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The Horsepower of FREE Speech

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 3, 2021 1:02 pm

The Horsepower of FREE Speech

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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July 3, 2021 1:02 pm

Robby is joined by Bob to discuss America's freedom and the freedom God gives you.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another decent respect requires the clear the causes which impelled separation we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happy to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, and whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to establish new government. We therefore, the representatives of the United States of America do with the authority of the colonies, publish and declare the United colonies are, right not to be free and independent states that their allegiance to the British crown all connection between them and the state of Great Britain ought to be totally in the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.

Our lives, our sacred honor guard radio show will the horsepower of free today on the Christian Car Guy, especially if you put the horse in front of the cart. The horsepower and I do mean horsepower of free speech. You might've heard. I hope you heard Jason O'Mara as Gen. George Washington. He was, you know, again reading the Declaration of Independence in the history channels so the liberty series. I think it is extremely powerful the way bit that he did. That is Gen. George Washington and then you have Neil diamond coming to America, and this idea of free and so today's Christian Car Guy show is always brought to by Hebrew letter in today's letter that cracks build up the cracks me up to.

I look good. Today's letter is the Hebrew letter, pay, and if you were to look at a pay. It looks like a mouth okay and so you might see that has some to do with the horsepower of free speech bill so you know bills were excited about the show I saw wonderful, absolutely, I always love the fact that Bill is always been the first Saturday of whenever a given month.

So how many Fourth of July shows this is probably our 17th or something like T get know you're here is an platinum blonde admitted anyway so I was somebody shared Hebrews 5. To me this week which has to do with the high priest having infirmities and I started, I decided to study that word infirmity, which means week and as I looked at the word week.

I was shocked to find that it has this pay unit like what does the word week have to do with the mouth always amazes me that you find things to stay absolute estimate by so as I thought about why mouth in the word of the middle of the word week and I just turned out to be my whole lesson plan from God, and let me tell you why. To an extent okay so Sunday I teach special needs ministries, which means I teach people with down syndrome and and autism and that kind of thing in their adults and so we had a new student, and she was real nervous about being in the class and she started to get sick and she sat there and she said excuse me for a minute and she walked over and she is one of her students. It's vocal and can speak and then I heard her start talking to herself and this was my lesson for the whole week but I teach special needs so they can teach me.

Believe me, like I've heard from tremendous Jones years ago when you teach the end of the teach that the students teaching so I watched her as she started saying you're okay, you're knocking to be sick. You are just fine and she saying this out loud and she's over always given just totally separated and then I watched her and she was fine. She empowered yourself the words and then I thought, wow, is that why that word week has this mouth in the middle of it and actually it has to do with what's driving the mouth in this particular word week and it has to do with when we drive it ourselves, or we let Satan affected than our self talk is going to make us phenomenally week will interestingly the word freedom. As I discovered this week also has a pay unit because when you think about the power of words. All my goodness. The world itself was spoken in their existence by God's expressions. Jesus is the word. And Jesus is the word and at the end Jesus is going to take out everybody that opposes him with a sword that comes out of his mouth, which can have next week's episode of Christian Car Guy theater vertical but as I was thinking about this in processing it. I realize while we are always right. We have all sorts of power in our words but who do we talk to the most ourselves right and what is the story that we are telling ourselves. Please pass this to an end and as I'm studying the studying the studying this bill and I asked Jesus every date show me something and one day this week. He said go to acts 18 and acts 18 says you will receive power from on high to be my witness that you can affect the Holy Spirit will come upon you to receive power and high in other words, the Holy Spirit can help you have a testimony and is that's where your powers will think about it. If you are testifying to yourself. The Holy Spirit is helping you put Jesus in other words, your cart is being driven by a horse. If that is in fact Jesus, that is your testimony like Jesus loves you. He is going to bring you through this okay. He have brought you through so many things you know he has an end. And so as we begin to see the horse drawing my cart. All the sudden I begin to see wow. Therein lies freedom which has the letter for life and it followed by that day that same letter just a difference of who's driving the car. Okay this you have an interesting dichotomy between you know weakness and freedom. So with that in mind here's an example and I'm hoping that your thinking to your examples and this has everything to do in front of driver Cirillo driver and talk about that in a minute but I want to tell a story so when I was a baby Christian.

I was scared of the dark. You may have heard this before and I used to just shiver in the bed and I hear I'm 6 foot five, 230 pounds and you know if I heard a noise outside it would be in my life either by the is 5 feet tall. Tammy can could you go check out that noise later. She's pretty tough and I don't think that too many to many, the Steen death against her. So about two years after I came to Christ she had to go out of town so there I was, and I lived is very creepy house that was down town Winston-Salem.

