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Mountain Climbing

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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August 14, 2021 12:19 pm

Mountain Climbing

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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August 14, 2021 12:19 pm

Robby goes from surfing to hiking as he discusses the "mountains" we climb in our pursuit of God.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds.

Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network matter what anybody tells you words and ideas can change the world. Mr. Pitts, I 19th century literature has nothing to do with going to business school, medical school site happens, you may greater than thinking as we should simply study are Mr. Prichard and learn our rhyme and meter and go quietly about the business of achieving other ambitions secret for you left. We don't read and write poetry because it's cute read and write poetry because we are members of the human race in the human race failed patch medicine, law, business, engineering, noble pursuits necessary to sustain life. Poetry beauty, romance, love easily stay alive for current radio show. He were going mountain climbing last week. Yes, we were surfing but they were mountain climbing the mountain climbing. As you may have just heard in the way you know my father, for those of you don't know is a Jeep dealer in Albuquerque New Mexico when I was in high school when I first started to drive and and so is a Jeep dealer he traded for a 1949 CJ 2 AM for those Jeep enthusiasts out there you know exactly the client talked about it was the one that looked just like the military Jeep and we climbed many a mountain in that Jeep climbs the mountains today, but if you are really receptive.

You knew that was the stargazers with happy wanderer right there the very beginning is to sing that song when I was in middle school, which was called during her high back.

Most days by the way, and then Robin Williams in the dead poets Society. He was sharing what we will find out as a preceptor or preclude him today.

It is so cool on the mountain or climbing and then Peggy would you might recognize from sound of music with climb every mountain. So today show, like all the Christian Car Guy shows recently is brought to you by Hebrew letters and today the letter is Cliff which that letter looks like you know what it sounds a lot like a Q but it's the hidden sparks of holiness like Moses you know he got a glimpse of God, and that when he was standing on that holy ground will that's the letter could afford to get into all that so there was an old Disney movie and I hope everything is to see at some point in life.

It's really cool. It's called the third man on the mountain and in this movie. There's a man by the name of John Winter is actually Capt. Capt. John winter. He stops and he pauses their way up above where most people would ever go in the Swiss Alps and he says to his young mountain climbing guide.

I feel sorry for the people you never get to see this and what they were looking at was above the clouds and the clear air. It was magnificent. It was a view of the Alps, really. I think only God and if you may be mountain goats ever get to see well in your journey in my journey through the Bible in a you know is studying the Bible is like that at times right you climb and you climb you slip you crawl you get lost you go the wrong way and suddenly you popped around the corner and it literally takes your breath. I mean that's what it's time to just pause and just to hold right it's holy. It's amazing it gives meaning to life.

It's the face of God literally, so clearly as we climbed around in the first six verses 119 Psalm today in a Christian Car Guy show, be praying that you get a piece of that view that I got to see this week. The Bible helps sell and yes, this all applies to cars, so much so working a sum up how it applies to cars, especially to jeeps with little game of nine then time to find that the race that I like that have a name that is all that I get ready to call in at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH if you will be able to name this noise Chantel Martha with fables name that noise again when a Christian car guy T-shirt have a profile assist Christian card on the front with a big red? I love going on the back is Jesus labor of love and all you gotta do is name. This noise so what is this noise today is a little different noise today than normally. Normally I've got some problem that you try to say Mama Kirsten Sumrall.

I will give you another large hint today and say this case to cars doing something really right and I might surprise you with the cars to those who are up on the subject may know exactly what that cars doing 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we watched a little T-shirt, 86634 truth and like I said, this is can have everything to do and when you understand what the Jeep is actually it will tell you it's a Jeep what it's doing, then I think you're gonna see where we going with this. So as we talked about the last couple weeks. Gotta certainly put on my heart to study the hundred and 15 Psalm actually in so many different ways and in the hundred 19 Psalm you may know, is the longest chapter in the Bible and it is based on all the letters that Hebrew letters of the alphabet. There eight verses on all 22 letters and so today I want to climb around on the first six verses and as we climbed this particular mountain. I'm hoping you get a chance to see where we get to and then you can call in and share what you've seen. Along these lines. Oh you might know that the hundred 19 Psalm starts out with a letter aleph which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet, which is everything to do with God's name like Adam I and is also the father and father's Abraham's name starts with an Alice Higgins that they has to do with the father and it has to do with the number one.

