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What is the Cure for a Pandemic Greater than the Coronavirus?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton
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April 3, 2020 8:00 pm

What is the Cure for a Pandemic Greater than the Coronavirus?

The Christian Worldview / David Wheaton

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April 3, 2020 8:00 pm

Right now the world is focused on a viral pandemic called COVID-19 that many have contracted and from which many have died. But have you considered that there is an even greater spiritual pandemic that is fatal for every person? What would that be?

The answer is the sin pandemic. This pandemic is always terminal physically, and if not “treated” according to God’s word, is terminal spiritually as well. The Bible says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” and “the wages of sin is death” (Romans 3:23; 6:23)....

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What is the cure for a pandemic even greater than the coronavirus Ray comfort joins us today here on the Christian worldview radio program or the mission is to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, I'm David. We hosted our website the Christian Thank you for joining us this week and on the Christian real viewing right now as everyone knows the world is focused on a viral pandemic called COBIT. 19. That many have contracted and from which many of died but have you considered that there is an even greater spiritual pandemic that is fatal for every person, what with both happy. Yes or is the sin pandemic. This pandemic is always terminal physically and if not, quote treated according to God's word is terminal spiritually as well. The Bible says, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and the wages of that sin is death. Romans 323 and 623 a people all over the world right now have anxiety.

There are grave health risks financial hardship in a very uncertain future, but I guess this we can Ray comfort, founder of living waters ministries joins us to explain how you can have peace and hope through this trial.

Ray will show how the viral pandemic is actually a unique opportunity to share the cure for the even greater spiritual pandemic.

Also, later in the program.

Lydia Kaiser from Child evangelism Fellowship will join us to offer some constructive ideas to do with your children during this time at home.

Let's first get to the first segment of the interview with Ray comfort Ray.

It's a privilege to have you back on the program I want to start out with the question that everyone is thinking and talking about related to the coronavirus right now would be very interesting to get your thoughts on this pandemic on a couple different aspects of it. The health side the economic side, maybe even the political side, and also the spiritual standpoint as well, obviously, is devastating to help economically terrible, politically disastrous but spiritually wonderful. I have never ever seen.

So people so the gospel I I get what I did up until it how we can go go twice a day and then after over a year to local college to witness to people and film to get up for a YouTube channel when acing sessions, and I've never seen such openness is the last few weeks because of this virus and I I think is because it is a midlife crisis.

Yes, you had one product asked my wife about that she might, it may not in the background on that you know nobody can actually have a midlife crisis. Could you do when the India life is going to be sacking tell when the middle is in us, so we midlife crisis actually means you realize your mortality is when people often make it 3540 815 I suddenly thinking on things going off on dying and then die one day and it did. The grant of the Grim Reaper instead of being a far off as suddenly come to the door. With this pandemic and people are thinking about me mortality which is wonderful. Coming this. What brought me to Christ. I member thinking I man I'm so happy I so love life. Life is like standing in line in front of me staving off a cliff and I'm leaving on the line saying I can get out of this line in on part of the oldest and ultimate statistics 10 out of 10 die and so was this openness up until a week ago and is going to the to the college where young people sent I think about desolate time. I'm terrified of dying. I was able explained in the power of faith. Most people think faith is kind of weak, especially atheists.

I think we people have faith in faith is incredibly strong when you give an illustration and this is what I'm using with college students and on videos if you jump out of a plane 10,000 feet without a parachute. Would that be fearful that this was actually terrifying. Yeah, once I gave you a parachute you knew was going trusted 100%. How would that change things that say everything would change again now stating the ground of the hundred and 20 miles down your face.

You can land on your feet, about 15 miles an hour, you will faith and that parachute changes everything they can say now that I jump BPM saying you dumb safe because of your faith in the parachute exactly the same applies with the Savior.

If you can die in your sins without the Savior.

That's terrifying. It's like jumping out of a plane night with no parachute people are terrified of day. The Bible calls the king of terrors. But God and the Savior gives us a parachute. The Bible actually says put on the Lord Jesus Christ. David, I'm 70 years old I might not finish this interview the dancers lost staying I came to this world with nothing.

I leave my with my hand in the hands of Jesus and my faith in him is in direct proportion my fears as long as I fatal have no fear by totally trust the parachute when I jump no fear of. I have fear means I don't have faith.

