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The Drive with Josh Graham - Best Movie QBs - 08/6/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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August 6, 2019 6:23 pm

The Drive with Josh Graham - Best Movie QBs - 08/6/19

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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August 6, 2019 6:23 pm

Host Josh Graham with Desmond Johnson, Intern Nick. Who are the best Movie QBs of all time? Vince Carter is returning to the NBA for his record breaking 22nd season, we take a look at the best Vinsanity moments of his career. Plus, Mike Leach wears Cargo Shorts. Tune into The Drive with Josh Graham, Mon-Fri 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad! 

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Attention, please. This is The Drive with Josh Graham Podcast. Tune into The Drive 3 until 6 p.m. weekdays on the Sports Hub. I love it.

It's brilliant. There's a movie quarterback discussion to be had today. But before we get to that, Vince Carter. Better college player or pro?

The Atlanta Hawks have signed Vince Sandoval for what will be an NBA record 22nd season. He's easily one of the most beloved basketball players of the last two decades. But to me, I always think of him as a college player first, NBA star second. When you think about his NBA career, the first thing that comes to mind is a dunk contest. When you think about his pro career, you go to international play where he dunked over Fred Weiss in 2000 at the Olympic Games. He was more beloved and recognized in the NBA. The Raptor jersey with the actual red dinosaur on it.

That's one of the classic throwbacks right now. The Vince Sandoval movement, the dunk contest, the international dunk with the 2000 team. But he never made it to an NBA finals. He joined teams that were fresh off the finals. The New Jersey Nets in 2004, the Dallas Mavericks in 2013. They had won the finals, then Vince Carter came around.

He got close. Maybe the most memorable moment he had on the floor was playing in game seven of the 2001 finals against the Sixers, missing that turnaround jumper that would have won the game. You remember, the criticism was all on Vince when he decided to come back to Chapel Hill, graduate that day, then play game seven of the finals.

He had a great game. He just couldn't hit that shot right at the end, which would have advanced Toronto to face the Lakers that year. Never made it first team All-NBA. Never won an MVP award in the NBA. So really, even though he was a great dunker, had a lot of very good years, is going to be a Basketball Hall of Famer. I think college first because, meanwhile, when he was at North Carolina, he was a consensus All-American, two Final Four appearances consecutively, two ACC tournament titles. Heck, when Barack Obama was talking about how much he loved Vince Carter, he first mentioned him as being Guitar Heel.

So is that the barometer we'd use here? On Twitter at sportsubtriad, 336-777-1600 is the phone number. He's, again, going to get inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, both on his merits, I think at Chapel Hill, and also what he did in the NBA. But he cares about the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Everybody gets in. If Mitch Richmond is in the Hall of Fame, Vince Carter is going to get in. There's no question, especially with the dunking, the international play, his college days as an All-American.

Then the NBA record, soon to be NBA record, 22nd NBA season, he's about to embark on at 42 years old. So he's going to get in, but that's also why a lot of people don't really care about the Basketball Hall of Fame. Everybody gets in. The NFL Hall of Fame is so great because five modern day players get in every year.

That's it. Which leaves out 10, 15 guys you can argue deserve to be Hall of Famers. I'm surprised we still today talk about baseball as much with their Hall of Fame, but a big part of the reason we do is because it's so hard to get in.

It's harder to get into that Hall of Fame than the Basketball Hall of Fame. In turn, Nick is in the house in the control room. Desmond Johnson is producing this show today. Des, what day is it? It's Taco Tuesday! Do you think LeBron is going to do that again this week? I think he already has. He did this?

It's Taco Tuesday! He left off the thing at the end, though, right? He didn't do that again, did he? Oh, that I don't know. In turn, Nick, get on it. See if he's already done his Taco Tuesday tradition. Soft shell or hard shell?

You know what's crazy? The older I get, the more I prefer soft shell. It kind of depends on the filling. I love hard shell because it's a lot easier if you put more into the soft shell taco for it to break apart. I need the sturdiness there. Structure.

Need the structure. I'm a hot sauce savant, so I go across the triad trying to find different hot sauces that I could put in my taco. So I'm a big taco fan, and I'm also somebody who celebrates. It's Taco Tuesday! What do you got on that?

We talked about this before, and I've been thinking about it. This is really hard for me because as a diehard Carolina fan, some of my fondest Carolina memories have to do with Vince Carter just embarrassing somebody on the court. I think he fouled out Cherokee Parks in a basketball game by dunking on him from an inbounds pass. A two-handed dunk that Parks fouled him on and fouled out of the game on, too. You have to go back and find it, but it's nuts. That might have been the same game that Coda threw the ball off the backboard, and it nearly led to the alley-oop dunk of all alley-oop dunks, but Vince slammed it off the back iron.

It didn't go. It's one of the biggest what-ifs. It's one of the biggest what-ifs in North Carolina Duke basketball rivalry history. If that dunk goes down, is that the signature play that's played time and time again when North Carolina faces Duke?

It very well could have been that. That's one of the things I first think of when I think about Vince Carter's North Carolina days. He got Tim Duncan at Wake on one. He did. The reverse dunk on the alley-oop. He got him. McInnes threw the lob.

That one sticks out to me as well. Carolina, then the first three years of his NBA career was peak Vinceanity in terms of his athletic ability. But then again, my man's playing his 21st NBA season. 22nd. 22nd, so that's going to break the record, right?

It's going to break the record. All of this was just discussed. That's a big deal. That's a huge deal. It feels weird to say that he's more well known for the three years at Carolina 20 years ago than the past 20 years in the NBA.

Not what I'm saying. He's more well known for his NBA career. But that doesn't mean he's a better NBA player than he was a college player. He was more meaningful in college than he was in the NBA.

