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Deal with it: Media, democrats denounce bussing immigrants to blue cities

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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September 16, 2022 1:02 pm

Deal with it: Media, democrats denounce bussing immigrants to blue cities

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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September 16, 2022 1:02 pm

[00:00:00] Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA)

[00:18:25] Lucas Tomlinson

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[00:55:09] Jonathan Swan

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That'll be great. And of course will take your calls.

1-866-408-7669. We know the present United States will be on 60 minutes you actually did an interview. I'm sure it's done. I'll be in 60 minutes is Sunday's first interview, about 300 days using I will ask is is if you hide remarks to reporters working it out and that's about it.

Like the previous present in almost every other precedent. Previous presidents ever centered is just got in your view, watching Fox nation. You'll see the Touche on the matter of moments, but let's get to the victory. Now the stories you need to know Brian's three number three this is that when I went for Pres. Trump in a loss for the Justice Department.

No one should be surprised at this judge in Florida. Judge Cannon decided not to reverse her earlier order to appoint a special master.that is John you used to work in the Bush White House now professor of law over at Berkeley truth about Trump's temporary legal victories power the party and what the polls says about his popularity leading to the midterms can talk about abortion because I can talk about the economy they can talk about schools they can talk about crime because it will issue for them about the secure border is horribly yeah it's true I sent Rick Scott 2022. Schumer was caught telling a hard truth in a conversation. We were never meant to hear about is part of the issues driving the midterms and how Biden like of Biden -like coverage for that from the media will work this time. When it comes to Fetterman will talk about the damaged contender. I think this is just political theater treating people like political timeslot of them didn't know where they were going and when we didn't know where they were just kind of walked in the town's people must serve people. Your plan went deal with the Fed up Republican governors, desperate to get the government to act and do their job or sending illegals out of their state into a bright blue liberal sanctuary enclave let them experience the burden that has wrecked their way of life. The Biden administration can ignore this any longer. In fact, word is is an emergency meeting right now, so enjoy your survival welcome.

It's great to talk about because he had to military background as well as experience what you're doing and then working hard to get more senators.

A majority of centers of course in Washington. First things first on this immigration issue. Good move for Gov. Abbott and Gov. DeSantis to do what they did what I think so.

Absolutely these are sanctuary cities Brianna Hemingway have openly sad send mass people and we will take care of you and that's what these governors are accommodating their finding those cities that are welcoming to those illegal migrants that have come into the United States asked for people to come to them so those governors are sending them.

The people that are populating their communities so I don't see what's so different because I know I am in this last year or so was a recipient of the illegal migrants that Pres. Biden flew into real estate.

Did you get ahead. So now we didn't know she did not attend Sala. Sen. Grassley and I had to run the trappings on this and we did find out it was the office of refugee services, whatever their official name is, but they they did say that yes we did send these migrants into the city of Des Moines that they would not tell us who was on the plane and they would not tell us where they were sent Gov. DeSantis issues we Gov. Gavin Newsom says he's going to look.

He says the federal government you look at the kidnapping charges and file them against DeSantis and Abbott then maybe they need to do that with Pres. Biden as well because we do know there were a number of those flights that originated along that the cities in the southern border. Moving those migrants into the interior of the United States and yet again, no heads up given to the governors. No heads-up given obviously to the members of Congress and yet we have the office of refugee settlement that continues to move these people into the interior so you know what's good for the goose is good for the gander range and here's the present yesterday: were committed to fixing immigration systems that are working with us on solutions Republican implant politics with human brains, using them as props. What they're doing is simply wrong. It's on America's reckless. The only other time he talked about it was when those horseback when the children horseback and he had a racial issue because they were trying to corral Haitian illegals and ended up being totally wrong. It was false and so how do you explain the guy who spreads United States looking past a situation that's allowing 2 million people to come in 800,000 got a ways fentanyl to poison our people and 8000 today and he's blaming Republicans saying that stunts put the put 60 people into Martha's Vineyard how you how do you say I'm the president and that's not important enough to address. Absolutely I agree. And here we we do have the president that is ignoring the issue.

Turning a blind eye to it. We have the vice president to is the borders are that has yet to visit the board. How important was it to drop those illegals right now to union station right to the vice president's house. Well, it's a wake-up call.

It is a wake-up call. She had stated the other day that the border is secure. It is a laughable live us down in McAllen Texas just a number of weeks ago and saw that the illegals coming across the border and it was so sad because CBP reported to us that 30% of the women and girls that are being traffic to the border are being sexually assaulted by those cartel members by those coyotes that are trafficking them and they said they believe that is low. Those are just the ones that report is higher than that it's probably closer to 60%. And yet this administration refuses to do anything about it just to be to see other networks weeding with this story was heartening, but they're not telling the whole story not telling the 8000 they don't make a trip down there.

Here's Mayor Eric Adams from the city got 14 anyone who states that this administration does not have a hand due on this crises the most wins have been sleeping under a rock the Republican Party. They have created a blueprint in human for the governor to go Susan immigrants to Martha's Vineyard without any coordination is just creating real real crises. That's totally incoherent makes absolutely no sense and at the center. He's thinks that they have a handle on the situation. Is there any so anybody who generally thinks that I handle the situation. Their way of family and is not looking at it right again. Turning a blind eye and I would say a number of months ago, months and months ago there was a Democratic senator from the great state of New Hampshire that actually did go to the border.

Maggie Hassan went to the board has to she's a desperate to tall my procedure she just a horrible situation and so she she went to the border and Democratic Party. Her party wrapped her part for drawing attention to the issue and she has not said a word sentences.

How could you put me Henry Cuellar. They try to primary right is another Democrat at the borders is why the will to my constituents. Twice he try to primary him. What is it you understand the mindset to not address this. They believe eventually they're all going to get citizenship in the be there voters they see where the Hispanic vote is going in this country right and I have talked to Hispanic voters in Iowa and I've done roundtables and I visited with small business owners that have migrated the legal way and they are very very concerned about what is going on and they tell me we did it the right way. We need folks to do it the Right Way, Hispanic vote when they're at their educated on what's going on on the southern border.

They are more conservative voters. They do tend to come more to our site so I don't know what the Democrats are thinking this is a humanitarian crisis Hispanic voters that are legal voters in the United States.

They don't like what they say right over. I want to about politics because you also want to make you try to raise money for the senatorial run for the Republic absolutely being outraged. Yes, we are we are we are being outraised and the Democrats are very good about this, and there spend their messaging they're focusing on the issues that maybe don't apply to everyday life. They're not the kitchen table issues, but the raising money and so I have a website now that I have started and it will be distributed to our Senate candidates are Republican candidates and its red wave red wave and you can go there make a donation and it will go to help those great candidates we have running. And a lot of these tight races. My senior Sen. Chuck Grassley he's gonna when we heard it straight out of Chuck Schumer's mouth the other day in a conversation in a restaurant, so we know he's doing great but we've got a lot of other races out there. Adam lacks all Nevada Herschel Walker down in Georgia Tiffany :-) I think Washington state line. Great, great candidate, but doesn't think so and Rick Scott does have good does the friction of the top hurting you guys. Well, I don't. I don't like it when we argue over those issues and its its fundraising issues and otherwise much McConnell come out and say yeah I don't know how to go shouldn't he be a leader and that's what frustrated Rick Scott. Well I will say that I truly believe that we can get the Senate and that is my message is that we do have good candidates and we have candidates that are very concerned about the direction of our nation. When you look at those kitchen table issues, the inflation, the fuel prices, a weakened military our southern border crime coming up in our communities. All of these issues are happening because of democratic leadership.

We need Republicans to take back the house and the Senate. We are going to do that.

This fall, so what you hear, John Fetterman, Lieut. Gov. had a stroke and clearly he's not up for the job he to do a debate he needs close captioning and also brought up yesterday, if subdivided a stroke and even I get the best manager in the world I would be able to do this job if I could not speak to him cut 22 the touch. The most important price for the 722 two. Replace very nice is a miracle a chance okay I have no idea where that.

I guess it was going right booming. He's quick, he can't debate. He said he needs close captioning and he needs to go through a sample debate with the moderator before doing one to bed not only for me, no offense, but that you said if you this is a job interview. If you can't do the job. You could do the job right and there are extreme rigors and stresses in the United States Senate debate abroad, yet be into place once make decisions that are well educated well-informed you're on the go all the time. If you're truly representing the people of your state, you have to be engaged at debate should be a walk in the park. It should be. So you have a situation where you have a candidate who's against fracking running in Pennsylvania will candidate they want to lead one third of the print minimal one third of all prisoners out as to express nothing but a like and and admiration for Bernie Sanders so in Pennsylvania which is purple to me. I don't see him profiling somebody they would go for.

