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Building on a Firm Foundation

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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October 29, 2022 12:44 pm

Building on a Firm Foundation

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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October 29, 2022 12:44 pm

In this week's episode, Robby is joined by Frank Banfill of KiDs Beach Club and William (Bill) Combs, author of "Back to The Garden," to talk about building a firm foundation on Christ through both Afterschool fun and Biblical pictograms.

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This is the Truth Network. Welcome to Kingdom Pursuit, so how fun today. We have an amazing show lined up for you. First up, we have Frank Banfield with us.

He's with Kids Beach Club. And Frank, didn't I meet you at the NRB last year? It seems like I've talked to you before. We ran across each other at NRB a time or two, so yeah, it's great hearing your voice again and being on with you this morning.

And I love, love, love what you do. Actually, it's interesting. I was talking about in a Christian Car Guy show how I interviewed this lady from the Ukraine this week who's been doing sort of a Kids Beach Club for those kids that have been through all the trauma of the war and what an impact that makes on lives. But, you know, our own kids have gone through a lot of trauma. And so how critical is it that we provide some way for them to experience Jesus, right?

Absolutely. I mean, our kids really have been hammered, you know, through COVID. And even before COVID, I mean, we turn on the television, we open, you know, our news feeds, however we get that. And we just see every single day our kids are being inundated and things are being thrown at them that, you know, Robbie, kids, you know, we're talking about elementary kids is what we focus on pre-teens. They're being hit with things that they really should be being hit with at this stage. And they need, they need hope. They need an understanding that there is purpose in life, that God has created them special and wants to make them special and do something great with their lives. And yeah, today, our kids today here in the US, but all around the world and Kids Beach Club really exists now to, you know, help kids in the United States have a Jesus experience.

But we want kids in Ukraine and kids all over the world to have a Jesus experience as well. Yeah. I, I, I've heard recently actually on the truth network that the average eight year old little girl laughs 300 times a day if they're healthy. And like, man, I've slipped a long way.

I laugh a lot of times a day, but I don't think I get to 300. But, but just think how COVID robbed all those little girls and all those little boys of the joy of, of just freedom of, of not being, you know, you know, that to have to do class online and all the insanity of what they've experienced. It's just, it makes things like this just that much more an experience for them to experience something that can bring that back. Absolutely.

Absolutely. You know, you think about childhood, I mean, think about your own childhood, you know, what was that like? Well, it's, it's about playing on the playground.

It's about connecting with friends, you know, it's about hanging out and experiencing things and, and going places. And, you know, it's not about being stuck in a home in front of a, you know, computer monitor. And of course, when I was growing up, we didn't have, you know, computer monitors, you know, at that age.

So it's very different. And the things that children typically experience, I mean, they've, they've lost a lot of that. And, you know, depending on what parts of the country you live in, some kids have been out of school longer, you know, and than others have in the public school system. So it is, it is a time where having hope and offering kids the opportunity to gather together in their schools, which is one of the things that we do, we do an after school Bible club in public schools all over the country that lets kids come together. You know, we had a parent tell us once we did a study of our of our parents of our kids and after school program. And we had a dad say that the hour each week that he spends at kids beach club in his school is the most peaceful hour of his daughter's week. Man, you know, here's a nine year old and that and she's got so much going on, but that is the most peaceful hour.

And our kids, Robbie, today, they need peaceful hours. Yeah, that's exactly it. And, you know, that that's when you can get in the presence of the Lord, right in his presence, his fullness of joy. Right. It is right hand or pleasures forever.

I mean, it's just clearly if we can get them there. But so how did how did God put kids beach club on your heart? Yeah, well, for me, it was through a friend of mine. So so Jack Terrell is the founder of kids beach club founder president and Jack and I go to church together.

And when I moved to the area we live in now, which is near the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, actually, and started going to church with him and we're in the same small group or connection class, what we call it together. And just, you know, appreciate him and start hearing about this kids beach club and what he was doing and and been doing it for a number of years anyway through a series of just kind of events. You know, I was asked to come over to kids beach club initially in a consulting role to help the organization kind of move to the next level and kind of accelerate growth. And I got in, I started looking at it, man, this is really good.

And they've got great systems and the curriculum is amazing. And, you know, and it's like, but why aren't we growing? Why isn't the organization growing as much? So we saw some kind of some barriers and roadblocks are addressed those and then the Lord kind of led us to come together and for me to join the staff. So in 2019, so in 2019, so I came on 2019 as part of the team here, and just been really just excited to see God's hand, you know, the old experiencing God principle, look where God is working and join him. Well, it was no brainer God is working kids beach club.

