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July 14, 2021 5:00 am


The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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How fun they may conference room for the National religious broadcasters convention. I get to meet so many wonderful people.

God put passions on their hearts and so we have Neil and Mary Catherine Mohammed monitors with this and so Neil I'll let you tell our listeners about black every black like my every black life matter. We want to we want to make sure we get the effort yet. He forgot so basically we started this in August of last year my wife was noticing a number of Christian families that we knew were going out protested BLM holding up with their kids pulling up the BLM flags know that she's determined means is that you know somebody to do something about it because these folks aren't leftist or not. Mark says they're not pro-choicers that are not witchcraft followers right yet BLM is all that regular Marxist and self-proclaimed for that matter, and there against families against fatherhood all that. So she turned to me, so I called up my friend Kevin McGarry, the president of the Frederick Douglass foundation, California.

Nothing that a nationwide group. I said Kevin you guys were pretty Doug with me to do something about, so he called the national office in they got back, Kevin. You're really busy right now you Neil to start something usually does turn these things back, I know.

I think Kevin is a given notice that I'm not black. He said yes but neither most BLM process, but certainly you are African figure more often than I am because while Kevin's African-American.

I was actually born in Africa grew up in Africa and most my view, the map some African by culture engine by ethnicity in America by choice. So we decided that we wanted to start something the same llamas BLM have very similar names very similar concepts of people with easily identified where we are what linger playing in, but the difference was we are pro-life. So we have a number one is true justice or real justice will move to our educational choice. Father criminal justice reform to renew nonviolence right so an active five euros a week at all, but princes that I diametrically opposed to BLM the way we engage with people who talk to gringos BLM is not hard-core Marxist were not into it and could not antifog not out the burning building to be on stand for exactly the cause of the problem. The black-white that we agree that every life matter. The question is why we focus on black flywheels because black laser beam targeted by two specific groups. We go back to the 1900 back in 1930 of the height of Jim Crow laws. Black… The rate of 70% and they had high employment and doing well financially surrounded by races going to and there of fatherlessness is only 18% fast-forward to the 70s with LBJ and the third party that you know you want to target black family visit will make sure they both rest next €200 in and he says with hand given handouts of the person they do they go after them, and every Democratic for gumdrop mainly black and they say were going to give you more money was the father. No welfare laws are designed today that it was no problem, you get more money. As a result, you get 72% follow you as a result of that accredited 80% as a result of that, you end up with gangs as men. I look young boys looking for father figure looking for belonging different relationship to gangs, violence, drug, and young women are sexually male approval to get all the stuff and you get it 18% literacy rate in the so what what we don't. We destroy the target and destroy the African-American family and as a result of that schools are rotten right gangs and violence in the schools when we engage with dilemmas of selling*you really care about black will I know Kelly's back but did you know that 73% of African-Americans born. This is an easy pump for know we can stop this from happening and to fatherlessness in her left leg was followed black kids who care about the backlog forcing method is 60% of African-American parents would like of Dr. to send a kiss to public school or private school, and yet the union's attorney parties won't let that happen to those schoolchildren, black lives matter of course to go to say yes and I said you know that there would be $0.50 50% more African-Americans today are all killed in a race to because the 44 million after 6429 after Americans were killed by plantar wart that the second paragraph by paragraph seven & abortion plan walking this and the only cost you 30% of the population. Wikipedia federal funding and money for everyday Viking black life baby black life matter and most people yes it will not case you know you really are on our yet pleased to tell you that that's a tiny percent in any 1010 maybe less, millions of people that policies do you really care about black pleasant black monism that you write so were lucky enough to have your daughter Mary Some you get a chance to talk about this right then, with the mayor of the IRB and so from your young life. You know what you see here is his main issue that you think in your in your culture in my generation. Oh, I have to think now and I think one of the biggest lies in this implicates as well as the black community is you can always trust the government.

