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NRB Chronicles - Kids Beach Club Story

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 3, 2021 5:00 am

NRB Chronicles - Kids Beach Club Story

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 3, 2021 5:00 am

The amazing story behind Kids Beach Club with Jack Terell

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So how fun we are always just amazed at all the people that God places before us your professional tester convention. How does God take your passion and using the Bilby kingdom that I have in front of me someone is clearly his passion is kids and I like like what kids Beach club so Jack Terrell with kids Beach club Telus Jack what you guys up to our that's a loaded question of typically we do after school by the clerk's last year. March hits Tobin hits and I we had a 2000 kids in our Bible clubs and then March hits Tobin and then were like these children never come to Walmart Beach club elementary schools across the nation so work with limited and intelligent intelligent.

This is the best thing for us, yet really was God take the calamities of life and turn them into his blessings and joy and so that's where we are and so we started to at home and it eventually evolved into kids with good TV and so now been able to do two seasons first season of the 15 episodes and were in the second season will work. Finishing up 20 episodes and their beautiful kids are great, and we simply took the ministry of the school and adapted it to a TV program. We are so how far and so from your standpoint. Like I discovered years ago that almost everybody's ministry come from someplace where you got that right. Like chapter 1 God comforts us become so some tells me this up in your own personal story that led you to children's ministry to where you felt like that's what God had propagated.I like any other boy here in America I grew up in a home mom and dad. Mom had us a beauty salon called the house of the daddy had a service station at the Texaco service command with star Chester car January so so II grew up with a perfectionist dad and I could never ever ever pleasing, so I had that inferior complex growing up as a child. I ended up getting married and had a child person but I didn't know anything about the relationship. It was when I was 25 years of age that I fell in love came to know Christ fell in love with was because I learned that he loved me unconditionally to perform hello and so this Jesus loved me unconditionally so I started working with boys and girls in my little church back home and I just started love and I just started love back then we used to kiss him on top of that you but I would just love boys and girls that I eventually went to school learned how to know my trade and father blessed me. I was able to get some some amazing amazing trip. Long story to this fast forward to 20,000 2000 2000 and I met my church. At first it was going to ministry in the past anybody you take what you doing in treasure island with their children. Worship outside the walls of the church so where did all this come from where did Beach club come from where dismissed. It comes from a love unit getting the gospel of Jesus.

This opens to boys and girls and my pastor at a helped me understand that there's a greater vision, so we took what we were doing in our children's worship go outside into the walls of an element for school.

I had no idea, no idea. None that what he was preparing for was when father called me to do this.

I was the Children's pastor Right to Your speaking you expect father to talk to you hello and God began speaking to the subject. You like yeah that I know and I'm like what suggest back To Jack with which is good as he's got a great voice got so it's all good backup for minute review the story.

Maybe from a perspective that courage you so I'm hearing what I'm hearing is Jack kinda missed out on his own child because his dad wasn't probably have his own child. In other words, you got a something so God and that we call it the cowboy Ranger stage John Eldridge and where a boy needs to know that you're the beloved son, you're the apple of your dad side right yeah and so God is given Jack if you could see the look in his eye. He tallies the beloved son, you could tell his dad's eye and you can tell that he wants to transfer that every child the way that he got it from God. And so then I then got opens up these doors because he sees how this is this is uniquely gifted Jack is Jasmine's love for that ministry and and so then he opened up the door right for the kids Beach club, your amazing so the reality is moms and dads when they get a boy or girl would bring him home from the hospital is not about there's not a manual that cannot my parents were the same. My parents were pursuing trying to find their family and make sure that everything all the kids had what we wanted what they forgot was part of the child and slowly drag us to church.

They drug us to everything, but we didn't prayers the family not to love the Lord.

This is hey this is your dad had talked so when you asked me about me having the apple of my father's side.

I bring that to the boys and the girls, the children that I got to serve in the 40 years I was children.

I got to love on them in a way that was unique because my wife and I we can. We been tested been tested. We connected so the daughter we have adopted so the Lord allowed me to love on all of these thousands upon thousands of kiddos with a love that was genuine from him to fail and so I taught I teach my volunteers when I was in professional ministry to collect. I said look at goal is to teach boys and girls see that we loved the book and we want them to fall in love the book because the book talks about father in the book is it's like changing and so we help for years, until March, Sunday school, screw our children's worship screw because I equipped volunteers simply fall in love with Jesus and translate that that love translate that into the life and it's a relationship so I just get all can agree Ronnie, I just got the sidewalk into a Sunday school classroom and the always word searches and stuff like that and I would rip them up in front of the TransCanada like what they want is you say how you do, tell me about your and so I started writing these goofy questions for my Sunday school teachers engage with these boys and girls in Sunday school and just well children began to come. Leaders began to buy into what I was leading them to do in our Sunday school children's worship group and I think that's when father said you know what I can trust this crazy old mechanic. I contrasting million now we have the opportunity.

All I get is getting a little emotional. But now we get to see millions of boys and girls hear the message of hope, the love that only Christ so good for us. Robbie was great, but it because this is a ministry. Into a world that I don't know. I don't know TD I know why children engagement, but rather is been sweet and father's been good. Our first episode get this brother I first episode at 14 tallies just simply being open unto the Lord God gave us for fellow you can't make this stuff up. Yeah, really.

You can see Jack is enthusiasm on how this this is like a reflex got another way that would certainly be attractive to the young at heart and and and what God has for us as we attract kids.

Guess what, they bring parents. There's nothing like child evangelism because it how many parents get a chance to know Christ as a result of the child that that gets it from a child like so amazing stuff.

So how do people get kids Beach club, what's what are the sources are out of the find out about regular website kids Beach club.or your kids Beach club.they can find us, but the byproduct of just talking about robbing the byproduct kids beach looking when I go and knock on and I got my Beachwood teacher.

You know what I would see what I received by a parent come on in. When we help a church get outside the walls of the church to actually be the church. The hands and feet of Christ in the community and going back on the stories of these children. Computer Beach club civilians testimonials of volunteers that are seeing families, moms, dads come to know Christ.

It's absolutely great.

Yeah the kids Beach find out about how to do a beach club in your element tree school.and then learn how to watch a beach club in your home is available. Beach club kids Beach club is pretty easy to remember and wow thank you Jack for you now just following God hatchet.

Thank you. I mean that sincerely thank you. Think what a joy

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