And so it's been exciting for me to join and be joining what God is doing here. So the main idea are these after school clubs, so to speak. And so how did those get organized?

How does that happen? So when the ministry started, it was started by Richard Jack Terrell, who was a children's pastor. He's been children's pastor in large churches. And he was challenged by his senior pastor. He said, you know, the senior pastor came in, listen, you've got this amazing children's program. I mean, this children's church is rocking and rolling and kids are coming and people get kids are getting saved and families are being touched. And he just challenged them. What if you took this outside the walls of the church?

What if you took this into the community? And so that Jack just took that challenge, he picked up that mantle and, and he piloted this concept that we now call kids beach club, he piloted in public schools, and it was a huge hit and family or kids were coming to the club and, and schools love it. Because we teach character. So every week in our after school clubs, just like we have a television show as well, which in both after school club and the TV show, they both teach character, they both focus on character. And so schools love it because these kids are learning character. And and principals will tell us that kids that used to be in their office all the time with disciplinary problems, they started attending kids beach club, and they're not in the office anymore, because they learn how to get along with kids.

And they've learned those character words like respect, and love and kindness. And of course, you know, we're teaching about Jesus and, and that challenges that challenges them and changes their life. And so people are surprised when we say we actually have more schools that want kids beach clubs in it than we have churches to partner with us to provide the volunteers to go into those schools, we could be in far more schools today than we are if we just have more local churches that want to be involved and wanted to connect with their local communities through their public schools and want to provide volunteers.

Yeah. And so how, how many kids beach clubs have you got at this point? So we're, you know, we're coming back from COVID. So COVID, you know, like everything else, pretty much shut everything down. So, you know, pre COVID, we had over 10,000 kids each week that were in our program in about 13 different states. Right now we're about a third of that.

So we're, you know, we're, we're climbing back. It's exciting though, to see more clubs open up and more churches come back. We've had about 111,000 children who have been through the program over the 16 years that we've been doing this. That is amazing.

It really, really is. And so do you, how many of them do you actually host yourself? So we, like I said, we partnered with churches all over the country. And so all of these clubs, they are kids beach clubs. So we actually have the arrangements with the schools. We actually leave space with them. And, you know, we conduct these clubs through these local churches. Okay.

Okay. Well, when we come back, we got a whole lot more on kids beach club. We're supposed to have Bill Cone with us, which is booked back to the garden. He may be with us as well.

We're hoping he would get him online and we need you. So we got some riddles coming up and jokes. We'll be right back with more. Welcome back to where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And we're so blessed really to have with us today, Frank Banfield with kids beach club and Bill Combs has joined us, which is wonderful with his amazing book, back to the garden.

It's sort of Hebrew pictographs that point to Jesus. So welcome, Bill. Thank you for inviting me. Oh yeah. I'm so excited to hear about your book and what you've got going on.

Shabbat. Yeah, it definitely is. It is very much that. And so from your standpoint, as you've studied, I'm guessing Genesis, there's some amazing, uh, essentially symmetry or symbolism that you share in your book, right? Yes.

It's amazing. You know, we go into Isaiah 53 and we can see a picture of Jesus, but even though Jesus said Moses wrote about him, which is the first five books of the Bible, there's no pictures there unless you look at the pictogram. Yeah. Right. Which the whole Hebrew language in its own way is a pictogram, right?

Yeah. Well, the whole, they, they continue to use pictograms clear up until they were deported into Babylon and Brown 605 BC. And so you've taken certain books and you're looking at the original pictograms, or are you looking at how you've translated them?

How do you do that? Well, it's really interesting because when they, when they went to Babylon, they, because they were there 70 years, they learned Aramaic. That's what Jesus spoke in, in Israel. So they just simply took the pictograms and did a one-to-one mapping to the Aramaic characters. That's what we see in the Hebrew today. Those are actually Aramaic characters. So the easiest way to come back to the pictograms is if you have a list of the pictograms, which are in my book, all you have to do is take an Aramaic character and convert it back to the pictograms.

So you have the pictograms that were originally written. Wow. That's beautiful.

Amazing. So we have Bill and he's got this book back to the garden, as well as Frank Banville with Kids Beach Club. And unfortunately I cut Frank off when we got Bill on, but it's good to have you back. And Frank, I understand you are a Liberty alumni from my good friend and one of the Truth Network's regulars, Dr. Carson, who was one time the campus pastor there, right?

