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Is Wes (Miller) best?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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April 28, 2020 6:09 pm

Is Wes (Miller) best?

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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April 28, 2020 6:09 pm

On this edition of The Drive with Josh Graham Josh discusses coaching fits for Wake Forest, the guys play NFL trading card war, and TAKE IT TO THE HOUSE!

The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
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The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham
The Drive with Josh Graham
Josh Graham

Man, what a jam-packed show we have today with Jay Billis and Matt Rule on it. But Wake Forest remains the big story as they look for their next basketball coach. We're still in the early stages of that search process for Danny's replacement. But I believe there's one coach who fits best. A criteria that makes sense for Wake Forest. And that coach is Winthrop's Pat Kelsey.

Again, based on a criteria I have here for Wake Forest, the three most important things being, you gotta have some tie to North Carolina or Wake Forest, meaning you understand the neighborhood you will be stepping into. You gotta have high energy, man. Danny didn't have that. The next guy needs to breathe life into the program. The same way John Curry, I'd argue, did last year when he stepped in for Ron Wellman. Curry, he drummed up interest for Wake Forest football.

I thought he did an excellent job in doing so in the fall. And then, obviously, the next guy needs to have head coaching experience. But at some point down the line, you better have power six coaching experience too. Doesn't have to be a head coaching spot at a P6, but head coach or assistant position. That really matters in my mind.

I think Kelsey is the best fit, but let's just do process of elimination given the criteria I just presented. Having ties, it essentially means that you understand resources are not going to be as plentiful as what you might find at Duke or North Carolina or NC State. Geographically, hey, you are a private school. It's going to be more difficult for you to land recruits.

You have to be a little bit more resourceful. You have to understand the recruiting base. I think that eliminates Steve Forbes, who was a career assistant before arriving at East Tennessee State, never spent time coaching in the state of Virginia or in North Carolina or in South Carolina, spent time in Wichita, he spent time in Big Ten country in Iowa, spent time in Oklahoma, pretty much everywhere else other than the South or in the Carolinas.

So I don't think Forbes is going to be seriously considered. Energy is an interesting one. It usually means youth, but not always. I don't think anybody would say Roy Williams isn't energetic. I don't think anybody would say Coach K isn't energetic.

So this isn't an age thing necessarily. Last year, Mack Brown, he replaced Larry Fedora and Mack, he's a fun, energetic guy and you see it paying off on the recruiting trail. Mike Young, I think he's a great hire for Virginia Tech. And even though he's a little bit older than some of the candidates that get hired nowadays, he showed a lot of zest, a lot of showmanship, a lot of personality and energy.

So this isn't necessarily an age conversation. I do think it eliminates John Beeline. I don't understand how Wake Forest fans can't get this through their head. Beeline, he isn't a fit. If he was, I think he'd already be hired because he has the same agent as Danny Manning. Same guy who's negotiating Danny's buyout on behalf of Danny would also be the person representing Beeline. So I can't fathom Curry hiring a search firm if Beeline was his goal all along. I think it's been communicated to Wake Forest that Beeline isn't interested or Wake Forest just isn't interested in John. He's older, he's accustomed to resources. The last 20 years, West Virginia, Michigan, NBA, big public schools, places with a lot of resources, you're not getting that at Wake Forest. His age does play a factor here because you're not stepping into a place you're going to win immediately. By the time you start winning, you're going to be in your early 70s and he's already done a lot of his best work. I don't think he's going to have greater things happen at Wake than he had at prior stops.

Then this is the kicker. Some experience coaching in a power six conference. I think this eliminates a few guys that people like. Like a Wes Miller, like a Lavelle Moten. Every modern day Wake Forest coach that's been hired the last 30 years has checked this box. Dave Odom in 89. He was a long time assistant for Terry Holland at Virginia. Skip Prosser, he was Xavier.

Dino, he was Skip's assistant. Bez Delic, a head coach at Colorado. Danny, long time assistant at Kansas on a national title winning team, head coach at Tulsa. So I can't see Wake Forest looking at the success that Wes has had at UNC Greensboro with one NCAA tournament appearance and looking at the success that Lavelle Moten's had in the MEAC without any other P6 experience thinking that that is a safe hire.

