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Why That Size?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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February 29, 2024 7:23 pm

Why That Size?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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February 29, 2024 7:23 pm

On a Thursday Drive, Josh tells why the Carolina Panthers need to be looking for a wide reciever in this NFL Draft, explains what the loss of Caleb Foster means for Duke, App State basketball coach, Dustin Kerns, joins the show to tell why he thinks App State is NCAA Tournament team, Josh finally gets to meet Jared McCain's "positive potato", and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to react to RJ Davis' 42 point game against Miami.


This is the DRIVE Podcast with Josh Graham.

Now you're talking my language. You can hear the DRIVE weekday afternoons three till six on WSJS. And we're on a Thursday DRIVE. It is WSJS, news talk sports for the Triad. We're a few days after we saw 21 Savage perform on SNL, the SNL that was hosted by Shane Gillis. We've got 21 Savage tickets to give away on each hour of today's show. That's very exciting.

WD, super excited for this. Fire. Oh, love it. That's where the six drop comes from. The six man drop comes from that?

That's fitting because B. Dot, six man of Tar Heel basketball is going to be on the show today. Let's get to football.

On field drills for the NFL combine begin today. And for the Carolina Panthers, there is one position group they should be watching more closely than any other in Indy. That's wide receiver. Because more than likely receiver will be the Panthers focus for their first pick in round two of this draft.

And here's why. That's their greatest need. The problems on defense, the defensive problems that they have can be solved with simply resigning the free agents that are about to hit the market. Prevent Ryan Burns from hitting the market with a franchise tag if you can't work something out.

Resign Frankie Louvou. The answers for defense are on the roster. Carolina needs skill guys to help out Bryce Young and help out Adam Thielen. Adam Thielen was a plus last year.

Nobody else at the skill position skill positions really were. Here was new Panthers GM Dan Morgan in Indy talking about the skill position need. You know we need some more playmakers. You know obviously we have Adam Thielen, you know Mingo. But we got to add some more receivers, some more depth and competition in that room right now. And you know we just got to get guys that can make plays. You know that's that's really what we're you know looking at in the draft or weather-free agency.

DJ Chark he's not going to be back. Jonathan Mingo's young. Receivers sometimes take a little bit to develop. He's going into year two. The Panthers need an outside receiver. Again you got Thielen inside. You hope Hayden Hirsch can do more and a new offensive scheme in year two.

You need options on the outside. Carolina does not have that right now and here's the good news. This is one of the deepest receiver drafts ever and this is the part where I remind you I'm a blitzing the call voter. Did you know that W.D.?

Is that right? Best receiver in college football. I vote for that award. Pay close attention to receivers. Daniel Jeremiah app state graduate. Dustin Kern's going to join us a little bit later on.

Got my app gear on hashtag take the stairs. 12 of Daniel Jeremiah's top 50 prospects a list that he put out earlier this week are receivers and that's a record for his top 50. There hasn't been more than 11 receivers drafted in the first 50 picks in like the last 30 years and that 12 does not include tight ends like Brock Bowers or number 51 on the list being North Carolina's Tez Walker. The top three guys at receiver this year incredible.

All could be top 10 picks. Marvin Harrison Jr. at Ohio State of course but don't overlook Rome Adunzia at Washington. Saw him get to the national title game. Malik Nabors at LSU watched him in person last year. An incredible receiver.

Helped Jaden Daniels win the Heisman Trophy. So there are a ton of receivers but those three guys aren't available to Carolina because they don't have their first round draft pick. Their first pick is number 33. Pick number one of round two.

The wise thing to do is obvious trade back in the second round and take somebody somebody in that next group of receivers. Here are two reasons for that. Reason A. Carolina needs more picks. Obviously. They have a lot of needs. Need more picks.

