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BREAKING: Illegals Heading to Delaware

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 20, 2022 3:00 pm

BREAKING: Illegals Heading to Delaware

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 20, 2022 3:00 pm

There are reports that a planeload of illegals may be heading to Biden’s home state!

Col. David Giammona and West Coast Baptist College Students join the conversation!

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Imagine what you could buy 20 years ago, I searched regressive while now it's the future and all the holograms on because now it's the future and everything is holograms now so switch to progressive and save big because the savings welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM University's conservative polyp will audience a rate of no old the entire these great United States border to border, coast to coast across the plate. I all you an apology and grace Baker. I want you to write this down in the annals of the Todd start radio show history that I am actually apologizing to every human being in America.

This is a historic moment ready. I leave the building. I believe are our flagship radio station. The heavily fortified use bunker in Memphis Tennessee and I'm gallivanting across the fruited plain and all you know what price looks this crazy story happen again. So here's my this is why I'm apologizing grace.

I just have to stay I have to statement this I'm going after Kurt whenever I leave the country goes bonkers. This is an slap crazy and you get to bite just a minute. We have some exciting news about something happening at Delaware ever get together that adjustable but a story crossed my desk earlier today here at West Coast Baptist College where we are a part of the leadership conference with thousands of people from all over. I will talk about that adjustable but Grace apparently according to various and sundry news agencies.

People are using night quill in a very inappropriate way. Now this is it's pretty dramatic and it's it's bonkers just absolutely bonkers.

But here's the story coming from the and also from CNN they're saying now that people are cooking chicken in night quill in the world, there literally's doing the trick of their marinating the chicken in what you take for the euro. If you're not feeling very well.

I don't know anybody who likes the taste of medicine by itself, let alone is a marinade for chicken it's it's beyond me, but apparently this is something happening on the social media. Nothing good ever happens on tick-tock. Nothing ever like the tide pot all over again challenge digs. That's exactly what it is but be out on tick-tock all you have are lesbian and transgender schoolteachers and people who marinate chicken and micro any tripods. That's pretty much it. So the FDA is warning people do not marinate your chicken and night quill and they're saying that it people could literally die if they marinate their chicken in liquid NyQuil. The fact that some people think this is okay says that our country is doomed. Currently I've I've never seen anything like this again NyQuil. This is the nighttime stiffly sneezing a key W had fever so you can rest medicine, and for the record, if you want to do anything with chicken you have to marinate it in a lovely path of buttermilk and hot sauce, salt and pepper the chicken you dredge it above are the white flour and then you put it in a cast-iron skillet filled with peanut oil. That is how you prepare your chicken.

That is no way you don't drench it in NyQuil. I mean what's next Sudafed to souffl Benadryl brownies. Grace Baker what about my little turnover you lose my lunchtime appetite spoke to Beth Berger what you do. I could so apparently this is like a trend now.

Will the social media where people are there there telling folks to marinate the chicken and then eat the chicken and post your photos on the on the tick-tock that terrible what kind of a what is it say about our country.

What is it say about our country. Ladies and gentlemen that we actually have to have the federal or the food and drug of restriction telling young people do not cook food with over-the-counter drugs.

Todd, we lost all common sense all common sense it's going out the window so the trend apparently started on tick-tock of course and they would post users would post videos of the chicken marinating in the night quill and they call it the sleepy chicken yeah that's all I am assuming you the entire bottle and you just drench it in the NyQuil. This is disgusting. It is absolutely disgusting. So anyway, the FDA says even if you don't eat the chicken, inhaling the vapors while cooking could cause high levels of the drugs to your body and hurt your locks.

I get. If you try to clean your sinuses out, but there's a better way.

There's got yes get on your yes how that'll do it.) Slice of look I don't mean to paint with a broad brush here. Whoever came up with that toehold NyQuil chicken recipe. I guarantee you they shop at Walmart after midnight.

Fair enough Jared Sinclair enough time so all that to say, ladies and gentlemen, I apologize. We we have we will do our best to try and keep the country on the straight and narrow.

Have to go like hack your Cadillac and make sure that it doesn't go outside of the ZIP Code that were and hope it's I hope his soul at the airport. Oh I hope so. I really do all right. So welcome to the touch turns radio program.

What reason, folks tick-tock the social media platforms.

Is there evil just evil. 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so we are we are getting reports that that there are planes playing loads of illegals that are now in route to Delaware now this is been going on for quite some time, where Gov. Greg Abbott and Gov. Rhonda Santos from Florida and Texas have been have been sending the illegals to the sanctuary, states as Century City switch out of that is the humane thing to do here is to send all of these illegals to a place that has been designated as a sanctuary is Rhonda Santos a said just a few days ago and and I thought he was. He was a very brilliant and compassionate in all of this, he said that they are not a sanctuary state. Therefore, they really cannot I care for all of these illegals so really deep. The kind compassionate and sympathetic thing to do is to send these illegals on their way to a place where the progressive leftist of the rich white white liberals will take care of and I think that's a very noble thing that DeSantis and Abbott have done so not everybody is very excited about this though, and so we've got a report that there are Gov. Gavin Newsom, the governor of California is enraged and he's calling this dehumanize he says that it is dehumanizing, disgraceful, humiliating and cruel to send illegal aliens to a playground for the rich and famous talking about Martha's Vineyard and of course they're still getting over there humanitarian crisis of 50 illegals who were dropped into the city spent the night and then the military quickly moved them out of Martha's Vineyard.

