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Analyzing Trump's First Moves; An Absurd Pro-Abortion Article; An Important Interview; and Perspectives on America from Abroad

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 25, 2017 4:20 pm

Analyzing Trump's First Moves; An Absurd Pro-Abortion Article; An Important Interview; and Perspectives on America from Abroad

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 25, 2017 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/25/17.


So how is our new president doing all kinds of executive orders will examine today will look at the prayers of his inauguration passing on rations other contemporary she's got you covered right here stage for the line of fire, your host, activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a water wall when you hear those words you say good do it we needed keep the bad ones out. Let's get the good ones in which you hear those words and say, God, what are we becoming the kind of nation are weak this is Michael Brown. Welcome welcome to the line of fire. His number to call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884.

On the one hand, I'm not keen on executive orders were the president will bypass Congress will bypass other means of getting things legislated and will just make unilateral decision. He has certain liberty to do that.

Pres. Barack Obama did it a lot. Each president does it, but I'm pleased with a good number of the executive orders that Donald Trump is writing. Maybe all of them.

The question is right now right now which direction are we going. What about if he is absolutely good to put a freeze on immigration from certain countries until we can strengthen our vetting process, hoping a period of weeks.

Is that a righteous thing to do to keep out potential terrorists who want to hurt and destroy innocent civilians in our country or is that a lack of compassion for others that desperately need a place of refuge in America is that places a few weeks or months that big a difference which direction are we having them talk about that today on the line of fire. Just a couple of small notes along the way. A colleague sent me this article transgender activists upset over quite what oh upset over quote white assists woman Marxist meaning since gender meaning heterosexual. They claim these transgender activists. These male to female's claim that the women's march was a dangerous space with an oppressive message that having of a China is essential to womanhood. You transgender activists are upset the women's march over the weekend was not inclusive to biological men who identify as women. As the protest presented an oppressive message that having a Regina is essential to womanhood. Saturday's event to oppose the inauguration of Donald Trump is largely quite a white sissy woman March with 20 pictures of female reproductive organs and pink hats.

According to trans women and non-binary individuals interviewed by MIC.calm this.

A fight is brewing between trans exclusionary radical feminists or turfs as they're called. I just learned a new term, and trans women. According to the article how the women's marched general based feminism isolated the transgender community.

So you have men who identify as women who are upset with the feminist movement being genital based. In other words, being a real woman.

No, I don't mean being a real woman necessarily in character or attitude, but being a real woman in terms of being a biological chromosomal woman, a female and notice the pink pink I thought that's being sexist have pink women like pink boys like blue is not sexist is that gender stereotyping. It just shows you what you start opening the door to this kind of chaos.

It's just what you are going to get. We come back to talk about some of the executive orders of our president and ask for your feedback Philadelphia building a wall that he feel about a freeze emigration from certain dangerous countries, 866 or 8788, four months without the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to be totally honest with you here will as as I always am. I don't recall when Pres. Obama came to office.

The first term, 2009. What he did immediately in terms of how many executive orders he signed or Pres. George Bush when he came into office the first time it usually the same with prison Clinton eight years before that. I don't recall how aggressive they were.

I know for example that certain pro-life legislation was immediately signed until into law were signed back into law by pro-life presidents and then was undone by pro-abortion president thought. I know that soul president Trump signing back and slow the Mexico city law that over the Mexico city ordinance that says will be no government funding. The US taxpayer money, use no government money used to to find abortion worldwide and therefore Planned Parenthood being at the top of that list would not be receiving money worldwide. I know that's been done undone by various administrations, but for sure Donald Trump is immediately acting on things. This promised so if you voted for him and wondered what he was going to do. I mean he he is acting on one thing after another. The promised office and that's good news for this is bad, but I'm an executive order stopping TPP did that the transpacific trade agreement that was a signature deal of Barack Obama, of course, many conservatives opposed to that on did that just froze. I just read this $221 million that just kind quietly and literally the last hours.

Pres. Obama's presidency, John Kerry said yeah so because they carry severe worsening $221 million to the past and authority you say. What are the humanitarian. These are yeah they are because the past and authority is largely corrupt and in the money does not trickle down to the people; loss of it either goes into the pockets of leaders Oregon it goes for for weaponry and an end large scale propaganda anti-Israel propaganda and things like that weaponry, especially with Hamas. I guess some gets to the people but the amount of money that's given worldwide.

Very little gets to the people proportionately. I was talking to some Palestinians years back and they were Palestinians years back who who were anti-Israel. As we were talking but they but they said no they absolutely despise the their own leadership, ousting authority, things like that.

They despise that it in their corrupt and and their children have all the money go to the best schools and that there Palestinians as a whole, repressed so that just was happening quietly and and I just read that that president Trump froze that it was good to go to actually help people in need. That's one thing but but some of it's going to go actually to aid and abet terrorism and now just look at headlines wall construction to begin in months and specific immigration directors with a temporary ban on refugees, particularly from dangerous countries wall the vetting process can be improved. You think that's a good thing or a bad thing, 866-348-7884 the number to call all Donald Trump is been accused of being racist, xenophobic, so that would be hyper nationalist in a dangerous way in his America first comments could be construed negatively.

You could construe his comments to me will care about the rest of the world and work apparel nationalistic interest first. No matter what or you could say hey got a put America first. Every nation has to put its self. First, its own interest first strong Americas good for the whole world of but again you're talking about things that people just assume would be empty talk and and he is saying we don't have with this one thing after another says I believe February 2. So just what roughly a week from now that he's going to nominate the Supreme Court justice for for approval process to replace Antonin Scalia and so for the names of looking at our names are on list one particular merging that seems to be a champion of religious liberties so we shall see what happens with that Chuck Schumer has said that that they will fight tooth and nail any Supreme Court appointees who are outside of the mainstream. Ozzie described mainstream if Americans voted for Donald Trump to be president, then wouldn't the people on his list were an NS a large reason that many Americans voted for Supreme Court appointees. Wouldn't it it then be logical to say that those on the list represent the mainstream because this is the man that people voted into office or is he going to say that radical leftist judges like so to my RN and Kagan both appointed by Pres. Obama, or they mainstream yeah that's what is that word mean exactly but from everything I can see so far.

