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The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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June 27, 2023 7:22 pm

Josh From The Dog Park

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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June 27, 2023 7:22 pm

6th Man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, hosts the show and discusses airport delays, the BET Awards, gives you three of the most useless facts you'll never need, WD gives a hot take about where Damian Lillard will end up, in Josh Is Out Of His Mind, Chris Paul joins the show to react to becoming a Golden State Warrior and to talk about experiences growing up in Winston Salem that made him who he is, and former Wake Forest basketball player, Brandon Childress, joins the show to tell who the greatest point guard in Wake Forest history actually is.


Yes, Josh Graham has opinions. There is nothing that entertains the audience and the masses more than me being bothered. And yes, he's got attitude.

Really, none of the game made sense to me. And that's exactly why you love him. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together. You're on The Drive with Josh Graham. Sorta. A little bit.

This is The Drive with Josh Graham, but I'm feeling in for Josh, man. What's happening? I go by the name B.

Dot. Some know me as the sixth man of Carolina basketball. You dig what I'm saying? I'm feeling in for the homie today. Because apparently he was partying too hard last night at the NSMA's. Got a little two sheets in the wind.

Couldn't make it in. You dig what I'm saying? We'll get into all of that.

We'll get into all of that. But good afternoon to you. I could not do this without my co-pilot, my boy W.D. Here I am.

What's happening? See, some of us could. I mean, I went last night.

I was out there at the NSMA's too, but some of us, you know, have to still work. So we couldn't just throw it down completely last night. Really go all in like Sir Josh Graham. Couldn't do it. Got a little toasty though.

Did you? Got a little toasty. We could definitely get into that too, my good brother. We're gonna do it. Good to be with you, Dot. Man, I'm happy to be back, man. I'm very happy to just be here, man. Like I'm getting back from L.A. I was out at the BET Awards.

I'll talk to you a little bit about that in a minute. But the airports are ridiculous. When was the last time you flew somewhere, W.D.? You know, I've only flown twice ever. In your life? In my life. Oh no, I've flown twice this month, W.D. I think the last time I flew was senior year of high school.

So we're talking like 2013. Wow. It's been a hot minute. Yeah, you got to get in the airport, my boy. But I got to get clear. Listen, let me tell you something. Let me hit you right now. Before you go anywhere, first of all, book your flight somewhere.

But get either clear or TSA pre-check or global entry. Okay? I need to get one of those because waiting in the pedestrian line, the regular line with everybody else is putrid. It's horrible.

I'm talking about everything gets backed up. Last night when we were trying to land, we were actually hovering around Charlotte for 90 minutes. Really? Waiting to land. They kept telling us on the intercom, we're about to land. Wait, we're in the holding position for 15 minutes. It's going to take us 12 minutes to get back. We're 30 minutes out. We'll get to be 30 minutes. They'll say, all right, we're ready to land. Wait, we're in the holding position.

Like, what are we doing up here? When we finally get in, a bunch of delays. The people that were on our flights, they missed their connector flights.

It was horrible. And I just saw on social media, like a lot of people are experiencing this. Like American Airlines had to delay a lot of flights. A lot of it was weather. There was a lot of thunderstorms and rain here last night, I presume. Like, was it a lot of... Did your electricity go out? People were saying they lost electricity last night.

Mine didn't. Like, I know they were calling for a decent amount of rain last night, and I guess it sprinkled a little, but I don't think we got what they were calling for. At least not over here. Say less. I'm happy to be here, man.

BET Awards was great. I got word that Josh may be upset with me today. Josh may be a little upset with me today, and it's not my fault. Josh asked me to fill in, so when I fill in on his show, I want to make sure that I'm providing adequate content.

I want to make sure that I'm providing content that this listening audience gives a damn about, for Christ's sakes. You dig what I'm saying? Gotta bring value out here. Have to bring value. I ain't no love.

What's that Special K type value, bro? This is Frosted Flakes over here. I'm top notch cereal. You dig what I'm saying? Some Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We're not Wheaties. Master P got some cereal. I met Master P this weekend. What was that cereal you had? He has his own cereal.

Master P has it. It's called Snoop-O's or something. Snoopy-O's or something, but it tastes just like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Is it better? I kid you not. I mean, I'm not really a Cinnamon Toast Crunch guy.

Oh, I love it. That's not really my bad because it gets too soft in the milk. I'm really not a fan of that, but just eating the dry cereal tastes just like it. See, I think the most two cool things you can have is if you have a sneaker and if you have cereal. And you played in the NBA? And you played in the NBA. Master P has checked all the boxes. I met him.

It was great. Master P is one of my biggest influences. I got a TRU tattoo because of Master P, and I got a chance to show it to him. I had been waiting years to show this tattoo to Master P, and I finally got the chance to show it to him, and he didn't give a damn WD.

He didn't. I saw that video. I was like, man, this is going to be so cool.

He's going to love this, and I'm waiting for the reaction. You just got to dab a pic. That was that. But it meant everything to me.

I'll tell you that. If you want to go check that out, my Instagram, B.TV, I did document meeting Master P. But it was dope, man. The BET Awards was awesome. I got a chance to actually go to the awards and see the production and how it was all put together and seeing the people perform, seeing the Migos perform. That was a big deal, WD.

Now, you know, when I come on here, I like to do some grammar school stuff where I try to educate you on what's going on in the urban demographic. That's right. Now, as far as the urban demographic goes, the Migos were three guys. And you might remember Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, or Bad and Boujee, Cooking the Dude with the Uzi. Migos, it was three of them. It was Takeoff, it was Offset, and it was Quavo. We lost Takeoff.

We did. Takeoff got shot and we lost Takeoff. And Quavo and Offset were sort of beefing. Really? Yeah, they hadn't been talking for a while. I didn't know this.

Oh, yeah. No, they would pop up in places and folks had to break them up, separate them. It was just real bad energy amongst them. And to see them on the stage at the BET Awards performing and performing a song with the Takeoff in the backdrop and having the big light in the middle and just all of that, it was just really, really dope for the culture, dog. Was this the first time they performed since he passed?

