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TCW Short Take #4: How were you saved out of the Prosperity Gospel movement?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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July 14, 2019 8:00 pm

TCW Short Take #4: How were you saved out of the Prosperity Gospel movement?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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July 14, 2019 8:00 pm

TCW Short Take #4: How were you saved out of the Prosperity Gospel movement? by David Wheaton

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Tell us the story of how you came out of this. What was going on in your mind how you understood the gospel how your wife played into that give us a snapshot of that story. People can read about in the book but just tell us how God save you out of this.

Yeah, it was through his word. No doubt the understanding of the true gospel.

In Jesus's healing ministry in his sovereignty and he used people along the way.

So a quick 3.2 minute sermon would be. You've got the coach you've got the girl and you got the pastor my coach at Dallas Baptist University where I played baseball after working for my uncle was a disciple maker, and he began to talk to me about the sovereignty of God and talk to our team about it and we memorize Bible verses and went through different studies and the sovereignty of God started leaking in, albeit I was confused a bit because the idea of God being sought sovereign really messed with my theology because I thought I was in control. With my faith and my offerings and my anointing, but that messed me up and then God brought my wife along and we tried as a family to fix her. She didn't speak in tongues. She didn't come from our background.

She drove a Toyota Yaris, I drove the Hummer she worked as a server at a restaurant. I had only ever been a prosperity preacher worker. Her family was blue-collar, my family was prosperity gospel wealth and royalties so she comes along and the Lord really use the the things that happened with her there were things that we try to get her to do and make her have and make her become that network working and I begin to wonder. You know what's wrong with her, but then soon I began to question what's wrong with our beliefs and she had gone to my uncle services my dad's. We had tried to get her speak in tongues and get the anointing on her life.

We had tried to get her to revere all of the leaders that were leading us in the Lord really used her to ask me some tough questions and we went on that journey together and then ended up at a church plant where Pastor Tony would one of my best friend still today started helping me along asking questions as well. And then the Lord really took hold of our church, our lives everything and I preached a sermon one Sunday and Tony gave me a MacArthur commentary and I preached John five the healing at the pool of Bethesda and made a few observations that Jesus healed one man healed him immediately and he demanded even know Jesus was. So I thought. Will Jesus didn't heal everybody.

Jesus didn't heal with the show. He did it immediately.

There is no process and then the man didn't know he was out of even have enough faith to get healed and I begin to study right there passage and realize that Jesus is sovereign power and healing is what the Bible teaches, and that we cannot turn his healing ministry into a formula for monetary gain. My entire world came crashing down.

I this is the cliff notes version but all the rest of it's in the book and I was saved. I repented of my sin. I turned to Christ he won victory in my heart and I committed to preaching the true gospel since that day and other dominoes fell, of course, after but that's really the. The short version of how his word. The truth, and faithful people were used. To change my life. We hope you gain from this thing of the Christian worldview radio program here the full program and for the ministry, visit the Christian I'm David

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