Thinking that that is the right place for Wake Forest to be. So we've gone through a lot of people. Just the popular candidates for Wake Forest. We've gone through Steve Forbes, gone through John Beeline, gone through Lavelle Moten, gone through Wes Miller. Who's left among those who are being popularly talked about right now? I think there are three names. Pat Kelsey, Russell Turner, Ryan Odom. Only one of those three coaches have a winning percentage above 60%.

That's Kelsey. I think that would be the determining factor between three pretty good candidates. Also Odom, he had a tough year last year.

Usually you're a product or usually you get opportunity when you're on the wings of success. Odom, if he just this year, if there was an NCAA tournament, had the 16-1 upset, maybe he does jump into a job like Wake Forest. But following that up two years later without an NCAA tournament appearance in this past year, fielding a very average 500 team, I don't think is helping anybody. As for Russell Turner, there are logistics that make this difficult. He's at UC Irvine, all across the country.

49 years old, still a pretty young guy. Just hasn't won as much as Kelsey has. So I think Pat Kelsey is the best candidate. He understands Wake Forest's history. I think a lot of Wake fans, they still believe that Deaks got it wrong in 2014. They still believe that they should have went harder at Chris Mack, found a way to get him here because of the Skip Prosser legacy. I don't know if Chris would have ever considered seriously coming to Wake, but that's how Deacon fans feel.

You can bring in Kelsey, who along with Dino and along with Chris Mack was an assistant for Skip in Winston-Salem. Knows what it's like to see the Joel filled up, to see successful Wake teams, has a lot of energy. Just follow the guy on social media and you'll see that, man.

Chest-bumping people, high-fives all around, active on social media, on campus, giving students tickets for free. Seems to be a great guy and I think it would be an easy sell. Geographically, he's in the state of South Carolina, his history with Wake, it just makes too much sense. So I'm saying it right now, in the early stages of this coaching search process, Pat Kelsey, he is my favorite to become the next head coach of the Demon Deacons.

However, if you want your voice heard on the subject, 336-777-1600, we're on Twitter, at sportshubtriad. In fact, we have a poll up there as well, where I simply ask, hey, who do you want the coach to be? With the options being Wes Miller, Ryan Odom, Pat Kelsey, or other. And right now, 42% of the vote is other, but the leading man, I think, is Wes Miller. I feel like that's the most popular coach on the circuit. He has 38% of that vote with Ryan Odom getting 11 and Pat Kelsey getting 9. He really appreciates you listening and thanks you from the bottom of his twisted little heart.

Congratulations, you've won over a complete imbecile. The drive with Josh Graham on SportsHub Triad. Music Wes Miller, he's easily the most fascinating candidate for the Wake Forest job. He's the coach most Deacon fans would like to see hired, I think, based on a Twitter poll, at Josh Graham Radio, at SportsHub Triad.

I don't see that happening at any other Power Conference school. Also, it should be noted his dad is one of the five biggest donors at Wake Athletics or for Wake Athletics. I don't know what his interest is in the job. I'd imagine it would be something he's interested in. It seems Wake Forest has him on their shortlist who they want to consider to be Danny Manning's replacement.

I think this is what it comes down to. Wes does not need Wake in order to get a Power Six opportunity. But if Wes has it in his sights, if it's his dream job to end up in Chapel Hill to be Roy Williams' successor, I think he's going to have to succeed somewhere else other than UNC Greensboro. And I love UNCG.

My goodness, watching that program, which was once in shambles, be picked up by somebody around here, somebody we loved watching on a championship Tar Heel team in 2005, it's been a big thrill. But I think if he wants to get the North Carolina job, him being a former Tar Heel, I don't think it's enough for him to make that kind of a leap. Because North Carolina, it's one of the five best basketball jobs in America. Almost anybody anywhere would jump at the opportunity to take that job. I just can't see under any circumstances North Carolina, as long as Bubba Cunningham's there, hiring a coach from the SOCON to be the head Tar Heel. I just can't see it.

Can you imagine that? Nationally speaking, how do you think that plays? When North Carolina makes a coaching change, it is national breaking news. It's all over the place. It doesn't matter what's happening. Heck, they could dump it the same way John Curry dumped the news on Saturday, and it would take over some of the draft coverage if North Carolina made a coaching change off of Roy Williams.