By the way, did you see this report. This was a this is a crazy report somebody ran the numbers and of course Obama has this massive massive compound there in Martha's Vineyard and up according to the numbers we're seeing as many as 6 million illegals could actually be housed in Martha's Vineyard know I'm not making this up a business on Breitbart Breitbart news, they say, according to their numbers. Martha's Vineyard could Howells 6 million refugees taken with the numbers that they do the math, it's like, and it could depend on how large each illegal is I don't know if they just if they rounded off the numbers to a certain size illegal alien.

I mean if that there might be some larger, some smaller. We don't know. So anyway, here's how they did it.

Census data reports around 17,000 year-long residents of their in Martha's Vineyard. There are 14,600 homes so they estimate that each home is four bedrooms each bedroom can sleep three people comfortably. That would bring the islands sleep capacity of 275,200 beds hundred 58,200 would be unoccupied, so if anything there saying this actually underestimates the sleeping capacity on the audit as if you really pack people any flood people sleep in the living rooms of libraries and dining rooms of studies, you could easily Howells about 400,000 illegals at Martha's Vineyard. Maybe, just maybe, this is the solution.

It is an island and we could just move all the illegals are what for Pauline to wheel 4.2 million and then you would still have room for more illegals coming across. I think this may be a brilliant solution here is to turn Martha's Vineyard into a sanctuary island for the illegals and then you could just give it to just let you know what were to give you your old little island nation might even give you like an ambassador's office or something, I die. I like this idea. So there you go.

Thank you to the good people of the mathematicians at Breitbart of setting the record straight there while folks could you imagine what's about to happen.

All of these illegals showing up in Joe Biden's hometown that my only concern about all of this is that it's not enough. We need to be inundating these communities with illegals Martha's Vineyard needs to be inundated with the illegals not only go back to Gavin's. He's urging the Justice Department to investigate Rhonda Santos DeSantis is a nothing wrong. DeSantis is actually the only person in all of this.

Doing the right and legal thing which is sending the illegals to the sanctuary cities but here's what you need to know about Newsom in 2004. He was mayor of San Francisco. They had horrible horrible homeless epidemic and what did Newsom do. He used tax money to buy a bunch of one-way tickets on Greyhound bus lines and they they sent thousands of illegals out of the city. Some people might say that's a little dehumanizing. I'll leave that up to you. I we gotta take a break here were to be following the breaking developments.

As the plane loads of illegals are now in route to Joe Biden's home state.

Also, why was Biden played with his tongue at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth River start about that will be taking your calls as well. Do you think it's good idea. Do you think that we knew to need to play hardball here and it and then date these cities with illegals 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sergio and I and they lie arrive as soon you you you and you will you say you and I raise. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act my friends in a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to Amax .us/Starnes to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to aim at cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/guards. It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back.US life starts. That's a Mac .us/guards fired up over on the social media platforms lit the right note on the Facebook page. Todd, this could backfire talking about sending all the illegals to the sanctuary cities and states. She says some blue states allow illegals to vote. That's one of the reasons they were loading up red states. The Lindy's got a great point here and you folks in Georgia know all about this.

So for years.

You even you had Republican governors who are wanting to turn Georgia into a sanctuary state for refugees and over the past decade or so you guys had a massive influx of refugees from other countries that were on target about New York or San Francisco target about other countries that flooded into the state of Georgia and it literally changed the voting dynamic Georgia rock solid red went blue in the last elections.

A lot of that is because of the massive number of refugees, not to mention illegals that moved into the state of Georgia.

So Lindy does have a point there, but again you gotta get about a Texas you just gotta get out of Texas. Gotta get him out of Florida.

Gotta get him out of Arizona.

It is, it is unfair for the people of those border states to have to absorb all of the chaos and the carnage of that is wrought by the illegal alien invasion.

Dorthea says Todd Martha's Vineyard might tip over with all those extra people. Remember, that's Dorothy, I forgot about that was that Hank Johnson was a congressman and still is a congressman from from Georgia and he actually was very concerned about adding more military personnel to Guam because he was afraid the island might literally tip over.

No, I don't take this up. It was during a congressional hearing I meet that the guy is not the brightest bulb. II just say 844-747-8868 of the breaking news is we are coming on the program today. Apparently there are some planes filled with illegals now bound for Delaware Windows planes land.

We will let you know that I just say keep on sending the illegals. That's all we need to do. Just keep on sending and if Joe Biden can jump off illegal aliens in Chattanooga Tennessee you good people in Chattanooga have to take her the illegals and by golly, the rich white people who live in Martha's Vineyard can take care of illegal aliens that I have a question for you people in Georgia. Specifically, before we go to breaker and this is a genuine question. I like Herschel Walker.

I really do II was giving a speech he shared some remarks and the guy really seem to connect with the voters and the polling data is really all over the place right now, and in Georgia. I've seen these copies down were not up, down, it's just all over the place anyway. There is a big debate coming up in October and Herschel Walker made some headlines just her day by suggesting that that he is not. He's knocking to do well in the debate. He said that he's he said I'm I'm getting out talking to people talking to the media of a country boy. I'm not that smart.

He's a preacher were not just smart and wears those nice suits. He's going to show up and embarrass me at the debate that I'm just waiting to show up and I will do my best. So my question is I mean the mainstream media's gone completely bonkers over all of us know, Walker's team walked this back and said well he was just really being sarcastic.

Do you believe that to be the case or is this some sort of us a strategy here because there is a lot of concern about how well Walker is going to do about debate 844-747-8868 toll-free number 844-747-8868 this is the doctor my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners.