A lot of things along those lines, but it starts out with the word Asher like the name Jacobs wife name the baby Asher because she was happy so that this is translated blessed right. Blessed are the undefiled in the way who walk in the law the Lord. We talked about that last week that the people that are in the small narrow gate there in the way most people are happy and even walking along Warden second verse very similar. Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, and these are people that are keeping like John Bunyan had his character Christian kept his testimony close to his bosom so he knew his story. He knew how God had come from the heat seen. It is an eyewitness, yes he was witness to all the things in the Bible that he read but it also been a witness to what God had done in his own life and he was happy because he sought after God with the whole heart right. Blessed are those who keep his testimonies that seek him with a whole heart and that whole heart is critical to the whole Psalm is critical to King David's life because he was on a sought after God with the whole heart, so long as lines were still talked about this blessed people.

They also do no iniquity in the walk in his way so that we see. We climbed through fervor. Three levels here so we spent a lot we did all show on iniquity here a few weeks ago, maybe a couple months ago. I won't go into a lot of what that is but the ideas that these people walk in his ways date they have a job you Debbie JD Bley spray salon in their walk in the way that Jesus walked where wanted to jump up today as we kinda just level up from those first three verses the next thing this next verse kinda jumps out at us and it says thou has commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently is all of a sudden the language changes and it's almost like you're out of the foothills and now you have to start climbing this mountain and in the word that David is that he commanded us to keep those precepts diligently was that it was actually something he was telling you to use a lot of different words for commandment. Unfortunately English disc is is that one word that's translated so many times in the Bible's commandment. This is this is the kind of thing where God instructed David directly and if you look at Deuteronomy 6, which is very much you know the law that David is referring to here. The thing that there you're told to do diligently when you're told. Love the endeavor on six love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might. That word might is the same word is diligently in South since David was a guy who sought God with his whole heart. He saying that you got a site you gotta seek God with all your all and this is gonna lead to some things that really get to only compactly got.

Eric is in the Washington and discredit is an idea what that noise is not that he asserted he was out there. We got so much more Christian card I show coming up. You could call us with your guess on the noise 866-34-TRUTH 7884. You're listening to the Truth Network and I will say saying I want anybody to miss out on that great love to go wandering anyway. We're going wondering today on mountain climbing on the Christian car guy show in Wayzata fun shot name that noise we get Eric is. It looks like and to fill Washington I've never heard that town but Eric, you're on the Christian card I show good morning good morning Bill, I like PEB and do a chicken that makes sense right right. Maybe we can hatch out a good thing here for you for doing so. So anyway your it up there. Is that pretty close to the mountains yourself there. I would think in Cooper. Not really. It's on Whidbey Island.

Yeah how fun I was born and raised.

So that is really nice.

So what you want me to play that noise against you can try to determine what it is.

If you can. If you don't mind that would be great. So go ahead John all right Eric, you name it anoints the radio but I guess windshield wipers that you know the windshield wipers could have been wiping while that was going on and that would be a good thing especially if you're mountain climbing because that you could be snowing up there raining and and I've heard windshield wiper sound like that that when I was going for was little different but working to get you because I don't know for sure wipers. So if you ever gone full driving energy when I was younger. We we had truck. We went up the mountains in Washington and went went fishing when it got my license so we did a lot of that to get to the lake is beautiful up there yeah and Marlin that's really nice and I mean I haven't been there and a lot of them. I'm older now, but it is just God country for sure is beautiful up there. So I have ever been like the way up the mountain and all of a sudden you actually got above the clouds and you had this different view because you couldn't see below the clouds. You could just see what was above the clouds of the top of the mountains across the range. Well I have a story about that. I used to pack bundled about another kid for Christmas.

And if something like that came in.

It was a low pressure system are likely going to get rain or snow.

Don really started. Not the greatest thing, yeah I never got to experience it in a good way that this might not be good if you think snap to come down the mountains now that's correct. That's a scary situation. I understand that's the challenge of mountain climbing so well thank you Eric appreciate you calling in today and Sharon I bless you all.