That's how big it is. Can you imagine what the national perception is? If UNC Greensboro coach Wes Miller is the guy who replaces Roy, it just wouldn't happen. The only circumstance I think Roy would pick his replacement is if it's a promotion on his staff. If he recommends to Bubba, or whoever the AD is at that time, four or five years from now, heck, maybe even longer than that, I don't want to sell Roy short, and says, I want Steve Robinson to be the guy. I want Hubert Davis to be my successor. Or he just forces the university's hand the way that Dean Smith did and say, it's right before the start of the season, I'm retiring, and I recommended that Bill Guthridge be the guy. I could see Roy doing that. He's been inspired in so many daggum ways by Dean Smith.

Why not in that way as well? We are going to be joined by Roy Williams on tomorrow's show, and we're looking forward to that. I don't think Wes has a better option for a step up in opportunity than at Wake Forest. You have the family tie.

Now, Robert, this is where I'm interested in your perspective. Do you think Wes, having a father who is one of the five biggest donors at the school, helps his case or hurts his case? Because can you imagine if Wes goes to Wake Forest and for whatever reason it doesn't work out? He can't rebuild the program that Danny tried to rebuild, that Jeff Bezdelic tried to rebuild.

There's no way you go to that same donor and say, hey, any chance you could throw in a couple million dollars to fire your son? That's an awkward spot to be in, right? So does that deter Wake or is that something that helps Wes Miller if he is in fact interested in the job? I think it kind of breaks a little even because the familiarity, I always have trouble with that word. Nailed it. The familiarity of that word is I just feel like they're going to know him.

But also, you can't think of things if they go bad. If this goes bad, it's going to be hard to fire him. Like every time I go to a press conference with Danny Manning or excuse me, with Dave Clausen, we're in the Miller Center. You know, so he he's not the biggest donor. Like that's still Ben Sutton, Mitch Shaw, those types, the McCreery's of the world, but he is one of the five biggest ones.

He lives in the Triad. As I mentioned, I think he would be the most popular choice right now. When I look at social media, aside from the people who think that John Beeline is going to be interested, it's Wes Miller next.

He's the guy that everybody's excited for. Now, I take that with a grain of salt, though. I'm not sure if you know this, Robert, but there are a lot of Tar Heel fans around. And they're everywhere in Winston-Salem and they're in Greensboro and they have a pretty big journalism school as well. Is it possible there are people that just love Wes because they kind of root for the Tar Heels? And that's, that's why they're saying that they want Wes to be the next COVID. Like how do true Wake Forest fans feel about this? 3-3-6-7-7-7-1-600 being the phone number.

I'd love to hear from you on Twitter at sportsubtriad. Because aside from Beeline, he would be the most applauded hire. Now, here is where I kind of get bothered by people who overthink this a little bit. I see this argument being thrown out there. You can't hire Wes because at the earliest convenience, if Roy retires, he's going to try and get the Carolina job. To that person, I would simply say, Wake Forest has been not bad, has been awful for the last 10 years.

Last 10 years. In order for Wes in this hypothetical situation to be considered at North Carolina as Wake Forest coach, Wake Forest will have to win. They would have to be successful in order for that to be sold properly. So to the people saying, oh no, you can't hire Wes because he's going to win too much that he gets hired away from North Carolina, Wake hasn't done any winning at all for the last 10 years. I would just like to hire whoever can help me win right now and for the next few years, right? Like if he takes the Carolina job, odds are your program's in a better place than it is right now.

And it would be seen to be a great hire. It reminds me when I was covering a coaching change at East Carolina. They hired a Duke assistant named Scotty Montgomery a few years ago. And Scotty, he went to Duke, he was an assistant there. People were saying, oh man, if David Cutcliffe retires in the next few years, we're going to lose Scotty.

We can't, this isn't good. I'm like, do some winning first before you worry about that because guess what? Scotty didn't do any winning and he got fired after three years.

He won nine games. So to those concerned, Wes might just take the Carolina job after a few years. Hopefully it's after a few years of winning that that happens. It's the most fascinating candidate of the bunch, Wes Miller. We got our trading card, NFL trading card war that we're going to do.

Which we're excited about. Also, you'll hear from Jay Billis, Matt Ruhl, and Zion Williamson. Next. Everybody listen up. You're on the drive with Josh Graham. I can't believe this.