The percale and geezer dream. Bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes and they're all on sale for as low as 2998 with our listener promo code you better order now because when they're gone they're gone.

Per Kelly Keyser dream sheets are breathable and they have a cool crisp field and they come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer. There is a limited supply. So you better order right now. Call 1-800-986-3994 and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes for more preacher. He's a smart man. What is nice children better is that the total 14 found a way to show up and I'll do my best to love this. All right there. You heard it for yourself. Herschel Walker talked about this upcoming debate in October something that the campaign is now saying he was being sarcastic.

That is really going to be prepared and he's going to be able to go toe to toe with Rafael Warnock looked out going back to I think there's a fair comparison here between Al Gore and George W. Bush, who was, not the most polished public speaker and really never wise he was he was sort of gaffe machine. George W. Bush did a good job. He was a leader during some very difficult times in American history and I look. I think Herschel Walker if if Herschel Walker gets elected. I have no doubt that he is going to be a strong senator and will uphold Republican values. The Republican Party platform. I have no doubt that'll happen on the question is are these gaffes that are being made on the campaign trail really good influence voters. One where the other and I don't think they are Herschel Walker in incredibly popular figure in the state of Georgia because of his exploits on the football field will just see how things are going to look Rafael Warnock has a massive warchest of cash they want.

They want that Senate seat 844-747-8860 that's her telephone number.

Let's go to the phones William in Georgia wants to weigh in on the illegal alien crisis, William. What say you why I thank you so much.

All I will make a comment about gainful Georgia run from, and a discreetly visited, you know, gainful Georgia has a big fear because she does one make a sanctuary state and that is crucial that we don't let that happen a lot people actually prefer to gainful as little Mexico at you good Atlanta Highway, that's really all you see all you have me and I cannot tell you how many of my personal friend actually lost her job due to the illegals taking our job and this is just a little low and so is really crucial that upcoming elections work we gotta do something like I keep her out to make it.

Thankfully, state you really are my parents retired to Ellijay, Georgia, which is it's it's a little bit to the west of you guys up a little Georgia mountains, but they would go shopping and they would do a lot of there they went to the mall they would go to Dalton, Georgia, which is along I 75 just south of Chattanooga and and Dalton used to bits of the carpet capital of the world, a huge carpeted history town and I remember when the floods of immigrants came in and I love their legal or illegal, but I do know this. The city was completely inundated with those jobs dried up.

They left town, and many parts of that once beautiful quintessential southern city word were really decimated by the massive influx of people from someplace else that happened while that's interesting. I had I had not heard of the of the nickname against which, again, a beautiful area your downtown is undergoing a huge revitalization and that you would hate to see something like that be impacted by becoming a sanctuary state because if that happens, you're going to see the massive influx of illegals again into your community will appreciate the call. Let's go to Daniel who was listing to us on WT you in in Georgia, Daniel, what's on your mind about what we illegal immigration. Most I've heard stories about illegal immigrants order to gain difficult. Ultra World and altered the eggplant the strong illegals for 50 years and where where we got third and fourth generation families appear along with the new immigration, illegal and legal and it didn't someplace. George's been a sanctuary for loan against a lot of people will walk Walker. I want to talk about what you just what you dispense it because the challenge in Georgia.

You guys are pretty much been controlled for very long time now by Republican. But the problem is that I think this is evident not just in Dalton where you have the big carpet companies but you got a massive poultry industry. There into a little were talking about talk about the Chamber of Commerce. That's right there looking out for their bottom line and they don't give a rip about the local citizens born and raised in that area. Look out for the wrong wrong mode coat. A lot of this problem here. Very little goat right now. Every street that every business every every door it in Spanish for miles and miles "in some areas where we could find a minute that they draw. But it did not not George that anybody would recognize, but it illustrates a point here Daniel that it's not just a democrat issue you got Republican center turning a blind eye because there after you were talking of the national Chamber of Commerce year and were talking about these business overseas companies that are looking for the cheap labor and that's all this is this is about cheap labor. This is about throwing more money into their bank accounts and they don't care if your community don't care if your town is decimated by the influx of illegals are whoever's coming across the border. They don't care because it's all about the money it's all about the bottom line.

That's what you get. That's why I don't trust either one of the parties that it would not consider close they align a little closer with my value system, a Daniel that I don't trust any of your product. I agree with a lot of when it comes to know about Dr. that it would great job in the local community when it comes to the bottom line of the prophet waited Daniel every you have just illustrated a point we been making all this over a long time now. Every town in America will be a border town every town and that's what's happening in parts of Georgia like Gainesville and in Dalton, a Daniel real quick. I know I told you could weigh on Herschel Walker what your take on Walker's comments.

Walker Walker, well spoken candidate would ever read, but will spoke of the line of the Republican line for debate. Not a pretty good recipe here with the UTA candidate, but I think that you can Walker they'll think of the global equivalent of a candidate to come out strong for the last decade or so. I think they're going to think they're going to do well with Walker. I don't think you real well in the debate right but I don't think it will affect all that's let's good to hear. Ideally we gotta run. Appreciate the call 844-747-8868. Again, I have been in both of these towns, Gainesville, Georgia and Dalton and I've seen it firsthand. I was driving through Los Angeles just a few days ago and I see it firsthand.

This is happening all over America and I think people just of all persuasions are are fed up with the problem is we keep sending the same people back to Washington DC and they never they never resolve these issues by though we have breaking news Grace maker we have and we finally found enough money to to to get a breaking news alert yet.

I'm sorry Todd were still taking donations on cheese a little, I will hear your breaking America. I tried David hard.