Need more swings at it. Reason B. Going back to DJ's top 50. Nine of the top 13 receivers on DJ's top 50 or I guess 51 if we're including Taz Walker are between 35 and 51 on that list. Carolina picking 33. So if you can drop back in the draft take somebody in that 35 to 51 range and there are nine good receivers there to potentially take that seems to make the most sense to me and out of that group is somebody who pays close attention to college football and more specifically to receivers. Keyon Coleman at FSU if you can get him in the 40s late 30s or in the early 40s of the draft that's a steal and if you're looking for outside receivers specifically again with respect to Lad McConkie for example who a lot of people like out of Georgia especially after the senior bowl you have a slot guy which he is like Adam Thielen get someone on the outside Xavier Worthy at Texas is one to have circled. So those are the two in that next group that I really like.

Keyon Coleman Florida State Xavier Worthy at Texas but receiver will likely be the focus for the Panthers in round two of the draft. You can reach out to the show on X at WSJS radio or call us 336-777-1600. The executive producer of this show is Will Dalton. Fresh off a win last night AP State coach Dustin Kearns as we mentioned our guest later this hour. What's his saying WD? Take the stairs.

That's right don't take the escalator or an elevator if the stairs are available take the stairs. Speaking of teams that won last night while most of the headlines at Duke focused on who did play Kyle Filipowski was in the lineup for the Blue Devils after being injured in the court storm in Winston-Salem last Saturday the most important development at Cameron last night was who didn't play and that's Caleb Foster who had a boot on was getting around on one of those mini scooters and who John Shire said was going to be out for a while. Well there isn't a while left in the season.

Looking at the calendar happy leap day to everyone. March starts tomorrow and without Caleb Foster Duke needs to rediscover itself a little bit with almost no runway until the postseason begins. See Duke is almost as good as they were last year or very similar to as good as they were last year and you might think how's that possible when you see how good Derek Lively was a year ago and they didn't really replace him Kyle Filipowski isn't quite that guy in the post and neither is Mark Mitchell they can't do the things that Lively did to affect games and Lively's having a great year with the Mavericks and his rookie year. The way that Duke has air quote replaced Derek Lively is by adding two shooters and Jared McCain and Caleb Foster both over 40% from three. So it's been a contrast of styles hey we got more shooting than we do a year ago we're more of an offensive shooting team than one that's going to lean on defense like last year's team did. Losing a 40% three-point shooter like Caleb Foster really hurts and John Shire even said as much after the game when trying to do the calculus in his head of okay how are we going to replace this guy right now.

