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The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - AB is Running out of Teams

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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September 21, 2019 12:45 pm

The Rundown with Desmond Johnson - AB is Running out of Teams

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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September 21, 2019 12:45 pm

Host Desmond Johnson with John Olzsewski, Rod Funderburk, Brandon Blakney, Aaron Gabriel. Top Five HS Football poll for week of Sept 21st. Panthers QB Kyle Allen gets the nod to start Sunday vs the Cards. A look at ACC/College Football Top 25 games for the weekend. What NBA player in their prime would you pick to start a franchise with? Tune into The Rundown with Desmond Johnson Mon-Fri 3-6pm on Sports Hub Triad!

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Everything you know she is me hello to the next level of competition. Welcome to the rundown here. Desmond Johnson on balls over 85° outside today so short on the second summer on the rundown on your host doesn't Johnson I'm joined by John O'Shaughnessy a.k.a. Johnny O Rod Funderburk Brenda Blake just a moment here. Gabriel's announcement in our social media was use on our board today started off three 677-7600 number called Simon on any of our topics today but go ahead and get started, let's get to the poll question day personages make sure did we get the twitter poll question up this morning Aaron is that that up or no about to fight it off right now wasn't put up a question for them on twitter poll question for today is which player in their prime, would you pick first. If you were started an NBA team, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Lebron James or Kevin drink and will get will actually chop that up.

The four of us in the second hour so deftly stay tuned for that I should be a very interesting conversation is up on twitter at sports abstract or at sports: one topics that you want to chime in on the road and hit today loaded loaded Saturday morning here guys as we do during high school football season to start off with a high school football rundown to get you caught up on what happened last night around the triad is a lot.

It seems that by week class last night but a lot of teams asserted their dominance and are making their presence known.

And what's become our top five countdown powered by sportster on a for the week of September 20, 2019 55 countdown CardBus Portillo This is week five allowed Howard five weeks into the high school football season man and there's a number of teams or start a stake their claims as teams that can actually compete for state championships. I believe in December this year.

Brandon I know that you were out at a game that consisted of our beginning of our countdown here at number know at this point is when you say number 105 very good year so five deadly answers bring you out at W Southeast and game got good massive defeat of line Miles Murphy only in North Carolina commit four-star recruit.patent page was actually the number one defensive tackle right now in the nation as Clinton has Georgia has Bama called it is massively number five in 2020 class right now in the nation, a ballplayer, those guys we have it good linebacker fast ship Southeast out last night and they got Mike Wyman USC commit at wide receiver.

Do a little better job ball but Stout. It looked like from the highlights I saw last night when I got home, it looks like the quarterback slave really comfortable and thrown the ball solve more than little move around a lot and I think having that massive plug up every thing's going to help them often run game and the defense is your best friend is a young quarterback. Dudley moves the Ford one on the season. 23 zero winners over South East Guilford ordained ministry so ever since they lost an open request for psychotic women's way to drop them out of this top-five a couple weeks reappearance into the countdown at number five, number four for making their first appearance in the countdown this year Grimsley Grimsley Worley by Vinod on the season. They were big winners last night they needed.

Sgt. Smith and cycling on the seven winners over Smith Greensboro get to see them next week right week after I got and actually will be you guys you brought us out that game being you take psychosis. Grimsley that's it to me please recycle bombing okay I don't know if Grimsley plays next week and I need to check that because I want to see undefeated to powerhouse psychomotor Pro coming up to got Grimsley that week in the Westside, so I'll have to undefeated teams that actually to go through so you think that that stretch out like what they're doing right now.

I think since I'm Greensboro boy I might jump on the Grimsley were whirling right now John telling page Chris Ellis quarterback over to see him as a freshman: Grimsley regained three years ago is crazy to see what comes round over Grimsley like they'd really took a program brick by brick/76 losing sight for a playoff thinkers go with shame is not put down coach would have mentioned to me about numerous times that Grimsley is a team to look out for going forward and to make their first appearance in the top five point number three W. recite lock unit number 31 big again last night over Mount Tabor 20 zero they got one of the best running backs in the state. Japonica Wilson, AAG money kid is tell our got a few scholarship he was named to the tribal this week as well so exercise still rolling wins in the resume, including over five deadly season to me that was a weird week.

We had weather delays. They place a little bit of lightning and a it was a weird weird week so I can't put too much of that.

Plus there on the road climbs the play West is a tough environment and no glass like a said they got a showdown lease for site coming up in a couple weeks… The biggest office of Lawrence to talk to every week received recite lock action.

I never dislike parties cancel our joint therapeutic college ball to them last night. Weird to say but again will look at Easter second but Wes is in the number three slot they been locked in the past couple weeks because the two teams ahead of them and they don't like the slowing down anytime soon to the regional Rams they didn't score 70 is been a running joke every week with them, but they tried 59 to 16 winners last dirham and I will say that was arguably their toughest test so far Eastern Gilbert Janelle Smith Junior quarterback has already been next play of the week. Next, press play of the week twice early on very underrated pastor. They say about Reidsville, like their locked in number two lose it number one but they just go out. They seem like they got more talent than anybody at any classification area there so loading those guys are versatile.

You got a monstrous candidate played running back Seaver and Pat Lee on pass plays everywhere. Four-star athletes got stayed off a few ACC backs pretty good now Phoenix middle school yet. So what how Reidsville works now that the popular team in retail is running the same system, yet this get it to an already know what was going on in the pipeline. They got it figured out, the way we talk about this the other night we were watching a football game like there's certain rules that have great service will have great programs, and like the teams have great years.

They usually have seniors and skill positions. They been there for four years may gradually move on and takes it back.

There's teams in this area that never go back just constantly meeting this animal they fill and if I had to get bigger than last year after last. It seems like last year was the year to beat these guys. Now they're looking for a 3 PM I think some of the vamp lost days dear Marie and Bobby know that I lost my three years because there was something in the last year, but number one because one wants to lease recite Beatles 50 a dominating performance last night and Rod went out to watch the game at the technical difficulty so we could bring to the triad. However, we were at the game.

Rod for 3 to 7 winners over the page Pirates and you I know you remember back in the days when both fees for site and paper in the Metro for a conference together and was a huge rivalry now. I think it's still rivalry, but last night was a clear difference in tools the better team field. All you clear difference in talent on the site had K = man they learn absolutely nothing about themselves last night. What I mean by that is, they play together will they go out there they will hit you in the mouth whether it's on the line of scrimmage whether the linebackers come from around, and on the linebacker blitz and Christian the 218 pound quarterback doesn't matter, they learn nothing about themselves because they steal would dominate me. These disciples got going on. They do what they do and they did it last night was watching over watch them last night. It just felt inevitable. They're going to get the score they got two hats on, and I'll go home try to rest a little bit but they east and maybe maybe Reidsville are probably only two teams I can say our top five right now where they can have a bad game and still win the game. Had a bad game want to turn over start over hundred 80 yards like that and he still won the game out pretty comfortably or not they want to game 24 95 turnovers. I think hundred 65 yard with some really last year I think they look a little more balanced. Early on I know it's early but tala looked a lot better that he has a very scary thing because they been averaging almost yards on the ground yeah rowing and they still got the kids at receivers that are really good, talented testing you took some stats from last night and you'd like to use – last night I don't have them in front of me right now because you in order to hear the stats that I take. You must tune in to our non-hello with coach Todd Willard well so you want to hear those stats that you have to make sure that you listen in that podcast will have little be out next week. East West. They better not to show you what Wes is definitely looking ahead to use the site reason why say that had opportunity play little golf on Wednesday and others. A gentleman by the name of James Gordon is still in place for the West recite Titans defensive back.

He said all his sons to end the rest of West recite team is been talking about all years.

