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WHAT Would Stop Superman?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 8, 2021 12:35 pm

WHAT Would Stop Superman?

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 8, 2021 12:35 pm

Robby solo.  And he go go's right to the heart!  Needy OUT LOUD.


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This is Michael Carbone with the Truth Network for partnering with Bible league international on open the floodgates Bibles for Africa in many parts of countries like Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Mozambique as many as 9/10 Christians are denied God's word by corrupt governments majority religions in poverty and remoteness five dollars and the Bible. $100 since $2500 sends 100 call 800 yes word that's 800-937-9673 thank you for caring. This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around all your friends. Thanks for listening and thanks for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network's similar thousand elements of embodied within fundamentally potential in every class. I strongly had mentioned in any minute now. Keep testing limits only thing about radio show mild equipment about the newspaper way so would stop Superman today show them think about that a minute what would stop Superman so it is you are the very beginning that show. I mean of the intro and we talked about it on the show a few times where this is Superman's dad talking to Mrs. that symbol means hope that symbol. That's actually was originally designed for super man's shirt. There, the big red asked that we think about was actually as that which is a Hebrew letter which means righteous and then righteousness is what headed for the merits all the reason for hope.

So the whole concept of Superman developed by a couple Jewish boys for Marvel comics. They were really looking for the Messiah. So you could say that right what would stop Jesus. Okay, so maybe that's a better way to say what I'm talking about today, what would stop Superman, what would stop Jesus and we have an answer for you from Scripture today, but I need to tell you that this show is brought to you by which that's an elephant bed which means father.

You might've heard that Abba is there make for father but just in Hebrew is to stop just to an olive. For Nebat, and as the show goes on to see why this show today is brought to you by and also want to share that I've been you know I was gone for a couple weeks I went to couple different camps had the chance to really process a lot of stuff as I begin the process. The whole idea of the Christian card I show in what you know what's it really about and what it God called me to do. Originally in one of my doing now and so I remembered very specifically the night that he asked me to do. The guard asked out what he said I never got you in the spirit of God speaking to me said Robbie I want you to get on the radio and talk about what breaks your heart every day course in the car business at the time I was Chrysler dealer in Marksville at that time in 2006. What broke my heart every day was people that were wrestling with crazy amounts of debt and also about what breaks me my heart today is little different than what it broke 16 years ago and what breaks my heart today even for my own self is that I don't walk with the spirit of God leading me like I would hope you know Romans 814, it says as many as are led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God, so that whole idea of son ship or daughter ship, as the case may be, it is is very much a theme of today show. So what would stop Jesus/Superman well tube linebackers to bind letters. It blind beggars who were needy out loud is the simple answer but there's some really deep truth here if you're willing to dive in and so to quote really an absolutely amazing sermon that Nikita colossus man camp. They they showed the series of sermons by man by the name of Dave Busby actually died in 1998 of cystic fibrosis, but man did he have a message and and a lot of women talk about is right there by the way, it's all Christian Car the actual original sermon that I got this from an all this so in Matthew 2029 through 34 REITs are like this are Jesus and his company they were leaving Jericho on a large crowd.

As you might imagine, followed in, and to people who were blind were sitting by the road and hearing that Jesus was passing by. They cried out, Lord have mercy on us, son of David, but the crowd sternly warned them to be quiet now in Aramaic. I think that means reads like shut up you blind beggars the blind beggars said you shut up and continue to cry out, Lord, son of David, have mercy on us and Jesus stopped and called them and said what he want me to do for you and I said them.

Lord we want our eyes to be opened and moved with compassion, here we go. Jesus touched their eyes. And immediately they regain their sight. Now remember this part, but the when it says in Jesus stopped and called to them so easy when they were being needy out loud what happened. Superman stopped at stop Superman so when you really think about what these blind beggars were doing them all by the way, I'm a blind beggar if he had noticed.

I think it would really start to think about how we see things we would realize that we are all blind beggars but they were honest about their needs. Right.

That's number one.

They were honest, cannot really be honest about what I need and then they were needy out loud. In other words, they weren't just general meet anybody that never was medium in there pretty boring people so these beggars. They were not only meeting that they were honest about their needs and they were needy out loud, which is really really certain theme of what I wanted to call the show today maybe is needy out loud because you'll understand why in a minute effectively stored on how this works out then. Now it really needy out loud but they took their needs, to Jesus right and they were persistent against the naysayers shut up you blind beggars know know you hear shut Jesus out of David Wright will elicit son of David, see they were saying your Superman man you're the Messiah you can do this and they were specifically asked him.

