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CMC secures the bag

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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April 13, 2020 6:10 pm

CMC secures the bag

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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April 13, 2020 6:10 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham the guys explore a CMC trade only for him to sign an extension moments later, Let's Get Crazy, and former Wake Forest Linebacker Justin Strnad joins the show to discusses his experience for the upcoming NFL Draft.

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This is The Drive with Josh Graham podcast.

Tune into The Drive weekday afternoons 3 to 7 on Sports Hub Triad. Christian McCaffrey is now the richest running back in NFL history. Adam Shafter reports for years 16 million dollars per season. I've already seen many people question why Carolina would award that type of money to McCaffrey and today's NFL where every single team that has decided to pay out has in some way regretted it. Whether it's Le'Veon Bell and the New York Jets at this point, Todd Gurley, obviously the Rams probably would have wanted that contract back. Zeke Elliott with the Cowboys it remains to be seen. McCaffrey and the Panthers it does feel different because the Panthers they don't have any other pillars on the roster to rest this organization upon.

Younger players, a future to sell. Cam Newton released by the team Teddy Bridgewater is going to be the starting quarterback this year. Luke Kuechly surprisingly retiring in January. Greg Olson the Panthers moving off of him. Thomas Davis and Julius Peppers in 2018 after that season.

Carolina they don't have a player in the locker room who you know you can trust to sell tickets, to be marketable, to be a leader. In the same way when Steve Smith was cut in 2013 it was obvious Cam Newton was going to be the next guy. That was part of the rationale from Dave Gettleman. We're gonna part ways from Smith because his voice is it carries so much weight in the locker room we want Cam to be that central voice. Now Cam Newton has been cut. McCaffrey he's the central voice of the organization on the players side. So now the three pillars of the Panthers organization it's set. It's McCaffrey who's under contract for the next four years. It's Matt Ruhl who's insulated with an expensive assured contract. Six years, 60 plus million, actually I think it was seven years excuse me. You have incentives that have him close to 70 million dollars. And it's David Tapper who's made his intentions known from the moment he became Carolina's owner and the richest owner in the National Football League.

He had no issue ruffling feathers. He wants things moving in a positive direction. He wants to be competitive. He has no issue shelling out the most expensive contract in NFL history. So I do think every decision Tepper has made there's been a ripple effect. There's been more information for us to obtain how things are gonna be run. When David Tepper decides to let go of Ron Rivera, he didn't want to operate behind his back. That says a lot about how he conducts business. When he wouldn't say Cam is gonna be the Panthers quarterback moving forward, that told us Cam was gone. We said that on this show.

Hey he's not saying Cam's their quarterback. Tepper he's been straight forward about everything. I want MLS. He gets MLS paying 125 million more than any of the other entry-level teams paid. Any of the other bids, the expansion bids. They paid about 200 million dollars apiece.

Tepper paid 325 because he wasn't gonna take no for an answer. He said up front, we have no issue taking our business to South Carolina and he's building team headquarters in Rock Hill. He's been straight forward about everything and this right here, this contract of McCaffrey, it shows us he has no problem making McCaffrey a very wealthy man and making him the richest running back we've ever seen in the sport. I'm interested to see how the contract looks. Before I make a full judgment, if it makes sense for Carolina, I want to see is it a front-loaded contract?

Is it evenly dispersed? Where's the guaranteed money at? We don't have answers to that yet.

336-777-1600. What's your reaction to this breaking news? Cam Newton, no longer a Panther. Greg Olson, no longer a Panther. Luke Kuechly, no longer a Panther. Christian McCaffrey, he gets the big extension.

Four years, $64 million as Adam Shafter reported earlier this hour. The three pillars of this organization are set. McCaffrey, Matt Ruhle, who's establishing the culture that he wants and he wants the right players to be in place. Do we have the sound of Coach Ruhle last week when asked about McCaffrey's contract status? Yeah, you know, I look at this, you know, I take my role and this is so I want to make this very clear how I think of this, right? Like, I think of my role as the coach, I mean, my job is to coach the guys up until they're here, not here. That's for anybody, you know.

