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Lessons From Gas Thirst 2016

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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September 24, 2016 11:49 am

Lessons From Gas Thirst 2016

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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September 24, 2016 11:49 am

Christian Car Guy

The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore
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That's the question Christian card show the lessons from gas thirst 2016 that's what I'm calling it.

And if you're in the Southeast.

You may know what I'm talking about those in Seattle this morning are out on the West Coast might not be as aware of it as we are, but something many people had never heard of until this week. The Colonial pipeline. It is had a leak and so the next thing you know, man. Things got heavy duty fast. They were rumors of outer gas and the next thing you know, people everywhere lined up to get the gas and then they ran out of gas and the next well man. I mean, some people really had some struggles with this, but when we have struggles like this, like the time Dolly's people got stranded in the snow and whatever there is lessons to be learned. If we sit back and reflect on all and I would like to reflect on that today but I know that you out there today. You learned a lesson or two, or you had an experience that we all could glean something from what happened to you in the gas line this week what her last week. You know what happened to you. What did you see that maybe surprised you are shocked, you or you think is notable. We would love to hear it. We have lines open. This is a live show what happened near the gas line 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth and of course we have our good friend Jerry here is our Christian body shop guy, but he also happened to have a wrecker service and Jerry did way more calls to deliver gas than you normally get, you know, the thing is about a clubs a lot of motor clubs, your program in your package you will have free gas delivery and of the five dollars a gas or couple gallons of gas and all the sudden whenever you do scare like we had people are in the driveway to take advantage of that. I think they will people take advantage of the system so I know you're gleaning you glean something you have a story to share. We would love to hear it 866 call us.

We have lines open at 86634878848663487884.

In my case is the Christian card sometimes being a Christian card great struggles that maybe other people do so. You may remember last week we did this show from the Middle Eastern Christian festival live and right before the show happened. What I should say before even that because it's just generally if you're the Christian card Saturday morning when you go to get ready for your show. You go to a website called patrolling the David's put out by the Department of Energy is just something I've done for years and years and years and years to see what's going on yet so I was aware that the Colonial pipeline ahead of small leakage and I was aware that it was shut down for maintenance. All that was in there, but they mentioned nothing about any worry that the Department of Energy had a shortage what they were concerned, is that that the gas station people would raise the prices to because they could get a rumor out that there was a shortage of gasoline what they had no idea what they done as these gas station started to spread the rumor that there was a gas shortage. The next thing you know it was like a run on the bank.

Jerry and people came from everywhere, and although the Department of Energy did not anticipate any shortages, even though the pipeline had been down for a number of days they knew it was coming back online, and there really wasn't a concern, but when everybody on the planet decides that they need to get gas like when it snows North Carolina really go to get milk and bread then cut she I mean I saw my wife that this is how does this affect Christian card.

I will my wife is like will do I need to go get gas.

I see these lines everywhere. Jerry saw lines of 20 minutes to even get down the street biogas to have a Saturday night. It was especially owned southern part of Winston-Salem. I mean they were lined all lined up up it so I know my wife mistakenly.

I had no one to supination of the panic I said Tammy this this is crazy were not running out of gas. The pipelines going to start again on Wednesday is not good to be a problem. Don't worry about and she's like okay well whatever day it was. She started to run out of gas and she couldn't find it. A gas station with gas. I was in bad trouble. I was in bad trouble.

How could you not tell me they know that this is because I have Christian God because God is the irony. The irony of the whole thing is that we have featured on the Christian Car Guy show called Christian card theater and the lady that plays Gracie gas tank. I promise you this is real Gracie gas tank whose name is Ellen Kennedy. She texted me Saturday morning and said you are you aware that were going to run out of gas and I almost laughed when I saw the text like well yeah I mean I know it, but she was so right that all my word.

