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Unto You, Yes You (Marys) A Child Is Born

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 10, 2022 12:38 pm

Unto You, Yes You (Marys) A Child Is Born

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 10, 2022 12:38 pm

Today, Robby brings a special discussion of the name Mary and it's significance. Not just during the Christmas season but all year round.


Hi, I'm Joanne Vickner, Memaw with It's Storytime Memaw, an answered prayer for stories that point children to God on the Truth Network for kids. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. And now I want to be sure, very, very sure of you. Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

I say this calls for action and now. Holy Father, You have come and chosen me now to carry Your Son. Breath of heaven, light in my darkness. Pour over me Your holiness, for You are holy.

Breath of heaven. As the sun is gone, the sun is here. And the other man shall be upon his throne.

As the sun is gone, the sun is here. And the other man shall be upon his throne. Unto You, yes, You, Marys. Unto You, Marys, a child is born.

So today on the Christian Car Guy show, unto You, yes, You, Marys, a child is born. That's cryptic. You know, I think I figured it out, Scott, why I like to be cryptic is because God likes to be cryptic. And so, you know, this is very cryptic. But it's amazing when you start to see it that from Genesis chapter two to Luke chapter two, God shares weeping. It's the idea. It's interesting. And because we can no longer see him, we are truly naked. And the name Mary is all about that weeping.

It really, really is. And it is what roused Jesus to have the Holy Spirit come under the apple tree. We're going to get to that. More crypticism here. And those Mary tears, right?

Because of that, he was born. So today on today's show, we're going to get to all that. And hopefully at the end of it, we're going to see Jesus in more light than we've ever seen him today. So at the beginning of that, you heard the Andrew sisters don't sit under the apple tree, which I think you're going to see is a spectacular view of what God's doing.

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. And then we had Hannah Kerr with Breath of Heaven, which has everything to do with the apple tree, the Breath of Heaven slash the Holy Spirit. And then Handel's Messiah, the oratorio part of the Handel's Messiah, specifically Stephen Cleo Berry's version, which was spectacular.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. So today's show, as you may not be surprised, is brought to you by Hebrew letter. Are you surprised for that Christian? And today's Hebrew letter could not be more appropriate. It is the letter Mem. And so when you hear that M sound that's in Mary, it's in Moses, it's in Miriam, which is everything to do what we're talking about today. It actually, in so many ways, means Jesus. It certainly means water. And so tears fit into all that as well.

We're going to get into that. So from Genesis 2 and 3 to Psalms 115, Isaiah 7, Isaiah 9. Oh, we're going to go on a Bible drill today that blows my mind.

I can't help it. God took me here and so I get to take you. And so interestingly, Song of Solomon, chapter 8, verses 4 and 5 read like this. I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that you stir not up nor awake my love actually till he delights. And before I get into the next verse, I want to talk about what that is. See, Solomon, that guy had some wisdom, man.

I mean, unbelievable. He sure did. And this would be the third time that he's repeated that statement. He changed it up a little bit in this last, in the eighth section, which has to do with actually our union with Christ. And you're going to see why he changed it up.

He changed it up because he wanted to highlight just the two parts of it. Do not stir up, do not awaken. So that word to stir up is the word naked. But it's the naked that happened after the fall. In other words, if you look in Genesis in Hebrew, it's a spectacular thing that the word naked that you see at the end is in Genesis 2 before they were ashamed is a different naked than the naked than like when Adam told God I was ashamed because I was naked and God said, who told you you were naked? And that's a different word. And Solomon, in his unbelievable wisdom, used it here.

He's actually used it three times to explain something to you. That to stir up, right, in the sense of the nakedness of being ashamed is different than to awaken, which is, by the way, to be born again to some extent, to actually be able to not be ashamed because why? Because you're covered by Jesus' blood, right? Yeah. Well, there's a big difference from being frightened and startled.

Right. And then he says, don't do it until it's right, until it's delightful. And that word has to do with righteousness. And so at just the right time in Luke chapter 2, right, exactly the moment that it all needed to happen, there was some rousing that went up onto the apple tree. So when I read this next verse, I hope you'll see this in the new light, here is the Christmas verse in the Song of Solomon that spells out Christmas perhaps better than any place else in the Bible in my opinion. And it says, who is this that comes up from the wilderness leading on her beloved? That would be us, that's the church, right? And it says, and here the bride herself says this, I aroused thee under the apple tree. In other words, the church did something that aroused Christ to do something, right? And it says, there thy mother brought thee forth, there she brought thee forth that bore thee, that you were born, okay?