Remember David Hogg Grace maker who can forget him. Little Davey little Davies grown up now. David Hogg from the Parkland high school shooting. You might remember he was the one who was, not there, but then returned with his camera to imply that he was in fact there is now made a career as a anti-gun.

David Hogg has announced that he will not procreate a few.

I was really worried about that one.

That's right ladies and gentlemen, David Hogg, writing on social I've never planning on having kids. I would much rather own a Porsche and have a Portuguese water dog and goldendoodle long term it's cheaper, better for the environment and will never tell you that it hates you or ask you to pay for college had a traumatic childhood or something or he's got problems getting dates that could be so there you go. That's your breaking news on the David Hogg was keeping me up at nights I really appreciate you giving us an answer to that going to help out. Glad to oblige Grace 844-747-8868 let's go to North Carolina Terry listing to us at WS I see Terry what's on your mind on wealthy will be okay. I lived in Georgia like some years ago and I think arch will do fine people need to get out or him because we are in a point where we don't like country were going to lose now. The second thing, don't tell her to left anything good about them because I went to Georgia Tech, we kinda disagree on the football immigration deal has been a problem for very very very long time and I found out just now and what you and I agree on one thing and that is the Republican Party and the Democratic Party are just different wings on the plane but in that you know you got to be careful.

People talk about long time limits and wanton changes. But what we have going on.

They don't do the research, are not doing homework memoranda midterms now for the primary but if you will. If you want term limit. All you gotta do is go to your primary vote for somebody different week. We need change and I'm not sure. Term limits is the perfect answer. We do have a few good congressmen. I really like Jim Jordan and term limits what took him out. If we had time limit so we do have a few American people have got to get smart and save this country or our children, our grandchildren will have a myth that they'll never recover from and what you do that I'm ready to start doing your homework and restart. I think that's a great idea and walked going back to the years of tell Roscoe know Roche also called out the Republicans when they needed to be called out.

I he was not beholden to anybody and he never worked off any talking points and neither do we. We carve her own path here and I'm telling you is a kid who grew up in a blue-collar home. I saw this firsthand and I see what kind of an impact all of this has on people and and it's not right. It is just not right. And that's why I'm so glad to see the truck movement influence the Republican Party and again. Make it a big tent party like Ronald Reagan wanted a back in the 1970s and 80s. Terry got a run here. All right, we got time for one. Let's take a break here from Georgia. Hang tight working to get to you in just a moment 844-747-8860. It is our toll-free telephone number. This is the Todd search. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM head slick head Yusuf. That's the that's the that's right we we got it we be. He's got a new nickname Gavin is so slick that was it. DeSantis said he's worried that that the guys hair products might be might be having there something wrong with the of the brain function. By the way, speaking of brain function out what was going on with Joe Biden over at the funeral for for the Queen did you we've got the photos and we have the video about our website. Todd Stern' you see this, it's unbelievable. So first of all, Biden shows up late for the funeral, which is why they had and what 14 rows back.

They had all the world leaders sitting up in the front. Joe Biden got stuck behind the president of Poland and of the Mrs. Dr. Mrs. First Lady Joe Biden was sit next to the president of Switzerland and thereby that was the president of the Czech Republic. Is that really where we are in the global pecking order right now.

So anyway, I bit the guy was late that actually stopped the beast in front of some sort of a sandwich shop there in the London and I got stuck in traffic so Biden finally gets there and we got the video of this worry walks in and he's he's writing the condolence book writing typically you would write like a little message you know my sympathies for the Queen signed the Joe and what's her head.

Joe Biden couldn't even do that they actually this the White House staff gave him a cue card and he actually was writing based on whatever is on the cue card we got the video you can see for yourself. It's like, then we would try to hide it anymore so anyway they finally get in and there in the back of the room and the Biden is sitting there and he's playing with his tongue so he has his tongue out and he's got his hands, his fingers on the tongue as if he had just now discovered oh there is there is flashing, my God, what is this I don't know if he was just bored. I loaf it was like some sort of childlike curiosity that he just discovered he had a ton but it was really weird really weird. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the leader of the free world, playing with his Tonya on national tablet really global television during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth. Once again, how many times can we say this I don't know what the clinical diagnosis is. But back in Tennessee we would say that Joe Biden's cheese has done slid off his crack no I don't. I grace I meet have you. You see little kids do that right. Those took out their Tonya but he was rolling his tongue up like it was one of those of those fruit things you know will you know when you're a little kid. You like rolling up like that and mess with that I have a little brother. So he does stop goofy stuff like that.

I don't think I've ever seen a grown man do it though, so Biden is now regressing back to childhood. Is that what that is. Isn't there a movie like Benjamin button or whatever ages backwards a fruit rollup. That's what I was thinking of you for the fruit that's exactly was doing at this talk, Lord, man, wrong place for that money. Yes. All right, folks, we've got an action-packed next hour coming up. As we broadcast live from West Coast Baptist college it's the national leadership conference. Thousands of people here from all over America.

By the way, we have a lot of folks in the Pascagoula, Theodore, Alabama area want to say a big shout out to you folks listing to us. Our good friend Noah break down there in the Gulf Coast sit around our you buckle your renters insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you to remind you that your kicker missed the extra point lost again literally never missed an extra point test this playoff game to miss and thought about that. We want to miss.

Thinking about so we can save you from that memory. But we could save you money.

Bundling your renters insurance with progressive situations as universities. Do you see all right hello and welcome to the Todd start radio shows great to have you with us today we are broadcasting day two and California West Coast Baptist college they're having a huge national leadership conference and just having a great time yesterday got to see our good friend Coach Joe Kennedy, the high school football coach fired for taking any. To pray no not not to want to protest but to pray he got fired for that took his case all the way to the Supreme Court in June.