I mean it when it became a crisis but it was like self-fulfilling based on what happened you know when people begin to panic. So we are going to discuss some things that we feel like we can learn and one of those things is that mass shortages occur when public panics over possibility of running out of something they deem necessary to get into that a little bit, but the other thing that working to get into is the fuel delivery system in the US you might see now is a bit fragile and there is a monstrous amount of volume that goes through this pipeline and I never really had set there and analyze it until the last couple days I've really been thinking about this and I don't know if you know this, but here's just a factoid to put your mind around the Colonial pipeline distributes 10010 to the sixth power gallons of gasoline a day now reason I'm saying 10010 of the six powers because I can't say that member that's above. Billions and trillions and all that well and try to get you to explain exactly how much gas that is now the listers would know hundred times 10 to the sixth power gallons of gasoline a day go through this pipeline, so it is a massive monstrous amount of volume that's being dispensed and and and numbers that are really just something to think about, but another thing that we really have to consider here that we could learn and glean and begin to understand and what I want to talk about Christian Car Guy ship is the shelf life of gasoline is not very long, compared to what it used to be in the old days we had leaded gasoline's and they didn't put the additives in it to add octane like they do today.

And now that we have ethanol and I gasoline gives a shelf life of like three months and so those people who hoarded gasoline thinking all my work.

I need you to know today that you we need to dispensed this gasoline quickly because you can't keep it a year from now it won't be any good. In fact hurt hurt badly hurt. Whatever it is that you put it in so you can't hoard gasoline. It has to flow and so that leads to item number four.

Understanding the properties of modern gasoline mixtures can save you big problems because there's other things to consider besides it shelf life and in the the different mixtures of gasoline that we can learn from this important study was today on the Christian card, a show member to go into detail all these things, but one cool thing about it all. As you might guess, I was going Jerry is the reflection of the spiritual in this and he can't help but note that you know wow the 10 virgins right they had oil shortage and these 10 virgins you know they didn't have to wait in a long line but baby. Unfortunately, you know, they experienced an oil shortage and so you know there's a lot of spiritual stuff to be learned right here with oil shortages were going get into that and talk about. We have some updates for the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows Mets miraculous things happen this week I want to share those will you as well, but most of all in hearing your story.

What happened in the gas line.

How long did you have to wait, what did you see did you see something like me that a 55 gallon drum in the back of their truck that they were looking up gasoline hoarding 14 gas cans in the back that they feel that they're carnal that I would like to know 866-348-7884 as a member to call in and share. We would love your story what happened to you in the gas line so we have all that and more coming back.

He has his stories. I have my what can we learn about gas 866-34-TRUTH 87884 as number calling with any question or comment is so much more Christian progression, only now I find this soundbite chemical product properties of gasoline start studying the stuff. It's about is confusing you know you have all these carbon atoms that make octane and all the stuff that that that that that sounds like about you know when you'd look into these gasoline issues you can help it come across some things are working to get into some of those things that mix up gas and why that affect shelf life and how that can affect you in your car and why you might know you don't need to know all those properties, but you do need to know certain things about you gasoline in order to not cause yourself in trouble down the line, but when it was weird. Talk about. We want to glean a few things from this experience of the gas shortage and in the first one that I will. I would love your wisdom on. By the way, because I personally got burned by this this week, but you know when mass shortages occur, you know I mean mass shortages do occur when the public panics over the possibility of running out of something, whether it's bread milk in a snowstorm or you know, in the case of gasoline when all of a sudden people get word that there's a cash so what's a Christian to do in this situation you know you two can be affected obviously. But what what you think and I would like to know your answer when you see mass people going out there in Philip 55 gallon drums of gasoline, realizing that if everybody just goes towards that were all going to run out of gas. What's our role in that. I'm I'm curious 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We actually have and in Huntersville and she may have an answer for Sam all right here I am a member of Christian card.

