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May I Help You? — Confessions Of An Ancient Car Salesman

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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September 7, 2019 12:52 pm

May I Help You? — Confessions Of An Ancient Car Salesman

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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September 7, 2019 12:52 pm

Everyone needs help sometimes, and we all need God's help everyday. This week Robby discusses helping others and surrendering to allow others to help us. Maybe you are in need of help, or maybe you need the courage to reach out and help others. God wants to help and bless you today. Listen and enjoy the message right here on The Christian Car Guy Radio Show.

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This is the Truth Network time and wouldn't 21 just one of doing something like 90 must be gravy new today of an ancient car salesman today on the group to Gargano show her the rescue music right there with the William Tell overture, but that may IR till I help you is something that most salespeople would shortly relate to confessions of an ancient car salesman. It's good to be interesting where we go today.

It's really about victory and rescue and surrender today show is thus the scene from the movie Wrangler that you heard that at the beginning or the people of Bricktown. They think it's the time of salvation. It's a band and they truly have surrendered their hearts and their minds to meritorious John on the other hand the clip from the movie move. It's called family man. Jack is trying to save her young man will be gone was clearly not about to surrender to a hypocrite. So this is where were going to this really can be fun. I absolutely looking forward to it were here to help us surrender is going to surrender little time to him actually is our Christian insurance documents and bill you had a surrender experience.

Just yesterday, our chance to help, but I had an interesting week last week I was out in the Bahamas. I was in Freeport amino in Nassau and Friday my devotional life. Got a book on Spurgeon and it says it is a glorious thing to have big trouble.

A great Atlantic below that will take you off your feet and sweep you out to the sea and let you sink down into the dips and into the the old oceans, Lois Caverns, until you get to the foundations of the mountains and there you will see God and then come up again detail what a great God he is and how gracious he delivers his people.

I was it at all something to read. As we were heading back to port.

Before the hurricane came down on and talk about Nina rescue so in order to be rescued. You have to want to be rescued and the level of distress appears to be critical to the amount of want to explain it further once explained to me if your arm is chopped off and you're in the emergency room to get stitched up. You don't ask the doctor how much is this going to cost. Seems like a simple enough principle but how deep do you want to going to this rabbit hole Alice because it's pretty deep. The original reason I think this principle was being taught to me many years ago was to help me see the need, but if you can build up somebody's desire for karma, they just absolutely have to have it increase the profit margin, and I'm guessing they teach something similar that all sales applications. However, there's a spiritual side to this and a practical side that is in my idea is lifesaving, both physically and eternally. So as we heard him intro you may note that a couple of attempted rescue scenes. The first one is a mass of people who been sold on the idea that they need a rescue as he can hear them shouting hallelujah from the movie it's from the movie Wrangler when it's actually a con in order in order to try to control them bio tortoise John there in the second scene is from a movie called family man. There's young man and if you listen carefully, carefully to what he says we are played a couple more times during the show. He sees no need for rescue from a person who appears lost himself when he says what you need. Jack and Jack says I got everything I need.

If you listen carefully to that it's almost chilling to me, isn't it, to hear the start hypocrisy by but it's a hypocrisy the Jack himself has no idea. I mean watch the movie. It's clear Jack has no idea that he needs something desperately, but in the way that wow about me. I mean honestly what will I need well honestly I meet a rescue almost minute by minute. I mean maybe second by second, and God was so kind to give me my word for the day. Last Sunday as you know, I pray every day for word early in the word he gave me Sunday was absolute victory. So I went to research that in the first place. You'll find the word victory in the KJV version of the Bible is in second Samuel 19.

Two. Here's a quote of that verse. It says in the victory that day was turned in the morning and to all the people for the people heard say that how the king was grieved for his son so the Hebrew word for victory here is I believe amounts to Shula meeting salvation so interesting. The word victory means salvation or deliverance of rescue and as I pondered this not been pondering it since I got it my word for Thursday, interestingly, was surrender which in Hebrew surrender means to lay prostrate suck occurs to me really does that. If I'm to truly be rescued on you have to have absolute, unconditional surrender, I mean lay down my time. I will my money, my control, my motives, my relationships, my heart, my soul, my plans by told you this pretty deep rabbit hole.

If were going to get a complete rescue organ have to get a complete surrender. So when we allow someone to help us in whatever level we allow them to help us. We surrender a little bit of our control.