So my fate, my faith will actually regulate what fear I have when I pass through day that is not instantaneous and so that's the message with God for this dying world say God is dealt with the problem.

The Bible says Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel. So we have a glorious message in this terrible pandemic is made people open the gospel, which is wonderful so well said. And so based on biblical truth. Ray thank you for that Ray comfort today here on the Christian Realty radio program talking about what is the cure for the pandemic. That's even greater than the coronavirus rate during this time of this been so many closures across the country, even churches.

Easter coming up. Do you think churches should be complying with these these shutdown orders seen elsewhere like Peter and John and ask for in front of the authorities saying stop preaching the gospel and they said no.

We have to obey God rather than men do you think churches should be complying with these orders when comparatively young have abortion clinics there able to remain open. Yeah church has complied with going online and it's been really wonderful to do is remember the church is not building.

We can't, we tend to think all it's the building but is not the judges is that the body of Christ and you cannot stop the body of Christ from doing the will of God.

I member years ago when is preaching down on New Zealand's dislike years ago I did up to 12 years almost every day and one day I arrived where I preach the Playskool speaks corner and was a crowd there and there was some peace protesters who were protesting about peace and I started preaching and they ran across and shut me out.

They just surrounded me and say, sit with it wherever here you just be quiet. We have a protest.

We don't want people distracted and so they stop me preaching while a friend of mine got up and started speaking because he saw what happened and they went over stopped him. So I jumped up immediately as soon as they stopped him and started preaching.

I tell you, you don't know how awful the spirit of God is in you, until someone tries to put them out like you try and blow it aflame with wind Wednesday and Thursday. Don't stop the flame of the gospel and so you look at the book of acts when Saul of Tarsus created havoc within the church in great persecution came to the church. This is what it says. Therefore they that were scattered abroad went everywhere preaching the word, they are suddenly reminded of the gondola will increase the gospel to every creature and were in a difficult position because of the fact that we were restricted to homes will go to remember is we still have this incredible thing called the Internet how YouTube channel is got over hundred and 12 million view 12 million just exploded because people are sharing these videos to have the gospel in them and the sharing them, and so people hear the gospel from the point of view of the flying will not get a dog name Sam and not notice that when Sam sees a cat.

He goes crazy and made every muscle in his body goes taints.

In this figure stands up, he's got an intuitive understanding. This is the enemy not go to chase it when he sees another dog totally different attitude. Whether it's a Chihuahua or great Dane, I mean a great thing looks like a horse and Chihuahua looks like a rat, but he recognizes them as being is kind and I showed him a book of dog differences, he intuitively knows that and you and I the same way fascinated by our own kind and overview of the Sea of Panama crowd and yeah the football game suitable they Panama crowd you think this guy looks like uncle Fred look she looks like out mother look at the size of her here that is amazingly fascinated by our own kind and this goes on steroids. When you want to YouTube channel.

I counsel you actually see people react to questions like you afraid of dying.

What happens after someone dies, and people talking about what people don't normally talk about that's fascinating because you're not intimidated by some sweaty preacher is clutching a Bible has a stylishly's point his finger at you, your flounder will you get to hear the gospel from 1/3 person point of view and so that's why the channel is being frequented by some meaning used by somebody because it's fascinating and it contains the gospel and so I encourage Christians to do that instead of sitting at home looking at the wall. Get online get the URL copy the address of the video and just drop it in the comment sections of anyway you can find online and just say hey this is incredibly got to see this love to know your thoughts when you go and you making based you see a time redeem the time, the days of boring Ray comfort with us today in the program and you can go to his website living They have all sorts of videos there. Just click on a video watch yourself you like it you want to share it. Copy the URL disc forwarded out to someone you know who needs to to hear it or watch it or also like even mention even some of those comment sections in articles or refills all the time, riots. It's amazing what comes out of the human mind, and those comment sections on on articles not speaking of street preaching you give course. Do this regularly. Just a little bit off topic here today, but hearing some stories in the news about cracking down on street preachers here in this country. What is been your your sense of where the freedom of assembly and freedom of speech and religion is going and how our street preachers really the canary in the coal mine about those constitutional rights in a culture I went to open up Rachel last Saturday night decided to go on earth is that the loan actually change how I do it. I took the microphone to microphones to microphone stands and I put them 6 feet away from each other and I got people to come up & coming up say will pay you to come and talk to me and people came up as much as I give you five dollars gift And people came up immediately. I got on camera. It was just wonderful people opened up and we were 6 feet apart and police didn't bother us that the police didn't bother us as just got a call from them when they arrived, and that leave actual really quickly that it was great so I thought go back on Thursday.

