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How Socialism Is Impacting the Country and the Church

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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May 10, 2019 8:00 pm

How Socialism Is Impacting the Country and the Church

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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May 10, 2019 8:00 pm

Socialism is an all-encompassing worldview which believes a bigger, more intrusive government ordering every aspect of life will result in a better, more equitable future for all.

The structure for socialism can be attributed to Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels in their 1848 book, The Communist Manifesto.

Unfortunately, the worldview of socialism and communism didn’t die with the fall of the Soviet Union or the death of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, or Castro. In fact, socialism and communism seem to be the natural bent of unregenerate mankind to achieve an earthly utopia through global government.

Socialism is alive and well in this country (think Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes)...


Socialism is impacting the country in the church in a recap of the Christian world view speaker series event that took place just last night, you're on the Christian worldview today with our guest Curtis Bowers production producer of the agenda films. Our mission here on the Christian worldview is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians, and also to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ. I'm David with the host.

Our website is the Christian world with you to get a chance to come to the event last night or watch it online.

We have a link to our website the Christian real are also going to do some of the highlights of the event last night we were just very pleased with just everything about the event from where it was posted to the most of all to the message that Curtis gave you just did a great job Morgan it just be hearing from him in just a few minutes in case you haven't been listening recently in the program. We been talking about how socialism is is increasing is on the rise. It's it's it's favorable especially to the young generation here in America it's an all-encompassing worldview, which believes a bigger, more intrusive government ordering every aspect of life will result in a better and this is the key phrase more equitable forced equality. That's what socialism is about forced equality, not voluntary charity, but forced equality future for all and the structure for socialism goes right back to you know who Karl Marx in his book in 19 in 1848 the communist manifesto because socialism is a transitional step between free-market capitalism and communism. That's how you get there. Unfortunately, that the worldview of socialism and communism didn't die when the Soviet Union one under or when the famous communists of the last century like Lenin and Stalin mile Hitler or Castro died.

In fact, socialism in common is my think there than the natural bent.

The natural desire that the default position of unregenerate mankind to achieve their socialist utopia or heaven on earth they're looking for heaven to their gonna try to create it right here on earth.

And to do that they need big government is ultimately at the end of government is a gun pointed at you to do with they want you to do.

Socialism is alive and well in this country despite what some people may think all you have to do is look at the Democrat party right now and the leaders of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Cossey of Cortez there a vow Democrat socialist there just open about it is also impacting the evangelical church as well, which is the most troubling thing where the great commission. Priority of individual salvation go out and make disciples individual disciples to the preaching the gospel that's being slowly or maybe not so slowly replaced with the pursuit, the priority of rectifying perceived social injustices with race or gender. Those kinds of things. So this weekend every other Christian reviewer in a recap some of the highlights of the Christian world view speaker series event last night with filmmaker Curtis Bowers and Curtis, thanks for getting up early after a late night last night. I know you are driving after the event last night with your family but thank you.

Coming on the Christian real view this morning so incredibly well.