Oh, for sure. They hadn't even so much as been cordial in the public eye since Takeoff passed. Is that when it started or did it go further back? No, no, no. Again, this is public consumption, but as far as we're concerned, it all started there. And we don't know why. Well, nope. Not really. We just know that they're family and so something happened to cause that and they just don't really know.

But to see them on stage was super, super dope. Again, Josh may be a little upset with me and let me tell you why. Why is Josh mad? How did you just leave that story?

Again, I want to have quality content here and recently my son who plays for United Faith in Charlotte, they had a live period and they were playing over in the summer league games over at Wake Forest. And after the game, they had a tour of Wake Forest from Coach Forbes. I remember this. And my son called me and he was so excited, like, Dad, we just took a tour of Wake Forest. We saw the locker rooms and I was like, well, who took you on the tour? And he was like, Coach Forbes.

And I was like, the head coach took you on the tour? He was like, yeah, man. He was so funny. He was so cool. And I was just, as a parent, as much trash as I talk about Coach Forbes from the Carolina Tar Heels versus the Wake Forest, as a parent, I was so appreciative in that moment at how Coach Forbes had conducted himself.

Well... Thanks, Coach Forbes. And just being in settings with him, he's always been a funny guy. He's always been a very cordial dude.

We always go back and forth. And that was just super dope. So I sent him a message from Josh and Josh made sure he got it and we spoke through Josh and that was super dope. But I wanted to make a day about the Demon Deacons today, man. I know I'm the sixth man. I'm the sixth man in Carolina basketball. And I was going to get some of my Carolina Tar Heels homies to call up, but we got our first practice of the year today. The first practice of the season is today in 19 minutes.

3.30 to 5.30 today. It's that time. It's time to right the wrongs over here. It's that time, man. And I'm not going to tell you who I was talking to or what I was, but I told one of my partners that happens to wear a jersey that will be at practice in 19 minutes. I told them, I said, I'm not going to get too excited. For the practice?

No, no, just for the season. But the energy feels different. It just feels different. I was over there for the two scrimmages.

The energy just feels different. Did you see the video when they got the outlet and they threw the lob to Jalen Withers and he comes down the middle and punches right hand and falls under the basket? Oh, explosive. Was that Jalen Withers? I thought that was Jalen Withers. I thought it was Harrison Ingram.

Might have been Harrison Ingram. Regardless, the point is... I apologize if I got that incorrect. The point is, if they do that in a game, I am going to lose it. I am going to completely lose my mind. The energy feels different, though. The energy feels... Just the camaraderie with the boys, just the way... I'm not putting my expectations on any level.

I'm still pacing myself to get to the season. But just the energy this summer versus the energy I felt last summer is totally different. There isn't an arrogance.

There isn't an entitlement. There seems to be more of a connection in certain pieces. R.J. Davis? He looks like the R.J. Davis I expected to see last year. And he knows this is year four. I told him he should get a Wendy's endorsement because he wears the number four.

And this is four for four. How's he coming with that? I don't know. I hope I can get a little piece of that, though.

Chilly. But again, this show is for the Demon Deacons. So I have two of the best point guards, the top two point guards that have played for Wake Forest in the last 20 years on the show today. That's what I got. That's what I got for you Demon Deacon fans.

That's not too shabby right there. Now I got the two best point guards in Demon Deacon history in the last 20 years. We got Brandon Childress, one half of the best father-son duo in college basketball history.

Yep. Was hanging out with Randolph last night. See, you was hanging out with the father.

I was. And today you get to hang out with the son. We love it. It's like almost church, the Trinity. It's like the Holy Spirit. Are you the Holy Spirit in this? No, no, no. I won't claim to be the Holy Spirit.

I won't claim to be that. And of course, man, he is. He's an author now. He is the newest member of the Golden State Warriors. My partner, Chris Paul, will be checking in with us in a little over an hour, around four thirty. You might want to be here for thirty five. Be here for Chris Paul. He's going to talk.

We're going to talk books and we're talking basketball. I've heard of him. Have you heard of him? I've heard of CP three.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Chris, I think Chris is the most disrespected superstar in the history of the NBA. How so? Chris Paul was supposed to play. It is very well documented with Kobe Bryant. But that Lakers trade actually did play with Kobe Bryant for about a couple of about three, four hours. And then Commissioner Stern nixed the entire deal because the league owned the Hornets at the time and that was void.

But Katie can go to the Warriors. Never have been seen ever before. Has never been seen again. That that situation was never seen before. Has never been seen again.

That's one. The OKC situation just getting shipped to OKC. And he actually turned that out.

It turned out pretty good. He talks about that in the book and he talks about how they gave him a less than three percent chance to make the playoffs that season. That was the bubble season, right?

I think I'm sure. I think that was twenty twenty. I want to say and they made the playoffs. Yeah. Lost to his rockets.

All talked about in the book. But OKC shipping him to OKC. That was rude. Finding out that you when you're Chris Paul, you're someone of that stature to find out that you've been traded while you're playing pickup basketball in Winston-Salem. You now are Golden State Warriors like these type things.

It's just like. Can you imagine LeBron being somewhere he just automatically just gets to trade it somewhere. It is Paul is one of the top five point guards in the history of the league. If I if I can speak candidly, if something like that happened, LeBron, it would be blown up everywhere, everywhere. Could you imagine like LeBron getting moved and have it?

He just found out the same way everybody else did. Yeah, right. That ain't happening. And Chris is a superstar. So for him to get treated like that, it's just it's just weird to me.

I just feel like he's one of the most disrespected superstars in the league, but he's going to be teaming up with Steph Curry. So it's gonna be an all North Carolina backcourt. And I'm excited about that.

I want to see how excited Chris is about that. We'll talk to him again in a little over an hour. I got three useless facts today. Three useless facts. Now, I'm going to kick this off. I'm going to kick this off with three useless facts sometime in this hour. And we're going to talk Summer League in about four minutes because the Hornets got their rosters out.

And I want to know exactly what games you're interested in. Please make sure you call our show. Three, three, six, seven, seven, seven, one, six hundred. Three, three, six, seven, seven, seven, one, six hundred. I want you to call up.

We can talk about whatever it is you want to talk about. But I asked you. This is not one of the three useless facts that I'm going to use, but I asked you before we got on the air. How many three pointers in his career has Shaq attempted? And your guess was it was three, three.

