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Wake Forest HC Steve Forbes Interview

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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September 30, 2022 6:21 pm

Wake Forest HC Steve Forbes Interview

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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September 30, 2022 6:21 pm

Head basketball coach of the Deacs, Steve Forbes, joins the show to discuss whether or not the national perception of the ACC bothers him, what he's learned from Dave Clawson, share storm stories, and recruiting football players.


Wakes game in Tallahassee shortly.

Let's talk some hoop right now because Deacon basketball open preseason practice yesterday and head coach Steve Forbes joins us now, Steve.

The times always appreciated. With it being day one yesterday. What was the message you wanted to get across to your guys are very worn regarding the morning practice is poorly know that's kind of the sad part not have a midnight madness lose a little bit of that excitement looking for your practice now you know we have more people in the gym. I think for them. It was probably just kind of another day maybe just you know a little bit longer. All I was very average for the first practice telling everybody a great first day was excited to be there. I think that you tested between world are doing, you know, we can have two weeks from now when the grind really jumps on them and got heart practice.

She got academics you got tutoring got all those things you gotta do all the wall lifting weights using right find out where your one thing I always appreciate about you and I told you this is how honest you are when things aren't going right your one you were pretty out in public think I don't have enough ACC players to win right now your to you set I got some ACC players and we saw the results on the floor and you mentioned about a month ago how excited you were about a guy like Andrew Carver graded out to be your best player of the summer and really some of the other incoming players. I think two or three of the five best guys you had work to the transfers coming in. How comparable though is the overall level of talent of this team versus last year's a lot older than the blood of those high major experience. Alanis Williams played Oklahoma she played local little two years south wall starter Colorado you know those guys got all played in big games, a high level. You guys are talented younger less experience at this level and so it shows, and so we had to which is fine.

I mean we got to really slow down a little bit will will you know coach fundamentals coach things which we did with the team last year but they picked up things a lot quicker. Just because they were older and stronger and you guys will get better and better as we go like cultural fund coach every day. But it's just a different level of experience from last year thinking about Steve Forbes with the sweet basketball coach thinking about hurricane EN and prepping for this interview I realized that you and I both spent time in hurricane country and on tornado alley. I was in the western plains of Colorado and spending most of my life here in the Carolinas while you were raised in Iowa coached in Wichita and in addition to being here coach Duco ball in Florida. Obviously were hoping that everybody's staying safe. The best that I can but whether it's a tornado or a hurricane. Do you got any good storm stories.

A lot of those most everyone might be, is my first year living and I will work for which is right across the bay group that there's a hurricane coming up to the goal and I came home we we have a very big house, really.

Truthfully, our garage was her story.

We had downsized so I didn't have a lot of room in the garage. I hurricane was at the golf okay mama start throwing everything the garage had a boat somehow wedged it in their run around all day picking up my neighbors looking at me. Archie the next day walks across the street legal report will working most cases can turn right turn the golf and I looked at him and the next day it turned north towards Louisiana and that we didn't get any rain I had all my all jammed into that that rodů Hurricane is coming out of the arena where we played at last year in Northwest Florida rock coach that will be playing classic that is actually her occasional community was built partly with federal money. Before I got there because you left what happened with Katrina and almost working computer really nice. Silly, but it's also made from the community to go there with me when they hurricane because we had to do that.

The following year and so I been through that I'm probably little more scared. They come fast, midnight you don't know they're coming. Where are you working good, I guess you're right on the front of it comes fast and at night. That's a scary thing in terms of if you asked me. It's a terrible proposition like hurricane or tornado which of the two is I think a more terrible experience. It's a hurricane of not knowing having to evacuate doing the cresting levels and could be a weeks long process versus for five minutes and you know exactly what needs to be fixed or rebuilt after the tornado rose through what I was going on. All I was waiting and water source, and I ran my two younger children basement and we are out of our house for three months with the whole upstairs so yeah I'm not right.

Not driving at night not been driving me this before you had the weather Channel apical stuff on your phone you know where your data was passed in front of me buying me all especially in the spring I drilled@I was driving from nice little to Memphis Dave Tuscaloosa tornado while Alabama no scarier meet this as well as glows most clouds. I'm nursing. I just felt like I could reach out and touch the clouds I got to Birmingham should list Steve Forbes Steve Forbes with the sheer weight basketball tent.

