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Happy Luke Kuechly Day

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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April 20, 2020 6:06 pm

Happy Luke Kuechly Day

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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April 20, 2020 6:06 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Bob Ryan comes on the show to discuss The Last Dance, a special edition of Let's Get Crazy, and Jonathon Jones joins ahead of the NFL Draft to discuss how he sees the first round playing out. 

JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
JR Sports Brief
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

This is dry when Josh drive you through this support is the biggest take away. I had been the last dance series premier last night, can be summed up by the week that Thomas Davis sent out. He said Jerry Krause equals Dave Gettleman and yes, both are easy targets for physical humor to search all the Gettleman means and I knew there be a lot of Krause Lander last night when the first shot of the dock of Krause was him disoriented in the parking lot awkwardly stumbling into a raggedy sedan but I also think neither guy gets enough credit.

I have a higher opinion of Gettleman than most people I view Gettleman is somebody who cleaned up a messy Situation for Carolina Ernie paying Stuart and Williams and giving too much money out which put them in just to help escape for the next handful years. Gettleman he's all evaluation little people skills.

He comes in and he gives Carolina a chance to be competitive with an all-time talent the quarterback and Carolina goes to a Super Bowl.

Gettleman deserves a lot of credit for that. Jerry Krause deserves a lot of credit getting the Chicago Bulls to a point where they can win titles. It was conveniently left out that Krause traded for Scottie Pippen. It was conveniently left out that in addition to hiring Doug Collins as the head coach he brought in a little-known coach I think from the ABA and Phil Jackson had him coaching. I think he was coaching the team in North Dakota. Robert see if you can find what team Phil Jackson was coaching in the 80s before he got hired on Doug Collins staff as an assistant before right after the low shot for Jordan before they didn't advance to the finals that year.

It was Krause deciding to move off of Collins and promote Jackson with no MBA head coaching experience to become the bull's head coach.

Where was he was coaching the Albany protrusions the Albany patroon yes I was. That left out one of the been convenient while everybody's dunking on Krause to bring up the fact that Phil Jackson didn't have any MBA head coaching experience when he was promoted as an assistant on Doug Collins staff and oh yeah while Scottie Pippen's parading Krause from the back of the bus. It probably wouldn't be the best time to bring up. He traded for Pippin in the first place for him to become a Chicago bull. But putting that aside for a second or just getting the show off the ground and the one thing Aaron objects to that I said is not praise of Gettleman not even praise of Krause but me calling his sedan, raggedy Josh Grinnell was a priceless mint condition. Catalytic view looks identical to the one I would to me if this is some years back was scuffed as I told you talk about catalytic view is that I was scuffed on the side of the automobile ridiculous Krause and Gettleman what why I think it's a really good comparisons because of this they had the same Achilles' heel. All evaluation, no people skills. Krause he's a soccer guy who might have a nice car. According to Aaron, but he's getting clowned by players.

I don't even know if he knows that he's getting clowned by Jordan and Scotty, do you think he knows when Jordan's asking hey are those your diet pills hey man, do you want to shoot layouts with us. We can lower the rim.

Do you think he's aware that he's getting dumped on by M.

Jack, all absolute negative outlook on his face when MJ asked him about those pills that got them so sort he was not pleased. The absolutely new Gettleman. He was a cutthroat person cutthroat with the evaluation of people, and that's how it has to happen. Collins was a likable guy in the late 80s early 90s but he had to part ways with them. MJ even talked about how top of the decision it was to trade away Charles Oakley but there's no question it was the right decision for Chicago with Carolina government absolutely made the right decision. Parting ways with Steve Smith. He made the right call. I think it's justified on D'Angelo Donovan Stewart Josh Norman. He was proven with that now. The manner in which he goes about parting ways.

These guys that's fair game and it's open criticism but the evaluation itself I think is sound last year. I don't think Gettleman made a mistake in his evaluation of Daniel Jones being better than Duane Haskins, whose disagreement that today people clowned Gettleman for making that pic, but I don't think anybody today would say definitively, Haskins is better than Daniel Jones.

But the day after that draft. Everyone seemed convinced Gettleman's a clown and doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to quarterbacks, even the year before that.

How can you pick a running back number 261 absolutely was the right. Carolina drafted a running back. It was Gettleman Glass first tropical Carolina and that guys name was Krista McCaffrey I think will say I think history will say that's a pretty good peck. So while these guys are easy to clown because they're awkward they don't have people skills they might be physically funny. There might be some physical comedy. There great talent evaluators and unfortunately in today's sports especially in the NFL and NBA.

