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Dr. Brown Weighs in on the World and Answers Some Pressing Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 19, 2017 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Weighs in on the World and Answers Some Pressing Questions

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 19, 2017 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/19/17.

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From thoughts on Father's Day to terrorist attacks in Israel and England, and so much will you don't want to miss a minute today stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown pay friends welcome to the line of fire. This is brown delighted to be with today, and thrilled to have this opportunity to start the week together. Yesterday was Father's Day and belated Father's Day to everyone there. I flew back from Germany early yesterday morning, got into the states early afternoon, but blessed Father's Day to all of us hold out a whole lot to the document from Alex Jones interview unlocking Kelly to recent terrorism To name it we got a lot of my heart to share with you. Let me let John if you've got the calypso script could number two suspense asked Sen. from Republican senator from Nebraska within a gram if you Father's Day me because just want to take a couple minutes and play equipment is not of these 46, number two, we think about man and dad waving a ballpark like dress bark like we think about the glorious Tuesday evening 72�, everything is perfect in touch attend apply preventive the homerun and you always been there and you never screwed up.

That's not why I'm here that in the real world. I'm here because I missed a lot of Little League games, not just because I have a job that requires me to travel a lot on this Little League games because I must prioritize device screw up and often lousy at this calling and you know what all you dads out there are what men and dad is about is about 3 AM when your kids puking.

It's about diaper changes. It's about showing up for your kid and tell them you love them unconditionally when they screwed up not just a little stuff, the frustration, but also in the big stuff. The stuff with a scrub and it feels like the end of the world and you need to be there at 11 forgive them the present is so it's not about being a perfect father. He saying, but doing your best.

In the midst of ups and downs of their been abusive fathers in the need to repent and get a lot of snow right. Hey dances keep doing our best to be there for her kids and grandkids. Is that phrase comes around to the whole different relationship, one more clip from the Sen. clip number three against Sen. Ben Sasse great Father's Day message man and dad is about being man enough to admit that you screw up and you need to tell your kids that you were wrong and you need to ask them for forgiveness.

So on this Father's Day.

This is about a day to thank our dads for what they did right, even though they did a lot wrong and if you're in dad this is a day about trying again and going and telling your kids. You do love them unconditionally. I was talking to a dad the other day spent a lot of time in prison is not going to get those years back is hurting about it doesn't change the fact that he needs to be a dad for his kids tomorrow and next year delay meeting.

I was talking to her dad recently stupidly had an affair and destroyed his marriage and his kids got into a lot of trouble the next couple years when he was gone, his kids still need them today so dads on this Father's Day.

If you think you just have been last year in the history of fatherhood. That's awesome.

Count your blessings but if you're like most of us you screwed up a lot this year. Your kids still need your they need to know that you love them and you need to show up again took just a word of advice for absentee dad to seek a blow it so desperately reasonably my kids let me back reach out with humility say hey I have blessed loan your trust ally committee to prove myself worthy of being a dad again. It may take you six years, but it's worth it for yourself and kids get an alien is out again. Maybe, to him, try to rebuild relationships worth 1 mile line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get another minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, his friends want to fire. Here's the number to call. You have a question raised his room. Talk about a bunch of controversial issues in a moment.

If you have a comment you'd like to make movies.

Give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 okay last night making Kelly ran her interview with the controversial radio host Alex Jones who is the head of info wars and he is quite influential apparently millions of people following him. According to making Kelly over 1 million views of his videos on YouTube and president Tromp has expressed his appreciation for Alex Jones and what he puts out let me just address this ungodly and clearly I've only followed Alex Jones a drop.

I looked at some other folks who post on info and sometimes they've made valid points.

Although I disagree with the way in which they were made. I would get other things from Alex Jones people and enforcing thought. This is crazy. This is just out there crazy and here's the problem. Separating the one from the other separating an accurate critique of, say, left-wing extremists separating an X accurate critique of salon from some fanatical conspiratorial series so I just want to say this plainly. Clearly, I know that generating more controversy can generate more listeners. I just I know that being more inflammatory get you.

I know that espousing all kinds of conspiratorial series will draw all kinds of new followers ask you why understand all of that and maybe Alex Jones is 100% sincere in everything he does.

Maybe it has nothing to do with making a buck maybe is that the do with making a name. Maybe it has everything to do with. He sincerely believes everything say and that's between him and God and those who follow him. I just wanted this for me. I am not going to engage in all kinds of inflammatory rhetoric so as to get more listeners and viewers and readers and subscriber.

I am not going to spouse crazy theories so as to increase my base that is idiotic. That is suicidal. Contrary to everything that is dear to me and everything that I value to go ahead with the conspiratorial list have their theories go ahead with the inflammatory rhetoricians have their day all all address controversial issues day and night.

If I can do so in a way that glorifies God and advances truth and brings people to think through the issues in an intelligent meaningful way and to respond to truth and not so much to motions. Yes I'll do that day and night, and by God's grace. We have a great following in many ways, but I would gladly lose every follower and stand for the truth. I would gladly lose every fall in love.

I would gladly lose every follower and honor God. That and get them engaged in inflammatory, conspiratorial rhetoric okay, that's one point down. Let's switch over to the shooting of Congressman's cookies upgraded from critical condition serious about the shooting of four others by a militant left wing white man want you to hear what this host, George read on MSNBC has to say about the shooting list delicate thing because you know obviously everybody is wishing the country well and hoping that you have a history that it's a bit. We've all been forced to sort of ignore on race.

He did come to leadership. Absent controversy over attending white nationalist event on which he said he did know when it was also cosponsored a bill to amend the constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman he voted for the House health care bill, which is you said would got healthcare for millions of people, including 3 million children.

He cosponsored a bill to repeal the ban on semiautomatic weapon because he is in jeopardy and everyone is pulling for him that we required in a moral sense to put that aside at the moment rages that is not right because he has policies that she differs with she's negative for its delegates.