I think it is funny the gray, suggesting simply that I took it seriously and he woke me and I know the gas station. Thankfully, there weren't any other people I don't even have an X to thing to you know but I have a guest develop and and is half-empty. Symbolically fair with gas. I had the Bible says fresh oil and and I felt so much better athlete but I managed to get gas and the point is, I listened my think we know it all because I like this you don't realize what's going to happen. My application really really is. You weren't one of those 10 virgins, I was one of the short and not me. I I what's worse is it was my what I say this just having got by the way, we were supposed to have an episode cargo theater. We had some technical difficulties.

We will get to you next week so excited. This can happen at all. You know, I miss that tune in next week. And yes, thank you goodbye 866-34-TRUTH 87884. What was your experience in maybe what you think. A Christian should do when you're faced with the this and again you might be in Seattle anyone affected by this a good you can sit back and tell us in the southeast way for what what what what should we have done under these circumstances, what you think Terry will think that you know one thing that sometimes when a give warnings and the government and other agencies unit. I think they do in a way factor in the human aspect of it, but I don't know if there is if it's easy to factor in the panic of the human aspect of it nothing. Guess what I'll do. Note so many times we get into a situation like that and get ourselves all worked up this just really what we do to ourselves and in a way you know you're learned that we should learn in the passion of the 70s with the gas crisis and all the lines in and did even to the unit every year I said whenever they call for snow or sleet.

I mean people don't even drink milk them a drink a pint of milk a month and they go about 2 gallons of milk and six loaves of bread and you go into the store and there's their bear and and then what happens in a few days or a week or so to throw in all that in the will and it outward dove down the drain because it's gone bad.

I mean, that's just panic and you look at the marketing aspect of a what's in a drive up demand is fact that people think it's not gonna be available you.

I don't know how much of that the marketing Matteo and all these other companies for Christmas to stop. If something is hot usually hear that there's a scare that there's a be a shortage of that and then all the sudden they just fly off the shelves because everybody's running out to get it. I think it makes other people won't it. I think if you hear there's a be a shortage gas you did it the best that we can do is just be reasonable and think you're doing others as you have been you know, do I need to fill up that extra tank of gas. Do I need to take more if you know what I need and you obviously you want to make meet your own needs and your family's needs but courting is you know.

Therein lies the question of where is hoarding and where is that that you know of taking what you need is is is the line that you gotta figure out how to stay, but obviously I can see Kim our producer.

He has sent me wants to adhere well I have a question do with some of the gas station contribute to the problem of the panic because I had a friend of mine. He said they gas station. He uses close to his house and he said one of the tenets was out there measuring the gas tank the and she said that the company told her whenever you get to a certain level to shut the gas off because there is a possibility of air would get into your gas taken that step hustle possible loss of maybe well that's a great question. That's a great question. We need to talk about several things that they're thinking about when you get things like that and gas stations do have their role in what's going on with that, but we need your comments 866-34-TRUTH 87884 were kind of art about gas here in the dark.

I show 86634878 and will lessen gas toward our guys so what can we glean from what happened in the southeast. The Colonial pipeline had a leak. It only lost 300 and it sounds like a lot but that other number you go out earlier number of fraction of what goes through those pipelines a day, 336,000 ounces what was actually down in those storage ponds is pretty cool stuff to look at how the EPA is actually getting that water out of the gas and gas out of the water that it went into enemies holding ponds and all the paid they did it and how they made the bypasses and all that stuff.

Pretty cool technology, but nonetheless the pipeline stop for nine days and then the southeast experience a shortage but then that was compounded by the fact that the panic of the general population was everybody ran out to get gas, which you know it's like to run on the bank when everybody decides to get gas and fill up every tank they gotten even the gas cans outback and whatever else you create the situation but question right before the break, that are producer Kim asked is what is what role did the gas stations play in that and you know what's involved with some of the suppliers and whatever in one of the common misunderstandings. For a lot of this is wow why is it that is soon a rumor happens that hurricane may hit a refiner in Houston, but all the sudden the price of gas goes up, the pump $0.10 a gallon when clearly that gas sitting in the ground can't be have anything to do with the price of oil right now or what's happening with refineries down in the in the golf but Jerry there clearly is a connection because we don't really understand the way gas gets priced and and you can help clarify that being in your mind.