This is insane. Me and Robert are going to have an NFL trading card war in about five minutes. But we had Jay Billis and Matt Ruhl on today's show and you'll hear from them in a second. However, I learned some things about Zion Williamson last night that I didn't previously know. I can't think of somebody going into the NFL into the NBA or any other major sport that has been covered as much as Zion without us knowing a lot of things about him. He doesn't share much of his personal feelings on things. He doesn't really reveal a lot about himself. We just all marvel at his physical abilities and we love his personality. He smiles, he's humble, a great teammate. He veers away from the spotlight, but his play is just hard to deny and also hard to escape watching in some form. But he visited with Ernie Johnson yesterday of TNT.

And I thought this might have been the most interesting thing of the lot. He was talking about the injury he sustained against North Carolina. It was in Cameron.

Tickets are going at $10,000 a pot. Former President Barack Obama, he's sitting on the baseline. Maverick Carter, he's there.

Spike Lee. Everybody's there to see Zion and he gets hurt 30 seconds in. And this is the most vulnerable, this is the most open I've heard him speaking about that event a little over a year ago. My mom walked in the room and I think that's when reality set in for me. I broke down because that's the game I dreamed about. Duke UNC game at Duke.

Biggest rivalry in sports. I missed out on part one of that and it hurt. I remember I was in the training room. I told him to turn the TVs off. I couldn't watch it for a few moments.

It was hurting me too much inside. Yeah, that was my terror moment. That was his terror moment and just that image. He's in the back room of crammed Cameron.

Everybody came there to see him. He thinks he's all right at first, but then he sees his mom and realizes that this is more serious than he thought. And at first he's watching the game and then he doesn't want to watch it anymore. Breaking down this massive human being. Probably the first time he's had to deal with that.

Hey, I'm not able to do something I want to do physically. And it's happening at the peak of my interest level or the interest level in me. That game, it's still the biggest college basketball game I've been around in a long time. Regular season game.

Just massive. So I thought that was illuminating. He also shared when his first dunk in-game happened and how it happened. My first in-game dunk was my first game of my high school career. My teammate threw it up and I actually dunked on somebody for my first in-game dunk and just kind of went from there. If you were able to dunk, Robert, how often would you be dunking? Like, I've never been able to dunk. I could touch the netting. I'm not sure if that's much of an achievement at all.

I never had ups. I was a good soccer player. Good runner. Didn't really get high in the sky by any means. There was a movie with Wesley Snipes that I think best explains my physical ability when it comes to leaping.

Woody Harrelson was also in that movie. Now, if I could dunk, I'd just like to go into every single gym in America and dunk a basketball. Like, I'd start my day dunking a basketball. Like, the way you guys probably eat breakfast, I would start my day by dunking a basketball.

Like, I'd imagine it's the best feeling ever. You just wake up and stretch your arms up and there's a basketball goal right there for you just to dunk it. I would have a basketball goal in every room of my house and make sure it's ten feet high and I'd only dunk a basketball. I've only dunked a basketball one time and it was with the help of, now, Saints defensive tackle Shai Tuttle. I went to my high school and he actually picked me up by my legs and let me dunk the ball. That was nice of Shai Tuttle.

It was very nice. Can we get Shai Tuttle on the show sometime? Sure. He's not very personable.

He's more of a clothes setting guy. Let's try to make that happen. I'll holler at him.

I'll see if we can do that. Last thing from Zion. Here's a guy who was, that sounded very Mel Kiper-esque. Here's a guy. I was about to say, where's my bingo board?

Let me check that off. Zion, he was three years old, maybe, when MJ retired. But he's watching the last doc, doc, as all of us are doing. The last dance doc, excuse me. Everybody's watching it. J. Billis, Matt Rule, they're all watching it. We got Roy Williams tomorrow. I know he's watching every bit of this.

He's in it. Zion as well, but he wasn't alive to remember anything that Jordan did. So apparently his parents, good parenting here, knew he was interested in basketball and advised him, hey, you need to watch The Greatest, so watch Magic, watch Bird, and make sure you watch Michael. And this is what has stood out to Zion about watching Jordan highlights, but also watching the last dance as well. And the one thing he said that really stands out to me is, you know, he plays like somebody's watching him for the first time and he doesn't want to disappoint.