Nothing delicate you wish for the man's recovery.

You say were praying for his recovery. You. You mean to tell me if say Congressman Maxine Waters was shot that it would be okay for me to get on the air in segments, delicate because of course we wanted to recover but no, she's got his radical policy that would be outrageous will be sick, be ugly if a Muslim congressman is shot in cold blood and were praying for his recovery is a Muslim, was a result of Muslims of, delicate, nothing delicate here delicate. This is black-and-white management shot in cold blood, you might differ with his policies but he is not there, standing with a gun to shoot you.

He is not inciting hatred and territory June and taken down in the midst of trying to take otherwise. Here is a duly elected senator here is someone or Congressman serving his position and acting on policies that he feels are best and that are not racist extremist policies to destroy what you may have strong differences with that I may feel many Pres. Obama's policies were terribly destructive. You may feel that many of President Bush's policies are not present. Trust pauses a terrible obstructive, but if someone is shot in cold blood is nothing delicate, you simply say we are praying for his recovery wheel for his recovery and we condemn this attack.

And are subject to say anything more than that is utterly disgraceful.

Let's let's go into this a little bit further, this is Pastor Johnny grabbed clip number 10.

This is a pastor applicable came on this and being fitted with jewelry and he almost saying that the Carson distant connection daughter is not saying that is strong explosive type of hypocrisy in a very very poor way so I want to interact with this clip from a pastor on George read show on MSNBC regarding the shooting of Congressman Scalise, all of those that were injured needed healthcare. So now when they go back to work as a every American deserves healthcare deserve what we receive and we will preserve before McCarrick moved universal healthcare and make sure pre-existing conditions are protected since they could've died, will they repent of Air Force to take money from Medicaid that will help all people and disabled, sick people, many who will die without their a black man for my alma mater saved their lives will be go back to work and restore the voting rights act and stop systemic racism against black people that is happening through voter suppression, which allows reducing a lesbian black woman save me when they go back to work and no longer promote laws that attack the human rights of LGBT community. They were shot by guns allowed to be cared openly when they go back and challenge laws allow people to get guns easement they can vote. They were shot by a white middle-aged man, for political reasons, will they change the practice of profiling terrorism as a fear of Muslims and violence is mainly rooted in the urban black areas. They were saved by good police with a therefore challenge bad police businesses so outrageous across the board so utterly sees me so utterly illogical across the board. I mean it's a clip that's a little over a minute long, but for me to interact with it a bit longer to break this down somehow to do this. On the flip side of the break minute but look look this is a time now for people to watch their rhetoric. If there's anything that we can learn from the shooting of Congressman Scalise is that violent rhetoric can lead to violent deeds and inflammatory rhetoric can lead to violent deeds and provocateur rhetoric can lead to biology, just maybe take someone unstable to start to provoke them, but we need to be careful as public communicators and ask would be provoking up in my same with this pastor's comments will somehow produce violence. No no no no no no finances happening that are illogical and to come at a time like this. They are irresponsible again.

Let's just say it was a a black lives matter leader who was who was shot okay and and there there white policeman that helped save his life for me then to get on the air, and to say will look this guy have certain records of what we going to do regarding that is George read basically and then to say well let's look white cop saved him solo.

How can Blacks be protesting is what you don't do it at that time you don't do it, which you say is this is a perfect opportunity to tone down the rhetoric and to say hey when it comes to saving lives black-and-white. We work together, unite, now don't provide further unite for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a fire, this is Michael Bruckner's the 8664 truth 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I want to respond to a pastor respond to a pastor that appeared on George read show on MSNBC basically commenting on the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise and using this now to argue for political points is to be appropriate. I find this to be logical. I find this to be an accurate source of them explain. He says the ones that were shot needed healthcare. Does that mean now that were gonna take this moment and stand for universal, affordable healthcare, pre-existing conditions, etc. time,, is he telling me that if so-called Obama care did not exist now that did not exist, that those shot would not have received healthcare. Of course they would've received healthcare law house there shot possible to determine what well they covered under the presence affordable healthcare, no of course not that's that's number one number two many milk Americans.

Millions of Americans were hurt by prison. Obama's affordable healthcare act, which is why Republicans led Congress is trying to come up with something better.

Of course we want to care for everybody. Of course we don't want to exclude anybody but many many people and I spoke to many doctors who said it is hurt their practice and hurt their ability to care for people, so we want to look at this holistically and say what's best for everybody but the time to raise. This is not what Congressman is fighting for his life in serious condition, a hospital, and others. A shot. This is not the time the plumber's cousin and Melissa just don't you doing I'm saying don't do it. I'm refuting the arguments and trying to do it to to say now is the time to repent and come to steal money from from Medicaid no instruments to my nose try to take money when people try to do is say if we don't make changes to the system today. There will be no Medicaid, no Medicare, no Social Security tomorrow, but again you don't do it while Congressman is fighting for his life. There was a black cop help save this man so I and what's the point there white cops that say black lives every single day and black cops that save white lives every single day and Hispanic cops that save Asian allies and Asian cops that save Hispanic lives which proves what pop are trying to do their and you got some bad apples out there. But thank God for the many courageous cups cops that are out there. I wonder how many times this pastor stood up 20 cop to say black lives and use that all the time to tell black lives matter. You're doing the wrong thing or protest against the wrong people. I wonder how many times he was dismissed. We were told it was a black lesbian that saved that help save his life. A black lesbian cop and therefore we should change our views on homosexuality who said that a lesbian can't be a good cop who said the lesbian Election person who said that he was nervous and people entitled to equal protection under the law. Nobody that I know of with her head screwed on right what we've said is don't redefine marriage subsequently supposed to read if the suspect we're supposed to now say we embrace the redefining of marriage because there is a good lesbian cop out there. What say a kid doesn't need a mom and a dad it's like to have two moms into that's because there's a good lesson About this. There are more good straight cops of the good day cops. Discus traits outnumber gays, so should I use that argument just like all the lies are saved by strict when it went astray cop save his life, a homosexual that therefore Gay should give up their activism. What kind of theological thinking is, is this that were told hey guns revolve there. We will have stricter government will hang on hang on most of the gun violence takes place in places where there is strict gun control laws like Chicago and like Washington DC and like most of the places where there were mass murderers. So should I now say after the Sandy Hook massacre the San Bernardino massacre.