We slitter a little bit of our money or our will, in order to be rescued and depends on how much you're willing to surrender is to be depend on how much you can have an opportunity to be surrender the course if you're surrendering to a con man who has the you know the ideas of tortoise John there that might not play out so good for you or if you're surrendering to somebody really doesn't know where they're going is the case of Jack. That's not play out so good for you so very first thing I was taught when I was selling cars and maybe are taught something similar like this if you were taught how to sell his there's this thing called the road to the sale and it's 10 ordered steps to take the customer through to help them buy a car. The first step is called the meet and greet and here I was taught the fitness first thing that you do with the customers the offer out your hand and introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Robbie Gilmore. Welcome to ABC motors and we were taught do not absolutely do not any circumstances, say can I help you in your gums. A true confession. I never did that I taught at maybe the hundreds of cars filled but I never ever went out to the customer reached out my hand and say hi. Welcome to ABC motors or any other dealership is working and I'm Robbie Gilmore. Is it so awkward. I like to get telling people who I am and and I never have the items you ever noticed it, but I rarely if ever introduce myself on the radio I do. I just don't do that because truth is I've really never surrendered to that concept I may know I am seems irrelevant to the circumstances, and God clearly asked me to help people years ago was sorted by mission statements on order actually help someone. I got it gain their trust right and gaining their trust.

Seems to me to be a lot more bigger priority than men, notably knowing who I am, so I personally don't lean towards trusting somebody who is very impressed with themselves so I would actually say. When I went to wait on customer's I would just say can I show you something.

The got it figured that's what they came for was to see something in and that really started the whole process of trust that I disguise motives are to help me not necessarily to help himself, which is really what my motives were because I just never felt natural to introduce myself but see there was really something there that I did not realize was going on that I got it and give me a lot of charisma. Guess but he'd given me a motive that was clean. That was like I want to help this person and on and and they would begin to discern that that was what was going on and I did have a charisma to sell McCartney due simply at some point in time trusted me enough to surrender whatever amount of money they needed to surrender in order to accomplish this transaction and surrender amount of time in a surrender amount of of of things ago, long line including a signature right Bill little bit Inc. so is interesting to me that my whole life over 40 years. My car business at this point God has been teaching me about surrender, but I didn't really understand how bad she wins three of Bill's got an amazing story on this resolution talk about it.

We would love your surrender story.

Maybe you are getting the concept of this is open up your mind to something, I hope so. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH more surrender engraving, may I help you. Confessions of an ancient car salesman on the Christian card I show I thought I would really love to spend a couple minutes on that clip. Bill that you know. I wonder sometimes what I'm trying to help somebody that I'm really ready with the hope that sin me because due to poor Jack here. He has no clue what he's getting himself into this guy's got a gun and and it has to do a lot of cargo bunch of stuff. It's kind of a crazy scene but nonetheless with the guided Texan Jack is this guy wants to save me.

But he's not going anywhere me doesn't really have what it is that he is he is pretending to offer a lot and often think you know that how can people relate. How can in other words, if all were talking about is today that in order to increase the rescue. We've got a increase right our desire to want to be rescued. So what am I looking forward to some strong enough to give up my will, my time, I money what what is worth it for me to totally surrender and intercourse.

In this case the young man sees nothing in Jack that's willing to surrender his will to this guy you know what you call somebody that diligently tries to help someone that doesn't want any help a pest.

That's right, you did.

They either want your help and are willing to listen and take some advice or your casting pearls before. While I don't know that your casting pearls considers what I was thinking that if Jack could throw out a line or two to say that he's got his own struggles, and this is where he's working. In other words, some kind of testimony that you know ice I've been this way myself at times where I've gone through this in my own life and here's where I found some help. In other words, where I can see that the person offering me some type of salvation or some type of rescue is himself been rescued, but the challenges is that we as Christians sometimes forget that the people just can't relate to a perfect person must be great to be you.

You know that that whole situation is that if we don't open up and be transparent with her own struggles that we desperately need the same rescue they do and how in the world today find something like that. But perfect example is II would love for you to share the story from yesterday but you that it was the attempted rescue me. I was visiting the business in that came out in a couple people asked for a couple dollars to catch a bus supply don't normally give money to people in these situations, but if you're hungry, buy you lunch so took the to pass the two escorted the two of you to little Chinese restaurant bottom. Some lunch and young lady goes back in the back, gentlemen can't keep the ladies name straight but he's claiming to be married to her the numerous other things that went on in the conversation went from I'm pretty sure your making all this up to. There's absolutely no doubt my mind and when the young lady came back into there's a wonderful place.