Well, that's a little different. Meaningful and like... He's a better college player than he was an NBA player. Better in terms of? Impact. OK, I can give you an impact. Like, ability?

He didn't get... He got better in the pros than he was in UNC. But I see what you're saying in terms of impact to the game, notoriety, all those good things.

Yes. Some might be saying, duh, you get better. You should do better in college than you do the NBA. The NBA is more difficult. But there's probably a more significant faction of people who automatically assume because of the notoriety and how beloved he was, that he was sure a first team all NBA guy and maybe an MVP candidate one year. There never was a year Vince Carter was seen to be the best guy in the league. He never played in a finals game. So I think it's OK that he's beloved, but he's Michael Vick.

That's what he is. He's a beloved player. Michael Vick never played in a Super Bowl. Nobody said Michael Vick was the best player in the sport while he played.

Because you knew you had Tom Brady and you had Peyton Manning around. So it's not a shot to Vince Carter to say he wasn't the best in any given year. But I just want to establish to some people who might be too young to remember the early years events.

Or just might be ignoring some of the facts. He was a lot more impactful in college. There's a story that I absolutely love here that involves a teen comedy in 2015 that tanked called The Duff. Few years ago, this came out. It probably was a straight the DVD type of movie. It was bad.

It went viral yesterday. That's because there's an actor named Robbie Amell who somebody, some football writer saw him dropping back to pass for his high school football team. And his throwing motion was just garbage.

Didn't fully follow through. And the caption was, why do actors struggle to throw a football like regular human beings? Colin Cowherd then picked it up.

Sam might lead the show with this. Which then led to this getting back to the actor Robbie Amell. Now, it wasn't Amell who responded to Cowherd. It was his wife. Her name, Atalia Ritchie. Atalia writes on Twitter, these guys are ruining my bleeping date night. Robbie Amell is outside pumping up a football that I'm definitely going to be asked to film him throwing.

I hope whichever grown man started this really enjoyed watching his teenage rom-com. Then there is, surely enough, a video of Robbie Amell. And he put it out on his Twitter page saying, apologies to my very pregnant wife for having to video this. She's in no condition to catch.

It's not perfect, but at least it's better than the movie. Off to a savage date night. There you go. He wanted to prove that he could throw a football correctly. But I think he made himself look even worse because he made his wife videotape it, who's incredibly pregnant while also ruining date night. Is it possible for you to look worse than not being able to throw a ball correctly by the end of an evening of going viral? Only if he hit on some other woman during the date after all of that happened with his pregnant wife. I'm surprised he found a way to look worse than you going viral and throwing a football poorly.

But it does lead us to an important discussion we've been having around here. The best movie or television quarterback of all time. I have my top five right here.

Number five. Jon Moxon. Mox. Varsity Blues.

Mox is a fox. Vanderbeek. Number four.

Paul Cruz. The old one. Ah. The old one.

Well done. Burt Reynolds was calling plays and playing quarterback. Adam Sandler wasn't doing that. Burt Reynolds was back in the movie calling to play. So you got to go old school. Longest yard, Paul Cruz.

Number three. Sunshine Ronnie Bass. Gosh, he just had so much potential. I don't know how good of a teammate he was. We didn't have enough sample.

We didn't have enough tape on Ronnie Bass. But just an electric arm, versatile, dual-threat guy back in the time there weren't that many of those. Very good player.

Number two. My number two movie or television quarterback. Shane Beeman. Who? Say that again? Shane Beeman.

Any given Sunday. Willie Beeman. Willie Beeman. Who's Shane Beeman?

I have no idea. I was thinking about these off the top of my head. Willie Beeman. Who? Isn't it Willie the Steamin' Beeman or something?

I almost started singing the song. Remember the song he was doing for the supplements or whatever? Probably was thinking about Shane Beeman. Number one. Or maybe my number one quarterback.

Shane Falco. There you go. I thought that might have been what happened.

That's what happened there. And here's the tiebreaker. Keanu Reeves also played Johnny Utah in Point Break who was a quarterback at Ohio State when he got injured.

Go! Nice word. So, Shane Falco.

Still a relevant name because Keanu Reeves for some reason is more sexier than ever in 2019 than he was even 20 years ago. Do you have any issues with the list? I do not.

As a matter of fact, I wrote down John Moxon, Varsity Blues, and Willie Beeman any given Sunday on my prep list. So, well done. All right. Coming up, why I would not pay Ezekiel Elliott. This is The Drive.

No mercy, no pity, no fear. You're on The Drive with Josh Graham. The Sports Hub at AM600, AM920. The new voice of college football on Thursday night ESPN, Adam Amin, now joins us here on the show. He's going to be with Pat McAfee, Matt Hasselbeck, and Molly McGrath on Thursday nights.

Except when he's on Friday night which will be in Winston-Salem, North Carolina facing Wake on September the 13th. So, we look forward to having Adam around here. But before we get to that, Mike Leach was saying things about cargo shorts because sure, why not? Have you ever been in the same room with Mike Leach?

I have been actually, yeah, man. I think he's one of the most interesting people to talk to. And I don't think that's like a surprise to anybody.

Certainly that won't be to anybody who follows college football in any capacity. But he is legitimately like a thinker. I disagree with him in a lot of ideas. But I think when you sit down and just listen to him, it's hard not to just be engaged and at least want to hear what he has to say. Because he does seem like he thinks about these things and then thinks them out and then tries to communicate them.

So, I have a lot of respect for Mike Leach in that regard. Well, this week someone asked about the fact he was wearing cargo shorts. And here's how he responded when asked, do you often wear cargo shorts? Yeah, for the pockets. You always have pockets. I don't understand those nylon shorts.