The push and a no guns or the weekly daily.

She was in Chicago as victims are lying in the hospital dying should I then immediately use as a platform to say hey these people need to be able to meet and then lastly we should quit should use this moment to not profile Muslims ham ham and interstates only done a poor black areas are vicariously wish list.

Let's talk so right here you have one left wing extremists engaging in one terrorist act or one murderous you have in houses of radical Muslim terrorist acts supported by multiplied millions of radical Muslims in America and around the world. So you better believe we will profile radical Muslims and if they happen to be black if they happen to be both a product that meets her out with him when he moved to the state government was the black art.

We took him out by drone attack in Yemen and and he was a radical insider of terror and therefore with blood on his hands and Osama bin Laden is not black and the leader of of this is not black lead of the cow that is not black so if it so happens that there disproportionate number of Muslims that radical Muslims that are black mapping profile because their black if it happens to be the case in America. The Bing profile because the radical Muslims social pastor. Perhaps you mean well, but number 1 Timing Is Way off totally off completely off number two arguments are utterly illogical and by all means are I would be very glad to have you on my radio broadcasting of a civil friendly debate about these things. 623-486-7884 I am good sack of issues here and come back. I want to talk to.

Responses to the latest Palestinian terror attack in Israel and to add pain in and ugliness to the tragedy. Think of this. Think of this, Hamas and Isis are competing with each other.

Hamas and Isis are competing with each other. We did it the way that we shot these Israelis we stabbed to death is 23 will please know that we did not only did it this this sick when you see the responses you will be shocked if you haven't read my latest article where I articulate three sick responses to the murder of an Israeli policeman policewoman from the BBC from philosopher the past and authority. It's up on my website asked Dr. you can also read one more article that I wrote last night as a city prove that Christians are getting played to the truth. So, by all means check these articles out of the woods after special announcement my Clio debate with Rabbi Israel Blumenthal. Now this is part two were I rebut his initial presentation and he published to my these are now available for your viewing right I post links on Facebook. Just go to my YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown can watch my rebuttal to Rabbi Blumenthal for yourself. I pudding and I encourage you to watch his response to my presentation as well. There all on YouTube channel asked Dr. Brown will be right back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown befriends Michael Brown. 66 or doing lots of upgrading of our audio equipment over video equipment to constantly seek to improve and do better and better job of ministering the word to you ministry truth to you via audio and video and of course in writing. But we don't need A/V equipment to do the in writing part and part of our upgrade process. We just become aware of a slight glitch today. Some of you listening online might be hearing an imperfect fee just just be aware were working on it. Trust me, we take every single word to you, 86687884 okay let's see do want to go there first know Terry would let me just go somewhere else first. This Wednesday both hours of the show gobbling. We will have a special two hour broadcast with my friend and colleague Dr. James White women talk about true Islam talk about is radical Islam. The truest expression of Islam is peaceful. Islam, the truest expression of Islam, or both.

Valid expressions of who are true Muslims in the world today were women talk about that. We welcome all of your Islamic related questions, but I have to say candidly that my friend Dr. White is come under some really wild attack recently real insulting really ugly and absently false and absolutely unmarried and we can talk about that rich about why the attack is come to talk about some of the Islamic outreach she's done and what has been criticized, so that's can be Wednesday's broadcaster. If you have questions about Islam. This can be a great day to call okay this Wednesday and if you've read some of the criticism attacking Dr. White but to me, as I've encouraged him it's only going to increase his platform to get the truth out and expose the error of those attacking him because it's so baseless.

The nature of the attack, but if you've heard this, he read missing.

So yeah, I saw this in some of said these is understand Islam or whatever will please give us a call and I invited to join me on the year. The principal voice right now that I've seen attacking him in writing and on audio and invited him to join me on the air and promised them equal time with Dr. White so hopefully hopefully he'll take up my invitation always try to do is get the truth out as best as possible. All right the shooting in Israel and the the stabbing in Israel.

This is right before the Sabbath on Friday and there were two different attack spaces when used in a coordinated so the terrorists, three young men. This is so tragic, 17, 18 and 19. They were the ones engaged in the attack is so tragic that they could be so ready to lose their loss at such a young age and so radicalized and so full of hatred for Israel that that they could carry out this heinous attack started shooting in one place. Israeli police responding to the attack and one of the young man stabs to death the 23-year-old is really policewoman and every life is precious to see you see the picture. You know it's just in Israel last week on Tuesday night and Wednesday and Thursday and was driven Friday, Saturday and flew home Sunday and you see picture 20 years old and have just been in Israel see all these young Israeli soldiers. Note that was somebody like that age or even a little bit older, he or she is serving as a border policewoman stabbed to death, and by the time she's rescued the assailant the shot to death. The she succumbs to her wounds. So how does the BBC announces a headline. How does Hamas respond has the Palestinian Authority respond get to that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends. So much for being part of the line of fire broadcast today 866-34-TRUTH 784 if you have a question like to ask.

Let me just say one thing though much you hate you were conscious go through schedule recently. So far in June you fluted Italy Mr. there for several days then Germany for a couple meetings. Then home for five days.

Then back to Israel for 2 1/2 days, then Germany two days then home. Got home yesterday your broadcasting today, so full of energy and vitality up.

I am I'm doing great. I'm thriving, I'm just full of energy. My mind is sharp. I did a lot of writing. Later last night after hanging out with Nancy and catching up on life and went to sleep.

