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Song of Songs Verse 7 - The First - Where Can I Find You Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 25, 2022 10:27 am

Song of Songs Verse 7 - The First - Where Can I Find You Jesus

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 25, 2022 10:27 am

Song of Songs 1:7 Tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou feedest, where thou makest thy flock to rest at noon: for why should I be as one that turneth aside by the flocks of thy companions?

The first of many requests in this book to find Jesus, this time as the amazing Shepherd. The one who feeds and makes to lie down..

Cool Video on YouTube about Making Sheep lie down

Then what about the turning aside? Listen to find out...


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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the song of songs, which is Solomon jumping into verse seven. Around in one of the most perfect in all the Scripture is just steps up on the next verse, which is just the Merkel verse of this section. In my opinion, but you will not unlike the aleph section of the hundred 19 Psalm the seventh verse as to do with the game a few might remember the seven verse in the aleph section I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall ever learn thy righteous judgments.

I think that you will see that the result of what the beloved is asking here will be the same thing but it's beautiful the way she says it sent back secular.

So getting on the seven verse in the King James version in English. It reads, tell me, O thou whom my soul loveth, where thou sweetest where thou make us thy flock to rest at noon. For why should I be as one turns aside by the flocks of thy companions. So here we see this idea of being meaty out loud, and again being meaty out loud to Jesus what you can go wrong if you're being meaty in your being out loud to Jesus. So as we talked about yesterday were going from the idea of divine and metaphor moving right to the sheep metaphor as we see in so many different Scripture, certainly we see in the Psalm 80 that it is the same thing that happens in the course of you read the Gospel of John.

You find these metaphors constantly and how wonderful. So I googled this and asked how does a shepherd make a sheep lay down in green pasture and by the way, in the my show notes and put a link to the video that I watch is only three minutes of the shepherd showing you the two ways that you can make sheep lie down, you know here obviously we have a connection to his father's 23rd Psalm. This idea of the sheep laying down just like he did at the beginning of the 23rd Psalm and also obviously feeding in the green pastures and so as sheep you know that is something that that shepherds understand and oh my goodness, a shepherd metaphor is everywhere from a bow on through to Jesus, you'll see it time again but anyway in this video you'll note that that the shepherd shows the first ways he discounted tackles this leader sheep because actually it I guess it since sheep are flocking animals. If you can get the leader lay down or perhaps you can get the others to lay down, but he showed how he could actually catch the sheep and kind of pull it over backwards to get to lay down, but you'll notice that almost immediately gets up because that's one way to make a sheep lay down his front door to do it and then he goes to what he things really happen. He said the other way is to make sure you feed them really good and you put them in a nice shady place that kind of thing to make sure that they run the Easter they'll only lay down when they feel completely safe to shepherd sheep. As you may know a real skittish and so this idea of making them lay down is that you have to be really really well cared for. If you're sheep before you're gonna lay down and went to lay down in one of the neat things. If you watch if you watch the video is the sheep when there laying down like that they're chewing their cud and and so after we fed on God's word and just think how spectacular for those we were listening and like singing of the choir. I know when God gives you a Scripture then you discontinue to chew on it until you can get every bit of nourishment from it and such is the case with the Scripture for me today because I continued to chew on it all morning and then God showed me something else really cool I get to in a minute and so you go from the idea of feeding and laying down, not unlike the 23rd Psalm and then she makes a further plea which is interesting as I've often heard. It's the second question that makes all the profit got so she doesn't just say it one way, she says in the second way she pleads because she doesn't want to be one and the King James version says the turn of the side of the flocks of by companions on you that in Hebrew. It's clearly that will be covered, so I guess the idea that they were thinking of turning the inside was to get the tent on the idle amount, but the idea is to be covered and the idea is one of the mysteries of this verse as you read the different translations of it is what is this veil and why do women get veiled before they get married and there's lots of stuff I read this morning.

Along those lines of what is up with this veil and why would she say that she wanted to be veiled by the flocks of his companions where the point of it is a meme and simple point is is simple that she wants to be with Jesus. She doesn't want to be with a cheap imitation sheep wants to be with the one who really is the shepherd which is a great thing to do, but I think there's some understanding and what is the what is the idea behind the veil so I was chewing, chewing, chewing on this and I looked it although there is much study on Rebecca's veil because you might remember that she's the first bride. They talk about it gets veiled and then there's much study on Moses. This veil but then the other. The word that is used here for veil is clearly used when somebody's a leper and they use it to cover their lip because to say that their unclean and so I just it really had me confused as to wonder why Solomon used this idea of this kind of veil to say that he was behind the flocks. Well that veil when you think about it.

It covers an affliction. It sure did with Moses writing then put the veil over his face.

When people see it shine.

He put it over his face so he wouldn't see it wasn't shining like it was shining. In other words, the veil is covering an affliction is is is far as you know, being leprous would be an and so it's interesting that we we have a tendency right to cover our afflictions the whole idea I was naked so I hid is that they are being covered right in and Moses covered his face. And interestingly, to some extent brides cover their face because they don't want people to see their imperfection.

Whatever the situation may be.

I don't know but what I do know is is that yes we are seeking cover all our lives in so we put on masks of also different kind like even in covert days you might notice people put on Madison afraid so. They hide and then all my goodness that is not what the shepherd has in mind he doesn't have an in mind that that your covering should be false. He wants your covering even lower. Leprous had to be his blood.

So that's that's a major thing. So the interesting thing about the word veil used here. The first letter is in IN. Which is this idea of seeing something and then the second letter is attached which usually means goodness, but the other thing is I was actually reciting hundred nineteenths on this morning after the study I remembered the twice during the attached section. He refers to, you know, it was good that I was afflicted, or before I was afflicted, you know. Both are mentioned they affliction is mentioned and you know all things work together for good is quite a connection to the letter tact and so as we are afflicted right if we afflicted which everybody is now in New Orleans without sin. If we go for cover there with the good Shepherd were headed in the right direction. It maybe out loud and she is being needy outlier and she is being needy out loud for the right cover. Not something to hide our imperfections, but so that Jesus himself will see it and heal it. It's an amazing thing, so to apply this verse right in my own life. I couldn't help but think this is a great question like it's a great great question asked Jesus, you know, where are you in a where do you want me to go to be with your sheep to be with my fellow sheep and so I thought well you know I just asked that question this morning so I spent some time in prayer to actually apply this verse this morning and and it was really really helpful as is. I laid in his arms and ask him or just tell me you know I've present time in sort of a quandary because you may know, I teach special needs. Every Sunday, and we've got another teacher there. So now only teach every other weekend. I mean every other Sunday right and then there's another church that is asked me to possibly consider being there assistant pastor to come and speak on Sundays and I've been praying mad and seeking God and and and if that's still in the process and I really wanted to get more today since I thought well you know God, where are you pastoring your your flock.

Where are you making them lay down at noon and end so that I can go there and make sure and he spent some time with me pointing out different individuals in both of those she folds that that required some nurturing and so I have a sense this is the direction he wants me to go and it was really a beautiful thing. So I would recommend highly recommend today, why not ask, and you know Lord, where are you pastoring your flock is I don't want to be like a veiled woman I so love this verse because it sets up the next verse, which is really one of my most favorite favorite in all all the Bible get a chance to do that next time.

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