I can't wait to get their hands only for site on the golf course is to be careful what you might get some see I'm here for all the smoke all the smoke that snow we've always wanted all year.Easton parking will be a good fourth game that came you shill are not to say that they were one would him but the complexion of the game could've been different because that offense for parking. Not nearly what it is without logging I thought that Lysol page give them last night. I got drunk Andre page and similarly can you sell something very 6 foot to 15 solid built young man yeah yeah and he's talented and East would not pages were not having it last night, like he couldn't get out of the way of a pocket he could get past line of scrimmage page was just going side to side to couldn't go forward written and East does to everyone like there got they got to a point where there you can see the confidence level on the field like and they told us they told us to the podcast last week. They go to every game matter who it is. Thinking we were supposed to win this game. We do we do, don't turn the ball over on the ball stopped running all all the basic stuff that every football coach mutation football teams if they do that the patriots way to do their jobs were supposed to win the game so there are looking for competition at this point and how to get it.

Oh yeah, Grimsley and West back to back in a couple weeks about Wes's, similarly built they always That's Why Your Image Is about Both the Pendulum Run Games You Money and Amani Are Deadly to the Best Running Backs around the China Tribal Yeah Not Even Close. Amani Scored Last Night Couple Times Task Oracle Time Not Only the Ground but Nobody Scored 190 Cost – Right yet He's Versatile Man. I Think That's a Huge Get to Wait for. That Way, Love Having You Know What Way Could Do Though, Basie Won't Play Fresh in Their Lives Get Bigger and He's Arty like 6 Foot 200 and Body. That Was the Bodybuilder He Knows That His Dad Was like Big Brother Growing up with His Dad Was 225 Pound School Kids. Okay Card Is Not It.

Wait. There's Not Really a Power Back Need Chris Lee Were Talking from the Bexar Maybe Could See Some Stats. Freshman Year Because They Don't Have That Power Back Is Really Christian Beale and the Young Freshman. They Got Malleable Speed Back Right There. There K Carnies Gone so It's Open for That Short Yardage Opportunities for Physical Conditioning and Do It and I Love the Fact These Humble Ice Cream We Humble What You Guys but I Should Top Five Countdown Power by Sportster on a Monthly for the Week of September 20 Real Quick before We Get into This Breaker Couple Minutes I Want to Touch on Some Use the Drop down Yesterday regarding Kansas on Friday, the Kansas City Star Reported the NCAA's Preparing to Issue a Notice of Allegations, the Details Multiple Major Violations in the Kansas Men's Basketball Program Notice Will Come after a Summer Speculation Following a Top NCAA Official Saying Organization Would Make Findings against Schools Involved in a Paper Plate Recruiting Scheme Investigated by the FBI, ESPN Recently Reported NCAA Investigators in Addition to NC State Working on Cases That Kansas Arizona Auburn Creighton Louisville, LSU and USC Went to School Such As Kansas Received the Notice of Allegations. The University Has 90 Days to Respond and Danced Ablaze Grant Extensions past Real Quick Guys You Think Kansas Going Get Anything off of This or Is Basically Saying Situation.

NC State Basically Has Been Accused of Paying $75,000 to Dennis Smith Junior When He Was in School Got More Pork Helpful to Got 100 on Just about A Lot Quite like Low but I Think Kansas Will Get Something, but It Will Be This Coming Season Because It Is Just Keep Getting Extended Really Got 90 Days and Then the Extension in the End He Replied Back in the Goes Back and Forth and You Guys Know from When It Lasted A While and They Just Shifted the Blame Other Programs Because I Know the Women's Soccer Team and What the Football Team to Think While I'm in Swimming, Soccer, Women's Basketball Is Best That Is the Case Right Here.

The Representative for Adidas Was the One Who Actually Got Caught and He Even Testified in Court about the Amount of Money He Spent over $85,000 Paying Different Players, Parents and Guardians and He Also Brought up Text Messages That Self-Hate between Human Self.

Those Text Messages Were Not Released to the Public yet. So That's Going to Make the Difference, I Believe, and How Stiff of a Penalty. Kansas Will Get Hit with Because They Said There Is Clear As Day That Self Knew about It.

Based upon the Exchange of Conversation in the Text like a Patino Case That I Hope Not All Selfishness Can Be Let Go. I Think They Probably Lose Scholarships for Sure. Depending on How and Penalize Should Coming over. I Mean It's Adidas School so I'm Expecting A Lot Of School to Get Yes Yes Adidas Men, Even from the AAU Circuit like There There Circuit Where Really Starts to Be Honest with You with These Kids Man You Saw the Adidas Circuit Really Take a Hit from All the Top Guys Getting Canned Tapping You Guys Are Getting Serious Presence How Phil Is in the under the Kansas Investigation. There Was Also a Mention of Sales, Telling the Agent or the Representative for Adidas That He Was Upset about Not Getting Aiden Which Is the Kid Who Went over to Arizona.

I Got on Right and Were Paid or Not They Gave Hundred K for Him. Not Only That, but Adidas Gave the Best Friend or a Good Friend of Aiden over $15,000 Trying to Get Name and He Still Wind up in Arizona, Not Kansas. So There's A Lot Of Information and A Lot Of Details Still Left to Go in That Case Late Last Night, Kansas. Kansas Lost a Recruit after This, Isaac McBride, a Four-Star Point Guard Recruit Use Number One Note 109 Player in the Class of 2019.

He Withdrew from Kansas Only Months after Enrolling from the University Kansas Coach Bill Self Announce a Decision on Friday.

I Am Curious As to What's Going to Happen with This Because This Is Really the NCAA's Opportunity to Make Things Right in Terms of Perception of NCAA Is over the past Couple of Years They Have Not Been a Common Joke in Terms of the Way These Things. The Miami Case the Universe Many Football Case with the Shapiro Booster Got Yeah and He Even Erupted. Florida State Was Just Always There and James Was All Right Yeah He Only Took Crab Legs, Not Carolina Situation I'm Working on Florida and Got out That Situation. There's Been A Lot Of Things of the past Five or Six Years Were the AA Comes in with a Big Stick but Then There like Almost All Bark and No Bite. They Got FBI Have and so I Would Imagine That They Can't Mess This up, but It Is NCAA so They Probably Will Mess This up and None of Them Will Analyze Very Much for What Happened. My Thing Is the Unmet List School That Really Sticks out That I Feel like It's Con on Nest Crate near Christmas Been Pretty Sick. Oh Yeah like to Eat You Pretty Good in Mid-May but They Haven't Had Really Any NBA Players like What Almost All Americans a Planner That Kid Marcus Foster from Kansas State That Was Good and Know the Markets Wanting to Stick out a Little Bit Very Well.

I'm Just Wondering Who the Big Time Recruit Their Pain Was a Quick Break, Not Loaded Saturday of the College Football Season. We Got a Couple of Top 25 Matchups Was an Interesting Game in Chapel Hill between Two In-State Favorites. I'm Surprised Rodney Is Actually at That Game.

You Know He's Not, You Will Who Will Get You Ready for a Week and a Football Action ACC and Top 25. Break It All down to Get You Ready Next Weekly Podcast Following the Football Team during the Night Season Is Now Available across All Major Podcast Formats Sponsored by Close Wings for Services Traveling Expressly for Kevin Bob State Farm Insurance and the Collegiate Shop Fremont 552 Podcast Apple and More.

