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NRB Chronicles- Benny DiChiara: His Life Changed in an Instant

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 11, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles- Benny DiChiara: His Life Changed in an Instant

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 11, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Interview from the Expo Floor NRB 2021

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

Benny DiChiara’s life changed in an instant one morning in October 2015.

He had fallen asleep on the couch after staying up late watching news about the upcoming election. At 6:30 am, the alarm on his phone went off, but the phone was in the bedroom.

DiChiara stood up from the couch when he saw his wife, Donna, walk into the living room, holding his phone out to him.  And then … nothing.

DiChiara was on the floor. Horizontal. Unconscious.

The neurosurgeons at the hospital later asked Donna how DiChiara caught himself? Her reply, “He didn’t.” The bewildered doctors followed up, “Didn’t he grab for something?” Donna’s answer: “No.”

“My wife told me that when my head hit the wood floor it sounded like a gunshot,” DiChiara stated.



So while trying always to be our mode or see somebody needs amazing people that God's given a passion to build the kingdom and so I have been. He is it pronounced to Charles Disher the shower you say better at with empowered and so Benny, let you tell our listeners a little bit about your story is best with God's voice radio so you know it's just a beautiful thing is I want to be learning while their learning so you tell me about a Robert blessed to be with you today. Thanks for having me appeared in RV and sharing my story of a whole lot of people and that's a God thing right cottages open the doors when he says to move this for things we should do MOV a picture smooth conical is that simple.

Unlike yes yes it is so 5 1/2 years ago in October 2015 I had stayed up late to watch the news of how to make a decision. My wife came out of the bedroom at 630 in the morning because I fall asleep on the sofa my alarms going off, because there is an animal like while I remember her extending the phone to me. I have a 20 minute hole in my life that I can't recall a thing.

So she tells the neurosurgeons when I got over to the hardwood floor section of our living room and she extended the phone to me. I was completely horizontal and and so there like slip was a Red Sox with floor wet trip and she's like none of that they somehow did he catch himself people pensions of all time. She says none of that straight to the floor. The back of my head hit the floors and she said it sounded like gunshots so she said that I did not lose consciousness but are I got on my hands and knees are falling toward the recliner and she says you need to come lie down well in my previous life I was 1/4 which is embedded and I'm laying in bed for about 10 minutes all that training came back. You cannot tell you when God it was not BC life so when God brings us through experiences in our life in the past. It is for his purpose that training for me came to its fruition. While I was laying in the bed going through a traumatic brain injury. There was nausea in the room spinning out of my facet. This is it right from the drop we need to go so we went to the hospital MRIs, CT scans, ICU for observation.

It was insane.

So it was a couple of days. He released me home. The first month at home and I slept in a recliner for three months because I have to be elevated to this day asleep with my head but 20 hours a day I would sleep 20 hours a day, so my wife became a full-time RN every three hours.

Meds a little tolerate a little Ensure my average weight is 198 I went down to 166. During this time, so I could speak I couldn't walk. There was there was a lot of doubt about if I was going to come out of it. If I did what I ever be the same.

Him up on the ceiling. Most of the time so just how God wired and of he miraculously touched my life and stated every time it just I'm so in all of right so as I was recovering in the second month of it of my life at that point she could leave you had a walker to get around the house and of she left his free listeners to know that there's been a relates what about tell you but Rob is as clearly as you hear my voice speaking to you. There was a male voice audible in my liver. I want recliner right. I was frightened but I was excited at the same time because a newbie could only be one and he said to be Benny. I have hugely great plans for you.

So I did what any person to. I cried like a baby until it fell asleep and I woke up again about 11 o'clock at night is happy for several days in the last day it happened. He's like Benjamin, I'm telling you, I have hugely great plans for you coming out of this. So at this point I'm together a little bit on my Lord, I know what you're doing. Jeremiah 2911 is favorite person about it's the best promise right plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope in the future. And unlike larger of firming me through my favorite verse, and he tested me. The next song he writes for me will be titled Jeremiah 2011.

This is what I want from it. What I did for you stepped into your life and safety. Any if they just press density and so it's the third cut on our new record because since the brain injury. We just released our new record three days and its charting and on stations of everything that God is to show it off. It's incredible. So I'm sure like everybody else I would love to know the lyrics of German. I think one thing he specifically gave Nanette was he didn't want to hear any of the first in the song, and I was like well that's that's that's a different light it if you don't find there's two things that God is given the right and its this when I say move. There's only four things you should MOV eight move that upset us before they export if I'm confused by what he saying unlike God is not the author of confusion, you're listening to the wrong guy right here listening to Satan try to sidetrack you for what God has if God tells you, and there's no confusion to it.

It's from him.

You need to move the other thing is given. Especially coming out of this pandemic year where everybody's faith is been supplanted by fear because that's the devil's number one tool and get out for your listeners. False evidence appearing real is a real thing. But the Bible is more real than that. So tap into that if you are unsure how to read the Bible, just read what you read it you got it just as were Jesus and you've got a buddy telling me to surrender the outcome.