Are you with me, Frank? We knew him from Liberty and have had opportunities to stay in touch with him over all these years. And my wife worked under him when she was there helping with some of the spiritual life. Really? So yeah, love the Carson's. They're great folks and doing a great work. Yeah.

That's really, what a neat connection. And there you are. And I take it you're still in Dallas? We are, yeah.

Dallas-Fort Worth. So we got, Frank is in the central time zone and Bill is in the Pacific time zone, as I hear of early this morning. But you know, we got to get to my riddles and we've all, I know our listeners have been waiting for me to get here. So I guess, Rachel, speaking of garden. All right. So here we go. I love to do this part of the show.

You guys maybe have never heard it, but it's okay. We'll get to it. You got to, you got to enjoy some of my humor.

It's my chance here. So speaking of garden, you know, someone added to my soil allotment this week, Rachel. And you know what that led to?

What? The plot thickened. Nice. A garden plot.

Yeah. So my neighbor saw me kneeling down busy in my garden and asked me what I was doing. I was putting my plants in alphabetical order and said, really? I don't know how you find the time.

And I said, well, it's right next to the sage. Here's one for you. Frank says, this is a good one for kids.

Kids Beach Club. Why is the Incredible Hulk such a great gardener? You have to think about it. It might come to you. Got any ideas, Frank? Oh, man. He's got this.

He's got this huge green thumb. Oh, very good. And again, for, you know, it is Halloween Eve Eve. Just saying.

Okay. It's the Eve before Halloween Eve. What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its net diameter? I bet you've heard that one.

Come on now. Bill, have you heard it? Yeah, you get a pumpkin pie.

You are correct. And, you know, for those who are in the Garden of Eden, have you ever wondered what the trees in the Garden of Eden drank? Have you ever wondered about that, Bill? Got any ideas what the trees, the Garden of Eden drank? I know the river that they drank from, but I don't know what they drank.

Root beer. And of course, if they were hanging out in the garden and they had to cross between the four leaf clover and the poison ivy after they've sinned, you know, you know what happened there, Rachel? I don't want to know. Oh, you don't.

A rash of bad luck. That's what. Anyway, you knew I'd eventually get to my ritalin.

I'm here and I've got another one of those riddles that may not be solvable, but I think it can be. Let's see how you can think like Robbie this morning. So 866-348-7884 and tell us why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb? Why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb? You know, you might think back to my whole gardening and time and sage anyway. Why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb?

866-348. And if you can guess that, Rachel, tell them what they'll win. They will win a fabulous prize from our Kingdom Pursuits prize vault. How amazing is that?

How amazing is that? So all you got to do is call in and tell us why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb? 866-348-7884. And so the shenanigans are over. We can get back to what we're talking about.

Kids Beach Club. So here's a new topic for you, Frank. We could do the Hebrew pictograms because even a child can make out a picture, right?

Absolutely. And so as you think about those, Bill, can you think of a Hebrew pictogram that you would love to show some children that were in kids beach clubs that would be just like, oh, this one's easy to see? Oh, they're all agrarian symbols that these people had written clear back in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob's day. So they're all very easily recognizable. Like, for instance, the word for race, the pictogram for race is a person's head.

For iron is a person's eye. Hey is a pictogram with a person with both his hands raised in heaven and praise and awe. Right. And the neat thing about that pictogram, and the letter hey, in Hebrew, has got to do with like, hey, how are you? Yeah, that's right.

And so, you know, when you see this little guy holding up his hands, you're like, hey. And in the South, we say that a lot, don't we, Frank? We say, yeah. Well, you know, of course, in Texas, we have our own unique vocabulary. Howdy, partner. Yep.

Yep. Our favorite term here, I'm not from Texas originally, but our favorite term here is fixing. You know, everyone's fixing something, fixing to do this, fixing to go there.

Everyone's fixing something. Yeah, we're fixing to get some Hebrew here. So I love, love, love the kids' beach club idea and the idea of, because you know, it's interesting to me, Frank, that children can learn another language quicker than we can. Yes, I know I sure can. I struggled, you know, as an adult, but yeah, it is. I mean, kids get it. And, you know, pictures, I mean, we always say pictures are worth a thousand words, right? So pictures, you get it and it stays with you. And that's, I think, part of why God has opened the doors for us on television, because we're able to take these, you know, concepts that we teach in schools, and we're able to put a storyline and actually bring it to life, you know, on camera, and give kids an image of what character looks like lived out, you know, what does biblical character look like when you live it out as a preteen. So yeah, pictures are powerful.