Got a great night sleep. Up and going today. What do I attribute that number one God's grace God's grace God deftly helps me in my schedule number two you have traveled the ministry for many years so I am somewhat acclimated to doing it but no question whatsoever to be this good condition ties in largely with my healthy diet is worth of friends. I know you miss your favorite foods. I know going around the world and all the doctors did all these things are a pass on them and have a giant salads and fruit spelling is really good fruits of tell you, but hats expand massive dividends literally as I get older and in years. I'm getting younger in other ways that are even more important if you haven't read her book breaking the stronghold of food. I encourage you to do with also got a special resource offer. The ties in with a special video presentation I did on this. Just go to my website instructor within the homepage to find out more. Okay, so shooting several Israelis wounded stabbing attack. Ultimately, one fatality 23-year-old police woman and then the all the terrorists were shot dead so so how does BBC respond.

They have to understand that the British broadcasting company has a history of or against Israel history long history either a written report go back to 2001, for example, were the headlines would mislead the reader in terms of growth, responsibility.

So for example Palestinian is soldiers headline reads Israeli attack kills baby girl when Palestinian terrorists and by the way, that was accidentally with the Israeli soldiers accidentally and they're fighting a war killed a baby girl, how was it reported Israeli attack kills baby girl when Palestinian terrorist intentionally attack Israelis, children, women, men has a headline reads Israeli baby killed by gunfire all cuckoo killed the baby's gunfire where the gunfire that gets gunfire just happened.

That is gunfire. It just happened. God's is this the stable guns.

Or here's another one where Palestinian terrorist attack Israelis bomb Stokes Mideast tension who set off the bomb Israeli terrorists is often a Muslim market who set off the bomb did the bombs go off by itself. This is the Misleading headline the frames for 2013, a leader in the Labour Party board off mid was suspended for claiming that Jews were responsible for some prison and F driving offense. So he was suspended because of driving offenses. He blamed it on Jews side of the BBC report this labor peer Lord off mid suspended after Jewish claims. What what Jewish claims. One that wanted say after making anti-Semitic comments BBC well. Anti-Semitism was to our liberties is a serious I'm serious that's that's with this in response. So how did they report this latest attack. Are you ready BBC headline. They subsequently pulled with Paul, three Palestinians killed after Debbie stabbing in Jerusalem what the wages this is out rages. This is the report palace. The three Palestinian terrorist attack Israelis in cold blood and murder stabbed to death, a 23-year-old Israeli policewoman multiple stab wounds as you try to get a weapon to respond before the three years old in the line of duty just serving to protect your people and protect Palestinians as well get stabbed to death, and how does the BBC report. Shame on the BBC we have again three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem, a minimal radio host, talk on the pre-trauma teacher but a writer.

Sometimes words fail. This is one of those moments it so grievous it so exasperating and it sits so much in tune with in line with their history. BBC's history.

This is sadly true to form, so report three Palestinians killed after Debbie stabbing interest may be, there is a deadly stabbing of a Palestinian thriller posted.

Scott doesn't even tell it doesn't say Israeli policewoman's murdered by Palestinian terrorists to say that even if he was a Palestinian terrorist killed after murdering policewoman. No Palestinians killed after Debbie stabbing rubbish is that which Jewish bloods take before BBC's the report correctly okay what about what about, oh, and here's her apology did not appropriately reflect the interview, Benson subsequently changed whilst there is no intention to complete her audience regret any offense because when you do the same thing over and over and over over. Years an intelligent person has to say we think you are not acting rightly and acting ethically in your headlines when it comes to Israel. So Hamas member they said hates it new with change of policy is it an premise of the time Yahoo got some flack because he took that into statement their new charter.

Whatever went through the trash. Will Hamas is the same as ever.

So for example, in April, there was of the vehicular ramming attack that killed was really wounded another. What is Hamas in April. This is after supposedly of new moderates, Hamas and are in the process became moderate during the same timeframe we bless this heroic ramming attack at the Ofer interest model, which is a response to the continued crimes of the Zionist occupation at the expense of our people. That's with Hamas spokesman Abu Latif coming said okay no surprise then Isis takes responsibility for the last murder in classes. No no no. Was nice. It was us. Can you can you imagine the depravity of two terrorist organizations battling to sing away murder no way murdered her as the families agreement where the ones he didn't know where the ones who did, second to pray so how did they respond they call the three killers, hero martyrs, three hero martyrs so moderate Hamas now recognizing Israel's right to exist, changing its tune moderating its tone to be looked at. Now is a piece partner by his real, how do they respond to this.

They claim responsibility for, and they refer to the murders of three hero martyrs think it's worse to say how can it be worthwhile. Keep listening on it that how it gets worse passing authority well-known instruments for naming children. Schools and city squares after mass murdering terrorists mean well-known fort of the Scott oh let's see here where this is getting there. Okay, here June 19 sounds like about today Powell watch Powell Palestinian media watch Housing Authority name Square after mastermind of massacre of 22 children for adults May 15, 1974, the mastermind behind the horrific attack that led to the murder of 22 children and four adults in the model massacre, the mastermind of that culminated nozzle is now had a square named after him. The mortar colleague knows all square was inaugurated at the rally rally with Housing Authority officials, under the auspices of the Janine district and the Janine municipality okay so this is just reported by passing me to watch today how the Palestinian Authority respond to the murder of the Israeli policewoman.

Are you ready they called Israel's killing the terrorists a war crime. I'm not making this up. You can't make up this kind of sick stuff. Here's the special official statement from spokesperson Osama Al cow colostrum thought talk, which is the political faction of the past and authority condemns the war crime carried out by Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem against three Palestinian teens idiot that the international community sounds in bold in Israel.

To further smell the blood of peasants is a sick. This is demonically sick.