Just a couple things you usually when you come to an event like this. You are the speaker you are speaking on how socialism is impacting the country in the church. What were some of your takeaways from the event. What did you learn what struck you audience questions would you take away will I was very encouraged to see how much interest there is a news and I would consider that would go that was great to see that there was hundreds of people in there today wanted to understand this better and knew there was something that was a threat to us wasn't just some heartless do-gooder activity is something that was going to as Obama said, fundamentally transform and so it event that was really encouraging why you think this is become more relevant now. I think when Pres. Obama became president when he said what you just said about fundamentally transforming assets America and a lot of his policies were were on the list socialist tracks, universal healthcare, and so forth. Why do you think since this ideology has been around for such a long time. This is nothing new. This is been around since for sure since Karl Marx infrastructure rise did in his book, but even before that the roots were in the French Revolution and all at why is it rising now. Do you think in the country because we rated a generation that is historically illiterate. They didn't study. Most young people today did not study the 20th century and all the atrocities that were committed by socialist countries where there is no actual socialism for Soviet socialism, so they don't know what socialism is. They just know it sounds like a they're going to get something for free, and it sounds pretty good to their millennial lines that have just not been given the education and the experience of the training they should to be productive adults you know as I think about the different issues and will get into these have really going to be assessed for a segment today. I know you another event going on today in Wisconsin but you think about the various policy issues being pushed forward universal healthcare, universal basic income. The green new deal unlimited immigration open borders which is really globalism's against nationalism government controlled education, free college in student loan debt forgiveness elimination of of citizen gun rights. The redefinition of biblical family marriage and morality and then of course social justice. That's the one that's impacting the evangelical church. Look at all these issues in correct me if I'm wrong, but all of those issues are are socialistic and into 1° or another. I think you know they are. We were just taking on a mindset of the slothful people did not. Productive Americans traditionally been the one you need immigrants to come here and become Americans they want to become American that they don't work hard in their little bit of the back of a shock but they can make it in they do year after year after year and still pay the entrepreneurial storage of families and people that come here and wanting to be thankful to be a blessing. They did that used to be the American dream that I can make it through hard work and creativity and ingenuity. I can I can go to high Park. I want to go now it's what can I get somebody else would look how could it be the easiest path for me how you know the different mentality what is of the American 5060 years ago that all the things that made that generation have not been put into the disk this generation so they don't have ambition and excitement about Ronald Reagan was present was 15. He talked about you young people go start businesses in and enjoy the free enterprise system like those young men that started a computer company out of the garage course your stomach about Apple Computer today. We know the will of the largest companies in the world about how the gun that it related to beehives like I can't wait to get old start. So we need to inspire them. Those kind of ways which are much more fulfilling and rewarding to get a little handout for nothing and then be content with very little Curtis Bowers assessed today in the Christian real visa producer of the agenda films.

The website is his agenda I don't have in front of me. Yes that's right agenda agenda there's two films excellence films highly recommend them. Curtis and his family came last night to be the featured guest at our Christian real view speaker series event. By the way this event is I believe currently on our website. Already the Christian real shirts on her Facebook page at the Christian real view on Facebook so you can go there and watch the entire event for free. The highlights of the event was just having your family saying Curtis I was just a such a special beautiful part of the evening, and I know the people who attended really enjoyed that aspect of it.

Curtis is there any going back on this. Often times when you get people addicted to government to big government programs that there's no going back at you that the new society. The new deal. People don't want to go back and what I on the take from the government and I wouldn't say our country socialistic now, but there are socialistic policies interwoven in our free-market capitalistic system. If that most obvious one is our educational system, or government controlled educational system need you to pay taxes.

Whether you want to or not know those taxes go to one choice government schools that you can pay yourself to go to private school. Your homeschool communism would be if you had no choice that you had to go to that government school, but that that's a socialistic policy right there.

Is there any going back on this Curtis.

I know that we can be informed and we can have a different worldview about it and we can work hard to to to mitigate this coming into her own churches, but is there any going back and this in our country. Well, sometimes people learn the hard way that I'm so thankful that you are right now, the oldest being so push forward. God is kind enough to have Venezuela start probably to again let us know that Wade don't work. Have you complete disaster and so I don't know. You're not a baby my prayers that if we have to step down that road several steps it will learn very quickly gobbled up because the court could be such a baby would still be something to turn back to as we see the young people see they were lied to, you can't get something for nothing. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and that but but having a system where you free to be productive and reap the benefits of that that is worth fighting for. Turning back to silk it.

It looks like that's were heading for sure because they help the hearts of young people. Third, we need to be educating those around us and explain to them what it appears to be that we need to be praying for our country and doing what we clearly consider it our current students to keep them on the right track so the light is bright with the gospel.

The truth of the Bible and with his help in my couple started back last question for you, Curtis. Curtis Bowers assessed today on the Christian real view.

You went into in-depth last night how this worldview of socialism is is creeping into the evangelical church.