Marty's, those guys handle the contracts and all that. Yeah, it, that was not very committal last week. It wasn't. It could lead some to be concerned and there were rumors. Have we started discussing the rumors on today's show? Should the Panthers try and trade up and get the number two pick? Does this completely dispel Carolina of any chance of doing so? I don't think so.

But just because you're able to do it doesn't mean you're going to. I think this is a sign Carolina is committing to Christian McCaffrey. So the three pillars of this organization, McCaffrey, Matt Ruhle, David Tepper, it's all in place. Teddy Bridgewater could become one of them. I hate seeing people suggest, oh Teddy's only gonna be the quarterback for one or two years. They're gonna give them a shot.

It's, it's kind of wild. Bridgewater, is he 26 or 27 years old? Teddy, he's not even a quarterback we'd consider as someone who entered his prime yet. He's 27 years old at the moment.

He's going to be 28 later this year. If Bridgewater is good with these weapons that they've surrounded them with, with this coordinator who is supposed to be forward-thinking, maybe a future head coach and Joe Brady. Why not him for the franchise quarterback over the next 10 years? Quarterbacks, they're playing until they're 43 now. Aaron Rogers, 37 years old. Philip Rivers, 38. Peyton Manning played till he was nearly 40. Drew Brees, north of 40 years old. Who's to say Teddy can't step in and have the impact other quarterbacks who were doubted because of injury early on in their career had. Like I have a feeling we would be saying the very same things people are saying about Bridgewater now about Drew Brees in 2006.

Wouldn't we? Oh, I don't know if he can hold up. Maybe you want to have a quarterback for the future. Is Drew Brees really that guy?

And 15 years later, Drew Brees is still at it. Teddy's gonna have an opportunity to prove himself, to maybe be a fourth pillar for this organization. This is not Carolina viewing Bridgewater as a, to excuse the pun, a bridge quarterback. I honestly believe they're gonna give him a shot and we'll know maybe even six to eight games into this year accurately if Teddy Bridgewater is a franchise quarterback. This is not a deal where a guy's gonna struggle to understand the system. He knows what Joe Brady wants because it's what he's done at New Orleans the last few years.

Bridgewater gets it. He's not a rookie. He understands the level of commitment, the level of work ethic that's required to be successful at this stage of the game. So the normal parameters that we have on a quarterback, don't judge them in year one. You can't judge them after just six to eight games. That doesn't apply to Teddy. We're gonna know six to eight games in. Now Carolina might be two and six in those games, but Teddy might still be doing his part.

You can't really just base it on record. I think Carolina, they're gonna give Teddy a shot and in order to get an accurate read on Teddy and also on Joe Brady, I think it's important that McCaffery is still a part of this football team. You are listening to Sports Hub Try It.

336-777-1600 is the phone number. Justin Sternad, Wake Forest linebacker, former Wake Forest linebacker, who's expected to be a draft pick next week. He's gonna join us in 20 minutes. I haven't watched many of those rebroadcasts we've seen over the weekend and really every night now on sports television where they try to fill content that would otherwise be there with baseball, NBA playoff, basketball. I haven't watched much of that, but yesterday I flipped on CBS and it's in the 11th hole. It's at the 11th hole Tiger Woods round at the Masters last year and I was just hooked.

Completely hooked. It will be a year ago tomorrow Tiger winning his fifth green jacket, his first win since 2005, and his first major in over a decade. I still view that as the greatest sports story of my lifetime.

Now let me preface up front. I wasn't old enough to see Jesse Owens in 1936 as I assume many of you weren't going to Germany or Jackie Robinson in 47. Heck I'm a relatively younger guy. I'm not old enough to remember the miracle on ice in 1980 or Muhammad Ali in the 70s. To me Tiger's Masters win is the greatest sports story of the last 35 to 40 years.

Namely because it includes all the things great stories generally consist of. Whether you're talking about sports stories, movie scripts, television, big stars, we love stars. If Denzel's in a movie odds are I'm gonna watch it. If DiCaprio's in a movie I'm gonna watch it.

If Quentin Tarantino directs it I'm gonna go see it. If Tiger's on the golf course I'm there, you're there, your mom's there, we're all there. Robert is your mom there?

I mean my mom was there before anyway. She has like lifetime tickets to golf events. Gotcha. Even Augusta? I'm sure she is.