And then I asked you of that three. How many do you think he's made? I think he's I want to say none, but I feel like it's Shaq. So he's made one stupid three that just happened to find the hoop. Yeah. So you give him a 33 percent career average three point shooting Shaq.

Sure. He's attempted twenty two. Oh. And he made one off a bank shot. So I got that right. Did you get that right? You know, he didn't mean to do that.

Absolutely not. The bank wasn't open. The door was cracked open by. You're on the. What's happening? This is how we do it, baby.

Three thirty four on a Tuesday evening. You are listening to The Drive with Josh Graham, but I'm be that six man a Carolina basketball and W.D. I asked you to pull up some John Anderson and the Kentucky Headhunters music and you didn't pull up that swing and try.

What was that swing and try? Did you hear that at the end of that commercial just now? I did.

It kind of swang to it. Now, W.D. says we have some tickets to go see John Anderson and the Kentucky Headhunters if you're interested. We have no clue who that is.

So I want to give them away very simply. If you can call up any time during the show, if anybody's listening and you want to call up and just educate us on who they are. I would assume they're from Kentucky. How many people are in the band?

Like, if somebody that you're interested in and you want the tickets, I mean, you have if you like twang, if you like a little twang when they sign, this might be your thing. You know what I'm saying to you? Listen, man, I'm beat out filling in for my bro, Josh Graham. What I have for you right now are three of the most useless facts you will ever need ever in life. Now, again, these are three of the most useless facts. You will never need them. Maybe if you're playing Jeopardy or something.

But other than that, you probably want. First useless fact. Have you ever seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, W.D.? That's a that's a show, right? Came on HBO. Oh, I'm not sure if I've sat down and watched it. Came on HBO with Larry David.

It's a very good show. Very funny. He created Seinfeld, right?

I believe so. OK, yeah. I've not watched it, but I know what you're talking about. Yeah, yeah. That guy. That show actually saved a man from going to jail and being convicted of murder. Whoa.

Yep, yep. Curb Your Enthusiasm once helped save a man from being falsely accused of murder. Larry David's acclaimed series just happened to be filming at Dodger Stadium the night the murder happened. And their cameras miraculously called John Catalin.

Proving that his alibi was true and he was innocent. That's bonkers. That is. He's like, no way. I didn't kill him. How do you how can you prove it?

Because I'm on this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. That's about the best proof you can have. That's the best alibi you can have right there, W.D. Again, these are three of the most useless facts you'll never need ever a day in life.

Second useless fact. The yo-yo. The yo-yo toy began as a weapon, W.D. Really? It was a weapon. A weapon in the Philippines in the 16th century. Yep.

Before it was distributed in the United States as a toy in 1929, it was four pounds and had a 20 foot long cord on it at the time. And you just throw that joint, bring that joint back. That that actually sounds like really effective because I mean, you and I both like Game of Thrones. We do. Yeah. And that seems like something. Yes. They might whip out that had like spikes on the end of it.

It's barbaric enough. Yeah. You could probably like critique or not critique yours, but what is it? What is it when you make your personalized yours? Yeah. Customize it. Yeah. Customize it. That's the word. Thank you, W.D.

Teamwork. Yeah. Yeah.

Customize yours with spikes or with glitter or whatever you want on your yo-yo ball. And I can just see it right now. Again, this is Game of Thrones. Nothing's off limits.

It goes through somebody's face and you just rip it out and there's their whole head. Yeah. Yeah. I'm sorry.

It's gone. That was very, very graphic. But if you like Game of Thrones, you know, you know that stuff. That's exactly how it gets down. Here's your third useless fact again. Curb your enthusiasm.

Save the man from going to jail for the rest of his life. The yo-yo started as a weapon in the Philippines. And lastly, the Pittsburgh Steelers in nineteen forty three.

You can Google this. It's going to blow your mind. Are you ready for this? I'm ready.

I'm seated. In nineteen hundred and forty three. The Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles both lost so many players who were serving in World War Two that they joined together and were the Stegels for a season. No joke. They went five, four and one.

The Stegels. Was it only for one season? One season.

Only one season. Oh, my. It's the most obnoxious thing I've ever heard of.

It's very obnoxious. I mean, I could see it happening. Really? I mean, they're both there in what, Pennsylvania? Yeah. Out that way. Stegels.

The Stegels. Nineteen forty three. It happened. I'm using that one at a bar. See, you might use that somewhere.

Next time I come up here, I'm gonna let I'm gonna we need we need a music bed for three useless facts. We do. Maybe we'll workshop it. Yeah. Make it a real segment. Yeah. Make that a little bit. I found a useless fact. Apparently, an on average one hundred people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year. You were you were just over there chewing on your pan.

And Josh Graham, he will destroy a pen like nobody choose a pen like Josh Graham. It looks like a chewed up dog toy. Yes. It looks like Willow got a hole to willow the dog. What how many people did you say you lose a year from that?

On average, one hundred people. Josh, you better knock it off, buddy. Oh, this is going to permanently be driving. All right, buddy. And I'm here for it. You did what I'm saying to you. That's many three useless facts.

Again, you might not ever need those every day in life. This is the deep show today. The deep show we got. We got CP gonna be on here in a little less than an hour, a little less than hour. He's in California. He's actually doing some driving. And of course, he's on this huge book tour. And his book is super dope.

If you have not heard about it, it's called Sixty One. And see, I see. I know I know Chris, but even hearing this book and read because I'm listening to the audio book.

So listening to this book like and hearing him read and hearing his emotions, he voices. I love that. Love it. It's got to be that way.

That is the only way. Like, like Will Smith's book. Have you heard that one? It's amazing. It's Will Smith. So he's laughing. Sometimes he does little effects where he goes to church and plays the organ and you hear the church people singing. But it's beautiful. Masterfully done. I want to listen to Stephen A. Smith's book.

It's going to be a lot of screen. You probably know I sit down and let no decibel to Curtis. Curtis Bell. Oh, my God.

Curtis Bell. But even knowing Chris like I still learn so much. I got like it's a five hour, five and a half hour listen.