Jesus said what you need and and so so last week for the week before last Sunday being the first day. So what have you worked at. I did this boot camp and I had the first talk.

The first night and when I did that talk at the end of the talk I tend to share this concept of being needy out loud because it boot camp for help and that guys will sit there and being needy. Think about why they came to this camp what they're hoping Jesus would do for them. Be specific. Be outbound.

We have these wonderful prayer cards that we give everybody and then we have these ammo boxes around the camp and so when you've got it something that you realizes what your needs are. Some you need us to pray for. We asked the guys to fill out these prayer cards and and so I realized as I was talking about being needy out loud that one of the people really needed to be needy out loud is made. In other words, like I need to to do this is much as anybody so that first night you know there are bunches cards that really just shocked me on how honest these people were with their needs and some of the people that I've actually known for several boot camps and I'm like oh my gosh I wish I do know that years ago I could've been praying for that.

I mean, I didn't know. So is really cool that there were needy out loud, but then the second day something happened to my friend Andy Thomas who does management journey with us. He did the moon talk and when he did the one talk.

He told me that God gave them this ending that we'd never used before and at the end of this we often use this movie clip and I hope at some point in time you seen the movie good Will hunting. If not, go watch at unbelievably powerful so the movie good Will hunting. There's a scene where Matt Damon's character will has been beaten by his father with a wrench okay and there's pictures of will in this file that Robin Williams is holding and any clearly says to to Matt in a Damon you do you want to see this file and is indigo is into why his father beat him with a wrench while so what Andy did at the end of this month. Talk rather than normal.

We just go out or come in the silence which I'll explain in a minute, maybe on the other side right and he said you know you have a file on we are close our eyes and ask God to show us our file and so as we went out on a covenant silence, which is now out of the woods along with God we had the mission of trying to look into your file of what that looks like for you and again this wound is often a father one, but it could be other kinds of wounds and so all my goodness when I get out there and I'm in my covenant silence. I'm by myself in this field and I begin to pray and ask God show me my file. As you might imagine, I don't have one. I got about six probably more than that.

But anyway, we'll get to that one file and hope you think about your file and I hope you think about being needy out loud because we will get to the point we call and tell us what you can pray with you for 866-34-TRUTH 87884 will be right back was so much more. What would stop Superman listening to the Truth Network and will what would stop Superman today on the Christian card is or what would stop Jesus.

As we talked about at the beginning of the show it to blind beggars who were needy out loud saying Jesus, have mercy on us. We need to see them down. I need to see, as the case may be severe talking about that we ponder this boot camp and that it my friend Danny Thomas and Andy Thomas given this talk in a neat way where he'd ask us to look at these files, like where was your flower your beat with a ranch or whatever the case may be, and I mentioned that in no it seem like I thought seen about six files, but when I began the process in a I asked God to pick which one was the big which one was the biggie and and when he open that file, I gotta tell you it was a pretty gruesome picture of my sin totally exposed when I was 17 I was dating a girl and we had probably gone too far doing things that we should've been doing and we got really engaged remarrying at night so I sort of reason that it was okay because we'd soon be married in on very unfortunately on Labor Day, 1973. All of that came out in a tragic way. She had what's called tubular pregnancy which means that the egg having been fertilized in the fallopian tube.

You know, it begins to grow and soon burst into caused in her case major harassing loss of blood and in the loss of the baby well she might imagine, she's rushed to hospital, my parents. Her parents were all in the surgical waiting room and I would've gladly traded the beating with a ranch. Believe me over sitting with them going through this time, which God was gracious in and saved her life but it certainly something that I've never really asked Jesus to come in and begin to heal and so what would an opportunity that was for me out there in this field and to begin the process you know God what's inside of this that you would like to get at. And certainly there were some forgiveness issues forgiveness of myself forgiveness for Danny and for the young lady involved forgiveness for my parents and in and there her parents which were as you might imagine pretty upset so that was there and then there was his whole agreement that I had made that I was tarnished in you know no good anymore. Not lovable. There were there's all these things and I needed to break and I worked on that but the thing that God really kinda hit me right between the eyes with was that I had never mourned the loss of that baby. I mean whoa and and so in order to be needy out loud and in practice for each source. I wrote out my own prayer card right talking about what it happened in the course every night. The team gets together and Lauren. Here's a prayer card from Robbie American there like somebody must've written this to Robbie and I'm like no no that's that's that's my prayer card because I am being needy out loud I'm I'm now I have this and in this is something you know and and so you know what a neat thing, my brothers, my dear brothers, you know, encircling me helping me through this life because God was giving me this whole vision of what it means to be needy so, none. He wasn't close to done. We had an amazing champ you know it it it it goes on for four days and so when we got to the last day which usually most guys are all ready and packed up to go whenever it is time to get out of there. We have this little question and answer session at the and and you know when we asked the guys if you any questions. One of the first guys of civil which you pray over us so we we actually broke out individually and in got everybody got somebody that they knew and need that they had in their life based on love and and we prayed for is really awesome time and Wheatley sat back down and said now does anybody else have some questions well. There was a young man at the camp was only 19 years old. His name was Josh from Georgia and he said will, how can we pray for you.