You jog around and your stuff flaps all over the place. You know, I've never liked those. How many pairs of cargo shorts do you have?

Difficult to say because now it's kind of wordy. You know, they'll give them to me. Or Nike will say, here, check these ones out type of thing. What's your policy, Adam, on cargo shorts? Not a cargo shorts guy personally. But I also, you know, I got a backpack most places I go to.

You know, like when I'm traveling for games or whatever. Like I've got a backpack to deal with. I don't think I need the cargo shorts for convenience. Because it seems like Mike is doing, is following the cargo shorts lifestyle, cargo shorts for life, because he likes the convenience of having several pockets and his stuff doesn't fly around.

That's totally understandable. Very practical. It's why cargo shorts exist.

It's why they got a huge fan base, clearly. Not for me. Just not for me. And I have to believe when he's talking about stuff, he's speaking about actual things versus anatomy because that would be an underwear problem versus the cargo shorts problem. But it also leads me to ask, when you're running, don't you, do you have anything in your pockets? See, when you're running, I don't have anything in my pockets when I run. I try not to have anything in there. Like, I'll hold my cell phone and my keys in my hand just so I don't have them, you know, banging around in the pocket. Now, that being said, if I do run with them, I think my shorts are like, the pockets are good enough to where the wallet just sits in there or the phone just sits in there and you're fine. But just for safety's sake, because we've all been there or the phone flies out or whatever it may be, but I'll just hold on to it for safety's sake. I'm just running. I can still pump my arms. That's all that matters.

That's all I'm trying to do. Adam Amin of ESPN with us here on Twitter. Adam Amin, Vince Carter, is going to be returning for an NBA record 22nd NBA season as the Atlanta Hawks announced yesterday.

They had signed Vince Sanity. What's your number one memory of Vince Carter? When you hear Vince Carter, what comes to mind first?

Done contests easily. A guy who made Saturday night at the All-Star Game, must watch television anytime he was participating. The jersey, I feel like I see that jersey still more than any other Raptors jersey. Even this past year with Kawhi, I still feel like I see that purple road Toronto Raptors jersey with the 15 on the back more than any other. So I associate him with dunking and the Raptors as much as I associate any other player with any other particular thing in the NBA. And I hate to be so reductive about Vince Carter's career because there's far more to it than that.

But that being said, that's what I remember growing up. I remember watching him in North Carolina. My brother is a huge North Carolina basketball fan. So he loved Antoine Jamison and Vince Carter and those mid-90s teams. And I just feel like he was part of my basketball development as a teenager.

I'd be like, wow, human beings can do these things in the air and elevate as much as he does. There's a million different Vince Carter moments, but to reduce it down to one thought, that's the thought that I'll always have about him. Adam, you were involved in what I believe to be very big college football news from a couple of weeks ago. Pat McAfee being a part of your Thursday night football team with Matt Hasselbeck and Molly McGrath. He's somebody that represents fun in the booth that we haven't seen or sound.

It doesn't sound like it did when he did an NFL game, Packers and Lions, and also did a college football game as well. From your broadcaster standpoint, what does McAfee bring to the booth that is unique? Him, for sure. The personality that he brings is unlike anybody else's.

I almost fear informing him too much because I kind of want him to just figure it out on his own and figure out what's comfortable for him because let's also make something clear. He's not an idiot. I think we have this impression that he's coming in to be the clown on a very serious broadcast. I don't see him as that. I didn't really get exposed to Pat's personality until meeting him this past week because I didn't really – he wasn't on my radar as somebody whose content I was going to consume.

I only have so much room to consume content as it is. But I understood that he was really sharp. He's a really smart football guy despite what people's prejudgments may be about him. Not to say that they think he's bad.

They're just expecting something from him. I don't want to make it this thing where Matt and I are going to have a really straight traditional football broadcast and then Pat's just going to say funny things. I don't think that's why Pat's here. I think Pat's here to lend an angle of expertise that we don't usually get a chance to hear from. And because his angle of expertise, not that he doesn't know all of football, but his specific angle is so niche and so specific that he now has room to give a unique and often entertaining perspective on the other aspects of football along with smartly analyzing it from his view as well. So I don't want it to be like this thing where he's just some sideshow for our entertainment in the booth and you sitting at home and then the rest of us are going to do a real football broadcast. Pat's going to be a part of this.

Pat wants to be a part of this. And I think he's smart enough and deserves enough respect with that intelligence to treat him as such. What I'm excited about is to see how his personality, which is unique, and I don't use that word in the sense of very unique or misusing it, he is one of a kind. He is a one-of-a-kind personality. He is a one-of-a-kind person. He's a good dude. He's a funny guy. And I am excited to hear how he feels comfortable injecting that into whatever the hell it is that we're going to do on Thursday nights anyway. I just found myself very happy with the news because if he goes to the NFL, if he goes to the NFL, we've seen already the way that league approaches fun in the booth. And there's a self-seriousness in the NFL you don't get with college football.

And when he's paired with you, you're one of the best college football guys out there. That's why you're on Thursday night. That's why you're on Friday night. That's why you're on big packages on Saturday.

But you're also somebody who has no problem eating food on Friday night because they bring it in the booth, and that makes for great television. It's a different approach, which is something I'm fascinated with because I really believe that this has a lot of potential to sound a lot different than anything else we've heard in that time slot. I agree. I agree fully with that. I think it is something unique, and it's just finding the fulcrum, right? It's finding that perfect balance for Pat, not for me, not for Matt, not for the sport of college football, for Pat. How does Pat fit in, and how does he feel comfortable to be himself and still be the analyst that he is expected to be and wants to be?