OK. And I got no, no. Like I was on my on the flight to Cali. I was listening and like I would be in the room. So I'm listening and it's interesting because there are parts in the book that my kids and I, we do in our affirmations. And I can't wait to tell Chris, like one of the one of the quotes he used in one of the chapters we actually use in our affirmation.

So I was letting the kids here and they were just so full. But I can't wait to tell him that story about that. I love that that you're teaching them that. Oh, absolutely. Affirmations are important.

It is like the way you talk to yourself. Yeah. It's so much more important than people. Absolutely. Absolutely. And my daughter, she goes to a school, W.D., and I know this ain't got much to do with sports, but she goes to a school where, you know, she's a minority. Yeah.

You know what I mean? Because it's very important that we stay in a neighborhood or a district where we get great schooling. And nine times out of ten, most of those schools are predominantly white schools. And in this school, like I just on the way to school, we make sure we do our affirmations. I let her know that, you know, her her her skin tone is not an inferiority. You know, like she's beautiful and she's confident and she's loved and people love her and she loves people.

And we say these different affirmations every morning on the way to school. And I think it helps. At least I hope so.

Isn't she getting ready to start her own little podcast or something like that? Yeah, man. Did I sell that on your Instagram? I love it.

Yeah, because I love it. You know, I thought my son was going to be the one who, you know, really took after me and did comedy and stuff like that. Like for those that don't know, I do comedy and I was on Wild'n Out and I just matter of fact, I performed at the Laugh Factory when I was in California. It was amazing. I saw you tearing it up.

I felt so disrespected out there, W.D. Why? Because I thought that I was going out there to kill it and maybe do a 10 minute set, you know, and they get out there and they said, well, no, this is first impressions.

We just you just do a five minute set and we see if you're good enough to bring you back. Oh, five minutes. Give me the microphone. Killed it. Destroyed it before I got off stage.

They were clapping. T.I. was there. T.I. came out and did a little five, seven minute set. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Dion Cole, but he came out there and did 20 minutes.

He was phenomenal. Does T.I. do stand up? Yeah, T.I. does stand up. He's not very good.

I was going to say, I've never seen that. Yeah, he's not very good, but he's still learning. And, you know, like I give him all the credit in the world for humbling himself to come in our arena, you know, because in our arena, you know, it's not about your hit music like we're all here telling our lives, telling stories of our lives and putting jokes together to make people laugh. And if you're going to do that, you have to take it seriously. And he does seem to be taking it seriously. And he's he's growing, but he's he's not great yet.

But he's learning how to sort of put his life in his comedy. And I respect that. It takes a certain type of person to do that.

Somebody who's like just a stud of a superstar in one thing. Yes. And then I got to humble myself a little bit and realize, like, OK, I may not know a whole lot about this over here. It takes a certain type to do that. I mean, I didn't know that. Like, that's that's impressive.

Now, it's humility for sure. And, you know, because he could cheat. He could come out there and just play a bunch of his music and get the crowd all riled up and tell the joke in between and play a little bit more music.

But he doesn't. He really tries to put sets together. I respect it. We'd love to see it.

Love to see it. But I thought my son I said all that to say, sorry, I thought my son would take after me in that regard. Like when he was in kindergarten, he did stand up comedy for one of the talent shows and stuff. I just knew he would take that.

But that hasn't really been his bag. But my daughter, like her personality and like just the things she comes up with. She edits video. She does our own content at the house. And she said that, you know, when we're talking and having our affirmations and having our conversations before school, she said that there are things that kids talk about that she just doesn't think that parents understand. Probably not.

Probably not. I get a kick out of it because your son's the hooper. Yeah, he's the hooper. But I get a kick out of it when you're doing an Instagram video and she's just in the back seat in the back. I just know she has her own personality, man. I think it's dope. So she's kicking off kids talk this summer. And we're very excited about that. We're very excited about it.

Absolutely. Bring us the content. And listen, again, we've got Brandon Childress on because.

And again, Demon Deacon Show. The reason why is because, again, I want to say big shout out to Coach Forbes. I appreciate him and his hospitality to my son's school during the tour.

And I know that a lot of the Wake Forest fans always give me hell because they think that I don't like Wake Forest. And I do like I have friends that Justin Gray is one of my best friends. I saw him at the live period and I did.

Oh my gosh, he's doing great things. Josh, I say Josh Graham, Josh Howard. Josh Howard is one of my best friends. C.P.

Beachy or Randolph. Like these are my partners. I got much love for Wake Forest. And I wanted to prove it today. I think you're on a good start. We still got some work to do.

Because, you know, some people, they're hard to convince. Yeah, yeah, yeah. But we you know, I almost wore a Wake Forest sweatshirt today. So you should see I almost without even knowing you should have done that.

That would have been the right synergy. You see my shirt? I love it.

That's Trey's phone right there. I said something about it. What does it say?

Read it to the people. Hot sauce, fried fish, white bread, mustard and slaw. Yeah.

One more time, please. Hot sauce, fried fish, white bread, mustard and slaw. Is that on? I thought so. I thought so.

What? That's Forsythe seafood out there in the tray. I love you some seafood. That's a Forsythe seafood. Have you ever had Forsythe seafood?

I have not. Oh my gosh. Got some popcorn shrimp. Oh my God. Oh, you got to treat your palate. I should I shouldn't. I opened a can of worms.

Oh my gosh, bro. Like I'm almost tempted for us to go to Forsythe seafood when we leave here. I wish I wish Forsythe seafood could just hear my voice and just feel my spirit and bring us some great popcorn shrimp and some fried fish. I mean, hey, we're all for sponsors over here. We are all for sponsors. We are. We're all for it. All right, let's go. Oh, I'm so excited. And three, two, one, go back to the drive with Josh Graham.

That's right. Nineteen minutes after four o'clock and about 10 minutes, we will be talking to Chris Paul, man, about his book. He just dropped the book. Sixty one. I'm about three quarters of the way through with it.

Really enjoying it. We'll talk about that song. Of course, we'll talk about exactly where he was when he found out he was the newest member of the Golden State Warriors. Was he going to lose his freakin mind when that happened or was he?

I know he couldn't have been happy because he talks about his happiness with being in Phoenix in the book. So we'll get into all that in about 10 minutes. So make sure you keep it locked for that. Doing this show for the demon deacons. Big shout out to the deep fans out there. But right now, I'm a segment that they usually do when Josh is here. Since I'm filling in, I want to stay true to his show. Clearly, Josh has lost his mind. Josh is out of his mind. Crazy fool.