Head Coach Todd Willard Hosted by Our Very Own Rod Funderburk Springs Will Loves and Embraces Varies beside Program in a Come out so Support, CSA Tuesday Humans Were Recorded in the Podcast to Get Pretty Crowded There for That and He Was Rolling Made by 120 Straight Games Defensively for a State Title. Let's Talk Will Cause Football Guys ACC Scoreboard for Today Just to Get You Ready to End up Watching Here Boston College Is Going Take on Records at 12 Noon Neo-Syracuse Orange 12 Now on the Season and Knew That I Could Offense Western Michigan Home at Noon at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem Just about Time to Go out and Buy Tickets for. That's Homecoming for the Demon Deacons Are to Be Welcoming and When One Elon Squad to Feist Again for Waking Nothing against You on Week Four Know That's Kinda Cool. :-) Starting at Some Top 25 or so Look like the Best QB in the ACC Being Honest with AA Utah State Can Push Their Quarterback in the Heisman Category If They Go for Now. I'm Series on Weight Force Can Start Pushing Jamie Know He's a Pro after This Year. If He Keeps up the Honesty Strong Selected to Test Unless Reached, Burst through like Six or Seven Dudes and Just Emerged from It like 10 Yards out in a Touchdown Side and I Can Do All That Dryad Kid to See You Gotta Be Real.3:30 PM Game of Local Interest. Appalachian State Comes down the Mountain to Take on North Carolina.

That's at Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill.

The Lines Carolina 2 1/2 Actually, Which Is Actually, Crazy That There Only for about 2 1/2 Points at Home but Rodney's Given Me Three Points so I'm Given Johnny 03 Plan: Abstain. We Got a Little That It Would Get a Little Lunch Wager Going on. You Know I Can't Go against the Tar Heels.He Knows That He Took Will Advantage. I Got an inside Source Actually Stayed All the Way. That's Mr. Bill Ingram. He Is an Upstate Fanatic in the Stomach Is Corey Sutton.

This Wide Receiver Coming Back after Two Game Suspension Is NFL Talent and I See Him Scored Two Touchdowns and I Don't Know That I Don't Know That Explain to Me Why You're Not Going to That Game Rock As You Have Season Tickets Carolina Football and You Have Season Tickets and I Mean There Couple of Different Reasons Why I'm Not Going. You Know There's Some Things I Need to Take Care Of around the House.

There's Some Quality Time That I Need to Spend with Some People and Then Also You Have Got to France with the Appalachian State and of Course They Wanted to Go to the Game and Being That You Know Kindhearted Friend That I Am You Know I Told Him That Maybe I'll Think about It, but in the in Treated Me like the Godfather and They Laid Me off. So When They're Making Me an Offer I Couldn't Refuse. I Said You Know This Will Be the Game but I'll Take off and I Watch It on TV. $'s in Your Eye ACC Network Extra so I'm Not Sure If You Can Only Watch That to the ACC Network, or If That's the That the Little Extension Thing They Have on ESPN.I Still Have ACC Network. You Guys Have ACC Network yet Yeah I Get Worth It.

Most Definitely, but I Think It's Kinda Weird Though That They Were the ACC Just Reached out ESPN's and They Want a Skin to Show More Games like They Wrote a Letter to Commissioner like You Guys Just yet Because the Miami Carolina Game Was on ESPN Right Away Carolyn Carolina Game. The Purpose of Having the Network Done. That's Why Haven't Bought the Network Is Usually the Game I Want to See Really Not on America's Right Big Ten Network.

For A While the SEC They Put on Really the Secondary Games You Know Those Networks. ESPN and ABC and NBC. No CBS or Whatever Cover the Bigger That's True like You Know That. I Guess the Games like the Georgia Text to Virginia Will Get on Their 12 O'clock Noon. Games Are on Their Yeah Well I Mean outside Louisville Is 21 on the Season Undertaken on What's Going on.

Florida State Wanted to Write Back There on ESPN Today for Requiring Why Low As Nine Dollars.

Are You Telling Me That Louisville Is Own ESPN against Florida State Appalachian Mountaineers. Yeah, That's What Tar Heels Are Not. That's What This You since I Once That Debacle against Boise State. I Haven't Watch the Full Four State Game since Two Years, Three Years Ago Now with First the Last Year Jimbo Fisher When They Played Alabama the First Game of the Season and the Last Offset to a Full Florida State Game/Some for State Was Actually Really Relevant. Yeah, He Got Hold It down and Not in the Same since Willie Taggart I Don't Know If You Can Make the Season Because of Those Boys down in Tallahassee.

They Don't Take Kindly to Losing and They've Been Losing. I Think Things Barely Got – Right. Let's Be Honest Here, Though I Think They Made a Bowl Last Year but Let's Be Honest, I Try Not. There's Not Many African-American Head Coaches. I Trotted down the Ones That Are near the Target Is Mad Average Fell Oregon and Got a Promotion Never Seen Anything like That and Nothing Has Worked out. Natural Florida Is Top School in Florida Right Now. The Stanford Lab. Florida Still Rated a Little Higher, but Florida's Nine but They Still Look like the Florida That We Used To Release the Power Yeah Yeah Priority My Number 929 Once in A While the Same for Maintenance SEC by All. It Pushes All These SEC Teams. Towards the Top and It Makes for Good Late-Season Matchup Sagacity Got Number Three Take on Number Seven.

I Kind of Thing I Sellers Market There off Florida's American. Some of the Top 25 in Just a Second, but I Virginia There in the Top 25 a Speaker at Number 21 near Three and Oh to Old Dominion at 7 O'clock Tonight That's on ESPN 28 Got a Really Good Quarterback Time. I Don't Know but I Don't Know A Lot about A Lot Of Carolina at Game Is on the ACC Network Extra and Always Other Games Are Wrinkled out across the SBA to Me Is Me into NC State on ESPN You Today to Take on Ball State Log Tonight and Then ACC Network Number One Clemson. I like Will Healy We Had Him on the Drive Earlier This Week. The Head Coach at Charlotte to Take the 49ers down to Clemson, South Carolina Tonight 730 Game Is Number 119 the Country and Clemson Is Favored by 41 1/2 Points and Devil Will Be Kind. Seriously, He Will Not You Will Put a 70 Spot up on All Games Are the One That Stood out to Be like Seven Gamer 56.

Cover the Points I Just Don't Want Charlotte. I Have a Soft Spot for Harper Truck That Was Their Studio Host Rhyme G and 110 so You Basically Had to Sit through 110 Season with Them Trying to Get Right into the Basketball Season in 524 so My Last Trip to Thousand 16. We Played Them and I Mean They Smoke Charlotte Charlotte There Are Competitive, They Just Played Upstate Last Week or Two When One Get Better Get Their Points Are Going on the Road to Clemson to Play Clemson and at Night Game and Trevor Mark Is Not in Play in That LOL He Really Had Allie Dolores Would Be the Game. I Would Imagine Trevor Lawrenceburg for 600 and I Went to Bank ATM like They Haven't Really Needed Trevor Morris to Be Trevor Lawrence. Yeah Right. I Do Think He Knew Yeah They're Going to Have Actually a Couple Weeks.

They Play Carolina from a Mistake and That Carolina Is Adequate. That's the Game.

I Need to Be a Trap Young for Carolina Needs at That Next Week.

28. This Yeah Yes Yes Take Saturday Don't You Go out That Game I'm Deftly Going out to That Game You Know How It Is Though Every Week.

You Have No Idea What Time Each Game Is Going to Be until about Tuesdays. Usually When I Put the Time. Yeah If Carolina Wins Today at Staple Beef Green One That Might Be a Candidate for College Game Day.

You Know Them, Chapel Hill, Clemson, Carolina It Be Undefeated Clemson Seen Less Charlotte Frank Street Would Be Jumping Baby Blue Heaven Depend Know What Time the Game Is If You're down There for That Not Hear Them Will Be the Segment like We Did Last Week. Call and Give Us an Idea That He Won't Be Close.