So last Thursday I put all my gear went to Huntington Beach going there every Saturday we misrepresented a 612 years. When he arrived, it was just like it was like a crime scene, police tape was everywhere.

It was the peer all the parking lots. Everything was just cordoned off and I just came home so it's very very frustrating. But like I said with got the Internet and and I spend most of my days creating videos and creating things topical the balance off so people can be reached with the gospel because under the apostle Paul opinion. What we head go crazy with joy and he said by all means reach some as a sentiment dungeon chained to a wall, probably living God. I am writing a letter having to dictate a letter to someone to communicate was going to be delivered by hand, and rate will we instantly didn't reach literally millions as I said hundred and 12 million and so I'm just delighted with what had what we having a necessity is the mother of invention.

So with go to invent ways to get the gospel to the unsaved, who are incredibly open because of the virus you listen to an interview with Ray comfort today on the Christian worldview. He is the founder and he's an evangelist. As you can hear I was living waters ministry just a inspiring person to listen to that really encourages and motivates us to to to do the most important thing is a believer to pursue the great commission to evangelize to disciple with much more coming up with him also be offering.

Here's a booklet called how to be free from the fear of death. Short 20 page booklet will tell you how to get that booklet rare for this first break of the day in the Christian worldview. Stay tuned on David Wheaton is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called Congress thought.

I don't think God Jesus said say story.this separates Christianity from every other religion in the world. The American gospel films. Contrast the false teaching so prevalent today to true biblical Christianity for a limited time we are offering both films for donation of $30 or more to the Christian worldview regular retailers.

1799 each to order go to the Christian or call 1888 646-2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331. Be sure to take advantage of two free resources that will keep you informed and sharpen your worldview. The first is the Christian worldview, weekly email which comes to your inbox each Friday.

It contains the upcoming radio program along with the need to read articles, teacher resources, special events and audio the previous program. The second is the Christian worldview, annual letter, which is delivered to your mailbox.

In November it contains a year-end letter from host, David. We had a listing of our story, including DVDs, books, children's materials and you can sign up for the weekly email and annual by visiting the Christian worldview.calling one AAA 646-2230 through your email and mailing address will never be sure you can unsubscribe at any time, called one AAA 646-2233 or visit the Christian world.welcome back to the Christian worldview radio program, David Wheaton, your host. Our topic today is what is the cure for a pandemic even greater in the coronavirus. Our guest is Ray comfort from living waters ministry to mention the end of the last segment that we are featuring one of his products resources. Today is a 20 page booklet called how to be free from the fear of death and the descriptors were all part of the ultimate statistic as Ray mentioned in the first segment there. 10 out of 10 people die with no escape from this fate.

We understandably have a fear of dying with this little book will show you not only how to alleviate your fears. But what you can do about death itself. We ordered 500 of these there only $0.50 apiece for a 20 page booklet speak a great price on them. If your regular straightness order them by going to our website the Christian

We encourage you to order five or 10 of them and give them away. If you've never contacted us just call or email us and to give you one for free. Our toll-free number is one AAA 646-2233 or email addresses feedback at the Christian worldview.orc okay bro of lot more to go with our interview with Ray comfort with get back to the second segment with him. We talked about this next question Ray at the beginning of our conversation today, but maybe you could delve in deeper to comparing the coronavirus pandemic to an even more terminal pandemic which is the sin pandemic in every single one of us yeah with the coronavirus. They have a taste which is apparently kind of hard to get, but if you got the symptoms you don't get a taste when it comes to sin. There is a test that we can do Bibles as most men will proclaim their own goodness brothers 20 verse six, people are in terrible danger, but they don't realize is that of the Dunning Kruger effect. No, it was a couple psychologist back in 1999 study and came up with the thought that people are more inclined to think that better things than what we think we can jump higher run faster and sing better than what we can and it's so true in us. 13 I came home from school, put tape recorder in front of me and I son into it and write it back and David was disgusting.