Absolutely, thank you very much for your show. Appreciate you gate. Thank you alright so is still out there. What you think that noise is let's play one more time, Sean. For those people who who may want to hear it.

You call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and is a good noise right it's a good noise so you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 okay when we left her here, David. He'd just gotten out of the foothills and that we start to climb this mountain and and for me it was my first real climb in the hundred 19 Psalm because I really had a problem with the board precepts I'd it says thou has commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently and I thought that it's it's an interesting word that precluded men in Hebrew because it doesn't show up until the Psalms and so it's a bit of a question. What was David actually referring to sense he's talking about a type of command and he's talking about that you're supposed to do it diligently and I couldn't find anybody that gave me the answer. I really liked this I kept studying and I found out I can actually back into it and the way that I did that as I looked into Deuteronomy 6. Was there something that God had commanded in this type of command that word that they use for command here any commanded to do it with that that diligently word which is me out in Hebrew and you know what it was. The thing that he told them to do diligently was love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your mind and all your diligent see us because that same word that's translated diligent and here is the word that's at the end of that you know Schama prayer for the for the Jews, and so the idea was that that was love. It was the word love is a precept here and and as I thought about love being a precept.

I went back and did some more study and I'm on a rabbi's teaching on this saw many talked about Victor Frankel and Victor Frankel was a psychiatrist.

I got sent to Auschwitz and what he observed when he was in Auschwitz was that the people that held onto loving God with the people that live the people that lost their faith quickly died. They had no reason to live. Even those people who maybe not didn't have faith but love their families typically when they hung onto things that Robin Williams was talking about me enter giving of the show love passion. These kind of things. Those were the things that made life worth living and so is is David is suspicious sharing something that you're supposed to do with your whole heart.

Think about Jesus's commitment right love one another mean, that's a precept that it's different than I did then the other commands and so when David gives you this one he's he's setting up the next climb. Actually, by telling you okay God told us very specifically were supposed to keep these love things these things that are worth living with all our heart that that diligent see as with all or all with everything we got and so then his next comment is clearly is connected to that because then his heart just cries out all that my ways this is first 50 that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes and that word statutes has to do with our letter for today but the Hebrew letter, which has to do with something so holy, you really don't understand it and you might remember King David and I went to move the ark and ended up getting killed because he didn't understand this kind of statute and subordinate is more mountain climbing away come back and I'm really shocked that the Sean that something is called the nameless noise 866-34-TRUTH 87884. You're listening to the network and mountain climbing up his name is noise, which has to do what you know how King David climb this mountain. I think you're gonna see how it all comes together. Hopefully would we get this name is noise names we got all sorts of colors calling him now, that's wonderful. We got Dan is in Snohomish, Washington.

They must know moments must be a big place that we a lot of positives, then you're on the Christian Car Guy sugar more than good morning Robbie, I'm sad. My wife and I both have different gases on this one, but my guess. My guess is that have already never ever and my wife's gas is. I think it on hearing, like water, so I think you give me out windshield last year. Fluid that's interesting is a great answers and once again I was not there to see if there was somebody filling the luncheon while it was happening and I did see some water in what was going on.

So you got you got it right. There is a jeep moving there and there there is some water to an extent, but that was not actually what I was going after. But I love it I love it like you guys is not much.

I mean because I really do I get a lot of calls from Snohomish my center-right finally.

Now I will say it for me know. All know there's no I put too many syllables and in Snohomish. Okay.

That wonderful Dan, thank you so much so if you guys been up up in a jeep in the Washington mountains, not in a jeep that I have been up in the mountains climbing up to upper Lakes to go fishing and yes we've been above the clouds.

At times it's it's a beautiful site and I bet you been there in the Bible to have any damn late. I when all of a sudden you came at you.

You can crawl around on this passage for a while and also new head pop through the mountains went man it's absolutely gorgeous will thank you thank you both, then what your wife's name Don DA W and the sword have to send out to T-shirts so that you can have a his and hers for Dan and how wonderful thank you guys got blessed. I really appreciate you: so we got let's see we got Cara Lee is in Port Orchard, Washington so clearly you're on the Christian Car Guy. I showed you Anna take a guess at that noise you want to hear it again. No I don't want to hear it again.