President Trump is acting on things that he promised he would act on and would do not read report earlier today on the Israel website that Palestinian leaders are claiming that when they spoke with the Trump administration.

They indicated that they were not going to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Let's contradict everything I've heard thus far and Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina who is just been easily approved as the ambassador to the UN. She has reiterated that yes we remove the embassy to Jerusalem. So these are the radical kinds of things that are talked about, but normally not done.

Looks like Donald Trump is acting on these things.

Let me also say if you missed the last half hour of the second out of the broadcast. Yesterday I spoke with James Robison who participated in a prayer service the morning of the inauguration and I I got online and checked and it seems to be a common thing. Not all presidents but the majority presidents for the last wood 56 years. Plus, that's just as far back as I looked have gone to a prayer service on the day of the inauguration, so this was a customer thing but yet folks like James Dobson, Robert Jeffress and James Robison participating in itself strong evangelical leaders with strong conservative values and James Robison give a charge to Donald Trump. You can read it might my message of prayer to the present on and Esther presently my standing. He stood up and he addressed him so he was there with his family might transfer the sum of the entire cabinet and James is spoken to Donald Trump twice since his been inaugurated and he's a prison. Trump is conveyed his great appreciation to James and his family. Trump's family has conveyed to James, their great love for him. So it seems that more remains wide open and one thing that James Robison spoke to Donald Trump about was meekness, meekness. He spoke about it in the months prior to 10 months prior to him being elected. He spoke to him about the day of his election meekness controlled strength is not weakness but is a controlled strength, and he urged us to pray that for our president and and you know to recognize look everybody makes mistakes.

Think of the disciples, shortly before Jesus leaves this earth.

Think of the, the, the words of Peter in putting his feet in his mouth and yet ultimately he ends up being that the lead apostle be mightily used by God and a writer of part of the New Testament. One of the men whose names will be on the foundation stones of the new Jerusalem say that to say that James Robison say hey pray for our president to two to grow in his role to stand tall in his role into carry himself with the meekness that that Ronald Reagan exemplified strength that is under control. What about the wall.

How do you feel when you hear these headlines wall construction to begin in months to make you feel good right needy immigrants were the immigrants immigrants that that we can help and I can help our country by all means, let the man and other immigrants that shouldn't be here that do not mean well that are destructive in their intent that are lawbreakers.

Let's keep them out getting on the phones momentarily 866-34-TRUTH 87884 the number to call all when I was in war as Mexico a few years back mega church. There may be 8000 members a little bit south of the Texas border fluent El Paso at the border crossing into Juarez. I spoke to the pastor there who has served in Mexico at that point over 40 years, but is an American his ministry and served Mexico and his whole family serve there for many decades. I asked him how he felt about illegal aliens are undocumented immigrants over you want to say and he was really forceful. He said you know how many laws they have to break to do this now.

From our perspective living here in Mexico and seeking to be Christian in Mexico generally laws have to break to do it so yeah I believe there needs to be some hope for those who have been here for years and have been integrated exercise in society raise their kids. Here the kids born here believe needs to be some path to citizenship for them. I'd love to see Donald Trump come up with a compassionate and wise solution. With the help of those around him. But keeping out those that are coming in illegally another harm to a country that we need to redo it.

Should we firm up our vetting process for those coming in immigration from countries like Syria right now you think will take calls in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to joining us today on the line of fire.

864 truth Donald Trump has been a man of action since he has become president. You may like what he's doing or not, but you can't deny that he's doing.

He said he was going to do is more than a lot of politicians use it a lot likely to hate. That's your opinion title to feel that way but is acting on a lot of his promises. When the big concerns I had early on was that he was in flip-flop that you know where he really stood what he really believe what his values were what his viewpoints were what he was just saying to be elected but seems there are things that are part of who he is.

Now that he holds to that surprised surprises exactly on things that are important to many conservative Christians in America, but the immigration immigration issue is is one of those debatable questions in terms of compassion and justice and righteousness, how to those flow together 866-34-TRUTH visit the line of the line of we got brand-new videos brand-new videos on the digital library of a bunch of them. When Muslim women accused Trump of misogyny brand-new just record it yesterday. Who are the nifty Liam Genesis 6 what else is sharia law about personal relationship with God and the Jews. The Jesus to be saved.

The Jews need to be saved. That is, these are all new videos on a digital library free for you to watch, 8663 freight 7884 a, let's start in Springfield Virginia with Bock welcome Sir to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown hey I been around arsenic about some time. I was a suspect or the chairman, Haley Barbour and that's a long time ago I medical architect. I got the phone number I got the money to pay for their wall and I thought all of them search the judge since June and now they understand what I'm doing. I've been P&L of all time. I get these questions and I'll share it with your guy looked WELL you consider the rest on the Google it spelled chapeau about home and money that the money belt chapeau got there it $22 billion � that was a big billion season. This is a drug drug cartel money that he has got to New York. We all gathered my Money will benefit outlaw debate on Michael Dick tell what to do with the money but they might speak up he would say hello. Thank you Mr. Burrell or something and that's what they do remarry down to the RNC worked there long time ago I sent GEC alone that we need to have a wall that's important to you to keep folks out.

That shouldn't be here and that it's not going to stop those that are worthy immigrants from coming in. Our people will come and by airplane, and then they'll just over straighter down they will fly by little exhausted.

What was the purpose of the woman in your view. Typical out artsy keep more people are okay, got it.

I appreciated and you solve the problem of how to pay for it.

Thanks Buck. I appreciated 866-348-7884. Yet there is humanitarian crisis, especially countries like Syria countries had been torn by Islamic Civil War.

There is humanitarian crisis. One obvious question know when I've raised this.

I'm not the only one. Many of racist. What about the rich Arab nations. The rich Muslim nations. What about Saudi Arabia.