Yes, you know that the gas in the tanks of these gas stations really on consignment because they don't truck pulls up there not pay up that gas in the way they keep up and track is when it goes through the pump when it somebody.

A customer pulls up the pumps I gas out.

That's where they get their profit margin, but that's also where they get the numbers or how much gas is being purchased so when that increase comes, it really doesn't affect as local stations, and you know it they're sort of the put out there is the bad guy sometimes because people think you know what you're making all this money because all the sudden last week I was paying or this morning I gave a dollar 99 a gallon at 299 a gallon and came back two hours later. Bring the wife's car and is went up $0.45 with their margin is no different.

How many still make to Santa gallon. Let's just say I'm in it because it is so slim that margin of profit now the industry that the the suppliers that the shales and exons in the BPs analysis there that suppliers yet it does affect them what's already out in the system when the gas goes up there does increase net profit margin, but the local people in the local stations and other. They're just out there just just try to do the best they can, and that's a dozen affect them so any other thing that Kim brought up is there going out there dipping those tanks and you do need to know something about that. In fact, it gets into this whole formulation of gas and understanding something about gas that gas has a much shorter shelf life based on the additives that they use today and based on the fact that we have ethanol in our gas and ethanol is not as stable as the old-fashioned gasoline and it changes the shelflife of the gasoline so the reason and it also changes that ethanol is easily contaminated by water. So what Kim describes the girls out there dipping the tank to see how much is it they don't want it to fall between below a certain level and the reason they're doing that is when it gets down to about below a certain level number one, it can pick up water and water will contaminate eat-in in a heartbeat. I will contaminated gets into somebody's car the next and you know that gas stations can be front facing a lawsuit to replace the fuel injection system. Whatever fairly expensive. I've done a lot of that work and I bet you have two Jerry were gas station had to pay for that because they let the tanks get too low, and neither picked up trash for they picked up water from the bottom of the tank so they do have to do that, and something like this where they're all running out of gas to them running out of gas is when that tank reaches a certain level because they can't let it go to low because they don't want to pick up stuff that will hurt your fuel which gets into another thing that we can glean from this and that is the shelflife of gasoline is really today.

The way that most people would pump gasoline there to get eat-in right and that means 10% of the gasoline is got some ethanol in it. Well soon as you at any ethanol to gasoline.

Now you've you've changed the volatility of the gasoline and the volatility is the good part of gas. In other words, we needed to make fume so that will explode in and because our cars to go and what happens when you add in something that's not as dense as gasoline like ethanol networks, not is not got as much on paper to it, it becomes a lot more in other words, ethanol will evaporate much quicker than gasoline, and when you take the volatility out of the gasoline. It no longer burns properly and so now it begins to clog up things and cause problems with inside your car.

Not to mention that eat-in or ethanol is so easily contaminated by water because it obviously is got completely different ways that it mixes then other things right or yeah you know so many times we you don't don't add take into consideration that we have a car that sits you know, and we cease a lot of the toe and part of our business to step where car been sitting for four year wall went out and cranked it up a couple times you every few weeks to try to crank it up doing to get it out on the road it won't run.

The problem is the fact that they've allowed the gas to sit under Salonga still there same tank of gas up and sit in that vehicle for year. You gotta start really, you know, you just don't realize a factor that in.

And like you said gas only has a shelf life for so long and now these cars really what we put in there right out of the pop is right is pushed it right up the line to make these images run properly because of all the additives and now here and also if you're gonna start your car. This is a place to learn and numerous reason why we we hope the show was helpful to you. As you know your cars gonna sit there all summer. Are you not to sit for four months. Don't fill it up and go to Lititz because the good news about gasoline. Unlike other things, shelflife is fresh gasoline reverberates old gasoline.

