a young lady and telling her use it on herself, rather than being captured and he's lost heart and they've also lost part of the group including another brother who is the one that comes up and gives the speech about doing things are there there stuck between men that are trying to kill them in a swamp that looks impassable and it really was something that when I saw this I looked at a lot of clips trying to decide where to go with this and the faithful word is very important because it's not ME. It is about my faithfulness but it's more about God's faithfulness and you would know the first Corinthians 13 hope, charity or love, these three. The greatest is love, which we've covered with faith and hope to maybe are intertwined in a way that without faith, we have no hope, and I was talking to a brother lunch today and he has had a rough year as Andy said earlier, that's something that all of the sieve been going through but he also said he's never been more content in this year. His wife left him.

These health problems but in the midst of that he recognizes the faithfulness of God and faith and has faith in name and if you don't have that you don't have the hope and that was kind of where I went with the word today as I got the opportunity to revisit it because I like salmon. Everyone but Robbie have sort of let that slide. But I don't want to do that anymore because that has been very significant to journey this year off and on and as my friend said at lunch. Now this is been a year where against all the odds looking what's happening in the world and all the things that are against us. I've probably never had more hope and more faith in the faithfulness of our creator. Think Jim Andy, you have a movie clip and in your word and which would you like to talk about first.

I guess I'll open up just a little bit just talking about the word. The word was abundance and just to start out when I heard that. I think Robbie identity two ago and you know there's been a lot of you know how to say there is there. Sometimes it's always taken with the context of just physical prosperity or financial prosperity and and I think it's so much more than that when Jesus talked about in John 1010 that he came at me. We might have life and have it more abundantly. You always like that Scripture and I felt like it was good but I don't know that always really lived it out because I think I was too focused on the evidence of a native of actually outcome not necessarily of just of being. I guess, and so I thought last year to 100 and muscle guy was going restore some things.

I was kind of stuck on restoration but I kept praying because I didn't have us. I didn't really have it. Confidence in the sense that that's what my word was, and I can't even remember I was like I remember was turned on exit somewhere on the road and just abundance came in. It was just one of those things that is needed at that was word and you guys are talking about some of them that we haven't necessarily walked out and give it focus or whatever, but and I haven't as much as I have my don't put before minds like Robbie does on an everyday basis. But what I will say is that I've seen the fruit of it and it's come in a different form than what I thought and really gets down to really just more of a conference confidence, like you, Jim, just a confidence in the settlements in God that I had before and encode his and all the stuff that's going around in the world today. I feel like it's just it's prepared me much more of just being settled in that abundance that he gives you no abundance of peace, abundance of joy perfect. I still struggle with the things bit things don't take thing to take me out. Haven't this year like it. Other times, you know, something doesn't go right. You getting depressed again in a funk for a couple weeks. I will say this last couple weeks, probably more so that that Matt the nanny, but I really have sense just abundance of God, and he goes back to if you heard the first show.

Robbie talked about son ship you these guys probably tardy to hear me talk about friendship, but I feel like I've come into son ship more this year more than ever. So now that I've told he explained what my thoughts were on abundance. Listen listen to the clip. It is from for Scott. Sam's freight favorite movie absent of all time. But it's it's really it's where the storms come actually. Lieut. Dan is frustrated with God and kind of you know, challenging God on some things, but right before that they can get any shrimp. Everybody else is doing good misprint business all the other competition and forces. Let's just pray this storm comes in.

Lieut. Daniel hear him he's up on top of the mast, yelling at God or whatever but God works it out to where abundance comes to both of their lives and is pretty funny as God here yesterday destroyed nearly everything in its path down the coast. While the batteries entire shrimping in history has fallen victim to carbon left. This reporter has learned. In fact, only one shrimping boat actually survived the storm that was easy, and then transfer shrimp cocktails and using all we know about last and what they God we got a whole bunch of votes well whereas we have the house on yeah and it really pounded today and I was like you know that's really a parallel to our lives. You know, we cry out, like God wanted.