I could see them in New York.

I can see them in California, but if he's able to if people are able to expose his agenda. I don't understand how he's leading by about 45 point right exactly and the folks in Pennsylvania are wonderful, hard-working Americans you know they have a great industrial base.

I'm familiar with their egg base have got dairies that got you know just tremendous people out there and I can imagine that they would subscribe to the level of socialism that's being pushed by the Democratic Party and their candidate in Pennsylvania. We should be about equal opportunity not equal out, and it seems that that's what time Mr. Fetterman is striving for sinners only orts could be here she goes to the military background. Great foreign policy knowledge, but over the Ukraine red: Ukraine, so I spent I've spent time in Ukraine, but I took a code L a congressional delegation of bipartisan to Poland and Germany just a few months ago so I guess what was going on. I want to get your take on was happy because things of turned around dramatically. Will it last brain kill Mitch Osuna Junior sticks around something new every day, Brian kill me show just fine. Janice Dean Fox news senior meteorologist.

Be sure to subscribe to the Janet Dean or wherever you listen to your podcast and don't forget to spread the sunshine Fox news network Fox News contributor newsletter inviting you to join the conversation every week is Bend Armitage podcast listen no Fox News you so busy he'll make you kill me if I combined all we do have discrete units that are small you cannot will glad they don't have the senior leadership we have is flawed and the Ukrainians have taken advantage of that.

This is truly a paper tiger. I hate to say this are probably insulting. People want to ship Russia's turn out to be Belgian with nuclear weapons. That is a general key Kellogg's been right so much along the way and what he said is we did not get Ukraine ready to fight. We thought was going to phone a week now was scrambling to get them arms why we doing a little by little. He also went on to say he doesn't think the US is committed to letting Ukraine win which I found stunning so Joni Ernst von Lyons services committee, small business, also a veteran, sinners, and so in our studio. Your reaction to the general said and what his assessment is yes, Gerald Keith Kellogg and Swan on spot on. I have had the pleasure of seeing him the other day we were celebrating the second anniversary of Abraham accords another huge huge step forward for the Middle East but not yet see spot on when he is talking about Russia and their lack of leadership there. Leadership is driven from the very top. The generals at the top and if you take those generals out then those that younger officers in the noncommissioned officers within the Russian army.

They don't know strategy they don't know what to do next brutality they just know brutality and unfortunately for them, and good for the Ukrainians is that they've got these conscripts that don't want to fight. Don't know why they're fighting there afraid they're not taught properly so the Ukrainians very definitely have the edge here they can win.

I feel that they have got the will to win the will to fight until the very last cup that we knew the surveys was going to happen new and did not get them ready for widths. We are so-called experts, until this Afghanistan's government would stand on the with the of the finest fruit rollup a trained army in the world. One of the finest in the world and was so wrong there.

So this is good and quick and I was scrambling to arm them should we just get them all. Everything at once and let them find what they had to keep what we doing it in dribs and drabs you are military person you know that that's harmful you piece mailing it out and it is in dribs and drabs, and while we are doing much better and getting the supplies they need to.

It's not enough.

I still think we need to push more to the Ukrainians and get them what they need. And of course that's that is munitions that can do very specific targeting. I think that's important.

The Russians are down to using just dumb bombs. I mean there dumb bombing all the scary music, eliminate all hail civilians and it's a desperate move by the Russians. But if we can provide them to the prep proper targeting mechanisms that munitions actually going to kill the leadership take them out. The Ukrainians can do that as he says this ends in Crimea were starting 2014. Can they actually push all the way into Crimea. I think they could push into Crimea. I think the attitude and the rest of Ukraine is very different than maybe what we've experienced in Crimea.

I would love to see the Russian lot of pro Russians in Crimea.

But I do think that there is opportunity in the Ukrainian should exploit where they can exploit if we get Russians out of Crimea praise the Lord would make a life that I do worry about that time will talk more about that another time. But I certainly hope that we can keep pushing them to the east, and I hope to get our people in Ukraine were kidnapped and brought into Russia wanted being tortured get them back. Glory to Ukraine's personal Americas with all of your thoughts with you throughout your busy day subscribe and listen no Fox News largess or wherever you did your project.

Fox News just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for only a place for the very latest news and information on your listening download no Fox News or wherever you did your favorite information you want to truth you demand. This is Brian kill me show they took their time getting to them they couldn't piecemeal. Those physicians are using high marks of multiple log books are critical to why we develop the program your cultural breaker was designed to fight the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union and to defeat those organ are good people don't we piecemeal them out to them. We should give them all that stuff up or there's an MRs brigade sheet in Europe. Give them everything they need to fight. Don't piecemeal it out because you don't husband artillery. You don't give into unlimited time.

If they do that and they give him a lot more artillery support they give him some air support give Ukrainians of the later part so that was a Lieut. Gen. Kellogg, who thought this was if we were the fight and could not believe that the ministrations we can intelligence that he saw when he left because he was working for the present at the time prison tromped and they still were not arming Ukrainians insisted they couldn't win and keep Woodfall and Slutsky famously was offered a ride out and he said not what weapons and obviously was a good move and he was right, making tremendous progress in omitting the knows all about the battlefield served himself now working watching Lucas Tomlinson joined Jos� Lucas welcome Brian, thanks for doing so. Can you believe if I want to you in April and I said hey. By September, Ukrainians would be on the march would reclaim 3000 mi.� of fear of their stolen land and would have the Russians slowing off their uniforms, trying to run for the Lodge leave their equipment behind mood you said to me it's pretty incredible brine and then going back to a general catalog said we talk about piecemeal.

Recall that for two months behind in the creation denied those high marks to satellite guided rocket launchers to Ukrainians for months. Ukrainians were begging for some weapons to say now know over six months in this war that the Russians would be getting this badly by all measures.

It's incredible. However, it is important to realize that Washington still about 20% of the area about the size and shape a land bridge that Latimer Cooper wanted Crane down to Crimea that still intact more you pull a large coastal city about the size of Miami that is still in Luxembourg. How long will see, but certainly there's been tremendous gains on the battlefield, so they say to Zielinski. This war ends in Crimea and all that's good, that's inspirational, but uses in the front lines. That is what Ukrainians want and frankly it's what good is Prime Minister Liz trust what she made a speech to choose one secretary during the spring were she said stated goal for the British Russia out of the quote whole of Ukraine caucus. Why would you go here out of the White House. Okay, you do not here present by his top aides talk about Russia talk more about supporting equipment to think that that you scorch back like a giant healthy guys don't say you going to game plan okay and that's when the chart but got goal is to we are certainly times from officials I spoke to including lawmakers on the ground and pass through Mike Walt's out some salt coming from Washington. Yes, the weapons are great about believing that dated back late last night but announce another 600 weapons shot 10,000 155 bound artillery of high moral ground.

Also some of the GPS guided. This is all good. Just remember the Russians while they are struggling. They have working stockpiles. Yes, the going to North Korea try to get more rounds and that's certainly concerned that there's talk about this whole thing quoted.

However, as journalist score with things going while the tremendous game battle of the Russians still control 20% of the country, including dollars each dumb boss and a member that's their coal country that their Rust Belt met that still a concern in progress and see the Russians willing to fight Chechnya's are out there to try to recruit on their own because my report will not put out a draft as he thinks will lose public sentiment. If they do, they also were told they don't recruit from Moscow because I guess that's with the right rich Russians are so get the rich kids don't lose their support. So what why one point.

It's not where it's not working for their 11 of people they are certainly not enough experience. Remember during World War II, Russians lost lost over 20 million and that fighting the Nazis and show when it comes to appetite for casualties.

It's very apparent that the tremendous appetite. So, with most concerning officials in the West is palpable not recruiting from the bushy Moscow work from Petersburg. There's a lot of minorities. What that being mowed down like water, but you were not seen a large track on this award still technically special military operations. You want the public sentiment when looking to buy concern for officials in the West Bank, which is the support that does have this war inside his own country.

And when it comes to the sanctions. Yes, it hurt the Russians but it's also very concerning to look at who benefits Latimer is making a lot of money on hundreds of dollars. Okay all oil exports very very concerning and countries like some extent Turkey of course China all that because they are increasing their supplies and finding clients, customers, or that will and of course that's where you come from its oil and natural gas say should not work there in the Western Western Europeans. Really we are not looking forward to the winter only talk about something else outside inflation and now immigration.

The one issue that I think consumes modes of kitchen tables is crime it out okay how old you are.

If you rolled your victim. If you're the probably life you could be carjacked.