I thought I sound like Elvis, but I was so bad hoeing down the beach, the time wouldn't come on the tide wouldn't comment it was really bad. I haven't settled publicly since that time, except my wife can hear me singing in church a countersink line because I really can't say my gifting probably elsewhere. So when it comes to gifting suite. We think they're better than what we are exactly the same applies moderately we think were a good person and that's because we make the trek mistake of measuring ourselves by man standard, rather than by God's you watch the police when they catch you what they think is a drunk driver. I give them a taste they get them out of the car and walk a straight line save is crooked and God is given us the straight line of the moral rule.

15 Commandments show us whether or not with crooked we measure ourselves by man standard to become a good look at that little request truth and would pass the apostle Paul said the wool is spiritual. That means God considers the last to be adultery you last up to someone with a married or single, you commit adultery in your heart as far as God is concerned. If you hate your brother. The Bible says remember lying lips are an abomination to the Lord. In fact, sin is so serious in God's eyes, all lines of the lake of fire.

No thief a blasphemer note fornicate in a homosexual adulterer one here the kingdom of God. The Bible mix that very clear. Suddenly when we measure ourselves by that standard, we see with staggering moderately. We cannot, we can stand up on judgment day when God is gonna bring every work to judgment, including every secret thing, whether it is good or evil. You know, one line is that there is such a thing as a secret. There's no such thing as a secret. Jesus said there is nothing secret that's what he said Solomon had the same thing gonna bring every secret work to judgment.

The I the Lord is in every place. The holding the evil and the good nobleman is been secretly right is no secret adultery, no secret pornography, secret lying, stealing the secret meta-everything seen by God and is going to be a day of judgment. When God reveals that he is a God of righteousness, justice and truth will by no means clear the guilty, the Scripture say he's rich and messy to pull Nicole up on these provided a life for us to be forgiven through the Savior. When Jesus suffered and died on the cross. He took the punishment for the law that you and I finally did. That's why said it is finished using the has been pain: some impatient fine judge can let you go, even though you guilty. Insight is a stank of speeding fines here. This is deadly serious in someone's kite flying free to go and do that which is legal and right and just God can legally forgive our sins dismiss our case. Take the death sentence office because Jesus paid the fine and full of sliced blood and he can do that which is right and just like standing messy justice thing satisfied through the cross and the resurrection. So will you and I need to do is so simple a child can understand it is repainted.

In essence Only sell the Christian install lion stealing fornicate that's plan just deceiving yourself. You must be sincere to be genuine, genuine repentance and in trust in Jesus like a trusted parachute. Many people trusting themselves there like a man is jumping out of a plane and when he is jumping to save himself by flapping his arms at St. don't do that parachute so if you trusting yourself transfer you trust yourself to the Savior say can you do that, you've got a promise from God cannot lie. It's impossible for God to lie instantly when make your sins and grant everlasting life as a free gift, advance the gospel and that's what we need to share and that's the test to show us the sentence. Thank you so much for explaining the gospel.

The most important best news for mankind with our universal sin pandemic that we all have you.

You mentioned about don't trust in flapping your arms when you were your falling out of the airplane and so forth. You're basically saying the don't trust in your own good works are posted good works. I was reading in Galatians.

Recently Ray Galatians 5 it says Paul right you have been severed from Christ, you who are seeking to be justified by law. You have fallen from grace. And he says in verse 11. But I brother and if I still preach circumcision. Another words circumcision you to be circumcised to be saved.

Why am I still persecuted within the stumbling block of the cross has been abolished. Another is is a stumbling block of coming to the cross and being truly saved is that we want to do something we want to have her works contribute to justification to our salvation.

How should the futility of trusting at all even a little bit in our good works. We can believe in Jesus but I also have been baptized have taken communion not been a good person of gone to church. How do you tear down that huge issue that we all have within us to try to put faith in our own good works, rather than Christ work for us on our behalf. Yeah what you gotta do is find out what this is trusting into us and this is how I do it I say to someone so you believe in God, yes.