Haven't you done this in the storms alive, but then he sometimes returns it out a lot of timely terms that were we given an incredible amount of abundance and in really finding him and finding his ways and see a meeting the other day, and it was like that forest and his mom is what's her name sat out feels without fields in the? Was Burt Reynolds really is that it is he smoking the anyway moving on all the heading and go because I have a clip and then we'll get to Danny's Denny's can endure with the group and he didn't have a clip with you today because we didn't come about until lately and explain the whole concept of really bad about that. My word for the year was believe believe believe both of those words and and I haven't done much with it and I was really kind of feeling conviction and appointed some of anger at Rodney for bringing up the topic that was in anger as in Sandman.

In September, almost midway through an haven't done anything with it and says I started to pray about it because the show is coming up like you better pray and remind me of that. The times that he has been dealing with me on this word even when I didn't know it and play clip from the movie unbroken and in this clip you get the two brothers you have. Losing Ferrini and his brother Pete.

Maybe our out and and the older brother seen Lily take off running when he was in trouble and realizes he's got some real talent so mixing go out running and he's riding a bicycle be siding and he listened to interchange areas lose not real happy about me not running but I want you to listen the interchangeable come back and talk about chasing what you talking about. If you can take it you can make if you can take it you can make train and fight way harder than those other guys get out from under or keep going the way you're going to end up as a bum in the streets as just can't believe I do the begins you know we soothe him not believing that if you follow the true story of the book so much better than the movie. Not a big fan of movie but the book was amazing in an English story. He goes on to be an Olympic athlete and him and distance running in again. He makes it through amazing things that you say how the world can anyone ever survive those things was founded in this little interchange with his brother important enough that was in the book important enough to put it in the movie.

It really came down to what he believed to be the truest things about himself and so back couple weeks ago Robbie was prompting the group which I was really good about doing and I like to give him a hard time about it. But I really do appreciate it. Whether telling that much or not units is prompting the group on how that he asked Jesus every morning you know Jesus.

How can I love you today. How how can I love you today and so you know we were having conversation after the radio show on the market never prayed that honestly had never concept never came to me as Jesus did anything like that. He is got to be that it's as God has a sense of humor. That night I go to sleep in and I wake up wide-awake insight for the morning and it's not run Robbie hours are Monday to regular people hours and I'm like it's time to get up yet so I'm laying there and obviously back to sleep like thanks Robbie and Michael disaster question now is Jesus here ago. Okay I love you in right away is like you could treat your own heart better and for now I'm really expecting that. In the more that I thought about it and he reminded me of it this week was again overly focused on the Sedona. We had this conversation right part of your problem with how you treat your heart is where you let your beliefs go is I am a sinner saved by grace.

I understand that but if that's the sum total of what I am.

I'm very easily able to slip back into sin. Right when I realize I'm a redeemed free son of the father love my like at life out of that belief.

Wow things are a lot different in it really comes down to how I want to believe.

Not just that day that part of the day. That moment when it really has to go down to that level. What am I gonna hold to be true because you know that the greatest distance essays between your brain and your heart and I really do know what's true, I just always live right and I got a get that connection you know cohesive between the two. Yes, what I know to really be true what it says in Scripture got show me time and time and time again are the things really are the deepest beliefs and so that's part weighs heavily focusing on network as are still some beliefs that I need to break through about myself.

Primarily, this is more focused on me on what how I see me. What do I see in the mirror I love to see. I always like that guide most the time I don't if I'm being very honest and not because I don't leave him likable is just I know the thoughts I have.

I really want to hear. So my thoughts of the got right and so I know that person and so that that belief for me is really really important. Something to focus on it. We talked at the beginning of the show. I made a point of how can you take a year and focus on the word so far taken 57 and build up beliefs you know you may take a 57 to bring your lever will be here that long night, but if you take at least a year to break through some good ones and so that's kind of my story. I haven't spent that much time on it consciously, but I don't think I'd let me forget it either because it's constantly been in front of me in one way or another.

I don't know if this means anything, I keep hearing the Doobie Brothers. What a fool believes that, I think that's probably the same. What you really believe part of it is to I think sometimes Sam when he got give you sure we have a certain responsibility to go check something out but if he's given it to us in grace is his job. It's more like he gives it to you and he says go show you what I'll do. And I think part of that is what I experienced was is I do think there's something to be said to be more intentional than what I have been with it, but they also feel like there's a grace and at that he gave you the work he gave me the word. But that was my will and where was what he was so and I do think Robbie for bringing back up the sleeves given me a hunger that I cannot forgotten about God, why did you really give this to me in and now let's get back into those things. I believe you not get in and focus on those things that I do that. That hurt myself in one way or another that Danny now this whole word concept just kinda came to this week.