Everybody has to step up and you know you don't you don't jump ahead to months from now or weeks from there's not months but six seven weeks whatever it can be the the length of the season it's all about preparing for the next game and we have to look at things differently that's just the bottom line there's not all of a sudden when you plug somebody in for Caleb nobody does what Caleb does on our team. TJ Power more minutes last night the guy that I have circled is Sean Stewart they need a classic late season Duke emergence for that guy and that would be perfectly Duke. When you look at their last two national championship runs 2010 Ryan Zubac wasn't playing really going into the month of February but then he started the play and then became a huge impact player on that championship team with John Shire on it. Grayson Allen 2015 Rashid Suleiman after a game at Notre Dame was dismissed from the team so that opened up minutes for the freshman that was forgotten about in that class with Okafor and Justice Winslow and Grayson Allen of course had his moment in the national championship game against Wisconsin. In 2020 we don't know what would have happened in the tournament because there wasn't one but Justin Robinson emerged in the final month of the season really elevating that Duke team that had Vernon Carey on it but in all three of those examples there was runway in February for guys to emerge and to figure things out. Sean Stewart he is a top 25 recruit he had 9-9 last night with more minutes but it's just so soon no ramp up for him to figure things out there are just three more regular season games remaining and then you have the tournament in DC. So really the biggest thing that could change more than anything for Duke to impact them in replacing Caleb Foster or at least trying to couch some of what he what you lose and him not being in the lineup Duke needs more consistency from Tyrese Proctor. He had 14 against Wake played more than 30 minutes for the first time in a month and what did he do last night he had an ACC high seven assists for Duke which is fantastic and he was over 30 minutes again so if he's he's the best NBA draft prospect on this team if he takes a level up then Duke can still achieve its goals without Caleb Foster but if he doesn't and Sean Stewart doesn't take that step either Duke could be in real trouble because it is a it is a blow they had to their lineup one of their top six guys probably not going to return given the way that it looked. One of the most fun teams in the state of North Carolina has been App State basketball all year long if you want to talk about consistency they have been consistent hashtag take the stairs take the stairs up the mountain and watch their final game of the year regular season game of the year they've got some aspirations in postseason at the home center on Saturday get your tickets for that and support this team that's been good so you're all year long including last night against ODU saw them on Sports Center's top 10 plays last night so a lot of shine for the mountaineers as we welcome in the head mountaineer Dustin Kearns joins us now and coach the last time we chatted inside home center it was ahead of the Auburn game that you would go on to win you spoke of the season at that point in terms of possibilities high preseason ranking good sunbelt this year now that Saturday is the end of the regular season your teams have topped the sunbelt standings having won six in a row and 14 of 15 how satisfying is it to see your group meet lofty expectations so far well first of all Josh it's great to be on the drive and I love your shirt right you know App State basketball um you know what we've got a great group it's a different group and I mean that in a complementary way in the sense that they truly care about the team they truly care about the program they truly care about each other and so seeing them have success and seeing them happy for each other's success is very rewarding because that's ultimately what it's about right this is a team sport and you can't do it alone and but it's it's also a sport that we know that you know egos and selfishness can get in the way but man what a great group and let's keep it going given all that success how does it hit you in terms of the conversation that's being had around your conference when you're receiving votes in the top 25 yet you have people say on the other side if you don't win three in a row in Pensacola next week you're not an NCAA tournament team yeah I think that I wish people really went on the eye test a little bit versus so much numbers right like I understand metrics I understand numbers and I understand you know all those things as far as the net and kin pom and all that stuff but I think that when you walk at the eye test of our team you know beating Albert who's left in the country and leading that game for 28 minutes and not only that since then you know you know beating more teams beating a unc Wilmington team beating a Toledo team beating a James Madison team James Madison's got three losses yeah 27 and three and two of them are us right and so like you know we've been on national television we've won on the road I think wish I wish the more talk was about the true eye test and if you saw this team on a neutral court versus this team what would that look like you know versus just kind of going to metrics and stuff because I think our program if you put us on a neutral court with anybody right we've got enough athleticism we've got enough skill we've got enough depth that that's going to be a dog fight with anybody I think you've proven that and I think James Madison proved that as well against Michigan State the first week of the season I'll tell you what you're what the Sunbelt reminds me of right now it reminds me of where the SOCON was just four or five years ago where when you look at that conference at that point man Wes Miller had him humming at UNCG Steve Forbes at East Tennessee State and of course Mike Young