This is murderously sick. Three young man try to kill Israelis cold blood. They are shot dead in the midst of their attempts after wounding some and murdering one thought talk condemns Israel for the war crime of shedding Palestinian live is perverse, perverse, a friend welcome back to the line of fire. This is Michael Brown delighted to be you. I wanted to commit it. I just heard in some of the junk going on some of the.

The news reporting some of the terrorist stuff. It grieves me so deeply. I I'm speaking with passion stay behind every word.

Speak with passion but I'm going to change gears now for a moment right in change gears second hour will talk about the recent attack in England. The attack on Muslims last night so let me change gears though right and respond to an email yeah Toby going to change gears and change subjects to make the jump with me and if you got a question for me 866-34-TRUTH I can't use the name for personal discretion purposes. I'm writing because I just need to tell someone that my son is gay. This woman writing mother.

I'm devastated. I've known for a while but I really thought that he would have a life-changing experience with the Lord and realize that he cannot live this lifestyle. He was always great kid led worship in this Christian school and church youth group there gives one problem that he went to Texas Christian University. We was taught that was fine to be homosexual even as Scripture qualifies lifestyle. Please give me some hope. I choose daily to believe and not allow this to my joy, but some days the pain is so great I can barely breathe. Thanks for any info you can give me all right first you shared not just with me but with many others who don't know who you are there so many that could fit in that exact same situation. Go to that same school. Unsure so this is completely anonymous.

But you know I have friends and be praying for you and carry this burden to the Lord. That's number one.

Number two I want to encourage you to put your trust in the Lord and to worship God. Just the same because God remains good when you have that agonizing burden when you have that great feeling of pain.

Trinity intercession. There are a few things in the world as powerful as the intercession of a praying mother.

I can't tell you how many testimonies I heard during the days the Brown's revival Friday night baptisms hardened criminals formally hardened criminals people guilty of every sin in the book, so to say, getting up and breaking that with your some of them. I mean, heavily tattooed, rough, tough guys, some of them big guys would be afraid if I ran into an alley and here they are crying like babies that I was running from God. I was in jail always violent going on and on and they said mama Garrett and I can't tell you how many times we hear those words and we have heard from kids who had gotten into homosexual practicing hey it's fine or it's okay.

I've had these desires. All my life. It's five-minute accident and then we hear from the mother later for the child later and said hey I'm with the Lord now my life is changed. My mom and I have a great relationship and she would let go of me praying. So when you feel that pain.

Trinity intercession and otherwise rejoice in the Lord. Another thing hopefully all the good qualities in your son still there. Hopefully there'll especially things about him.

Keep the relationship strong.

Keep loving on him. He has obviously wrestled with these things for a while in the society in which we live. This is the easy thing to do with the natural thing to do.

Hey, this is who I am and maybe release us how God made the and maybe even believes that that that God and his word is not against this is all whatever he's been taught whatever is heard.

It's just help them to do what he feels is a being true to myself and he probably feels better in many ways and he has before. Kisses are fighting this internal battle, of course, ultimately it's destructive and ultimately it's the worst choice that he could make, but got realize in the world in which we live. This is just such a natural thing for him to do so.

Your weapon against prayer that the Holy Spirit would convict him that the Holy Spirit would give them a real hunger and thirst to get closer to the Lord as he gets closer to the Lord. He will get father from homosexuality said again as he gets closer to the Lord. He will get farther from homosexuality. So you want to pray that he'll really draw close to the Lord. Pray that the Holy Spirit will deeply and that you do just be there and keep loving, loving him to bring this up all time.

If he brings it up to you find if he says hey mom, I got a boyfriend much of the meetings ahead. I'm not into that.

You understand that, but I love you just the same on the you know I mean if if he's trying. It celebrates it with you to say hey I love you your my son euros can you be my son but don't expect you to be excited that you have a boyfriend I'm not preaching to you day and night rights of its just have a relationship with have to leave this part out for right now.

Okay and and that's the notice of receipt of them come over the boyfriend you get to be in a patent place with with the pain in your your grief is is this too intense, and if you begin to be able to administer both leader both repents. Right then and there. Is this not the most likely immediate scenario. So that's how I counsel you do put your hope in God number one and there many many many who have gone the same right you have seen God answered their prayers that someone number two.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict him, and that the Holy Spirit will draw him to Jesus right and an adult lit up in those first appraiser burden. When you feel a pain pray otherwise rejoice in the Lord and say hey, he's faithful, he's good. He's God is always good and I know put my trust in him regardless keep the relationship strong with your son is best as you can and visit restored hope restored hope that will lead you to other testimonies of the stories of the resources restored hope but don't try to push that on your son if it any point he's going to read something say hey I know the author of a book that would like to send you a free copy and you just write to us. You see Dr. Brown, you offered by my son a free copy of your book can you be gay and Christian and unfriended if you've got a kid out there young person or family member that claims to be a Christian and is embracing homosexual practicing timeout summonses on the gay Christian used to hate the Dr. Brenda read your book I can afford you write to us and I glibly autograph it to that family member and you can give it some treat again. I'm speaking specifically for someone who identifies as a gay Christian. I want to send in that book. If you can't afford to get it in their hands and it's a family member's just write to us the rest. Dr. and let us know right so again just another reminder we've got some special resource offers for you on our website.* if you haven't yet downloaded the app you have not yet downloaded the line of fire app.

By all means do that. It's for your iPhone, iPad, it is for your Samsung android phone, android tablet wide wide range of devices can be used on just search the app store or the place store for the line of fire with Dr. Michael Brown when you download it you can listen live anywhere in the world. It was so cool being Israel clicking on the show.

I had previously recorded because I was unable to broadcast life is afforded earlier that day and will listen to it from there is in the past are because it was cool and high quality as well to make sure you download the app all right Jesus is Lord we keep moving forward. From thoughts on Father's Day to terrorist attacks in Israel and England, and so much what you don't want to miss a minute today it's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to friends welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown, freshly back from being in Germany and before that Israel was home for five days before that I had been in where was I was in Italy and Germany.