That Jesus was born as a result of this rousing, okay, of being aroused. Well, here's a beautiful thing about apples. The word apple is the breath of heaven, okay? I didn't know that. If you look, yeah you didn't, and if you look at it closely in Hebrew you'll see, I'm telling you, the breath that God breathed into Adam was that breath, it's apple breath, okay?

Apple breath. Right, and so because Jesus was aroused there under the breath of heaven, right, just picture Mary. Now understand that the word Mary means, it comes from the Hebrew word Miriam, which means bitter, which means tears, okay? And when you think about the original Miriam, why was she crying? She just floated her little brother down the river.

I mean it's true. She was crying, you can imagine and see all the water that's involved in this, that here Moses was drawn out of the water, that's the reason why his name was Moses, okay? But she puts him back in the water and she floats him down the river in faith that God was going to make, what happened? Miriam knew, according to a lot of Jewish writings, Miriam knew that Moses was the redeemer and she floated her little boy, her brother down the river knowing that he would redeem Israel.

That's right. Well, a future Mary, Miriam, all right, she too floated her little boy down the water, right, and she too cried a few tears. I'm telling you, and so when you look at the word Mir, there's not anybody's surprise here that the word Mir is the root of the word Miriam, it's the root of the word Mary, and it has to do with what? A tree is weeping and when a tree weeps, it has this sap that comes off the bar and looks like tears. That's why Mir is called Mir.

Especially weeping willow. Yeah, and so here we have at Christmas, it's all about Mir, right, in so many different ways, and there's Mir. So, if you think about this, okay, I've heard so many salvation stories and a couple weeks ago you might have heard my brother's salvation story and even when you read it in A Pilgrim's Progress, you know, and I bet when you came to Christ, you weeped great amounts of tears, what are they?

They're a water, okay? And what, in my opinion, rouses, awakens, right, because the kinsman redeemer is who Jesus is and it's very much all weaved within what Solomon wrote here because he was so aware of the kinsman redeemer and he was so aware that she was not Jewish, right? She was a mobitus, Ruth, that led to David, which was his great-great-grandmother, right? And that idea of the kinsman redeemer, when she laid down at his feet, he needed to cover her, right? And her being covered at his feet is a picture of what Jesus would do as the kinsman redeemer here, and as he did that, right, that's the picture of all of us, okay? When you cried, those tears, Jesus saw, he's in all time, he knows those tears that you would cry and he was going to make sure that as the kinsman redeemer, he had you covered, and those tears are as the Holy Spirit, you're sitting under the apple tree, the Holy Spirit grabs you, and what happens? You weep these tears, and then what happens? Up comes the Jesus blanket of blood that covers those tears, and now you can be naked and not be ashamed. There it is, the Christmas international, and you are a mirror, you didn't even know about it, so you get to see Jesus and you get to see him naked.

It's really, really cool, so we get to do that when we come back. We want to hear your story. You're listening to the Truth Network and I'm sure of Father, and now I want to be sure, very, very sure of you. Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. Breath of heaven, light in my darkness, pour over me your holiness, for you are holy. Breath of heaven, unto you, yes, you marries, a child is born. And so I asked my producer, Christian, if any of that, you know, because I know I got a whole brain full of stuff that God has given me this morning and I want to get it out. And he said, well, I'm a little confused, which I like that, because then I could see that there was something I had left out. And he said, I just don't understand how we are all Marys. Well, let me back into that for a second.

We got some wonderful calls I'm very excited about. The word Mary comes from the Hebrew word Miriam, and Miriam, if you look at Hebrew, it's a beautiful thing. They have suffix, and those suffixes show that something's plural or not, and so Miriam is very much a plural word. And you don't have to look around much to see there are a gazillion Marys to this day.