Smart and respected, while still being able to realize what all of us failed to realize more often than not. This is still just entertainment, and we're not doing LSU-Texas on Saturday night. We're not. We're doing games that may not have as much cachet as the ones that you're going to sit down for at 7 o'clock on a Saturday night, and that's okay. I don't think it's insulting to the teams. I don't think it's insulting to fans, and I don't think we're insulting ourselves by saying the Thursday schedule is not necessarily made for marquee games, but what it is made for is to introduce you to the sport of that weekend, the storylines of that weekend, to still call and document the game in front of us, which does have value and matter and does have importance to a lot of people, and to enjoy college football. I think that's something we've been missing on a lot of Saturdays, and that's okay because Saturday has got a different job. Your job is different on Saturday.

Your job is to inform and keep people up to date as much as possible with some larger-scale matchups. Thursday night, we get to enjoy Greenville, North Carolina. We get to enjoy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We get to enjoy Houston, Texas. We get to enjoy Cincinnati, Ohio, and we want to give people a flavor of that, and almost injecting Pat into that.

Pat is almost like our proxy for the fan. He'll be like, oh, wow, so this is college football again in 2019. And you're going to be enjoying Winston-Salem, North Carolina, September the 13th, right here in our backyard, September 13th.

It is Wake Forest in North Carolina, a pretty big game on a Friday night in just a month or so. Adam, we can't wait. I'm happy for you with this news. It's good to hear your voice, and we'll see you very soon. Sounds good, buddy. Thanks, Jeff. You got it. That's Adam Amin of ESPN on Twitter, at Adam Amin and somebody who is not on the cargo short train.

So that's where we stand right now. I don't wear cargo shorts. Nick doesn't wear cargo shorts. Adam doesn't wear cargo shorts. Desmond wears cargo shorts.

And Desmond doesn't care. Oh, I know. Don't get defensive. I'm just, like, past the age of, like, if this was 15 years ago and this conversation was happening, I'd be like, oh, man, maybe I'm out of the loop. Maybe I should stop wearing cargo shorts.

But nah, I'm pretty comfortable in my skin here. It's fine. I mean, you keep bringing it up. I don't know. Well, no, Mike Leach keeps bringing it up. Oh, that's what it is. Mike Leach brought it up.

I didn't bring us here. When Mike Leach speaks, we go to him. It's kind of like with Orgeron. When Orgeron talks, we go to Orgeron.

And when it's... What was that? Jog around in your stuffed flaps all over the... Well, that's Mike Leach. He's a character. And I'm a fan of his. Up next, Carmelo over Kobe? I'm being for real. Keep it on the drive. Come on!

This is the Sports Hub at AM600, AM920. Now back to the drive with Josh Graham. Miles Bridges said a thing yesterday to Rod Boone of the Athletic. And I feel like he might be taking the same crazy pills Mugatu has taken in Zoolander. Did he actually take the crazy pills? No, he said, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

Got to make sure I get the important stuff down. A lot of people think the Hornets aren't going to be any good. A lot of people are right. estimates the Hornets win total to be 23 and a half for next year.

Damn! In response to that, Miles Bridges said a lot of people are doubting us right now. People think we can't win even double digit games. So I just want to step out and prove that we are a hungry team. We are young, but we are still good enough to make it to the playoffs. Because I feel the young core came in and almost helped us get to the playoffs last year.

So I feel like we will do the same this year. End quote. Couple of things. Number one. Stop. The Hornets are going to be bad.

Like very bad next year. And the thing with Miles Bridges is he's generally a very honest guy. He was the one when asked about, hey, should you have been considered for Rookie of the Year?

No, my team wasn't any good. So I appreciated the honesty from Miles Bridges. You might say, Josh, you don't know what the question was. He might have been posed, hey, are you going to be better than twenty three and a half games? What do you expect Miles Bridges to say?

I don't expect him to lie. OK, like saying you're going to be good, saying you're going to be hungry. That's one thing I don't ever expect Miles Bridges to come to a microphone and say, yeah, I think we're going to win eight games this year. I don't think things are going to look good for us. It's kind of like right now at all these fall camps for college football. It's amazing that one hundred and twenty three teams, one hundred and thirty teams across college football, believe they're going to win seven games, go to a bowl game. It's amazing how everybody in the country is looking great right now, if you ask the coaches. So, of course, Miles Bridges isn't going to say anything negative there, but it's a little bit of a straw man to say that there are people out there who are saying you're not going to win double digit games.

Come on now. The worst team in the NBA won, what, 16, 17 games a year ago. Nobody is saying in the Eastern Conference that Charlotte isn't going to win double digit games.

So how do you play on Miles Bridges part? It seems like you say no one says we're going to win double digit games. So the Hornets, when they win 15 to 20 this year, Miles Bridges could come out here and say, hey, they said we wouldn't win double digit. We won more than that.

Setting that bar very low, aren't you? Miles Bridges. Worst team have what record? The New York Knicks were the team with the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

They were 17 and 65. 17 wins. The Suns were 19 and 63. In the NBA. So, yeah, Miles, we think you're going to be bad, but I don't think anybody's out there saying you're going to win single digit games.

I don't think that's how that works. Then he said. Last year, hey, when we started to make that push to try and make the postseason, it was the young guys who came on.

Not exactly. It was that Kimball Walker guy you had, you know, the guy who was all NBA, that guy. He was the one that was carrying the team on his back, not Devante Graham and Dwayne Bacon.

It wasn't those two who was doing it. Now, I'm not anti Dwayne Bacon or Devante Graham. But. Of course, I'm not anti Dwayne Bacon or Devante Graham. You need to build around the younger players tanking.