Like I Stated the Wind so You Will Worry about Lunch Talk A Lot a Big Track of the Top 25 Days Couple of Really Good Matchups Will Not This Note to Alabama to Come in Southern Mississippi to Tuscaloosa at the New Game Is Usually Death Ribs Plan Alabama There Favored by 38 See What's up There. Number Four LSU Taken on Vanderbilt and SEC Tilt Back to 12 Noon and SEC Network. LSU Might Be the Best Team in the Country to Burlington Following the Always Play Well on the Pants I Said Alabama Is Not to Make Possible Playoff Issue Because Her Lose the LA LSU Never Has a Quarterback.

So Yeah, Now Yeah Job Is Real Deal Is the Booty Supply 400 Yards Last Week Yeah Draft Stock Shoot. Watch out for LSU That's That's Coming down the Pipe between Alabama and LSU That'll Be Late October Early November. Now Swimming Asleep on Georgie and Jake Domino That Notre Dame Game and They Keep Saying the Line of Thinking Is 14 1/2 Points Weber Who Georgia Will Have A Lot Of Know I Don't Have A Lot Of I Don't Have A Lot Of Confidence in Notre Dame. You Watch Him Play Louisville You Know They Really Should a Loss That Is Entered Really Played Unbelievable and Are in Georgia Georgia.

You Know Know Know I Think about George LSU and Georgia Has To Rate Lately and Those Defensive Backs Can Play down There in Java Scripting on the Scoreboard All the Way to Tonight Later on. I'm Still at Noon 1212 Noon.

Let Number 11 Michigan Taken on Number 13 Wisconsin in the Big Ten Matchup Is What We Know Hello If He Loses That One Couple Commission Possible Playoff Issue to so I Don't Buy That One Man, Haskell's Goal Be Calling for Bob Will Say They Got the Kids Madison Cohen Safety at This Precise Issue Is Favored by Three Again It's in Wisconsin so It's a Tough Much Information They Should a Lost Army and Army Game with LLL Number Six Ohio State Are Still Rolling There. Three.

Know the Technical Miami of Ohio That Is at the Horseshoe Top 25 Matchup Number Eight Auburn Keeper Mount Auburn or Reno Also Taken on Number 17 Texas A&M That's a College Station at the CBS 330 Matchup so Death Actually Pretty Text Today As It Was, and What They Lost Two Weeks Ago to Clemson and They Played Them Tough for about 1/2 Quarters Yeah 1/2 Three Quarters Organ Stanfords at 7 O'clock Tonight Working's Number 16 Last Night and They Want a Big Game, Lally Came in There and Started Peppering the Field with Yeah so You Look Really Good at 8 O'clock Tonight. Number Seven Notre Dame Taken on Number Three Georgia in Athens Georgia. Georgia Is Right by 14 1/2 in a Top-Tier Matchup That Stopped This Little Filly but Not yet, Georgia 30 Notre Dame's to Know How to See Notre Dame yet This Year.

I've Seen Him Twice and Were Impressed.

Not Very Very Impressive Notre Dame and All I Mean I Think They Play They Do Just Enough to Get Attention and Didn't Get into the Playoffs.

You See What Happened Last Year Was When I Got to the Playoffs and Was a National Championship a Couple Years Ago with Man Saw Taylor Was Brought about the Women I Now Everyone Starts and While Notre Dame. This Is the Year That Is Whoever You like an Elimination Game.

Whoever Wins This Game Is Going to Catapult regarding Number Three They Beat Notre Dame Rink at Seven Could They Leapfrog Alabama to Know without Thinking, Potentially Seeing Stuff like That Happen before God Is Still Alabama Doesn't Play Today like to Southern Southern Mississippi. Miss Wins 35.

Do I Even Know the Score South Carolina Played Pretty Good against Alabama Last Week. They Lost 47 to 23 Okay with 23 Points and They Had Two or Three Other Opportunities Score in the Red Zones. The Score and They Had One Touchdown and upon Three Point Taken Back South Carolina Could Have Been in That Game with a Couple of Lucky Bounces. I'm Not I'm Not on Alabama with Her Schedule Never Played a Ranked Team. Yeah, Not a Having to Arrange That Texas A&M in Three Weeks at Texas A&M and Then I've Got LSU at Home November 9 That's Can Be the Biggest Game and I Got to Walk Auburn the Last Day Both Have a Test until Now to Answer Your Question, Let's Say Georgia Wins 3514 Tonight You Got a Job. It's Midseason Make It Interesting and Each Other. Eventually, Any Well, the Living Sees Others in This SEC Title Game, but I Don't Do That to Me Alabama Just Be Georgia Last Year Did Not, but I Was Last Year Exactly That's What Is so Wrong. It Is Wrong, but That's What They Do. They Played the Right Georgia Be a Loss like the Latter Is Not in the Same Couple Good Game Loss like the Last to Sure Georgia Beat All Last Year. Alabama Was Oklahoma. I Will Know They Played and SEC Title Game in the McLean Cultural Player Yeah Okay Brian Alabama Won Both of Those Mistaken Right Is Looking to Schedule Last Year. One Was Oklahoma.

No Oklahoma Got Beat Wesley They Bliss Is Not a Mississippi See Mr. State 3124 Must've Been Alabama. I Think When That Was the Big Talk Always like Is a One Loss Panama Team Better Than You Know Sex Is Such a Undefeated Such and Such and Try to Find What Is Your Right. They Did Lose a Son Who Was in Georgia Wasn't There and It Was in Oklahoma Now Now Because You Oklahoma Got Knocked out. As They SEC in a Loss Loss to Clemson.

I Guess They Were Defeated Last Year before the War. They Finished 14 Once Again Set off to Clemson in the Final but Yeah I'm Not Really Buying Alabama Is like This. Maybe Because I Watch Them Get Slapped by Clemson My Open Hand Slap Days with You When You Watch My Open Hand Slap You Remember It Rotated Cyclists and Families. Clemson Wins. Now It Seems like It Would Be Family*I Tell You What Me and the Kids.

Judy Ever Seen God, He Sets Looks like Flo-Jo Jones and for Good Reason Number One Overall Pick in the Draft but over All Manheim in April, Just Yards after Catch the Accuracy Let's Take Another Break We Come Back Had to Talk about and We Talked about the past Month. It Goes like Every Time We Come in Here.

What's Next for Antonio Brown, Would You Sign Them to Your Team or Have We Seen the Last of AB, Which I Thought up Plus a Second, the Stigma Tried by Storm.

One Minute with Aaron Next Your List Is Johnson Oh, Like the Franchise Players Podcast Rhinestone Live Agreement Lately, and Much More Now Available in All Major Format Sound Cloud to Modify Google Search Podcast to Look for Download and Enjoy Sports,.com on Friday the Patriots Cut Star Wide Receiver Antonio Brown after Just One Game Text Messages. The Prince about Earlier in the Week Released Online That Were Not Favorable. What Fever. In Fact, Just an Hour Ago, the New York Post Dropped the Story Basically Detailing That the Owner of the Patrons Rubber Craft. He Fired Antonio Brown over Threatening Text to His Accuser Rubber Craft Was" Enraged When He Learned of the Threatening Messages Antonio Brown since One of the Women Accusing the Sexual Harassment Craft Was on a Business Trip, We Learn the Latest Accusations Craft in the Side of a Coachable Pellet. Check the Release Brown Move Which Came Immediately after Reports Surfaced on Thursday That Brown Texted the Woman in the Group Chat with His Underlings and Accused Her of Trying to Extort Money from Him Is a Quote from Brian. I Want This Text Let's Look up Her Background History See How Broke This Girl Is Brown Allegedly Texted the Unnamed Accuser Wednesday Night after She Publicly Accused Him of Firing Her for My Painting Job in His Home. She Rejected His Sexual Advances Woman Provided Screenshots of the Logitech Sports Illustrated Patriots Cut Brown 10 Days, 11 Days after They Hired Him. I Don't Know If You Guys Saw It or Heard the Driver Just from Yesterday That We Played Excerpts from Bill Belichick's Press Conference Four Hours before They Cut Antonio Brown Where He Literally the Beginning. Says I Did. I Do Not Want to Answer Questions about Antonio Brown. I Want to Talk about the Football Game Was Talk about That in the Next Eight Questions about Antonio Brown Which Bill Belichick Walked out Just What It Was Going to Be the Yes Can Overshadow the Team the Entire Year.