Just tell him stories. He's out of his mind. All right, simple.

You got a crazy take. You share it. 336-777-1600.

336-777-1600. And again, we got some tickets for you, man. We got these John Anderson and the Kentucky Headhunters tickets.

He's going to be in town. You heard the commercial? Got that song Swanging?

Swanging and twanging. I want to hear that Jay-Z for sure. That's right.

So I've never heard it. So I'll just give you whatever hot take I think. Whatever I think can happen, I just tell you what that take is.

No matter how ridiculous or how fanboy it might sound. Is that correct? That's it. That's all you do. Hornet's going to win the summer league.

And this is where we would say B Dot is out of his mind. Come on, man. We got a great team.

Okay. I just found our roster. We got Xavier Snead.

He's a bucket. We got Nick Smith Jr. at the guard, just drafting him. Brandon Miller. And of course, my boy W.D. says it's Miller time.

It is. It's Miller time. At center, we got Nathan Mensah, the big guy. We got Leaky Black at forward.

That's a defensive specialist. We got Amari Bailey and hopefully his fine ass mama can come out there and be a distraction for the other team. Have you seen Amari Bailey's mama?

I have not. Oh my God. The way you just had me looking up Livvy Dunn?

Yep. You look up Amari Bailey's mama. And then we got Angelo Allegri. Allegri.

Yeah, he's at forward. I don't really know him. I'm not familiar with Angelo, but this team I'm saying is going to win the summer league. She kind of looks like Vanessa Bryant. She's amazing. Drake went out on a date with her. Drake rented out Dodger Stadium and took her on a date like shut down. That's who we took out? Yes. Dodger Stadium? Yes.

Amari Bailey's mama. Okay. Can I do another one? Is that sort of like this? Actually, we we have somebody on the line here. Really? That actually that actually wants to give a take. Okay. Hello?

Yeah. First time, long time. Josh from the dog park. Hello Josh from the dog park.

Do you have a hot take of it for this segment? Actually, I had one and Willow, my dog Willow had had one too. Oh really? Yeah. Now wait, wait, wait. Is Willow going to say it herself or are you going to translate for Willow Josh from the dog park? No, no, no.

She was just, she's playing with some other dogs right now. Okay. She told me to tell you there's no chance you know who John Anderson is.

No chance. That was Willow's take. Yeah, tell Willow she's exactly right.

Okay. Well, Willow is... Is out of his mind. I mean, there's one key line in that song.

This is, this is Willow's favorite part of that song. Where John Anderson said, her brother was on the sofa eating chocolate pie, just like that. That inflection, eating chocolate pie.

Eating chocolate pie. Well, well, see, I don't want tickets to John Anderson. The next caller can get those. Okay. And I would love to go to that show, by the way.

I think I might be there next week. But the take that I have, again, this is just from a listener of the show who loves Josh Graham. He sounds really bright and there's no chance that he took the day off because he was hungover. That's just out of his character. Right. No chance he would do that at all. Right.

Another suggestion, Tanis. There's no chance W.D. knows who Medea is.

There's no chance. W.D. does know who Medea is.

Name three Tyler Perrin movies. Medea Halloween, right? Is that what that might be? I don't know. I don't know. Is that right? That's not right. Medea's Halloween, when she goes to jail or something like that? That's two. Medea Halloween, that is one.

2016. Medea goes to jail. Yeah, Medea goes to jail is another one.

What does Medea do? Now, you want specific Tyler- Exactly. No, I'm not done yet. You wanted specifically Tyler Perry movies or Medea movies? You probably don't even know the Tyler Perry movie, the movie that Tyler Perry's in that we made you watch. Or excuse me, that Josh Graham made you watch.

Like last year that he was in with Ben Affleck. So did you just call up- Excuse me, Josh from the dog park. Did you just call up here to expose my producer for not knowing a Medea movie?

Is that what this is all about? No, I didn't do it to expose your producer. I wanted to expose Josh Graham's producer. Josh is out of his mind.

Josh is out of his mind. Get that guy off the phone, man. Get back to the dog park and scoop up some boo-boo from Willow that's over there fraternizing with the other dogs, okay? That's what you need to do. Keep your eye on your dogs and stop worrying about my dog, W.D.

You dig what I'm saying? Josh from the dog park who sounds a lot like Josh Graham that hosts this show normally. We had to get him out of there. Get him out of there. If you know who John Anderson is, you can take the ticket that we were going to give Josh from the dog park- That's right.

Josh Graham who really hosts the show. The Panthers win the NFC South. Oh, I like that.

And B-dot is out of his mind. No, I'm not. No, I am not.

I don't think you are either. I ain't seen no big moves from the Falcons. I ain't seen no big moves from the Saints.

What the problem is? Why can't they win the division this year? I'm with you. And I actually I said this a week or so ago.

I think the Panthers win a Super Bowl before the Canes win their next Stanley Cup. I'll give you that too. I'll agree. That's yes, that's another hot take.

The U.T. is out of his mind. Yeah. That's a fact.

Definitely going to win a ship, a Super Bowl before the Canes win another Stanley Cup because they won in 2006. They did. They did. That was my senior year at Winston-Salem State. I'll give you. Nice. Yeah. Where they got them heritage hardwood floors, I think.

Heritage hardwood floors. That's what I thought. You know it. I'll give you what else I had here. OK. So Dame is kind of in the news right now.

Yeah. And a lot of people are speculating where he's going to go. Is he going to go to the Heat?

Which that would be awesome. I'm just going to say it. I think Dame's going to stay right where he is in Portland.

The U.T. is out of his mind. I don't know if I'm so out of my mind to say that. I don't think so.

Apparently, according to Wendy, Brian Windhorst, who outside of Woge, I probably would trust him over most people. Or he's up at the top. Right. So he met with the Blazers recently.

And a lot of the most of the league were kind of looking at this meeting like, all right, what are they going to do here? Is he going to demand a trade? He didn't. He didn't demand a trade. And if anything, he showed patience.