It gets a negative connotation. But essentially, all tanking is, is not signing older players or more expensive players when you're going to be bad. The Hornets are going to be bad and they're going to be bad playing Dwayne Bacon and Devante Graham. Not because those players are bad, but because they're not developed enough yet in order for the team to be good. And you're going to figure out what you have with Malik Monk and Cody Zeller. That's what you're going to do.

But you're going to be bad in the process. So part of it is, OK, what did you expect Malik Monk to say or excuse me, Miles Bridges to say? He chose to say something that just doesn't seem true. I don't think anybody is saying you're only going to win single digit games. And on top of that, he's pulling out B.S. that, hey, when they made the push last year, it was with young guys. And while the young guys played more down the stretch, it wasn't the reason why they were close and bushing.

It was Kimball Walker, who was an all NBA player, who you do not have on your roster anymore. So you're going to be bad. Do you know how I know it's summer and specifically it's August? What's up? I see headlines such as this one appear across my newsfeed. This is an actual ESPN headline quotes why the Jets and 49ers are safe bets to improve.

Here's a thought. You're second and third in the NFL draft order. You can't get much worse. Here's the end of the story. If you pull, I didn't click the story, but if I clicked it, all I want to appear on the 49ers end of that is Jimmy Garoppolo.

That's it. The 49ers are a safe bet to improve. Why, Jimmy Garoppolo? The Jets, you had the third pick in the draft. You picked in the top three. You picked Quinnen Williams.

He's going to be a very good player. But no, safe bets to improve. I would agree with that. There are safe bets to improve.

Maybe not being the second or third worst team, maybe being, I don't know, the fifth or sixth worst team. Still a safe bet for improvement. Speaking of that Quinnen Williams guy, he was talking about his Madden rating. Got a pretty good rating. He got an 80. He's a rookie. He's a top five draft pick.

So reporters asked him about it and things got weird very fast. My rating? My rating, I got an 80 on the Ultimate team. So I'm going to go play with myself today to see how I feel. That came out weird. I'm mad. I'm going to play with myself. Yes, he's going to play with himself on Madden.

That's what he's going to do. This reminds me of a story. I was covering East Carolina. The Pirates had beaten, I think, Houston.

They had a couple defensive touchdowns. Ruffin McNeil is such a wonderful person. Anybody who's been around Ruffin knows that this guy is terrific. Whether it's back to his days at Appalachian State, North Carolina guy. He's at Oklahoma now with Lincoln Riley.

But sometimes he can misspeak at points. They're going into an open day and he wanted to send a message to his team through the media after this game. He wanted to reiterate and reinforce that they were going to win the open day. They were going to win the bye week. They were going to win the off week. What came out of his mouth, though, is we're going to win the open day. We're going to win the bye week. We're going to beat off. That's what he said. He meant to say they were going to beat the off week.

And he's the kind of guy who reads the calendar and says, okay, you're at Houston. You're here, you're here, you're here. You're off. We're going to beat off is what came out of his mouth. That's what he said. I don't know if he did, but that's what he said. And there was about a 10 second silence before the look of absolute terror washed over Ruffin McNeil's face. That's not what I mean.

It's not what I meant to say. Isn't that the worst? Have you have you caught yourself on the radio yet or anyplace else? Something like that happens and then like it sinks in 10 seconds later. You're like, wait a minute. What did I just oh, yeah, that happens to me quite a bit.

That happens at times with names and how things can get mixed up. Sure. Quinnen Williams.

Happy about his Madden rating. Going to do a little bit of Xbox playing. I'm going to play with myself today. So see what he's going to do.

No problem with it. Take care of yourself. Play the video games.

Make sure ratings are correct. I mean, it's completely natural that if you're in the video game, you're going to want to play with yourself. Exactly.

That's what you're going to want to do. It's not weird at all. No, not even a little bit. It's normal. Who said it's weird? It's natural. I don't know. If Quinnen Williams didn't say it was weird, I don't think anybody would acknowledge this at all, because we all have our minds where they need to be. It's not in the gutter whatsoever.

I'm going to go play with myself today. Yeah. That's what's weird about it. There's nothing weird about it. It's not weird to any of us.

Not weird at all. I'm not sure if Quinnen Williams wears cargo shorts, though. We need to figure out if Ryan McGee wears cargo shorts. On top of that, ESPN's Ryan McGee, he will give us, we will ask for another amazing minor league baseball story, because every time he joins us, he gives us amazing stuff, including a mountain man who grabbed baseballs and then tried to sell them back to the team, even if there was a serpent hanging from his arm.

We get another amazing minor league baseball story from Ryan McGee of ESPN next. And now. Oh, God. The show. What a joke. And far in his hands. With the host. Oh, this guy?

Oh, not this guy. From the drive with Josh Graham, the sports hub at AM 600, AM 920. Did you purposely play Willie here? Willie Nelson is going to be in concert next weekend in Greensboro.

We were talking about it behind the scenes. I think we're going to give away some tickets. Willie Nelson and Allison Krauss are going to be at the Greensboro Coliseum. I've never seen Willie before. Darren Gant, our good friend at, has been telling me, you've got to go to this show. You've got to see Willie. If you haven't seen him before, it might be your last chance to do so. I love myself with Willie Nelson. Ryan McGee of ESPN now joins us on the show.

I feel like we could talk about whatever. Were you much of a Willie Nelson fan? I love Willie Nelson. Marty Smith and I got in trouble. We started singing Willie Nelson on the show, and we realized real quick that we can't afford that.

So my question was, if we sing it that far off key, does it even really count? But apparently Willie's lawyers are pretty vigilant. So, yeah, we learned real quick. We love Willie, but we can't sing him on the show.