One of my best friends. One of the people I respect the most, is a young lady named Kristin who works with a program to help young ladies that had been in desperate situations and I suggested she use to run a place called Holly house around the corner and they can't help you with this gentleman, but they can help you, and I gave him some suggestions and we can go get help. Said maybe you should take these two dollars and go catch the bus and he says will she's come in with me and she made it clear that she really didn't want to go with him and I made it clear that we needed to we could ask a policeman to help us make this decision and we got on the phone with Kristin and Kristin was able to talk to the young lady in find out enough about her that she really needed some help. She knew she needed some help but Kristin found a way to did to get her into the program.

The next day and even volunteered find a way to forward get by that night. Then the young lady started with excuses.

There's someplace she needed to go for a few minutes before then she was thinking about staying with her ex-boyfriend that the more she talked, the more I just knew both both the ideas she had was going to take her farther and farther away from actually getting help. So you now. There is sympathy you left out a little critical part of the story that when the gentleman went off to the bathroom and when he did this was before you knew the rest of the story. I'd actually handed your $10 with the idea that maybe this can help you get away from the sky and at that point I didn't realize she was an addict. Even though his pretty good assumption, but once I'd separated once God had separated him from her having offered her, having provided her that $10 probably turned out to be a great mistake which allowed her to write because she saw way out of her current pain. Yes, with the $10 rather than actually surrendering to something that would make sense and based on the rest of the discussion you had with her. She'd been down this road 2090 yes now she's got the opportunity to make a call today and Kristin will will go and pick her up and get her to where she needs to go. So, if you will keep this young lady in your prayers today. Now that's what I was a Holy Spirit will move in this situation that she will make that call and Kristin can get her get her to the facility. She was very familiar with Solis Christison. She knew some of the other's treatment programs in town so I know she knows how to reach out for help. It's just that she asked gets the help she had gathered there some truth that we want to talk about. That would certainly would love your surrender story or maybe the time you didn't 866-34-TRUTH a 7884 moron rescue and the surrender. Essentially, can I help you when we come back Robbie Gilmore here in the Truth Network podcast of help make my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all Michael products.

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You do not ask him how much is that going to cost so as we were talking about Bill's friend here a few minutes ago that her she was obviously in a lot of pain, especially if she was a deviated, she should be gotten higher early in the day and it was starting to kick in again said that the that emptiness in her and I wanted to get more into Christ and wanted to his salvation prayer.

Her mind was completely and totally consumed with paddle I get rid of this pain right right and and and so it's an interesting thing that if if you been in sales you you you realize, to some extent that you have two roads that you can go down you can manipulate the person for your needs to try to get them to do something so that you can benefit or you can try to figure out a way to help them and in doing so quite often you get help. Just because you figured out how to help them and it is kind of like you got to paths that you can go. But in determining how you're going to help them theirs cannot require on their part.

Some amount of surrender. Surrender of information I used to find this all time people would lie to me. I mean, they would tell me they didn't have a trade and then they had a traitor that I've got great credit and it turned up at horrible credit. In other words, it that there is this the surrender of the truth which takes a certain amount of faith and certain amount of two should sell auto insurance. But you're right people at is surrender. Martin of Manhattan. There's a lot of negative surrender signatures you pointed out earlier, but I love you grandma thought I was thing about this morning really the greatest surrender of all time.

The greatest surrender of all time. II think I don't know what could possibly compare of Jesus surrendering to his father's will to go to the crime nailed on the cross die and descended into hell knew that was coming knew that was good right but the trust that he had in his father the faith and and were talking about an absolutely complete surrender.

So as I thought about it more and more is like okay God I'm getting the picture because he is coming at me with this teaching and I'm I'm I'm seeing it every minute I'm studying it, there must be some things in my life that I have yet to surrender and like Jack you know I'm I'm good. I've got everything I need to make probably have been saying I have everything. You don't have anything to offer at Ed so maybe you've got that in your life.

We would love to hear your take on all this 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Yes, this is a live show and we would love to hear from you, but it also plays imperfectly bill with the Jesus labor love which by the way, you know, I've been struggling along here for about a month rent and really really low on money and I don't like to ask for money on the are really don't.

So last week I surrendered up for the guys I've had this lady and man. She got this transmission and I can't fix it because you know when I went on and told the story and I know you probably not surprised that I'm blessed out of my socks that man. People came from all over and we had several wonderful donations come in at interestingly we had more people with a bunch more people you know this week again with more needs at an you know it's it's interesting to me as I talk to these people because I'm blessed to be able to talk to them. I couldn't help but note, based on my lesson plan this week that God was teaching me the level of surrender of the applicant's that, for example, I had this wonderful widow. I mean you can tell that she was just whatever I said. I think this is what we need to do in your car and I think this is all Robbie. Thank you God bless you.

