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NRB Chronicles - Wise Women Managing Money

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 7, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - Wise Women Managing Money

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 7, 2021 5:00 am

Miriam Neff from Widow Connection and her daughter Valerie an attorney CFP with their new video series Wise Women Managing Money

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Were on the floor of national broadcaster wanted Marshall came to Brewster's house dog to work – my music to build the kingdom is from here with a totally all friend really great old friend in so many neat ways and a new friend I've never met her daughter before that I know of.

And so there's a ministry event familiar with really since my foot was first or second or third NRB, 15, 16 years ago and there is something new and exciting event. So we want to share that with you.

But first off let me smile from there in their your vintage friend acted smoked Gouda cheese you I she really is because you know I will never forget the first time I saw her she about breakfast if I'm not mistaken she was when any award and and starting this ministry called the widow connection almost exactly the same time that God had put it on my heart to start the Jesus labor law of car repair labor for single moms and widows in crisis. And so, like it was a natural thing.

I guy came up to, and we connected websites. We connected ministries and the like. Wow you found out real quick.

Is he became a widow that things work was needed. Something was needed right and so now we've decided there some new things that are needed for God or better yet is put opportunity in front of you that I can't be more excited about it and you got your daughter involved in answer to our listeners about why women managing money. Well, it started with.

I had women coming to me you didn't know how to handle the budgets, but also some work very well be in had been overseeing big portfolios know Valerie at that time wasn't like officially helping me with that she will not deny me any kind of advice so I'm going to Valerie to help me do what I'm called to do. I think I'm Amazon must stick your head over the backyard fencing right on the heels of Greece finding that leaders are also having financial issues. Either way on the spectrum of so much dad are. It's really a bad place are also wow, now this woman is half owner of this company. She's never been involved in before so either dealing with really high on one hand or with more than she'd ever managed before and not feeling confident are informed not to do that though I had to help them will.

I had some thoughts on that. With my background and was able to contribute to shoot, you had many many words it was hard yeah and what's what's really neat. This baby about three years ago a man by Pontius Pilate who works at Cardinal Drive also CFP can draw us to do a radio show about the last three years I've been doing a radio show culture as well which sucks rather same things and I understand a lot more because of that out through the court is to have a CFP in your corner. So, how cool is it that you guys are there right because what women are on the radio talk about money that you know about what and even better so what Christian are on their talk about this really critical subject, especially because there are so many single bonds and in so many widows so as a Christian for grabs. Tell you that I noticed almost immediately when I started doing shows that almost all my email came from either widows or single mom like Mendel wont admit they don't want to fix a car to begin with four they would need to go, but I would get these questions. Some of the classic example after start of Jesus labor love which fits in with what you guys do so well is this poor widow had been driving around without air-conditioning for 20 team to imagine and were talking North Carolina so this was not a pleasant experience. Now we can even think about how she was) sheet found out about the Jesus labor, love, and she goes into a body shop. It's in the Jesus labor love, not thinking that energy a body shop with no and so my guys Jerry Matheson raised body shop justifies that what we really don't work.

But let me see what your legacy, your so so she sits in the front seat like that in place as well known, show me what it's doing.

And there was hot air commensurate often. He said we see this little snowflake on her now is to just push that button now and all my goodness like okay but if you hearing me what I'm saying is, how many things like like that in my life that like oh my goodness, but I started finding out about Social Security like I have no idea, no idea that you could print your statement online and that you would get a different amount when you're 65 and three months old when you're 65 and 10 months old or cheap ticket when you're 67 Mercy secure 62 agenda pay different taxes on 6265. In other words, all those questions guide right a lot.

I knew something will and the other thing is, women are totally capable of learning everything and in fact most of the most of the wealth of the United States, now 51% of the wealth is overseen by women and in 15 years. It will be three quarters and it starts with the young women who are getting better jobs and they're getting 401(k)s and all of that kind of thing so the reality for the woman.

The vintage woman in the reality for people that Valerie is working with my assets that are wanting to be generous people. There's a big spectrum so we are addressing stuff for all women and we have an essay. We talked a little bit before we have this website we have the 26 videos only five minutes long, but we do find that likely you are saying there's a lack of confidence so it's not the lack of ability to learn about it or figuring out the lack of confidence, even more so with that.

They're just not sure. Especially if for a long time. They haven't been handling finances someone else That Nick Cannon defaulted to that person. All the sudden you're not able to do that anymore. So it's a quick learning so many people are intimidated by what they don't know about finances.

But maybe even more so if you've never had approach that you're doing it later in my assembly and that can be really scary for anybody, especially when you think about it.