What about Dubai. What about United Arab and what about Qatar in these other countries that are wealthy that are in all types of massive building programs that at one time I read that the majority of cranes being used in in a good part of the world were all in Dubai building these the skyscrapers in and all types of new buildings, facilities going up with the oil money is made. Some of these relatively young countries extremely, extremely wealthy, okay they they share the same religion. The vast majority of refugees from Syria are most just as a population very few Christian refugees being taken in America or anywhere for that matter. There are number of reasons for that's that's that's a horror but you got primarily Muslim refugees rights you share the same religion Islam you share the same culture Middle East versus Europe versus Australia or somewhere else right and you have a common language, Arabic. You have dialectical differences but the same language just like you have dialectical differences between southern English or English in Louisiana versus English in Boston. The dialectical differences but Arabic common language to get a common culture, language, religion wouldn't be ideal for the refugees to be absorbed by their own Muslim Arabic speaking Middle Eastern brethren. Why is so little actually done in that regard it. Instead you have refugees flooding into other countries flooding into Europe, you have a language different. You have a cultural difference of religious difference and in many cases there is not a desire on the part of the refugees to assimilate so so bottom line bottom line very very simple.

It makes sense to me makes sense to me to make sure that we are doing our vetting properly even if it means putting a temporary halt. Refugees coming in from several countries, but temporary. In other words, take a few weeks re-examine the vetting process.

Make sure the things are being done properly look at errors that have been made, work with other countries that were this a holding place for refugees and things like that so that we can make sure that we have a smooth process of those that are legitimate need and are not coming here, radicalized, or to undermine our country that they have a way in. Where is those that have ulterior motives or want to undermine our culture and our country. Those are the ones that are kept out. We have no obligation to taken everyone in need around the world, especially if they want to undermine who we are, but we are a country that is been made up of refugees through the centuries and have made us part of the nation that we are as long as we can maintain our national identity in the process.

866-34-TRUTH always number to call. Hey start of the new year. You want to make radical changes in victory over sin as surety how you strengthen to live his resolutions out and got a special resource package. I thinking to help start this new year.

Check it Alina's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the line of fire Michael Brown so glad to spend this time. With 866-348-7884. I'm bringing on a special guest or co-contributor to the stream where I write several articles a week. James Robison's website is the publisher of the stream and bring on a another contributor to join me momentarily, but first want to grab a couple more calls from you about immigration how you feel about the steps the president trump is actually taking a we go to Linda in Brooklyn hey Linda, welcome to the line of fire. Thank you.

I pray I am in agreement with the air over with the outlaw one thing but what should work with that and overhauled immigration now which includes the only day and updating requirements for employee because it was in their best interest when making hiring someone less than minimum wage. But how they report how they hire immigrant and I'm saying yeah yeah and in writing. In point of fact, there there are people who will pay under the table and do different things that they can say this is money safe tax money and pay someone who's here illegally pay them legally knobs it has to be better. Crackdown with that be the one big thing. Linda is so sanctuary city idea. You know when when you've got mayors and things like that similar. Donald Trump does. Were you have a sanctuary city that that's about it because so scary to me. I mean if if they are violating the law. I'm all for compassion and again I'm I hope that prison trumpet. His team will come up with a way for those that have been here working our country for years, raising families here that lawbreakers contributing to the country but maybe they came in illegally. Yet, this should be penalties and things like that but some path for them.

I hope that's the case, but we have a sanctuary city, your people that shouldn't be here being protected in the city to defy the president. That scared me about California. Ironic well yeah you're right on that anything of it at something which I think the issue back down with federal funding an outline yet sensitiveness like that off right. You basically cut that off Linda and say hey you're not going to get that your you're not going to get that funding if you violate our national policies and violates it's all over the country.California may be the most noted for the century cities over the country.

Hey Linda, I got around to thank you for calling. I appreciate it. Let's go to JP in Springfield, Maryland your take Springdale, Maryland, Springdale my bed. I did not vote for Trump. I voted for Corey reluctantly because I was proven between the nonbillable and SPECT which the hundred acres. In any case, I am very serious read write about immigration policy. One of I was watching a clip about the man. I think it was from the stern country.

He was a correspondent he was interviewing a white man here in United States and I don't know what the man's name was but the white man was talking about it. United States was built by white people, white people country you want become part of minority and what he got. Number four to about whether this was the democratic process for frame correspondence was essays since I apologize that as late as this coming on your concerns that this is just about him again. Keep America white America Caucasian and keep others out ghost in the majority. That's a sentiment I understand certain how to run the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I mentioned that out transgender women, so men identifies women who were upset with the women's mortgage over the weekend, not because of some of the rhetoric are some of the hateful comments that were made, but rather because of all the pink colors and and depictions of reproductive organs and you're making biology.

What determines who is a woman and of course this the battle that outrages between those somewhere where women even know about men where women and other women saying nowhere women because were born women anyway who expected this latest development of my guest, Jennifer Hartline, Senior contributor to the screen.

A proud Army wife, mother of four children.

She's published extensively Catholic online and Catholic stand. Her most recent article on the stream. I write regularly is nasty women writing a horrifying history of our times. Jennifer, welcome to go on a far greater have Jan with us you very much for having me Jennifer as a woman as a mother of four. How do you feel about the women's March and some of the female rage against all Trump can you understand it you think it's merit using as part of a larger misplace feminism well I started that when Mark and we arty know that women like me weren't really welcome there. Women with that conservative viewpoint women with the pro-life viewpoint. A traditional marriage point not what this March with about and they didn't want those units represented there on a confident women are but if you stop and look at what they were supposedly protesting what you pretty scattered there really wasn't there very folk it except that the game was. We down from we hate Republican. They're going to take away our abortion and Herbert role and so everybody that think the and that Nick played really feminism at all.

In my opinion, because anything that is inherently under feminine and I'm womanly and one that acknowledged that all of that anger and follow that rejection of the gift of spending any combat. It just where angry men were angry at our own biology were angry, yet angry at rock that would be that would be to suffer just yeah I think some things up. How would you then describe feminism and femininity. What is that mean to you from a biblical viewpoint, family viewpoint, a social viewpoint.

If someone said there is some young lady are talking to a college or something like that and she she wants to know okay what was what his family wasn't wasn't mean to be a woman.

How I would answer that are occurring with the mediator that all the great little people try to take a great block and one or like kind that the big failure to get one right and one that I lack the locket really rang true for me is that you be able to do everything and we weren't created you all the thinking everything were created you all the think and do and I think my threatening me and appreciate the gift of your femininity, your female body in your email.