That's not enough. In baseball, it is one of my favorite movies is Moneyball and I love the Seamer Brad Pitt is in the office with Jonah Hill and he says to him you need to be on the flights with with the players. You need to be on flights with the team.

I can't develop relationships with these guys because I got a cup I got a trade that works in baseball there just so many guys to pull it off. Not so much a basketball. You have to have a relationship there because the power dynamic is such that it's not good to end well for you. If the relationship isn't strong and ultimately that's what did Gettleman in Terry Richardson built relationships with Greg Olson and Thomas Davis and other guys that Gettleman caught in it just rose to a point where it became too much, and Gettleman was let go a week before training camp. Lastly, I think Krause another thing that hurt him. He was clearly looking forward to a rebuild. This might sound completely out of left field to some people bought general managers enjoy the rebuild almost as much as they enjoy the winning and being on top because usually when you're waiting.

People want to talk about the scholar athlete or the scholars in school and give them all the credit. The ones that get the high scores high scores on SATs, not necessarily the teachers they don't really get the credit to them or to the principal. The people that hold the school down right the ones that run things. It's always the athletes to get the credit and academia.

It's always the scholars and rightfully so.

However, in basketball. The only way really in all sports. The only way the general manager gets the credit.

If he executes the rebuild. That's why I'm convinced if you were to pull all the general managers in the NBA right now and ask what the top five GM jobs in the league are I bet you Oklahoma City's in the top five because they have all of those draft picks that they acquired from Houston and that they acquired from Oklahoma City or Tuesday that they acquired from the LA Clippers in the Kawai Leonard Paul George exchange their Paul George going from Oklahoma City to LA in order to complete that Kawai Leonard signing that would be a top job because people specifically the general managers they look forward to rebuilding and that's where they make their head. You can tweak the show at sports a dry 336-777-1600 is the phone number and just over 20 minutes were to be joined by Bob Ryan. I look forward to his expertise on Michael Jordan. He's one of the foremost authorities on all things basketball from ESPN. It was a massive weekend recruiting lies for North Carolina, not just basketball but also football background.

As we discussed on Friday landed a couple kids from the triad, one of which Robert from West Forsyth high school a look at you do not cannot out as they are the number two class nationally for 2021. It seems backgrounds unblocked UNC football.

I've always thought that they were a sleeping giant. Considering all the resources that are available where they are located claims and they bring in all these great players from the state of North Carolina to help build this dynastic run that they've had in the ACC Tanner Muse Eric Maclaine KJ Henry in the triad and now North Carolina's getting those players closer doesn't have a single player in their 2021 Glass from the state of North Carolina. North Carolina has double digit for star players just from the state alone, so Max capitalizing on that man Roy Williams was throwing gas last night on the dock. You gotta think this is going to help them in recruiting Roy landed a four-star point guard from Kinston over the weekend. Continuing the lineage of Kinston players going to Chapel Hill. That's where Jerry Stackhouse is from Reggie bullocks from Kinston, Brandon Ingram was going to become a Tar Heel, I'm dead convinced of that but the NCAA cloud was still hanging over North Carolina at that time so we chose to go to Duke. Of course, for a year now they land another one of Kinston's finest in this newest recruiting class MMXXI, excuse me another 2020 class Roy Skinner pick up some more steam. I'm sure everybody's at home watching the MJ.and seeing Roy talk about MJ, you gotta throw gas to make it into a project like this. Bill Clinton he was called former Arkansas Gov. speaking on this stock Obama. He was former Chicago resident Roy Williams, former North Carolina assistant coach. When Michael was there ears apiece of what it sounds like when Roy's throwing 100 Michael Jordan to swing one day this week at work or school work disorders or biosocial about you just want to be the best part of a player shall no better live work are so errant it sounds a lot better when the music is behind it to let your more from Roy like Michael Jordan. Yes, I think the shot three years dad gums. They were on full display. People being introduced to the way that Roy talks a lot of observations from Jordan's UNC days. Jordan love to wear stripes lover of stripes. Michael Jordan in his wardrobe bike rider James worthy very giving saying that he was the better player than Michael for maybe two minutes. Maybe it was two weeks they always leave out the Fred Brown pass on the 82 championship game no exception in this stock. I love the video from Keenan after they won the 82 championship game. I had never seen that footage before so a lot of really cool things to get to with the last dance and will do that throughout the day.

Show coming up the some Panthers Intel I got over the weekend that I buy ahead of the draft.

This is the drive sports talk you're talking about it.

I'm talking truthful.

We're talking about this radio dry with Josh Graham.