I try not to interfere with her affairs too much. Gotcha. You're not gonna find a bigger star than Tiger over the last few decades. Maybe Michael Jordan. I'd take Tiger over Lance Armstrong. I'd take Tiger over anybody in baseball. I'd take Tiger over LeBron James.

Just a massive star. When you consider one out of every four televisions in the United States between 9 30 a.m. and two o'clock in the afternoon a year ago for this tournament we're tuned in to watch Tiger on CBS. It's a crazy stat. It seems like Johnny Carson level viewings in the late 70s early 80s when we didn't have any other TV options. It's an underdog story.

This is the crazy part about it. You got a big star like Tiger but it's truly an underdog story. Think about the last decade Tiger went through leading into last year's Masters win.

It is one of the most brutal decades any stars ever trudged through. Injuries. He had the ACL tear after the US Open win in 2008.

That same knee MCL sprain in 2011. Four back surgeries. Not one. Not two.

Not three. Four back surgeries. Issues with an elbow. Issues with his Achilles. Emotionally. His marriage fell apart. All before our eyes. He has children and he's arrested for DUI in 2017.

That mugshot's out there for all to see. Yet he bounces back after changing his swing. The back surgeries. Playing at 43 years old. He was a month removed from becoming the 10th oldest player to win a major at 43 years, three months, and two weeks. He wins at Augusta National.

It's the biggest possible stage in that sport. His family. The hug off 18 with his kid. Put side-by-side with him hugging his dad. 21 years old winning the Masters.

Just perfect. A master stroke. Tiger talking about it yesterday with Jim Nantz. Remembering the moment as he sees the images. He said his daughter who he hugged after his son.

He turned her away from the cameras because he knew she was shy and didn't really want the spotlight. I mean it just hits you. Other stories that might be close. LeBron in 2016 winning Cleveland a title. I still think it's the best thing the Cavaliers have ever done as an organization. Just being a franchise that just so happens to exist an hour and a half from where the best basketball player of this generation was born.

Just sheer luck. If he wasn't born there he doesn't feel an obligation to return to Cleveland the way that he did. And him winning that title coming back from three games to one down something that's never been done in the finals against a Golden State team that had more wins than any other team in NBA history.

That's just a magnificent story. The Red Sox hadn't won a championship in 86 years. They went in 2004 down three games to nothing. Nobody in baseball history coming back from three games to nothing down in the best of seven. They beat the Yankees.

They win game seven in Yankee Stadium. Beat the Cardinals in the World Series. Those are the three I look at as the greatest sports stories of my lifetime. The greatest sports stories post Miracle on Ice in 1980. The ones that resonate with me most. Tiger, the Masters win from last year.

I think even with the year of perspective it is above all the rest. You are listening to WSJS Winston-Salem WCOG Greensboro, WPC in Burlington, WMFR High Point. Those signals making up Sports Hub Triad. Here comes the life of the party. The drive. Corrupting the minds and the hearts of our children. With Josh Graham.

Program for low expectations. On Sports Hub Triad. In our business we usually never pick favorites but covering Wake Forest football this guy was an absolute delight to deal with. Justin Sternad former Deke linebacker leading tackler on the Deke's before he went out with injury late last year. Now getting set for the NFL Draft next week. He's now joining us as he's getting ready for the draft in his home state of Florida.

First off I got to know this Justin. How often did scouts and coaches mispronounce your last name? That's how most of the conversation started in the free draft process when I got to Indy. They started out by asking first and foremost I want to know how to say your last name and I told them Sternad.

So it was a good conversation started. How did expectations for what you thought the combine might be like meet reality for what it actually was? Yeah so I was fortunate enough to know a couple people that went to the combine prior to me and they told me that it was going to be a long week of a lot of late nights and early mornings and you know we spent plenty I'd probably say over 10 hours in the hospital and getting MRIs and things like that and all the medical stuff so it was it was a long week but obviously it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I was grateful to have that. How often are you on zoom calls with teams? Like give me a sense for what the daily is like in the weeks leading up to the draft. Yeah so I'll usually wake up to like a couple of text messages from coaches and they'll schedule the zoom meetings. I would say over the last month I've had over 15 to 20 of the zoom meetings. It's usually with like the team's linebacker coach sometimes it's their whole and their whole staff with their like defensive coordinator, their linebackers coach, their the scout of my area and a bunch of different people.

