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NRB Chronicles- Kappa Studios - Christian Film Finishing Fund

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 8, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles- Kappa Studios - Christian Film Finishing Fund

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 8, 2021 5:00 am

Kappa Studios - Christian Film Finishing Fund

Paul Long and Brad Silverman Share the story behind this amazing ministry to Christian Film

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Feeling it was her, don't get mad get paid think this really is a lot like his business always plant that handled these days were believers laughter handling to whatever you say Chris stop getting mad get paid go all the call and call it a day.

Yeah yeah they went on to went on to produce the old saw franchise made 100 million bucks incredible whereabouts so blessed here today. I got the kingdom to be at the RB were we see how God is doing this with people.

I walked by every few minutes and this morning I was at the devotions for the RB speak on the book of acts, which is always form one of his passions. I prefer and I met some folks with Her studio and they are working on a very really cool project right here Brad and Paul and so Brad Silverman, Paul long. So how did you guys meet. I guess there's a good question. You believe that often so I will still make grandma filmmaker and had been doing a project and needed postproduction rate, editing, sound design, color, and so on. And we had shot all night and were at my church in Southern California and I believe it was your wife Karen, who was talking to dad of the producer and long story short, she finds out that he's been making this movie right this make any sense, Robbie, but he's making this movie and he finds out that Paul and Karen own this incredible postproduction facility called Us to use in Burbank, California and so they said once you combine this if you know sort of like a Reese's peanut but we were the peanut butter.

Use a chocolate or something like we had to sell the needed post. He was this post house looking for films with redemptive value match made in beautiful downtown Burbank beautiful downtown Burbank. That's right, I shouldn't tell this story but I'm going to central right here but so when I lived in Albuquerque from graduate from high school. My buddy and I decide to work in California, that's what we'll do. So we loaded about this is 1977. Maybe it's a cliché to go to lost data and eventually California. We get in the California and were like where we have no idea, but it didn't matter because we had nowhere to go and then also I see the sign says Burbank I went here in beautiful downtown because everybody back in the day downtown Burbank Zoellick Tonight Show. She was big on full downtown Burbank so I've been there and yeah we just model draws in the ocean because we had nowhere to go.

We were lost and so here Burbank break] totally lost. We were making movies.

But you guys will owe well postproduction being that I do a lot of production work Christian Car Guy theaters something that I do. This is huge like there's so much that people would know this in a movie that is postproduction is like totally incredible like the difference between a really great movie and a spectacular yeah you know there's they say this is a very well-worn say it might be appropriate. You make a movie 3×1st to write the film and then what you directing shoot is different than what you wrote in the third and last time is the entity and that's a pivotal time because your film can take the shape you have an idea you come through the post is that place where all these ideas come to rest or come to die. Whatever it is, but they come right there and at the end of the day.

It has to come out like sausage, it must come out here. Brad made this day and then you met and what was that movie no greater love. I seen them yet I cannot see thousand 10. That's what over wedding as well decide to be like 2009 we were still making it so no greater love actually and we ended up going to the same church and we visited Paul and I became fast friends and then famously we for three years. We prayed together and when the Lord's timing was right. I came on board with Paul and as the story goes, The studios went from secular Hollywood studio to studio that exist honor Christ.

How awesome is awesome and so today part of the reason that you guys are at the RB you guys are part of the chosen project is yeah yeah you know Paul so successful in postproduction. Very, very successful studios Is for so many years, and as the Lord worked on both he and his wife's heart is really moved just drew them both to him, not really knowing what even what we do with that in Hollywood right your existing to glorify God in Hollywood while in the company pivoted the Lord put on Paul's heart to pivot the company just to exist to glorify God.

It was a couple very very lean years.

Robbie, as you can imagine. But then in time. Project started coming, including this one little show about the life of Christ told the apostles. None of us knew it was to become this global lease. I certainly did know was good. Shall we do know God's dad on plan. These are some other shows were grateful to be there but I will tell you that just as encouragement for listeners. You know I spent many many years in the secular industry and I hate the stuff I put my hand to. I probably should not and I was very focused on making money and what money could do and I wanted you to say hey do you like me I like you, I wanted to hear that and so going down worshiping the money took me down the pathway of just doing whatever came over and I always told myself. People make things work and automate and so does the vicissitudes of that I was telling myself it was very, very important to make the payroll. What I never knew is that I never made one of God made all the payroll but you couldn't convince me back in the day. It wasn't there.

I didn't understand that God brought me to a place of seeing that and fast for the brand. I would just let you know we had to do it this way. So we'll see with the Lord. This incredible was you were the postproduction on on plan this well in Europe. But God's not dead serious. First one from my standpoint that was that was just absolutely huge is pretty so now let's you take me back there like 2011 or whatever. See you guys decide. Okay this is what work hasn't happened yet. It out and you guys (so yeah I'm getting coupled with Paul free God's not dead, as I'm an independent garage. We did Rhonda Paul we were clients of Those films were by no greater love and grace.