He won his case and as a result of that one man that one man coach Joe Kennedy standing up for his right under the Constitution to pray.

Now every coach in America is able to pray at a football game and that shows you the power of being an American.

It shows you the power of taking a stand in the face of great adversity and this is a case that goes all the way back to 2015. So this is been a long time coming anyway coach Chuck Kennedy was awarded an incredible honor last night.

Thousands of people that actually have overflow rooms here with the of the huge crowd, but coach Kennedy was here. Our good friend Jeremy dice from first Liberty Institute.

He was here as well. Just a wonderful time meeting with so many great American patriots here at West Coast Baptist college in beautiful Northern Los Angeles County well yesterday we we we had a story that we shared with you about the military and the Pentagon down, telling military personnel that if if they can afford to go to the grocery store they should apply for food stamps and of course that launched a very interesting debate among our callers, many of whom say that soldiers know how much her to get paid before they sign up and they should deal with it that if if they're upset about not getting paid a lot of money. They should not adjoin the military. Others of you agree with me that if are spending billions of dollars to fund the Ukrainian military.

We all will at least be funding our own military. I went to the patriot mobile newsmaker line very honored to have with us a great guest are our official military expert David G.

Omoto with this David, hope you're doing well today.I am and I'm looking with great interest story.

So David, I'm curious to get your your take on this because the average euro and listed on Seo for the enlisted person of the Army not make a lot of money.

Quite frankly, some people working McDonald's are making more than people that are putting their lives on the line to defend our freedom. Well, you expect me to be clearly on trout.

This would never be happening. I guarantee it. But this is what the Biden administration think of our soldiers and $500 billion in loan might of course they do come across the back your and any feelings that use the Ukraine optic go I mean Joe Biden.

You need to understand that double look at you and Barack Obama is the copyright about Joe Biden to screw things up in here we go again. It's really mind blowing to me David and you know you've been in that you are the military a very long time.

Col. you got a great new book out, the military guide to disarming deception and will talk about that in just a moment, but it just is mind-boggling to know that were spending billions of dollars funding the Ukrainian Army.

Where were going to be squandering hundreds of billions of dollars paying back the student loans that were about to forgive for all of these are deadbeat kids out there, and yet our military personnel and their families are going without the right and you know I'm I think that optic you know you're coming up and look at that that's the way they treat our soldiers.

I'm not joining that we have a huge recruitment problem right now.

In fact, our ears all day were not going to make it. You know I recruitment quarters and they haven't for years because of the optic that were not taking care of our own. And so I know that is not a luxury option but you know, a lot of our young people want to join the military want to do the right thing to what college it. They're going to work for but you know at one point giving store soldiers is akin to just cutting our own throats.

We go to war with China, Russia will count military we going to have be able to win the war and that that is a concern I have and that's not even because of the foodstamp issue when you look at the witness that has infested and infected our military and some of the lessons coming out I'm wondering if if a good many young men especially, and you know the type. These are kids who went through the Boy Scout. You know they're just their God and country. They're taking a look at what the military looks like right now there to say you know what I'm I don't really know what, have at it. But that's not for me, know that we write the fact that the parents of the children. They don't join the military. This is the way they treat you the reason why that was wrong when we are on the battlefield. We don't need any soldiers behind on the battlefield because number one where we know the whole world like we care for the court and we want to take care of them and if you leave a soldier on a battlefield dying, you know, won't it sends a message back.

Everybody else don't join the military will not get Biden ministration get it understand and firm. Leaders the day a inflation is bad.

Get foodstamp you know I'm all for helping our soldiers, but there's better options out there, I'm with you I'm with you, David, and again we have got to get this under control. I will say this when when the Republicans retake Congress. We've gotta make this right. This has to be an issue. We've got to do what we can do we have to go above and beyond to to give our fighting men and women the resources they need.

They when they're out fighting for our freedom.

David patient had to worry about whether or not there to be able to feed their kids at home right worry about a lot of things we should be taking care of them defending our freedom. We didn't have a great military we want. Have a great United States military thought with you people. Taxpayers money United States.

Let's use it to work.

Yet the Republicans need to think that they need take the presidency. We need some leadership here man and were not getting it right now. All right wallet David.

We are going to leave it there. I want to again promote battling to it on the live so blog military guide to disarming deception. Battlefield tactics to expose the enemy's lies and triumph. In truth, it is a great book book. She gotta read that also we have a link to David's personal website. You can access that of a live so blog is what they would appreciate.

Always appreciate your great insight I got blood today are David Jim on everybody by the way, we are following some breaking new Chicago where there has been an explosion in a residential building.

We understand their calling for a mass casualty loss were to be following those developments and I'm sure there will be an update on your local radio news broadcast. But again, first responders at the scene of some sort of a of an explosion there in eight. It looks to be a residential area and they at least one car has been crushed.

A lot of bricks a lot of debris littering the roadway there in Chicago so will keep you updated on that story is what we do need to take a quick break your folks and I want to tell you about our great friend Michael Dell man. He's under attack from the FBI. The deep state. The left hates the sky but we love Michael Dell because he's an American patriot and Mike has done a wonderful job providing a platform for this radio show. He's been a longtime sponsor and Mike has some great deals just for our listeners.

That's right my my all this week.

The biggest bedsheet sale in my pillow history. Those beautiful soft luscious geezer dream bedsheets your to be able to get it for just 2998.