You know and and and a complete level of surrender. Complete level of trust. Unfortunately, that is kind of rare as most these young ladies like your late young lady had been hurt by men that you note misguided.

They all have an agenda you know whatever and that's why the consultant critical that we pray with them as quickly as it we can so that they can begin to trust what it is I'm saying but I had this other one caveat is that it is like are you not listening to me.

I'm telling you, you know she had a like a 1998 Ford Explorer and it needed a transmission and then it needed an intake manifold and that it needed brakes and an end to her. I was a hole too big to fill and and as she was going and all the stuff that pitch that she was wanting to do. I said, and she talked all these different organizations and she'd she'd done all this planning and work in a civil can I just give you some fatherly advice that if you were my daughter. The first thing I would just just think about is you talking about a car that is probably worth $1500 and you don't know how much it's gonna take to get this one back but you know it's it's $1500 more than and less there's something really intrinsically valuable to about this card to you.

It's not a sound financial decision.

It would be a whole lot better to try to find something else at and she would have she would listen to that person, then she would go off. She was so far from willing to take my advice when in funny on me I was like okay so working to fix this car. Yeah, that's what you got it well. I offered to still help at some level you know, and certainly prayed with her, but it's kinda difficult when you're sitting there and you know this person is totally in charge and totally run in themselves right into the ditch in our words.

It would appear that way and I could be wrong, I'm wrong. My wife would point out that happens frequently. Yes dear, is that the key phrase takes this success will beard yes dear, but I have my own surrender story which I would love to hear yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH I'd love to hear. It's a last item even even though this lass out Sunday afternoon on take on take my wife, my mother-in-law out of the boat and were fishing and in our late firehouse were having a wonderful time and I really thought the fish would be a lot closer to shore than they would be out further in late and and so I started to get really close to the shore about seven or 8 miles from where the marina was and I don't know what I hit whatever I hit the prop went by him in any you hear this noise that that's just not good at the head of yours in the bed at seven or 8 mile high radon engine and backed it off little bit off the shore and then started it in and the boat just vibrated horribly and so I lifted the motor back out of the water again and there was one of the blades of the prop was completely sheared off so the propeller was way out of balance and so if you tried to run the engine over anything it would vibrate. Now you have a choice of my mother-in-law made it very clear to me that we were gonna die with at least a year and they believe just try to send you believe the life preserver because I know were gonna die right and then this was her thing.

We need to call the Coast Guard.

We need to call in and we need to do something we need to be rescued and that's that she was ready to surrender completely, but being the man that I was like well the bow to limp along about you and a few miles an hour. My wife said yeah we been told before, and you don't go very fast when you're getting towed in will will mess up somebody's Labor Day weekend so it took literally an hour and 1/2 to go at it but the whole time I was now understand this was my word of the day on some this was the day I got this about surrender and victory okay and and I am processing this event and thinking you know if I surrender I could get rescued, but I don't know that that's appropriate under the circumstances. And it's interesting discernment that you think Bill I think he just enjoy your mother-in-law's company so much she wanted that extra hour and 1/2.

It's just to show that God has a sense of humor. Okay we we go all this way now since we're going so slow.

I figure we muzzled troll and I just kept fishing right or I caught a great big old bath right there.

I dealt with the other two passengers who applies what is excited to bet that if I surrender die with a lot of competition. This well. I have a little more.

I want to share about this kind of stuff and we would love to hear your story. 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Confessions of an ancient car salesman say on the Christian heart is just going to do is rest must be programs out there raping ancient car salesman, so Bill carrying on my lesson plan, God continues to work on it so yesterday actually I'm asking for my word of the day and this is part of my normal prayer thing which happens about 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm I'm asking them for word from Megan. Are you drinking too much coffee there and he gives me the word and usually gives me biblical words but this time he gives me word that I'm thinking is not in the Bible anywhere in the word is premonition but premonition on kinda wet your appetite like oh that's a good workout like network and and so I didn't find it in the Bible, but I said I did another kind of search through another Bible app that I had in it. Reference Jeremiah 11 seven which I never had paid that much attention. That verse, but now I think it may be my lifers. I I'm so excited about Jeremiah 11 seven I just wanted to take a little time this morning to share with you guys.

So Jeremiah 11 seven says, for I earnestly protested on your father's in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, even under this day, rising up early and protesting saying obey my voice so there some fascinating things and that number one only in the King James version. Did they give you that rising up early in the morning, but when you go to check that out in the original Hebrew you're gonna find that the word that is used there. The Hebrew word is the Hom which means exactly what it means is to rise up early to put your shoulder to the plow to get up to go do something important, and when you think about it, you know, if you really go if you're me and you're gonna go fishing tomorrow. I'm, you can just count on the fact that I'm in a be up earlier and earlier the better.