Fair enough. We had Marty Smith on the show yesterday. He's putting out a new book that we're very excited to read, Never Settle, one of the all-time good guys in the business. So we look forward to reading that, your broadcast partner on the radio. On Twitter, at ESPN McGee, you can follow Ryan McGee here on the show. Do you remember the first time Vince Carter appeared on your radar screen?

Yeah, I do. It was one of those dunks. I think that was funny. I was just watching on, I think it was either First Taker Sports, or they were showing like Vince Carter's greatest dunks of his college career. And I just remember that windmill deal he had.

I can't remember who it was against now, but I just remember thinking, what are you talking about? And then I was living in Charlotte at the time, so everybody was, you know, Charlotte, Chapel Hill South. And nobody was talking about Vince, you know. They were talking about, we had a couple of guys from Charlotte on the Miss Carolina teams, but then years later, you know, Vince is from Daytona. And I've spent every February of my adult life at the Daytona 500, and he has like a killer steakhouse, like right there in Daytona. And I remember one year, we're all just sitting there eating steaks, whatever, and next thing you know, Vince is like making the rounds. And we were like, dude, it's February.

Don't you have like a game to play or something? And then we realized the All-Star game was happening in Orlando, and he was in the game, and he sat there and talked to us for probably 20 minutes. And yeah, so he drove up I-4, one of America's worst highways for Orlando, just to say, hey, everybody can recover the restaurant. The next night, he like hung like 18 in the All-Star game.

There's a story that I love that I think Deadspin first caught, but other places have caught too, where on Twitter, somebody pulled this clip from an awful like teen comedy, like a teen rom-com from three or four years ago, where this guy's a high school quarterback, and his throwing motion just looks awful, leading to somebody saying, why do actors struggle to throw a football like regular human beings? Now this guy, after getting roasted by media across the country, including Cowherd, he actually said that this is my actual nightmare. There was a PA there.

He was making a ton of excuses. His wife got on the Twitter, said that these guys criticizing at Robbie Amell are ruining my bleeping date night. He's outside pumping a football right as we speak. I'm definitely going to be asked to film him throwing.

I hope whichever grown man started watching this enjoyed his teenage rom-com. And surely enough, there's a video of this guy throwing the football. Does the guy look a lot worse for making his wife film him throwing a football because of Twitter? Yes, date night.

What are you doing, man? First rule of date night is get off the Twitter. The Twitter machine is not going to do anything. No one has ever gotten lucky on date night because they were sitting at the dinner table reading tweets to their date.

Or if it has happened, then that's a relationship I don't want any part of. So, no. So, yeah. One, I can't believe you got your pregnant wife filming Uncle Rico footage of you in the parking lot. And number two, you should have never gotten there in the first place. This is freaking date night, man. Do you think my wife, do you think Erica McGee is going to sit there and let me read tweets to her?

After, hey, maybe I just wrote a story about Joe Burrow at LSU. Let me read to you all the tweets I've received today. What are you talking about? That's not going to get me where I want to go on date night. It's so true. It's so true. You're not ending up anywhere good by pulling up your Twitter account.

It just isn't going to. What are you doing? Listen, I'm as bad about looking at Twitter. So, you talk to Marty yourself. Sorry, he wasn't on there today because his wife, Laney, who's one of the heroes of all time, and he writes about her extensively in the book, as he should. But Laney finally, a couple Christmases ago, Marty just quit Twitter because Marty would sit there, and Marty has like 200 and some thousand followers, and Marty would just sit there and scroll through everything and read every comment, and his face would turn all red. You get that look like you have on the cover of the book, like he's going to punch you in the face. And finally, his wife just took his phone away, and she fixed it so that he doesn't get any of that. He only sees dimensions of people he follows or verified users or whatever because, you know, some ding-dong with two followers in Mebane would get Marty all jacked up about something that he'd said on TV, and it was like, what are you doing?

And I guarantee you Laney was like, we're not ruining any more date nights with your Twitter feed. Shout out to the folks in Mebane. You know who you are. Best, it had us thinking, best movie or TV quarterbacks of all time. My list, I put it out there. My list, five through one, number five, you got to start with Jon Moxon.

Jon Moxon from Varsity Boys, the Mox. I got Paul Cruz, four. I got Ronnie Bass, three.

I got Willie Beeman, two, and Shane Falco, one. What do you think is at the very top? Well, let's keep them out of there. Flash Gordon saved the earth. So that's got to be worth something. I mean, I know Flash Gordon was on the cover of like Sports Illustrated in Thailand. He was the quarterback of the New York Jets, but he did save Planet Earth.

Let's keep that in mind. I'm not sure if that factors into how good of a quarterback you are, but there was a whole scene. There's a scene in the movie where he threw something like a football and knocked a bad guy out.

That's got to help you QBR. So Flash Gordon's the vote for Ryan McGee. Yeah, and I love Shane Falco, Joe Cain. I think Joe Cain won Heisman and Sunshine.

I love Sunshine. Ronnie Bass, actually, I used to work with the actual real Ronnie Bass. He worked in local TV in South Carolina, but he did not save Planet Earth. Before we let you go, Des, do you have the clip? Do you have the clip of Mike Leach when he was asked? I mean, you don't know what's going to come.

Is there anybody there's less certainty of what's about to follow? Then we've got a clip of Mike Leach. In this case, Mike Leach was asked if he wears cargo shorts and the response was great. Yeah, for the pockets. You always have pockets. I don't understand those nylon shorts. You jog around and your stuff flaps all over the place. I've never liked those. How many pairs of cargo shorts do you have?

Difficult to say because now it's kind of where they'll give them to me. Or Nike will say, here, check these ones out type of thing. Is Ryan McGee a cargo shorts guy?