So glad to be back home, thrilled to be back home.

Hey let me talk you for a moment about Father's Day. In this day of constant redefining of family constant redefining of than what a father would be as a home with two moms is good as a home with a mom and a dad is a home with two dads as good as a home with a mom and a dad and of there is a special message coming from those whose fathers were anonymous sperm donors and and though saying hey is sperm donor is not a dad. Even if you can identify the person biologically if if that's the only connection of biological connection. How was that person functioning as a dad. So jolly grip clip number five and this is a documentary from a few years back called anonymous fathers day. This is the clip number five, two thirds of young people who are conceived through extermination blinks. Currently they have the right to now with her father start until I was 20 years old. The only thing about my father was that he was blind with my college degree. My sister and I set out on a quest to see if we could find anything more about the man who made us and the 500 or 5000 half siblings have this defiant element of baby buying baby selling. I have seen effects on young people who realize that they are the result of commodification has done a number is 81 and that's basically on nobody has the right to withhold significant personal information about a person from there really is a growing community of people who are making their voices heard in Reno it's intent to them and when to stop for future generations. Please, please, here. These voices men and women growing up not knowing who their father is and yet that's that's bad enough when see some man has a one night stand with some lady of drunk in a bar and takes offices even know who he is. That's that's bad enough that's rough enough but but when it is an intentionally done thing in a system and that's how a child is brought into the world.

That's that's ugly in its own way that's horrendous in its own way and these kids you know they've they've talked about it when they're dating somebody and and the person has kind of a similar appearance they wanders is is this is pretty related could be. That is a relative of mine if they did wonder about that they they they wonder you know what they see somebody walking on street older man that display that could look like my facet him living like that.

That's because choices here's an article New York Post two days ago during the whack. This guy is the busiest Father's Day ever this Father's Day he still the most in demand. Dad in town after the post revealed that Junie city University of New York math professor Ari Nagel had father 23 kids. Some involve the old-fashioned way others involving sperm handoffs a public spot, such as the Atlantic Center target downtown Brooklyn he's back. They afford ones donated super sperm even more women resulting in four kids born since last Father's Day and even ladies from Florida Maryland to the Bronx are currently pregnant because of him. How ugly.

How utterly unfair kids only and he's gonna be a dad to all of that right boy. God help us. Our society needs help desk. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown if you're listening and you are gay activists or ally's use of an ally of LGBT distributor liberal leaning listener to the broadcast. Please tell me what problem, if any, you have with this announcement about the surety 866-34-TRUTH 78844 lines open up. I've uncovered some things in the first RP passionately and covering of lot more ground in the second hour and would love to give you the opportunity to weigh in agreement or disagreement room just to raise a question to me. 866-34-TRUTH 7884. As always, if you missed any of the broadcast designer. Some of you if the second hour.

The broadcast summing get is that the last half hour. Some get all two hours. If you miss any part of you get all two hours which are unable to listen to your work schedule. I instead have to work around the middle of the day of school website. The line of line of and when you are there you can simply listen to all of our past shows okay do you have a problem with this. This is in Columbia I do I do I do Columbia's first three-man marriage between a polyamorous family is legally recognized Victor Prada John Rodriguez and Manuel Bermudez wed in a DN Columbia made the lien yeah will no place Columbia mispronounced of the ceremony establishes the three men as a family unit with inheritance rights process of the trio want to validate their household and their rights so one out what's wrong with this. Can anybody tell me if you are gay activists, or you are a sympathizer to get activism you believe in same-sex marriage. If love is love people the right to love each other. People have the right to cost to the family as they decide not hurting anybody.

So how these three men hurting anybody three immensity of gain legal recognition as the first polyamorous family Columbia were same-sex marriages were legalized last year so I guess is nothing wrong with it I guess you know if they love each other.

Why not why can't three-man marriage of what it's logically consistent. If your basis for saying we should redefine marriage is that love is love is logically consistent, why not now. Of course we have told you this was coming as my whole point. Don't tell me there's no slippery slope and there were the slippery slope compensate lies not so bad. Don't don't don't do that was no slippery slope.

Now here's the slippery slope. Well, as of the will of the slippery slope. Aha your purity sliding on that slope so quickly ready sliding on that slope so rapidly that you've lost your logic alone is your moral bearings. Thus, calling for consistency here. Redefining marriage is wrong with its two men or two women or three men or three women were 18 men and for women it's wrong. Redefine marriage and once you redefine it you render it meaningless as we are watching in front of our woods. Columbia O's of the slippery slope happens in Columbia that America than it doesn't apply at end and the fact that you see now much greater increase in acceptance of polygamy in America and polyamory in American even consensual, adult incest that improve anything 866-34-TRUTH 7884. I'm go to the phones in Roswell, New Mexico. Marcus, welcome to the line of fire.

Thank you Dr. Michael.

I course report ahead if you had if you had been one of the fathers of the faith in the first century what you believe you would suggest that the Gentile believers should look like.

I know we have X 1521, but you know what relates to so celebrate if they want to celebrate yes you were Jesus and the feast of their life to look like and second question you believe that, as the Reformation was rejected by the mainline in this day and also of Pentecost in the early 1900s was rejected by the mainline. You see the Hebraic movement being sort of the same in this century and my third question is I have followed us all. You and I listen to you as often as I can.

Catcher messages on YouTube. Also follow good good teacher think a great teacher, Lars Anderson and I know the two of you. I get together in the ground or Bible and I just wondered if you have ever debated him until he is probably more toward the Hebraic side, then then your but I just wanted to two of you have ever debated what you would consider the yes thanks for your questions and answer them in reverse order. Lars and I actually saw each other for the first time in years. Just a few days ago and Israel and sensory quality time in fellowship together and I can assure you that the last thing he would ever want to do in the world is have a public debate with me.