I was thinking about something you said in the spring while watching coverage of clubs in NC State this week top 10 match up tomorrow.

The way last week in Winston's been framed nationally as I don't know about Clemson because Wake Forest push them very little credit being given the way. Meanwhile, whenever Kentucky's really good and close to the top 10. It's Kentucky.

They're doing a great job Mark stoops doing great things versus hey, look how bad the SEC East is because Kentucky's that good.

It seems that there's a difference in how those things up Raymond despite it again be in the top 10 game tomorrow. The national conversation. I saw this on ESPN just yesterday. If Clemson doesn't win tenant get into the playoff is a one loss team but what about the other side that's ranked 10th in the country and it's frustrating to me and we even saw him basketball with hashtag one bit ACC and all that but you tell me do these issues of perception bother you with all father's job more to promote our league and you know I don't follow football things close to me, people are you know and so I know we have an outstanding football coach country.

I was at the game. Football coach. I love college football. I don't want to fill what college you good game as I've been to a long time will play a lot of scoring and look in the last player much more you notice perception perception doesn't always match reality when it comes to those type things like that when 14 five in the NCAA garment last year to change the file for one click from this championship so you know whatever you find something to write about writing court.

I guess in the seller in pro sports perception does not matter, a link doesn't play in college. When you have selection committees in the play are ready, that stuff actually is an important thing. Are you saying you wanted that to be addressed in spring meetings. Whatever came of it turned out you wish you to talk about it with a lot of really smart people and are legally have a lot of experience people more experienced coaches and myself and I wasn't the only one that felt that way don't argue a lot in the nonconference and so we gotta be aware of that which I know we are. I don't think Shirley.

The only thing we should be measured upon bushings like the thing across the country and you're right there is a human element in the in ordeal and in in deciding employees and in the playoffs replacing the you know Nancy tournament in your always going to be room for interpretation with going to be influenced by certain things. So we got your best jobs cover allSteve Forbes with the seer.

Speaking of football, it's kind of amazing that Wake Forest has the best receivers in the ACC. When I spoke to my deceivers coach Kevin Higgins about it. These, he said that he's crafty, you have to be in a place like Wake Forest and idem identifying skill sets which might mean. He goes to a basketball game to find some players the power fives might be overlooking looking at skill sets that he could develop. Have you ever gone to a game on a Friday night looking for a basketball player. Will you I would work that we will go tomorrow way wake.

We were up there straight to recruiter school, we knew we were aware of him as being a really good basketball player. So I love you guys file I got a lot of places it probably could place my pictures. Probably a lot of times those football coach.

If you are guys walking down the hallway wish that you love again knowing myself as an example and is hard to imagine but 40 years ago. This year we will state championship football and I was starting to love starting wide receiver. First, mostly I lot all three played football but I love it so I went on to play basketball, baseball, so you are playing NFL Marco and Balto see much about it. God: second you coach Martel spent yet. I was there with Michael to Mike.

Michael didn't play basketball. His brother had transferred in from Louisiana to actually were both they were both fair. You know Mark totally played for about a year.

It's hard, just hard to play both your little ballgame and so I know Caroline set a couple really well past, but you'll see a lot of Julius peppers comes pretty good last thing for you, W. D. Made him watch the town for the first time earlier this week, he's gonna watch Scarface for the first time next week. Not really excited about that was the last movie that you watched, you know what God went back to watch the crown again.

Why was spare time don't know what movie you watched what really was awfully busy. Josh wrote a lot so I have a first person account of that she was right there right across the same I'll you and my wife earlier this week yeah but she didn't do what I flew in Washington DC day trip while flew up back same night that night I flew in the Reagan without the recruit came back and put it in my phone wasn't paying attention Joe right dollars smart.

Now the only saving grace was my wonderful 1030 at night and so traffic was minimal at that time is crazy. It's always crazy BC was actually able to drive from the flight but I would recommend doing that was my wife. Somebody tried to talk to you on the plane. I've got a know I don't like those people want to trust on the plane. She didn't do that well. We talked for you and then I'm probably signal that I'm not going to put them on the lot lustfully so sleep I think you going to come back. I'm really proud of my wife too often. I mean you way over to you buddy.

Thanks Dave also thank you for spending the time. Stay safe this weekend and I'll have to get out to a practice of Thompson love you dear

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