You mentioned that will play some soundbites after you're off the air today but how it's just taken over the mainline denominations. That's why the way they are is because social justice and one into those and that the gospel is lost another just just social good leftist organizations. How do you see it with about a minute and 1/2 your how you see it creeping into the evangelical church will pay when we were believing that the idea of social justice which is really just socialism package for the church were believing that is a Christian thing to do because they switch definitions on what love is. We believe allow them to take meaningless love of the world which is just tolerance and say that is real love entrance instead of loving our neighbor will just tolerate it and that's no excuse to do so because of the definitions change by twisting Scripture and redefining terms.

Their leading people to believe that this justice is having everything equal which of course we know the definition of justice is getting what you deserve what you learn so bite changing those definitions which had been so good at insolently different areas there confusing Christians which unfortunately many were biblically illiterate. The capital read the Bible and so it just appeals to their flaps because we don't like to feel like you're doing something good. Especially if we can do the good or does it really cost us if it's the government U fighting for to get to not company and so that I got selected so appealing. Curtis thank you so much to you and your family for coming last night it was just a highlight of this year.

We just pray all of God's best in grace on your family. Thank you so much. Thank you. Okay more in the Christian real view this the Christian worldview speaker series are one night events that feature a compelling speaker presenting a message and a current topic, followed by Q&A purpose is to provide strong in person biblical worldview content in a short format.

The inaugural event is set for Friday, May 10 at 7 PM central University of Northwestern St. Paul feature Curtis Bowers, producer of the award-winning agenda films speaking on how socialism is impacting the country in the church. No registration, no cost free will offering seating on a first-come basis. Max capacity 315 live streaming on Facebook. More or by calling one AAA 46 2233. The Christian Ruby speaker series with Curtis Bowers Friday, May 10 7 PM central University of Northwestern St. Paul. See you there.

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If you missed it at her website the Christian real thanks to all of you who came back she came out to the event.

It was great to see you in person and meet so many people and listeners and so forth. And thank you for your support of the Christian real view of our volunteers are so helpful and we just couldn't do these events on her own. There's just no way there's just too many moving parts with every element of an event like that. So while were thankful to all of you who came out and I do apologize a little bit at these events you were try to coordinate things and keep things on track and some effort having conversations. I feel bad after Left to go after ghost you start this next element.

Next part of the event tonight so I feel bad I can't just kind of sit back and relax and and and talk with some of you little more, but it's difficult when were trying to keep the event on track so we don't end too late at night and dad, but it was a great night last night and and thank you to all who came out to the event and the Curtis family is just just great to be with.

They they are there.

What's great about America tell you when you see them together know that their faith, of course, in Christ, and just the way they live their lives and their children. It's just that it's a beautiful thing to see the Bowers family still and those who came. I think know exactly what I'm talking about there. So today were doing a recap of the event last night with a lot of soundbites working to get to from the from Curtis's message last night but I think I like to read just an article from the heritage foundation, which is a conservative think tank and was entitled what Americans must know about socialism is written by historian named Dr. Lee Edwards and us want to read the first few paragraph because I think it gives us an understanding of of wise socialism what it is and why it's on the rise so much. He says there is disquieting evidence of many young American sympathy for socialism listened these numbers.

2 million people under the age of 30, voted for Democrat Socialist Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democrat primaries and caucuses. Polls find that not only do a large majority of millennial's, those are age 18 to about 40. Let's say rather would prefer to have a favorable view of socialism a near majority would prefer to live under socialism rather than capitalism, socialism is no longer a parlor game for academics to talk about in the universities but support political art alternative to be taken seriously by millennial's, who are not put off by the radical Democrat Socialist platform members, couple kinds of socialism is kind of a soft socialism more full-blown socialism is also Fabian socialism, which believes in change through evolution rather than revolution rather than violence there some sort. They want to overturn the system to violence and this this taken up socialist country.

But there's also those who want to do it to the democratic process of the voting process take over the institutions of the country did the media. The D academics educational system, the entertainment industry a big business.