Nature is burning fire. Very thoughtful and very real and very purposeful God for a very definite reason. Younger very contribution make humanity to the human person and actually family and pick family and we were within a human body to cooperate with God creating you like and obviously we need them computer that but it email body that God chose to accomplish that miracle or being a woman and that I'm not I'm not trying to complete hero and on that sort being female, but it is a large and if it's the beauty of being female and having the biological ability to cooperate with God in making our nature as well not be some backward imitation of fan care to be complementary to masculinity need authentic masculinity `femininity. If you are different there not the quote by trying to make them know equal in every way you live. Beauty of both of them. You think if quality of both of them. What I would you know what I would want to thank you young women today is wasting your energy and your trying trying to prove you can be. I can, he made you a woman he made you female and their glory. Beauty and after power healing power from masculinity for yourself. You've Artie got it bearing your family since it would you say that aside from sometimes a hatred of men may be a woman who was taken advantage of by a man or hurt by a man raped or things like that you can understand the reaction, the emotional reaction but this is a something larger than just the sum of the radical feminist hatred of males is there also an insecurity of womanhood in many of these women from from your observation. I think you know a big part of the common that where we that mother denigrated and the role of a unique role that only a woman can play at a mother and her family had decades of feminism telling us that that that's not good enough years, more than want to do that you don't, then there's something wrong with you.

Now if no, there very active like my train of thought there yet there is a certain insecurity of of womanhood and in that regard and saying hey I can embrace the uniqueness of how God made me and and again it's not simply the market was just a baby manufacture machine bigger look at the larger issues that the creative gift the reproductive gift the nurturing gift, complementary gift to the man that there's a thriving in that and it has nothing to do with lack of strength. What I think courageous people most in many cases must courageous be fun or are women and mothers and the people of of the the most unshakable character and backbone and things like that and least willing to compromise or women you met my wife, Nancy, is that is the strongest backbone of of any human being on. I know in the world literally, but it but at the same time. She wants me to be the head of the house and she she wants me to have a setting where she feels protected and covered because I'm doing my job and it's it's a matter function.

It's a matter of calling cement of identity, you must get the feeling that if there are a bunch I don't know the demographics of the march, but you can almost imagine if there bunch of pregnant women marching as if this women's protest of the week and that many when I felt felt particularly welcome what it felt a little a little out of place their bedding back to what you were saying earlier about about men and women being in feeling and living their vocation that God has given our men and women can look what they are. They are complementary. There think more Gloria and God's creation then what happened when a man and a woman come together and complement each other with their mutual rank and their mutual gift and one for their slant about that at that appropriate as I still like their Genesis talks about your latest article with the title catchy nasty women writing a horrifying history of our time.

You deleted the USS it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Jim is Dr. Michael Brown tracked with my guest, Jennifer Hartline. She is a senior contributor to the stream published by James Robison are right there frequently as well, and her latest article, nasty women writing a horrifying history of our times. Jennifer what's that article about why do you call them nasty women.

What's the horrifying history that their writing. I'm not calling you women are calling them out when Internet at the point he cannot new label some sort of a compliment or comfort of empowering turning some bizarre way and it goes back to the referent you plan Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton and woman during the campaign, but now they vacate cannot label term and there were signs all over the place. Nine. During March that we thought pictures that day, nasty and kinda nasty woman and other very dark team and I was just writing about how truly tragic and bad, that is that these women are answering their they're taking their offense at what Donald Trump said and behavior and, hence word programming in the past and there to using the exact same language in the exact same degrading term in the same vulgar sexual term and using it for themselves talking about the well in that way at their enemy in a word that I'm not a I really hope we stop being that were drilled and how they're speaking with another talking about how they're doing in front of their children in our primitive photos Becky March were really heartbreaking women and even father brought their very young children with and find that they were holding with their young children just broke my heart. If so, vulgar, like profanity, vulgarity, how much down coming out of that March speaker Dominic Ashley John and the other celebrity and pain. Everything was no and thank you feminine about being there's nothing to be proud of, about being vulgar and profane, and if you think any demented woman power and it is an economic being presented again on the title of the article referred to the Winston of the now venerable and I quoted Ed I'm paraphrasing now but three and any civilization it basically written by the winning equipment term of the level of an virtue of a woman to hire Herbert to hire her morale and even the more a man fired her point is that the virtue of women. The effect of causing men to count higher standard in order to meet her there so it raises the level of virtue of the men and for society as well and met with another point that I would making M out nasty women at their calling and helpful. They treat men basically manage it, baby, man, and that way yeah yeah obviously it's not going to raise the standard raise the telling a man to step hire and my colleagues Dr. Frank Turek, one of his books pointed out that you don't normally see a married man in a gang there.

There is a tempering effect that the woman will have on the man in the relationship the neck to be the same in society, what hate. Let me obligate you to interact with the caller is a little different perspective of Alisha and San Clemente, California. Welcome to the light of our time is short so want to dive right in with your thought and let Jennifer respond well, I identify as a Christian, however angry. I now again and I would not have marked in the lurch like many other political agenda and with that paradigmatic mark against term like perhaps you're oversimplifying a category because there are Christian Bennett to let this template desire for men and women to be treated equally in society analytically, and they were in the garden before the fall when you primarily focus on a woman having to deal with mothering and nurturing and bearing children. Quite honestly that you desire that infernal single perhaps kind of other different calling it the great, or in the marketplace are in the career I still like that of a letter calling for an inoperable expression of their femininity. Now I'm a mother, I've been infernal and believing I can give it a beautiful time to adapt and eating lunch right now I'm up at any minute. He can preach the word.

I love mentoring young people like I have making a lot of areas, but I let people cry and hold on behalf of especially Christian women. Defendant categories really oversimplify like that because it feels like there and waited there and heard� Thank you for being so eloquent and clear on that. Your response to Alisha well I hear her and I understand what you think.

I will I will stay at front. I don't mean to insult women who identify as Christian feminist at all. I don't mean you recognize that there are women who have vocation. In addition, Q why mother a work outside the home and have brilliant career.