And unlike Lord what you say it is like. So here's the thing. If we believe the Bible is the living breathing word of God. If we believe that God Almighty is the I am, and he is is the beginning and again he's the creator of the universe right if we believe those things to read the book and more importantly, read the last book of the book, the outcome, my friends has been determined already and it was done when Jesus came out of it. That's where your eternity starts right so what are we hung up with in our lives. If the outcomes been determined, so if we surrender to that outcome. It frees us as individuals to use the gifting that he's given us to reach the world for Jesus because that's the purpose we were all designed absolutely so inside the literature. Jeremiah 2911 get hit for April ratified here because I did have a braided diner on though but I bet several traits I already provided were really so I people know my story right so I'm I'm with you in so many different ways, but the beauty of it is, the audience is just patient is they are as they should tell you what the big heart. The big part of the lyric in the song is like the first verse or two is from be my perspective right but then God takes over and it is a direct from him type message and in the middle of the song resident of the course. Whatever hours I was struggling with ghetto because people write music, I might well I don't I transcribe Holy Spirit gives it I transcribe it so the big point of the song that he gave me in the middle of it is I cry for you, I die in at that point I just broke down crying in the middle of the song so and in its it points people to what he's done it in their lives. Everything we do shows I had a young lady after showing him up. She just talk to you about the Jeremiah and she's like it correctly, it just in here because I'm sick of this process. She thought it a cried he cries.

I understand he died he died, but he does cry for us. To my dad had quintuple bypass is so like all the stuff last October he got diagnosed.

It was a nine day journey nine days that my had this discussion because the more games as we had discussed Mike that not only are you going to the buffet table. You have a name tag so I need you to tell me how you know where you're going.

It's important, he says, are nowhere going on but not acceptable. And tell me things like Jesus died for me rose again.

I believe that that's how I get to heaven like that. It doesn't matter tell you because you're going to be immaculately fully healed. Dad and I know I'll see you again so I days later the past so in God talk to me after that. So in July would be ready to back in studio to cut a single guy gave me a song or about my dad before people called I'll meet you there. So is to be a sad song about basing about my dad because if you asked me if it's a horrible thing that has passed development. It said smiling through your skin except he taught me what legacy but there's a bigger joy than the pain because I know of the Price of the name of something to be out and it's all about.

No matter what we go through in our lives are meant to be a loss of a parent or sibling sister was positively the loss of a job if anything that's devastating when your listener restricts God is in it. He knows everything before it even happens. This is a preordained moment that we would be interviewing today because he had that lined up eons ago right, only I'm sold out for him. If one were sold out for him. The joy of the Lord will supplant all of our fears all of our hurts all her worries about what your strength just add this little side note that I have no comfort to me in amazing ways.

While people listen while somebody like that they can hardly wait course to see him when she knows the one that cried first but when you look at Genesis, there's something really unique that people never tell you is there but if you look at it. I think it's beautiful. And if you know Hebrew Alice base Bennett starts on the ballot the middle of it is a memo which means like Messiah one year that mom must sound and then it ends with the top of which is the end of the story. So when Jesus said to John in Revelation what you said the other story is that I'm out of memo time. He didn't just say I am the alpha male mega Jesus would really speak very dried out, but I think that to John being the nice Jewish boy was it right now that he was speaking right so if you look at Genesis 1 and says God created the out of town of heaven and created the hours of earth. Wait a minute, there's there's words in there that I did not know her letters that I do not know her income in the beginning. I guess the first list of first book of the Bible and right.

Rachel and Frank that he is the beginning the middle and the end of a spiritual world.

Maybe heavens before the earth is the beginning, middle and the end of them all. By the way, the word is God and God is the word, and so those letters are the same thing as him because he's the word so the Bible itself to drive the Bible itself is Jesus.

And so it's all like to say it's come together is right and we are going to, but I'm doing anything about adverse all day long like the cried from the Dodge and wouldn't it be nice to know when to be nice to know when pride turned as I have a sense they wouldn't be necessarily times that I would immediately come to mind are what, what's your thought about them. My thought is that what God's given me for that is when I make a mistake, he cries a little bit in pain for that going all my child designed when I have victories in my life cries tears of joy because he's so happy. What I was dishonest right was so finite. God is right, we try to figure him out. I had to explain what condensate is God speaking to. I'm confused about God is not the God of confusion use in the state so stop it and I'll edit it like it like get in the book, just get in the book and that's the whole thing in you know you. You can look around with things going on in the world and Satan is desperate which is why everything that's going on is going on. He's throwing the kitchens see the world you know is targeting targeting Christians because he doesn't have to target the world. He's got them. I think the way for Chronicles 714 says if my people, the try and so there we are very I have a lot of time was always running the show as a good thing hungry for more. And so now I know Bennett and I will have them out again.

I am ugly last time we appreciated. God bless Douglas think

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