Unplucked Grace unplugged sure that I wrote and directed Paul and I was like this place is incredible. They grew up in Los Angeles. I didn't have to drive in a VW shop is easy. Brad arrived.

Yes, I wanted to say I had doing that. It was while I was doing was last that last project there some down time that that's when Paul and I we were at the same church and for about three years, we would pray together, which looking back at me. It means living 30 years praying for three straight.

We were specifically probably just praying just for the Lord's leading Lord's guiding in about 2015 2016 is when my schedule open and just the Lord just timed it right when that's I came on board, so to the point he'd Artie done God's not dead he done and then later come on plan but it wasn't till 2016 okay working to make it publicly known what the chips fall where they may burn the ships. I don't care what happens. Lord, this is your place and that's when you know that's when things really changed a lot in the shows really would eventually come in like unplanned, and of course chosen and some others. That's right it was. It's been about five years really really company and it meant that we had a layoff filing for half the company. These are people for long time, 12 years and 22 years and 15 years, 18 years there were people that were there long time and so that was a hard day heart. Now I have no idea how I can relate because I was corpulent when I burn my ships got little match on you all close the company and going to discover the interesting thing but so I really really am with you that it's it's true God strength that these kind of things happen, but he obviously gave you both to fight. I find it interesting that you made films preproduction and you been doing this postproduction bring these two visions together and so I'm curious from you guys perspective, why would God put Brad Paul's revisions to gifting while together. I mean, my first practical joke on the world now. I mean, that's a great question Robbie. Really, I mean I mean that we don't over think it probably just I'm sure Paul has his version and for me I'm overlooking when I was a client therapy thinking here I am sort of this is creative spark. If you will, and Paul's got this incredible facility with knowhow in structure and resources and knowledge and wisdom, and order you know management rethinking cash. This is like such a perfect playground. It sort of like it just felt it just felt right and what about the coffee machine. Don't forget that the coffee really come to grind the beans is the main one.

Couple, enough I'm in sold so just felt like you did feel like complementary skills and above all that yes we have complementary skill sets. Robbie, but I think above that pot, and his brother what what anchors the whole thing is not so much the complement your skill sets, but it's the complementary theology and we both just we both just have such a similar understanding of Scriptures and who Christ is and what our role is before a holy God. And just who we are before this holy God and what Scripture is in our lives. And just so any conflict that we can really any conflict anymore, but early on you not dump rightful guy in the conflict that would happen.

We just resolve it through Scripture through prayer and that's really the anchor and then through that yes, the Lord just put these what it would appear to be complement your skill sets together and hopefully some of the work out there. Hopefully that backups so Paul what one of my visions create efficient started student this idea for the show was that if people would listen God's got some he wants you to work together with Paul or Brett you know that there somebody in your life that he's been true or something like you know what you do this for my glory rather than the more you're thinking about going and if you have those people in front of you right this minute ghostly people listening right this second figure trying to decide man I don't.

I can feel this pressure to do this. What would you say to them. Paul what you know that's that's a incredible question.

I would tell you that what we've recognized is that we needed to wade into the concept of radical dependence.

We needed to jump into that and what that means is it what is that next thing and how do you honor God and how do you how do you rightly divide the word and then live it. How you do that what we concluded was this we need to be in prayer every day.

Read the were we don't start working to hit the books he's at home. Read the word nominal we come together what you read what we do that and sometimes it had folks join is not too much is usually Shiite and we pray for the employees we walk through what's going on and then we say Lord bring us the people show us what it is you want to do today. Forget forget about tomorrow. What about today. How can we serve you today so we we had to bring it down to that and I think in the certain Conway.

That's how we've done anything that's were doing the Lord has moved it by not presuming I can tend to want to manage, organize, push to an end and that in that activity.

God is lowered down and were up so it's a question really of the idols of the heart, so the idols that people in similar goals but they still they diminish the Lord. They pull him down.

You know, and so sad and so that's that's probably one of the foundational things without our theological welcome matchup which most people will ever's got different ideas. Theology we have is consistent so we don't argue about stuff like that allows us to walk for in the film Jim writing that filled if we had theological would be fighting about that we didn't was nothing to fight about, because we knew the messaging want to create what want to go out and even my wife and I both. We just looked at it for things with her about how would people interpret certain things, but it was never like oh I don't believe what you're doing now. That's not for me that I don't believe that. So that was that's another very very important element of this but I think radically depending on God and recognize that you got to get to the place of jumping off the roof of the business. I had to get to that place. So that's kinda how we landed. We we we went there but once you jump off the river changes things. And III been to the edge. Many a time in business, but there was a time before this jump off the roof where I just couldn't anyway to manage I can figure it out and I had a friend and this is before I was even say really I was just coming all around live for God, but I have friends, mentoring me and we went up the hills Park and we are in the word all day long.