Here's the thing that I think people don't realize about where this last dance documentary is headed yesterday which parts were parts one and two and a lot of it was just background information on Jordan's days in North Carolina Scottie Pippen in Arkansas. We haven't really gotten into the meat of this vault of footage they gained in 1997, 1998 really consist of the best stuff from episodes one and two. I thought some of the inside shots were Michael Jordan was taking a jab or two at Jerry Crowell's you get to see some of the stuff on the buses you see Jackson and how he's a little bit upset at the start of the year with Scottie Pippen being injured and sidelined so were just gonna see a lot more of that.

I think as time goes on and hopefully we see a lot more of our next guest, ESPN's Bob Ryan now with us and in SMA Hall of Famer and board member Bob I got to get your thoughts on this.

Did you think, based on everything you know about Michael covering the league.

As long as you did the documentary so far has done a good job of capturing his essence describe� Point up about the dynamics of an flashback matter have no problem with that. So yes I think that's a terrific start guide cockiness but American with acquired the little bit of all of that what you view is the greatest performance you've ever watched live from Michael was live it would be the game 53.30 fourth anniversary of that lost again did not fight it. That you consider that they were up 3501 Department of that credit applied by the playoff 5715. They are the greatest of all time prior to the point made here that we are now happening before the game changed completely and what it is today, but played in the month of March to May 1986 that the best bet.

And yet they were struggling to that. In the major reason this kid Bob Ryan with the seer from ESPN and just a number of things I found interesting in the.1 of them being this the day before his 63 point game in game two. He's all seeing with Danny Ainge and I just wonder what would sports talk radio be like today if we learn Steph and Lebron were playing golf together today before they played each other in the playoff.

I was surprised when I learned that yesterday after the fact and short on warm of that nature apart. So what changed in the last 35 years. What's what's changed in the last 35 years to make it so that was acceptable back then and today it would be friends talk about baseball point amigo right up against the grain of the time. I don't absolute and unfettered golf share. I don't know what is the best MJ story you been told to the grapevine, like that story right there that you learned years after the fact but didn't learn last night give me one. I heard that, with the second coat that because he wanted to score Escort Michael� That the competitiveness of it got nothing was fun but that Bob Ryan with this year did you find most interesting from episodes wanted to know. I like a lot the person in terms of variance with the general public. Kickoff is going to come out of this whole thing lined and trashed by yada demonized sitting and this is totally unfair.

I thought the best line about. One night, but probably not about how things could get out of the car as a person and in that sense and I need to get this credit dropped world ready to disparage everything starting with this book and background was scouting for basketball and baseball etc. know that defensive and sensitive. I like to do it but I can prove it hundred percent free and only three certified time, one without workout time of the talking and I met him when I was 23, 24 and I job properly and I hit it off like a basketball died but in this matter terrific. If not, that was not born talk about that when taken place before the button, trade, rapid heart rate wisely finds iPAQ time and then go in the class was incompetent bad guy completely false.

It just bothers me and documentaries. When people pile on somebody's not alive to defend themselves, like we saw I was straight out of Compton.

Excellent movie Paul Giamatti Creighton ice cubes on really good and it but it always seemed like they were piling things on easy E who wasn't alive at that point to refute some of the things that were being alleged of him. In fact, Jerry Krause. He reminds me of somebody we see in today's NFL. He reminds me of Dave Gettleman a little bit. The Carolina Panthers went to a Super Bowl in 2015 on the back of the moves that he made but he was all evaluation very little people skills and even though Jerry Krause did all the things that you outline the lack of people skills in connection with the superstar athlete. It seems like to me was a piece of his undoing as well and also why nobody seems to put their neck out there and defend them in the basketball universe right now that that that that and in that the defendant applicants that will do something that they do not been very fair and balanced basketball.

What's that he was known far and wide among all every every general manager in every scout and probably every coach from the time he became a scout the 1960s with the tired find out no and I very interesting and 69 all of them together as coaches of these writers like Catherine big fraternity well I inherited that I got Scott's guys such as bumper Bob Foley senior choir with the next entering class, among other thing about MO. They share general convention and together they drank together what privately sleep someone I complementary thinking smart somehow different come out to request among his peers and I have already found out today that when going to stand what he was hired because we want the website scout when I got fax number one, but the fact that it had a very strong background but is personally Bob this is so good to hear from you man and I look forward to a time where things get back to normal. Maybe we can get lunch again in High Point.

How's that sound good but the best man trying to BS is on Twitter at globe Bob Ryan thanks last night on us about Hornets owner Michael Jordan here in the drawer faces the drive. Today's a big day to a certain portion of the audience today. A lot of people have been circling and is worthy of celebration.

Just thinking about it has me in a good mood.