was at Wofford like what you guys have built you and what we see at Madison and Troy as well as having a really good year I'm with you I think that metrics sometimes can lose that and I wonder like with the way conference tournaments are valued nowadays I wonder how what needs to happen in order to get multiple teams into the big dance from a league like the Sunbelt that feels so deserving well I mean like you mentioned Troy three straight seasons of 20 plus wins James Madison coach Bank has done a great job there and I think there's other you know obviously great programs in the Sunbelt but I think that you know there's programs like teams in the Sunbelt this is what makes March Madness so special you know and is putting you know schools like us and programs like us on a neutral court and that's when you have the St. Peters the Florida Lenox the VCU's the loyal Chicago's I can keep going right and that's what makes it so fun and exciting and you know if you really go down to it you know like a lot of programs like us we don't play as nearly as many home games as some of those teams so the metrics in my opinion are a little skewed you know and so we're playing a lot of road a lot of neutral type games and so you know I do I don't necessarily have the solution but you know certainly I agree with you. Dustin Kearns with us here on the way out as a coach who's had a successful court storm so to speak this year feel obligated especially now that we know that Kyle Filipowski is okay good to see him last night at Duke what was your take on really this full week of discourse after the court storm in Winston-Salem? Yeah one I think it's unfortunate that obviously what happened and you know he was he was you know injured in things too I think for every one of those you've got 48 successful ones uh right or or just that's a hypothetical number but like like we had a court storming this year against the Auburn Tigers it was a successful one right and I think what I think a little much this is in you know probably gotten a little too much talk um you know in my opinion I think that what was lost when it was the the win that Wake Forest had over Duke you know that was a great win for Wake Forest. Game of the year both teams shot over 50 percent and Wake shot out 70 percent in the second half and I feel like people don't know that because no one talked about the game. Yeah and it got lost in the sense of you know but at the end of the day it's a compliment if your team's getting the court stored on that means that uh you've got a really good program you've got a really good team and uh it's a sell out but partly because of you like let's be honest like Wake Forest those people were there to see Wake they were also sort of see Duke yeah and that's a compliment to Duke and their program um but I think if you're gonna you know really get into those conversations that we need to re-evaluate handshake lines and all that because once again for one ever 50 court stormings the same thing happens in handshake lines right like we see it once every 100 times 200 times some some some arguing some scuffling going on or whatever like that and so I think that that's worth conversation too if you're really gonna evaluate the courts for me I just think like it's part of the college experience for those students we all want students at our games we all want students at our games and fans at our games you know is there a solution with hey give them 10 seconds to get off the court right I love what Mike Gulick Jr. suggested saying the loudest you'll hear a college gym in 2024 is when somebody misses two free throws and they get a free Chick-fil-a sandwich right before people run on the court put some promotion on the screen that says if you wait until the visiting team gets off the floor everybody gets chicken wings or cookies you know what would happen no one's on the floor until that until they get the free food yeah and so I thought I think you can get the visiting team off for 10 or 15 seconds and then everybody can have their fun but like I think about perfect example last night after our game at Old Dominion I had a fan come up to me and he had a picture of me after of me and him after our Auburn in the on the court as a court storm it was obviously a great experience for me and he gave me a copy of it right here in my office right now I want to see it coach I want to see it oh my gosh a fan walking up to Dustin Kearns and say I want you to see what happened when I ran on the court that's after the court storming at Auburn that's awesome and so you know obviously once again it's unfortunate that what happened that the way Duke game but that's an experience that this guy cherishes and remembers you know ironically of all times I was like hey when was this he was like that was the court storming after after Auburn and so like you want those people to have those experiences as fans right and and I just think like how many times does a court storming like really really happen it's happened one time in 23 years in the history of the home center one so you're talking hundreds and hundreds of games right and so it's a great experience is there a plan in place 15 second race period all right let's all come down I mean it happens in football too field stormings like it I mean it's not like it's just but um that's just my opinion happened uh last year app state east carolina app state fans uh ran on the field last year um kid brewer and the troy game as well let's not forget about that dustin kerns it's good to see you best of luck on saturday congratulations on what's been already a successful season for the mountaineers oh yeah by the way before you'll say it take the stairs josh always great to be on the drive go mountaineers take the stairs one of my favorite internet memes is somebody playing this and then interjected in is mike bring saying bang i haven't seen that it's great i've seen the bare naked ladies live who play this and didn't realize that they were