If Now so Here's the Question Really Should Anything Pick up Antonio Brown at This Point or Can't Make of It. Sounds like I Thought Maybe the Patrons Haven't Talked to the NFL.

He Found out What That If I Was Going to Do with Antonio Brown inside to Get Ahead of It and Cut Them This Coming on Our Ago Stated Basically Saying NFL Didn't Have Anything to Do with It and Was Really More Rubber Craft Is Being Enraged That He Would Do This Is a Stupid Thing.

So Let Me Check This out This Is the Plot: the Kettle Black with the Allegations Rubber Craft down the Same Massage Parlor Hello Talk about Here. I'm Talking about Conduct Was Writing a Female He Just Was Doing Something Female. You Should've Been Doing Threatening Them Know You Do These Things. But Here's a Guy Just Going Walking on Thin Ice. He Gets an Opportunity with the New England Patriots. He Plays Very Well on That Sunday. He Knows He's on Thin Ice, and He Sends out These Text Message Escort. Sorry You Got Me so Wrong on Thin Ice That Number One. To Answer Your Question, I Don't Think He Deserves to Play on the Team This Year. Okay, until We Show Something Show Some Sort of Class Are Just Figure out What You What the What the Problem Is with All These Things Coming up in Your Life As a Fan Because I Was Really Ready to Sit down at Sunday's Watch and Tom Brady Throated Josh Gordon Antonio Brown. I Thought It Was Very Interesting and As a Fan, I'm Just Really Got Disappointed.

I'm Sick of Hearing about Them and He's like He's Acting Guilty in My Opinion with with Those You Try to Cover Your Bases to Intimidate and Particularly My Smoke Smoke, Fire Ln., Antonio Brown probably is guilty. I'm sure he's guilty, he was stupid for sending a threatening text message to these folks.

He said he just sat down and let it play out and do let it do what is going to do inside a court even in this civil court. It wasn't even criminal court failed didn't even get involved in it. But the issue is he such a good productive player that someone is going to pick him up some front office will pick up Antonio Brown. I don't know about this.

I don't know maybe they could if you semi-for receiver goes down somewhere. I could see it, possibly happening, especially if there are no criminal issues coming out on him. Experts are saying. Maybe after the seventh or eighth week.

Someone's going to need a wide receiver. Obviously San Fran could be a potential destination. They really don't have a number one for sale right now and three teams in what a month for that LOL my first thought when I heard it was what what team would be be best suited to take on Antonio Brown and was the Raiders and is like nobody's art writers that without the first thought is the Dallas Cowboys. All this like Bill Jerry Jones will let you go say hello, and I'll take care of you think you all. Jones will pick you and take the bunny ranch you can hang out yes sir I mean he will. That's just Jerry, don't be so Dallas for them to be playing as well as the plant data is thrown for 82% completion rate like off the chain pay that man to be playing skill.

Well, they got the back in the house he signed and happy within the San Antonio Brown Antonio Brown a way that they would be getting hired today it would get drowsy you put them in the locker room. He just destroys everything Mayville and Dousman is like six and once I Brown in their blood so the question is what is Antonio Brown do this stuff. Is it because you know he's what you sent threatening text messages because he seen it from the top. Icing top people doing that is that the reason they do not I should have his attorneys take care of it or his agent not why was he sending these better people in his circle and not only that, he sifted in the check like a chain.

There were multiple people as bodies. They were in the spring like a good group chat so this roaster. Here's the thing.

I think this is this the issue that is 30, 31, I believe a lie. I watch my kids a lot and I trotted to let them because they're all Bill born into a digital age they don't know or record player, is that they been on the newspaper is in you, stuff there all use to sharing everything like they don't think about not sharing stuff like like we did think they look at it like it's just normal to share everything they're doing and when Antonio Brown I sent some of that where it almost flows like he doesn't think of the repercussions of sharing stuff online sensitive things because he's almost thinking of it like he's nothing of a bigger picture goes back to you know Mike Tomlin in the locker room saying you know don't put our stuff in social media while Antonio Brown is recording it on faith live in the locker room with him saying is that there's a missed connection there where it's like he's not understanding this, that just go to these four people. This can be screenshot it in the Internet's undefeated thing put this out. It'll be there forever to learn. Yeah, I think he's got brain damage from advantage, but I've been saying that because I Josh.

He's been San Antonio Brown is stupid enough to go so far called man stupid, but he is doing dumb things but every week it gets harder every week.

Get harder and harder for not confessional unprofessional and I have to like Terrell Owens.

Carol owns got this whole thing stand and a lot of them and there's been quite a few.

I'm not saying all but a lot of these wide receivers have that mentality that different to me because I was quick to maybe say was like Chad Ochocinco intones those guys to but the stuff that they did was more disruptive to the team. The stuff until you Brown is doing is destructive to himself as blowing his life like he's like literally doing things that don't make that the legal like values out of the lines could be illegal that he's doing outside of the team on me this rape allegation and out of you got yeah I think that that sounded pretty illegal, wise, not comfortable criminal charges. I don't know. I don't know if it's outside the statute of limitations or what that is but you know even with this whole threatening.

I don't know if you can get. I don't know what the laws are for threatening people and was it an implied threat was an actual threat is pretty nasty, pretty much, I mean with the because, I read something where he sent a picture of her kids just like Mafia style is like you applied like Mafia don't do this, but if I were you I wouldn't do what he sent the picture of her kids. That's when the doing the patriot said he is cross the line done yet was the biggest did you have a second air Hernandez situation and also you know if another team leader. I heard last night.

Let's say you know whoever picks him up.

The NFL might go on that exempt list or something because of all this stuff going on right because I would think that will be under the player conduct policy act, which is a threat which a lot of patriots probably will have to pay him a dime because I can get out of it because that clause right and use that because the victim is a clause, the NFL could put them on commissions exempt list to for the same reason I would think. I'm surprised he would put on it before some sick days when you talk about the first week and he said I don't need football maybe really just doesn't want to play football. Maybe you wanted to play for New England. By the way he said about yeah last night. Yes sir weekend. Very proud of but he was he was also starting to think when I saw those tweets sent out. It's not even bothering me so I sent out you will appreciate this and they will win it all. Nothing of the game anymore, but wasn't there another tweet in that some about looking forward to his next step in the know. I thought I saw some along those lines, yeah I made this guys pretty arrogant diva Drew Rosenhaus put out some stuff concerning you know of his time with the patriots and and him being ready to suit for another team so drew Rosenhaus definitely put a feeler out there that you know AB would be open to sign and will go away some of the text messages that have been released because the woman actually some of the screenshots in Sports Illustrated so she received a group text message. Come from the same phone number. Brown had 2017 when she was hired by him to paint a mural in his house texting had for other numbers and it limits that she believes Brown was encouraging others in the group to investigate her scribing her as a super broke girl and asking someone he referred to as Eric be to look up her background history even sent the screenshot instrument photos she had with her kids and having those her kid. She's awful broke clearly this was sent while he was a member of the New England Patriots was viewed by some of the organizations have crossed the line and then the patriots released him to put it out there but for the past two offseasons. Cam Newton has been practicing with Antonio Brown about normal facility and they are good friends. So with that which you will know some from the so I don't think that would happen. Carolyn got their own problems. We'll talk about that next segment but Antonio Brown and Amari Cooper with that Prescott thrown soon and see him back then, about their not actually know what Was only ever macabre date.