I understand all of that. I have no object think that nothing wrong with that, by any imagination. So if I focus on one thing in particular, let me try and maybe explain why because I think in our writing our culture right now. That particular act of being a woman is under terrible salt. Terrible terrible adult back that we live in a define we're at it find right now by our balance demand for the so-called right to kill our own children usual in human history and are saying that abortion is a modern and I'm certainly not people have had found ulcerative horrifying bracket way to get rid of unwanted children all throughout human history Bennett Cartwright legal it's some of the seller. I just discovered just since this is a great discussion this time Alisha calls Jennifer, thank you so much shared yes. Being a mother is under severe attack facility that again and celebrate the overall calling on women.

Thank your sisters with so how is our new president doing all kinds of executive orders will examine today will look at the prayers of his inauguration pass ungracious other contemporary issues. We got you covered right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown strategy. This is a character problem.

He defines himself as a winter good people are women always have prickly is when any other way. Turns out I went you guys but look he he's obsessed with the fact that he won the election and nobody cares about the popular vote. He does so he considers this a slight to his admission to his self-image as a guy who runs the table who wins everything. Why did he bring up the size of the crowd at the inaugural.

That's not nobody cares. He cares why did you bring up the ratings for the apprentice cares about this and you go back to the Iowa primary had to blame his coming second on the trick done by Ted Cruz live Ted that's his character. He wins anyway so maybe Ileana won't matter, but that's the answer to characters.

That's the voice of course Charles Krauthammer talking about our president and his observations may well be true, but but the bigger issue is this Donald Trump is doing what he said he would do if elected, he is acting on the things that he said would be part of his platform from one cut down to size the federal government really putting a freeze on hiring federal employees outside of the military immediately L acting on some of the immigration issues. He said he wouldn't say you will get a bill that wall immediately signing back into law the Mexico City policy that that bans funding of NGOs and governmental organizations worldwide. American money cannot be used for abortions at its Planned Parenthood with anybody. He's a lot of things. He said that he would do and yet he's still Donald Trump and he still has these personality quirks and issues and things that you could say are really detrimental to him being president, but hopefully he'll continue to grow into the office of the president and with good people around him could get a lot of good done so pray for our president. And speaking of prayer, speaking for. I went back and looked at all of the inaugurations. Oh how far back may be back to Eisenhower so and Donald Trump had probably more people praying at his inauguration than anybody before, maybe, maybe one or two were close and the vast bulk of them suffer from from the rabbi woman rabbi best bulk of them were conservative Christians, and most of the prayers were prayed in Jesus name. Now you can contrast that with the the prayer that was given by Rev. Louise Lyons at Pres. Obama's 2013 inauguration and he is Episcopalian, he included a reference to all Americans, be they gay or straight in his prayer, so that would be the first of its kind. And while there are many good things that he asked for. There was no there was no in Jesus name invocation like that in any way that would've been considered to two specific and to exclusionary so that just gives you an idea of the type of clergy that each of these leaders would be comfortable with or exposed to. Yes, their evangelicals who had access to Barack Obama as well, but but some of them lean more to the left and none of them that I can tell, having the influences evangelicals around him have now so they would all develop from this is obvious what's in that respect message I want prayer I want. I want prayer Phyllis pray we come back let's think forward to study for mistakes let's think I'll light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown pair a lecture on PowerPoint that would be distributed to youth pastors and leaders all through Asia addressing LGBT activism how to respond and how the church should be conducting itself. In this hour and at the end of the presentation I gave a warning from America five lessons to learn from mistakes we made in America. Those five lessons come from the preface to my book outlasting the gay revolution that's coming out Korean several special preface for the Korean addition, at the request but but one of the issues is we tend to be very reactionary. We see something wrong in the society and we react against it and we know Christian principles to seek to love the Lord love our neighbor and have godly marriages and raised all the families and things like that that we are very seldom proactive. We tend to be reactive when it comes to moral and cultural issues. Surely that's not a winning strategy. I want to speak now with Erin Brownback.

She is working on a PhD in social transformation of God explore that with her. She directed communications for the sanctity of life legal work of the alliance defending freedom and she's an advocate for the goodness of God's design for the family as the ideal foundation society Erin.

It's great to have you on the line of fire. Thanks for joining us here while at Erin before we get into some specifics. What in the world is a PhD in social transformation and where you earning about the work on time. The court work for me.

Looking for major commitment ball and lightly on learn and apply to what I call the profamily, so I look at the Gander Marriott light parent contract and that it happened in our country and what we can get your Greenbelt family at the ideal candidate and I think studying at Arizona State University in Indiana and Christopher and really living my life and what's the mentality of the processes that make professors in this apartment is his first there there worldview fell on at welcoming pain. I let that blank Republicans are all of my increasingly male parent nitrate spell and it not defamed and I think that I'm back in any environment in front of the best environment for learning.

I think that the green opinion, the people who I want you an inkling now why not learn all of my college and grad work. Might my that's his Masters and PhD rolling six universities. I did not study with a single professor that agreed with me on the Bible for some of my spiritual views but once he was many from brilliance and learned I learned from them. The other thing is it's a great challenge to your own views to really sort these things through.

It's it's easy to put forth your views will anybody agrees with you.

It's great to really have them challenge soaps went when they think of cultural transformation. Erin it is there particular model that they look at it you're there. They look at a certain Marxist model or some other model for cultural transformation is a just random, depending on who's teaching and lecturing really by now talk about on a very common thread under contract and I found everything that I and had been at white market and believe it or and how benefits that we haven't yet been on the other.

That common theme that I've learned in my it's so fascinating with the verses the universal failure of Marxism River. It's been implemented that that maybe get a little further away from some of the class of it music while it really would work if we if we did it right but I have a book coming out September called saving a sick America and one of the chapters is is on having a multigenerational mentality is the key to rebuilding American families and in that chapter I quote from Carl Zimmerman of famous anthropologist or sociologist at Harvard's most famous book family and civilization. And of course for him. Everything has to do with the strength of the family and and he's just look at again is a Harvard sociologist, as opposed to a Bible believer on the sociological level on anthropological if we look at history, we look at society at how true this is that that the strength of the family is the strength of the nation and that the family really is the building block for civilization quality on family ultimate party at one point break warranting the fact that we really happen so rapidly in America on the file that they can affect anything in the breakdown of anything Babylon Brown another faith that I and you know the one that pattern in the thick great nations and empires were there had been actual reveille lab arise which I know when I learned about that. I feminism in it with something new, and it turns out, there really is nothing new under the strict matter-feminine.