That's 2998 by using my promo code lots of other great deals as well on every other bipolar product. If you want to do your Christmas shopping super early. Well, now is the time to do that by simply going to my switching save with progressive save over $700 on average and them saving to imagine what you could buy the savings from switching to progressive 30 years ago to buy tickets to the championship game between the two teams that didn't exist 30 years ago. You have a big Alaska palm trees which is a team out in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of customer survey to see the progressive and quickly. By the way, homeland security planning to spend about $700,000 of your money to study extremism in video gaming was like Ms. Pac-Man machine as you like old braces now or something on anyway $700,000. Ladies and gentlemen of your tax money being squandered by the Department of Homeland Security. 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone. That's 844-747-8868 so Don let him on the little 9/11 is really struggling at CNN and at some it's not looking good, but Don lemon was doing an interview. Just the other day and he was raising concerns about slavery and its every now every now and again the the folks over at CNN get triggered by guess normally they're pretty good about letting all of these guest they don't want to have anybody on their channel who disagrees with them but I want you to hear what happened when he was talking to someone about Great Britain and slavery wasn't coming when you know all of this wealth to hear about a convincing on the spacing rising cost of living, a living crisis or austerity budget cuts and so on. And then you have those who are asking for reparations for colonialism and the wondering you know hundred billion dollars $24 billion here and there. 500 million. There some people want to be paid back in and members of the public are wondering why we suffering when you are you.

You have all of this vast well those are legitimate concerns, reparations, and times that people want to know what we need to do is to go back to the beginning of the supply chain was the beginning of the supply chain when that plus the entire wall when slavery was taking place, which was the first nation in the world of publishing a slavery nation will abolish it was founded by William Wallace in Great Britain. They abolished 2000 naval men died on the high fees trying to stop slavery. Why thinking around people waiting in the beach is running.

I think you're talking like reparations thinking we need to go right back to the beginning of the supply chain and say who was rounding out their own people and stop and maybe finally died in high fees, trying to stop slavery those families coming to. I think in time if I could just describe the look on Don live on space right now. I think Johnny is a deer in headlights. He doesn't know how to respond.

He doesn't know how to respond to the truth.

Not only will the truth set you free. Ladies and gentlemen, the truth will smack you upside the head.

And that's exactly what happened on CN in the woman you just heard. She is a royal commentator Hilary Ford, which is, and there are a lot of people out there saying that the royal family should pay reparations but in reality and she's absolutely right. As a matter fact, our friend Paul Chappell, the pastor at Lancaster Baptist Church was actually speaking about this last night at the leadership conference when he pointed out that Great Britain was the first nation to outlaw slavery and he brought up William Wilberforce. This is this is history, but this is the history that the left is what you know about.

They don't want you to know that that thousands and thousands of British soldiers were killed trying to stop the slave trade. They don't want you to know the as is Hilary Ford, which just said that it was in fact the African kings who sold their own people into slavery.

They don't want to talk about those kinds of stories that want to talk about those kinds of issues. This is why here in America. They want to white watch our history. They don't want you to know about. It was a brilliant moment are 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones here bill in Georgia W GUN once the part about Herschel Walker RA Bill what's on your mind garden football player and I remember walking the walkway toward your 40 years ago and I was back in those you had to be able to pass the very very challenging SAT test in order to get on the flight on college football and personal and were able to pass that test had go to lesser schools or to get what famous do you remember I I remember all vents well that's really was very strict on going to Clay and there were many great athletes that flunked out of schoolgo ahead want to point your bill, one with a very good school door to his right is rated number two seed Vanderbilt number 20 university in the United States, and I think that's really thought he taught Herschel run his mouth much before the big day and I personally think that Herschel has got one right where he wants you right now. Herschel is a good man. He's a humble man. He's going to win this election. I appreciate the call and that may very well be the case, I sure would like to have seen Herschel debated his fellow Republicans during the primary.

I wish you would've done that to see and and there may be something to that baby Herschel is just he's loaded for bear and he's just waiting for the debates to to to say what needs to be set and will seek 844-747-8868. Our telephone number Brad Baer over at Fox News. You know something weird is happening at phonics right now a lot of people are beginning to talk out of school and especially about a guy by the name of Jay Wallace who was the president and executive editor at Fox. He's the leftist in charge of the news side of the of the company and he's the one that was responsible for a lot of the left leftward drift that's happening at at Fox anyway. Brad Baer has been no supporter of Trump at all. Now word is leaking out some some emails that he was actually sending to Jay Wallace on election night.

You might remember when Fox was the first to call Arizona and that's what Dave bided the victory in 2020, and Trump has never forgiven Fox for doing that neither have a lot of their longtime viewers who now are watching Newsmax anyway. Brad Baer was actually begging and pleading for Fox to reverse the decision and to pull the decision. He says the situation is uncomfortable really uncomfortable. I keep having to defend this on air. He says it's hurting us, the sooner we pull it talking about rescinding the call from the decision desk even if it gives us major egg and we put it back in Trump's column, the better we are, in my opinion, and we all know that did not happen, and imagine where we would be right now if it had, I gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 this is the time drivers is what you see with progressive save over $700 on average in the savings and imagine what you could buy progressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car driving flying car future cars fly in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of customer survey to see the progress of the clinically as you turn the radio program for 474 70 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website.