Let's be clear here.

If it becomes Alice Cobb is losing some rent yeah I like, it's like they've really open it up for sale and I take Antonio Brown out last a week or two so that's all we need is win one game one week on their way, is working right now.

This is our segment during the run down where I turned over the wheels. Gabriel was doing double duty days running the board with sorbet and out and him on the social media as well. One minute with Aaron, my friend. I have no idea were going because I got tell me you thought was that everybody is a boy Aaron Davis to see a real click today is September 21 21st night of September, when the fire day appreciate that this real nice.

I like that you like a regular thing we do have a holiday. That's not solid today is also bad for his birthday.

Yeah Batman the dark Knight that rich sociopath is run around the whole plate is like Greece like no man is feeling will get a job I really anyway) where BB below is made in 1939 so far today is also mandate so that what you will take your temperature back more and if no action. The Carolina Panthers open open Panthers are playing tomorrow 4 PM Sunday kick offers the Arizona Cardinals in Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray will go to Keyser game premier games run NFL plus rundown heartaches NFL edition.

Next Johnson tribe recent podcast each week on the network use with top racing past, present and future available class by Google. More tribe recent podcast available for streaming or download for listening so you know you're in here and wait for direction to tackle that topic.

We go to our expert. After this particular Arizona Cardinals, 4:00 PM kickoff on box yesterday. The Panthers officially ruled out quarterback cam Newton name Kyle Allen starter for Sunday's game versus the cards can aggravate a spring left foot to the plate happen on Carolyn was driving cam was in shock on these let the past, what often salons don't display quite literally their wings got turned around like he was trying to box out for my two other guys came another side came almost at sac.

He avoids that he started running towards the right and initiate the ball he runs out of bounds, and I member watching the game against Tampa and watch the game is close up of cam as he turned and walked back to the field grimace on his face and, like like went the little stuff that is not he's not feeling good is not doing good right now you know walking boot all week long thoughts on Kyle Allen and thoughts on the Panthers should they still win this game without cam Newton Arizona pick first overall draft last year in their defense, the worst in the league right now so just win this game.

Yes Panthers when under defense will win the game.

Kyle Ellen, as long as it's all about turnovers. If he doesn't turn the ball over the be fine as a Cardinals just really are not that good football team. I tell you what that would end the Panthers season if they do lose 013 and will say though, I'm a little torn because I got Kyler Murray and Christian Kirk start in my fantasy, those guys have been putting up some really strong numbers but I think it will be a close game. To be honest with you I really do defense when this game for Carolina by themselves. I think they can. I think the pain is defense that will speak About themselves really want to get the end zone.

Yeah it all began in late, they've almost done, and I mean even the first game they lost by three points to defeat other were turnovers in that game defense had to come out and play hard to get, you know to keep a minute but you got to Dallas some pressure against Kyle Murray Murray is a rookie.

You gotta let him feel that pressure and you know has a defensive coordinator, especially of Ron Rivera's got to be calling the plays sure he knows that you gotta keep heat on him. He can't let them get that ball out free and then you may even have to use one under and over against their wide receiver Mr. Larry Fitzgerald seen are definitely in the neck. The Hall of Famer Christian Kirk. It looks really good to Cardinals and then put no points. This will be a bit of a reunion for Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray. They were both friends and team.

They both transferred other college a few months of each other out to Houston to Murray with Oklahoma. Murray went on to become Heisman Trophy winner and the first pick of flashers draft Allen undrafted after he was replaced as Houston started 2017 enemy for forgot his senior season draft himself as some SUVs yeah North Turner had interesting quote here about how he said the best thing I can tell you to do is to look at our game. Why are lacking last year which was against the saints that they want. He said that's the way I would expect him to play played a high level, 16th, 27 to 28, two touchdowns, no interception or this playcalling has been terrible, but I will always about this last night and I was saying when they were six into last year wanted things all excited about was that the Panthers are doing a lot of misdirection plans in motion jets when they were trying to get the ball in the hands of their speed guys occur to Samuel Chris McCaffrey DJ Moore believe that this year like you have done any of that now. Maybe it's because of cam's foot.

That's a big element of that game, but it can't hurt foot you try them out there and expect them just to be a pocket pastor all of a sudden we've never been that his entire career college or probably do threat. Is this really love about a wonder I know cam he answered it politically correct when people were asking him last week. Did you want about enhancement plays a course you know what would Obama play but I got a place called. I think he knew I think that's why he didn't get so much of the cancer from him.

I think he knew his foot was was off clear mind being motioned off to the right kind of been out of play.

I've heard people say. This was really special and also the start of the fullback like this one McCaffrey Street mean just use that line Lima people Manchester over its half a yard could have jumped we see Christian Academy hop over piles yeah but they tried to try to be cute and try to out run the cost of the game against C.

Tampa given London a couple weeks actually for 930 kickoff for us here so that will be a fun Sunday morning. Let's go around NFL real quick hundred injuries to big Ben Roethlisberger was out for the season with elbow injury and you breeze who had a funky play against LA last week and interest on had surgeries about for at least six weeks. How does that affect the rest of the seasons we seen a lot of quarterbacks go down in the first weeks. It affects the NFL and interlocking know cam Newton out. I mean, you*old cortex or all of its stating actually you.

I don't know how it affects you know everybody else you know. But as far as Ben Roethlisberger getting it hurt. It affects my hot take of last week when I say Lamar Jackson was the be number one quarterback in the NFC mag Bradshaw now makes a little more than water and taste you anyway so yeah I think people are saying all saints will be fine.

I can hold own attention to what this is with the things the past three years like they go, how to breathe because of the field. There is never sin you can say what you want them missing there running back Lamar Jackson together, but that's been great making that hundred million dollars contract with that which others try to sell the saints friends all we don't do a big Mike seems wide receiver that's in the top 10 of being highest-paid size and the player is not Calvin Johnson. No, he's not Calvin Johnson posted yesterday smoking the grass.

Yeah he smoked every area after every football game would you not if you place the line so a lot of these guys do you know the pictures of his fingers. His hands, his hands like his fingers are all going all yes on the time you can hit these rules out there where you can hit them above the shoulders and all that stuff for defenseless receiver. He would even plan that is like the biggest receiver in the league at the time.

I believe 30 who who was look better Dallas or New England or is it seem like Kansas City for Aaron's sake put it there not on Dowson all thought that light worded like look better.

Dallas knowingly or team like Kansas, Dallas and New England have looked clearly better than everyone. So far, including Kansas City. Yeah, I come aboard the patent homes. This week I the truly had a couple of passes last week against the Raiders rides through my hands up 50 again given up 45 she's deep. They tend to write clearly overhauled to be educated so they also will start at the Raiders beat the first week day, no credit for looking good against Tennessee Thursday night. District Court going to miss you.

You know for this question matters, and who else you played in the Redskins I thought were just gave that game in Dallas like he got burned like police mean that was just Cobb role in the little bit like a gala day to look like Josh Norman was playing a different defense than the other 10 guys, like he was doing some all by himself and everybody else is doing some different Dallas kept picking on like all we get what he was New England played Miami and who they played first game play. The first week old and then with 43 to 3 so they dump scored 173 trash in the trash is trash all of my trash… Playing the best right now. I think New England plan the best right now. They none of these teams have I played a little something who Dallas. I know the Giants are terrible in Washington played Pittsburgh down this year. There's no doubt about it. I mean, they almost anybody handle Pittsburgh.