Do you think you're a good person doing what Jesus did, amount obtained a 17 that is correcting someone's understanding would good narrative Christian someone who is genuinely saved would never ever say he's a good person. She's a good person is a reason for that number one is that they know that not because they see sin ministry like the Bible says the law, the 10 Commandments show sin as being exceedingly simple post that I had not known sin but by the law and also would never sound good person because Jesus said, is not good but God.

So if you think you good whose line you will. Jesus obviously does not go but God. God is on tomorrow and so the way to find out what this means trusting as you say you think you're the person and then taken through the 10 Commandments to say how many lies you think you told in your life now say something like this. You told quite a few lies but I just little lights that just like white light, so it's obvious they don't see sin as being exceedingly simple. I still think lightly of Santa Molly think lightly of sending you think lightly of the Savior, and they want find a place rub hand and save. Gotta get the acts of the law and shut down that tree of self-righteousness. It was stolen something. Yeah just when I was a little kid when is a tiny little kid.

I still little things will install still thinking that it's not serious if he is God's name in vain. I yes just a bit of a habit say yeah Rosa for a tongue like it doesn't mean anything just yet and set it would usual mother's name is accounts with us on never do that enough kosher wouldn't because you dishonored a horrible thing to do this and I respect my mother said but you don't respect God used his name the place of a folded of fields would his holy name to express discussed. Now the mouth begins to open a little bit. The eyes widen as they begin to see sin as being exceedingly sinful. Jesus said if you look at last she committed adultery in your heart to give it on that sale yeah do that over time so will give just told me you're a lying, thieving, blasphemous adulthood, how they go will never seen it like that before all this happening is they seem how serious sin is. And that's the way to get rid good works because what it does is it puts them in the dog as a criminal before the judge of the universe any criminal standing accused of crimes who tries to give the judge something before he passes sentence is going to be have a sentence increased, trying to bribe a judge so anything in that scenario when Woolbright is broke broke God's mama Mongol violated God's moral law suddenly see God as a judge oldest sins. Rick supposedly crimes explosive for them to say now will II give money to the Red Cross becomes unjustifiably can't justify your crimes so you shut them up under the law, with no means of escape. So the only way they can be saved is to call upon the mercy of the judge to throw himself on this in the court. God is rich in mercy, it will call upon them so that tree of self-righteousness is rooted in idolatry. They have a wrong understanding of God's character and nature to name God is just like a slave. Santa Claus, a divine bottle. He's not to be feared is snuggly, cuddly set of teddy bear a body and you what you gotta do is get rid of that and show that our God is a consuming fire that his wrath buys on their enemies of God in the mind through wicked works when we get a glimpse of the true nature of God. When idolatry is tossed out of the door and they see God as he is suddenly only thing that can save them as his grace and his mercy and that's what we see expressed on the cross so so good Ray comfort is our guest today here on the Christian worldview living is their website the Christian is ours you can get a copy of his booklet, which were featuring today.

How to be free from the fear of death 20 pages. We also other resources that we ordered as well from his ministry with high about those coming up on the Christian worldview.

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As you can receive the DVD for a donation of any amount that Christian worldview to order that Christian or call 188846 2233 or right Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331 David Wheaton here to tell you about my boys then story of love, loss and grace then was a yellow lab and inseparable companion stage of my life when I was single, competing in the professional tennis to. I invite you to enter into the story's tapestry of relationships within my aging parents, child, friend.

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You can disorder as many as you like You also see other books to great resources for living waters lifts that we we ordered scientific facts in the Bible 100 reasons to believe the Bible is supernatural in origin. This is a great book how to win souls and influence people. This would be very much in line with what were talking about today. I mean, this is what he lives he can talk about this coming up how he was able to do such great witnessing. He he consumes his mind should consume all of our minds ultimate the most important issue for every nonbeliever is you know how to help them understand how they can avoid being judged for their sin. And finally, we also ordered a devotional Jesus in red. It's called 365 meditations on the words of Jesus allots of resources there new ones we we have one short segment with rate left today and apply you little interview I had in a secular radio station this week where the conversation went in a very unexpected direction and finally in the last segment of the day were going to be talking to Lydia Kaiser from children's advantage of a Child evangelism Fellowship just about what some things that we can be doing with our kids to make the time productive while their home from school okay last segment with Ray Rego from interacting with people and you hear people's responses to the gospel, especially the younger generation thinks it's disproportionate punishment.