You're doing a story today looking at our nation's capital. Even the fine areas of Washington and there's employers Washington carjacking is booming. The same thing in New York was being terrorized by a group of homeless people on the west side on the west side, a beautiful area of Manhattan. What is going on with crime in America. Good evening Beverly Hills we see the this happening how concerning is it to you. Did you find in doing the story line lasted scouring the neighborhoods in Washington including going to the Beverly Hills of our nation's capital match George down and your assault on assault businesses that their doors locked during the middle of the day specially eyewear doors were locked up appointment only. This is not 1/3 world countries as Georgetown Mrs. Wisconsin not one store the bandits when all hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise broad daylight. A lot of people are scared carjacking as you mentioned them brought up 75%, a member of the Washington football player running back Brian Robinson third round pick in last year's draft out of Alabama. A lot of playing time shot twice in the leg on each Tuesday neighborhood that my money's been put into rail shops. One bedroom apartment along E St. NE. $2000 month two bedroom, 2000 you highlight areas all around or walk neighborhoods, and when I spoke to two locals I spoke to people on the streets very concerned and very scared. I spoke to one more small child that she she so nervous and she's from Brooklyn brought machines that lets him use the crimes. I don't go comfortable here. I'm adding Street Morton's was supposed to be hot new area. Back Bay Boucher just two months ago highlighted that quarter. The call to each record or at the place they want to reduce gun violence and mixing, no star running back.

The commanders shot Millett without making a final option is on the exercise bike. But I digress where I went on nervous or scared.

One businessman I most want talk when I'm not scared not want to talk it is called Rob thousand dollars merchandise talk about what happened.

Okay, I witnessed a crime. I stand across the street on N St. and Street dislike the Broadway script being somewhere in the West Village. Okay, I'm on M St., Soho, and across the street. Your security guard yelling at these two young girls waving his baton.

I go interview about what each drop the store read day. These two women run out of storebrand splinting walked out and got in the car. Now I bump into a group of police officers what's going on and they said but I'm not making the rest.

Talk to you. She claims she caught every okay if the court systems they're getting exactly let off pay later that back on the street cops. They interviewed were very angry. Thanks so much. Best luck. Stay safe. From Washington, 1-866-408-7669.

I set the table.

Center Joni Ernst. We talked about crime and punishment, or lack thereof, with Lucas Tomlinson and we've a lot more discuss we get back. Feel free to get on the line joining us here at 1-866-408-7669 and keep in mind more nation just hours away by 8 o'clock Saturday night and again 11 o'clock Eastern time.

You love that show to Brian Kilby show one more Brian love the podcast had Brian every episode, exclusive interviews on more kill me, you will gain close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscriber list from his mouth to your peers. Brian kill me is all his dummy enemies. These always elastic pants governors of Florida was bragging today as he sent two planes full of immigrants to Martha's Vineyard. This is a thing they're doing now. Guys like Ron Santos and Greg Abbott taxes are using taxpayer money to ship these poor people looking for a better life in random places around the United States and they laugh about it. They think it's funny.

One guy who's got way of celebrating Hispanic heritage is Florida Gov. Ron Santos yesterday Santos flew two planes of Hispanic immigrants to Martha's Vineyard Ron if you're trying to discourage immigration maybe don't send people to one of the loveliest parts of New England just in time for leave Santos wasn't sending spoke to the vineyard to have the time. He was human trafficking these families is a political stunt so that you understand you understand enough to make it a joke is even understand the deer mocking the fact that they're marking 60 people coming but not 8000 leave all that off the table and just make it sound like they're just such leg nitwit sending them up to Martha's Vineyard at such a beautiful place to go.

Another part on Kimmel said, I guess of the people Martha's Vineyard and they fed them to give them a place to sleep lately should be doing everyone's applauding. Guess what does you know what's going on in El Paso Rio Grande Valley doing time with all getting everything but now they've only gotten. We've only gotten from two states, Arizona and Texas did they know that the present United States been flying them into various states. You just heard center Joni Ernst say they found out that a plane landed in Iowa, the governor was never alerted all these illegals came in and they had a quick scramble to handle it. No one check with them. Now you're upset the governor to Santos is doing it. Guess where you going today go to dump a whole bunch Inc. in Delaware, so we should do that more than Martha's Vineyard let you handle it because guess what now they had it have an emergency meeting about illegal immigration when normally they would just talk about white supremacy all day. So now, and how bad it is how it's the number one threat to America. We are pretty much gets white supremacy, but not pretending like it should be a top 10 issue in our country because it's not. It is not 1920 but meanwhile the prison.

Today, this morning's have an emergency meeting to talk about litigation options in response with the GOP governors are doing so instead of actually solving the problem you want to sue back so I love this though this hardening. This was an unnamed administration official should not be about political science and should be about the whole of government and get how it should be about how the whole of government gets 8500 counters a day down that according to actio's course, we don't have that person's name because it probably would be working anymore, but that's it. I'm sure we'll listen meeting at some point they go to save his present every single port of entry is overwhelmed. This whole border is being blitzed in a way we've never seen before these people waltzing right in and they're not being sent back there be given bracelets and times to appear in only the only coming back edited kill clip of 30%. At one point does anyone level with the 80-year-old and just say how bad this is me that to me is just unbelievable.

And when this is what caused it. In my view, this was the breaking point over the weekend, Harris on Meet the Press and just about everywhere else the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system we have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation, including our center administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years. Once you keep saying that and I could play the KGB saying the same thing. There was no deterioration what was build up these nations were threatened. They were incentivized to keep their people home.

It was said to forget to give you money give you way to target the actual people so you guys don't end up you leaders end up putting your pockets real relationships were forged with the previous demonstration. You may not like a lot. Would prison trumpeted but this is pretty much airtight, like Abraham accords now they're just saying again divorced from reality. I inherited a broken system.

Yet the system needs to be updated absolutely a way to keep those superstars in Stanford here a way to get work visas easier for people to fill these jobs. 11 million jobs are open absolutely. But you can't do one without border security and the board was light years more secure. Back then, and shipping these these immigrants to Martha's Vineyard Delaware eventually to New York to Chicago and to vitamin into the vice presidents house is a way to say pay attention fix this problem. This will not be ignored if the Republicans do when the House and Senate that saying this is okay and please the spotted American. It's not so Doug and politically understand it to think that this is a good move. What Marco Rubio is in a tough fight he sees with his governors doing cut 12. Margaret voluntarily offers to go to another part of the country.

I think it's perfectly reasonable for state system so that you know these places that claim to be sanctuary cities and whose leaders oppose every immigration enforcement measure often share the burden. Why not know some people so I thought I was going to Boston and up in Martha's Vineyard my my Isaac but weeping for you. Meanwhile, the situation El Paso as well as the overall surgeon Venezuela's overwhelming Venezuelans Cubans Nicaraguans are at the border now they're all communist countries were led by brutal dictators got it understood the Romanesque corrective probably really fine people.

So what we do under pressure those governments to get China, Cuba and Russia out of our hemisphere that are causing so much unrest and robbing people of their of their livelihoods and lives in many cases that are forcing this this migration or direction. What special provisions are being done nothing, just come into a border because it is open for those three things that those countries have one thing in common. Horrible communist country leaders are controlling their country.

We've done nothing international did nothing in our hemisphere with the nothing of the board. Now they're upset everyone sharing the burden. I hope we understand the reality is always seeking solutions first sewing is Brian is true.

I mean Karl Rove was 100% right and what is going on my self-esteem. It is dropping. I have seven emergency with Anthony Robbins or somebody that he trained. It does sound like that hi everyone, bring to me from 1/40 and six in midtown Manhattan around the country around the world. John and Swan were the most insightful and and energetic reporters and dogged reporters in the country at the bottom of the hour and Geraldo Rivera is standing by. He is all dressed up because he is always on Fox and friends this morning.

I think you should wear the same outfit for the five I'll find out a matter I'll break that story right here.

Let's get to the bakery stories you need to know Brian's three, sponsored by crunch fitness interested in owning your own business in a growing $30 billion industry checkout crunch fitness number three is that when went Justice Department no one should be surprised at this judge in Florida judge decided not to reverse her earlier order to appoint a special master that is so true, that is the truth about Trump's temporary legal victory. John you just talking about his power, the party and what the polls say about his popularity leading into the midterm number to talk about abortion because they can talk about the economy they can talk about schools, crime is secure border is God sent Rick Scott on why abortion front center for Democrats 2022 humor and was caught telling the truth in a conversation. Washington DC stuff that we were not supposed to hear what he said.