He didn't put any pressure on them. Yeah. And he wants them to see what they can do in free agency. So I think if Scoot can be, because you remember how good he and C.J. McCollum were together?

Yes. If Scoot's going to be maybe everything, Scoot may end up being way better than C.J. McCollum. Put him at the one, Dame at the two. What if they get Draymond Green over there?

That's all I'm saying. Draymond not leaving Portland State. They just got CP. Matter of fact, we'll be talking to CP in about five minutes. I'll ask him about Draymond possibly going to Portland.

But I don't know, man. Like, first of all, I don't think I think Portland is one of those plague franchises that will never, ever see a championship. I do respect Damian Lillard for, you know, keeping Dame time in Portland and being loyal to, you know, but I think it's going to be loyalty to a fault. I think he should go somewhere else.

I think he should go team up with somebody, especially if they're not going to give him the veteran superstar that he needs. Like, Scoot, he's going to be teaching Scoot the ropes. And I'm going to be watching that because they wanted to put Scoot with Melo.

And if Scoot and Dame don't work, Scoot and Melo damn sure wasn't going to work. But I'm very interested to see how that whole thing plays out over there in Portland. But I think they need to get, like, a BAM. A BAM needs to be in Portland. They're trying.

They're trying. But since BAM can't come to Portland, then just get up and take your cell phone over there to Daggone, Miami. It's the beautiful women. It's the beautiful weather.

It's a great system. You got Spoe. You got Pat Riley. You got Alonzo Mourning.

They look like the Godfather movie remake over there. Go to Miami. Up next, we're going to go holler at my homie, CP3. You don't want to miss it on the drive. It's the drive with Josh Graham, WSJS. Oh, that was a good play right there. Now, W.D., this is the drive with Josh Graham. But Josh Graham is out today, hungover from kicking it at the NSMA's on last night. So B.

Dot is filling in. Six-man Carolina basketball. You know how I get down. And I told you, my bro Chris Paul is over on the West Coast right now. And now he's live right here in the Triad. What up with you, Pizzle? What up, Dot? What's happening?

Man, life is good, man. Filling in for my bro Josh. And I'm really, really flexing right now, because Josh has been wanting to talk to you for a while. And I got you on the line right now. So he is listening right now, but punching the air like he's on Boys in the Hood. Dang, Josh.

My bad. Hey, man, I know you ain't got a lot of time. So let me just jump right in this joint, bro.

Sixty-one. It's really a story about Chris Paul and just how he came from the trade and the influence that Papa Chili had on his life. I'm actually listening to the audio book, Chris. I was just about to ask you, Dot, had you read it or what?

What's happening? Yeah, man. I got the audio book, and it's like a five and a half hour listen.

I got like an hour and a half left on my ride back to Charlotte tonight. I'm going to listen to the rest of it. But it's so dope, Chris, because chapter three, the very first quote you put in there, that's one of the affirmations that me and the kids do every single day, the affirmation of how you do anything is how you do everything. I just think the book is dope, man, and just your voice and you narrating it.

Just talk to the people. Let them know first, I guess, where they can find the book. And what was your inspiration, why you even wrote the book? Man, you can find it just about anywhere, but you can get like the audio book on Amazon, all the different places where you get your books. But like Barnes and Noble everywhere, but it's crazy, man, to hear from people who have read it and listen to the audio book. And that's why I asked you, Dot, because it's funny, man, actually most of my family members and the people who I know who know me, they actually haven't read it yet. But it's one of those situations where they know me or whatnot. But you think you do until you hear the book, though, Chris, like I thought I knew you. Yeah, go ahead.

No, that's real. You say that because like even Jayla, like I've been on her about like reading it and I want my kids and stuff to read it because through this process of writing this book, I learned a lot about myself, you know, and even the way that I'm talking and who I'm talking to. Sometimes I'm talking to my parents and, you know, just telling them thank you for all the lessons that they taught me that they might not even knew that they were teaching me at the time. And so it was it was super dope to write the book.

It's an unbelievable process. But like I said, I learned a lot about myself. Now, you can definitely tell that again. We got Chris Paul on talking about his book, Sixty One, and you can hear it in your voice in different stories you're telling, like a lot of times when you're talking about Coach Prosser, you can hear the the I don't know, just just a different energy in your voice, like a reflection, like how often, like on a daily basis or a weekly basis, would you say you think about Coach Prosser? Man, you know, it's funny is it's different times, like, you know, you know, like with families, with work and all that, a lot of times like life is life, you know. And so during the process of the book, like I wrote the book like that, that took a while and then I wanted to do the audio version and the audio book sent me on an emotional roller coaster. And I could I could show you videos in my phone of me like boohoo crying and the guys that were in New York recording it for me, they were like, just be like, take your time, Chris, take you a 10 minute break if you need it, because I tried to be as visual as possible in it. And it's one thing the right things, but when you vocalize it and when you say it, like I got really emotional about Coach Prosser, about my grandmother and especially about my grandfather.

Yeah, you can definitely hear the vulnerability in it. It's funny that our families are so similar and yet so different, like a lot of the fears that you have about wanting to make sure that your children don't have to struggle like you struggled in the streets of Detroit, but still instilling that respect of just of a dollar and the hard work and the ethic. Can you just speak on that for a second? Because in your in your tax bracket, if you will, in your profession, it's kind of difficult to make sure that your children still respect a dollar and still have that hard work to get to the spot that you get to.

How do you balance that? Man, it's tough and we always, you know, on them about different things. You don't see me with my kids, especially with little Chris. You know, I don't play first and foremost. And it's one of those things where we all like work so hard and strive so hard to give our kids all these things that we didn't have. Right.

Right. Like I'd be lying if I say I didn't. But then you realize when you get there, it's crazy because I wouldn't be here without a lot of those things that made me who I am. So it's this thing of trying to find its balance and parenting is not easy, doesn't come with a manual or whatnot.

But you sort of just figure it out and try to do the best you can. Chris Paul, the author of Sixty One Talk, do you still got the Papa Chili Jersey I got for you, Chris? Yeah, man, I got all that. I still got that. I got I still got the ball that I scored 61 points in on that game.

Like that was also dope in the book. I like you're telling stories about the CP three foundation. You're telling stories about you playing against Chris.