Currently understandably talking about coming up and that by naming Lynn and I both voluble and both bring able. I and interchangeable arrived on the actuality of the corresponding with a pounding. The corresponding rise and child on like child welfare live spelling something I'm not all with mother and father being the family foundation at their own right, and then that ultimate outcome of all of that in a weakening of military manner weakens the piety military week and you know we've been going on in our own country and they been working contract when another blacksmith here on the rising power from outside thinking that has anything down on the military week and if they don't get anything will be in trouble without America on family life. I been out structural integrity live in great need for but I do believe there I have been working on a long and how to Greenbelt family at the ideal society. What about the deconstruction of gender, which is what he says, sitting out when I fed the right been that bad. Men and women either pain and interchangeable way that on frankly the infection had wander out of the sexual revolution email Dr. Brown. We really need you on being on look out on what revolution start with the promotion actuality promotion at transsexuality. It really started with the commotion, I also led to no-fault divorce and you CERTIFY about either acceptable behavior in our own line or above even on politics and a movie like that when we pack something that is one in Dalton, not Asher outcropping at bat for alleviating you while therefore, I can have had Billy and where you now an analog way all the different email. I don't know what you may be aware that Pat and the American psychological affect me recently I had a feeling at the disorder I that as an RA that was a Thanksgiving argument that we get really you my increasing happen to America. It's about 2011. I have a very disturbing chapter were a list either seven or eight major arguments in favor of the homosexual and gay activism show how every one of them without exception has been used very powerfully by the so-called Man boy love movement and you I was born this way in its diverse nature and it's actually positive, and so on so forth. But if we trace things back everything back to 1960. That's when the birth control pill is is now introduced somewhat quietly and you detach sex from procreation and have sex to recreation. Then of course it's not related to marriage is not married to Sutherland childbearing family spiral. So what we do about this special talk about very ground number five. It's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown summary from family civilization, the magnum opus of Harvard sociologist Mr. and Carl Zimmerman yelling eight significant indicators of cultural decline. Marriage lost its sacredness.

Sickness was regally broken by divorce.

It's one traditional meaning of the marriage ceremony was lost its 23 feminist movements appear when lost interest in childbearing and mothering for public disrespect for parents and authority in general.

Increase five juvenile delinquency, promiscuity, rebellion, accelerated six people with traditional marriages refused to accept our responsibility seven desire for acceptance of adultery group 8 increased tolerance for sexual perversion of all kinds, particularly homosexuality with a resultant increase in sex-related crimes. This is what Carl Zimmerman wrote in the 40s. Talk about what happened in previous suicide is pretty striking so Erin speak with Aaron Brownback. This is exactly what you just described.

As you been working on your PhD in cultural transformation. So what's happening in America. In that respect is nothing new.

We've seen this happen in societies in the past what happens to those societies are one of the earlier with that awful a week anything Harry know that there link from within their fellow leak out out far right.

However, I think you and Roy and they bake found out that we look at that rally thin sonic carrot and Eric Agnelli More going on in recent years we get a condition weekly.

Our foundation of backbiting art so it's it's really extraordinary that you have to have a birds eye view of things to see what happens when the family gets broken down we received for example in the African-American community that in the early days of the civil rights movement.

The families were much more intact kids were growing up with two parent households. Crime rates were lower and then with policies that reinstitute whether intentionally or not, it ended up undermining the family and was penalizing a woman for being married.

She was raising her kids, you end up with a crisis today and it goes back to the breakdown of the family when when no-fault divorce was implemented. Hey, this is in the kids best interest.

They should be around the parents fighting and seeing of the conflict. When you see 25 years later and onwards, the destructive impact on it so that's the problem is in error and that that things don't necessarily happen it in a twinkle of an eye. But when you step back and look it's undeniable to see the the regress.

The destruction of society that happens when the family unit is is attacked early movement are black children were born to parents helpful like children. When you look at the number really that good at all started with plan on welfare live which were created while in World War I he you blocker has been on our behalf. I would be better off if there were only there in the home rather than both parents on the matter outworking in attic hunting died in the water where welfare started well with transition provided for illegitimate children and would have the training point. But the real deconstruction of the black and fellow there's a lot of well-meaning lot. President Reagan went back and I like the one you enacted no-fault divorce. A lot of wow people who have not looked down the route at what the result night and that being I write so here we are facing a real problem in America with some of the people living together out of wedlock having kids out of wedlock.

Getting married the things to work out a few months later year later they divorce it and go on its pervasive in the media the same media that in years past, celebrated homosexuality is now celebrating polyamory and polygamy others even celebration of a consensual, adult incest in Hollywood and TV and things like that. Is it possible to rebuild the society that is fallen as far as it has. We can add an abortion is another aspect of the breakdown of the family and in the loss of of sanctity of life. Is there way back. Great.

Well why we will be the buyer right that I'm aware I'm hopeful. Why more likely in America had never happened before that I'm aware of in the world and the reason for that are not communicate well. Bad idea. Brad there.

We people in leadership will remember now what healthy stable family look like an ID that they create.

So I will and at work in the nation toward that so a lot of people think on the quarry graph really fit with. It was bound to happen. Not now!

Get on acceptable in society that affect the thinking of what they don't recognize because we don't have that for you all the time that there are strategic thinking and clicking play exchange public protection around it. One of the very well-known one in 11-overhauling great America. After the ball. It will go on in my life and copy their on question, but an infinitely or how we well-established at the bank of the family as the foundation of the piety and we haven't done that because we didn't care. It was very easy to be an American because I value fellow line is this temporary very important for wound around 20 to 30 years now where we want to be out in the culture that will help direct eye to this issue of messaging I want to take up with you on the other side of the break. The other thing that's positive Erin about things collapsing so quickly is that when a happen that quickly. It's very easy for those with a different ideology to overplay their hand.