That's right, it is April 20, which is Luke Keithley's birthday as right Luke Keithley 29 years old. That's what everybody is celebrating today.

In fact, he had a really cool thing he did with elementary schoolers today, where he streamed himself being quiz questions about made sure about food and also teaching us how to do push-ups correctly.

Robert the last time you've done push-ups.

I do 25 every morning actually.

When I got a shower. That's what I'm talking about man you haven't done any push-ups during this entire coronavirus pandemic. I usually went nine round and I just knock it out there, but no push-ups. During this entire thing for me which has been rough. We have a special edition of let's get crazy that were going to do right now for those who are unfamiliar. Let's get crazy. It's just hot takes bring the hot fire no hold takes we throw away journalistic integrity for about a 10 minute stretch each week this is that stretch we just get reckless with opinions and we just jump to conclusions this week rather than it being just red hot takes that we give you and a hip-hop air horn that you get rewarded with this sound right there working to do something just a little bit different. It's going to be half-baked ideas it still the same concept where rather than just leaping to a conclusion. It's a half-baked idea. You might have in a special edition of let's get crazy. Sounds a little bit different than it normally does a little bit Robert what's the sound people here if they have a hot take this time around. Robert had to explain to be this morning. What exactly was having this conversation.

My dad is a dare officer Dino Adair stands for drugs or remorseful evil have no idea.

That's not bad. It's drug awareness. Resistance education is there stands for one time I called my dad saying is today a particularly busy day for you and he's like why would it be my dad. It's 420 that's what I like to hear. Please like what is that mean well, dad. You might want to check the Google maybe the Wikipedia don't give them any more information. Though I will start out with a hot take care and as regards the Michael Jordan documentary we saw last night because of the last dance Chicago is going to be a primary free-agent destination this summer for the likes of the Marta Rosen who's going to be joined by Gordon Hayward and Joe Harrison Chicago next year. Different a lot different than the class of reagents we had last summer for it was why Paul George was Dowell's Chris Paul was traded.

Russell Westbrook was traded, JD, oh my gosh Sherry Irving water movement Kevin Durrant guy Clay Thompson was a free agent now are stuck with the Rosen Gordon Hayward Joe Harris Fred VanFleet and Fred Harold Loretta yearlings labeled red bull Freddie scumbag I love them at Wichita State. All that matters. Robert, let's get crazy if you wanted on the show 33677716 I got a half-baked idea for you. This is my idea. Everyone knows that the position that we use the bathroom and is not a natural position, it's constricting your insides doesn't allow easy travel.

So what I've got is two steps that allow you to sit in a more natural bathroom using position and you throw your opponent.

It would allow for easy excrement and I call it the put the poopy party or the poopy sale you destroy your feet up and super easy. Nobody still my deal in trademarking this thing is a great already exists no don't say that I am a friend of mine who will not go bathroom anywhere else other than his house.

That's it. Why, because he has a yes he has a stool that he puts his feet on every special treatment in my house, nestled place to do so manfully. I think it's still a good idea. All right, how about this we learn that Lebron James when he won the championship in 2016 weekly one. The same day they were celebrating the victory parade. Michael Jordan said yes on this project that has been put on the table for about 20 years taken off the table put back on it.

Michael Jordan wanted no part of it until Lebron had his victory day parade for the 16 final.

I think this gets Lebron in action mode and the day of the last dance finale. Lebron is going to have a dunk contest with Zion Williamson earlier that day just so he owns the news cycle that following Monday. Ron, why not.

Or they drop the new space jam to trailer wow how about they do that first commercial break of documentary feel all the thunder and regularly will install but you would still a lot of the thunder yeah Erin, let's get crazy. So today is a national holiday's birthday below for you. So post offices close like this today will be due to the current state of affairs. The most celebrated for 20 district. I think a lot of people where there in their home to New Jersey. So what did you say the post office is closed several real Robert let's get crazy Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay. This caused a lot of excitement among free agents in the NFL.

I think all of these disgruntled players like Janik and Goc Way, Leonard for Nanette Jamaal Adams. There's go out and ask for their release.