I mean, a C.J. one time that game. I'm not going to ruin it for people because I want them to read it. But what you've been when you got that basket and you wanted to do something and you didn't do it. And to this day, you still wish you would have done it. Me and they were listening to that part together. We were so mad in the car like, you should have did that, Chris. Damn.

I should have. You know, it's crazy that when I was just home on my book tour, I was at my parents house and I was sitting over there and my dad brought out this big like booklet and I opened it up and it was DVDs from every game that I played when I was in college. Wow. On DVD, every game that I played in college and it had my stats and the score from each game. And I was looking through it with little Chris. And sure enough, I seen the game with me, me playing against C.J. Wow. Say one hundred and two to fifty seven. Great.

And that is definitely talked about in the book sixty one. I look before I get you out of here, I got to ask you something about basketball, Chris. Now.

Yeah. Because of course, you are the newest member of the Golden State Warriors and I can't front the thought of an all North Carolina backcourt, which you and stuff like that makes me a little excited now. Is there anything or what excites you about the possibility or not the possibility? What excites you now about playing at Golden State? Man, I'm excited that, you know, everybody be like this that, you know, like, I just leave different. Right.

That's somebody. That's a team I've been going against for the last, I don't know, 12 years consistently. But I'm excited about not only that, you know, Steph, how long we've known each other and both being from North Carolina, but also playing with guys that smart and intelligent and Clay and Draymond and, you know, all these different guys, Looney, Wiggins, all them Gary Payton joint. Like, it's crazy because they just play, you know, like smart basketball, cutting, moving and stuff like that.

So I'm excited to see what it looks like. No, that's what's up, man. I got a homie that said that he wanted, he's interested in knowing, do you think, because you got the panda elbow shot with Clay out there and Steph out there, do you think you can get to your spot right there and get that shot off consistently? You know, the funny thing for me, Don, everybody got all these questions about this and that. You know, I didn't play 18 years. Yes. You know what I mean? To be frank with you, I've been playing since I was four, so I put that around about like 34 years. That far. I've been playing this game a long time, man.

So I like my chances of figuring this thing out. Last question I'm going to ask you and I'm gonna get you out of here because I said this earlier and I said, I was going to say it to you when I think about the possibility of playing in LA and I have you talk about that in the book and you can hear your emotion when you just think about that, but you talk about that, think about OKC. Is it true that you found out that, like, little Chris had to tell you about the trade to Washington? Oh yeah.

Yeah. I was on the plane and got a text from him. He was with you. He was at the Carolina camp. Yeah, he was at the Carolina camp. Is it true that you was at a pickup game at Winston-Salem when you found out about the Golden State Warriors? I was at the gym playing with Harry, whooping with Harry then.

And so Chris came on the court and told me. My question to you is, are you the most disrespected superstar in the NBA? Oh no, man. That's something disrespectful. That's life. That's basketball. That's life, man. You know what I mean? Like, it is what it is.

I don't want to say it's disrespected. Man, I get to play basketball every day and say that's my way. I like that. That's real. That's real. That's real life lessons. That's what the book is called, man.

61. Life lessons from papa on and off the court. That's Chris Paul. CP, I appreciate you taking time for rocking with me, bro. Always that. No doubt.

No doubt. You be good. What's really good, man?

534, 16 minutes till the top of the hour. This is the driver, Josh Graham. I go by the name B Dot, six man of Carolina basketball, and we're four minutes done with our very first practice of the season, Carolina family. Just want to let y'all know that. I'm going to see if I can hit Mondo before we get up out of here and see if he can give me any updates. Was there any highlights or anything I could share with the people? But speaking of highlights to share with the people, July 22nd, I've been telling you about it all day, and it's very interesting because as I look on my Instagram right now, I'm being tagged to this page that's called LeBron James History, and it's showing on LeBron James History the video that I was just telling you about when LeBron and all them came to Winston-Salem State and played in that big NBA pickup game.

We have not seen anything like that since. But July 22nd, my little bro, B Chill, Brandon Childress, will be bringing such an event to Raleigh, North Carolina, and he's on the phone with us right now. What up, B Chill?

Beat that, my brother. What's going on, man? How you doing?

Man, life is good, man. Like, listen, let me tell you something. This has been Demon Deacon's Radio today, B Chill, because an hour ago, I was talking to the best point guard in Wake Forest history. Who?

Who is the best point guard in Wake Forest history? Hold on. So this is my argument when I say this, right? Okay. This is my argument.

Do you know what they did during their time at Wake or after? Yeah, no, no, no. After? Because after, it ain't even close. Yeah.

I'm definitely talking after. Okay. Yeah.

Well, you know, with all due respect, shout out to the hometown hero CP, man. You know what I mean? That salute. Absolutely. Absolutely. No doubt about it. You know what I'm saying? Never say it. Now, let me ask you this.

That's an interesting question. Who do you have as the best point guard that wore a Wake Forest jersey? When you talk about point guards that's worn the Wake Forest jersey and I mean what they done at Wake, I think it's tough to go against somebody like my father. And I only say that because out of all the point guards that played there, he's one of the few guards that spent all four years there and has success all four years, right? One in the ACC championship still to this day holds the ACC tournament scoring record. Second in the history, I mean second in school history in point score. First in all, three points still goes made.

The statistics behind a lot of the, basically the numbers speak for itself is all I'm saying. Now game wise, like we can have that debate all day, but if you're telling me who's the best point guard to put on a Wake jersey during their career at Wake, to me, it would be my father. And I know it may seem biased, but I'm just going off of the totality of everything that happened in their career.

No, I dig that. And what's funny is very ignorantly, I don't even view Randolph Childress as a point guard. For some reason, I thought he was like a shooting guard. I never even put him, when I think of point guards, like I think of course you, I think of CP, I think of Muggsy Bogues, but very disrespectfully, I never even put Randolph Childress name in the point guard conversation, like I'm almost slapping myself, that's crazy.

That's crazy for me. Don't tell him that, don't tell me. Matter of fact, mom, the producer on this show, B Chill, his name is WD, Will Dalton, but I call him WD.

