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Short Take: How has American’s response to the coronavirus exposed a faulty worldview?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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March 22, 2020 8:00 pm

Short Take: How has American’s response to the coronavirus exposed a faulty worldview?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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March 22, 2020 8:00 pm

Description: Short Take from The Christian Worldview program on What the Coronavirus Has Exposed about Our Worldview?


What has the coronavirus exposed about the worldview of our our culture of individuals you talk about governments and things like that in the crackdowns. But what about people's response to this knickers set several things. Ivan's been watching the news in your read online in people's reactions to this whole thing and I think it's really exposed certain flaws in our worldview and the first one is that how unprepared people are for any disruption of their life.

Another with we have this idea. This worldview that things are always going to continue as they always have been.

It's easy to fall into that. But these things happen. Now they may not happen in our lifetime. This is unprecedented for my life, 50 years old, maybe for the older generation remembers World War II, the Holocaust, or some like that when things were drastically reordered bit.

I don't remember a time in my life were basically most of the world. The least significant first world countries are on lockdown and a business is stopped and I were just sitting around waiting for you on the next dictate from government at this point. So how unprepared we are for disruption you beyond just basic food and supplies and we don't have snow any kind of backup in case the grocery store down the street runs out of stocks on their shelves, but that people and businesses have very little saved for emergency use. He reports on television and so forth that people are saying your business again to go bankrupt in a week or two and or individual say that you can't make payments on things and this is only after a week or two of shutdowns mean that that is just way too highly leveraged and presumptuous upon the future to be running on that little margin in case there's any disruption, no business, no person shall go bankrupt after two weeks of disruption that that's just poor planning. I maybe there's a some extreme cases, but all of us should be working toward in our our finances, whatever they may be that we have 3 to 6 months of reserve in case something unexpected happens, we lose our job. There's a death there's a sickness. Whatever we should be working toward that instead of presuming that no I got this income coming in a compartment count on it next week and the next we connected.

We can't that's what this this virus has taught me at least, is that how we need to be prepared, not hoarding not live in a bunker for six years.

It's not going to work. By the way if everything goes south in the world but you're having some reserve and some preparation so that a disruption like this, however long it may last week and holdouts and be fairly stable and move on with our lives and be able to take care of our families for at least three months, six months or maybe more. Number two things that I think this is exposed about our worldview of our society is that how people expect in look to government to save them yell. There's a reason that God designed the family to be the primary umbrella of protection for people and not the government.

So as the nuclear family as dad and mom raising children in the discipline and instruction.

The Lord is that is being pushed to the sides, disappearing, becoming less common. Being redesigned to different kinds of quote family arrangements. The safety net is no longer dad mom you income coming in and taking care of the kids.

The safeness government that's two people look to and then people think King Tromp should just wave a wand and make this go away or that government should have you a million veteran ventilators and storage somewhere behind the White House know what is the government going to do for me or what is my business going to do to me now that I have to work, work at home.

What am I gonna do with my kids. What are you, the business can I do with my kids, who are now home that I can't send a daycare or school that there is this immediate change in people's perspective that takes place that when things are disrupted. There is not enough.

Apparently of a a family intact unit and umbrella of protection there that there immediately going outside and saying what is government and what is my corporate job going to be able to do first for me now in line here going on is the government apparently is now going to issue a 1,000,000,000,001 people of the government learned be doing a $1 trillion stimulus package and where we getting that money we printing it.

What is that due to inflation. What is that due to our economy ready $24 trillion in debt. The government's going to be issuing $1200 checks to every person the country or everyone gets one that not sure how that's gonna work out but there can be writing checks to people and that's where our mentality has has gone today, people expect and look to the government to save them. But what is the impact of that. What is the effect of that. I think it's a sad reality that has come from this particular situation with the coronavirus

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