Very traded and Vince. They are all going to go sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on one year deals for pennies on the dollar for the opportunity to play with Tom Brady. I'm a lot of steam here. Do you guys have anything else to limit staying but I got all right, that's been a special edition of let's get crazy. Jonathan Jones could join us in about one hour CBS sports. He has a mock draft out that has the New England Patriots taking Tom Brady not Tom Brady to a tug of a lot that would be a crazy pick New England. He has knowingly taken commit number 17. He thinks it too is good of all, which is going to be interesting to see if either Herber or to undo fallen away. Aaron Rodgers did were to Sean Watson did. Once upon a time seen a lot of crazy things on the draft. Adam Shafter saying that the first ever simulation of the draft which occurred earlier today. The virtual draft they had a run through today. Apparently, things didn't go well because Shafter tweets text from, or participate in the NFL's mock draft that started one Eastern quote mock draft today already has a technical glitch with Cincinnati's first pick brutal. He also used three! What is EM what GM do you think texted Shafter with three! I wish there was an emoji in here to know like an arm emoji are like an angry red face on a jail in the steam out of their nose. Emoji yeah brutal would that be Brandon being Tom to Lesko. Maybe I could see that Brandon being he's young and with it, but it does seem like a older move to use the three!

I can agree with that, to I'm looking at something Bud Light seltzer has put out there. Apparently they're having fans record themselves moving and having a hashtag boo the commission so that way they can play it all in unison when Roger Caddell first steps to the microphone all while that is cool. I wonder we can get the kids on their mean ingenious at the same those boots they're gonna raise up to 1/2 million dollars for the NFL's draft of phone so it's good to be part NFL draft part telethon as well because a lot of people were to be watching and feasibly you could have funds raised for Cove in 19 relief efforts.

There are a lot of people Chris critical of the NFL for going with the draft going ahead with it so I give them credit to the people who say they're not being thoughtful enough of everything that's happening in our country to try and spin it and say, hey, with a lot of people watching. It's ample opportunity for awareness and for raising money as well so I think that's a cool thing and something good could come out of coming up the original Dave Gelman here on the drive is okay thank you Josh Fox sports hub triad. Call me crazy, but for me I thought Scotty Pittman came off a lot worse than Jerry Krause did last night. I'm not a big fan of piling on people who are deceased and can't defend themselves and neither is Julius peppers as he tweeted this out one of the core things about the last dance.

Everybody's watching it, which means athletes from every single sport circle are chiming in on this peppers tweeted out we've always known that Jerry Krause was the villain in the bull story and his philosophy on that particular team was highly questionable.

But while we magnify his shortcomings and make jokes. Let's not forget that man is deceased and isn't here to defend himself exactly Krause isn't here to defend himself. So people are making them out to be Carol Baskin. At least Carol Baskin is alive and kicking. Despite the best efforts of Joe exotic and she can speak for herself against allegations made against her.

This is kind of like when easy E was thrown under the bus for all the transgressions and all the beef in the relationship of NWA. All that came to a head and straight out of Compton where all the band members are featured in it an easy E is dead, so let's just throw a bunch of stuff on easy it felt like Scottie Pippen admitted on camera to purposely sabotaging the team when he decided to have his surgery right before the start of the 9798 season, he said it's the most memorable quote from the dock. I wasn't gonna leap my summer.

Think about that. Think about what would've happened today. If somebody did something similar.

He was thinking at the Krause shore, but he was thinking that the Krause for a bad contract that he agreed to read some of the reporting Mark Stein of the New York Times done today on this subject.

Scotty was very familiar with the negotiating practices of the bulls and Jeri Ryan store if you sign a contract do not come back to us wanting extensions don't do it. That's not how we operate. It was a different time in sports but Scotty understood how things were going to work.

Also he was told apparently by his agent by people close to him that he was worth more than this contract don't sign such a long-term deal. He did it anyway.

So to the people saying oh Scotty needs to fire his agent. Because of this contract apparently is agent had the foresight and said Scotty, you probably shouldn't sign this conveniently left out a lot of details regarding Scottie Pippen one. Krause traded for him to it leaves out Scottie Pippen made $20 million more than Michael Jordan did in his professional playing career that he played more three more seasons.

Yes, but this idea that Scotty is just collecting crumbs and pennies.

It's just not factual. It's misleading to suggest Scottie Pippen didn't get his. He certainly did with Houston and Portland. After he finished up with Chicago. The origin story. This is the part that bothered me the most in the origin story of Pippin which was the second episode they very conveniently left out when Jordan laughed to play baseball. Scotty was the guy they leaned on and I think it was in a playoff game in the playoff series. Seven seconds left to go.

The bulls are drawing up a play to win the game and Phil draws up a play for Tony to coach Scotty hated.

Scotty got so upset on the spot.

He refused to check into the game. He stayed on the bench.

Tony hit the shot still and Scotty remained on the bench. This is the masterstroke of coaching that best represents why Phil Jackson might be the greatest rather than step in and Rheem Scotty for being a bad teammate.

He didn't go into the locker room at all. He let the team hash it out.