But yeah it's just you that you have zoom meetings, some FaceTime calls, some just text going back and forth and it's that's kind of been the whole process this year with this coronavirus. Be honest with me though you've mentioned 15 different teams that are interested. Do you get a sense, do you allow yourself to have like a hope or an expectation that this team is more interested than in me than another? Like is there a group of two, three, maybe four teams that you feel are especially interested in you? To be honest they do a pretty good job of not not like letting you know just how much they're interested in you just because they they don't want other teams knowing I would say. But I mean I have I have a group of teams that I think I get a sense are a little more interested that I was at the same time my agent has always told me that he's gone through this process so many times and on draft day most of the time your name's called by a team you didn't even really talk to. It sounds like dating a little bit Justin except in this instance you can't really play hard to get.

Yeah I mean you're not choosing where you're gonna go it's a lot different from college recruiting they're choosing you you're not choosing them. See here's the thing I like about you Justin and we've talked about this before you are a huge sports fan like you're somebody who listened to this radio show when you were in the triad before you obviously started focusing on the NFL draft so I mean you're listening and you're following the NFL as just a fan of football while at Wake Forest is there a moment in the early stages of the draft process where you're just starstruck meeting a coach meeting somebody who's evaluating you to potentially join their team? I mean yeah being at the combine and being able to like have dinner with Chris Carter and just sit there with John Randall and you know John Lynch was in there and just a bunch of Hall of Famers and stuff it was really surreal and just honestly to even be around just being such a college football fan and being around walking in a room with guys like Chase Young and the 2A2 Evolos and Joe Burrows it's pretty cool you know it's a like I said it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you know I'm thankful because I grew up with my older brother watching the draft every morning and watching the combine every morning and to be able to be a part of that was something special. What's Chris Carter like? He's funny to be honest he told us he gave what he said you know teams are gonna ask you they're gonna say they're gonna say would you rather be a Hall of Famer or win a Super Bowl and he said the most the most common answer is always to win a Super Bowl that's the right answer he's like but you tell him you want to be a Hall of Famer because if you were good enough to be a Hall of Famer then it's their problem that they couldn't put the talent around you to win a championship.

That sounds like Chris Carter. Justin Sternad is with us here former Wake Forest linebacker it sounds strange to say that out loud on Twitter at JS Garbs you can follow him on Twitter I want to ask you about a couple guys that you faced while you were in school Jordan Love we're hearing a lot about him at Utah State one of your best plays last year was late against Utah State you read the quarterbacks eyes you got the interception to seal that game and prevent a comeback by the Aggies in the season opener what do you remember about your scout of Jordan Love? Yeah so incredible arm talent he's got that he's got first-round arm talent he can throw it he can throw that field comeback he can throw it any part of the field and he's a natural athlete he's fluid in the pocket to be honest he was he was impressive when we played him even though we beat them he was very impressive I think he might not be complete from like a read standpoint and progression standpoint but he's definitely gonna grow and I think he's somebody with a lot of upside in this draft especially with the quarterbacks in this draft. Who do you think was the most complete you face Lamar Jackson you face Trevor Lawrence who was the most complete prospect you faced in college?