It's the most popular girl's name there is, right? And so Miriam was meant to be, all of us, to some extent, in my opinion. That's why God made it plural, because it all has to do with all these tears that were going to be shed by all these different people at the moment. And the thing that God showed me so clearly is that if it was just Scott, if Scott was the only one and he shed those tears, Jesus would have to be born, he would be driven, he would be aroused to be born so that he could lay the covers over Scott. If Christian was the only one that, you know, my producer's name is Christian, if he was the only person born, he would, those tears that he shed when the Holy Spirit came over here, I'm under the apple tree, right?

And all of a sudden, he got it. He realized what Jesus was, what he did for me, and all that. You know, if you remember your point of salvation, you shed all these tears, what happened, right? The Holy Spirit gave you that idea, and then all of a sudden, when you grabbed it, those tears came amazingly. And at that point in time, Jesus takes the cover, and he puts it over you, and he would have done it if it was only you. And so, yes, unto you the child is born.

That was the very point that I felt God was putting on my heart this morning, is that we are all Marys, every last one of us. But I'm so excited, because we have Christian who's in Charlotte, and well, Christian's still talking to the producer, so we'll get to him in a minute. We have, is it, Gene, Jordan? Good morning, Gene.

We have a number of love participants. Oh, well, we got Christian. Let's go to him first, if you don't mind. Christian, you're on the Christian Car Guy Show. It's perfect.

It is a her. I'm so... So I'm in the presence of a... How's everyone doing this morning?

We're doing wonderful, so what do you have for us? Well, this morning, when you were speaking about weeping, and I said, because Scott has been ministering to me a lot. He's been your ministry, as well as you, Robbie, and your podcast, I do listen. And the point that you said today, weeping, and I said, I've been weeping.

And I was weeping, and I couldn't understand why, and I understand, because I'm at the feet of God's mercy, and what I'm going through in my life. First, before I even speak about anything, I want to ask you guys, can we pray over those 303,000 CMS families that's experienced the homelessness in the city? Oh, absolutely.

Yes, ma'am. Yes, sir, I just pray that they have what they need, that their needs are being met. And that's some kind of way that housing can break, and they can receive the help that they need. I experienced homelessness myself for two years with my seven children. We went through, I went through divorce. We lost everything. I was able to recover housing. It wasn't easy, I tell you.

It wasn't easy. But God's grace and His mercy is what kept us, and kept me moving forward. And so I just wanted to ask you guys, if you could pray that I receive transportation, I lost that. And when I lost that, it stopped me from being able to minister to others. Yeah, let's pray. And no matter how many kids that I have, I love to, I feel like I'm here to be used for something. I don't know what that is yet, but I pray that I will have the wheels, the vehicle to get around so that I can do whatever it is that the Lord sent me to do.

And for me, that's helping others. Wonderful, let's pray. Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for this opportunity to come to you. We know that you see and you have unbelievable compassion of 303,000 people that Christian mentioned that are homeless. Like, oh my goodness, Lord, come for them.

And there's other people that didn't even speak up. Yeah, and we do pray, Lord, that you would, especially at this time of year, when they can see the amazing, amazing journey that you took, that we would have this ability to see you and have your blood to cover us so that we could walk with you, that's a whole ton to be truly covered. And so we pray that you would help those folks. We pray that you would help somebody that might have on their heart to give a car. It sounds like a van because we've got seven kids.

That would be something that some has not used. And I pray that you would provide that for us, for people that need it this season. And we're so grateful, we really are, that we can come to you. We know that you see those tears of everybody that's crying, and Lord, we know that it draws you to move. And we thank you for your love and your compassion, especially at this time of year. In Jesus' name I pray, amen. Amen.

Well, thank you so much for your call. And the way you said that we're at Jesus' feet, man, I can't help but see the poor Ruth down there like, man, this is really awkward. I don't know if she was awkward because I felt like at one time I was at Jesus' feet and I'm always there. And it's not awkward. It's when your heart, when you know who's carrying you, which is Jesus, when you know that he's carrying you.

She could see it in Boaz, right? Yes, he went on that cross for us. So let's be in there. You hang in there, Christian. We'll keep praying for him.

We're going to be right back with Jean and Ann, and we've got all sorts of folks. Thank you so much. And we will be right back with more Jesus' labor love and Christian Car Guy.

Thank you so much. Don't you just wish you could stand up in your car when they start saying, wonderful cow. I mean, it just, when I hear those words, you know, I was just like, man, I've got to stand up because this is the Messiah, you know?