That's not who he is in honors and respects me, respect, and I can guarantee that I must guarantee you that he is quite fine with Gentile Christians being a churches and and worshiping the Lord as they do and is not trying to tell you that you're in some kind of Babylonian system or pagan system that he he gladly works with other churches in honors and respects that. So in that respect of his friends, the burden from many things in terms of of the Jewish roots of the faith and in restoring the church to its roots and in praying for the people of this restriction Jerusalem to turn to the Messiah, but to present it as if he's advocating for something that we would debate I would say is this is not what he would want to present for sure okay so that's this person in it's your second question of the Reformation was rejected by Catholicism of the modern Pentecostal movement was rejected by many mainline evangelicals could be that that he he roots movement is being rejected in the same way know that he roots movement was rejected in the first century by the apostles the eye and by Hebrew roots of nuts messianic Jewish restoration, misandry, frustration, messianic allegations are more more recognized for their legitimacy for the church around the world.

Ascetic leaders are fully incorporated in the larger church world working together with the body as a whole more and more of the church celebrates it its roots and recognizes the Jewish roots of the faith, but the Hebrew roots movement, which is heretical in many ways, and often denies fundamentals about who Jesus issue is sometimes denies that certain books belong in the New Testament basically tells Gentiles that they have to live like Jews in order to be fully pleasing to God and that heresy was rejected emphatically by Paul in the book of Galatians and and is rejected in other ways throughout the entire New Testament. So that's a heresy rightly to be rejected and it's dangerous and even even Jim Staley who was known as a roots teacher when I met her some years ago before some unfortunate things happened. He's in jail right now that he disassociate himself and he roots movement from the dangerous out and around said he would no longer going to go ahead year we are targeting you when you talk about your route. I I believe the theremin there is many different variations of recruitment. There are Picassos or charismatics. You can go from one extreme to the other and I'm talking about a very biblical just just celebrating issue in the feast thing.

But, but not thing Gentile have to work you can complete faith in that sort of thing. What Gentiles has to lie just a Gentile believer hit him.

Marcus Mark Marcus does a Gentile believer has to do in order to be fully pleasing to God in your review. Does God require a Gentile Christian to observe the seventh day Sabbath to observe the dietary laws and to follow Israel scallion if they don't do that they are in disobedience to God is that your personal view you. More of a discipleship issue work. I believe salvation is by grace through faith in the blood of Jesus. Nothing else but I see the others is discipleship.

I think the Church of God so far away from the truth. The word milewide and Linda, I believe that coming into an understanding of what the Bible is all about, especially in a few. Viewpoint that I think that enlightens us as far as what what we should really be doing, especially as far as discipleship goes, I think it's a discipleship which I don't think of the right so so again the question is then someone is not in disobedience to God. Your view if there saved on a Sunday morning church service setting and that's where they worship the Lord come to know him and Christmas has very special meaning for them and to celebrate the birth of Jesus and Easter is for a special meeting with a celebrate his death and resurrection, and they do it with any of the of the cultural trappings. So in your mind. They're not in disobedience but they would be closer to the Lord and better understand him if they celebrated the biblical calendar, etc. that's a really he roots and and you don't use that term but as a Jewish roots it's not and it's not semantic nitpicking. It's that strong Jewish roots of the faith is very different than Hebraic roots movement so so sure I confused with those that have an extremist view that is heretical and destructive and and divisive and harmful.

Let's talk about a positive, Jewish roots restoration are just against you can be better understood and I can respond better and then now on, this is a break. I'll answer your first question, what with my recommendations have been with you that on the inside break. Thank you Marcus very much appreciate the error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown transfer joining us on the line wire because I was unable to take life calls on Thursday and Friday and is a good broadcast from Israel Thursday than from Germany Friday was unable to take life calls because of that we have open the phone lines extra. This week, and if a call comes in that I can squeeze in the midst of the thing. Some talk but even if it takes us off topic. I have been doing that well finally did it. After an hour plus okay also. Marcus and Russell what would I have recommended if I had been one of the fathers of the faith in the first century obviously who or any of us to consider ourselves worthy of of of being there and it was hot I did not sit at the feet of Yeshua. All these years that these men did or have, the divine encounter.

The level that that Paul did, but just if you just put me from here.

Drop me back in the first century on someone having to give counsel is an elder.

What I say is very simple to a Gentile. If there's a complete yet of paganism and have no connection whatsoever to Israel. I would encourage them and that in the house fellowship would be meeting one put all their focus on getting to know the Lord more deeply, keeping issue essential.

Developing a deeper relationship with the Lord spending quality time with him and fellowship in prayer and then started to read regularly. The Hebrew Scriptures right of start there. Of course, and if they should do. I have to keep all these laws out on the do not under the Sinai covenant, but you can learn from all this learn about God's standards.

Learn about the things that God values learn about principles of separation and if they say you know what is it okay to celebrate the feast and should I be doing it. II work on Saturday. Zero insulin supply have no choice. We don't have a six-day workweek while you're perfectly free to work on Saturday which you need to do is realize that the substance the focus of Sabbath is the Messiah's caution to warn still in one put you under pressure regarding Sabbath observance anything like that. Rather, Sabbath is the shadow of the substances Messiah so I viewpoint the substance substance. Substance the Messiah the same thing in the feast at St. Vincent look at what the fees are pointing to what they symbolize what they mean and if there were Godfrey and Gentiles in Godfrey that had been part of the synagogue, a new biblical calendar and their Jewish believers, and they participated together in the feast of holy small. Everyone is welcome to participate. I would say everyone's welcome to join in and I would not look for a new day to be a Sabbath that would not tell them that God never changed the Sabbath and said the Sabbath is now Sunday and and all the world is not obligated to keep it in 1/8 day or first in the week.

Sabbath snow were taught new Testaments.