Oh it'd be between Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence but I would say Deshaun Watson but although I do think that Trevor Lawrence will end up being probably the he'll probably be the biggest prospect since Andrew looks but I would say I'd say Deshaun Watson was the most complete player that I played against. What's the most fun part about this process is it meeting these people is it dealing with some of the guys that were going through the same thing like what do you find to be the most fun part about this? To be honest I kind of enjoy the whole interview process because it's kind of cool to learn team schemes see kind of why they do things and you I put two and two together and kind of think about alright so that's why they have this they pay this guy so much money because he does this for that you know what I mean this for their defense and so on and so forth and it's just cool to kind of see really like the inside of a team's adult process and what they do on the field as opposed to just watching from a fan's perspective. Justin thank you so much for squeezing in time for us stay safe in Florida and hopefully we'll be talking sometime soon when I can actually attach your name to another team. Sounds good Josh I appreciate you guys having me on. You got it that's Justin Sternad Wake Forest stand out from last year 69 tackles leading Wake Forest when he went out with an injury and just all-around great dude. See Robert we haven't we don't really have many players on the show because in college it's it's tough for you to be you're told by coaches to stay focused stay with what we're telling you so rarely do you ever branch out of that and give interesting perspective and commentary but what was always cool about Sternad when he was at Wake Forest after games I always loved talking to him because he somehow had this ability to look at things from our perspective from his from his own perspective being out there on the field heck even on the offensive side this is an example of somebody when he's done playing whenever that is media career would make a lot of sense it was weird we were at the ACC kickoff event last year and Sternad came up to me he said I listen to this show almost every single day right and David Glenn the same way I remember he was like an all meeting David Glenn it's a he's a he's a wonderful kid and a big part of the reason why he might enjoy the interview process so much is because in order to go to Wake Forest and remain in school at Wake Forest you got to be pretty damn smart so it doesn't surprise me at all that he knocks out the interview process also he has nothing to hide in his background whatsoever so he's probably just soaking it all up coaches love him because it's easy to love a guy like that works hard plays hard his tapes great against great players as I mentioned Jordan love he had problems with Sternad and it was a great player by an experienced guy breaking on the ball the way he did to save that game for Wake Lake good leader I love Justin Sternad and I've seen stories out there from aggregators saying this is a guy that you'd be lucky to get on day three third round pick fourth round pick that's a guy that you would want to have on your roster all right the Michael Jordan documentary series is going to launch on Sunday ten part series there are new details out about it that I think are gonna fire you up upon hearing them also we have a guest lined up for tomorrow's show that we are also very excited about and we'll tell you who that is and also give you the details on the Michael Jordan doc next you could try getting your sports news and talk somewhere else my life sucks quite enough already that you best to leave it right here on the drive with Josh Graham it's tough for the touchdown a bullet to camp Phillips for six second and 14 Walker gets it away it's cam Phillips making people miss into the end zone for yet another touchdown out of the pocket is Walker wide open is Mobley again this time they connect touchdown Roughnecks it's a tough way for the XFL to go out the league today filing for bankruptcy chapter 11 bankruptcy apparently losing tens of millions of dollars according to TMZ due to kovat 19 I'm proudly wearing my Houston Roughnecks hat today Aaron where did you put your Roughnecks gear it's in the top of my closet it's now gonna be a relic I'm gonna cherish it for the rest of time PJ Walker I never got a chance to get a Jersey but now he's a Carolina Panther I'm sure you could still get an XFL Jersey like they're probably pennies on the dollar now I'm interested in getting some XFL gear we were supposed to have Roughnecks coach June Jones on this week so it's sad that we're not going to be able to catch up with him and talk about the Roughnecks returning to play in 2021 but while it's sad that there's no XFL football anymore that the XFL seems to be a thing in the past albeit we haven't seen any comment from Vince McMahon or Oliver Luck saying that the league isn't going to return in 2021 there are three things the NFL should adopt sooner rather than later that we've seen in the XFL this past year number one kickoff rules this seems to be the obvious one players have to remain at their own 30-yard line and they cannot move with a head start until the returner catches the ball so that obviously will allow for more more returns it will allow for more excitement it's safer than the regular kickoff so that's something I think you can implement and there won't be much change to the NFL game as a result secondly TV getting an inside look at what happens in the replay booth we saw some of this with the AAF last year the XFL took it to another