Right. And they give us context to the story of what's going on. So Bill, I'm very interested. How, how did God come after you with this whole pictogram? I mean, one day you came across some or what, how did, how did you discover this?

Well, actually, I've been married five years and my wife and I were both widows and the Lord brought us together. It was just an entirely different story. But she had, she had been to a class and a man by the name of Dr. Frank Seagans had a book called Hebrew Word Pictures. And he spent his whole life studying this. And so that's where I got introduced to it. Yeah. And it's when you start to look at it, I, I've actually done what you've talked about with certain key passages has gone back and taken the word pictures and, and drawn it out to see, you know, one of the really, really neat things that I'm sure you're aware of in Hebrew, the word salvation is Jesus, right? It is Yeshua.

Yeah. And not only that, if you look at the last verse of Psalm 91, right? It's actually, it's actually salvation, but the last two pictograms are finished work.

Isn't that beautiful? Yeshua's finished work, his salvation. Hallelujah. Now we missed that in the translation, but they're in the pictogram. I know it. I know it. And it's like in the 13 Psalm in our hearts will rejoice in his Yeshua, right? The same idea is there when you see it in the pictograms.

And when you see it like that, it just comes to life at any age. So we'll be back with more with Frank and Bill. A book back to the garden is his book and kids beach club with Frank.

You're listening to the truth network and truth Welcome back to kingdom pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. We're so blessed to have with us today, Frank Banfield with kids beach club, that they're all across the country. You can find out what we need to tell them how they can find out about that.

Frank, where's your website? How do people get up with kids beach club? Yeah, the best way is through kids beach

Very simple. So kids beach And then they can see our television show on local stations, Christian stations all over the country, so they can check their local listings for that.

So again, but kids beach But the whole, you know, idea of like, you need to get your church. I mean, that's what you're looking for is churches to partner with you guys, to bring this into local schools, because they can bring a club into any public school, right?

Just about just about there are some, you know, some stipulations, certain places and all that. But we know how to navigate all that we've been doing that for years. And we really value the partnerships we have with educators. And so we want to help educators succeed. And we want to help these kids succeed. So again, we just need those churches. We need those churches that will come along and say, you know what, we want to be in our local communities. We want to be on those school campuses.

We want to be salt and light to the next generation. Right. And so how beautiful is that? And also with me today is Bill Combs. Bill Combs, his book, Bill Combs. Yeah. He's the author of Back to the Garden, right back to the garden by Bill Combs. And it's Hebrew. Okay.

So it is Bill Combs. That's what I had originally, but I changed my own writing for some reason, but Hebrew pictograms that point to Jesus. And if you love this stuff, like I do, oh my goodness, what a beautiful way it likes. I like the way I heard at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention last year, there was a rabbi and he described it like this. He said, it's like having the Bible come to you in HD.

High definition. Like, well, oh yeah, it's a picture of things that even I can understand, you know? And so, but I don't, I don't want to forget that somebody might be out there just still riddling. You know, why was Barbra's Barnabas a cheerleading herb? Like you got to think about that. And I know I don't want to stump everybody, but we would love for somebody to call at 866-348-7884 and tell us why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb?

And again, you got to think like, you know, a little punishing little dad joke humor will always go along with me. But anyway, getting back to the garden, so to speak, what are some of the other pictures that, that literally kind of just made the Bible come to life in HD for you, Bill? Well, first of all, there are some people out there that maybe have never heard of pictograms, okay? But we use them all the time. We use emojis, which are pictograms. They're wordless pictures that we use to share on the internet or on our phone, our emotions. We also, wordless road signs like the right and left turn and a crosswalk signs. They don't have any words on them, but they tell us something that, that doesn't make any difference whether we're in Germany, France, or America.

They tell us something that we can understand because we recognize the pictogram or the sign. Yeah. And it's trans, because the idea is the whole idea of the Bible was God is expressing himself, right? And to be able to express himself in a language that you can understand, pictures do that beautifully, right? Yeah. Well, you can read through the first four chapters of Genesis 20 minutes, but just going through the pictograms, that book that you have in your hand is 544 pages and it took me 20 months asking the Holy Spirit every morning what those pictograms meant, because he is there right now. You asked about other words.