He took me to Scriptures which read the word pray: what it happened is I just got this place were I we were kind of just trapped and what we realize this is don't go to the left or the right, just go right on the middle, whatever that want to get out of bed just short hearing today today trust trust you today start to depend on you today.

And so in doing that. It was funny because his guy were Disney and he called me up one day and he sent over and that we can hundred $50,000 of the business crazy and he said I went down the hall for you man sweet talking about so went down the hall. You did what what what he solicits another apartment they don't know you. I went down the hall for you and you better not mess that up. You these guys go away look quite if anything goes wrong, said that for you. So I check and that was the beginning of one. And then another and little by little towards broad and people in jobs, all that and that was sort of pre-faith understanding, but I could sorta see that and that was was powerful to me but will we jumped off the roof.

This other town those account end of the end say okay will do this work. When that happened that forced me into a place of of being very motivated to want to do it this way and in the joys of rewards are crazy good. Now, in the pleasures of his right hand are forever more.

15 1111 know you a good make life is fullness of joy so brand is side listen to Paul, and I think all my goodness you guys have really huge gift for God to give Mary just in each other totally that it's you know like the body of Christ is its arms and legs. What is you look into your future.

The trip projects which work and I went word what one is bubbling up that you're like a question we got answered to have the same before I get that you you make it something that only recently Robbie learning to not take for granted and that's his brother right here in Paul that what's beautiful about this is what I'm prone to wonder you. Now I'm prone to I'm an idol factory you now I can just unite with beautiful as I'll be thinking "what if we such and such and such a grand idea or whatever and I'll be drifting my thinking and Paul's Lake. I thought we were doing this for God's glory like you know conditions like it wouldn't really sing like notes for God's glory as long as blanking out in any right to have his brother my life is like now I think were getting off track here or you know I just just to keep each other accountable and just to keep each other on point. I think that really just drives the whole thing to be really Paul's leadership just of the company of the just just such a joy and in all regards create such a healthy environment and this is me absolutely stalling to try to answer your question so so what went well let me let me just down the rabbit a moment ago we sit in his right hands pleasures forever way back up the reverse. Yeah, maybe the fourth, the sorrows of those who chase after other gods will be multiplied so I know the sorrows man. I know that very well.

My wife is because of me making you but the more I thought about that.

The more I realize what a loving response that it if we if we if we if we found a sustainable joint. We keep doing right God is going to allow you to get as far down that until you get to the point where it's your so miserable that the picture going to turn back to find right in his presence is fullness of joy, because where you're going around in left field. We often talk Robbie about Psalm 32 where you hear David talking all my bones life was taken before making a sound. I mean I sitting that something a depressed, just miserable human being when he was in habitual sin in his life when he was in that stone table are spared from take the spirit you see you here that groaning that that that just horrid life.

This is a man after God's own heart who had fallen into just horrid sin. Habitual unconfessed unrepentant sin and to your point, my brother Robbie like yeah you bet if when it is God's mercy and grace that when I go down and those that it's horrible, it's miserable. It's only awful. Who wants to stay there.

You repent and restore to me the joy of my salvation. So amen that is what you're speaking of their it's his power that will raise you up and go all your file yeah yeah so I got so bubbling what's probably well why I didn't, I will so what's exciting. Coupled with film projects working on in the capital was a political hot buttons, but they can be the we we don't try to dabble in politics, but things do come across over with. Like it or not, but just just issues that we believe are honoring your desire that we may want particular film which may be a little premature just for the sake of secrecy rated just to process for the sake of communicating to an audience but nothing we have is is is a talkshow I we been brewing. It's really an episodic show idea that really I can. But is it really position it plays to our strengths Is located in beautiful downtown Burbank at the epicenter of Hollywood writer it's Warner Bros., Disney, universal NBC, ABC, Johnny Carson is everything Burbank is really the epicenter. We are so to have a show emanating from their from a true Hollywood studio's perspective but yet totally for the honor of Christ. So it would be just sort of who's who in the faith film world it would be just ED the events and just the issues of the day as it relates to media just a Christian media show from Hollywood answer to get because there's so many people that truly want to serve and honor God and they're afraid or they don't know how to do it or they don't know what it looks like anything you like to exactly brother and I think what what the Lord has done through Paul. I'll see this on his back Letterman another man prays he would never say this Paul has inspired people okay when people he see we have a video a five minute video that talks about Paul story from secular to when the Lord moved them into that enemy of another video talk better nonprofit, but when when people hear pulse or they get inspired so we want to do that show that really inspires people.