I mean how cool is that that that was his question.

So I just like the spirit of God to slip okay here we go here's what I got and I just told him the same story I just told you and and when I did that. I guess it's like when the Spirit of God moves that it just starts blowing and so all the guys on the team, not just me but the other speakers in the other people that resisting all shared when I thought were deep needs and then you the campers came and prayed over him individually came over and prayed over us like you know I've done a lot of boot camps over the years that I mean that I will never ever forget this moment were usually people want delete right.

But in this case what's going on is the spirit of God is saying that we got. We came here to do some and every every one of us came in with needs and Jesus knew what they were.

But can we be honest about them. Can we share those things out loud can we be persistent against those noises in our own heads, shut up you blind beggar know you shut up I am going to be needy out loud okay and I say all this to say in a document is vision for the show to the incident want to be cool.

You know if you would have the courage to call in with what you got, 866-348-7884 is a number to call in to be needy out loud course the whole Jesus labor love. We would never be able to help all these wonderful single moms, widows and families in crisis. If they weren't needy out loud. Client so you know you want to stop Superman today but me tell you how to do it to pick up the phone you know and be courageous on something that that you know you know you're trying to deal with this.

It's is beyond what you've got and in God's got it there for us to experience his mercy, not just between me and you and him but but with the body of Christ, right because how much more effective is the fervent prayer of all these righteous people are listening right now so I know it takes some courage but you can do 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH we got so much more.

Christian Kardashian, stated you're listening to the Truth Network and are all billing that a single bound, what would stop Superman/Jesus today on the Christian car guy and the answer is the needy out loud from Matthew 20 we talked about how like wow Jesus stopped in his tracks with the crowd and all that and went over and helped these two blind beggars which quite often I find myself in that role, and we've asked you to call in with your need that you could be needy out loud that you could be honest about it and persistent against the naysayers until you shut up you blind beggar 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is number to call in 866-34-TRUTH and we have my good friend Sarah Melinda's import or journal in Washington this morning. Good morning, how are you I you know it you know I'm good at model T Ford van and laid out in 20 little now that I wrote the old man that I didn't get I get good at it in my mind that I can't seem to get that part out when I was not in there now and say thereafter that hasn't without all, building my Lord told me my while I am it certainly seems so long. All of these though you good night.

All of the scene went out and nicely done. You.the same actually. Okay that's all I got beaten down and then I can anyway let me tell you they were asked. Okay please. I didn't know you yes oh yeah by the granddaughter Kelly now. The unfortunate people took advantage of the old guy. Come tonight guider so whatever he is. She states and filled it was late and he would eat under medical supervision. On Anda because he had injury when she was a head injury when she was nine and had to problems & fill someone to take Danny gently kissed you know it did for her to have an annual till anyway that's collated so narrowly and elsewhere because he's going to have an operation to keep in having me fear he can't problem your TS be taken care of and she thinks she's going to have this baby still. Well anyway I write her letter and etc. so me tell her about her Child and fill me in prayer.

This is the second sermon I missed is absolutely beautiful here, God would give us this opportunity.

I can certainly relate so her name is Karen.

Jesus, thank you for caring a person's life that you've maintained through what sounds like some real trials and in Lord it sounds like she really liked me instance to suffer. This loss of the baby in and in her case out of innocence and just really taken advantage of. Lord, we pray for her heart because you say in Isaiah 61 in a bind up the brokenhearted, and you gonna set the captives free and so we know that you have this baby protected in your care and and we know that you have Karen protected in your care and in you've healed her. Whether it's in this life or the next. And we know we will be united at an end. Lord use this use this to comfort others and an opportunity to comfort Sarah Linda and in her heart that is also broken. I can hear all that's going on. I thank you for her love for her family and stuck her heart again over the other granddaughter that she lost recently and for that I am grateful that she had the courage to call and in and be needy out loud. Lord, I am so thankful for my friend in her gift of poetry. In Jesus name I pray you very same have sent Linda thank you that's courageous. God blessed last night.