Okay. Now let's look at the word that John uses in the beginning was the word. And where did he get that? And the word was with God and what God was, the word was that word. First time it's used is in Genesis 15, verse one, the word of the Lord came to Abram and a vision. That word is gala, which is a door plus bar, which is an adult son. So all revelation from the Father, from God comes through the door of his son. Beautiful, isn't it?

Absolutely. And then Genesis 128 says, God blessed them and said, be fruitful and multiply, right? So what is the word blessed? It's barach, bar, which is adult son plus cough, which is in the shape of your open hand. If I put my open hand over your head, your head conforms to the shape of my open hand. So what is the blessing? It's adult son conformed. And Paul said to those whom he foreknew, he predestined them to conform to the image of his son. Right.

Isn't that cool? Now, what about, what about, what about the word covenant? This is a, this is the one that just blew me away.

Okay. It's barit, which is bar adult son. And then the six pictograms for work, which is an arm that's, that's, that's a bit over like he's flexing his muscle and then top, which is a cross.

So covenant is made possible by what the adult son worked or accomplished on the cross. That's beautiful. Yeah. And it completely is. Right.

And in so many different ways. And so when you think about it, well, you know, Frank's ministry is kids beach club, right? And the reason I'm guessing that Jack designed that was because when you hear kids, kids beach club, you picture something in your mind, don't you? That's what you want them to do.

Frank, right? Is, is picture, you know, all the joy that comes with the beach. Exactly. You know, and we've, I've had people ask me, well, how come, you know, you've had kids beach clubs in North Dakota. I mean, that's about as far as you can get from a beach, you know, why do you call it kids beach club? But it's just that it's like, you know, kids love the beach. And, and it brings that picture to their mind of, you know, the sun and the sand and the waves and building fan castles and getting together family and getting together friends. And, and it's a, you know, it's a fun place.

And then we throw the word club in there. Well, that's a place we come together, you know, we get to hang out. I mean, we, we think, well, clubhouses and, and meaning and purpose and hanging out with our friends. So yeah, it gives this great picture of kids coming together in a fun place.

That's the thing with our clubs and our television show. They're fun. I mean, they are, you know, this isn't just kids getting together and, and, and just being rote memorization and, and just boring. I mean, they're playing games and they're, you know, they're learning, but man, they're having fun because that's the picture that we want them to see.

We want them to get, because that's the reality behind the picture. You know, the kids are having fun and it is a great place that they can hang out and be with others and yet get something that's going to be of value to their both now and their future. Yeah. Plus they can sell it to their friends. Right. Exactly.

Come with me to the kids' beach club, man. And immediately, you know, it's easier to sell to the, you know, the, to the staff. It's, you know, it's a great picture that, that just says so much in its own way that expresses a lot of things that would take tons of words. It's just like you explained, Bill, that like, Oh my goodness, how many words did you say? How many pages did it take?

544 pages of pictures, pictograms for the first four chapters of Genesis. It took me 20 months to write that every morning, spending time with the Holy Spirit. Now I want to tell you, I have a doctorate and a master's degree from fuller seminary, but I can't read the Hebrew script without help without an interlinear Bible. And you didn't either. When you, when you went to those, went to those Psalms to look at those words, right now, you don't, you don't have, you don't have to learn Hebrew as a language, especially as adult.

This is really hard. You don't have to learn Hebrew in order to really dig into actually the underlying meaning of the Hebrew words that we see in the scriptures. And the beauty of it is, is they don't know how to say it either.

Right. My understanding is since Babylon, they don't even know how to, that they don't necessarily know how to pronounce it. And all their, all their vowels have been written in after the fact.

Like they don't even know where those go. So we might've been pronouncing it right, even though we, you know, the Jews would think, well, they got it all wrong. But anyway, it's, it's a beautiful thing to understand. I love that you just said that. So we'll be back a little bit more from Bill and Frank kids beach club and back to the garden by Bill Combs.

You're listening to the truth network and truth Welcome back to kingdom pursuits, where we hear how God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom. And what poster children we have for that today is we have Frank Banfield with kids beach club. They're, they're Bible studies that go on in schools all around the world, actually. And you can get in on that by going to kids, beach, your church, they would love to partner with your church to bring that to your children's school.

You know, you'd talk to your pastor, talk to your Sunday school teacher, whoever you think, and begin to look at that kids beach as well as Bill comb. He's the author combs, plural, Bill Combs. He's the author of back to the garden, right?