Yes, it's a Hollywood theme show but it's really to inspire anybody in any field guys like a short or in the ships go all in for Christ. Quit playing in both worlds. You not to win either one to lose on both sides of the show, if anything it's it's an inspirational silver people in the workforce to really just get motivated to go all in for Christ using Hollywood and movies and themes and TV shows as sort of the catalyst for that got made on blood. So yes, let let me record this in play that because I know what I just said what Paul may have different think the number of work we only have one project and you know I think what what's happened here is we we spooled up we were sitting only six projects and we came together to create those projects and was an what's happened here got the first one yeah let's all happened and now were forcing the rivers are flowing towards us nonprofit.

The Christian film finishing fund were seeing our souls moved over there and very natural and I call just the needful things because we recognize my goodness. We we see these things in psych why we not dealing with. And we start out doing that just helping the filmmakers because faith projects can make a difference for kingdom. So those projects we help those folks.

We started understand the dynamics are one after the other people are stuck on the bench and they don't make films anymore when their investors burn out and they burn out. They question themselves and I run ahead of God. When all that happens they sit on the bench and so we recognize that II think what it what a devilish plot to park all these people the bench sold records we can unlock each one of those and in so doing their phone goes out to make their money back or some of that I get to do it again, and that's we realized we need them to do it again and again so we could deluge the culture with great cereals that point to God. So the name of this nonprofit picture described as one Christian film finishing fund yet which happen Robbie is that you know yet we have our own projects and we have been busy working on some other higher profile projects like the chosen other finials like to get my point and through that as our profiles raise. We realize that God's given us a platform. What this faithfulness to that. All I mean because I guess what I do, been involved. There are some radical my mind.

Talented Christian filmmakers out there that are right where you know there project. I know people advanced what you just described Paul unlike man you know at the Christiana Brothers are done work with that and and all the lady I talked to Chris Ehrhardt, the film was trying to pull off how long and then there's this guy man. I was see the movie from human couple three years. Hope you guys know who you have seen all his stuff on that farm.

Whatever. I've seen it on Amazon TV and the stuff is like this guy is so awesome, but nobody's ever heard of you know how those are saying the name of it come to be. Obviously, as soon as I turn the mic but the point is you see these people have whatever extent you know they taken the step to walk with God and now they're left out there like you to try and so the Christian film finishing fund. This is part of what you guys do. What if those guys get on the railing. What happens I'm telling you it's it's magical because all those things will come together and the culture right now is being bombarded with all kinds of messages and it's almost like onslaught. It just continuous and I've told many many people we don't need to throw rocks at the sky. We need to show the public what is good and right pointing to God. Let him see who God is. Let them see those stories of faith that are difference makers because the Lord uses those we don't have to worry about if we can complete the project and it's a God honoring project to get it out. Game over.

It will find its place will be people that watch it in those lives will be changed and I use the example of sitting in church. We can be in church together we hear something different. Saying the exact worst was both why because where my life is yours in his and his web is not roasted on the bench. We all hear it as it applies to our life right now and that's the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will take you and change each person what they hear and I believe that is restored think I can use that. So my thinking is don't critique how great the films are due is best. Wonderful shells help them get a level of excellence that we spent our life doing take the valuable quality may come look at how great something good and can monitor everyone. Second, because I did everyone talk to me.

I can only imagine what a great projects that point people to God that need to get out my phone. I am so so so grateful God allowed me to meet you. God is what it what I mean I just I sense what you know God's excitement in all these guys are out there. Creative people are delicate people you know they could put their stuff out there that you know and then Satan uses that to just beat the heck so wow how cold it got you guys out there like investors.

Now imagine getting a phone call from us.

Hey you're short on money to take care of it and you don't have to give us any points in your movie.

We don't know anything. When I doing anything when help you get it done. All we ask is that if it if your movie profits take just throw it back into the nonprofits are going to pay it forward and go to someone else down the road but were not make.

We don't require that is a requirement. If you want to your business but we are were not asking for anything.

As always, I'm way out of time before Amato show Paul and Brad. There's more future with Studios and the Christian film finishing fund can be more excited myself.

I hope your and your listing in your thinking.

What can I do well. You can pray that's what you could. You can pray for the Christian film finishing fund certainly for The students but you know if you partner with God and what he's doing to encourage all these people out there that have burnt their ships or whatever they've done.

Along the way that God sends people like this to someone purging to me. I hope it is listing but man these guys are out there. God is using them in the kingdom and such amazing ways. Him him thank you for list

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