I tried doing or maybe it's having gas put into the tank or something like that that I love that answer that's so beautiful because to some extent, the Jeep is idling and that's critical to what's actually going on in the in the soundbite and what will reveal here that's right God idling. Yeah, I was like wow the Jeep is taken you where you need to go just without having to step on the gas you your your your right on the money there so I'm so grateful that you called in with that and you'll be looking good net teacher to say thank you Karoly S so the next up we have Rachel's in Oxford, North Carolina, so Rachel here on the Christian Car Guy sugar more than what you think it is we absolutely can lights call screeners on the phone so soon as he gets off. We will we will play that for you and and you'll be able to do it sir Oxford is there we go there.

Sean can you play the noise again for her. There you go Rachel name that noise. Are you with me near the noise okay when you plan one more time when what you think that is Rachel and I caught my my thought was that he was being watched. While that's cool well again I wasn't there to know that they didn't at some point time wants to Jeep.

They must have, but give it without you had a wonderful answer. You called in and you had the courage so you know to me. Anybody that that has the courage to call they think they get a T-shirt that's just one. Thank you Rachel God bless, leave it out there for somebody else if they want to call us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884 because really do want to extend the point home on what's actually going on there, as were climbing this mountain, but what we letter here.

David you know where on the on the verse five.

Excuse me on first forward since the house commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently. Okay so now were sitting there with all our heart, with all our soul, trying to keep these these type of things that are like love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind.

And then he says oh that I could do these things are so hard.

I don't understand because of the way. What statutes are. Are there things are so holy I don't understand. Like what happened to poor David's friend when he when he touched the ark in the wrong way we meet. This got oxidized right and so wow David's asking for this to happen and then there's the six verses where I came around the corner and all of a sudden I got a look at something that I hadn't seen and what that next verse said after he got a point to where he would know how to do the high hard the difficult statutes. Then, he says, then I won't be ashamed, when I had respect for all of your mitzvah and that's another word for commandment but actually what he saying there it that word ashamed is the same word that you know Adam and Eve were ashamed when they found out they were naked. And so the ideas now.

I'm not how you get ashamed when you been revealed to be opposer like all when when all of a sudden you come to the conclusion you're not the person that you thought you were or are God it and allowed something in her life to expose you and when you think about this in the New Testament which is so beautiful is that Peter right. He got a chance to see something very beautiful when he told Jesus he would never let him down. But when you know that when when he was standing there the fire. He denied Jesus three times and he found out that he wasn't the person he thought he was.

But in in pulling off his master way that got pulled off he got a look at something that was absolutely critical to his walk because Jesus would restore him and you know everybody on summary people's favorite passage there at the end of the gospel of John one Jesus asked Peter to let me feed my sheep. What that is a picture of what this verse is, and I hope you see it with me because he says then I will not be ashamed, when I can hold.

Respect is what it says in the King James what it really means to hold to get a hold look at a commandment to get a hold look at what it is that you're asking us to do, which in this case he was telling Peter to feed his sheep while I don't know if it if you're like me, but at some point in time. You know you you are being opposer I was you note faking it till I made it. And all of a sudden, in spite of what I did God kinda held me over the basket and let me do something that was one of his command. One of his good deeds of the asked me to do to teach to show somebody you know how to feed the sheep and then all of a sudden you get this look Jesus like oh my goodness. And so as we get to the top of that mountain that was what actually was hoping somebody would call in today and share you know when did that mask come off you and all the sudden intercourse, you know, for me it happened that my conversion like I didn't realize how holy God was until I read the book of Job for the first and I kept on complaining that like really are no with these kids dying all his stuff and then all of a sudden I went when when God showed up in the cloud and said okay Robbie, you know, if you're so smart want you just make it hail or reset the sun one time and all of a sudden I got a look at myself for the first time and that was critical to the that I needed Jesus right and if I did see my need for Jesus that I didn't need to. And so they still are so connected with me. I hope you can see that you can call in and share your story or what you may think that noise is 866348788486634 truth. We got so much more. You're listening to the truth and

He and you know for me.