the ones that play the song until they did it in concert i didn't realize it till we gave away tickets for them i also think the bare naked ladies are going to perform in winston salem sometime in the next couple of months like at bailey park oh so i could be wrong on that but i'm pretty sure i saw that somewhere getting the locker room sound from duke louisville last night kyle philipowski he played the normal reaction to that is good i'm glad he's okay that's the normal reaction the psychopathic reaction to that is oh so he was faking an injury he was okay the whole time and this doesn't really change anything about the court storming debate whether or not flip was good enough to play in the game for some they seem to think that it does it's what he said afterward that really bothered me i asked him about the clip that went viral steve forbes taken up for duke saying a thousand percent anyone who thinks that duke was in fault at fault at all a thousand percent incorrect we needed to be better it was unacceptable the lack of security wake forest apologizing as well i brought that up to him to see if that meant anything to him and it sounds like that it didn't yeah i mean you know you're gonna have you're gonna have you know their coaches and ad put out those statements and things like that and you know you can you can say a lot you know there's a lot of there's just a lot of discussion you could go back and forth on what they say and and how they mean it and things like that um i didn't see i didn't see what you're talking about so so i i can't really respond to that you know but obviously it's very touchy subjects um with everyone and and you know it's it's it's hard to you know just um like you said move on you know look on the bright side now i didn't post that clip on social media i didn't do it because i felt that people could take things out of context i feel like he's received enough stuff on social media but that answer is pathetic that's garbage from kyle philipowski even if he didn't hear like i want to give him the benefit of the doubt he didn't hear what forbes had to say and i clarified it for him later oh by the way you didn't hear here's what he said and he said the same thing to me afterwards he couldn't care less but he essentially said not even essentially he said there that all people are saying words we just don't know if they mean it essentially saying like john curry apologizing the that wake forest apologizing he doesn't know if they mean it or if it's sincere that's garbage if somebody apologizes publicly like you should accept their apology because guess what wasn't like especially with steve forbes like it wasn't steve forbes fault that that happened to you steve forbes isn't in charge of security but how about hey i appreciate that still was rough touchy touchy subject for sure but insinuating that wake forest their apologies weren't sincere really that's what we're gonna do i didn't appreciate that that's what we're gonna do i didn't appreciate that i didn't and um defended the guy for the last few days i can't defend that that's indefensible now for something more positive we saw jared mccain and his positive potato last night and here's how that sounded at jared mccain's locker where's the positive potato at oh right here how where where did positive potato come from it came from uh the tik tok shop okay you know i found it on there and um you know just a little positive reinforcement in life you always gotta have some gratitude always gotta have some positive vibes so i think he brings vibes in the locker room and you know good vibes how has the locker room responded to the positive potato oh you know they love it you know whenever you know whenever someone's down you can just hand them to him you know it says i may be a tiny potato but i believe in you go do your thing so just like everybody needs it sometimes everybody's down sometimes so you always need some positive vibes to come back in your life did the positive potato play a role in the bounce back after sure for sure it's just a huge role actually it kind of you know we bring in half to go shower holds it up holds it up over his head and uh yeah uh but no he's like just you know i just come to him at halftime or when we're in the locker room and just you know for good vibes good good energy atz rookie of the year just for the positive potato i love the positive potato 52 of the poll that i put out yesterday who wins rookie of the year is him and usually when somebody on duke is on the from dukes on the poll people vote against that person so take that with a grain of salt too 52 of the poll 23 say marcus burton and notre dame i do think it's down to those two i don't think carlton carrington's been all that great in the month of february but my vote would go to mccain just because i think he's the better player and i mean he's on a great team notre dame's not good even though marcus burton's being asked to do a ton pretty cool but you know those answers from mccain it sounds like it's better fitted for weekly positivity than it is just playing it dry just his answers there so let's give that a shot oh right here it came from uh the tik tok shop um you know i found it on there and um you know just a little positive reinforcement in life you always gotta have some gratitude always gotta have some positive vibes so i think he brings vibes in the locker room oh you know they love it you know whenever you know whenever someone's down you can just hand them to them you know it says i may be a tiny potato but i believe in you go do your thing so just like everybody needs it sometimes everybody's down sometimes so you always need some positive vibes to come back in your life it's a huge role actually it kind of you know we bring it in half to go shower holds it up holds it up over his head and uh no i'm playing yeah uh but no he's like just you know i just come to him at half time or when we're in the locker room and just you know for good vibes good