I have one pair of cargo shorts and I wear them at the beach because number one, I've got to put some stuff somewhere and number two, no one at the beach cares what you wear. So that's what I do there. By the way, Leach, Google me and Mike Leach. I went out there a couple of years ago and I was supposed to have 20 minutes with him and I stayed three days. The guy whose voice you hear asking the question, that's Theo Lawson. Theo is like the only beat writer for Washington State football and one day Theo is going to write a book because there's a lot of things that Theo would like to write now. But again, I think he's going to have to wait until he outlives Mike Leach. All right, we'll do a little bit of homework on that and see what Ryan McGee dug up on Mike Leach. It's good to have you on the show and to hear your voice.

College football season is going to be here very soon, Ryan. Thanks for doing it. Hey, Flash Gordon. Thank you so much.

As a reminder, thank you so much. That's Ryan McGee on Twitter at ESPN McGee. How did I forget Flash Gordon? Flash Gordon was a quarterback.

New York Jets. Flash Gordon saved the earth. I don't know why I forgot about Flash Gordon. When his cell line was good, he brought it. Yeah.

He does. He asked us to Google his name and Mike Leach. I don't know what we're going to find. Let's use that as a tease.

That's what we call as a tease in the business. Up next, what comes up when you Google Mike Leach and Ryan McGee? Also, why Vince Carter is the quintessential Dean Smith Tar Heel. This is The Drive. One, two, three, here we go.

Ow. This is The Sports Hub at AM600, AM920. Now back to The Drive with Josh Graham. We're getting some submissions for the greatest movie and television quarterback of all time. I believe it to be Shane Falco from The Replacement.

Some scab quarterbacks coming in. He's followed by Willie Beeman, but I'm regretfully putting Willie Beeman number two, because I believe Ronnie Bass actually, in fact, deserves that. Number four, Paul Crewe from The Longest Yard. The old Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds. And then Jon Moxon from Varsity Blues rounds out the top five. On Twitter, getting Jimmy Dixon from the last Boy Scout. Also, Paul Blake from Necessary Roughne. You remember that movie from the 80s?

Oh yeah, absolutely. Paul Blake's out on a farm, it seems like, throwing balls at just standing targets. Good high school quarterback. Don't come at me with Bobby Boucher.

He never played quarterback. No, no. Bobby Boucher doesn't belong on this list whatsoever. I mean, Tom's Adam Sandler gonna sneak around this list somewhere, in and out. He never made it though, either time. No.

Not him, no. Sandler did not make it on this list. Neither did Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights.

That's cold. The real question is, would you go Matt Saracen or Vince Howard? Vince Howard was, in the latter seasons, it was Michael B. Jordan playing the quarterback at the end. It was the first time MBJ appeared on my screen whatsoever, appeared on my radar. Man, it's been so long since I've seen the movie with Billy Bob Thornton, I probably should actually go. Wrong movie. Friday Night Lights, right? I'm talking about the show. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were talking about Friday Night Lights.

No, I was. The show. Are you just now learning that Friday Night Lights was also a TV show? Oh, okay, good. That's what I'm talking about. It's been so long since I've seen the movie as well as talking about Friday Night Lights. But it's not a movie.

There's a Friday Night Lights movie, which is Tim McGraw and Billy Bob Thornton, and then there's a Friday Night Lights, which has nothing to do with that movie whatsoever, and it's a TV show that's been out for five or six years. No, I think I watched the pilot of that when it first came out and then just abandoned it. So you're completely... I think Des just learned about this. Is this news to you? No, I knew it existed.

I just didn't care. Julian writes in Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, that's it. Here's the only issue with Uncle Rico. We don't know if what he's saying is in fact BS, right? He says he could throw a football a quarter mile.

If what he says is true, I'd put him over shame, Falco, but we have no footage to back it up other than the fact he's outside his trailer. It's a clean three-step drop. Yeah. Very clean drop and a nice release, but what are you going to look like when there's pressure? What are you going to look like calling plays? Plus, I don't think- We don't know that from Uncle Rico. We just see the three-step drop, and what he says he could do, which is throw the mountain over them damn mountains. Yeah, and when we've seen that scene, you don't even see where the ball goes. It's focused on him throwing it. We don't know if he's hitting targets or- Absolutely. Yeah, he's just throwing it off the camera, so- Throwing it to Uncle Kip.

That's not going to do anything. Maybe he's throwing it to Tina. Come get some ham.

Tina, come eat this ham. David Gilling going to join us in 10 minutes, so we'll continue to take submissions. 336-777-1600, at Sports Hub Triad on Twitter, because- August. Matthew says, Icebox from Little Giants. Wait, did Icebox play quarterback for the Giants? Little Giants, did Icebox play quarterback? She was the best player on the team, but the most memorable play was not passing. It was the annexation of Puerto Rico, with the laterals up the field. I think John Madden gave him the play? It was the only time Ask Madden ever worked? The annexation of Puerto Rico. So, we'll revisit this in a second.

Here's how you know it's August. You look at some headlines, such as this one here in the NFL. ESPN. Why the Jets and 49ers are safe bets to improve. They were the second and third picks in the NFL draft. I think it's a safe bet to say that they might be better than second and third worst in the NFL. With a second-year quarterback and the quarterback you paid a ton returning from injury.

I think it's a safe bet to say the Jets and the 49ers are going to be improved over last year. So that's a headline I find funny. The reason we're talking about movie and television quarterbacks, it isn't us just doing the random sports radio thing where if you have nothing to talk about you bring up movies. It actually comes from a quarterback in a teenage rom-com four years ago going viral yesterday. It's a clip of this guy on a football field, high school quarterback in the movie, throwing some balls and the throwing motion is just terrible.