There they went out to hurt you lost your number one quarterback and still almost be slouch and I got Seattle in the West. That's a good point on the sinking of the city's point of this watch with Hermas. I can just to hear this book New England has scored 76 points and three games table out is nice that incredible has babies that why receiver where his new has grown man in the secondary Kansas City has scored 68 points in the first two games they've allowed 36 told you, I mean men, women, lot numbers don't lie like that, that's just fine. Can't find a big 12 beef that's right that since I do like the Kansas City Chiefs. I will happy like I would always have a chance of winning this I would think New England's first got there defense running and that was the thing the past two years were a suspect another defense lawyer like the last 10 weeks of the season that were like number one and now I put Dallas and Kansas City tied for second because Dallas is scored 66 points table out 38 so there've been right there.

Same in terms of net points, but set me a call. We headed out the New England score 76.2 games and only lap 41st of all deflated dolphins.

I'm not really fairly pro se to all three teams have not played anyone yet, they haven't really played a lot because of these teams being coming up gateway VR but were not even talk about buffaloes to know to see all I've been asked to give New England defense. The ravens are to know they scored 82.27 and the ravens getting around that tomorrow the ravens play the Chiefs to find out I've got that word a planet's home opener got Kansas City when the now taken audible Lamar Jackson marking stop the run the line on now. Actually, what a great game. Yeah 1 o'clock 1 o'clock 1 o'clock or line forward and try to find it over there is 52 1/2 or so days of the city is getting five and have points this time is right on Mars points is in their defense is better. I hear you ultimate Lamar Jackson but are you will not see what this man picked up why you know he's not doing plenty no way doing all the stuff stuff never seen before Mayor and city with all the robots will look at Lamar just given him credit Lamar Jackson over Baker Mayfield, not cramped for me to stay will be looking at impeccable home and this is not the chief enemy talk. I'm just saying like no credit margin when looking at impeccable holes is like really that type of player that makes everybody else look average.

Linux is just how good he's a system I think there but I think the guys are more liposome Kansas City defense. I don't think they have a home that's fair, but also deep is unproven because it's a new defense will is proven in their set point is I just said it wouldn't be Pittsburgh grown men in the second separator Tom Brady or Pat Mahon. We take right now. Tom Brady Pat home right now taken pet you you know you take a game right now. Tom Brady and his thinking Brandon will show me could be Brady exactly so I'm taking got the better defense Tom Brady Pat Malone got the better right game to boom like this. This is nonsense right now. Week three season stared at New England on knowingly .2 games and they shut down hi profile offense in the Super Bowl. Yes, the one on the Holland anything and they continued it through like I don't who's going to score 1st string quarterback and anything right to score defense to score points that two interceptions last week, their greatest CD for either team and fantasy football for defense. They had 75 points bonds that when we don't really have win in Baltimore and this Kansas City game this holdings on City Hall on a bottom flat what you think 3528% was a high-scoring game where Thanh ran through talk about my Nats question that will correspond well. She take a break with our next topic we remit at the bottom of that will do that will tackle our own twitter poll question which player in his prime. Would you start NBA team with which I got up and more next you're listening to Johnson franchise player itself brought fresh takes on sports topics around this week will actually dinner. Currently, why, why fast welfare of all time is number one.

Right now you can download screen modify Google triad during our last break all the microphones left on my sewing that we were. I guess Megan Holmes, Pres. Patrick Mahon called the flautist and yell at us, which I think the entire tribe just heard makes for great 36 750 call food. You start NBA team with today with these players in their prime. You go vote now on her twitter poll and sports have the players in question. Steph Curry Braun James Michael Jordan or Shakeel O'Neil.

So here so basically were asking you can take this player out of history and what would be their prime seasons like for staff. I would say would be the two years he won the MVP. One time was unanimous is only player ever to do that. Lebron's peak is probably the end of Miami Heat back to Cleveland but did not stretch the ship.

He brought appellees laughing that might've been his best season overall to claim one, 2015 we were in there. Jordan prime. I guess you say the 90s like a meme from 90 well, really, from 90 really.

We came back nagging playing baseball, but it was a different Jordan like he was at the peak of his powers. So really the 96 to 98.

Jordan's really probably peaked Jordan and Shaq peak. Shaq is probably 2000 Shaq like the Lakers fan worship him there, although if you would like earlier and that I would be mad if you want to take Orlando Magic shall you know will this go round table. First start with the John who would you start NBA team with today with what which player out of this group of four would you start your NBA team with absolutely love all four. There's no doubt about it, but to start a team. I got to go Braun Braun Braun James cacique play any position would be great. Just have Shakeel course Michael is just in a whole another atmosphere are just unbelievable stuff great shooter, but Lebron can do it all. I would I would build around the Braun James pulled her status together. Talk is try to figure out what their best seasons were wrong with Ron for sure anybody.

Here's Lebron James and it looks like his best statistical season he start the optimist points in 0708. We basically carried out. The corpse of Cleveland Cavaliers. You know those guys are in the NBA anymore is going to sell the gifts and the link you say wax all the homeless right now from understanding so their jobs back in to every goes, I'd probably say he's actually his 2000 1314 season with the heat the last 127 points a game, six assists, seven rebounds, almost 2 steals per game, blocking something you can't really go wrong with the Braun for sure what all brought yet that will number one that I think the guy would pick is actually not on this particular list, but that's okay that I will.

Who would have been that would've been Kareem Abdul to stop a shot and when you can't stop a shot. Guess what, you don't keep score so talk about cream like I love it I love will creams prime Milwaukee box. I guess it over to when he got over to early Lakers by early as he's won multiple championships with teams in the booklet. I made this list right here. I would have to go with the Michael Jordan may be in 1993 when he was averaging about 41 points again during that timeframe and that he was Air Jordan I mean he was jumping over people like was a tall guy from the Mexican veracity of Patrick Ewing jumped over Patrick you you know what I mean. This got not only would he and during that timeframe.

Not only could he still go to the basket and score but did he started perfecting his jumpshot and his three-pointer did DME do you guys remember what that time and I think Michael may have been either Ricky or after his rookie season when he made Larry Bird looked like he had no idea which way. Jordan was going. Remember that playoff game. And yes, and are six across the screen raised 60 some points. The Bulls lost that game did a loss on but I Michael Jordan I just seen him do things that don't think I'll ever see anybody else do I mean, he's the one who started the whole free-throw line. You know from the free-throw line on the dunk contest. I mean him and Dominique Wilkins used to go at it and don't I mean godly… No there's no doubt about it, Michael Jordan, but would you start, you start a team with yet started to Michael Jordan he's got I think he's going to make the players around him better.

Somehow, because they said his work ethic was just outrageous and you can't have a work ethic and in your teammates not be willing to participate or get involved in it. Unless your name is Dwight Howard.

I no further goal with the greatest player of all time to ever touch a basketball and that young man rain and out of Akron.

Oh hi Lebron King James ever to do playoff oppositions like my main point makes guy you want talk about :-) it makes guys around absolute Lamictal, Best Buy makes got around him better. Lebron James has made every player that he's played with your loser user Michael and magic to put together. He could play the one he can guard the big Navy player for he can. He can bang down low in the post he plays defense can guard off opposition parties ambassador to remember someone Jordan was averaging 41 points a game six months. It doesn't matter how late we now know, I know you have the Internet YouTube now go back and look at go back and look Jordan. Jordan was averaging no triple-double in the NBA finals like Lebron did get a loan to not, I will have a problem with picking Lebron to start a team with obviously I'll probably call him a great couple. People online about this this week about how the Braun's burden, Jordan is not what brought fans in the room. I love Lebron James but one thing you cannot do that Mike could do all the time to take over again that he just doesn't do it by choice. The thing that's different with them is if if that's the case we got to compare Colby on this list did you think is no. Colby could be triple teamed doesn't matter he's taken the last shot. Ron will make the right basketball player that might also mean he loses the game right but is not afraid to listen, Joyce's teammate Jordan would take the last shot Jordan would also make the right call on the last play, but when he made the last call his teammates like Steve Kerr, John Paxson new. They better get that shot to the command when you mean Jordan is taking that last shot you not getting the ball. I want to take the greatest hope in a team game and if he was open to what that he was going to class is not a good content you goal is every position to get the highest percentage shot not Baha'is can tell I skipped the class percentage shot up on the coach. The Bulls is the put it in the best players handing – and I will be Michael Jordan I can't there's no way for me to sit. I could not pick Michael Jordan Lebron James over Michael Jordan in anything. Michael was a better score. He was a better defender was that he will use as to what he's up Lebron's more versatile defendants any averaging more points, more rebounds and a higher field-goal percent Lebron disappear. Sometimes though, like there there's times we pointed the Braun disappeared in this big time situation. I can't think of a single time Michael Jordan dismembered in a big city.