What what you're talking about with regards to God's holiness and justice in his wrath and his his judgment over sin. How do you dismantle this concept today that will really mean my little sin is going to cause a God, if there is one to send me to hell for eternity. That seems a little extreme. Yeah.

Personally I don't believe atheists when I say I believe in God or they say is no evidence of God's existence.

I know they do know that like Adam is running from God.

Try to hide because this since then. Like the prodigal son who went to a fine country to get away from the father, because it is sent, so I know that intuitively know God exists is given liked every man without excuse, because the evidence of creation according to Romans chapter 1, so I peeled a conch and snuggled on using the will and number two I peeled the a reason.

By asking this question say his name's ball. Bob didn't want Dave is according to the Bible once is no his wages. Wages is what God is giving you what you sent the wages of sin is death. Romans 623 God considers sin to be so serious he's paying you in like a judge in a court of law who's got a heinous criminal before anything slightly of killing three young girls rewrite slit his throat.

He doesn't care. He says that would just come to the prostitutes so the judge says with paying you for your crimes. You going to the electric chair. This is your wages. This is what you've earned. God's his sin is so serious he's giving us the death sentence I say Bob. The reason you will die is because you have sinned against God, do you think you that sinful evil justified that God should give you capital punishment involves is no okay let's see how good you and we just go through the months and he grows to be a lying thieving glasnost fornicating adultery, feeding on pornography daily and using his creative's name is a Chris with it. And suddenly, sin becomes exceedingly sinful the conscience the judge on the court with the mind suddenly begins to do its duty and accusing from the inside.

The Holy Spirit convicts him of sin is now. By the law and then he's ready for the gospel, the good news in obscene people kind of it the look of relief for living shop on the law and they suddenly see me notice some proselytizing and religious not they see me as someone who really cares, and they can suddenly see why I cares because they were in terrible little ninja and that's my motive announcing Jonah check and money him saying hey Bob here in terrible danger. You gotta get right with God before the dance seizes upon you, and this coronavirus is making that mobile for them right just last question is when people watch your videos or what you preach on the street and interact with people think it's easy to say while he just has great answers and great analogies illustrations to use of people in he seems to be really sharp and the interact. I could never do something like that. How do you encourage someone listing today who who who wants to and knows they should be reaching out to friends and neighbors and people they know, just to have a little more confidence in being able to communicate the gospel just have conversation spiritual conversations with people that lead in that direction. Yes kind like a tennis player with a look at a Wimbledon champion same man that God is good.

I could never do that but if you go up until to him and say come you so good he will say to you I practiced I practiced and practiced in practice type affected I build muscle. I denied myself and that's the principal evangelist of evangelism. If you have a here eloquence on like I'm just a fumbling linen take seriously on the nobody from nowhere's got nothing but a love for God and love people, so I practiced when I preached a thought about atheism, but in the shower and preach to the wool in the mirror I preached to myself I preached of the dog. I think about this coming all around us, people are dying so that the focal point of them lying should be what can I do to reach the lost. How can I learn and that's what these videos do hearing me do it again and again you see the Wimbledon plan. The shots he makes think I could do that. I just got a practice episode get our YouTube channel is of the 2000 videos a completely free and and just see people respond again and again and see how right distal backsliding but I say to them you really believe the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything you see and atheists I will not lie. Don't believe nothing created thing you hear me say we not an atheist nieces yeah you're right so you can learn how to say things like that you can dismantle self-righteousness using the tools that God has given us the weapons available for not counting the mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds where wall God gives us these mighty weapons in the gutter using three concerned about reaching the lost array we just so appreciate your example. In doing this, your obedience to the Lord and getting out there and proclaiming the gospel in every opportunity. So we just wish all of God's best, and grace to you were always thankful to have you come on the program. We just appreciate who you are in your ministry and I thank you again Ray thank you to have me on appreciated okay Ray comfort everyone. If you missed any of the interview can always go to our website after it airs the Christian real to hear the replay of the interview the rate cover.

I really recommend you do.