I wouldn't teach that either side first. Make them understand the relationship with God is by grace through faith. I helped him to understand the purpose of the tour was to lead Israel to the Messiah.

It's kind of a scaffolding into the building is completed, the Messiah represents the fullness of that and I would help him to understand what the Hebrew Scriptures were pointing to and what it meant what the significance of these things, the Messiah being the goal of the Torah and help and understands Gentile believers. There were not obligated to keep the commandments of Israel, but there is something to learn in every single page of what God has written in the Scriptures. And lastly, if there was a community with Jewish believers and the Jewish believers were celebrating the feast of the holy days, to the extent Gentiles wanted to join in. That would be wonderful and awesome of the help them stay connected to their roots hate Marcus. Thank you sir for your threefold question much appreciated. 866-34-TRUTH 878841. Let me answer email question here from Lisa hi Dr. Brown I download your show every day in my MP3 player I learned a lot from you and inspired by your love for others who differ with you. My question is what is considered drunk. I have many Christian friends who drink enough to actually repeat themselves long slur their words but don't consider this as being drunk, just buzz. They believe in Scripture speaks of drunkards. It means falling down passing out drunk okay if they drink, but don't want their soul to be in danger.

This is an every weekend thing for most of them. I don't believe Scripture commands total abstinence. Thank you Dr. Brown. God bless you for all you do. Thanks for the kind words Lisa and yes, like you, I don't believe that Scripture commands abstinence. I I practice it personally.

Students in our school mother here with us. We asked them to embrace us his lifestyle.

But no, I don't believe that Scripture commands total abstinence and that it's a sin for someone to have a drink one for some and maybe be able to do in faith and sums up for them. But here's what I know just regular your friends are playing with fire and I can virtually guarantee that I'll get worse, not better.

It will be more drinking to more extremes and is there one magical line, this the Bible commands us to be sober. Are they being sober here would be sober and vigilant because the enemy is always trying to attack us. Can they be as sober and vigilant after getting tipsy. No, can they be as careful with their words. All the Scripture about being careful with their words can they be as careful with their words, no.

Can they be as careful with their thoughts. No, all the verses in Scripture about being sober by being clearheaded all the verses in Scripture being being careful with the words and careful of our thoughts can they do those things as well. Getting tipsy and silly. No, they are playing with fire.

Note this is exactly like it's like a guy Christian guy flirting with a Christian gal they're both married to others.

Okay. And there they joke with each other a certain way to have a familiarity that only a husband and wife should have a they have their ways of expressing themselves. They have their little jokes and little looks and things like that is all that we haven't slept together you're committing adultery in your heart and your opening the door to the physical act. If you keep this up so here's the simple question for your friends, in which direction are you heading in their heading in the direction of drunkenness and yes they have a ready violated the scriptural guidelines which say that we must be sober and vigilant and rather being drunk with one to be filled with the spirit, are they being as filled with the spirit as they could be and should be when they're getting tipsy and worse on drinking. Absolutely not. Again watch the pattern asked them which direction they're going. Yes there endangering ourselves not necessarily to lose their salvation forfeit their salvation would certainly hurt themselves at the very least, and hurt others watch the direction I go drinking more often than Eastern drinking more heavily than Easter going further and the more you do this, the less self-control you have, the more you do this, the more self deceived you get Magog drill into their hearts and minds. Proverbs chapter 21. Wine is a marker strong drink is raging whoever is deceived by them is not wise.

I friends of mine who all their lives. It had a glass of wine with the meal he grew up in that culture that never been drunk or anywhere near it and that's there's nothing in Scripture says that that in itself is wrong is wrong for some people to the can handle it. Therefore, alcoholics or other issues. For those that have never been anywhere near what your friends are experiencing no Bible doesn't teach against that but for sure what they're doing is playing with fire. And yes I would say they are sitting in God's sight is the doing near violating principles commands so I pray for and pray hard because some of you mess up sooner rather than later. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is much for joining us a on the line of fire Michael Brown here joyfully back Israel and Germany. Wonderful, wonderful trip why ground to cover in 30 minutes. Here's number. Call 866338784866-34-TRUTH. If you want to interact with me on any point if you want to discuss something, raise a question of your own. Feel free right.

I want to discuss the attack that Took Pl. in England last night, an individual, Amanda non-Muslim crashed his vehicle into a crowd of Muslims coming out a mosque after after prayer, crashed his van and their allegedly set. I want to kill all Muslims. He was subdued. One man killed the most until he was injured. He was subdued buzz buzz and crowd the mom told him don't don't kill the guy with the police take him I condemn that attack a categorically and clearly. Just as I condemn the attacks of Muslims on other Muslims and Muslims on non-Muslims, so it is heinous.

It is ugly it is deplorable in every way. What strikes me is interesting is the responses to the end and this is what I want to raises an issue. JK Rowling, for example has already said that right wing commentators right wing media is good have to be more careful because of what they're saying. That is inflammatory towards other Muslims and immigrants. If in fact I'm not there in England, but if in fact there are commentators who are doing this for inflaming things in such a way that that someone could be inspired to commit horrific act like this, then you better believe they need to tone things down and they need to watch their words carefully absolutely in the aftermath of the shooting of Congressman Scalise here in America media's on both sides and clinical reasonable sites and we need to be careful with our rhetoric because it's getting out of hand absolutely enough so to be responsible with my speech from day one of writing and being on radio and being a public figure that regard.

So if right wing commentators are in fact doing that to be called to account. May I raise another possibility. Could this be in response to one murderous attack after another murderous attack of radical Muslims against children, women and men innocent civilians innocent people in England could this man be responding to what he did is wrong and inexcusable and I commanded the Muslims that were there for not stopping him to death was ruled a logical thing to do. You know your inflamed and angry and fearful in the midst of it. I commend the mom for saying don't kill him, but that that the police take him absolutely right and good, but could it be that the culprit here. The problem here is

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