I sense is a lot about the midterms and the truth behind the left, push to take back the house not going to happen. I think this is just political theater treating people like political ponds. A lot of them didn't know where they were going and when he didn't know where they were just kind of walked into town to good people. Must these are people your plan went yeah the same people 8500 a day you don't care about them really care about it when they go to the nice area of New England. Deal with it but up Republican governors, desperate to get the government to act will pay attention as illegals are flooding this country invaded this country and bright blue. They finally get a taste of it. Bright blue liberal sanctuary enclaves and they don't like it would be right now. Geraldo Rivera, Geraldo. This was a desperate act by a bunch of people who are concerned about their state and concerned that there being illegal immigrants are storming the border and rate that you never even thought possible. My correct well.

I think that box particularly great job in the American people.

The true scope of this product think that that is definitely true drone footage that they've been shooting down a bill Nguyen and the other correspondence is really amazing liable. So right now the situation the present United States, said this about the tapping of the border: fixing immigration system instead of working with us on solutions, republics, and plant politics and human brains using them as props. What they're doing is simply wrong. It's on America's reckless now.

Is he telling the whole story.

Well, what is not his responsibility for the current emergency that is not to say that I think that was the rabbit did or or are doing is appropriate. I think they clearly got our attention. It will stunt the political stunt that work. From the front page or it's leading every newscast. Now that it is undeniable.

The scope of the problem presented in a way baby bed they thought would belie the liberal creed that these people take care of the migrants. I think I'm fortunate forward Abbott in the fantasy people Martha's Vineyard are rallying to the to the 50 or so, who are bored. He landed there either to Goodlett led Walter Bennett of all places to find demonstration but you know when using human beings and that is using them as props. There is a CD aspect of wealth that I can always get the next 60 within the next 60 in the next 60 because I believe the people Martha's Vineyard should be treated like the people of El Paso and those people of El Paso how Delta have their lives destroyed.

They're afraid to go out at night. They have their they're probably not your neighborhood and speak with jurisdictions that you are, you know what you feel you have some leverage with them. Use these migrants as your weapon willy-nilly were I believe I care about illegal immigration.

I think it's a huge problem. They don't they have no problem with Texas being destroyed in Arizona being invaded in New Mexico to get a Republican governor you get that real story and Texas can be taken over and invaded issues. We California and because every part Democratic administration was destroying their it's destroying their lives and their livelihoods in the Hispanic vote. Geraldo is going to Republicans.

I never thought was can happen. It's almost 50-50. Read my book is where I predicted that Reagan said Hispanics are naturally Republican may not know it yet. Very entrepreneurial. But the thing. The irony of this crew.

Migrants help however they got here, however, legally or not legally they built one ugly whatever illegally they got here. The fact of the matters they are the ambition got great. The vast majority are more hard-working, just want to payday for an honest days work which they could not get in there in their nation with Venezuela no Mexico or Guatemala or any of the other Central American countries, Nicaragua, Cuba, you know, these are the people living in the present conditions you know are highly mobile picture that I think you would deftly embrace Nicaragua's been taken over by brutal dictators. That is, will that brutal dictator today is an absolute communist mess would work on in our own hemisphere. What is the strategy to help those people and I do believe there should be second is exceptional. Looks solemn request for Nicaragua for Venezuela and Cuba in an organized way and then you explain to the people of the border what's going on this were to be doing to be sealing the border to find a way to save these people often the hardest working, most grateful it would come here. What kind of pressure we putting on that regime on China and Cuba, and Russia to get the hell out here and stop go stop propping up these lunatics.

All excellent questions and presented with righteous indignation should be but the fact of the matter is we have been dealing with communist Cuba for decades Cubans have been fleeing the B island communist dictatorship. They have been arriving on the shores of Miami since 1960.

Miami has been all Florida writ large is been changed by their their presence and for the better.

You know they been big, and become, you know, the ancestors of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and and so many others that have come in the positions of prominence in the United States.

The I think that there's a we are on the same cyber want. We want an organization. We want you know system, but it's very difficult when you have literally billions of people who want to come to America because America is the land of opportunity we could put every one of them to work.

Russia is losing population Russia as a result is been empty and empty shell compared to what it should be hundred 90 million people were even less than that nation that sighs regularly having to shout across the door to say hello to each other. So I agree on that. Absolutely 11 million open jobs does the first-round draft picks were training in Stamford why we test sending them back to Burma in and in India when they want to stay here.

There should be pathways, but as soon as you get security. The Warren game on, but when you have 8500 a day and you and I've only been down there a handful of times and I can't stop thinking about it. I actually had for a couple weeks I could not stop, think about these poor people I got to leave after about border patrol while I'm doing standups people are stream forwardness stopping me in the middle of my interviews to put people in their truck and the guys over interviewing normally were in the office but there's so strong out and short of people. They had to leave the office and help out. I think about those three shoots that I was on. I can imagine doing that every day, and then having people say it's no big deal, and I want you here, Harrison a week. This was the breaking point cut for the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system we have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation, including our center administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years that last line is comical, silly. So you know, live by the real fact that you alluded to it earlier in your show Brian is that no one is suggesting what to do about it. It's one thing for a governor to make you know, a big splash by sending migrants to Martha's Vineyard of all places, but quite another thing to suggest this is what were going to do. We are going to impose on Mexico stringent trade restrictions because they are allowing these people to walk across their territory unimpeded so will get Mexico involved will enforce E-Verify where you cannot hire these people will build the fence here or there or elsewhere. The fact of the matter, as it is extremely difficult problem that really requires best American minds, Republican or Democrat red and blue to say okay what are we going to do. We have a day shouldn't.

As you said, with 11 million open jobs right now. These people can fall below that you be the babysitters and the lawnmowers in the poultry processors and the meatpackers and the farmworkers in the abyss and that the recent CEOs. Geraldo said as every president and know this better than me when you message the ripples through central South America that the border you guys not time to go it's can be really tough. 20,000 makes Marines are there in the setting is back yet this, I remain a Mexico policy. I'm that I don't, you end up sitting Mexico forever. You get through if you have to ignite certain times. But when the catcher they send you back and then that that becomes a little something always check the consuls expanded in El Salvador. The consul got expended Nicaragua. I see commercials on television saying if you can eliminate yourself from ever being allowed in. If you sneak in and are caught so that at the same time, I would never if I was secretary of state. You never find me in the country. I would be spending all my time down there with my assistant, talking to these governments and say what we need to get you guys to crackdown on your own border and when I give you weight. It's got to go to the right people and I will put somebody in charge of Honduras aid to make sure it just is going to the coffers of government and then what you do is to series of things come happened and he gets under control and you remember this Labrador president of Mexico was the last one to recognize that Biden won the election. This socialist love trump if trump was such a horrible person. To the Mexicans. Why was it that their government actually was cooperating with us at the end final thought. People have to work together did a better job in Biden on the border.

Biden open heart and compassion that exactly be the worst possible impact. It is encouraged and made the problem exacerbated the problem. But you know, unless there is true, a recognition that is every night you spelled it out. It just sounds like a massive massive effort we really have to recognize that the problem is a massive problem for you really get Americans motivated to fix absolutely.

It's always good to talk to gradually assess the five thank you got it. 186-640-8766 and I got right so I will be able to close we get back. Also, the bottom of the hour. John this one last time I was communicating with them. He went to the last one probably what he said about that rally what it means without trump's fortunes. I think you'll find fascinating. If you keep here on the brain kill me show both sides all talk show that's real. This is Brian kill me show. I think this is just political theater treating people like political ponds out of know where they were going and when we didn't know where they were just kind of walked in the town people are people. Your plan went decent real live people with children and older people and we can work it out really working out exactly what was a bonehead to go down to Texas and see 8500 people stream through every day and you worried about 60 in a beautiful area.

Martha's Vineyard bike might not understand where to go on a beautiful sunny spring day until people show up and give them new Nikes Apple for new iPhones and a place to sleep. Do you understand what they're saying. Did they understand the reality at the border with the people of Texas and Arizona have to deal with their upset in New York City. They get 70 people come off the bus 200 a week.

How about 8000 a day. Dan Patrick cut 16.

The Lieut. Gov. this is the epitome of leaders and just a bunch of rich hypocrites up there only all wall is made. We had a couple plane loads of people come into our neighborhood of $10 million houses. We have a housing shortage already, cry me a river up there on the island and the same thing for Chicago and New York and Washington. You mentioned del Rio Laura, not just in the last couple of months but since Biden became president we've had 400,000 people come in that sector of the city of 37,000 that would be like sending 80 million people to New York City 10 times their population give us enough time and will send enough buses great analogy. By the late Governors communicator. I mean he's from broadcasting owns your affiliate care IV that we are lucky enough to broadcast on a new sin is try to communicate the EDC. He understands all these mass media markets.