And you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So for him to have that mindset and to actually play with that mindset throughout his career, it just said a lot about him. It's cool perspective when you consider there's Shaq, there's A.I., there's LeBron, there's Anthony Davis, and then there's Zion Williamson, came into the NBA with just tons of hype.

And I'd argue some of those guys didn't have nearly as much hype as Zion did. So I thought that was a pretty cool answer. And I learned more about Zion in a 20-minute interview with Ernie Johnson than I've learned in a year covering Zion at Duke last year. Before we get to our trading card war, let's go to John in Greensboro who wants in on the Wake Bars basketball search. John, what do you have for me? Hey there. Really appreciate the show. I love you guys.

Thank you. It's cool about Wes around the Wake Forest coaching so much. You know, a lot of you candidates personally have been here since you grabbed. Big fan of Wes Miller. You know, I just find, you know, I understand, you know, some of the other guys, but Wes, man, I think, you know, he's been in the Ken Palm Top 100 the last four years. He's only been there the last two and a half to six. Obviously, Wes has connections with the practice facility out there. And, you know, even the fans are worried about Wes going to Carolina. I would say, you know, getting a young guy in there, taking a chance on, even without happening, but just getting the program going in the right direction for the next four to five years. You know, let's say Roy leaves in five years to get the program turned around and then maybe bring in somebody else. Yeah. And I think I would universe I think to be universally applauded.

Thank you for the phone call, John. If Wake Forest hired Wes, I really do. You would not find criticism on my part. Now, is he the best candidate? This is, it almost feels like since there's no competition for Wake on the power six front, no other coaching changes have been made that I feel like I'm comparing like Heidi Klum to Megan Fox to Brooklyn Decker here. So when I say I think Pat Kelsey is a better candidate for Wake because of his history with Wake Forest, a couple NCAA tournaments, including one that would have happened this year with Winthrop, I prefer him over Wes. I feel like this is the equivalent to me saying I would prefer Brooklyn Decker over Heidi Klum, which again isn't a shot at the beauty of Heidi Klum, just like this isn't a shot to Wes Miller, who we love having on and we've had a good relationship with, saying that Pat Kelsey is probably the best candidate for Wake. It's like a UFO and a UAP, you know? You can't really distinguish the two.

Thank you for that. Mark and Greensboro, one more on Wake basketball, then we got our trading card war. Mark, what do you think on Wake and also dunking? I would dunk every single time I'm in a basketball gym if I could dunk. What about you?

Yeah, real quick on Wake and then I'll tell you a funny story about dunking. I think I just read it. You can look on Twitter. I forget. It's a well-known journalist just posted that. They think that Steve Forbes and Wes Miller are not in the mix as far as the hiring committee, so that you can check that out and verify it yourself.

I just read that on Twitter. And then my quick story on dunking is I used to be able to dunk in high school all the way up until probably when I graduated college. And then as time and weight started to add to the physique, I wasn't able to get off the ground as much. So I really dedicated myself when I was 30 years old to I'm going to go to a trainer and I have to be able to dunk again.

So I dunked and I landed directly on my back. So it was totally worth it, but it also felt like absolute crap afterwards for about a week. So yeah, I mean, dunking is awesome. It's the best thing. It's one of the best things that you can do.

But got to be careful when you get a little older and you try to relive your glory days. Yeah. Thanks for the heads up.

That's good advice. That's Mark in Greensboro. OK. He's referencing, I think, a Jeff Goodman tweet that we just saw. So this just came across the wire. Jeff Goodman tweets and he's the one that broke the Danny Manning news.

Still no change for me as far as the Wake Forest situation is concerned. Steve Forbes and West Miller remain two leaders in the clubhouse per source. I think that those two have the same agent, too.

That's a very important thing to say. I don't think Steve Forbes is really in the running for this. I don't. It doesn't make much sense to me.

No connection to North Carolina or to Wake Forest. He is a coach's coach, the same way that Bob McKillop's very respected at Davidson. I get the same kind of vibe with Forbes. Everybody in coaching seems to love Forbes here. But letting you behind the scenes here, West Miller, Steve Forbes sharing an agent, it would be if Jeff Goodman's getting the information from this guy. It would be in the agent's best interest to say, hey, both these guys that are the leader in the clubhouse here, they're both interested.