level we had a chance to hear the full correspondence between the official reviewing things in the booth and the referee who was down on the field it would be a good look for the NFL it would provide for accountability like I don't think we'd have as many issues with fans wondering why a call went a certain way something being overturned or something standing if you can hear both guys going back and forth saying all right this is what I see can we see with absolute without a doubt evidence that this happened no okay we're gonna keep it with the call in the field I always found that very cool however I do see the other side of it Robert where the NFL might not want everything to be out there also there's an element of show with this entertainment with this that the league us waiting for the review for the result as the broadcasters talk about is it gonna be overturned or stamped that's a better element of entertainment than actually hearing the conversing and I see him what's happening in real time how do you feel about that I don't mind so much the conversing but I do agree with you that there's a lot there's a large entertainment element to it about us waiting for that is I mean you're it's suspense yeah you're you're debating that with your friends or whoever you're watching the game with like oh no there's no way that's getting turned over is it possible it's too much information I think maybe I mean you cuz there can be too much pulling back of the curtain in any entertainment there are things I saw an XFL that I did not want to see in the NFL the on-the-field sideline interviews I've during the game I think those can work sometimes brutal but not yeah not every time like it's brutal I feel so bad for the players and all it is all it is is a TV network flaunting its contract say here's all the access that we got for what we paid for here yeah I don't want to hear from Sam Darnold after he just said he saw ghosts like I understand that's entertainment but also that's a little too much I would rather see the the good interviews on the sideline you know yeah I'd argue there's never been a good interview on the sideline other than Matt McGloin going out there and saying that the game plans been garbage that's the only one I've ever seen I don't think I've ever seen another good in-game interview Greg Popovich urinating on the entire process is the best I've ever seen in it but it's not because you're getting substantive stuff from coaches and players it's because what we're asking them to do is ridiculous so I think TV getting a look at the booth I think that's a good thing I actually prefer to have the information over the suspense lastly an embracing of gambling I think this is something we're gonna see more and more of with the NFL as it becomes more commonplace across the country you have point spreads on the screen on the graphic that has the score you see Houston Roughnecks nine and a half point favorite against the Seattle Dragons it's on the graphic you have announcers openly talking about it when in the past it would just be al Michaels the game might be 41 to 17 and the team winning would kick a field goal to go up 44 17 and he'll say and now the game's officially over just really cryptic ways Brent Musburger that play is gonna mean a lot to a few if somebody has a backdoor cover or a bad beat yeah I mean Scott Van Pelt's bad beats it's one of the best segments ESPN has it's entertaining I enjoy it and I really feel like the XFL embracing it and it being received well the NFL could take notes from that so kickoff rules TV getting an inside look at the replay booth and embracing of gambling three things that the XFL did this year the NFL should soon adopt in the next five years all right here we go a new inductee into the sports talk radio topic Hall of Fame last week we inducted LeBron versus Michael this week it's gonna be Tiger Woods being inducted as he chases Jack Nicklaus we will explore that next on the drive come here to talk sports it is man at his most man and do it like you mean it what you got beotch this is the drive with Josh Graham a lot of football today Christian McCaffrey just signed a four-year contract extension averaging 16 million dollars a year he is the highest-paid running back and NFL history your reaction to that welcome on Twitter at sports of triad but we're now ready for some hot takes it is let's get crazy we throw away journalistic integrity we just get reckless with opinions that's not usually what our shows about most of the week but for this segment it is we will not judge a take for being too hot but we will judge it if it's not hot enough so plan accordingly three three six seven seven seven one six hundred is the phone number we get crazy right now if you have a hot take and we deem it to be face searing hot we will reward you with the greatest gift this show can bestow on a listener which is this sound you know if you have a take like this Robert to justify Christian McCaffrey being paid as the highest paid running back in NFL history Matt rule is going to have a two quarterback system Teddy Bridgewater starting and then it's gonna be half wild calf offense and on top of that Christian McCaffrey is going to be a front gate greeter so fans so fans who walk in I guess it might just be the high the most prominent marquee PSL owners they will be greeted as they walk to the game by McCaffrey but only if they enter with about 45 minutes 30 minutes left to go until kick because McCaffrey has to get down to the field and do what Christian McCaffrey does that's my first time thank you fire away Robert let's get crazy we have talked a lot today about trades in the