It's brutal. And media picked it up. The question was asked, why do actors struggle to throw a football like a regular human being? And Robbie Amell, who was the actor, responded with, this is my actual nightmare. There is a PA standing two feet from me who has to catch these balls so I don't hit thousands of dollars of camera equipment and lighting set up. I've been dreading these tweets since the first time I saw the movie. Then Buddy's wife, this guy's wife tweets out, these guys on Twitter are ruining my bleeping date night. At Robbie Amell is outside pumping up a football that I'm definitely going to be asked to film him throwing. I hope whichever grown man started this really enjoyed watching his teenage rom-com. Can't be pulling out the cell phone on date night.

You just can't. And surely enough, there is a video that this guy published of him throwing a football and having decent throwing motion. He said in the tweet, apologies to my very pregnant wife for having to video this, but she's in no condition to catch.

It's not perfect, but at least it's better than the movie off to salvage date night. How big of a fight do you think this was? Oh, my gosh.

Well, why do you care what they say? Do you want to reenact this fight, see how it went? Who do you want to be? I'll be the wife, OK? I almost want to use my Eli Manning voice for this, but I don't know how he sounds.

I'm automatically going to get to it. Do not do Eli Manning and Daniel Jones. Is that how you do a white person's voice? Of course not. Of course not. I've got a bunch more in my repertoire. All right.

Hey, babe, will you do me a favor before we go out? Why is it southern? He's in the south, isn't he? I don't know. Let's go with it.

It's called Twitter. You're sounding a lot like Eli Manning again. Can you please do someone who's completely different than one of your other characters? Hey, babe, can you do me a favor?

Yeah, what's that? I've got this thing I need to do. People keep saying I can't throw a football, and I really need to show them I can do this. Can you take this phone and walk over there and just watch me throw this football a couple times? Babe, babe, why do you care about what they're saying on Twitter?

It's just Twitter. What do you care that they think you can throw a football or not? Why do you care? Because, I mean, because I'm a man. I'm a man. I'm a man. I'm 40.

I'm not 40, but I'm a man, and I want them to think I can throw a football really good. It is date night. It is date night. Why are you on your phone when we're supposed to be going out? We never go out anymore.

It's once a week we go out, it's date night, and you're pulling out your phone, and now I'm carrying your child, and you're wanting me to do what? I don't think that the fajitas at Chili's are going to get any colder if you just take a couple of pictures of me throwing a football. Just do it for the Twitter. Just do it for the Twitter.

Do it for LeBron. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Ensign. I've got to get some more holes. David Ling going to join us in five minutes looking at some of these other nominees that we're getting.

Let's actually go to the phones. Patrick in Winston-Salem is on the sports hub. Patrick, give me the quarterback from a movie or TV show you think's the best. Well, I got an old one for you. How about Kurt Russell playing Reno Hightower in a movie called Best of Time?

Absolutely. Also with Robin Williams, the late, great Robin Williams. Was that mid-'80s? Was that mid-'80s, Kurt Russell? Kurt Russell playing Reno Hightower in a movie called Best of Time. He's listening on his radio. Yeah, turn your radio off, buddy. Radio 101. What was the name of that movie again?

The Best of Times. Kurt Russell, I want to say 84, if I've got that correct. 1986. Ah! You're close. You're close. Pretty close. The DVD didn't come out till 99. Looking at some of these other ones.

Some I can't read on the radio. Huh. Wait a minute.

The Best of Times has like a one and a half star rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It's not a good movie. Okay.

He was a good quarterback. Okay. That's the argument here. Do you consider Napoleon Dynamite to be a great movie? I do, actually. Napoleon Dynamite is a classic. I love it.

Here's another reason I know it's the summer. Speaking of the New York Jets, this is something that's being talked about today. What Quinnen Williams meant when he was talking about his Madden rating being an 80. My rating?

My rating, I got an 80 on Ultimate Team, so I'm going to go play with myself today. So see how I feel. That came out weird. Yeah, I'm mad. I'm going to play with myself. I'm mad.

Yeah. The best part of that is that he said afterwards just to see how I'm going to feel. I'm going to go play with myself today. So see how I feel.

All right. I have a feeling I know how you're going to feel, man. I didn't catch that the first time. I have a feeling.

I know how you're going to feel there. Then you got Mike Leach, who was asked about cargo shorts for some reason. It's Mike Leach. It's August. And specifically, I think he was wearing cargo shorts, so someone just asked him about why he's wearing them. Yeah, for the pockets. You always have pockets. I don't understand those nylon shorts.

Jog around and your stuff flaps all over the place. You know, I've never liked those. How many pairs of cargo shorts do you have?

Difficult to say, because now it's kind of wordy. You know, they'll give them to me. Or Nike will say, here, check these ones out type of thing.

So here's where we're at. I don't wear cargo shorts. I haven't been wearing cargo shorts for the last 15 years. I phased them out.

15 years? I don't like them. I think they look ugly. What is up with this war on cargo shorts? I don't understand it. I just don't think it's a great look.

There's a line from Superbad I want to quote, but I... Google. Nick doesn't wear cargo shorts. He says he never has.

Adam Amin said it wasn't his style. Ryan McGee says he only has one pair and he wears it on the beach because, and I quote, nobody cares what you're wearing on the beach. Implying that he would not wear cargo shorts anywhere that people care what you're wearing. Desmond? Desmond wears cargo shorts. Doesn't care what you think.

Nope. But maybe David Glenn. David Glenn strikes me as somebody who might actually wear cargo shorts. They're like all over the place. It's not like they're like, it's not like you just see them randomly in the wild. They're everywhere. Let's put it out on a poll on Twitter at sports up triad. Do you wear cargo shorts? Yes or no?
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