It goes so quickly. If it's over. Of generations you lose sight of use track of it. What's it like for Sunday raised in North Korea today is supposed to 50 years ago so not comparing gay activists to North Korea, but simply the fact that when things happen this quickly loosing a pushback that was some aspects of transgender activism and perception becoming reality that we we didn't see in terms of some of the pushback against gay activism, so by all means please phone has bring about change for the good of the nation. But how can we get the message out messaging major. It's an issue you get some insight from Brownback.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker, and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown all right, how about positive cultural training.

This is wrong. This is bad. This is Tara will always be wrong. Her takeovers okay, how do we bring about positive change.

I would be coming out September called saving a sick America Riley on how sick we are and how by following biblical principles, including for marriage and family, and every other every society that it can bring life to the nation.

Those were not trying to impose the Bible and the nation will save God's people would live by scripture would bring about positive change. We could then present that positive change to the nation. My guest Erin Brown is an advocate for the goodness of God's design for the family is the ideal foundation of society. This includes the topics of gender married sex life and parenting and she's developing a long-term messaging plan for the Pro family movement and working on a PhD in social transformation website error and that CRI and Erin Brown.calm so Erin, let's talk about this all important issue of messaging.

How have we done your evaluation as conservative Christians, Bible believing Christians.

How have we done in terms of getting our message out to a society that does not take for granted the things that previous generations took for granted now living their lives around that they don't realize that there are people angry at our income, generally putting it in kale entertainment Inc. the new amount they attend that hat on typically been a little bit more undefined, and that in a little bit (I like anything really getting our methods out. The great thing about on when it comes to charitable getting people out there both dollar income and anyone else but if you would like a lot of third of bleeding heart in motion all out ball on may not be the one to really care about the environment and how caring homeland and really on here.

We are finding that thing out of our own pocket and another grading picture you a large portion of adopting. We don't go around talking about it, which is why we have and expand my pregnant on their daily work and volunteering in Marion Marion dollar helping women feel a need that don't have that branding present at a Planned Parenthood hundred technique ability is about 5000 pregnant defendant in a Planned Parenthood habit, bring it with you would like. Now it's time to come together and realize we not only do the work.

Talk about the work that we daily. You mentioned coming together of when Harvard suits Harvard trained sociologist Kirk and Madsen put out there overhauling of straight America. And then there more full book after the ball. The first being an article, the second being a book they had met together with a large gathering of gay strategists and activist and one of the strategies they agreed on quote. This is put out the late 80s the goals the conversion of the average Americans, emotions, mind, and will replant psychological attack in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media, so these gay activist told us what they were going to do and and told us how they were going to do it and they did it with brilliance to change the mindset of many of multiply sensibilities in America. So how do we consider who comes together to get a message out to talk his practices because my guest Erin Brownback website Erin light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown parenting the wonder of the next generation shaping and molding them God's ways been ways of life. Hey, husband and wife faithful to each other have have a healthy physical union will never get a sexually transmitted disease do the same thing with someone you're not married to, and you might just get sexually-transmitted disease.

Isn't that interesting. You have kids raised by mom and dad. Overwhelmingly, you'll see that that their success rates in society or better education is better crime involvement is lower, so on and so forth. And then you get kids raised in a broken home and and all the stats going the opposite direction. Somehow the way that our views are pretrade were these they get. If the end solstice living in the past, unenlightened out of progress with what's happening in society. Of course the truth will triumph. How do we get the message out. Speak with Erin Brownback on the front lines of these issues are website Erin there you said we have to come together, get our message out who is we write about there a lot how I working that polite commitment by number five now where really making more pro-life laws.

What happened get out there, let alone prior we can sign up for data reinstatement any talent though making contract we bring sheltering family that are not: how faintly will filter down beside� Leading me to work on the Pro family with 40 or so organizations that care about anything. What bad enough for their credit. Anyway, what will bid me with finding a gang were not looking that far down the route 2030 year plan, talking back and right under two Tony if something walked far down the road. I have to like were in the minority think like the neighbor and peck method. Didn't think they kept Alberta out if they can absolutely, a new long-haul belt. I'll have what what Baker beckoning it. You have to plan related and not just in working on Alan with the delicate hung around me on people. The Courtney, whether organizationally or on finding a project for Miami in a variety of ways client I work with an area at the topic and have been working together.

Then when I called Allied organization and from there we all have to work together that 11 different outlet and not thinking entertainment and social media and new shirt. If on the area of medicine likely went bang how the American psychological therapy played a big part in that the court public policy. We have got a new method. All of the conduit. Not all of working out right so when we are going to get this message out. Obviously, we have lots of means to do it, be it traditional print, be it social media. Internet radio TV that there are so many means but do we first have to educate Christians, we first have to have a network of people that understand the issues and can get them the message out.

So when you look at that the church in general, when you look at the younger generation in the church. How well do you think this is a massive generalization to my question but how well do we even understand our message before toilet, getting out how old we understand that all I had. Wow, I put out a video and I find how the women marched on when humans affect actual liberty, had like the women marched with an not allowing pro-life leadership on pro-life signs being torn down building and on what's happening in that blank Expo liberty. They are the progressive party Expo liberty over and over and throw it the prenatal child under the back video out and hundred thousand people responding in pain.

I was never able to work. Thank you for getting the work blocked the education that you're talking about hate and billing. A social media influence. Allied organization implement their darkness emanating from their momentum and now Bob will begin down the other Avenue right so we start to get the message out. Obviously we have to live it out ourselves. So let's say that you could speak right now to every evangelical Christian in America and you you know some of the pulse of the church in the stats in the various Gallup and Barna polls and what they tell you about things in in in evangelical circles would you tell us about getting our house in order with where have we fallen short. Where do we need to shore things up. I've said my own opinion for many years that no-fault heterosexual divorce in the church did more to destroy marriage than all gay activist combined and if not for our errors and failings that the door would not be open to talk about the redefinition of marriage you make sure that you are not that what what would you say to the church of America not to condemn, obviously, but it's okay, here's what we need to step up. Here's what we need to recapture on alcohol work on the long form right Outlook in a very loving that a broken family myself.