By the way, and we get somebody come every time I go out and I'm speaking to a group of the first thing people do is they come up and they don't say we we listen to the radio show, which many of you do, but the first thing they say is thank you for sending out those those emails. Thank you for covering those stories and letting us know about what's happening and I can tell you that our team is fighting every single day to tell those stories and its top fork I we know that the the censorship from social media is there is a matter fact I we were checking some analytics are engagement on Facebook this month, down 90 it's down 92%, it's only because Facebook is throttling our information and it's happening to a lot of people.

It's also happening to our good friend Dick Morris. You see them all the time on Newsmax. He is a best-selling author and Dick is being censored even as we speak and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line that could have you back on the program what's going on record and I wake up and me both Dick and I would dig out before it's how good it is.

I was texting Mike this morning.

Michael and I we were longtime friends and I stopped midway on like holy cow, I think I may be talking to FPI because they got is very very different.

The latter document. I think I'm right. Totally opposite of what I do not think that the document were important to the FBI. I think the documents were sent down against the FBI and I think that's why Casey I think in my trunk left mala Lago election keeping the documents click scrapbook good grandchildren writing a book or anything you want them around the he wanted them because they contain caulking gun to prove the FBI complexity, including particularly campaign in creating and fomenting the whole direction: Oak and using the money argument that picket line by that, I believe the new government investigation would get going nowhere confirmed today did not and he knew that this would be buried in the document itself and you go after the FBI and I think that's why the FBI accurately did it wouldn't be the everything I think a little happiness will take on November and will continue peering up at the FBI. The public I think that documents will be a million, guiding the FBI not doing, guiding, on the patriot maker line is our good friend take Morris a best-selling author of the return trumps being 2024 come back you know Jack, I think the other message here, the FBI is sending and especially going after all of the Trump supporters upwards of at least 50 of course Mike Lindell yesterday at the Hardee's restaurant here. I'm wondering if they're just trying to intimidate and bully. Those who would dare speak out in defense of this of this president think out currently working very hard for Republican candidates around the country. They are sending money, calling them in the clear contribute hundred thousand dollars and that morning they get the FBI gating letter they're engaged in money laundering look from corrupt activity that take deliberate get dry up money for the publican because the FBI with distinctly growing political party now know that coming after them. When the election is over, and of course even in New England.

The primary yesterday in New Hampshire where the trumpet endorsed candidate die one in a very crowded and competitive Republican field of this president has supported and Dick. III never buy into the polling data, but I've got I got feeling that working to have a very good November for Republicans.

I think we are. I think it I think that people are increasingly coming in real danger of placement and by that I don't mean leaking Baker and every year cycle going on inflation because of the matter pending by getting placement being placed in a democratic program more spending. Now people upset the problem placement and that collectors mournfully and that could afford to raise interest rates to collect think about the late and that will reduce the Democratic new club. People can make up for the income they lose quickly and you end up with a current currency that nobody except you get the dollar and at the same kind that's happening in the movement of the PO ICS think they'll let Indian about to take on Turkey and South Africa in Saudi Arabia. Not accepting the dollar and accepting their own currency and Market Basket and I think all fitting together. The greatest threat to American economic superiority that we better hat asked you about your book in the New York Times. It did not appear on their bestseller list, and in this happened to me with my book a couple years ago we were. We should've been number nine on Amazon's list. Publishers weekly USA today and the same thing happen you hear your book should be number four on the times list but it's nowhere to be found willing to go to book and you know the ultimate goal, but that week. I am higher than all but 11 of the 15 books that are on the list electric before.

But I'm nowhere and night. I believe it not. They wanted they wanted me. I think it would get to a blog with McCallie Carey before they let you turn think it's come back in 24 appear on the printed page.

Little of the best out of. I love it. It's absolutely check all my words I did were to leave it there. Good stuff.

As always, your crushing it on Newsmax and we love you man your great American patriot.

Thank you. All right there you go Dick Morris censored by the New York Times and as he said we all sort of living in this sort of weird world where at any moment the FBI could come in because more connections in our times with Donald Trump and either haul us away or or take away our cell phones and the somewhat simple Todd are you going to do if that happens to you. Well I can tell you that I've had conversations with with my attorneys and God forbid something in life that happens we have a plan in place and we are going to surround ourselves with our constitutional rights. That's what to do and I will keep you updated. So if suddenly you hear Grace Baker anchoring the show grace. You know that I've been a hole outta here, please. Please note, don't leave the show in my hands by the way I so once you sent me a text message of the photos what somebody says sending you a gift. Yes, one of our listeners. Chris sent me a plaque that says you had me at Marlowe and it's got a picture of you know a wineglass with Marlowe and the drink because you because your dog's name alone yes because my dog's name. Marlowe savanna will think Krista very that's very kind of you, so it's you and we love it whenever you guys send us a handwritten note for us to do something and we love it really makes everybody's day so grace you've gotten something I've gotten something but poor Kyle he's just you and all tile maybe our maybe your friend at the sausage company complaint case that's always welcome by everybody here, there you go. All right, we gotta take a break here I were heading to the phones 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show you bundle your renters and auto insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you in your head to the client last game literally never missed an extra point test. This playoff games in this thought about that.

We want to miss.

Thinking about so we consider from that. But we could save you money. Bundling your renters insurance with progressive situations, so we are guessing all this week is Baptist College in California conference. Thousands of people from all over America are here, including a number of students and I had an opportunity to speak to a group on Sunday so incredibly impressed. I wanted to bring some of them on the program and were very excited to have with us. DJ Clay from Pittsburgh. Emily Luna from Chicago and Jared Craig from Lancaster California guys are welcome to the show good to be here. Mrs. Arneson you know Emily, I want to start with you. There are a lot of great questions that were asked a Sunday night and and I'm curious to know if students your age are they engaged in the political process are they paying attention to what's happening out there. The country usually not. If anything, I think Mike whatever comes up and make media site here on tick-tock.