If I was going to go hunting tomorrow if I'm gonna leave on vacation I would raise up early. I would be anxious and I'd be wanting to put my shoulder to the plow of whatever that that may be in here God is telling Jeremiah that he is Rose risen up early and he has said time and time again obey my voice and so I find that fascinating that in order to obey his voice, you you've got to hear his voice in order to hear his voice. There's something magical I found in my own life about getting up early so if you find that word should Hom and you go do a word study on it, you're gonna find out that all your biblical giants did a lot of shaman Genesis 19.

Seven Abraham Jahangir is a Burley Genesis 2114 Genesis 22 three all Abraham getting up early.

Jacob rose up early in 28, 18, and then Moses so we might been the king of should Hom.

He got up early and a 20 he got in the Exodus now.

Exodus 820 Exodus 913, 24, four, and you might guess that he got up early the morning to get the 10 Commandments. Of course if you need to get the 10 Commandments bill you get a Burley right. I mean, that's kind of the deal.

Joshua was a big early riser to check it out. You'll find Joshua did, but should Hom thing in Joshua 316-2657 16 and I bet you would not be too sharply shocked to find out this who should Hom the great deal David Wright and consider new mattresses as people slipped in the Isaiah and Jeremiah and the list goes on and on and on, that the deal of it is those people are also excited to connect with God that got up early in the morning to do that because it was a first priority. I mean, just like oh my goodness I get to get a word from you every day now I was.

I was just considering this, that if I was gonna try to lead my family out of the ditch and I honestly feel like man we got all the struggles all the time. Maybe your family is perfect. But in mines case, I can easily see that there's a lot of things but the real problem is me that it there's no way that I'm to get them out of the ditch. If I don't get out of the ditch and the only way I can get out of the ditch to rise up early in the morning and hear his voice and obey them. That means a lot more than just listening for word today. Don't get me wrong, but that it took years and years and years and years of studying the Bible and listening to his work, knowing what he sounds like, but his voice is unique. Unique like Bill's voice is unique.

If you hear book bill for sugar that never heard a voice like that are my voice and I got it. I believe anybody that way. Acceptance is God. If I only knew what she wanted me to do today. That guy can talk to them will clear the problem is waking up and say it if I only knew what you wanted me to did it, which might be easier to do it.

4 o'clock in the morning by container from testing out whatever that that it is the joy of my life to see how he works with me and it actually is the hope of my life because when I think of everyone I know that I dearly love that. I wonder if they're going in the wrong direction. You may want about to but the thing I think is if God is working so hard on me, which he clearly is because I can see how he's given me the stuff every single day that he's trying to get needed to to get from my head to my heart. The great news is he's doing that with everybody that I love because he who began a good work in you bill is going to be faithful to completed and so my hope is not necessarily in that other person. My hope is in Jesus and that other person and the work that God is doing. He's going to get them up early in the East can get them. So if the it if they will surrender. I believe this they will see that all my goodness, I can get a word from the one that Jesus got the word from to get the ultimate surrender right there. I mean there to get word obviously from the father and the Holy Spirit, and from God. You know from Jesus, but the deal of it is is I believe that if you really apply it to Mike. I wanted this is bad as I want to go fishing in the morning or as bad as I want those drugs in of your girl that that's can it that's going on at that he's he's coming after that desire in you and as you begin to get yourself out of the ditch or in my case if I begin to get myself out of the ditch. Then I'll have something to offer the jacks in this world and when they say what you need. Robbie, I need Jesus and let me tell you why it you know I have this stuff that I have really really really struggle with her. I just cannot believe I was capable of doing these horrible things but I just was and if it hadn't been for Jesus showing me and for giving me and making a way for me I would really wouldn't even be here talking to a sauce study that they asked and 30% of millennial's say they don't have a close friend that all of their friends.

They talk to with the earth's it. We all need really good friends and we need that one special most important is Jesus is free to and you know the challenges you can't text and make you get out of the de facto hero is the opportunity to to rise up early and he doesn't say see my voice he says here right and that requires listening and it and it also has an implication to it of obeying know. But before you can obey, you gotta be able to hear so no that's that's our prayer for all of us today, especially in our families that the Christian Car Guy show.

Thank you Bill. As always, it's a joy to have you bill mix in our Christian insurance guided Lipson's nationwide here in Winston-Salem area. You can find him at our website. Thank you so much for listening to us today and remember slowdown.

Jesus walked everywhere he went, got all done 33

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