I would like to be married, but I don't have children by photograph Alan my I felt, and fell at all right in this area, but I'm not thinking of people who are going in front of. Experiencing that I want to be back in time. I how the phone handling is the most pertinent important job that you have on it is more important than the work that you fail. More important than having it to fall back had the lectionary that enactor had come to think at that. I email critical on how the signing together with the name asking question here children knowing what's going on in their lives. If the painting with an open heart healthy and everything will England impact act of piety and some of the messages now that that we want to get out so we talked about some of the strategies of gay activists in the past, just a simple in the days before memes are just gay is good. Something without her love wins, love is love. I mean, some of these are utterly meaningless. Some have a bit more substance. Hillary Clinton's gay rights are human rights.

Many times Christians hear this and that of how to respond simple messages that we can begin to get out work with things on your video that you articulated for others, giving some of the words to some of the concepts that we want to start getting out while over all general guiding all our about where you had mentioned earlier in the program not looking backward, I personally don't talk about traditional merit because there is nothing about tradition that is inherently good marriages extradition galleries are traditional procreative public I don't talk about overtraining love the way okay about having a boy and regulated by the Linden are being cold where it is enormously found to be true. When you are being aware, on a more local level only addition I asked for, and another thing is you have a family. Everyone whether the feeling had their there or help blank extracurricular activities that are pulling the family apart. In order to be able to get the college whether there staring at the caf� at the top with the calendar. They've got 1/2 in out killing time and both parents are out of the how whether the feeling had their their kids are getting. Don't worry about it really is about a take on management will be like the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of poor cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back find out what she's doing. Check out her green from what she's learned in spring forth for the body go to Erin that CRI and Erin Erin in the few minutes we have left. We may look as believers at the media. The overwhelming power of the media and the messaging of the secular world gets out in so many ways it may just be in a subtle way the characters you really like in a sitcom, or in some drama that they lived together have kids out of wedlock or talking points of gay activism just weaved into various dramas or sitcoms and that even put forth intentionally can sometimes feel bad work were outmanned out gunned and and how can we change hearts and minds.

Obviously we can pray we can ask God to work supernaturally but do we have to find an alternative to the secular media, which so aggressively pushes a different message. Can we win the messaging war without affecting that aspect of society there. It felt good relationship. There are many people in the media care about the care that at Her family raised by grandparents another with Eric on after spending the left-wing president life led and can be right on the money.

People care about are a kid on The grammar block marched in the March for life. Recently we need to mobilize the book he went out and monetizing something I've been very wise and effective at dealing finding ways how many together you think about the criminal divorce and how they make money every time a child at the board and motivate people and companies that make money when children are born Harriet and I'm confident a lot of ways that we can we can try many times that we get so far I have a huge opportunity and his folks go to your website will be get some ideas. Some food for thought in this way you can go to my website now. I'll be out on on every link and follow me on Facebook or twitter children. But, and I think that in a very federal lag coming out that on my website at la again that's Erin and I would an article last night: proportions sentiments trump science and common sense. This is the heart of the left works to deny the humanity of the unborn child. More exposes its moral and scientific bankruptcy was responding to what others call the bizarre and rambling article on the Atlantic by a woman who was arguing that fetal heartbeat really means nothing that ultrasounds can be used deceptively in and that that the whole pro-life movement is is largely male patriarchy of 11 article of mocking it on the Federalist use the title abortion science heartbeats are imaginary unborn babies are alive and ultrasounds are just tools of the patriarchy you say when it comes to abortion that we are we are getting our message out veteran and that more hearts to be changed sentiments of changed since Roe V Wade took today of course the harp abortion remains through these through these decades. But how is it that we have been more successful. There in getting our message out. I read your article great. And you're right medically relevant anymore really and extreme people are keeping people are recognizing the community at the prenatal child, which is a method that we have been carrying Eric with me being pro-life has been nothing data height and weight, but the lack in a more coordinated way and allow one year spell year very rapidly and I think I'll restart that public profession and current head and we realize that if we connect those that the money making me people artful change rapidly in dealing with selling-many don't like that good long time that we have been extracting on five very on log into complaisant B are unaware that that the breakdown of marriage � I've been thinking over the lack were behind the eight ball and we got a relative that we got a generation we got a conflict that it is that we can follow and we can come out on the bag with anything but-9P average, another father people want to be a part of all family fighting rivaling family yeah well said Encouraging Word's as well. When I wrote the book outlets to begin revolution which came out in 2015.

A lot of it was still waking people up to what was happening in society and say hey when some of the future. These things have already happened.

For the most parts, Americans want to be tolerant and accepting, but that they didn't expect a lot of the baggage that came along with this, and part of the way I said that we went out last the gay revolution was by doing the very things you talk about having solid families and then a my book saving the sick America I lay this out in more depth than in terms of of God's ways being ways of life and really that's our greatest message that that this is the way God intended the human race to be a movie do it his way.

There is blessing and therefore a message is a message of life and hope and salvation and freedom and to the extent we get that out as people see other means and systems failing then our way of life is attractive and something that will reproduce in a good way so Erin appreciate what you're doing. What's your timetable you think and finishing her PhD working well all, now there the right organization where combat right now. I can outlets. Workingman slowly working my carport fell with me how that plays out of it. Yeah, and in the nice thing is during this time you can really praying. Keep crying out, I got worse this poster for house is supposed to be like because we try to figure out this work but I love to see when you get to defend your doctoral thesis new look there's something I mean that's almost prophetically what your living out in in in microcosm there that you have of the University what you're seeking to do on on the outside and perhaps hearts and minds will change along the way so great to speak with you. I'm sure many ways will partner together in the coming days and make us both be on your work in your studies, appreciated publishing) it is ER.

I am looking at the website as we speak all right friends start sorry sorry that was my ring my wedding ring my wonderful wedding ring hitting the mic there but hey, that's appropriate. After about marriage and family go to the line of fire. The Lord put together a great great place great resource to start your new year the right direction. Check it out along with library. My bottom line. Because ways ways of life the last

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