You get all these organizations and it's it's pretty pervasive throughout society. The article goes on to say, Democrat Socialist believe in ending the private ownership of industries whose products are viewed as quote necessities. That's pretty ready arbitrary the production of such products. It argues should not be left to profit. Quote profiteers so they want everything equalize your government mandate controlled owned businesses, so there's no there's no elite class of people who are running in creating the wealth in the country.

It also believes the government should quote democratize private businesses that is give workers overcome should control them is having the evil business owners controlling your workers you give the workers control over the business. They make the decisions for themselves and seal that would turn out well. Guess I'll give myself a race. Socialism explains a member of Democrat socialism of America national steering committee is the dig democratization of all areas of life, including but not limited to the economy. What is happening in America.

Once the height the that the guiding light for capitalism. The first part of the answer lies in two words and it's not Karl Marx. Although he's inspiration, but Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont captured the hearts and the votes of many millennial's with this call for single-payer healthcare, universal government control healthcare free public college government pay for not free taxpayers income producers are tax and that money is redistributed by the government to pay for people's houses free to them. Campaign finance reforms.

He can't give very much, you can't give an unlimited amount to political campaigns so that that that diminishes the the power to influence of those who have done well in society interracial. Here's a real racial, economic, and climate justice just throw justice on the end of anything and people.

Their eyes rolled back and think it's a good thing. The prime target of his animus was the quote top 1% in America who own it is true some 40% of the nation's total wealth of 1% of the country owns 40%. The nation's wealth is and they own as much as the nation's wealth as the bottom 90%. But what Bernie Sanders really pointed out was at the same top 1% paid about 40% of all the taxes in this country thing about that you have the top 1% is paying close to 50% of all the taxes that are being used for everything in this country. So do I get rid of them. They're Paying Everyone Houses Way, Sanders had a ready explanation for Pat Hoffer how to pay for all the freebies increase the taxes on the rich course and their corporations. In Bernie's world there is such a thing as a free lunch because the bill will be paid by those. The top one thing that came up last night was the fact that Christians should not be for an no government, no regulation, because the same sin nature that people will say hey I want something for nothing yet all this be lazy and not working you pay for everything for me. Socialism is the same sin nature that will cause a business owner that top 1% to say I can increase my profits and make more money if I'm allowed to a higher euro 14-year-old girls and make them work 18 hours a day and pay them one dollar a day.

Okay, so Christians are for that either. Absolutely not, because that same sin nature causes both ends of the spectrum to behave in a sinful way, but what the American ideal was had my head that much better in a ratio.

In past decades, then what it is now, and certainly think there's times in American history way back further back.

Where was maybe maybe out a WAP too much or too much power was given to some of the business owners and the workers duty protections that be the first want to say that that's unjust to treat people in such a way that it's terrible for their health or their families or thing else so there's a balance that we are for limited government that the parties limited not big government.

I let's go on to say in this article because I Sanders because where we hear millennial's rallied in the many thousands behind Sanders because they are socially liberal. This is interesting, millennial's 1840 rallied in the many thousands behind Sanders because they are socially liberal. Now why would social liberalism lead you to socialism there liberal, especially on gay homosexual rights but there also saddled with mountains of student debt there disillusioned with the status quo and eager to break with traditional models just break that down a little bit there. This socialism liberates you see how your worldview on morality. If you are liberal on morality that will lead you to being liberal on economic and other issues as well is just the way it is. We always make up an ideology for ourselves philosophies that will track with how we want to live morally right philosophy worldview follows the way we want to live morally many go to the second aspect saddled with mountains of student debt so there in debt and there disillusioned with the status quo. They have lots of debt. And they're going to someone's gonna pay off their debt for them. I mean what what kind what can a great deal is that people often vote typically vote in their self-interest will this can this time using the pay off my mountains of student debt while this is a great deal there disillusioned with the status quo as well. I think that's partly due to the fact that the list of the tunnel vision here in America we don't realize often what the rest of the world is like you know why I like to call them first world problems. All you know my my my lawn or my my car. You might have in trouble like people have cars ready like Serrano have wanted to have individual homes, you start to complain about the luxuries that we enjoy in America and that that the bottom 1% in America lives in a middle-class life compared to somewhere else in the world who live in abject poverty. So it is easy to not have perspective and how great of a country we actually have Bernie provided solutions to all the problems without detailing the price, and this is important or conceding the lessening and individual liberty that is key because socialism is always done by force people think how it's going to help people and so forth. You have to help you begin to tax people with taxation. Taxation is forced coercion you're taking money from people against their wills not charitable at all, not charitable. In one sense at all. Says in acts two.