good energy that's it that is better i like that that is yeah those clips i think uh pop more with uh weekly positivity love spencer hubbard getting into the game last night uh everybody goes nuts when he you know it's gonna be good when he gets first acc points of his career you got into an acc game because louisville's that bad five 20 plus point losses and spencer hubbard hits a three see tom septon he's um works with us he had never been to camera before last night and so we took him and here's here's how um let me think of the the right word here's how perceptive septon is when it comes to the happenings of acc play we walk out of the post game press conferences and the first thing he says to me is i wasn't impressed with the louisville coach i'm like you know tom oh boy i think that might be it for kenny pain yeah if you're wondering like he probably should have been fired months ago but the the final straw in the kenny pain train probably should have been tom septon looking at me and saying yeah i wasn't that impressed by that guy i mean it's it's it's not impressive it's a time and i was in front of some fans that went shirtless and had their chest painted i didn't i just assumed that they had something painted like blue devils or duke on the front no and i uh posted a picture which led to b dot six humanitarian basketball posting pause because they actually spelled out the word cockroaches but i could only get four people in the picture with me behind me and you can imagine what part of the word cockroaches that i could get in the photo and then i was confused as a lot of people were watching on tv because you could see me and the people without their shirts and cockroaches written on their shirts or on their chests i asked one of them why do you um why cockroaches and they said we think it's funny to get a four-letter word on national tv that's what one of them said to me anyway college students are gonna college student i called out wd for playing a theme song to a tv show earlier and challenged him to play a different theme song for every other segment the rest of the way and uh he's followed through on that challenge and i'm proud of my guy as we welcome in our favorite b dot the sixth man of tarheel basketball are you driving right now huh this doesn't this doesn't seem like the most safe thing ever b dot something i would do it's called multitasking um i'm on cruise control i'm good i could not miss my parents here um on your show josh however i am headed to the airport you know gotta get to baltimore you know ci double a tournament's going on very excited but i didn't want to miss my opportunity so i'm focused on the road but i can hear you you know what i'm saying like i'm not looking at you i'm focused right here on the road man ten and two i'm at ten and two for anybody that's watching i was bummed out that uh i was very excited to see someone that i knew in high school a maje dad get some recognition earlier in the week from winston salem state but then winston salem state the defending ci double a champs loses to fayetteville state yesterday how surprised were you to see the rams fall uh just a correction didn't lose to fayetteville state i lost the fayetteville state i could have understood josh graham we lost the blue field oh blue field is who we lost to sorry blue field is a it's an hbc u and it's 80 percent white josh graham did you know that because i didn't just found that out yesterday they're the worst team in the damn conference we're the best team in the conference expecting to go back to back and we go out there and pee right down our legs josh graham i cannot believe we went down there and lost on the first game played in the tournament it is unreal two white kids that's terrible that's even that's even worse dot josh graham they they had three of their players foul out and we still lost to them in overtime josh graham uh let me cheer you up rj davis more points than anyone's ever scored in the history of that building that's been around since the mid-80s um you've gotten to know rj how special what makes rj most special to you just his stick-to-it-iveness the fact that he just kept going like he's just like he heard all the comments he heard all the conversations and he just stayed in the gym and just stayed dedicated to what he is which is a guy that can put the ball in the basket and you and i had a conversation and you put something in perspective for me that i would like to share um if you don't mind please but it was you know you you said when the situation happened with caleb and rj you know caleb is always going to go down in history for the shot he hit against duke for the way he tormented uh cameron indoor stadium his freshman year and his sophomore years the big shot of course against mark and if anybody had to go and somebody had to stay it was dope that rj got to stay and now he gets to have his year in glory as a tarheel great and his number will probably be put in the rafters at this point and it's just awesome that both of them got that story and it's just even more awesome for rj just because he's a damn dog and i just love to see him out there dropping hell of a bucket guess what we have tickets to to give away during grammar school i bet you it ain't to the duke and carolina women's game because that thing gets sold out baby let's go here you have this this might be a nice hint for you there you go yeah you got tickets to go see 21 that's right all someone has to do is help me out 336-777-1600 the attempt gets you 21 savage tickets for charlotte let's play grammar school josh graham has his own way of speaking and just when you think it can't get any worse josh is going to attempt to learn b-dots vernacular i'm gonna put one in the air it's time for b-dots grammar school nobody better than b-dot free game during game postgame brought to you by heritage hardwood floors when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling and heritage hardwood when it comes to flooring they