It's just unbelievable. So unto us, right? Unto you, you Marys out there, all of you are Marys. A child is born today on the Christian Car Guys show, and of course, we also have the Jesus' labor love with our friend Scott Barton on because in so many different ways, you know, we were talking about it during the break. That, you know, those tears come when they come, right?

And you don't even know where they're coming from. You hear a song, you're doing whatever you're doing, and all of a sudden, man, you're over on the side of the road bawling just because you got it. The Holy Spirit, you came under the apple tree, and then boom, and then that son comes, and he covers you.

I mean, it's an amazing thing, and he did it just for each and every one of you, and I would love to hear your story of why that happened to you. 866-348-7884. 86634truth is the number to call in and share. We have Gene is in Charlotte, and so Gene, you're on the Christian Car Guys show this morning. I appreciate you holding so much.

You've been on there a long time. Wow. Thanks for your patience, Gene. Good morning. Good morning. This is your grateful friend. I want to tell you that I'm surprised that Mary took a topic because my middle name is Mary.

I didn't know that. Well, this is completely applicable, right? But every day, when I get up, I put a word game with myself, and I pick a word that I want to live by that day. Like today, I have the privilege, so it's a privilege to get up. It's a privilege to be able to do what I do. It's a privilege to help others, and so on. But I have a different word every day.

One is kindness, giving, helping, blessing, praying always. And that kind of makes my day taking that word, and I kind of surround that and try to help us out. And you are all that, right, Scott? Yeah, absolutely. Oh, wow. Thank you. Scott, tell us, you know, she goes way back with us, right? Oh, yeah. Well, Gene, she's kind of humble, but she does all this volunteer work.

And that's why it's so important for her to have a reliable transportation so she can get around and help in the community. And I want to thank you for those talk sweaters and all those hats that you make. I've shared those with a lot of people. The world's a transform. Yeah. Oh, we are so grateful for you and for what you're doing. And how's your car doing? Oh, it's wonderful. Thank you, Scott, for saying this so much. It's like a new baby to me every day.

I have to take care of it and keep it clean and polished and everything. And words are, you know, I love what you said about words, because God's expression, you know, it's built with language. And every one of those words that you just described, right, are an image of him in so many different ways, right? We were made in his image, so when you see somebody being kind, you see somebody being generous. When you see somebody, right, it's just a little window into what Jesus looks like.

And so at this time of year, fortunately, a lot of people's windows are a little cleaner. It is a little easier to see in there, you know, that, oh, okay, you know, that's beautiful. So thank you, Jean. I appreciate you calling.

I love your word. Thank you. Thanks for all you do, Jean. Thanks for calling in. God bless.

All right. I have my friend Ann Alt again, who I apparently can't get through during the week, but I get on the weekend. So Ann, I'm so glad you called again.

Staying in touch here. I tell you, wonderful show, wow, riches under the apple tree. And the fact that we're all Marys, and instantly this memory came back, and it was like years ago, 1985, and I was asked to play Mary in a big church Easter show.

Easter show, yeah, yeah. And I was a nervous wreck. I mean, you know, playing the mother of God is quite a challenge, and I was so nervous about doing it because my part was I came out and I was at the foot of the cross, you know, clinging to the foot of the cross, basically, and I had something to say, some dialogue, and talking to, you know, talking to Jesus, and they told me I could cry as I did the speech, and I've never been good at crying on cue, and that really made me nervous, because what an awesome responsibility, because in all my acting it was hard to cry on cue. So I prayed, I said, God, please help me feel what the real Mary felt at the foot of this cross. And when I got out there, big silent congregation, you know, I started the speech, you know, clinging at the bottom of the cross, and suddenly, and suddenlies of life, you know, I was just absolutely swept over by this deep emotion and sobbing tears.

I was just, I mean, I couldn't stop even when I went back off stage, but it was such emotion. So when you were talking about this today, I thought, wow, that memory just came back to me, and asking God, please stir up in us as we are all Marys. That's a beautiful concept, you know, to put ourselves, in a sense, in her shoes, but also that we ourselves are each an extension of that, so this is just wonderful. Isn't it?