As far as we were talking about the way we do it like to share a little bit about where God's got taken you so far yeah I had to respond to the email okay what are you guys talking about they may not know came to boot camp.

The spring boot camp that was in the summer and of so and then in this whole process may my wife relocated from lower Asheboro like Cedar Grove area to King North Carolina. So my word is been a come back into this thing like okay what are y'all doing okay. I didn't pray the prayer to be in the year.

I have no idea.

Okay, God, what are you been teaching me those I don't pay attention said, I always tell people have spiritual ADD overlook a squirrel or something like that so I was looking in the word it came to me was release and and I was thinking about what what Psalms and Ecclesiastes your time and a season for everything and and the hard part of life for me when seasons are over those I never wanted the ballgame to be overrun, never wanted the party to be over. I don't love things are going to no known conversation fellow to talk and I found the end of the year.

Last year, the season that a church I absolutely loved the community absolutely loved the season was over and it was a little bit of morning if you will, but in a minute and then I found myself engaged in this wild at heart stuff again and then I discovered the disease crazy, but you guys into a boot camp in North Carolina and I think there and call them call the dysfunctional Aryans get us the three words for the year and so what we found is looming in the midst of a global pandemic. My wife and I sell our house and buy another one and we totally relocate. We leave church we leave family leave everything. Not like across the country, but to us I will North Carolina boy have never lived outside of North Carolina been out of some 11 never lived and so is a whole new world, a holy community, but in the beauty of it is with you guys that you are my new dysfunctional Frisco model was were dysfunctional to LA that day. I hope they're listening because I love the fact that guys are guys and to be released from a ministry that you me and Jim Viti started and when I walked away. It was peaceful. It was not a I wasn't mad anybody. If the church wasn't tired of doing ministry I wasn't. It was, I knew the season with an outcome like you, Sam Our house is an old farmhouse about inspectors go show up in this gig you will be ever know a go say no way. Kathy surprised you're still living here and so what each of these few things wrong. They list the house for way more than I thought it was worth, and it sold for that price. While in India we walked into another deal open Kenyan. Lo and behold, our friend Darren lives build a house about a mile away.

So much so that moving over there on the bar like that. I did have a burning question hearing that story.

You do know King is still barely in North Carolina yeah okay just been accused of running toward the border. Virginia was things you said in the in the preshow though when God releases you from something you're also released to something to something you can explain a little bit.

Well, what is happened in our lives. We are my wife. She she not only show she is manager, but she said that the minister became the other woman I basically had an affair with God in her eyes. If that's possible, but I understand what she saying. So what we been released to do is because she kinda got away church going awake the whole thing for lots of different reasons, not just me but I contributed my share of and now we are engaged in another church were engaged in life again together.

We've been married for going over 18 years and both of us.

This is our third marriage. So, were released to starting all over again.

It did our whole marriage.

We talked about the next 80 years we never change the number over to go spend the next 80 years together and it is become a release to discover whole of the world together. Thank you and appreciate it guys we got a couple minutes left when I ask a quick question Jim, point you first. What you gonna do differently these next few months and needed the last nine months with this topic.

While what I'm going to do is and it's posted on the inside of my office and on my window of my car and I'm ignoring that too is being intentionally obedient.

Okay so I'm going to add this to the list worth of things God's told me to do and I let slide because I know he loves me anyway and it really is done, I was approached earlier. It can be a real problem when you're comfortable with God to anyone about you. So thanks Sam for putting me on the spot again.

I chose is that there comes with the territory. I think probably just being more intentional about it, looking for ways that God is providing abundance in himself and his spirit in ministry in evening finances the things that we can avoid round there, but all of those things and praise him for those things and look for an opportunity to take it and roll it in the next year. A lot of times these words time together from your yeah I think there always do so for force.

I guess for me I'm just a couple reminders with one of my mirror when I get home today that says what I choose to believe today, put it in my phone and put it in my car and put in places that I have to look at it and make the choice to not and for me, I'll choose to be of most of the time and I love to say all the time that would be true. So minute, do that because at least it's a step in the right direction when you guys challenge me on that next week as I want to see a picture of that on your mirror without you and okay but anyway I go to mask This is the Truth Network

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