have no ceiling i don't have a ceiling either i can open up my ceiling and wave out what's happening everybody i'm on josh graham show playing grammar school love it dot i have a caustic question to get us started you ready i'm ready 21 savage was associated with a man named shane gillis last weekend can you tell me anything about shane gillis shane gillis is a um a pharmaceutical salesman from ohio and shane gillis um amassed his fortune um because his dad was a lawyer for bmf before they moved from detroit to atlanta and the money they paid him sort of i don't know who the hell that is josh shane gillis i don't know who the hell that is shane gillis was the host of snl last weekend that 21 savage was performing at shane gillis will be playing uh greensboro in june the same month that uh 21 savage will be performing charlotte the tickets that we're giving away 21 can you do something uh shane gillis might be wdni's favorite comic right now too shane gillis is a comedian he is he's a he's a you'll uh he got he's uh he got fired at snl a day after he was hired at snl and then they invited him to host five years later so there's some that's called full circle i like how that played out for buddy what's your first grammar school question well we're um doing an extension of last week josh graham again i want to make sure your text for station i want to make sure your text for station don't make those faces is up to par okay so up first three letters w t s w t s w t s speaking of it i'll give you a i'll give you a hint i'll give you a hint it's the worst text that a female can send a guy w t s three three six seven seven seven one six hundred uh related note it has to bother you dot because it bothers me and wd and we've let west durham know this when cory alexander calls west wd uh like come on it drives me crazy there's only one i already told y'all like like no way like stop it there's only one wd and i love western like that's my god like i look up to that gentleman but he is the legendary west durham that is his name wd is right here running a fantastic produced show on the drive let's go to justin and winston wts and he gave me the hint it's something that a you'd never want to get a text from from a woman what does wts stand for justin i have no idea but i've had to guess i would say um why this size okay thank you justin oh boy that's uh you know that'd be a that'd be an interesting text why this size i don't know it's i didn't choose it i i didn't i didn't pick it out um why uh i think we all are in agreement that why probably is the first one um or where it could be where where you know what just for justin's sake why this size is that your final answer just give me the darn x of course that's incorrect yeah it went to sleep josh went to sleep oh yeah never want to have that one no you up you up nothing next morning text you went to sleep what's the second one w bu w bu oh i feel like i know this one w come on man be you yes w be you what what about you what about you there we go there we go there we go there we go i've used that one yeah wbu all right get this one right josh gramm and you get a satisfactory grade today are you ready i'm ready four letters d p m o d p m o yes and honestly that's exactly what i'm gonna say to you right now d p m o okay i'm looking at wd just because d p m o don't play me i want to say off but i don't think that's an expression d p m o do you agree with the first three letters wd see i you know this one i've never been i'm not looking at you can't go to me i can't go to you uh sorry pal i'm gonna do that don't play me off is that your final answer yeah yeah josh don't piss me off i got three of the four but the wrong one the second one don't play me off even me that's not even a thing don't play me off i guess like in the oscars or like you're given an acceptance speech don't play that music i got something to say how many people in this come on i know use your context clues sorry sorry failing grade i failed grandma school you mentioned aja kelly and carolina basketball women's basketball katelyn clark just announced in the last hour she will not be returning for another season she could come back for a covid year she announced that this will be her last year at iowa uh women's hoops man like exploding because of the name recognition of her and the coaches like kim mulkey and gino ariemma and page beckers is back and of course you have don staley at south carolina and the acc getting all these teams i what how has your interest level in women's basketball changed it all in recent years or has it no it hasn't really man well i guess i could say i enjoyed college a little bit more i was always knowledgeable at the least of the wnba and the superstars there but i'm just happy for coach banghart and this um tar heels team man like i just want this to be a great if it is the final season for players like usby and dk like i want those i want and aya i want and i think the lights the layer i want them to go out you know strong and whipping the wheels off nc state brought me a lot of joy you know and it's sold out game versus duke if they can get this dub that will bring me even more joy and i just hope they continue to advance and just being very transparent i would absolutely love it if rj and deja the king and the queen of college basketball both of them came back for another covid year i would absolutely love it and i think the carolina family would love it too dot you're going to get some jimmy seafood in baltimore you damn right i already talked to j you already know i'm saying as soon as my flight land i'm one way there first and then i'm gonna give me something to eat for the nightcap at the room you know that give me give me some orioles gear while you're up there the orioles the birds about the start i'm not gonna do that okay i'm not gonna do that at all uh love you dot thanks for doing this we'll talk next week love you too do y'all be good
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