Isn't it? And I hope that people will go to the eighth chapter of the Song of Solomon and see how Solomon wanted you to get this picture, or the Holy Spirit wanted you to get this picture, that it was your tears that aroused him to be born. I mean, and it's so clear that he's told you all the way through the book, like, don't do this until exactly the right time, but when it's the right time, and I find it amazingly beautiful that Christian was talking about, or maybe it was Jean, no, it was Christian, I think, being at the foot of Boaz, and not being awkward, and being so beautiful, and then you call, and what a story! And I think we've all experienced those, I hope you've all experienced those tears. I hope that you know what we're talking about, and Christian talked about it during the break. You know, at any given time, right, I can hear one of these songs, man, and it just hits me like a ton of bricks.

Yes, yes. And what a joy that is, and there is a fellowship there with Christ in those moments that leaves a mark somehow, a memory, a place that you can go to, to go, oh yeah, yeah, I know what that feels like. And so, I know a lot of you listening have a story, we need to hear it. 866-34. Thanks for calling in, Ann.

Always a pleasure to hear from you. 866-348-7884, I'm sorry, I've got to get that number out for somebody who's wanting to call. 866-348-7884, but Ann, wow, how are you doing? How are you doing?

I'm doing good, all, thank you, thank you, Lord. This show is really, you know, the challenges of life, but this just absolutely, it just buoys all of us up, you know, Breath of Heaven, I love that song anyway, and then, you know, I love the way you put the pieces together, and Rousing Us Under the Apple Tree, leaning on my beloved out of the wilderness, I love that, you know, leaning on him, that is it. Isn't it? Isn't it? I love the way you put it, who is this coming out of the wilderness?

Well, that's exactly where we've all been. Boy, seriously. You know, you can hear that from Jean, you're going to hear it from Christian, you can certainly hear it from me, I'm telling you, I've been in the wilderness, and who is this coming up out of the wilderness, leaning on our beloved, I mean, just absolutely what a spectacular, spectacular idea, and don't you love the apple breath idea?

Yeah. I love that. What a refreshment, what a refreshment, you know what I mean? Oh, there's lots of stuff in there too, because in the second chapter, you know, she says, I sat down under you, the apple tree, and were greatly delighted, your fruit was sweet to my taster, you got apple breath, there's two or three places, but we have another caller we can get to, thank goodness, and I am so grateful for your call and a chance to talk to you today, and we will talk soon, and we've got Hillary on the other side coming back, I'm excited about that, but we need you, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH, I should say, the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms, widows and families in crisis, is what Scott is our lead volunteer with that, and these people calling in have been helped and are helping.

Thanks for your calls, we're waiting for more. A child is born, a son is given, and his name, oh my goodness, his name. So, today on the Christian Car Guys show, I don't know if you've, you know, gotten in touch with your inner Mary, but all of us are daughters, I'm just saying, to be the bride of Christ at some point in time, you've got to be a daughter, and so, you know, we've got to get in touch with our inner Mary, and I know it's a little hard for some of us, but that's what we're working on today on the Christian Car Guys show, because unto you, a son is given, and so, we're talking about these tears from the breath of heaven, and we've got Hillary is in Ohio, Hillary. Good morning, Hillary. You're on the Christian Car Guys show, good morning.

Good morning. I am so delighted, where in Ohio are you calling from? I am calling from Fostoria, Ohio. Wow, what station are you listening to there? I am listening to 106.5. Well, thanks.

I am listening to 106.5. Yes, it comes, it barely comes in, but it comes in enough for me to download your guys' app on my phone, and now I can listen to you guys all the time. Oh, thank you so much, Hillary. And so, you have a breath of heaven story for us?

Yes, I do. I got saved when I was 39 years old, and something different happened. I cried when I prayed. I cried when I would hear a certain verse in the Bible. I would just weep, and my pastor told me, count that as a blessing, because Jesus and the Holy Spirit is listening to you. I went through some stuff during COVID, and I was praying, and I started crying, and the next day, because I didn't have a place to live, I was living with my mom, and every time I would pray, I would cry to God and ask Him to please, please, Jesus, help me. Please, Lord, help me, I believe in you.

Please, Lord, search my heart. And while doing this, I was weeping. I mean, I had to pull over and cry. I mean, sobbing, I understand exactly what everybody's talking about, when you can feel the love of the Holy Spirit, and you know that Jesus is there.