draft and you ask if you think it's crazy Christian McCaffrey could still be traded I don't think it's that crazy Josh I think Christian McCaffrey deck and Yannick and go quite well I'll be traded in the first round of next week's draft oh I gotta ask though it's like a drug where are they being traded to I'm gonna guess that the Jaguars would trade in gakwe to the Redskins for the number two pick Dak would be traded to the Chargers for to number six for number six and Christian McCaffrey would obviously be traded for number one for Joe Brady biggest weapon get burrow in there mix it all up man long as the Ravens aren't doing stupid trades I don't care anybody else can do all the trades they want I'm not gonna question it you can't do it Aaron let's get crazy rice the university no the food rice the side item it's just dinnertime grits do you view rice itself as a meal when I'm broke yeah it can be like it's like the old Seinfeld bit soup liquid is not a meal in my mind that's how I feel about right so soup is not dinner someone said I'm just gonna have soup tonight is that cool no it's not Sarah Bradford we're not doing that oh man I don't know man my dad makes some pretty good chicken stew Brunswick stew I could eat that for supper it's got to be super hardy three three six seven seven seven one six hundred we're getting crazy here how about this Charlotte's MLS entry which is set to happen they're gonna start play apparently February of 2021 because of the coronavirus it's gonna get pushed back to 2022 they're not gonna want it to happen Tepper's gonna be aggressive and making sure it doesn't that they don't get pushed back however we still don't know who's gonna play for this damn team and also March was supposed to be the month we learn what the name of this team is we don't even know the name of this team we don't know anything about this Charlotte MLS team no way they're starting February 2021 Robert let's get crazy Chauncey Billups this weekend beat Trae Young in spectacular fashion in the horse matchup spectacular it was pretty spectacular and when I saw Chauncey's name I was like mr. big shot is gonna be able to pull this thing out so I'm gonna go ahead and push the envelope all the way to the end of the table Chauncey Billups is gonna run the table in this horse competition and nobody is gonna stop him and I'll even go further than that he is never even going to get to R he will never get to our HO is as far as Chauncey Billups will get in the horse competition did you enjoy it no not at all it was terrible it was absolutely all I'm not gonna clown the NBA for trying though yeah it's not like they had nothing it's not like they had anything else to do yeah I'm not mad about that it just was also we saw Paul Pierce flop in all the way best part was did anybody expect him to be so mad he was so mad like you saw him playing it off like uh-huh man back in my day nah man I knew Paul Pierce was cool I knew Paul Pierce was cooked when he decided to flex using his pool he's like I'm gonna step out here by my pool and shoot this one it's like name-dropping yeah Shaq's supposed to call me later yeah all right Zion Williamson versus LeBron since this thing was such a flop it's gonna happen they're gonna go to LeBron and here's gonna here's the pitch LeBron we need you to save America Michael Jordan he's gonna run all this airtime over the next few weeks what are you gonna do Michael Jordan's gonna have 10 hours of a documentary done on him what are you gonna do to prove that you're the greatest how about you face Zion Williamson in a dunk contest Zion versus LeBron the pitch is save America prove you're the greatest against Michael Jordan going head-to-head with that doc that's going on and also $100,000 cash prize that LeBron is gonna do the coolest flex move if he went and saying all that goes to charity Aaron let's get crazy sprinkles overrated and add value to nothing I agree with you 100% or Jimmy's if they like to call them that if you call them Jimmy's they taste even worse like what what are they there for really if you've had a handful of sprinkles and put them all in your mouth they're awful they are not good oh however a lot of individual ingredients don't taste that great like if you just taste vanilla pure vanilla it's not tasty at all if you just have pure flour it doesn't work the sprinkles add to whatever dish they're put on birthday cake cupcake donut I love why am I disagreeing here this is not the spirit of the game but castaways Tom Hanks best people put over it Saving Private Ryan people also need to stop sleeping on Polar Express he plays like 70 that's like his nutty professor he plays like 45 people in that in that show is nutty professor that's his nutty professor that's his norbit that's his any whole thing you want to his master of the sky there you go there you go also sprinkles are not spices sprinkles is a condiment like you catch up is about finished product sprinkles are a finished product flour is not a finished product I got heated over this hey stop spicy it's not a spice but things just got spicy Justin Stern ad it's gonna join us in 30 minutes former wake linebacker when he got injured last year he was the leading tackler in the Atlantic Coast Conference in fact he might have been the leading tackler in America when he left play last year off the check that before we welcome Stern ad in 30 minutes from now but Christian McCaffrey just got this massive deal I'm gonna tell you why it makes sense and the pillars of Panthers football the three pillars are now set for the next five years those pillars are next on the drive
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