It was owned by the University. It was old house and big trees and you can picture the night. It's it's like the night a straitjacket like the thunder is lightning Robbie scared in the bed that you couldn't be more scared right and so being a Christian I thought what I need to talk to Jesus about the situation because I'm terrified and I said Jesus I don't know what it means to give you this fear. But can I give it to you because I really am sick and tired of being scared all the time. And so Jesus says to me in this is him driving my mouth Robbie what's the worst thing that can happen. My simple summary could come in here with a knife and he says what would be so bad about and for the first time in my life I processed the concept of wow you're threatening me with Jesus like I would be with you that with I could be at wrap this up that I shouldn't be afraid of the situation now fast-forward to the year 2017.

Davis is probably 1994 and all the sudden same thing. I'm an older house is in Pottstown North Carolina creepy trees you needed a better essay and now there is actually footsteps on the roof of my hat at 4 o'clock the morning. There are footsteps in the roof of my house since it was December and is and I went and got and I was blessed that it was not thin.

I went and got my shot.

Wait till you hear what happened. Is everything to do with freedom. When we come you're listening to the Truth Network and and the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we live in horsepower of free speech and especially if you put the horse in front of the cart we been talking about wow the speech that we do most often as a speech we do to ourselves that we talk and in that talk who's driving the cart would that be Jesus or do we drive and are we allowing Satan to affect what were saying and all my goodness, if you noticed in the Declaration of Independence. There it says divine providence and you get to hear that a couple more times and today show that they knew very well who was driving the cart when they wrote that, and then note that they ended it with the word honor right and I find it fascinating that that bit you know these men essentially put their lives where their mouths were. And in and trusted in God that that ability to have this free speech that we had so many fight for and when that we are able to celebrate this holiday of freedom like wow those people had to have some pretty good self talk to stand up in front of such a photo is they did the take on a much superior force as far as I was concerned. So, wow.

What did that take exactly and that's for talked about his horsepower today so we left earlier. Robbie was scared of the dark, terribly okay. But Jesus had given me some words to use and over the years I'd essentially broken the agreement that I was afraid of the dark and this decided to let Jesus drive the train that that I needed to do whatever I needed to do to protect my family. So this particular morning, and 2017. I did hear 4 o'clock the morning, pitch dark outside creepy house, only this time I hear footsteps on the roof clearly footsteps on the roof. My daughter's room.

By the way, who at this point in time is about 17. Her room was upstairs and I realize that the person walking up there, was walking towards my daughter's room at what point I went and got my trusty shotgun and told my wife to call the police, which she did, which was a funny story, actually, because she's got the police on the phone as I walk out the back door. I am putting the shells in the shotgun which is you've ever put shelves in the shotgun. It makes optically noise since this is a semi automatic shotgun. It's going to talk to Chuck and as I step out the door.

I hear this, don't shoot me, and I look up and lo and behold the students on my roof to Capon right now I've got the gun on the guy at night and then were capable, and nor did he have red suit and there were no reindeer involved with this is the same guy that used to tell my why I made this is same time at an now I've got his gun on the on this guy and my wife is got the police on the phone they said she says to them.

My husband has a gun on a man on the roof and I think if you can imagine. They dispatch the entire Winston-Salem to have anything better to do that. Not that while I was going on in my did what you doing up there and he goes on trying to find my daughter and I said what because daughters appears right and she points to another part of my roof and he said I'm in a go getter and I said all that to be a shocker.

What are y'all doing on my roof and so is he. He's got no shoes on.

By the way, and he is walking across my roof barefoot and and and he goes over there courses daughters not unlike what is with you and because I've got to find my daughter. I said what are you doing you know and I'm trying to get this what about this time 4000 police cars are arriving coming down the street and up to you still hold in the good time still holding the gun I still got the guy right there when he hears the police cars man he runs across and you wish the added Capon because he literally jumps off by roof like across the backyard and off he goes and I run around in the sky hits the ground and in his bare feet in the middle of winter and he takes off running. As it turned out he was find drugs and all that stuff. The police of course. As I'm standing there like Mr. Gilmore put the gun – note that out of that yet is out-of-control I didn't want to end up in anger management or anything, but nonetheless I just don't want you to Ms. there is amazing freedom. If you let Jesus drive the cart so to speak and and so front-wheel-drive.