And last night he was at an award show and your pop was there, Randolph was there, so he got to kick it with your pop last night. Okay. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

So all right, so we've got B Chill here, legendary Wake Forest point guard. Where are you right now? I am in New Jersey right now. Are you working out? Of course. Of course, I'm definitely working out. Are you going to be in Summer League this year? I can't make any promises, but you know, that is the plan, yes. Okay.

So just explain to me that, and again, we got Brandon Childress on the phone, he's definitely going to let us know about the event that he's got coming, hopefully he'll drop some names for y'all, but I just want to ask you, how is that process? I know you're over in Europe, I believe you were in Europe dropping 30 points a game. Was it Europe? Where were you? I was in Germany last year, yes.

The last time we talked when I was in Germany, I had a 37 point game, yes. That part. Okay. So you're over there giving them boys buckets, but of course I know that you want to be stateside.

How is that process? Because I know you worked out with the Kings last year in the Summer League, right? Yeah. I participated with the Sacramento Kings in Summer League last year. Yeah.

It's kind of just different, man. One, your agent plays a big role in that, too. I think what you do on the court must speak for itself, but then also your connection with a lot of people. I think a lot of times people get so caught up in your game, it's sometimes about who you know, right? Right.

We all know in this world, sometimes it's not about what you know, it's about who you know. So if you get the right contacts, you put yourself in a situation where you may have an opportunity and I think last year, I think coming off of injury, coming off of injury, you know, I showed that I was healthy and I was able to, you know, showcase my talent. I was blessed to have the opportunity with the Sacramento Kings.

No, that's dope. So with that being said, you're here for a little bit for the summer and you wanted to bring an event back to not just the state, but you chose Raleigh in particular. How did you choose Raleigh? To me growing up, right? And I had a debate with everyone, right? I played throughout almost every city in North Carolina, right?

Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Greensboro, Winston, Gastonia, you know, Cary, even the small towns, Turnersville, all the schools in Guilford County and the best atmosphere that I was a part of was in Raleigh, North Carolina. Wow. And you go all the way back to when it was the Glaxo or when it was the high school OT, now it's the John Wall Invitational. When I played in that, I've never experienced nothing like that before.

Standing room only. Yes, I understand I had the number one player on my team, you know, at the time and I had, you know, two of one of the most athletic players, you know, this state, you know, has seen Jalen Johnson and Quay Parker, right? I know that played a role in it, but Vida, you've seen the video, you know what I mean? You can go back in time and just look at the atmosphere, man, like just being a part of that was just amazing to me. But I haven't seen anything like that since I left that tournament, right?

I haven't seen anything like, you know, a program or an event to bring, you know, the special players to in the small and not even a small city, but in the city like Raleigh or just anywhere and sell out. And I haven't seen that since you was hosting that Winston-Salem State game. I mean, I was in that game in Winston-Salem State with Bron and CP and everyone else. And I just want to, and I feel like with the connections that you have, I have, you know, especially in North Carolina, it's the Hoop state. Let's call it what it is.

You know what I'm saying? When you think about basketball, North Carolina is in that conversation. I feel like, you know, my connection to everyone in North Carolina and the relationships I've built outside of basketball, I feel like we can put together an event to bring back, you know, some good basketball to the city of Raleigh. And also, man, just give the people in Raleigh a chance to watch some of their favorite players up close. And I say that because for an example, if you work a nine to five job, right, you know, you get all work, you got to go home shower, make sure the kids share, you want to take the kids to the game. If the game is at 730, you got to drive, what, how far is Raleigh from Charlotte, what, two and a half hours? Yeah, easy. You miss the majority of the game, you still got to go get the ticket, deal with parking and all that fine. You see, by the time you're your favorite player that already had about 25, you don't miss the show. You know what I mean?

Unless he's one of those guys that just show up in the full court and put on the clinic. You know what I mean? Like this particular name, I'm not going to say that during this time, but we're going to keep that. I'm going to wait, I'm going to wait later. Okay. Well now you got, all right, let me say this. All right. Your name is July 22nd, 2023.

What's the location? I want you to do me a favor, go, go on your Instagram and look at the picture I just tagged you in. I want you to make the announcement of who I just, who I just promoted today.

All right. So you name everybody that up into this player, name the people that you've already listed up into this player. Ray John Tucker. Ray John Tucker will be at the event. TJ Warren. TJ Warren will be at the event. Montrezl Harrell. Montrezl Harrell will be at the event. Julian Gamble. Julian Gamble.

Who's happy? He will be at the event. Yup. Mike Beasley. Mike Beasley. He will be at the event. And I just announced. He just announced an individual. Dang why you ain't, you said I was going to do it.

You said I was supposed to do it. Let's act like it didn't happen. Let's act like it didn't happen.

My bad, my bad. And now he just listed a player who played one year at Wake Forest. and I really wish he would have played another year. Oh yeah, two years, I'm two years. If he'd have came back for that third year, y'all would have been a problem. If he'd have came back for that third year, it would have been a problem. But nevertheless, two years at Wake Forest, went down into Atlanta, just got actually traded. So I think the Utah Jazz, we talking about John Collins. John Collins will be at the event July 22nd at Southeast Raleigh High School.

Southeast Raleigh High School, y'all. And it's like five more names. And I'm gonna tell UWD when we get off the air, so you can know. But it's like five more names, and when he lists these names, it's gonna make people head pop off.

I can't wait. Like I'm talking about first round draft picks. I believe it. I mean, those are some good names already.

Absolutely. Mondrez, Harold. What? Rajon Tucker?

What are you talking about? Julian Gamble, he used to give us buckets as a Carolina fan. Oh my gosh. All right, so if folks wanted to go and grab some tickets, be chill, and support the chill classic, where can they go and grab some tickets? On Eventbrite, you can type in chill classic, and it'll definitely pop up. If it's easy for everyone, you can go on my Instagram, and click in the bio. The Eventbrite link is there. Or you can follow the chill classic page. All right.

Say less, man. It's called the chill classic. The, T-H-E, the chill classic. For more information, if you are media, and you would like to get some access to the event, make sure you hit up that page. If you're trying to get tickets, bring your family out, make sure you hit that page. And be chill. I appreciate you. If you're in the summer league, please let me know so I can know what team I'm rooting for. You dig what I'm saying? I got you, brother. You know what I'm gonna do.
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