So if you got like a 6 to 10.

Aerate the tankard of even 1/3 of a tank sit in there and you go fill it up with fresh gasoline.

It's brand-new out that totally reverberates all that old gasoline of all burn right out of system, so if you know you're going to store your car. Don't go fill it up with start, you know, let it sit there fairly again you wanted to be empty, but what you think 1/4 tanks on my picture yet wouldn't go over that because that's the that's the key.

And before you put many miles on it. Make sure if you can start driving it again. Go and get the gas put in it.

Why not even in our church really been sit Mary year if it were me know and I know that cars been sit Mary year in its got 1/4 tank of gas.

I would go by 5 gallons of gas in the gas can.

That's brand-new fresh gas and put it in the gas tank before even drove the gas station because you don't want that old contaminated gas to clog up the system and in the good news is it even though you can buy fuel additives that you know the stabilizers there called her some along those lines in their they're okay but there's nothing like fresh gas going into that gas tank to reverberate the old gas it's in there and away you go.

So that's one of the things that you can clearly learn from Gaza bitterness business are all been driving for a while mean that was thing back a few years ago, you'd always say of a malaise set long a month fill it all the way up because it had a way that getting emotion and I want to have a full tank which just the opposite. Now get it completely change the way you think, because again leaded gasoline in the old days and it was pure. It was a completely different ballgame and that gas had a long shelf life.

But today's gas does not. So if you made them you know if you went out and bought a bunch of gas cans full gas why not just burn that stuff off as quickly as you is as you possibly can and just like July. We bought all that milk and bread.

I mean no deported down the drain at the trashcan.

Go ahead and burn it up because it's not gonna suck to be a quality product you put in your vehicle. If you wait a few months so getting back to you know some of these things that we can learn other thing that I think is significant is how you know easily in the country gets in the a problem with this pipeline in has a problem and so it's fragile. The system is fragile in the pipelines gotta deliver and and I didn't even really put it all together in my head until all this happened that we have a big colonial dispensary in North Carolina and when you go by the airport in Greensboro you'll see this huge tank farm and he says colonial pipeline left for the gas that's where the pipeline is coming into the city of Greensboro and that's where that's distributed all over this area for quite a ways based on that tank farm right there. I guess maybe you knew that. But when you see that big CP on their that's the colonial pipeline and that's that's what's going on with that, and since you know this system is somewhat fragile you know you can't help but say will G what what do I do with my family you know if something happens to the system, bicycles, and transportation. Think through some of these things will say yes we get to see the spiritual aspects of that we don't talk about that the last segment of the show. Plus, you may still be sitting on something you want to share you do that 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Hollis 866-34-TRUTH is recently want to, but we we want couplet. Couple points forward from the previous topper talk about what lessons that we can learn from the gas shortage we have experienced your the southeast over the last week and one of the things that just kind of trying to get my mind around is that gasoline has to continue to flow for our system to work. In other words, because the shelflife of gasoline is short and is such a huge amount of volumes you know we we talked about 100 times tend of the six power of gas gallons of gasoline is flowing through this pipe points out, and it does have a long shelf life.

So they are counting on you. The oil companies and all the people producing oil and all this there counting on you to buy big huge vehicles, SUVs and four-door pickup trucks and all the stuff to burn all this fuel because they are producing it, and it can't sit in the ground and that interestingly, when we have some like this happen and everybody goes in hordes gas than the next thing you know you know working to see a glut of gas in a glut oil and then guess what the prices gotta drop so that they get you to go out and buy even more gas and go on more trips and all kind of things like that. We got Ken is in Colfax North Carolina. He's got a ghastly foreskin you're on the Christian cars got sugar morning good morning when it started our weekend and I went to stage spring. Ella backed up by, but my mind went back when I can.