I think West Miller is being strongly considered and he should. I just don't know about Forbes. Robert, what do you find so funny here? Just you doing that voice.

You're like, who is that? Hey, let's get ready for our trading car war. Hey, let's do that. This means war. You're a tough little guy, aren't you? This means war. It's cool.

It's cool. This means war. What? Does it have to? Does it mean something else?

Okay, you dirtbags. This means war. Finish him. And Josh opens his pack of cards. I just opened up my pack.

Like a Wolverine. Yeah. All right. If you don't know how we play this game, we open up a pack of cards each week. And there are ten players in this pack of cards. Robert hasn't seen his.

I haven't seen mine until now. And here are the five categories we need to place players into this week it's going to be. Somebody who owns three plus pets, most likely to believe in conspiracy theories. Somebody who is a putt putt master.

Someone who owns a giant fish tank and most likely to ride a bike as a form of transportation. How are you feeling about your pack so far, Robert? I think this is the most star studded pack I have ever had. Damn. This is going to be tough. Can you not say the same? Well, I don't know, even the field here if you believe your deck isn't that good. I'm looking at my field. I'm cool with some things here. Listen to this crowd though. The star studded event that this is.

Von Miller, Todd Gurley. Don't tell me all your cards. Oh, I don't care.

No, I do. All right. Well, I got Christian McCaffrey. Oh, no. I don't know if you wanted that card or not, but I am willing to trade you a Christian McCaffrey for a Lamar Jackson. Oh, no, no. I don't need it. I don't think I need it at all. No, I don't mean like for this game.

I mean like I would like. I got some stars too. I don't have Lamar Jackson. Dang it. We're not trading here.

I want a Lamar Jackson. Man. I guess I'm starting off with the three plus pets, right?

Okay. We're starting with three plus pets. I do have some significant stars in my pack and I feel pretty confident that I'm going to win at least two of these. I'm trying to figure out who the putt putt master is going to be. That's, that's pretty tough. I have well-known guys, but I don't know where they fit into this puzzle.

I guess that's part of the game, but it's going to be, it's going to be pretty interesting. Okay. I'm just going to go ahead and place a few of these in real quick. Um, I just need damn fish tank. What are the traits of somebody who would have a giant fish tank?

Maybe spend like not, not frivolously, like spend money on or have a lot of money to spend on things they don't need or like animals, but not animals that you have to have. All right. I think I have my five. I'm ready to go. All right.

Where do you want to start at? More than three pets. Let's roll through these three plus pets. Who do you got? Uh, I'm throwing Todd Gurley out there. I'm going to go with his former teammate, Aaron Donald. Okay. I feel like Todd Gurley would have pets because growing up in Tarboro, he might not have had the space to have more pets.

And I feel like with the big payday, even though he just got cut, he would have a lot of them. Also, he was in a commercial where he had a cat named Hulu has live sports. So I think you got that one. All right.

Second off believes conspiracy theories. I got miles. Garrett. See, I went Von Miller. He he's a little off the spectrum, you know, with fashion he's, he likes Cowboys.

He likes things that he might not certainly like if, if he wasn't a little off the spectrum. Well, I think I win this one because miles Garrett is trying to get us to believe in an actual NFL conspiracy theory that they're not like they have the audio that has Mason Rudolph saying a certain word and they don't want it to be out there. Y'all can see that. Okay. Miles Garrett.

Police conspiracy theories. The wind there were tied at one. Putt putt master. Who do you got?

I'm going Drew Brees. He's got, he's got a lot of kids. I feel like what's the cheapest place you can take a lot of kids to play a sport.

It ain't the bad in cages. It's putt putt. I feel like he gets a lot of practice.

I'm going equally cheesy. JJ watt. Uh, man, does he have the kids though? I know. Uh, I don't think he has kids. I think Drew Brees has four. Yeah. He's got a lot of kids, so he's probably better at putt putt. I'm going to give you that one.

Um, giant fish tank. This was the hardest one for me. I agree. I went with Amari Cooper because he just got paid and he's a disappearing act. Some would call him a turd specifically. Rex Ryan would. Maybe in his aquarium he could have a turd dull, you know, so who did that? I'm pulling up Aaron Donald.