If you think about it right in the car you steer in the direction you want to go about most policemen don't want front-wheel-drive. You know why because they want to be able to turn around quick in order to do that with a real drive car you can break the rear rear and loose, and you can spin around fast will think how handy that is if you happen to be driving your car and you're not letting Jesus take the wheel right this minute on your roof. The good news is you can repent, turn around quick little mental image for you there. Bill, you can quickly repent hand the wheel to Jesus because I'm just going to tell you that that things will in fact go so much better for you. It certainly did for these people who signed the Declaration of Independence from so the question today obviously is where in your life did you sign your Declaration of Independence. When did you get free of whatever fear, whatever situation may be, when did you sign your own.

In other words, turn the wheel over to Jesus in whatever way shape or form and become independent of something you know that God had and you know allowed you to find out how important it was that you need Jesus.

You need the word in your life mean the Bible all those things to help you drive 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is a member call in and share 866-34-TRUTH.

Please call us with just me and Bill and and is Fourth of July weekend. The Holy Spirit is here always true and when we have producers, kids, or in a room full. Yeah, we got to the dream team minutes we Shop on race and weight.

We have Rachel is well within the backdrop so you know no matter what happens is our beloved Beth and is taking leave of absence trade secrets of much-deserved rest and so will be back major stories when we come back 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth the horsepower of freeze you're listening to the Truth Network and and the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we all live in horsepower. The horse in front of the cart. The horsepower of free speech. Yes I wonder what your story might be with you put the horse in front of the cart and let him tell the story in again is as we have this opportunity really to think about our self talk.

What an opportunity like the more Bible that we can take in on a regular basis. You know, for me out by memorizing 16 Psalm here a few weeks ago and I keep repeating it and repeating it.

I just can't tell you how helpful it is because it really when you think about it when he gets down to that line and since I place the Lord always before me. Well, I couldn't help but think about that as he was teaching me this week if you place the Lord always before you, the horses in front of the cart right and then it says because he's at my right hand.

I won't be shaken. My heart is glad. Therefore my heart is glad and my glory rejoices and my flesh rest securely like if you do that if you put the horse in front of the cart and in these there right that is everything to do with prayer is you can talk about that yet. I was thinking the biggest challenge in my life was when we found that my daughter had leukemia and you will just sorta shakes and do you we check trended Baptist Hospital and we then found out that Baptist wasn't covered by our health insurance that we are expected to have her treated at Duke, which is an hour and 1/2 away. Suggest the irony of the situation that the insurance agent I do at this advice. I've heard this story before but I always find it. The irony of the fact that here is the mean of the one man in my life that I really understood feel like knows and understands insurance there. You are your wife's and and you would with the situation with your daughter with leukemia in the hospital that you want to treat her.

You're not covered will gate with my wife says don't worry about it. I said William. She says no you don't understand yet. We could almost see our church from this window that you are daughter loves the nurses we trust the doctors were inner city where our support system is just a little bit away from home will going to stay here. I said well I love you darling DED understand that if we stay here with the $700,000 medical bill bill and if we go to do they gonna pay almost all of it. She says yes this is in a dollar decision and yet my knees got weak in my head started swimming in the I love you.

I gave her a kiss that I started walking out of the hospital, at least I was trying to walk out the hospital and three verses came to me while I was praying I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me with prayer and petition with Thanksgiving. Lift up your request to God in peace of Christ, which transcends all understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus, and you are chosen and holy and dearly loved by God and in a real strange, unusual, difficult way to explain to some people.

I heard a voice deep in me the city and yes Hannah is chosen and holy and dearly loved by God to, and if this be true. God doesn't want her to have this cancer at my vision cleared by ears stopped really goodbye.

Was it wobbly Walkin and yeah I made it to my office on what else does an insurance agent did and sit in there and the phone rings and one of the smartest people I ever met called me a David was in high school created a program to help his father. The doctor bill all the different places and all the other doctors sign done when he graduated high school he got $1 million for this company and he took that money went to Wake Forest as a sophomore in my sophomore year on doing construction as it started to work for health insurance company. In his senior year, four years in college.

He's a vice president brilliant. He says how are you I tell them he says write down single case patient negotiation support of my going to do that he says if the hospital in the health insurance company agree they can create a health insurance plan a group plan for one person she can stay at Baptist and at that moment, an email popped up as the email from the health claims department. It says that will take care of Hannah for the first week, but after that she'll have to relocate to an email was Sally J at Celtic – This was way back when I said could email address be that simple acid. Thank you David.