And it's funny kids to like you know they just take care just like you are not really in politics, but the moment you start drilling them on some question, he realized that they had seen government as something that will always be there to protect them. And the truth is there are bad people in government and that policies passed that will ruin your life… I guess at this rights everyone, but especially black communities on this well you can see from the destruction of typing that's one of the biggest issues I would say is 11 trust always has the government after they believed the other one is feelings matter more than the fact and the problem with that is you can find the nicest sweetest little slogan ever. But if it spells it means nothing. So you have to realize that just because it's mean and hard and hurt your feelings if it's true you have to do something about it so that I think are some of the biggest issues I find with my generation and the culture and I'm sure there even people from other generations of the following under these lies south or Mary Catherine's got the gift, passion and conviction from what she understands and so it really gives me hope. Because what were talking about here is just cultural issues right so you know, how do we take these on what what is strategy for every black life. One of them is good.

Our website and we always looking for funding looking the prayer were looking for people to spread the word with people willing to engage with other BLM is just anybody a lot this also the issue of critical race. Coming up in schools. We want parents understand what triple race. Grabbing a conference on the 10th live at our website and scream at basically want people repaired.

Because here's the deal. Critical race theory is basically all white people race which is normally sure not work on biblical. The Bible clearly says that distribution of it is not dividing male from female, Jewish and Gentile, and prices paid result with critical race theory, something that we as parents can do. It doesn't matter if you have kids and homeschool like we do.

Are you have your an empty nest or your single you can get on that school board to go to school board. Talk about listening run for school board take over your schoolwork. As you know what they're going to brainwash the next Hollywood district race.

Everything else about sexuality difficult overarching people get involved go to website will come to tell you how to get these things done really want to get involved because you can't be passive anymore. You can't trust the government, you have to be the government to the government yeah this thing that kept him really good for people to like wow just not unlike Neil is okay you feel so strongly about this. You do something this may sound exactly on some I do the Jesus labor laws which is car repair labor for single moms and widows crashes across the country and I've been promised by this major corporation that they would help batteries for any single mom that needed one, and they let me down several times and then finally I had this person needed a battery bay needed car repair sufficiently body repair in Fort Worth. Now I'm in North Carolina and so I called this company is located in Fort Worth and said I need a battery. They took two weeks to Christmas to tell me know that they working and it was completely legitimate. What was going on and I just got angry started.

The only job like how can this be how can this person considers and makes his big deal out of me and how can this be God's estimate seriously. Rob you care so much about this woman. Why don't you fix it right. I hate that. And so I picked up the phone book. I look for the first body shop I could find that was close to where she was based on Google and I call them and I got this woman on the phone but I said listen, I'm ministry called Jesus labor.

Love can I talk to you know whoever did the current parish.

I heard her yell back BLM somewhere and so Bill gets on the phone hello and I told you this is Robbie doing more with Jesus labor lover got the single mom tell me you talk about Jesus past on the radio or user goes well I'll tell you one thing you can't out give God. You tell me what you need in which it handled.

Oh wow, how nice it was this a watercourse will have her fix shall be grab my car before person while I will never ever forget what you cares and so your listening right now and you've been frustrated by every black live matters are frustrated because you know what you disturbed for me.

I know most folks I know are not unfamiliar with this topic. Not unfamiliar with the way the black Americans of been targeted in so many different ways and actually for centuries right because slavery was designed to break up families in the end, and it was meant to create bondage, which is what slavery comes from fatherlessness.

It's been something that's been going on for a long time and so God really is counting on all of us.

I love what Mary Catherine said no like wow the government is not going to do this for you this time for everybody to pick up the phone, daughter, every black live matters and see how you can get involved. I bet if you start praying… Just tap you on the shoulder, but nonetheless that's what God has for you, and you probably listen to us right now. So thank you Neil. Thank you, Mary Catherine for delightful opportunity to share what God's doing here at the RB very much kinkier

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