Yes, if you think like with the clean, for example having to clean like it's like if it catches like everything about it to engage with it using so where you're talking about influencers. Would you say that the Hollywood crowd maybe has a larger influence on younger Americans and politicians usually mean I guess if you have a type of influences you into save your mind like singing really listen to what I sent you think if you're into and out like celebrities and yet a celebrity that so yeah you engage with the most Jared, I know that you're really involved in politics were some of the issues that are impacting your generation. Personally, I would say the biggest problem we face is apathy. As a young younger people we just seem to not care.

That's what the left is really well is that they can bring the emotions into something and really get people just feel bad for something on this are political know the driving semi peel and all the stuff just because like you see. These reels are tick-tock like she said where she fires in their one to just blame it on whoever and people just their apathetic to really know the truth, they will now go go out and read a news article from like Breitbart or tali are they only care that you see what they seen a 15 second clip on tick-tock or what some slavery says no just keep going apathy towards everything else really know the truth, they really don't care about politics anything just really what appeals them emotionally something that's really their politics. It's just emotion me here in California especially you guys are controlled by the progressive left the far left Republicans are are in the minority what what what you see among your fellow conservatives rates fellow conservatives out here in California you're either very, very conservative like you're out there you're your promoting your thing, what you believe, or you're just not doing anything relates to extremes out here in California I met you hate the gas prices are like Al has paid any wages. I can't really want to dive into what the problem is like Avenue summer is a horrible dictator for governor, but nope didn't vote for the recall. So like I kind of your father. You know what I mean. That's just how I Republicans I hear are 1920 21-year-olds, that's our concern is that they gotta get mobilized exactly these gotta get involved. My thing is what we need to see every DJ of the conversation about you for just a moment you're from Chicago and what's it like out there being a conservative in a place like Chicago think is best going to Christian school that does help a bet that even the atmosphere if you might sit towards inner-city have a lot more like liberals left individuals are very opinionated for Chicago. I bet and I would basically read state had a suburbs and you have like every other like town the night away from the city very like very red very ratty now, but it's just the inner-city and influence from Chicago again went around the closer to that downtown area.

I think it's a way my liberty urban areas it's that's pretty that's pretty obvious all over America.

Your faith so your Christian, how does that influence what what your politics well I do have my stance and was I think I so for example the abortion thing that's where I give like tonight, but there's also I have felt to be ready to debate our sake to find what I believe. Even without the Bible to their people that they don't have that I like to listen to that psychologist is a religious CFL's of the ready and prepared to debate people. Even without that I was about being prepared and and as you said so many parents are now sending their kids to either Christian schools or homeschooling DJ you're coming from Pennsylvania which is a battleground state. What's it like what's going on in your state of Pennsylvania.

It's it's an interesting say I'll be honest with you. To be honest, you know, the political, what you see you see state like California or UC states that are conservative you see states that are more blue, red, you have a bunch of different ones, but with Pennsylvania.

I believe it's very diversified.

There's a very good balance within Pennsylvania and especially that you go inner-city Pittsburgh. You will see more liberals you will see more of that.

But once you get out you actually see how many conservatives there really are. I scratch the area that I live I'm in the area around Pittsburgh and this is a pretty conservative school here West Coast Baptist tolerance right you think that is because we believe that the foundation of what a Christian is white lines up with the Bible, you know, if you look at, you know, the sanctity of human life like Emily was saying if you look at the biblical standards that we have set aside get some people will say you know they'll say just, you know, we don't believe the Bible your desecration's. That's why your moral but here West Coast Baptist College no. We are conservative because we believe what lines up with the Bible and were not to send using the term of conservative justice. They were conservative were conservative because of what the Bible says about my not say the work conservative but in human terms of modern day and what the Bible lines up with we believe and what got it. What God says in his word and yet I think it's so important you schools like Liberty University. You've got West Coast Baptist College. You guys are out there making a difference in the culture and I think at the end of the day goes back to this idea that ultimately the problems that are facing our country are not really political.

They really are spirit yes or and and we gotta be able to deal with that real quick. Jared just popped right back on. I want to work with you.just about 40 seconds here, big midterm elections coming up, but after that 2024 Trumper DeSantis. I'm going for down shop. I'm going for the winter you I love you Santos I love his morals, his belief everything is gotta her mouth really, but jumps a winner is if anyone scheduled for us it's trunk he's really got a movement he's mobilizing him and yeah I think he's coming out all right. We will see that side. It is fascinating and I we did hear a lot of DeSantis fans in the crowd on Sunday as we were. As we were talking to the students when I signal so much for taking some time out of your classes to hang out with us and were very excited about what's happening here, West Coast, and we wish you guys the very best in your career since her thinking rather yesterday.

All right guys this is grace I'm very impressed here, here, you would love around this place.

I'm sure of what it looks like beautiful campus and great people. Some of the tumbleweeds so that would terrify Merlot to chase them you think you want to change.

They chase you here that's the problem there is. I think there like a live or some teachers all right up folks. We had a great time today. It's been a busy busy day.

We got our three coming up. We got a great conversation with the table about you to stick around for that 844-7478 60 Baptist College is when you buckle your renters insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you in your head and your kicker missed the extra point, last name, literally never missed a point justice playoff games in this thought about that.

We want to miss. Thinking about so we can save you from that.

But we could save you money. Bundling your renters insurance with progressive situations

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