It's Hebrew pictograms that point to Jesus. And you can find that book all over the place, right, Bill? Yes, that's right. So whether you go to Amazon or whichever your favorite book site may be, it's called back to the garden by Bill Combs.

And so wonderful, wonderful. Yeah. So speaking of garden, I'm guessing at this point in time, Rachel, we have stumped the panel. I can't believe this another week that I have stumped you. But anyway, I'm going to give everybody that, you know, Rachel or Bill or Frank, you got any ideas? Why was Barnabas a cheerleading herb? Got any ideas?

I'm still stuck on the, you know, the Hulk. So Rachel got an idea. I've got nothing over here. Okay. He was an encouragement. There you go.

I hear all the groans across the network. There you go. Barnabas, the encouragement, but getting back to our picture, and I'm sure that paints a picture for you. We only have a short time in this segment, Frank, but what do you want to make sure you got said about kids beach club?

We didn't get said yet today. Well, you know, again, I think we've covered a lot of it, but the importance, I think for parents to to really be engaged with their kids. I think we're seeing more of that, you know, in our society today. But we have to realize that this, the preteen years, which is what we're focused on, that is when a child, that's what a person's worldview is established. And so they're going to carry according to Barnabas, they're going to carry that worldview through the rest of their lives. And that's why it's so critically important that we reach kids at the preteen years, introducing the Jesus, teach them character so that we give them the foundation that they need to build everything else on the rest of their lives.

Yeah. And we can be praying even if, you know, you don't know how to connect. You can certainly connect through prayer for kids beach club. What a wonderful, wonderful ministry. And same question to you, Bill, what was something you wanted to get said today in the interview that you didn't get a chance to share on on your book? Well, if you read, if you read through the last chapter, which is the epilogue, I bring in the fact that there are sincere Jews out there who are believers in Yeshua, HaMashiach who want to find Jesus in the Torah.

Okay. And they want to be able to preach their Testament to other Jews. And what Paul says is that when, when the Jews are plugged in as, as native branches to the vine, we will see nothing less than life from the death. We'll see this last awesome awakening that comes just before Jesus comes. And I'm, I'm just grateful that the Lord has led me to produce a book that may be a very small addition or a part of that, that realization for my dear Jewish friends, that Jesus is in the Torah. Jesus was right when he said, well, Moses wrote about.

And so I am looking forward with great anticipation that people like Sid Roth, who was rising up and Jonathan Cahn and, and, and, and, and Rabbi Sobel, they're just knocking them dead right now. That's beautiful, isn't it? Right. That, that, that there's all sorts of, like the Bible in high definition, in so many different ways, things were being, you know, that through the technology of what we have today and through the studies of people like you, Bill, it's amazing what's available that, you know, you wouldn't have been able to look up all that half of what you can look up in seconds just 20 years ago.

No. And you know, this is great for, for pastors and teachers. If they, if they learn how, like you have done, learn how to go into the Hebrew text and pull out this extra information, it just makes a sermon and a study come alive as you found out. Oh, it's, it's, it's, it's brings such joy or God brings it, you know, because like you said, the Holy Spirit is in this and he will show you through those pictures like, Oh my goodness. Look, and it is so clear because I heard it said, somebody say the other day, if we could really be in touch with the Holy Spirit, you would be hearing him going, there's God, there he is. Oh, look over there. There he is. All right. You know, every place he looked there, Oh, look at that, you know. And if we could hone into that, you can't miss him. Can you?

No, you can't. And you know what? I'm surprised at how many places, because you see the Moses and Abraham Isaac and Jacob and David were all shepherds. I'm absolutely surprised at how many times there's a picture of a sheepfold protecting us.

And so that we're safe and we can sleep and rest. I'm surprised at how many times, for instance, the word for mercy and grace have that picture in it. Oh, yes, it does. That has it in that. I love it. I love it. Well, thank you, Bill, so much for what you're doing. Again, his book is back to the garden and Frank is with the kids beach club, kids beach

Go there for more information on that. And we're just so grateful. I am for you listening today. And you know, you got so much more truth coming at you because you got encouraging prayer with James Banks. Oh, is he got a story for you about sort of an Indian giver? You'll understand that if you keep listening. And then you got managed in journey starts here now at 12 o'clock followed by Nikita Koloff. It's time to man up so much truth coming at you on the truth network. Thanks, guys. This is the truth network.
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