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Song of Solomon 3:4 - It Takes Your Hands to Grab Hold Of Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 12, 2022 8:44 am

Song of Solomon 3:4 - It Takes Your Hands to Grab Hold Of Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 12, 2022 8:44 am

Song of Songs 3: 4 It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother's house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.

After we pass those who point us to Jesus we still have to do the real connecting and holding on to Jesus - One On One - Then where do we go all the way back to our very birth as our identity our house literally changes address.  Much to share and ponder in this verse.

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon's brow as a mouthful. Today we get to dig into the third chapter the song of songs in our last to understand better what the statutes are that are referred to in Psalms 119 is our marriage to Christ and clearly this verse has everything to do with that and so I hope you see that as I do in this verse and as I said it's a mouthful, but I'll read it in English, so it says it was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth I held him and would not let them go until I had brought them into my mother's house into the chamber of her that conceived me and wow it's deep it's it's is longer than most of the verses in the book and it's got all sorts of meanings that we can go into so wanted to start off with. I think it's spectacular what Rashi says about the verse with the Jews teach about the verse is that what's happening here is that they are just a little bit past Aaron and Moses or Moshe or they say it and you know if if it's after that Moses and Aaron die that you know God comes back with Joshua and they crossed the Jordan and they go over into the promised land so you know it. It kinda shows that that in their own way right that the there's a season for counselors and there is a season that that you know watchmen can help you but actually when it comes to your own relationship with God. There comes a point where it's just you and him him and they can point you in whatever direction, but will you know it's it's clearly between you and him how it actually happens that you come together and then you know they they talk about how she clings to him like Solomon said that we would cling to wisdom and and then you can't help but note also how Mary also clung with him in in the Gospel of John, and in Matthew, it says all the women that it would come back from the sepulcher grabbed hold of his feet and would let them go and you can't help but think of. Also with everything in the Bible people that would like or something. Of course Jacob as he would let go the angel until he blessed him, and I think all the things kind of figure into what's going on here is that when you get a hold of of God. When you get a hold of Jesus. When you get a chance to walk with him. You don't want to let go and the neat thing is where he took Mina where she took him which was in a home into her family and when you think about when you came to Christ, perhaps, that that you wanted everybody in your family to know that your life would change that you become integrated more in the Christ, so that people start to see and and again the idea of house has to do with her identity is so his people identify us identify us with being of Christ's house and so then then the really deep difficult thing to understand the passages he excuse me, she takes him into the chamber where she was conceived and literally that is the word conception and literally that is that chamber of her mother and so it's really: Galatians 4, you know, Paul makes reference to that Jerusalem is our mother, which we know we've been talking about the city and in Galatians 48. He makes reference to you know Sinai being in the mother of the Jews because they received the law that it wasn't able to give them what Grace did and we got that through Jerusalem because of what Jesus did on the cross in the that's that's one way.

Certainly a spectacular way to interpret it.

I love what Matthew Henry said about it that you know clearly, we are trying to get back to this place where apace or we were born again right. The new birth, but where was that for you. You know I love what Matthew Matthew Henry talked about that you know we had. We were born again and what was that place and who was your mother. In that case, it would appear to me that that would be God and once again is our mother. Like the Holy Spirit was, you know, somehow or another involved with Jesus is beginning well the mother of God. You know he's gender fall and what that exactly looks like is very deep and very interesting to ponder about, but the part that I think that I I can't help but understand is is I meditate on this and meditate is actually you just want to be saturated in your identity with Christ. In other words, not only do we hold on, but because were going back to the place of birth were actually coming into the house of God and so is the house of God and again were all becoming one with him and in relationship to you know his blessing and you know I can't even begin to express how cool it is been the watch in my own family and by that I mean my mother's children right. There were four of us.

We had lots of stepchildren that were involved with but but over a period of time. God has been returning all of us to Christ and if you listen to my show on Saturday. My sisters testimony is my older sister and one that I would've guessed was the furthest but she now wow what a relationship she has with Jesus. If you are that testimony as he became her dance card enough when I was thinking that she was literally holding onto him and literally putting her head on his shoulder as as she described that in her testimony that you know that was something that happened for her and I just got off to follow my brother just minutes ago actually. And he was describing how he had grown in his relationship over the last couple years. And so, as is is fascinating to me as I have grown and integrated in saturated in Christ than he is grown in saturated with us and and so you know it's something to ponder and I don't want to take it from you. Actually I and and honestly I'm still pondering I may have to do another episode at some point in time is you know that that place where you were conceived. You know where you were conceived physically at clearly was that in the case with my mother's children, but also there is a place where I was conceived spiritually and that places kinda between me and God, and something that I get to ponder and I hope you ponder as we think about this verse at once. We can finally fit those who seek fine-grained and once you find a slight just like Jacob and his wrestling match it when the easy once he got all of them.

He did let go ahead and you know the blessing itself is to be connected.

You know that the blessing that I think Jacob received was to become a member of God's family right that he would be able to turn is a blessing from God is that he can turn his face toward you right and I think the only way that he can do that as of four in Christ and and so I was thinking about this is just a bonus thing this morning that the miracles that God told Moses to do in order to convict the people that he was in fact sent by God was.

It was supposed to turn water. I mean take water from the Nile poured on the ground and it would become blood. And I thought about Abel's blood in the ground and I thought about Jesus's blood in the ground and all the sudden I kinda saw the parable of the soils come to life. Like all my goodness as is.

We died to ourselves and become good soil, then Jesus's blood is is literally purifying in the water that came from his side is literally purifying the ground is the greatest miracle I could possibly imagine that because of him purifying my Adamo my that stuff I made of the dust, then God can turn his face towards me and as he turns his face towards me. Apparently this has something to do with generational that he could turn his face towards my mother and my mother's mother, my father and in my mother's children and all these things come together as God is really want in that relationship with us and our family and all those people that prayed for us along the way. All had to do with this water and blood being poured out on the ground because Jesus was sent by the father is you've ever made that connection to Moses is miracles, but there were three through the stick on the ground and then became a serpent and and then he put his hand in his bosom, and became leprous and took it back out and you think about. It's almost like the story of mankind like we were bitten by the serpent. We became leprous but then praise God, you know, he poured the water, the living water from the living of the river of life onto the ground along with Jesus and became Jesus's blood which cleansed the dirt of our souls. I just think it's spectacular. I don't think 10 things to ponder.

I I'd I know I'm talking all over hallowed ground here and also in some ways very hallowed ground, but that in the way that seed took place and so it is then the ground that essentially in the good soil because we were made from the dust and that ground is what I need to get right with God. And so, in my own way I think that that that it is the in that ground that that I need to bring Jesus back bring his blood and is water in order to be purified so God can turn his face towards us and and blesses as he did with Jacob. I know that's a long roundabout way of going there but it's kind of where I land. Thanks for listening today. And again I am so grateful that you share this journey with me at been so much thank you

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