71 I worked at a service station on spring garden in Greensboro selling gift restricting to the gallon gas for we got all these farmers and people come to the end with the big old thanks and fill in the gas that would just I don't look that important or just take good taken advantage of a good product but then it was like Sliger. We had this shortage, but it was created or whatever and eight gas lines in Greensboro and you had to sit in line all morning and you couldn't get the top dollars a gallon. I'll say this when this client started Mark know part start write what I needed to get Dr. performed better because a better chance on getting it meant that I work putting down the torque and realized that how much patience the Lord. Give me a years don't worry about and it was just a couple nights after that ball. It was even cheaper one unit of the national average for North Carolina. I bought it for 209.

This locket will show my leg up and not what you know I member. Dollars what to get back and was a lot more now but still you could not but five dollars at a time and some defendants were back in good to make prompt and this fear comes all people. Sometimes they are Christian they need to do well exercise some of the patient snuggles I pray for you that you can appreciate that's exactly what I needed to hear.

Thank you and we would love to take your call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH well I did want to get to the spiritual side of this that I saw as I was thinking through this this morning and you know actually over the last few days.

Here were these 10 virgins there, and clearly they had oil shortage in and they had white line and they were asking each other for the light. The interesting thing and had they panicked.

Like the people in North Carolina back when they realize there you have a shortage earlier before the bridegroom had any chance of showing up rather than being lazy, but had they really had a thirst and that's reason I use that word because Jesus said blessed are those who first and and and the question is do we thirst for the oil. The anointing that that God provides.

And I watched it think with me for a minute about what it says.

I actually looked at this passage in a new light. This week in John chapter 4 and he sees me in the Gospel of John chapter 1 verse four it says in him was the life and the life is the light of men. Now, light comes from oil and and you may recall in Zechariah.

There's this really cool picture of these two olive trees and these olive trees got this fruit and the fruit of the olives is coming down into these vats and it's creating oil and its lighting the menorah and so as we abide in the vine.

We bear fruit and is work in the vine being Christ to see and that fruit creates oil, which illuminates it's the light of men that other people can follow so is your standing in the gas line and you go hey you know what I only need 5 gallons. I don't really need to fill up right now.

I'll have enough, and if I do my part.

The fruit of you whatever it is that you're doing and I'm not saying you have to do it messily but whatever the fruit is that you're doing in other people have an opportunity to see that in your life that is the light of men. And if we had that kind of thirst where we were panicky because we are feeling dry, you know, I'm not feeling the Lord like I filled in yesterday.

I'm feeling dry so I need to. I mean I need to go get a Philip I got to fill up and we really felt this urgency. How much more light. Would there have been for the bridegroom when he showed up to see what what the picture was how cool would it have been for that bridegroom to have all this light is he was approaching the bride and each of us.

We only can only do with what we can we can only fill up her own points.

But you know it's cool thing. I love the picture you know sinners are saying that it will come to mind about Thurston River thirst for fuel. And when it snows me about Thurston McSwain enough bread and eggs and all that stuff and we rush out and try to get it, no matter how long the line is, what if in the morning I pull up in the parking lot upon the Christian church. You pull up at Calvary and there's people lined up outside the building to get in because I Thurston for Jesus Christ.

What an impact me but but that should be.

That should be what we should be thirsting for every day and that's why we can be salt because if we can be solved and we create that thirst. It's interesting how God gave us all these pictures if we look around you. Hardly we could go by that he doesn't give a simple, great illustration of something. Well, there's something to this oil thing.

You know what a beautiful round of all will going to tell everybody we know a trick to get the fuel to tell everybody we know all of our family and staff. What should we do this thing with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And speaking of oil we had so much oil in the Jesus flavor love this week car repair labor for single moms and tremendous donations came in, I have to tell you, Jerry. The lady that was living a car in New York. We got a new got the money for her radiant. There was somebody else with donated a brand-new van. There was another Van given away last week that that I got to see this in between.

The oil is flowing folks. Thank you so much for all you do for the Christian heart oh Jesus flavor love listening and participating.

And remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. So stay thirsty my friends absolutely

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