That's very helpful to hear his answers to the various questions today stimulates how you think and motivates you to share the gospel with the lost and gives you great ideas to do so and when you're at the website. Be sure to get her featured resource how to be free from the fear of death. Again, a complementary copy for you if you've never contacted the Christian really all you do is call or email if you can't order that online.

The other was if the buy it but if you want a free one. This calls that one 888 646-2233 or email us for everyone else. You can escort the websites right there in the home page only $0.50 apiece for a 20 page booklet and order multiples of them. We've ordered 500 so we have plenty. Also while you're there, look at the other books where you have by Ray scientific facts in the Bible how to win souls and influence people. Though the devotional Jesus and rather all there on the site. You also an opportunity for you like to support the ministry of the Christian really making a donation you can do that as well. As you check out with some of these resources, we very much appreciate that. Okay, we have more coming up here. I wanted to say in light of Ray's last answer, but Wimbledon you brought that up.

I was actually interview this week in the local secular radio station and with the with the sports host and the ostensibly the he contact me is to talk about the fact that Wimbledon has been canceled this year, so he invited me to come on the program. This was actually on think of as actors on Friday night just last night and he meant a thought that that was the conversation with*the interview he talked about the coronavirus and how this change the sports landscape and sports events have been canceled in kids high school events been canceled.

Whether things we can do and get outside. This sort of thing.

But then all of a sudden he asked me this. You are a man devout faith as well and I think all of us that have a faith search within this to find out what it is were supposed to learn from this college that played in your life over last couple weeks is it is we all kind of seek you know what is it we can get out of this. What is it we need to know what we'll do what you want us to know about it.

God is a question on people ask right now.

Okay this is on a secular radio station on an interview ostensibly about Wimbledon. All of a sudden, this question gets answered.

It just goes to the point that people this coronavirus have has made people. God is using. This is one of the reasons why make think people think about something beyond the moment.

They are living in. So after this break, I will play the rest of the answer to that question that he asked me and just proving the point of what Ray talked about first today that he said spiritually that health is been a disaster economic terrible political division from a spiritual standpoint, this coronavirus has been amazing. So, will come back with her the rest of that interview. There will also get to Lydia Kaiser from Child evangelism Fellowship she's gonna talk about some ways. Some productive things you can do with your kids mother home from school a lot more coming up today in the Christian worldview. Stay tuned.

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That's one AAA Explorer 622 33 or visit the Christian world view.or is a pain to know that there are people who do not know Jesus is a greater pain to know that oftentimes Jesus and Christianity is being distorted is called conscious thought. I don't think God Jesus said say story.this separates Christianity every other religion in the world. The American gospel films. Contrast the false teaching so prevalent today to true biblical Christianity for a limited time we are offering both films for donation of $30 or more to the Christian real view regular retail is 1799 each to order go to the Christian world or call one AAA eight 646-2233 right to Box 401 Excelsior, MN 55331 final flavor of the day here on the Christian real view radio program. Thanks for joining us to realize added up. How long my answer was to this the local radio station about what God doing in this and how long the short segment is with Lydia Kaiser from televangelist Fellowship. It's too much to the one segment of this can apply a portion the last yes me to questions about this local radio host about what's going on in the world are now what should we be thinking about Mr. play the last answer will pulse the whole thing on the Christian real but here's the point about people are thinking about spiritual things right now and if there is something about faith. It is this this understanding this belief that there's a purpose to it and when you have that is you sit you could be in the storm and still have some sense of peace because you don't need to know the answer today.

You just believe it. I just I thought man that seems like a lot healthier way to go through life absolutely and actually worked out that that's what faith means that the evidence of things the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. And so we get we don't know why but we can trust that there is a God and he has things moving for his purposes in the world at the time of self reflection to make sure were right with the way we are approaching terms, and he is clear about that gospel that you know he sent his son so that we could be forgiven our sins forgiven and be right with him and I know maybe people don't agree with that. Everyone has got it guy got a free will you give a short His gospel message and something that were certainly relying on this particular time while so I walked out the room and walked at my wife about what they looked each other and said that really just happen on secular radio and again I think I could do better job explaining the gospel and comparing it to the way Ray is able to when the gospel he does a great job but deftly think I could improve.