I've heard that song from when I was little child accepting so the music came out when I was eight, but nonetheless I'd never put it together that what she says is is that you've got to put all the love that you can give in order to climb the mountain it it it it so is connected to the Psalm in so many ways. Because this wholehearted idea that David had as he got his whole heart back more and more through these presets. Then all of a sudden he wouldn't be ashamed right when he saw the Jesus would would meet his need and he would eat would be able to see these commandments with with these fresh eyes of of being on top of the mountain having climbed it with God and seeing that God was when it actually put them up there so it's it's it's an amazing thing. I am very excited about all the people there, and were fixed to hear from them so I need to mention that there's a show coming up today at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network. It's called the cure with Amy combo and borescope in it and it is absolutely wonderful today showed her to be doing it on burnout with Michael Leavitt see on this at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network but next up we got Eric was to try the noise again which the noise is kinda critical to what I'm talking about. So Eric will we lost Eric and summa put that one off and we got lessee, Jaclyn Ward is in Greensboro subject when you're on the Christian card. I shall component.

I am wonderful so you want to try the noise. I know I'm right and you're exactly right studies, you go that's actually they they are not touching the gas but the Jeep is just climbing the mountain just absolutely in which they do if you put it in for love when you just take your foot off the gas. If in the older jeeps that had all kinds of torque. You didn't have to do anything. They drove you if you would let all gather going over rightist.

It's kind of like a tractor like a lot of people realize that the slower you go the better you climb so you sissy you have a God story for us back in my life over and over again what had in my earlier years when I was introduced to the Holy Spirit after reading God never legally let you know, helping, and the only really being that I was very committed. Then again, I would like dating all the time.

When you marry the boy got going on when I met Holly. It was the simple nature and holy act like I would Lori you know really great that you can and I know I am doing but I know what you think I'm a mere man, and he felt like more than that and my back went on my little Temple naked, drinking, smoking wine they thought it leaving the following law of the relationship against deal he's given us a heart back a little piece of the time I think that will be with you, holding behind her back. Yellow lab thinking I went and got behind a bag and I went that what you mean, you realize that it really well. That's exactly you you been on that mountain. I'm so grateful.

God bless you.

You have a great weekend made my day is something wonderful starts today so next up we got and all said and you heard all that is beautiful and then I climbing up and out doing the work and maybe mislead and it is climbing.

It's actually climbing over rocks and boulders just idling it.

That's the part that really confuses people's they think I got a step on the gas coherence is big rock right in front of me. Well, if you're know something about those old jeeps. If you touch the gas you're messing up your fix and slip in 1988, and May. In Japan, climbing Mount Fuji all the way up to hire you and hide it God and finally the doctor by the end. And yet when you got to the top 15 green tea, hot green tea in the back and all around me. I hide it if done right, body, and it's like a land ride. It was just so incredible, and it was worth it all getting to the top note that better climbing the mountain understood that you know you feel sorry for people that never seen this and dislike it was. It was hard you, you felt lost at times. I'm sure you slipped. I'm sure you know and all those things and if when you really dig around and let the Holy Spirit guide you through the but if you ever take your foot off the gas line thank you thank you my friend. I I am just like amazed the stuff that God shows me and when I got around the corner I realized oh wow, that in order for me to see your whole minutes for your whole commandment. I've got to drop the man you know you've got to pull those things away from me. My Jaclyn was talk about where I'm posing when I'm acting like I know what I'm doing and suddenly it's it's it's a wonderful adventure with thank you so much for calling today and God bless you about it what it is is a and I want to thank you those of you been following me my podcast. I've been doing these hidden secrets of the hundred 19 Psalms. I spent this verse after verse.

I mean there's 1012 minute segment on each of these verses were going to great detail about the Hebrew and I'll edit that interest you. I would love for you to check out our podcast. It's called hidden secrets of the hundred 19 Psalm there within the Christian card as well as all the shows Christian card at the all those things and then think about the misfits applicable to help single moms, widows and families in crisis that the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis.

You can find all those things that Christian car but you know is you know it's a dream it's going to need all the love you can give rise to just climb, climb, climb, and now that he's up there but it and it's going to be worth all the effort for you in the Bible as you come around the corner and Mary is. Thank you so much for listening today Christian concussion. This is the Truth Network

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