He understands the mindset. They just don't assume reality now small and big cities. The rich and the famous who know the difference. Barack Obama, the people around them understand what's happening at the border. They don't care so they been effectively able to ignore the present doesn't go the vice president doesn't show they never go to central South America did a couple zoom calls. Now they have to talk about it. Now they not talk about it in a comprehensive way there only talk about the 60 Martha's Vineyard in the not talk about the thousands in El Paso Rio Grande Valley.

The oldest that the old decent border areas of Tucson not talk about new holistic way. If they really cared. They go they said this is a problem so they got their attention, but they're only halfway there. That's the problem I think politically it's a good move, but is also a desperate move. I really don't care that much about politics maybe 10% of it.

I want people to benefit from it. I want Henry Cuellar, a Democrat, to stand tall, you know, the Democratic mayor of El Paso also part of this busing and in the flights out because not a Democrat or Republican. If your people are overrun. If your family is hindered. If you can't player your SKU soccer game over the weekend if you not allowed to go outside and go knock on your neighbor's door because it's too dangerous if the AAA in your backyard if you worried about your doors and likes afraid to go away because you have to get invaded. That's a reality, a Democrat or Republican, your American whose life is been curtailed because your federal government moved seal the border or even try. That makes it worse, not all radio show like no other, nothing more than driving an excitement factor like Donald Democrats right.

I mean, they love to be close to him because they are independence. Many art don't want to see another reign of trump and the more he engages in the race the more he puts himself out there the more it's a reminder of what to people and having trump on the ballot is a hugely energizing factor in a lot of these races and that's with the trying to do. No doubt about it and I don't think that's news anybody's good, especially Jen Saki who knows an MSNBC contributor shall be asked a lot about a marching of the shows are quickly talk about the special master with Donald Trump, not the other major stores in this country, including inflation. Jonathan Swan joined just now national clinical correspondent at actio's and he was also somebody this at one of Donald Trump's most recent rallies and joined just now John the welcome back good good. First off, no doubt about Donald Trump's got a series of legal challenges probably like the a blizzard of which have never seen before.

My life, but he did seem to have gotten a break when it came to the special master in this judge saying no more FBI, no more looking at the stuff into the special master says what you can and can't see that's up. That's a rare legal win for him right yeah and we couldn't get state what you mean. I number was last night about the debate that it will delay somewhat the investigation, but probably will end up being somewhat late. The question that needs to be resolved. Can a member of the executive branch or former member of the executive branch being the president, executive privilege against the executive branch legal question that got hunted on that will find out. The respected judge and will see what happens with think that this is going to have a meaningful impact on the ultimate result interesting because there is a sense that there's a lot of documents there that he didn't have the sense that the judge a couple of his lawyer source signed officer they gave everything up, correct, and he determined that he didn't legal question to be resolved which it can form a member of the executive branch executive privilege again. The executive branch which once the document and note that not much precedent support that interpretation discreetly get robust in the 11th so just like will have a delaying effect, but we don't yet know whether we'll have any more than that. The gist of it delaying the process. The legal question get resolved and will get resolved. This might take a bit longer. So how about this in Fox's call was appropriate or not for the person to take this document tomorrow Lago only 26% said it was appropriate 56%. The FBI 65% inappropriate about the search by the FBI, 56% said was appropriate. Only 39%.

It didn't that space to the presence roughly his approval rating are right now. You do wonder the big picture, regardless of our turns out why the person would want a headache like this is not like you want to build a lottery former God about and I would still like to watch him at all and why. Why will you guys decide last year that they went to him and said the documents we want them back by documents and other government documents that belong to the dispute about whether they will contact from Floyd that yet know you're right you're right will get them back. They didn't claim any of the document to declassify void in their station in January actually had 15 boxes that that he is everything is everything with got all actually know full representation.

He still has more document mocha by document back again for more next day we think you got more back-and-forth and actually get a grand jury subpoena Jake brat goes and visits Moloch meets with Tom Lloyd Corcoran and eyesight.

This time he is everything 11 more boxes you know the classified document and I was so confident that we don't speak such sign off will do it at his station.

Absolutely everything I swear Christina Bob everything. Why is channeling what plausible get everything back. Why put your stupidity so you know that there is a lot of frustration even from people who died Trump forward by people who actually want him to be fixed at school and I just like to drive, but not by whatever you think about how the FBI a lot in the narrow sucking at that we can basically couple things one melding with this acted J Brad or one of his one of his colleagues said lock on that door to last until we get through it and I get back here, they never put an end.that was reported about this padlock how the tropical interpreted what we believe the document is still no secure tomorrow Lago the document you still have the document but we need you to take whatever precautions you can right now basically read what what actually sent them in the land you would be of the view of everything back very quickly like anything you have copy should have in an insecure location in a country club in a private country club. So this whole thing about them padlock a little never happened.

Thing that was requested.

Interesting. You want so so we'll see where this goes. Number one for now on when the present leaves should be very easy to set up a system I can't believe there is none is what documents you welcome screen and give us a week comeback season was okay. The lawyer just what we want these okay any copies of them. I thought everything was electronic anyway.

These days, and boy am I mistaken I guess cybersecurity is one of the reasons in that number two is there should be a did you type checklist. The present clearly wasn't sneaking it out. We see these boobies interns and Sue standing by a chopper with cardboard files so I mean if you sneaking it out you the worst crook ever got a lot of question about things like that. What I do know what that was very chaotic and were actually very red about doing a normal packing up profit because Trump didn't want that to be the appearance that he was conceding and leaving office and what have you suck all this stuff happened the last two weeks. Usually the election happened and the process begins. This is not a normal process a lot of braces which you take away from. When you saw the presence of Pennsylvania made it would depend out-of-state arena did not.

I'm sorry that the weather here around nine are by the country that can fill a 10,000 feet arena like that and have it rocked like that and this is a huge thank you got a strong base and again you can just an objective statement of reality you can think whatever you want about Donald Trump but anyone is actually looking at the situation realistically can see that the reason he he still is ahead in the polls model of public and very very fired up base and they show up at him. They would walk on the hot cold him and me at that rally was there was a huge mountain crowd.

The dock master out of the pictorial credit not looking to get the doctor on them and I will politely tolerate clapping, but ironically that situation in which all actually benefits from Metreon up to the polls because of Metreon. No. And it also can get back to the open bars. Once the base shows up, and I have abide there anyway sure not yet gone to about a binary choice between Dr. Alton John Federman you you think the old man with a great feeling almost every poll jumping right yet because he had no suburban support and twice with shocked and appalled that Mr. Batista turned out, the base to all benefit is not managed women in favor of him pretty weak support, and the collar counties, but he don't have a strong it may not be enough to win. In fact, the pulse of what be enough to what what what you can be sure of the base. The boat in Pennsylvania, which was also the biggest problem because the Republican base is known about the early Trump you believe that if Trump runs well soon, John. This way I know it's early on September 2020 yeah but right now I suggest you make a prediction put an envelope and if he declares morels who are the ones which can be in that envelope so with out running the whole week is running.

No one who works for him and told me it running, but I'm watching very closely everything I'm picking up his behavior. Talking to people who advised him to get a very high likelihood even if Trump runs very good chance at taking on I think is a very very good chance that Mike pence runs people around him. My compare based on what he saying publicly team and I live pretty well.

I'm very confident.

Crews will not run Trump runs with certain people and getting into. So you know I'm sure Chris Christie not Ron I would be shocked if Lisa Cheney, Ron you I think most people view point. The wrong question to be the most interesting given he really had a huge amount of momentum and popularity out so that Craig will not suggest you write with was just Russia who about what's going on right now in terms of the midterms.

The Democrats have benefited from the Dobbs decision, no question you believe they're getting more money in their and the economy all you said inflation the anger towards inflation has cooled somewhat where we are right now heading into the midterms with what we look at six weeks ago. Very very complicated and I have great for anyone trying to make grant production history tell you that Republicans are going to pick up an average of 25 feet. The house and potty out really well startled thing happening and being able there real big biking registration right now most strategist I would most likely take the house and probably jump on the Senate. There is a very clear path for Republicans to take the Senate, but Democrat had a few lucky breaks with candidates and it certainly got a very strong money so it's really probably coming down three states right now, Georgia the battlefield is really strong in the last few weeks. Most people treat them on both sides will tell you that when Ohio Republican I'm talking about. Now probably lose hours on right. They probably win North Carolina publicly Pennsylvania Georgia� Everyone Republican probably win with both.

I think at this point I yelled right super important walk right super important black salt rice 2% reported by five energy and focus more intently on Rice's soul.