They had all things in common in the early church. Jesus said in Matthew 25 help the least of these. That's all charitable so voluntary you helping another because of your love for someone else and the opportunity to tell them about the gospel. That's all voluntary charitable that's not socialism. Socialism is completely not voluntary is completely forced coercive for the government, big government comes and says working to do it this way and you get in line or else that is the huge difference that we need to understand article goes on to say you can build a powerful political movement with the base of 2 million true believers and he gets into the whole situation in Scandinavia has always held up as being this great socialist utopia but is not ask exactly socialist over there, a crossbreed system of big government socialist social programs mixed with a capitalistic engine in the business rules they can make the money there than they redistribute it, and other elements of the dirty little secret is they don't have the kind of diverse gigantic huge country with a kind of military.

We need to be able to keep the cut. The world in a safe place being taken over by the evil regimes back after this is all that's Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, we ought to never become indifferent to the slaughter of the innocents taking place in our country.

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Thanks for joining us today on the Christian really recap recap our event last night Christian review speaker series events and how socialism is impacting the country in the church featured speaker was Curtis Bowers, the producer of the agenda films. Find out more in order the films at his website. Agenda or we have them as just thinking during the break there just what it's like. The dynamic of let's say, a young woman in her was the early 20s never been married and has a child out of wedlock in the situation she's in and in current America and so she gets support from the government for for food for housing for child care and what does that do to her and there's an incentive if she has more children out of wedlock that she'll get more money. So what is a tutor. First of all, it puts her in a position of not feeling the consequences of making a bad decision in in being with a man before she was actually married and so it it it it it it perpetuates that sort of sinfulness children out of wedlock. Immorality out of or sexual engagement out out of marriage. It also enslaves her because she hasn't really no other option.

Now what is what is she do now. She and Gina sneezed vinyl to live. Everyone needs to eat right and so she's she has to be on on the down the take from the government and to do that again you have to take more from those who are working hard and income-producing to support those who are unable to or who can't or won't don't want to and if she doesn't want to. She doesn't have to do so can lead into a a laziness like what you don't have to get a job and I really can't get a job. Seven child now you can see this perpetual cycle is just horrible and that the last part of it is she's never going to hear a message from the government supporting her about how she can become right with God through Jesus Christ, which will change her worldview and the way she sees your life the way she lives morally wishy sees marriage the way she sees work all these things wishes to raise her child is an interest perpetuates with their child.

The child grows up does the same thing. The whole thing is a vicious cycle that is socialism.

And that's why it is so not just bad for society but so un-biblical. We we there there there no there are no consequences when there are no consequences to the decisions we make in life. Scripture but was consequences. Do you really reap what you sow and if we don't feel those consequences because someone's always propping us up were never going to change in the only way that changes that young woman changes for her to to feel the consequences of what she's done wrong and to then hear the gospel message and and understand that God created her to be in relationship with him is created. The family's created marriage and that's that's that that's the institution.

The fundamental institution of society is God created so that humans can flourish so that she can have a husband and a husband can work and maybe and then then they can they can earn money and then they can pay for their their their kids and they can pay for food and they can be independent from the enslavement of being in bondage to government. That's the battle that is that that taking place in this country and is socialism versus free-market capitalism such as economics gets into all the social fabric, the LGBT Q movement, all that stuff is all part of the socialist agenda okay was going to leave a lot of soundbites we could get to today were not to be able to get to all of them. So does better with this wilderness to go through some of the important things that that so that Curtis talked about last night. The first one is, why is socialism taking root. Secondly, you see more more people are believing the idea the good of the many outweighs the good of the few elf that doesn't sound too bad to you been influenced by the media. Five movies, whatever the go to the many outweighs the good of the few. All that is is Marxism that's communism. When that belief.