Apparently Bill Cartwright was in tears. He let the team get past that, but that wasn't mentioned in the documentary at all and I thought I would've been pretty convenient to bring that up as Jordan's calling him a selfish layer say what he was doing his selfish for saying he didn't want to bleep a summer up and have surgery at the start of the year at the end of the off-season because he was upset about the contract having that hurt the 9790 able.

It would've been relevant to bring up Scotty remaining on the bench as Tony to go to the pit. The game-winning shot so I thought it was convenient to leave that out Scotty. He is there to defend himself. I thought he made an ass of himself. Scottie Pippen came off worse than Jerry Krause wasn't alive to defend himself quickly. 6716 under the number on Twitter at sports of dry market Greensboro once and on Krause. What you feel about the way he was perceived last night Mark, I agree with you you're really fun here bring up with them.

I was a kid visible theme from 92 you know primal alloys like graduate school get excited about intro saw everything about the unbelievable right, of course, I'm super pumped all of my push to get to the point yet.

He did a good look at Jack and Yvette Jordan.

He never would've Scotty look at that quite well again, but I wonder if Michael being kind of ultimate alpha dog with no fill in a lot of a lot of that is no way to know. I don't think he felt like that would never happen to Gordon the first pointed Jerry Krause was grooming Phil Jackson replacement of the terrible employee literally in the point alone. I'm sorry for anything that Scotty did what Michael did making fun of the guy I'm not happening that we can't defend himself, but that point alone for about being invited to the wedding that stupid. The idea that you bring this guy around, you know, bring your parading around you and they were terrible team of people to follow so the fact that that alone. I think in the gate. Let's face it, Jordan was my TheraFlu going up the belt you ultimate selfish player in terms this is Mike I'm going to play the play and print for him to call selfish.

I left laugh you like what you become a man your jerky poster child for fall hard for selfish play you one better. It's so it's so Jordan, thank you for the call Mark and what's funnier about it is that he also does not channel any of that in the way that he's on the Charlotte hornet. It's almost like they're two separate people player Mike and owner Mike and also I got 1/3 category, North Carolina player Mike and I loved the way that they brought North Carolina into the documentary.

It was a massive weekend recruiting wise for North Carolina and football. Adding a couple players of the triad to give them the number two recruiting class. Roy was very good in this dock. Just give me a little bit of really throwing 100 mph last night on episode episode one of the.shot three years. I remember getting to know Tim Boyd as an aside, when he was you tap said coach Ira member he got thrown out of the game in Greenville America. The referees due amount and he refused to leave and they had to get security bring them out as he was ripping off his jacket and losing his mind. He made Jim Daly Chaim at Duke that one time seem like a nun in a church considering how upset he was that given evening about 10 years ago.

A dozen years ago lose track of time. Sometimes what is the best case scenario for the Panthers in the draft Jonathan Jones are going to discuss next providing you with the latest sports news, commentary and analysis plus tips on how to cheat at bingo Drive with Josh Gray sports home try.

I love draft we love the following stuff from our next gas Jonathan Jones CBS sports so you can follow on Twitter at J Jones nine you got a mock draft out there some interesting things in that mock but what I love about this week and it's perfect for sports radio. There are just rumors and teams trying to manipulate the media to try and affect the draft.

Do you have a good example of a rumor or something that's been put out there that you just purely dismisses something that's trying to manipulate the media in order to change things that happened Thursday night on me on the leak report. If you will, that came out earlier today that the Giants are really doing their due diligence on number four and I don't doubt that they've had conversations with them. I don't doubt giant like the quarterback of the hay, number four anywhere close to it. No Daniel Jones taking pulling adjusters in flesh, Murray with Daniel Jones would spell the end of Dave Gelman in your New York so yeah that's not going to happen. That obviously was all about. You were interested in quarterbacks and we deftly wanted to write down somebody want to get up in front of Miami come and get it on another one earlier today that the Atlanta Falcons picking at number 16.

Currently, would want to work themselves into the top five with would involve a get them trading Arthur Blank well I don't know where they're going to get all the capital, move up the to get what Jeff could only think at the 300 Dave your mechanic.

We get this all the time. All this watercooler talk, even though their watercourse talk around right now in the age of coronavirus to those of the two that have really been like. Let's get to your mock draft you have Tula going to the New England Patriots at 17, which is Dallas is that you have them trading up but you have to love falling that far. Why medical you know you had the ankle last year you had it previously with yet at some of the videos you will did this Friday and post on Instagram and all that stuff looks fine farewell can also click on Instagram right now is the chemical and phenolic technicians on those God one because the seller was obviously but also, and most portly because of their injury history and no income secure this very.

And remember when it happened. We were all talking about this microphone jack's career.