I called the library. I said I need the president's name is Celtic insurance. If you realize but finding email address for someone like that is next to impossible.

While typing a letter and I'm praying and I put a little picture on it and they tell me that is Mr. Dally, J at Celtic is the president so I sent an email to Dally J at Celtic – and I pride and I hit the button with 9 AM sharp.

The next morning. This guy calls and says I'm the VP in charge over claims for Celtic insurance and I was having breakfast with the president of the company this morning and he wanted me to call and see if there is anything we can do for you which is what David said to me today before I said will thank you very much he says but will you get started with got to tell you we do not have any contracts or agreements with your hospital. There is no way that she can stay at Baptist Hospital will thank you very much.

Did I hear you correctly, the president of the company asked if there was anything you could do for me. He says yes sir. I said single case, patient negotiation, and there was dead silence. It was that dead silence when you know you're this guy had been hired.

He wasn't your typical vice president in charge of client. He was hired to outsource the entire claims department from one state to another. He needed to with this man and he says well we could only do that if the hospital was in an agreement I said thank you so much. Let me give you their name and phone number there waiting for your will. We ended up getting to stay at Baptist is that saving them a whole lot of money and we got to the whole thing for about $2000 out-of-pocket but more order in way more importantly, Hannah came out that it was just one miracle after another miracle as she went to work as a child life specialist and she works at the Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill in the emergency department and those three scriptures came at me almost daily and every time I let out a vendor three scriptures for second because I think it's it's critical understanding because I happen to know that you are discipled by a sane person that discipled me. A lot of times in the same route right to Burton right light in front right Frank Fanning, Ted Burton, and part of what they told us right was here's your verses of Scripture memorization and it was something that they started us on. Little did we know. I mean, we didn't but I mean that's what they did. They taught us to memorize Scripture. If you thought about that though yes I you got to be thinking and praying and positive I'll always cringe when people pray for somebody's cancer always want to scream and say now pray for the person's health. Yet you there people that ask and I need prayer because my bosses such as seven said there always. Now we need to be praying that this bosses good so will likely be one with preface, but I am a little bit differently ago Scripture memorization is is really a cool thing you have it. I have it to some extent because of the way we were discipled. However, the real issue is the cart is Jesus. The word is Jesus, and Jesus is the word, and so I'm not doing it to memorize something as some program what I'm doing is I'm I'm trying to get to know Jesus better and actually by repeating these things in my own mind time again as I memorize them like they become part of what the Holy Spirit has access to two bring up a defense when you're under attack. Also like learning a new language in a new country.

The Holy Spirit can talk too much clear and you can understand the point of the Holy Spirit saying if you familiar with the New Testament if you not then you don't know whether that wonderful advice you think you're hearing is you or somebody you heard say something months ago were years ago and you really off-base you don't know that it's God talking to you unless you've got a familiarity with the New Testament so you have a story you know you do and you got that you know the Holy Spirit.

Hopefully Jesus is driving your freedom to make that phone call to drive your speech to share that testimony, because your words, your words have phenomenal powers with the Holy Spirit right rested on you to say these words and you be powerless, your testimony, your story really hurt so many people call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and we come back your listening to the Truth Network and and the support of this declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we usually slit our lives the horsepower of card I show especially if you put the horse before the cart.

Horsepower got everything to do it with it and I want to mention to you that if your list of the Truth Network today. Amy Cobb was going beyond at 1 o'clock with Herschel to cure. And speaking of cure literally talking about healing trauma through hypnosis. So that's alive shall you be able to call it 866-34-TRUTH 87884 1 o'clock to the cure.

But meanwhile, if you listen to. You have a story that that you need the freedom of speech, right always there to tell you that this this testimony, your testimony could set other people freed like here. Here's the real deal that that when we accept Christ as our Savior. Bill I think this is where our real Declaration of Independence comps right because I love Isaiah 61} is that I've come right to set the captives free to declare liberty to the captives, and in this this this is what his mission was and by dying on the cross and literally taking on our sin.