It is, is believed and then implemented from the top down. It always creates slaughter and abuse of different groups of people and in different individuals are founding fathers knew that was a disaster.

So they carefully crafted the declaration.

The Constitution did everything to be focused on only one thing protecting each individual person. That's all they cared about a certain if we take care of the individual, the collective will be just fine.

That's exactly right, not just flipped today, we take care of the collective and you can't have forced equality, everyone having the same thing forced universal equity without taking away personal liberties that that's just that's like a formula you cannot you cannot have both perfectly if you want individual liberty. There's going to be differences in society. You can have perfect equity in society. That's the socialist or this flip it. The founders focused on individual liberties. Knowing if they foster these biblical principles of individual liberty's freedom of speech and religion and in work and and business and so forth that would build people incentivize them to work hard to make good decisions to be in families to raise kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord that's that's the way it started, but now it's flipped the other way where the incentive is how you take care of the big group. Forced equality for all, which then just tramples in the end on individual rights of people we see that right now in the in the hold the whole battle between the homosexual movement, and in Christians who want to have their own convictions.

Biblical convictions whose rights are going to went out while you can see whose rights are winning out in this country. Sadly, it seems whenever there's a conflict whenever someone no homosexual couple goes into a cake shop wants to get a wedding cake done for their so-called marriage in a Christmas as I do not, but it's against my religious convictions my beliefs to participate in that ceremony. It is seems like the government is often siding with the homosexual movement so there's a loss of religious rights for Christians in this country because of that is not it's not a matter of just go find go somewhere else to both bake a cake for your so-called marriage somewhere else. If you would now be one thing that will be more tolerance okay you know I bake a cake process your commission final go somewhere else.

Someone else is going to do it great, but that's not what happens. It's you will bake a cake for us. Okay, you're going to be punished. You're going to be forced to comply and you can be forced to go along with you to be forced to affirm the sin that you that you that offends you that that's where the rub comes in. Okay, let's go next to the.

The next a soundbite which is a little later here looks after that on the easy with getting the soundbites said. But here is how socialism is being manifested to the younger generation felt very powerfully is through the millennial's, and I see some here and I'm so thankful you are here to listen to me this is what is happening to our precious children okay the media gives them disinformation to brainwashers them just like the Soviets did so they don't have a clue what's really going on in the entertainment world pressures them through political correctness to believe it's wrong to speak against the trends of the day like socialism and if you want to be cool.

You better go along to get along suite destroys their individuality and their thinking ability and then the educational system using psychological manipulation and potentially dumbs them down and has been doing it for 50 years while telling them all the time. You're the smartest kids there's ever been this generation of millennial's and I know there's exceptions apply those either. Here you are the exceptions, but have been taught.

Everybody gets a first place trophy and there are no losers and I just all this lies of psychological manipulation. All the while. Okay, my going to the next part of this answer because it's what what millennial's are now think of themselves as a result of all this. This manipulation by the media and others hears that soundbite when they are asked to rate them self's force where you think you stand in the world, math, science, history in every county where do you think American kids like yourself where you write, you know they rate themselves number one in every single category even though their 25th to 40th and most of the categories. So here is what happens.

This is been purposeful. This is not the millennial generation thinks they're the smartest generation history when really they are the dumbest and I don't say that as a cut down. I say that as it's not their fault. It's been purposeful. We've got to tone them down so they'll accept our vision of a new world and so they get out of college, they go on the smartest guy ever. I even went to college, got a college degree and they find it can get a good job there. Look at hey I do I should start at least 100 grand a year because I'm the smartest kid it's ever been and I can't find those jobs because they're not prepared for those jobs, they were ripped off and so here's what happens. They know the problem couldn't be me.