But the point is is that there are opportunities here for all of us, maybe not a radio but distant conversations you're having, that there is a heightened sensitivity to what's going on in the world right now so let's try to take those opportunities okay. We have one final segment today with with Lydia Kaiser. She is in corporate communications for Child evangelism Fellowship and I want to play a talk to her yesterday want to play you that short interview with her right now Lydia it's great to have you on the program you work for Child evangelism Fellowship just give us a brief overview of what Child evangelism Fellowship is international nonprofit have been teaching the Bible to children. 37 400 and organized and met nations of the world with over 3500 that an hundred been found in a volunteer, not the nationals in their own country that in a black ministry year to over 25 and half million children in it face-to-face teaching ministry while my wife and I've been involved with the CEF through their good news clubs which will have time to talk about at some point on the program in the future and we we really are strong advocates for how powerful this ministry is especially within public schools today.

Let's get into Lydia, how parents should explain to their children what is taking place right now the difficulties going on the world. I know you have a booklet entitled do you wonder why with the booklet and a video.

Tell us more about that probably what that dumb why the harder question that we all got a laugh like that happened in the line I would like to point everyone that before that.

Do you wonder why booklet 9/11 terrorist attack develop booklet from anything counseling children and we now have digital booklet for as well as a video narrated by children gain wonder why think directly to children about the emotions they need to match on the back.

The ability after death of loved one time about how when bad things happen natural to feel scared bad and angry that Benedict and the hard questions like that that now in care about me like become a bad thing happen in the world and how could God allow that to happen. Have got through really difficult circumstances. How to become part of God's family and how to rethink that comfort. I had felt slightly tell me how it got done.

Comfort care for the whole family will we have a link to it on our website. Right now the Christian world it's called do you wonder why it's either in digital format are also video as well. Highly recommended that you you show this to read this to your children at this time. Just one more question for you, your parents right now have their children home mom you think most everywhere school has been canceled, after school activities, sports otherwise have been canceled, so kids are home all day. What are some recommendations you have for what parents should be doing with their children right now.

I know CEF Child evangelism Fellowship is is out to evangelize children disciple them, establish them in churches what you recommend for parents right now everybody what will enough important dietary and having morning personal devotion that bright and wet click on 19 reflective have a selection of free and appropriate devotional deck at home, but I cannot. How do you like that is good and I doubt that the learning about people do school work being provided at pretty minimal backbone website have colorful Bible lesson with worksheet and answer key for parents called homeschool resources and one third. I recommend choosing a chapter of Scripture and memorizing together at the family might have been had cancer I family member. I went out three and today whenever any of that.

Any person from that family member that during that time even get carried on. Now bring back that uniquely binding experience for our family going through that difficult time back.

I really positive memory rather than negative memory recommend choosing a pathogen get bookings for 48 that contained burst of light rejoice always enacting God willing your heart, your family can make this a cognitive time and finding time to get scared by that time what that brings back bad back on Sunday. Will these are excellent suggestions and we appreciate your coming on the program today. We look forward to hearing more about Child evangelism Fellowship and we just in the meantime, Lydia wish all of God's best, and grace to you. Thanks for coming on the Christian world view today. Okay that's Lydia Kaiser from Child evangelism Fellowship again. You can get those coded 19 resources. Talk about being on the ball being ready for

Also, we have all kinds of great books and DVDs for really encourage you to do do this go there take a look at the children's resources order some during this time when they're at home. Take advantage of these days is a unique time. We do live in a changing and challenging world. Everyone we know that now more than ever, but there is one thing we can always count on in trust in the Bible says Jesus Christ and his word. They are the same yesterday today and forever until next weekend. Everyone think biblically and live according we hope today's broadcast turned your heart toward God's word, and so would receive a copy of today's program or sign up for our free weekly email or to find out how you can be reconciled to God through Jesus Christ go to our website the Christian, call us toll-free one Tripoli 646-2233. Christian worldview is a weekly one-hour radio program that is furnished by the overcoming foundation is supporting what listeners and sponsors was one of our current resources with your donation of any amount go to the Christian world or call us toll-free one Tripoli 646-2230 3.2 was sent Box 01, Excelsior, MN 55331 that's Box 401, Excelsior, MN 55331. Thanks for listening to the Christian world you until next time think biblically live according

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