Michael Jordan was sick and did not add this flavor to you to in this angle, Brandon Michael Jordan pleaded a timeframe where a flagrant foul was a regular common file yet you lay even if you can light you get to elbow know it was no less basketball players are more talented now Lebron you better teams right now know is not, we can direct you like was the warriors to know that is the Bulls team was the 798 Bulls team would not be to go, yes, they would've got kept wondering when you get down all you need to be on dream on guardrail you great looking satellites with giving them boys work because every small in the league. When Jordan played was going straight down and back now small towards our primary ball hand was and they can go side to side is a New Age game jumping on the lawn and lay down a little bit just as overall talent Lebron James on the aspect of the game rebounded passing Lebron much better pastor.

Michael Jordan go with that rebounder. What what what other you will say rebounder John yard. I would say we don't talk about in his prime deficit in his prime.

At one point there was nobody else on the Bulls team but Jordan.

Jordan was yanking rebounds. He was scorned he was still Iran that he wasn't sick and see if you wanted to, but if he wanted to.

That's where his argument is correct because he should've wanted to win. I took it to the finals ever. What was the worst of the finals but got swept by one of the greatest persons ever.

Jordan Donyell Marshall know.

But you know Jordan had to go to teams that Lebron's Eastern conference Butler play that we were way weaker than the Eastern conference the Jordan now get a deal with the Knicks that Patrick Ewing and John disarms you and those bragging Indiana Pacers rates. Regular training is no he never had a Pippen what was the before pippin got what was Jordan Bulls don't forfeit your two before doing get beat by the old Celtic will he meant okay so we played mercury played all 82 games. They did make the playoffs. Jordan broke his foot your two plates and games. Your 386 8070.0 82.

That was your Pippen horse ranch showed up and then it was more a matter of getting past the sink again that the they had said get back to his work in older bird Celtics was still around and pass them. They were old bird at the end of his career list to see community.

45 the greatest Celtic team of all time is the Celtics okay but they didn't do anything against the Celtics that in that. They couldn't because they were better to say no and save a soul he saved Michael Jordan on winning the God he was a bit without three. Doubt what I'm saying the same thing with Lebron about Kari Dwayne Wade Licari went down with me. He was like Lebron you average the triple-double with my pick for granted that you really know Brandon you go to the bathroom after all that Michael Jordan picking Shaquille O'Neal because he is on this list on appearance and I love you. How much I love Lebron Michael Jordan out of the four names are on this list.

There is not a single one of them was dominantly Shaquille O'Neal was a time you could not guard him you could not defend him if he was within 5 feet of the bucket was going. Don't inure to be a poster he was going to average 30 some points a game.

Just them being the big guy. I miss the days where centers war the focal point of our ABA offense you throw it into will check it out. He neatly got in touch and the way to more because of another name on this list Steph Curry games a lot outside now in turn has I got to shoot always threes and shot you know never had word on that. And I like to check the belly that I didn't like about Shaq is ascending to the free-throw line was only thing I did not align with him on account console decided to do one thing is prime because my man probably especially in any place her godly play for me.

Then he went to signs that he went to the clinic in Boston, remaining lay hardly wait to sleep and play even start like that.

Yet he was average in unit while he was average 70 1274.5 for his career. I mean 23 points a game, 10 rebounds a game to assess shot 50% from the field and three point like you said he was the most dominating that what I want the whole point of this was what would you pick to start a team with not who's your favorite player was the best player who would you pick to starting with and for me I'm old school baby like I want that dominant center that now I can go build around and put guards. They can shoot threes and Gothic and re-mouse up around him, but he would be my focal point, dissecting little man, 2019.

I think it would. I think I also am surprised teams have started going back to this tomato just one. The world championship plan like this when it got Marcus on the pay did you stop to realize that the best position them here and now small for in that same position as dominating the best players in the league right now are all small forward really got three incline, Paul, George, Paul, George, it's it's it's gone that route, but to the defense of the shack pick their who's the best center in ABA right now. That's a great question alike, who's the best center. To be honest with you, you don't have to have an elite center to which it now. Marcus, all is not that Pippen started that trend didn't look along with Sen. Bill Cartwright. It's an are still really it's been so mean.

He was average for what you shack Lakers or San Antonio Duncan and Robinson last teams really like that and you might think to with the Lakers phone number with you a while ago, but how about the larger one.

Sampson dynamic dual patient. If one titles that but yeah so I'm picking shack. I've been behind the brakes all morning. So let's let's take a break come back odds and ends rapidfire around. I'm scared to death because Aaron didn't have Sawyer today. I don't know what questions you throw at us for the Chiefs, probably one minute is not? Why not touch from home for five straight times cover athlete have Johnson download full episodes of the rundown's modified Google Apple sent out a more search for the rundown doesn't Johnson downloaded and go. This episode will be up here shortly.

Think about the day Johnny O ring Blakeney Rod Funderburk Aaron filling in for Sawyer on the board this morning so you will be back next week is going into our odds and in salary in every Saturday morning here on the rundown five topics. Aaron's going to pick these given to us. Got a minute to ask your answers. Let's go ahead and pull up our our music here is going alright with Indians, here first. All new MBA tampering curve tampering at all yet heard, ABA is to me. Dollar five suspensions for executives loss with graphics also possibility of 40 contracts in the 18 tampering. Probably not picking up all the black is not really a franchise for $10 million. It will always bring it down still to be tampering like you're trying to player to player tampering like free agent basically ongoing and saying hey we get together plan team together pick up Boston. Intentional tampering times you make a mistake right move right along patch of homes not be allowed back to USC and you invited back there on business. Make sure that is associated with the school. I think it's stupid that many Heisman Trophy back watch that season.

Reggie Bush was the best player in the country and down people been doing work.

I don't understand why you got in trouble for this because Martin Junior and his parents. They gave announcers like that right so like this the same thing happened. Reggie Bush right maybe was made for house plaintiff and back all right over under 50% chance Antonio Brown plays an exit. All great question is not planned an exit tire for similar 29 million is set salary caps taking NFL team is crazy enough to not care how good this, Alan have to play for you to want him to stay on the beach, thanks, 400 yards start while the play like Lamar Jackson and Naomi just play with yourself. Don't turn the ball over the playmakers, Samuel Chris McCaffrey did a more newsboy rentals and let the deep between his name because you're planning to quarterback coach position again.

Hopefully he's going to do is play like Joe Flack and Ray Lewis for 200 yards made a couple touchdowns but no very bright incoming Duncan game and persevere through so, last note we already met to date is September 21 at birth 25 days. So what is your favorite September actually say I can't think of a solo error, but it was a song own hits when hits was walking with a girl and he is drinking all the allergy medicine SES to sing that song goes, Earth wind and fire as he would like you to answer radical group tonight 75 two 513 five reasons yet the reasons that's it down to check out daily for the latest news weekly podcast like the nestled hosted by Rod Funderburk every Thursday. The recent episode, for that rhinestone friend Blakey and the rundown articles and more absent taking on Carolina today with sports at 130. Like 1230 tomorrow and the grounds around 730 Sunday night face

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