It must be the system and so they realize we need system change. This free enterprise System is on. Just look at me I'm a college degree. I there's no one sharp on the planet and I can't find a good job. That means this is not good and you can see over the next 10 or 15 years as socialism grows every young people going be calling for a system change yet Artie card for that system change. Now you can feel it in this country and by the late hardly anyone goes out and talks about all this is, socialist amine Bernie Sanders in Alexandria will cost you Cortez admitted the part of the Democrat Socialist party in the Democrat party. But there Democrat Socialist, but most people don't don't want you there. There is a pejorative to that where there's a negative connotation connotation to socialism at the moment, so use other nicer sounding word to talk about social justice and basic universal income and single-payer healthcare.

What does government control healthcare to talk about immigration how what you don't open open borders and so forth like this that just get more people in the country stressed the system so the government has to be more involved.

All of these things, a debt elimination for students in college the educational system gun rights read that redefinition of the biblical family and marriage and morality there. All the socialist policies that Karl Marx envisioned, but they can't use the word socialism too much to scares people. But they're getting bolder and bolder and bolder about them arresting more of it. That's what Christians we need to be informed when the lease close the doors at the gates of our churches more for this in the Christian world view. Environmental scaremongering is the favored tactic of the left to gain massive government control.

After all, if you can convince people that we are imperiling our very existence by human caused climate change.

There is no tax law or reordering of society that goes too far. Christians need to be fully informed of this nefarious climate change scheme. That is why we are offering to resources by Kalb Eisner, founder of the Cornwall Alliance for the stewardship of creation brings a truthful biblical worldview to this issue. Climate change in the Christian is an 80 minute DVD message in the cosmic consequences of Christ's cross work is a 15 page booklet one or both are available for a donation of any amount to the Christian to order the Christian world or call 1888 646-2233 a right to Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331.

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Take advantage of this limited time offer with our lowest prices of the year. Both books make excellent gifts, especially when you request them signed and personalized my boy Ben e-book is also available. Order iPhone 1888 646-2233 or by mail at Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 final today this Mother's Day weekend and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there listening to the Christian today so grateful for you and the major major impact that you have on raising the next generation very grateful to my own mother happy Mother's Day mom and were looking forward to having you come on the program are so thankful that you're still with this, you and dad another year. We just can't believe it got is been so good to our family and not keeping both of you with us for for so long.

So over looking forward to that program coming up. If you miss the Christian review speaker series event last night really highly encourage you to go to our website the Christian world It is click on the link on the homepage it'll take you to the video from the event last night and you can watch the entire event. There just really really want well were so thankful to the Lord for how that event went to so many of you who came out to that event by the what we have another one coming up Christian review speaker series in September and September 15. This one is going to.

This was on the impact of social justice on the Gospels. This means that sound the same. This is a different topic here. This is given by Darrell Harrison.

He's a former fellow of the black theology leadership Institute I believe was at Princeton and he just he's fantastic.

If I remember my program last year and I were excited to have him come that events knocking to be at University Northwestern know that was to be a Grace Church in Eden Prairie, Minnesota same time. It's a Sunday evening is time September 15 7 PM and that is good the day before September 16, which is our goal for our annual golf and dinner event which is good to be back at what Hill country club and was that a Minnesota this year so we have a lot coming up this year.

I hope you can put those dates on your calendar and come out to those events. We we course. Love the radio program and there's a place for radio but there's also a place for in person events.