I have nothing to support this other than the fact that he has a lot of money. So I will concede Amari Cooper. Thank you. Final one rides a bike as a primary form of transportation. Robert who you got?

I'm going Christian McCaffrey, man. I feel like that guy would ride his bike to show to work in Charlotte. And didn't he, wouldn't there a story about him still driving his old car?

Like he drove his old car for the longest. I feel like I don't think that was him who was McCaffrey has a very well to do family. He has a beautiful girlfriend who is worth a lot of money. I got Russell Wilson.

See, I don't know if he would either. I wanted to pack. Also a beautiful girlfriend. I should have picked Devante Adams because the fricking Packers ride the bike everywhere. But it's Russell Wilson versus McCaffer.

You left one in the deck. Who's going to get rides a bike as primary form of transportation. Russell. He's boring. He drives vanilla.

I mean, what do you do with that? I feel like he drives a Mercedes though. But I think Christian would live in Charlotte and ride his bicycle to the camp every day. Are we tied two and two? Does this decide who wins? All right, we're going to do a radio rock, paper, scissors say, say what you're going to pick on three. Okay.

All right. One, two, three, rock. One, two, three, scissors. That's two out of three. Oh my God. One, two, three, rock, one, two, three, paper, one, two, three scissors. Let's go. This is what I'm talking about.

Has anyone ever done that before radio rock, paper, scissors? I have a second sense. I don't know what it is. Anyway. What do you got to take it to the house? Uh, we were talking about UFOs. I think you should be more worried about Bigfoot. Whoa.

We take it to the house next. The less you expect of Josh Graham, the less you'll be disappointed. You're on the drive with Josh Graham. I just realized we didn't have enough time in that last segment to replay some of Matt Rule and Jay Billis, who were both just awesome today. If you want to listen to those interviews in their entirety, Robert's been busting it in the control room already has posted both interviews.

You can listen to that on iTunes, Apple podcasts, SoundCloud, Google play. Be sure to subscribe and listen to those conversations we have with the Panthers head coach and also with Jay Billis on wake forest current basketball situation. We'll certainly continue to visit that topic all throughout the week, but we just landed another big guest for tomorrow. Robert, we have Roy Williams. Who's going to be with us. I could give a **** about North Carolina right now.

B.Dot, he's going to be in studio as well, but the commissioner of the Atlantic coast conference, John Swafford is booked for tomorrow's show too. You like apples? Let's take it to the house. Pass the 15, pass the 10, pass the five, for the drive, we'll take it to the house.

One, two, three. Just when you think that it can't get crazy enough, here comes Jose Canseco. Like I, it just, anytime I see his name, I will click the link immediately because I know there is more, it's more likely to be some rambunctious bull hockey than nothing. And I was not disappointed today. Have you seen this story? I, I have, and I think this might be the greatest sports story of the day.

I can't believe we're waiting until now to tell it. This is the quote from Jose Canseco. Can Bigfoot or aliens get coronavirus?

I need to know because I have had contact with them. Do you have the Cardi B drop on hand? Coronavirus! Yeah. Uh huh.

This is incredible. Continue. Uh, okay. So he, he's saying that he has had contact with aliens and stuff. That's not even the biggest part for me.

It isn't. And then after that when he said, aliens have been trying to teach us how to time travel, but first we have to change our body composition, which we are not willing to do. We have tried with animals and it has failed. Look, if we can time travel, I'm willing to change anything about my body. I I'll cut an arm off.

I'll lose 50 pounds, whatever we've got to do. But I don't think that Jose Canseco is going to be the person that they reach out to for this. There's a little bed in here, a little easter egg. It was almost like this was TMZ, but it's the New York Post. Jose Canseco has also accused Alex Rodriguez of cheating on J-Lo with his ex wife, Jessica Alba. That's right. Literally everyone involved has said this is not true besides Jose Canseco. Jose Canseco believes it though. Gosh. What if he's right?

If he is like this Nostradaman-esque prophet and we're not listening to him, would you feel bad or will you be like, wait, you don't believe what Jose's saying? Yeah, I believe all of it. That's just great stuff. All right.

As I mentioned, the lineup is Suave, Roy, and B. Dot on tomorrow's show. Our thanks to Matt Ruhl and Jay Billis on today's program and for you listening as well. We look forward to talking to you tomorrow on A Wednesday Drive.
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