John this one. I guess ask you starting to write that is a big push to get Donald Trump to send some estate, some of his monies got $100 million in the pleading of the eyes and Blake Masters and mastodon out where's the money behind right that's right hundred million dollars. McConnell no relationship with Trump account think that appeal directly make appeal indirectly going to do that sitting on the money. Most of the money that he spent so far have been on the entire Republican for Republican $5 million. Also try to find camp in Georgia. He spent a lot of money defeating Liz Cheney in her primary so we get the input. Behind any of the vulnerable Republican candidates, and I don't know if you will.

Everyone getting getting awfully late in the day. I'm sure these people gave him money to support those candidates that is also being investigated is the present to for with with the monies collected and where it's going.

Correct. Yet like 40 people painted. I don't get the nature of that nation. So I get a lot we don't know the creative and hyperbolic interpretation out there.

You wait and see what what the cases that pot yet absolutely guided and people associated with right now is maybe spend the money the candidate and said see I told you, but who knows. I Never seem to agree with the right job about 5000 more questions, but that's all the time.

We have always love having Jan John the continued success with actio. So John this one guy works hard use of the brain to me shall be back with with you have to say next. Your knowledge base Brian show the more you listen more, you'll know Brian kill me back everybody 1-866-408-7669 let's keep the local Alex your WABC in Brooklyn hey Alex, I think Joe Biden is saying that Republicans are illegal immigrants with political, democratic, now like Texas can handle the illegal immigrants they have in their right now coming through the border so make sense of the body." The country and different state of the auditing is also illegal immigrants that are being sent by Republicans are being traveling a very comfortable and safe fashion. So I think the real political point game is going on at the border people are targeting traffic because the Biden administration is allowing them in here that that way they can have more Democratic votes in the future. So that's where the political ballgame is going on but this time, and it is with you spending so going more more towards Republicans you really think that is the big picture, but the people that are coming across the border are PR, not the people that are voting absolutely didn't see the results of that I think democratics really Democrats will not allow the men if they don't believe their vote in the future right. Thanks for call Alex. Always good to have somebody a well thought out. Talk about an issue that matter so much was the right to one nation Saturday this Saturday 8 o'clock 11 fastest-growing radio talk show. Brian kill me. Thanks much for being here buddy Brian kill me show the final hours a week is been an exciting week and appreciate you being there shattered dreams here getting set to host boxes on their second week.

What a great debut and thought of the hours is joining Herschel America reports in the 2 o'clock hours at right Allison you have the time so you in a moment. You can find out where they need the highest rating you bring right. Why did you not sound convincing when you said that right so that it of course we had a big show, one nation, which are one of our local superstore host Sid Rosenberg who dominates in the morning at WABC's can be one of my guess you were great talking is gonna bring since I was happening in New York right now. Let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian is three, number three, this is Devlin went for a president Trump in a loss for the Justice Department. No one should be surprised at this judge in Florida. Judge Cannon decided not to reverse her earlier order to appoint a special master that is John you treat about Trump's temporary legal victory. His power in the party and what the poll says about his popularity leading into the midterms talk about abortion that they can talk about the economy and thought about schools, crime will issue a secure border to publish and that is Rick Scott.

He knows Democrats momentum is about abortion and not much else, 20, 22, she were caught telling a hard truth in a conversation overheard in Washington DC, restaurant. I know no joke about the truth about the house about the Senate about certain races and so much more. Also, how is it that the media she's covering for clearly damaged John Fetterman is to do this again like they did with present Biden, why don't you work. I think this is just political theater treating people like political ponds out of know where they were going and we didn't know where they were just kind of walked into town and people are people. Your plan went yeah it is just sick insane that we wait about 60 in one town to Martha's Vineyard put about 7000 overrunning estate deal with it set up Republican governors, desperate to get the government acted.

I don't border is sending out the illegals from their towns to Yorktown liberal sanctuary enclaves let the experience let them experience what Texas Lindenwood El Paso specifically is experiencing on a daily basis by the mistress. You can ignore this any longer.

Shanna bring joy just now. Shannon, we seen a lot of interesting stories.

Take twist, we weren't expecting. What about this Martha's Vineyard get 60 and the whole towns of 40 of flame and then you have the vice president gets the drop off point at her place.

Greg Jenkins is there then. Not sure exactly where they are in Washington but now the vice president just walks by reporters rather than answer the question.

Are you surprised they can handle this for them on the pulling when it comes to how the president is handling integration monster of an assignment that it can't vice president words are and you know I don't think that much time down there.

She takes a liking for not having gotten any real progress in activating the numbers are getting worse, and our numbers. Those are numbers that are coming from nonpartisan government agencies and at the reporters notes on any government knowledge is there are probably hundreds of people that are so-called quote God always mean we don't even have any record of them coming across the border sell that last weekend at the border was secure to get invited a lot of overseeing this week to remind me ministration. That's not exactly true, and there are plenty Democrats were saying that it's not just Republican strong argument you heard some of the outrage from the single people. This is what was going on.

Why are they sending people over what is it like to be in El Paso Democratic mayor right and he's part of it ascending people down there. The Henry Cuellar Democrat the borders, not close and you and you know the soundbite is making that really cause Democrats Republicans to act� Listen for the border is secure. But we also have a broken immigration system we have a secure border and that that is a priority for any nation, including our center administration, but there are still a lot of problems that we are trying to fix. Given the deterioration that happened over the last four years then comical deterioration of last four years when prison Trump was getting in trouble for being too tough of the border and threatening to send these illegals into century cities. But the legal division of ice told him that might not be legal. Hard to get into the argument over Pres. Biden or anybody else coming and it showed. When president Trump first took office and was very hard-core numbers when people did not think it was a reality for them to get here until yesterday talking to people outside of vice president resident here in DC saying it open. Okay, maybe I'm not coming here, completely, really, but the border is open. I know that I can come here and go across to people are getting because policies are changed and you and Kenny were border patrol agent and then folks are working down on the border you the enormous difference in numbers under a president where people feel like it turned around and I could to stay versus the president or vice president talking about mass amnesty and even getting rid of title 42, and all these other measures in it turned out that the numbers right so this is become the number one story. Here's a goal goal to get people to talk about it. Imagine your house being constantly ransacked and you kick a cop to show so you do is maybe like the house on fire in order to get cops to show up.

So this with the Prez. This is with these governors have done avid DeSantis to degree Ducey have said if you don't pay attention. Now I'm sending it to your house and he's doing it word is today DeSantis going to send some to Delaware water question. Will they now start showing up in the president you call me and we can retreat and cutting sure their books are being sent in a real human being with families with children and we can't lose sight of that real people are being sent to places that are cities or states declared himself to be sanctuary.

So if you mean that when people chill up, it would seem that you would be equipped in some way to help these people and to walk them through the process, but it begs the question about whether people want to be thinker in name only, or if they're willing to help people who shot the minimum payment and we are willing to help them but we need to head that we need to know if we can coordinate and make sure the people that made them etc. etc. but for anything you like New York to absorb a few thousand compared to talk about the border town that just don't have any of that detective or structure in the base to help be huge numbers of people on a conversation that is worth having an we would now Republicans are controlled everything in Washington or Democrats are, they have not gotten problem tech so let's see how Karine Jean-Pierre handles it. What is their policy is to blame cuts five standby is that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that that we follow the process that's been put forth. That's why we have historic funding to do just that. To make sure that you make sure that to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border be removed or expelled that she do half of an issue for the ministration the president is taking up a little bit and from his approval rating not immigration the way underwater on that and people do blame him ultimately be an important so were looking at a few things going on in the present, states the form for the ice it's got a bit of the victory yesterday when a judge ruled. You cannot FBI DOJ look to the stuff you took from the mayor Lago compound until the special master rules make Kent, can you put that in. In an L everyday ease of pursuing what we think of the criminal investigation regarding the former president and they want the ability to use the document and if John Sanford had said you can continue the investigation that you want to talk to people, do whatever you cannot use the document investigation into the special master goes through them. They're going to appeal that decision. A party signaled a well thanks we want to be able to keep looking at my documents and other things that we retrieved their intimating to me the good sign that the two sides agreed on a special master to the degree to the person is former federal judge, but at the same time the government still appealing the decision to even have this judge looking at some of the stuff. So yeah, I mean the present psoriatic trouble. Now his super back is being investigating of the George investigations happening. He offered a deal to Leticia, James, and she in turn is suing him as an Atty. Gen. to an investigation get an offer and then decide to sue, I don't. Can you tell me what's going on here. We know time state Atty. Gen.'s are political. They had their own political ambition and I think that we seen some evidence of that in New York potential for governor the kind of thing made by the former president critically granted taken down behind bars. All the things that will help me. The conversation ongoing about trying to settle a result of any cases that the company looking you are very busy because you do have a state federal debt and you don't know what else is coming. They will speak publicly that we know all of the subpoenas that have gone out over the last few days to live. People in Trump world links and information on how we get things to the New York Times and Washington Post. But DOJ is not telling us anything on the record you have it on this.