From my perspective, turning 65 all of a sudden found myself in the world. I could have a clue and all there's also some penalties are involved. If you don't do this right and so how awesome that you guys have these resources trying and the other thing is, for instance, when we talk about the younger generations when they see our video. For instance, when we talk about the value of that 401(k).

How many young women think well I don't want to take money out of what I could spend now because that's a long way away and we talk about an impact in the books will have charts and easy to see stuff so that they can say wait a minute I'm going to be able to be confident about that that year down the line and they also see that Valerie and I not only do we have a lot to say but we liked each other and we throw in funny stuff. I can tell, I will.

I can tell you some of her funny stuff. But then she would be happy with all that, it's me, it's meant to make it approachable. I think because I think a lot of people are intimidated by just managing finances stewardship wanting to do allow men to be met from a biblical worldview.

I get another things so so I know is whether appetite pretty good. What is this website okay are widow widow connection is still there at your original exit widow best because this is a fairly new things now. What happens though is if it's on a big meal also but widow connection is really easy, widow on the homepage UCR picture not with earphones on like we are here that are brief and there there all 26 but you can click to what you want to learn about.

So when we start out we say God has entrusted you. You are a Matthew 25 Stewart I want to be the team that earns 10 pranks and I agreed to it under the wise women managing money and I will have a book coming out in March of next year. On that same topic, so it might get a town website that for now. I think that widow under that Wiseman saw how beautiful is that the wise women managing money on video. I'm treated this to happen and find the videos of but again it's such a beautiful thing to me it's you and the other thing is it's not it's not monetized on the website. So another words were not grabbing your email and I'm not saying there's anything wrong or selling stuff, but is it's easy is serious because FRE.

It's free and only thing is that with the book were going to have on the cover inside and on the back that all proceeds will go to raising women's financial literacy is more a little bit passionate about that you might be able to tell it like just the concept.

It's not ours. It's God loaning a trust that is a really high motivational factor. Jim and I think it's a coincidence that God was raised up Wiseman right managing money for such time as this, but here we are with all his massive amounts of well right this coming under the control based on their just waited. The baby longevity happened in longevity and so here we go at and so God is raising up people all over. It's what he's got secretly that he's all of a sudden you know God out there that are teaching on the subject's and so those 50 videos armed.

I'm curious Valerie which of those are you most excited people all boy I think the pinnacle of plaintiff's generosity and that's what really brings joy is because once we get confident come out a struggling to stable Amanda surplus eventually which that's where that path when I promise that it would leave there, but many times it does depend we can be generous with others. We can help support other ministry so that would then go in the kingdom purposes right and on my back so I think that's the summit of the experience of getting financially independent, self. I we have that kind of once you win. And now what you do with your generosity. So that's probably my favorite and legacy. How do you teach the next generation so that they know it from the onset, and they can be generous and do kingdom work from the onset enough love for Mike my kids to do it a much earlier than I absolutely beautiful and very mad about you videos you know a little different generation which one are you the most excited about it that while these people to see this and learns okay mine is real practical and ordinary, but that's the difference between life altering the one for me, that I think is so important.

It's it talks about what's important about your spending plan on the first thing is, and it's a problem says fill your field and then build your house. Our culture says get a mortgage on the biggest houses you can hope your income will go up to match it accumulate credit card for this position. Probably you sourcing what is God enable you to learn what it's not a feel that you're plowing now, but it's a job route Subaru starts the law degrees are women having more dirt varied positions now your spending plan pension under that with margin generosity savings and then you make a spending that is a life changing concept in our younger generations of eval and I we will not be quiet will just we keep an yes.

We talked of the youngsters in our relative circles and friends about this, but it's basic sounds kind of primary what Melanie said about generosity is the most important. That's the God honoring that's a motivation that's familiar. Why in the how is Joey Lucille Brian over so I'm sure some Westerners are that the terms but it's not just a massive significant issue and so when they talk about wise women.

Valerie, you have that he could see you explained your listers a bit about what is a certified financial planner, so I am an attorney and certified financial planner by credentials. I don't independently practice either one of those I practice those with the ministries that I'm working with Pat as a professional to see if Peter can help people and make financial plans financial strategies around the way so yeah you words there's wisdom that comes from learning the love of learning and the love of God considering protests that law is not well I know that are listed more than blessed to know about this again one more time wise women managing money is there and widow connection mile from Miranda which is actually still linked to Christian and you can the fine wise women managing money. God bless thank you so much for our God is giving you passionate to thinking

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