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Bible Wonders - What Is A Disciple

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 7, 2021 10:49 am

Bible Wonders - What Is A Disciple

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 7, 2021 10:49 am

The Term Child from Genesis 11:30 - "Sari had no child" The word Child in Hebrew "VALAD"


This is today on Bible verse. I wonder if you would wonder with me about the word disciple.

What would the word disciple be in Hebrew Jesus is translated in Greek is as to what the word disciple is which I've always heard was an enthusiastic learner from word that's used there in Greek but interestingly the word is not in the Septuagint anywhere. So it's one of those that we have to just wonder about, like what could Jesus have been thinking about since we know we spoke Hebrew in an clearly he thought in Hebrew. In my opinion, so I was thinking about that and I was actually trying to see my own mind what the word might look like, because I knew that a disciple would please.

Clearly if it was an enthusiastic learner. What would that look like in Hebrew so knowing that each Hebrew letter is a picture of something I began to put together a picture of what I do sob thought a disciple would be based on the Hebrew letters. And so the first letter. As I put this picture down was clearly a disciple is always somebody that understands that Jesus is Lord and that came from the father.

So there's a letter in Hebrew, called of love, which means that something came down from heaven and so I thought what clearly disciples came down from heaven, but then the next clear big huge thing about disciples is that they learn that they also love and beautifully in the Hebrew language.

There is letter that means both those things and it's called a little mad, which also is the heart which is perfect for the whole thing so love learn part that came down from heaven, and then the other thing I thought the disciples would do was clearly follow Jesus, but moreover that they would serve. In other words, do what Jesus told him to do in that letter. In Hebrew is a doll. So by putting those letters together. I ended up with this vav Le med Dahlia deny, so I looked up the word in Hebrew to see what the word might mean and you know what it means child. Not surprising I thought always that fascinating how there's a huge relationship got between the concept of what a disciple would be and what a child would be because children clearly there from heaven. Clearly they'd love to learn more always, what does that mean and how why does that happen. They love to learn naturally. Actually when you think about the title of the show they actually love to wonder the children do they love the wonder of Christmas they'd love to wonder about things.

I mean, when they see it for the first time that wonder in their eyes. And that's what disciples are, and then clearly they love to live like big love to climb up in your lap. They love to spend time with you can see John the disciple leaning up against Jesus is heartwarming. That was it.

That was something that he would love to love and then what disciples do what they're told. If you love me you'll obey my commandments. So naturally, that would be the doll would and then you get this idea of how would that sound well it sounds like valid like if you were to say the word in Hebrew, you would say valid will as soon as I saw that I thought knowing that amazing thing because I have a good friend, Sam Mayme, who does masculine journey with me and we do these boot camps and he wants described the man that was trying to get into the waters that would be stirred. Jesus ask you know, do you want to get well. Well, the way that man is described was an invalid or somebody that was invalid and Satan goes about making us feel invalid. I mean just by putting these labels on us like floor or broken are a disappointment alcoholic. Whatever label it is that you put on yourself. It makes you invalid on the beautiful thing that a child is valid and to become a disciple become a lover of Jesus is to become valid.

Not invalid, some to wonder about today on Bible wonders

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