This retention while I am waiting for an email that will allow me to take some of that but for sure we got there Linda Graham on exclusively around here this week in Washington and behind when he said after he's argued that abortion is a state rights issue and that's why Roe should be a return is a 15 week man at the federal level in your consternation from people within the plant community. Things like support that this is our life work is what we deal if you did not pull well for Republicans in the midterm. So why now in the middle of all that has been her Graham said. Now the time for federal van Eyck that we did meet before cell questions are him. Can I offer 10. My theory is that he said Republicans can handle this question.

They continue get tripped up by so I'm in a take the lead.

I'm a tell everyone, let's make it proposing 15 weeks and then get behind me everybody at the same time did not know the economy is going to take the market was going to go through the floor and the prison was going to have James Taylor over to sing about something that was not the stuff and sing about so he overwhelmed that disaster, and he brought up front and center point, isn't it true that Republicans have not been able to handle that question and is it true that 15 weeks was a compromise of John Roberts brought up the polling to out there and picking me down really well for pro-lifers when they say okay we look at a different time frame. Their argument is that unborn children can feel pain at that point, and that you would use in a theater to operate on that in utero. That kind of thing so they feel very good that is a place there could be some national content that you're right, it may be that your grandma thinking, all right all the different states are doing their own thing, but what is it even if you allowed to go on their countries around the world were in very bad company when it comes to the extent of which he would allow for many late-term abortion like do we want the same page with China and North Korea activities very brutal places that people land on the conversation that he, you know, Rich Lowry has written piece defending it. Thanks if you can't get behind this is a Republican. You just have to check them out on the issue cell wealthy Metro.

I will I will credit you elevated theory.

According to Brian Kelly so great first show seal wonderful ending meeting foxy send a team that is been there for decades, literally, so they have been part of the foundation attorneys now Chris Wallace and cell just to step in and join their team one time and I were cooking up something for you to think until W. Great. Now what was it like having me promote the wrong show last week when I asked about a former show that we aired already waking up. I knew Michelle working to be revealed right thank you to sue would would have us your show now that you were hosting their annual same friendly faith in the Valley only thing I like her. Much love Kevin court and others to help and work with them at night so they are they are amazing and pretty who will be permanently sitting there on Fox news at night every night at midnight Eastern.

I think you have a say in who replaces you there and say I am not allowed to be in the management of what happens around here. I mean, I know your stories to running the show since he knew 18 projects a week with everybody else and I make a suggestion you could suggest you put them back five days and she felt that night, so bring such an amazing coworker and friend that if we need him to. I think anyway might be back at bedtime.

I don't know. Talk to them as you suggested. Okay get back to me on that sender. I'm going to I can send Shannon I've; etc. I cannot wait to see when the national show on Sunday when ever you decide to errant okay in your local listings check online and I'm getting seven when we come back I'll take two calls 1-866-408-7669 then Sandra Smith, the beyond reviewing my parents on her show's makers and breakers. First show.

If you're interested in Bryan's talking about Brian kill me, you have just a nationwide and last hours like will look brought business and labor together. One of the things that happens in negotiations to clear for them along like these is people saying two things were trying hard to back off from what we did was say Lucas take a look.

Take a look at what's happening. You have a good deal being made for labor, for income of 24% over the next five years worked out healthcare patient workout days off both sat down in my view never in the office today say well we finally figure out this is fair to both sides took time to focus and the alternative was just not think if in fact the construct of supply change in this country and come to a screeching halt real economic crash so that if the compelling 60 Minutes soundbite that we would put on our show. That was Scott Pelley's big soundbite that is to watch on Sunday think the big news show� I mean he has not spoken at 200+ days and that's what you have. I guess he feels always breaking news to transferring no one even knew what was happening to the day before and was averted by time we hopped on the year and a lot of people say here it is. I guess were watching on TV. We just played up you guys beat them to it.

So that said then he does a great job bringing everyone together that you know what would been the normal 60 minutes Joe Biden will you will will you not run your wife would not commit 72 hours ago your wife would not commit to join him and spoke about how could that be, or Joe Biden you know everyone says the economy and inflation is the number one issue you're saying.

Gas prices are great, there's still well over three dollars aren't like, don't you think families are still feeling the pain right in your you chose to have a party is that's smart smart. You know then you know you hear him snap back at you like except back to Peter Dusek that he hates tough questions like this is total speculation is probably not what happens almost like six months White House like finally, this is the cut you need to really 60 Minutes ever do that now. I don't think so, but it seems that nauseating sees coupling to I think there's really good you got the screen been to see my events but he's got a tough job if he's going to sit down to 60 minutes with his reputational and I know he was kinda kowtowing of Barack Obama forever. We lost SNL which is to skewer politicians of all sent and now we will 60 Minutes is really foxy. Nobody radio makes you think this is the Brian kill me show now, build a better America. We can ask you that, but go ahead, but would be right now. Sandra Smith, Jesus seems into Smith's coanchor America reports and filled in for Dana Perino this morning on this Friday, so send your your your loaded for bear. I got you in between shows. Yes, I actually just came off of steer Barney on networks I'm all riled up already for you. I like we just went over possible topics and were going just about everywhere, but I don't delve into crime enough and this morning on Fox and friends. We ran a clip from this is because executive say he can't staff at McDonald's. He says I know what's going on in Chicago but I can't staff at McDonald's and then with the FedEx CO coming out soon. I see a global recession I'm looking at my numbers.

They don't look good when you think were heading down the house playing in the midterms lot of economic reports are backward looking a company like that asked that behemoth that that is is a forward-looking indicator. They have a serious task of looking at the economy that is about to happen or not that is already happened and adapt the number of stores they have opened the number of workers that they had and this is a serious warning. I mean they are cutting their revenue expectations.

Their shattering stores. This is a huge prediction on their part that we are about to see and live through a huge global economic slowdown, McDonald's, I see that story in two parts. The warning was yes one that the CEO of McDonald's headquartered in Chicago is having a hard time attracting and retaining top talent at its headquarters is a white-collar workers.

He knows of people come in making hefty salaries don't want to raise their families in Chicago. The crime is so bad. Have you seen the street racing that's going on killing people there, they're getting together on social media there organizing within minutes there running rampant). The district district, the loop of Chicago. This is no longer isolated, just certain neighborhoods. So there's that aspect of the McDonald's RAD on their is that you keep certain McDonald's actual restaurants open because the crime people are walking in there holding up cashiers at gunpoint and robbing the stores absolute is getting people to staff some of those McDonald's restaurants that used to be pretty high-volume when I look at where he's talking about set that is just a mess that crime that is happening these once Great American cities were experiencing here in New York. You know I was born and raised in the city of Chicago. People have fled that city. And guess what that means tax dollars are fling your ethos sit it out. Leave Ken Griffin billionaire leave that city going left I took its headquarters and ran into mass and it seems only be getting worse. People have to wake up to this thing to do you think Republicans make the most of it. Messaging is a huge problem.

When I look at the real clear politics margin a potential victory in the midterm elections. Any Brian that it's easy to look back a few months and there it was accurate to have predictions of a serious red wave coming and you had a huge margin potential victory for Republicans the case anymore.

That is, narrowed a lot, you know, a lot of the political analysts are attributing not to abortion. Democrats are really really winning on that messaging and if this election is about that that will favor Democrats, but Republicans.

Not only did it.

Can they focus on inflation.

They can focus on crime they can focus on the open borders. That is what they are asked the migrants himself. Chris Jenkins did, but we know that messaging and don't energize voters to get out and vote on that could be tighter than many were predicting just a few months ago. Here's Rick Scott on this very thing on what were your issues cut 29 I think. I think it's inflation.

I think it's border crisis.

I think it's crime everything thing I hear about all across the country and also I think.

Did you only say hey guys, crime is bad. It's their fault we do about and I think that's would Rick that that's what McCarthy is going to outline this coming week fairness to him he want to do this week, but the queen died and he felt as always to be squelched and he was right last week.

This week it's kind of petered out a little bit about his plan. What is going to do, but I visit bowstring cops is it credit radio soft on crime DAs that are destroying the city is actually enforce the laws that are already on the box. I don't turn a blind eye to the crime like Mayor Lori like that in Chicago. I don't know how you know and by the way, for not supporting her, please. How can the police do anything about it in Chicago. They're showing a pretty street races are organizing within minutes there happening in the middle the night there destroying the city and when cops show up. Ryan there. I don't know how you can expect to beef up your police force in an environment where they're being attacked when they go try to enforce the law and that's where we are today. So the other thing is the present interesting message on this mean starting with his blood red speech at Independence Hall's messages always been very divisive. Even yesterday about white supremacy being an excuse me where's you can come from you. Send the vice president up and eject Air Force to enter Buffalo talk about green energy and talk about bringing the country together use a little of the voters talk about whether the president is uniter divider cut 34 United country at all. But since he's been in presidency things are gone wrong in all gas rates have gone up like us.