We can do more in-depth examination of some of these issues. Okay few more soundbites before we end the day here. The program, the next one. Here is about how this issue of social justice or socialism is coming into the church. That's what's happening as I get to now. How is socialism manifesting itself in the evangelical church will now in September. Your next speaker series is specifically on this issue. Experts coming. He's going to go into this in detail so I'm just briefly getting into it, but it's an important topic as we allow them to capture the church were in trouble right and so is every lost meaning trouble because they were not shining the light of the truth of the gospel and that's not loving that's all these plans giving false hope to the hopeless false roadmap to the lost it into a false and in that's what's going on and you young people need to go and get a real hope because there is real hope and were given real answers. It will give them the truth and so the church of course is been a main target of the left of my movies going to this in detail because they knew if you can influence the church you can influence millions of people and they been desperate ever since to enlist the church in their little schemes, whatever they may be lending himself, who is a master strategist, the founder of the Soviet Union, said the best way. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves and so they been working for 100 years to get control of the church so they could use that there were number one enemy is someone that's pushing for their agenda. Okay, that's exactly what has been the case you seen the pilot program for this took place in the mainline denominations. 100 years ago when socialism was still around. Back then they swallowed it yet. If peace is always couched in terms of compassion and what Christian isn't for compassion for sure want to help those who are disadvantaged and and hurting and in need and so forth. So there is a is the desire of Christians to want to help people be compassion. It's a good thing.

The good thing but the means by which it was being done now is advocating or was done by the mainline denominations swallowed the lie that socialism is the way to do it tax people more change forced equity ends in society help the poor. Oh you don't get lost in all that the gospel gets lost in all that in them in the mission of the church is lost, all that so there's that. That's exactly the reason why mainline denominations. They teach nothing on Sunday but little stories and social good, and you be a good person and be nice to your neighbor and all that the powerless nothingness of a non-gospel that that's was going on in most of these churches because they swallowed the lie of socialism hundred years ago. The problem is that the evangelical churches is dallying with this as well. Now, through the social got just as no social justice is a gospel issue as soon as you make that your priority that we have to rectify all these perceived injustices. The structural racism in this country that Blacks are are oppressed and are still oppressed need" as we get certain number in each church board and you to have this survey done of your church and we need to reach out to the gay community be you can be a gay Christian. Same-sex attracted Christian we do focus on these issues. The church is been bigoted and behind the times in these okay you start thinking that way you're thinking wrongly for for at first. But secondly, what gets lost in the shuffle immediately is when the focus goes on the social good. The gospel gets left way behind and then people don't actually change in the church gets altered forever. We cannot allow that to happen mention last night that America is the last thing standing in the world between the world imploding and going into globalism. This is this country. The last thing standing what's making this country still stand is a small segment of the population who are biblical Christians are evangelicals who who have a still have a semblance of biblical values applied to government into society, and so forth your say now know we don't want to go down that road. If that though if that segment falls the country's going to quickly change in the world is going to quickly change that we may not be able to have no have that stop that will be asked me we know the way the ends get to be there is gonna be a global government. Someday the antichrist is gonna rise the Bible is true. But were there still is wordiness in standing for what is right and pushing back for the gospel in biblical principles and trying to stay safe and install the churches move towards that direction.

There is absolute worthiness and that we are called to contend earnestly for the faith in the gospel were called to the standard for Sapa sound doctrine and point out non-sound doctrine. I don't know what percentage but so much of the New Testament's reach as you read. It is an encouragement of of do this and exhortation do good things, but also warning of watch out for this teacher.

Watch out for this false doctrine don't go down that route. There's a balance there and so much of evangelicalism today is only but keep it positive you keep people happy. Keep smiling your arms up in the air, crank up the music you don't preach on topics that are uncomfortable or controversial.

There there is no basis in in in truth for that at all. In the New Testament just read the New Testament see what people like Peter and and Paul and Jesus what what they say they they strongly encourage the good and they strongly put point out the evil the wrong way to go. We do the same as we do live in a changing and a very challenging America that is that is toying again with this going down this socialistic road now are not socialistic, yet not by a long shot but there is read channels of socialism in our country the need to be identified and understood by Christians. We must stop this move, especially at our churches. Because there is one thing Christian. We can always trust in and count on. And that's this Jesus Christ and his word.

They are the same yesterday today and forever and will move you rely on them and trust in them. We will be blessed and we will be doing what's good for God's glory and our good until next weekend. Think biblically and live accordingly. We hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word and his son to order a CD copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian world us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supported by listeners and sponsors request one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian worldview dawdle or call us toll-free at one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 Ascent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world. Until next time think biblically and live according

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