He then shed his blood that we would have remission of those in another words we want have the Synvisc counted against us anymore and by understanding that in telling ourselves. Jesus paid for this and God loves me just like you talked about how God loves Hannah, then it changes our standing and literally Satan can no longer hold those chains if you accept the gift and welcomed her, but you have to walk in that right and you have to say wait a minute I don't have to be afraid anymore because Jesus told me was the worst thing a man in or what's I don't need to be worried about the financial aspects of this hospitalization because I know that Jesus is gonna walk with me through this situation, whatever it may be, and the Holy Spirit's gonna bring the people and the processes eminently cool how he brought to the guy that knew the magic formula and then gave you the wisdom to figure out the email address will he actually does that for all of us as the Scripture that but that you sit down to study the day wherever that may be. It's amazing to me how often it's exactly what God needed knew I needed for this week. Based on what he knew I would be facing. Note that I had a good friend that I hadn't seen in six months and by inform column will we walking in and he's coming out of one of the locked doors you had to have the code to get out of an exit gave you the input you doing here to will my son came down with leukemia. Six months ago and he's been going through this program and he's all better and that was the first person we saw when we were coming up yet.

Things like that happen. We don't give credit to God that God sets the signs that all around us, and sometimes you're smart enough to tune into and sometimes she just let them pass, and by not give credit that there is not. I noticed this week Bill, it is in that passage in the Holy Spirit rested will rest on you and and you know that the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus like a dive. Well, you know, I am the love dives isolate pigeons. A high class pigeon. All I really really do love dives and we have a lot of around where I live and let me just tell you it takes nothing. The spirit of and suffered a deft harassed it yet you cut it out of the arrest right and it sent out. I thought about that, like the Holy Spirit rested on them and in order for the Holy Spirit to rest on them have to be still there again and and and you got me wanting.

You gotta have the peace with your spirit to notice things around and severe it actually is. I was thinking through this process had to stop at a rest area was on the highway and is I'm thinking Jesus will let you guide me. Emily and I had all this peace and you got me all locked up. This rest area and all the squirrels. This is just squarely. I know you're gonna say Robbie, I knew you were not clearly squarely or Manley squirrels were right at my feet. I mean literally, they were at my feet and they had no trouble standing there right by me like usually ask a squirrel won't get within 100 feet rest station. They know they can charge an entry for but I was thinking Linda that Jesus will arm in arm so it PC squirrels. It is good there, like their fine and then later that day as I was I was contemplating more on this event. Her phone Adele and her phone and ride my bike and Adele interphone come out to the road and they just stand there look at me and I turn around and come back is on the seam again and guess what they were closer than ivory dimming. They were even closer to me and I was thinking it has to do with the rest of just know when I have the Lord always before me, not hidden, that little bill in your body.

I made me a little bill so I I think that it's an amazing thing that we can practice again for those you're not familiar with Christian card. I show because I know we gotten some new stations have signed on recently, we have a ministry within it. Call the Jesus labor leverages car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And, you know, here is an opportunity right if you're if you're listening that like wow you know a widower if somebody is in crisis. It needs help. Or maybe the Holy Spirit saying you need to look into this. You need to pray for these guys.

You need you need to give as the case may be, because in other applications coming in every day were single moms, widows and families in crisis date they need car repair, and quite often were able to help him just by able to talk him through the situation because a lot of widows and single moms just aren't that familiar with the process of getting your car fixed. Here is a perfect example of the first ones I'll never forget was so little elderly lady. She was a widow she came to Ray's body shop because your air conditioner wasn't working, and then worked for two years so you know Jerry, it raises like why no wattage come by shop. That's okay, I'll take a look at it. So he goes out there with her sits in the front seat. Now show me exactly what the air-conditioners doing and she says will you see how the hot air is coming out. You know like that Nicos will you see that snowflake I'm not really. I know it's hilarious but is not a Larry. I mean she did know to push the button right there was no you know her husband always helped her with the situation.

She she went around for two years without any air conditioning because she just simply didn't know right and so as we think about the Jesus labor loving opportunity that we have to share what it is that we know about cars right the Holy Spirit wants to share. I mean how many things in your life. Bill when you think about it or just like that snowflake button you didn't know to push because you didn't know the Scripture, that would have given you the answer or you didn't have the one that would come to mind a popped up like yours did in that situation in order to give you the peace of the Holy Spirit could just hang out rather than get all freaked out like I did. Probably 10 times last week you don't think I did.

I just have a hard time imagining you freaking out, but all means you need to get one on my life is nothing alive. If this doesn't and so while the horsepower of free speech that's were talk about today. Again, I'm so grateful that you listen if you heard some of us wanted arrest and you didn't get it. Got our podcast. It's their Christian Car as well as Jesus labor love and all the Scripture references and things we talked about every week we post them all their Christian so were so grateful help you guys have a wonderful freedom weekend of Fourth of July celebration with your families. Those who think everything that we could be free.

What an honor it is that we live in such land, and so thank you for listen never slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done. 33. This is the Truth Network

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