The housing market crash and the recession got worse is just so many things. The name that he had acted on doesn't allow this country really help make it worse job trying to unite the country doing a good job has been perfect but no present supposed to be perfect. I made almost no effort to bring the country together and especially after the summer.

I don't see any of it and just to the whole ultra Maggie Maggie thing. I don't care what your moral focus group shows there's no way that that does anything forward to get anybody in your side. In fact, it makes it harder for Republicans to say him to work with this guy in the next project.

In fact, in the fact of the matter is, his policies are hurting the very people in this country. He set out to help the most. I was jotting some things down there. While we are listening to those folks think about inflation that is hurting the lower income lower middle class folks. The most in this country that is the ultimate taxon you have had a president and a Press Secretary that we want almost every afternoon show very little empathy for people who are living through this.

In fact, they have to have this green energy agenda shoved in their face every day knowing that that doing nothing now not ready for that.

So until the president says is good to do something about inflation. Those are the people working be paying upper-middle-class. I Americans be able to weather the storm a lot better than the spokes everything I wrote down the border is closed, Harris over the weekend the border is secure. I think you the pictures just enough to cause this morning. The hundred percent and said that ignoring of the problem to go back into inflation.

Remember, inflation is not to be a prime last month. The present saying zero inflation. And here we are with sky high inflation. Anybody seen their wages go up. It cannot keep pace with the high price of just about everything. But, Harris over the weekend. Boy was that something that border is secure and then we took cringe on peers White House press conference yesterday. The daily briefing and we dipped in and gave her a chance to serve responded that because that's why these Republican governors say that they sent those migrants to places like Martha's Vineyard into the doorstep. The vice president know the White House doubled down on said date. They know they believe that the border is secure. While acknowledging there's work to be done and the previous ministration broke it. It was a broken system that they brought in pre-jumpy. I've never seen someone struggling this position like this and I don't think anybody had a tougher job than some of things and some of the tweets that Trump would put out right before Sarah could be centers for the podium or killing machination have to respond to tough job, but they were conversant, they can handle it. I get the sense that she's not even putting the time to study the issues we all get nervous if you if they gave you when you have a different fill me to Fox News Sunday. They told me to go fill out an ABC used to be on the air, but we do something new I get totally understand. I we understand more and most but it is been months now and how do you not know this stuff instinctively. The hard part would me to be holding back in not setting policy because it's not what I want to do, but I got to somehow defend with someone else want to do you see her scramble to that belief. Loosely it's something you don't see that's what actually takes us back those briefings. I know I watch every afternoon. We got one coming up at 1 o'clock today. I always watch my quad box and got the other networks on their and I do not see the other networks carrying the White House press briefings during jump Trump years hundred percent. Listen to this is you witness cut five standby is that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that that we follow the process that's been put forth.

That's why we have historic funding to do just that. To make sure that down you make sure that to make sure that the folks that we encounter at the border be removed or expelled. So I called double-digit about that this morning before I went to err on America's new service at a case of Bell what are you thinking in your mind when you hear the White House say that we are expelling more migrants from the border and any administration. Before that, before the by demonstration. There's more people increasingly ever increasing every single day.

There is an extraordinary amount more migrants are flowing over the border, so naturally the number that are being expelled is going up, and even that Brian I would title 42, so NCM obviously there there trying to spend some numbers there, but they double down on it.

They double down on it and there is not an acknowledgment. There's not a visit to the border, there's no change in policy. There's no acknowledgment that this is just an absolute disaster. And what does border towns been living through it.

Even some of these towns get it. Perhaps it will change the minds about how this administration dealing thing is watching everybody come to this party lately, and I even watch the repeatable world news with Bill Moore is a bill David narrative in your Hyundai would be better if I actually got his name right but I why Omar David narrative yeah I through the morning. I'm watching the repeat and I'm watching to see with a cover and they're covering this, but they're covering for the perspective how cruel and inhuman. It is not even acknowledging with some perspective where they came from.

They came from the border of 8000 people crossing on a daily basis you think somebody would have a bridge that says, however, from the Texas Board of you having 8000 cross on a daily basis and having the small towns overrun is not fair either, which makes you go. Bring back to the ministration.

That's not doing a good job yet it is desperation because Rhonda Santos has a swagger. It doesn't mean he's not crying out to say this is got a stop cut 11. We are not a sanctuary state and it's better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction and yes we will help facilitate that transport for you right in with why people the middle of the night dumped them all across this country. There was no warning on any of this and all those people in DC and New York were beating their chest when Trump was president saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdiction saying how bad it was to have a secure border minute. Even a small action of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door. They all Poseidon go in there so upset that this is happening just shows you, you know their virtue, signaling is brought Americans need to be reminded of those secret flights.

Remember I Rhonda Santos is making the Fairpoint that we put them on a plane and land them in Martha's Vineyard to release. It was at night these flights north of New York City. Here in Westchester County. They were landing as migrants in the dark of night. We sent reporters out there to ask the questions to the authorities that run aground. Did you have a heads up, police, local police had no idea these flights are coming but when pressed, I remember, in the moment the White House press secretary Jen Saki at the time secret flights as part of our strategy. This is part of our policy that we fight as migrants we deploy them to other areas the country to the Republican governors are making the case and that's exactly what they're doing.

One other thing Vilma Lujan setting the record straight on, I believe, is a Massachusetts governor saying that these migrants are being lured onto the buses. Bob Menendez said it as well. I said it's outrageous.

These people are being lured by human traffickers on these buses. They don't know where they're going diligent Chinese migrants are lured out of the box is always migrants sign waivers and pick which city they want to go to and some are happy for the transport, the head of the NGO in Eagle Pass told CNN that migrants go willingly in the enjoy the quote free ride and use our orders asking them as well so I'm very curious if Bill is seen in there that they're not right.

Curious to see by the way great job and for you to follow up with him to get the specific disease of the questions everyone as we open up the phone, but this is it. I and a go-ahead finisher point now and I think this a director needs to be set straight on the idea.

What is it that California governors accusing DeSantis's kidnapping both governors, Texas and Florence's kidnapping right in the same thing in Westchester airport. I got reports about six months ago there were any MacArthur Airport, in case you don't know around the country. That's a small airport in Houston alone will not East End but in Suffolk County, Long Island, which is a mid medium-size that they were landing there in the middle night there to try to get confirmation on that so but in Westchester and in Newburgh, New York, which is about 80 miles from New York City. There are also doing that and they're not announcing it and it's Rob Pastorino, who ran for governor in the state's legislative for a while who got the tape inheritance and I stare hundred percent behind you, and we interviewed some of the people that will working at some agents again. I was told to prepare to get a plane. So how is that right so why I just don't understand at CNN.

I don't care who you voted for at least include that in the story they would tapping the border and that's been happening on the tunnel.

Tell a story so listen, who's on your shelf actually just rent accept in the hallway. He is coming up on the money angle are Laffer will be joining us for May the Reagan administration. I would got political panels talking about just discussed that shrinking margin potential victory. Larry Kudlow and Albion kill me. All Brian kill me show a welcome back everybody watch one nation will be hunted and gotten 10 o'clock and by the way, especially total for home care and G listeners. Don't forget November 13 be Sunday, November 13 is November 13. Also, can we live on stage be able to talk but all my books, Americans of red white and blue night. We just did an Albany special thanks to everybody that came out made that such a fantastic event and will go back on stage and I cannot wait to get back at Oklahoma. The tickets sold extremely well to months out and then will be in Brandon, Mississippi the day before, and I'll be filling up that will be that Saturday like I've been there. I've only been there a couple times so I look forward he had never been to Brandon but I will look forward to be there live on stage and also taking your questions and have a chance to talk about.

Also, would tapping the news, but I did not know history is going to be under attack and that's why I want to arm you guys with the knowledge to push back a comprehensively and accurately, and at that time, the prison freedom fighter will be out in paperback with new additions and new information so we'll talk about Abraham -like and Frederick Douglass in the battle to save America.

So, meanwhile, don't forget Saturday at 8 o'clock and if you want any my books at any time for big event or Brian kill go to my local bookstore and am able to show up once every other week and be able to personalize and sentiment. Thanks much listening. Keep here trying to over 100 urologists and resources of Fox box, whether personal, powerful subscriber list for just

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