One of the greatest athletes of all time and so were not that far from that. And because of that doctors can keep proper support intelligent reporters like me and reporters like myself can put the things out there, but won't their own doctors that they pay a lot of money to have happen.

Put their hands on to enter, you know it in their hands, quite literally, because they cannot do that right now spinning a top-five pick on through it very difficult because when you have a top five or 6.that's an "selection that's that the potential gold jacket kind of thing that you, but because the injury that had clouded so much and so I doubt you right now because the injury being something more first-round value, rather than taking them at five or six and that he is our guy through three years finding out that his career is done.

CBS sports in FL Senior writer Jonathan Jones with the sun sports and try follow him on Twitter at J Jones nine and see his mock draft there as well. Isaiah Simmons you have him to the Panthers at seven last week I said that would be the best case scenario for Carolina if you were to fall that far do you view Simmons as the best case for Carolina would be a way that my box so I can tell you that remote wording that the Panthers are very prepared and ready to take their ground back out of Auburn.

There at seven in large part because they do not believe that this is going to fold one trade.

I would love to article 63 with the Detroit Lions to get you Herbert and Dalton go off and tackle their things start to open up because you believe that the giant alder fans one Isaiah 7 I believe the giant will go off and tackle there because my folder has been so bad and at some point you have to build in the trenches along the line, and then what you know they summoned one of the best athletes in this entire draft is right there for the Carolina Panthers than completely decimated through attrition of the reagents, the trade cuts or retirement so humans would be fantastic there. But again, if gone, and the Panthers are anticipating that he likely will be gone by the time you're on the clock at number seven. They are prepared all right. That's a lot of football let's get to the most important stuff Jordan Doc last night last dance episodes wanted to.

JJ I saw on Twitter you with the intro music and all displaying all of your Michael Jordan jerseys that you own for people who haven't seen how many Jordan jerseys do you have you can you can go to my twitter at J Jones nine to see that we have girlfriend Madeleine Burke put that together and I have your Michael Jordan jerseys with his McDonald's All-American jersey roll back we moved into the Joseph forte era North Carolina jerseys, the one with the big NC emblem on the front and back then to come back. We then moved to the old number 12 nameless Michael Jordan, Drexel, and remember court Valentine's Day in 1990 against the Orlando Magic with 20 creatures and yet it works well and then I followed it up with an All-Star game jersey for Michael Jordan.

So those four I don't have any of the 23. Note that we want to be the only one wearing that jersey so because of that I hope to have for Michael Jordan to make it so you you also have J Jones, 92, twitter handle because you didn't want to be the kid that were 23 so you were nine want to be different.

That's right that's right because within about 20 old bag. Everybody would think the good go up there and that as a kid when I was like 20 years. But when I get me if I were 23 but if I were not. They have no clue that you say all right Potomac. Maybe you can handle anybody in the first quarter completely lit up the scoreboard. That's when they start double early on.

I did look at the bright cleats in soccer. Same deal. You always target the guy wearing bright cleats before we let you go about a minute, left ear, your favorite part of episodes wanted to. Oh God, all of the you know honestly everything that they had failed joke that Jerry Kraut then were were funny, you know the thing with the big bull friend growing up. A lot of the square. Obviously, the older crowd lived through this when I was a kid when they were remember a lot of this is okay that wanted to sort of laying the foundation but I am waiting really to get into the meat of this documentary all footage from the 9798 even let you know we have yet to see and the best part about last night for me. What ever what Jordan did at North Carolina. Mom about Ricky making it the second and it's great to hear from him and Scottie Pippen today, but what I want to see the footage that had been locked up in the vault for 22 years and so what we were able to see all of them.

Just joking at your crop that was fantastic and I hope that at some point as a manager here years ago that at some point that you redeem him in some way because he did build six championship winning team. JJ best. It's good to hear your voice stay safe as well and keep up the good work.

Appreciate you got Jones on Twitter at J Jones nine. I hope they shift away from the craft stuff. I really do.

I don't know if they're going to because I don't know what's locked up in that vault but I have a strong feeling that this documentary is going to get better not worse as we go on because here's what I'm told. Episode three is going to be on Dennis Rodman episode three is going to be on the worm in the same way.

Episode two was on Scotty God knows what were going to find in that, but then again, how is it going to be much different or much more profound than the actual 3430 we saw on Rodman Aaron why are you doing visual jokes where your kissing your fingers multiple times when the audience cannot see now for on it was for you, me, is produce for Robert so you understand what to do it twice. Dennis Rodman is fantastic news.

Rob is a criminally underrated basketball player PE is the greatest offensive player we've ever seen.