Isn't that wonderful? Well, yeah, and it's frustrating when you're trying to tell somebody that doesn't believe in the promises of the Lord how good He truly, honestly is, because I had an addiction to drugs, and this was before I even got saved. I hit my knees, and I prayed to the Lord, and I asked Him, please, Lord, help me, this isn't me. This is not the person I'm supposed to be, and the next time I want to get high on any drug, please make me sick. And I really think it's sick, and I didn't touch the stuff ever again. And I knew I might, yeah, yeah.

That's the deal that, see, I don't know if, the understanding of nakedness is like being authentic, like this is my real story. And when God sees you being real, these are the things I really do need, and I really do have these problems, man, that just rouses Him, and He's going to come running. I want to read you a poem that I got this week that I think is significant, Hillary, and I think it's for all of us, but it's just really, really beautiful.

It's written by Jeff Masich, which is a friend of all of us here at the station. But a lady came to him that had lost her son, and she asked him, what page can I turn to in the Bible? So he wrote this poem to this woman who had lost her son with the poem, what page can I turn to?

So here's the poem. I read the Bible, it's truth I believe, what page can I turn to, my heart, it now bleeds. My life, it feels broken at this moment in time, what page can I turn to, what words will I find? The darkness is drowning, the light within me. I read the Bible, it's truth I believe, my pain is so heavy, how can I climb the mountains before me? It's much brighter, higher this time, what page can I turn to?

Lord, help me find your words that can love me at this moment in time. Beautiful. Oh my gosh. And I know how many folks are there for whatever reason this Christmas.

It might be homelessness, it might be you've lost a loved one, COVID has been so cruel to so many people. I can't even fathom all the dear friends that are gone, to all that has happened, but the book is full. This morning, as I was going through these passages, from Genesis to Ruth, Isaiah, wherever I turned, the story was the same, that man, he is ready, willing, and able to be our kinsman redeemer and to lay that cover over you, Hillary, and say, oh, Mary, Mary. Oh, merciful father, he's so good to me, I'm still a baby in Christ, and I'm learning, I have some stuff I have to learn to let go and give it to him.

We all are. We all are, believe me, Hillary, anybody that says that they're not a baby in Christ, that's a scary thought. Yeah, and I just got to take it literally one day at a time, and I know that the Lord is always with me. I'm trying to come to the Lord, my mom is Catholic, and he asks me, he's like, why are you crying? I go, because the Lord is so good to me that I just want you to experience what I'm experiencing right now.

I don't understand how nobody can believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh, that's the beautiful thing about the passage that we're talking about at the beginning of it. It says, who is this that comes out of the wilderness? You know who's saying that? That's the daughters of Jerusalem. It's the people that don't understand, right?

They know the name of Christ, but they don't know Christ, right? And they haven't been under the apple tree just yet, but their time is coming. They too will be married. And so your mom would just be praying, let's pray, what's your mom's name? Her name is Lori.

Lori, all right, Jesus, thank you for Lori. And we pray that you would have her under the apple tree very, very soon. That she would sense who you really are and understand Hillary's tears like she's never understood them before. That she would see it and feel it and that she would realize who you are and why you came and the fact that you were born to die. That we would be covered and to be able to be in your presence and that we could truly see you.

We could see you in our authentic selves, who we really are with all our flaws and all our problems, Lord. Help Hillary's mom to see this. And I thank you again for a chance to pray for her today and for Ohio and for you calling today. Thank you, Hillary. God bless. Yes, you too. Thank you guys.

Bye-bye. What a wonderful thing, right? The Truth Network continues to increase and we have those stations in Ohio I'm so grateful for them. And my friends out there at KCIS in Seattle and, oh man, you know, KTIA in, I think it's down in San Diego.

They were my first affiliate ever. All the wonderful radio stations that carry this show, I can't tell you how much it means to me that God has given us this opportunity for people like Hillary and Ann and Christian and Jean and all them to share their testimonies with you today. But, you know, all that wouldn't happen if you weren't listening.

So thank you for listening. And I pray this Christmas that you would be a Mary, right? And that you would be able to shed those tears of love and feel like you're under the apple tree. And so while you're under the apple tree, remember, slow down.

Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years. You know I had to through that, didn't you, Scott? Have a great week. Thanks for listening.
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