I think people acknowledge that he still criminally underrated so who is under rating Dennis Rodman. I will say this, sometimes maybe his antics may beget or overshadow his prowess on the basketball court yet another of everybody's gone and the best defensive player of all time who is if it's not Robin Mutombo and I got on. I don't think about stuff like this on a whim I want to know what kind of stuff you do think about will today. Encouraged by my time until 5750 so I can go home and eat a nice steak celebrate April 20 in Lewis to take Lee's birthday. I I'm gonna break out my nice can of Pepsi and watch some old home yet there you go.

CPI commercials all can't wait see if you can find his great Pepsi commercial rather not. We have to relive it.

It's April 20. This is what everybody is celebrating the career of Luke Keithley. It's his birthday. I mean that's why everybody turns on their lighters. They turned it on to pay honor to look equally like the way that you do like at a memorial service or something. That's when they do lighters come on because you're paying homage to look equally.

It's his birthday that's why everybody is celebrating for 20 Pepsi nickname cancer here. Sorry man is my last two yes your I forgot totally forgot his God.

We needed the joking that's all we needed. They tried so hard to make him like let's a nickname was a name so we can sell Luke some more. What would something we can sell of Luke is just good football. Dang it dang, navigate also really good at video games and fishing. I bet he's not good at video games. I bet he's good at video games like Tetris or Pong.

I don't think he'd be actually good at call of duty.

I was Elam's yet this Elam's exactly zoo tycoon like I'm looking more this mock draft that JJ put out there. He has tamp trading up to number eight.

The draft Kristin worse with the Giants taking Tedrick wills at number four Okuda falling to number six because the charger straight up the draft. Herbert and because of the medicals to false to number 17 were the patriots swoop in trade up to the cowboy spot to select to and I'm looking forward at some of these other pics EJ Henderson in the top tended to Jack Lassiter as the links EJ Henderson's going go in the top 10 in any draft ever. Maybe the military draft because his name starts with C. Try to find other spots. McKay Becton he's number 10. Even though we learned about the drug test this past weekend I don't think that's to be as big of a deal, though, since the whole you can't get suspended for smoking weed stuff and he never got in trouble for that in college. I don't think that unpainted is Laramie tonsil, but he was visually we've learned that if there is a video of you doing something compared to words of you doing something right.

Rights will attest to. This is a much worse offense whether they know that you knock your fianc� out or not saying it is a way worse offense than just dim, saying it B TOEFL. What about Luke Keithley's birthday yesterday white kids and the McKay Becton good for him. Happy Luke Keithley's birthday on Twitter at sports of dried if you want to chime in on today show, so I can ask Robert this question because he didn't watch the documentary last night feeling I have. After all day today.

The what is the most fascinating moment from it.

336-777-1600 because I've narrowed it down to these five is it Michael avoiding quote the traveling cocaine circus. I was the mid 80s Chicago Bulls. What do we do it. Was it Danny Ainge and MJ playing golf together the day before Jordan drop 63 in a game against Boston.

Is it MJ openly just trashing Jerry Krause saying that asking him if those are his diet pills and the pills that keep him shorter. Also telling teammates to keep a championship trophy away from Krause and MJ saying or asking Krause if you would like to do layouts and if so I'll lowered the rim. Is it Bob Knight calling Jordan, the greatest player ever.

Back in 1984.

Is it Larry Bird saying that wasn't Michael Jordan playing that was God disguised as Michael Jordan playing in 1986.

Was it MJ's drink glass. What is the most interesting thing you then Aaron. I've listed off about six or seven things here. The most interesting thing was the DV the reintroduction to the human psyche of Joan pitiful to hear gold chain Michael Jordan spectacular drew is there a specific moment contest with a chainsaw. He did what else we souls got fined for that to but that's a man. He was the original to change hold on a second.

Don't say anything else. 33 677-1600 if you want in on today show is it that so you had something else from those of the most fascinating moments to me from episodes one and two but as JJ noted, the best stuff from last night.

It was the stuff in the fall it was the stuff that we were able to see 9798 where he is telling Ron Harper get your bleep together riprap like is this the season. I don't think this is the season where MJ punched Steve Kerr in the face like MJ punched coldcocked Steve Kerr in the face during a practice and was not punished for it at all because he's into why did he punch him. Things just got testy.

Steve would get to a spot.

I want to see that and I think it's going to get better as the documentary goes further because there is going to be more of that were going to see more from the vault. These first two episodes just set everything up back story on Scotty back story on the 97 9018 Michael Jordan leading up to this last dance I think after we get through the worms back story were gonna see a lot more from the vault and that's what I'm interested in. Robert what you got to get to the house today why I'm going out puff puff pass on today's celebratory activities look equally's birthday

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