Wow so you can see this is special time. Jesus is given us to look at our files and you know, if you don't have the don't feel led by the Spirit to call us is fine in all that get those files out and and asked Jesus to come into those places and and have them take a look at and see if there's some forgiveness need and see if there's some agreements that you might've made that you need to break see if if there's some buddy but would pray for you along the lines of of the healing that's that's needed is a result of some of the beatings that we've taken a course in my case and bled right into it, but nonetheless this isn't what God had in mind.

And he deftly has a healing in mine so I told you the beginning of the show or before I go on a complete summary of call that wants to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we have all these lines open and I would love to pray when you talk to you all those things 866-34-TRUTH 87884 but at the beginning to show. This show was brought to you by op for the olive bet or that what we call the father and what I found. I looked up needy in Hebrew and it kind of shocked me at the beginning of the word Nader needy is an and when I started look at all the words in the concordance that start with an almost all of the say. My father is mighty my father is this my father's that. But interestingly, when it comes to the word needy. It then is followed by this other word that's for like a compound word that would be the word for Meyer like when David said, my feet are stuck in the my repaired and in in Psalms 42 chapter 40 verse two and I started to see this. 00 may be that Meyer that we are sinking down into if you've ever stepped into quicksand, which I lived in Colorado and I stepped into it and you'd there's no bottom to it and immediately you start to drop in your life is been billed on sinking sand. Okay you get the picture right while you immediately do what look up.

You need a father I mean it's fatherlessness that is really a part of being needy right I am needy. As a result of my orphan spirit. I am needy. As a result of needing a father right and in Deuteronomy 15 there was this spoken by know Moses you know when he was getting the laws it says from God. It said for the poor shall never cease out of the land. Therefore I command you saying you shall open your hand unto your brother to the poor and to the needy in the land and in the end, when you think about that particular passage and that law that they're talking about. That is why Ruth Wright would you name it. Naomi's daughter-in-law went out into the fields to glean, Boaz Wright saw her as a needy out loud kind of person right. She was willing to go out there and start leaning amongst the other poor people and as a result, like the kinsman redeemer. He is Boaz/Jesus right. He came and so cool to me that the word for hope in Hebrew is Takada or the first place you find it is when Naomi tells Ruth we have no hope that you will ever have a baby so you need to go back to Moab well there was hope God showed Naomi something and certainly showed Ruth as a result of being needy out loud and we have one more segment for you to call in an easy out loud what we would love to pray with you, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH they do. We got some more to the Truth Network and billing and what would stop Superman or/Jesus today as we know it's being needy out loud and in spite speaking of being needy out loud today on the cure coming up at 1 o'clock in the Truth Network with Amy, she's got police officers and PTSD.

Certainly some neediness out loud.

She has done a Michael who is a retired police officer and there to be discuss and answer you want to miss that it's coming up at 1 o'clock on the Truth Network but also we are hoping that you will call in with your needs. 866-348-7884 and we do have genres in Greenwood South Carolina so excited you're calling today.

John your unChristian Car Guy ship the morning calling for a while and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you just ordered spoken to me for review disjoint encouragement that way and this is a really cool issue is interesting that I've got daddy issues that are coming up the day before Mother's Day this, but I had a dream somewhere in my 20s and this one about one of the most clear agreement that I've ever had and I still remember it would just utter clarity. I was my father was driving and I was in the passenger seat and my dad looked over at me and said we are going to see your real father and a solid dream lives and it would get in, I realized that point that my father is not really daddy and in it when you talking about really is really touched me because I I am the Lord really become to me lately and I realized my real father and that I had just done that terrible abuse that I suffered my father not to the degree that other people did good. Just as an example, we used to live in the country and we had a barber that you planted planted with musket times and scupper nods and I don't know if you knew the difference in the two different types of grades one is is a big green grape and the other is much smaller purple creek and somehow or another.

He thought that you'd only planted scupper nods only musket times and when I was five years old I went up underneath this article and I was exploring. This is dismissed something that is very true with me that I've gone places that other people wouldn't go and thought even if for five years old I was doing things like this.

I think I was five at the time and I was up underneath there I knew were discovered on was an annuity musket online and I found scupper nines growing on a musky dine and I came out with a huge handful of them and was eating them in front of my dad. My dad asked me John call me Johnny Johnny where did you get the discomfort that I got them from up underneath the divine. There, he said you did not, and there was this prolonged disagreement and dad finally accused me that I was an inveterate lot of being essentially inveterate liar and break me right then and he took me and beat me from from my neck all the way down my legs with and what that is done to me is that is triggered in me over the years just been just a visceral anger every time something comes up where I know I'm telling the truth. People don't believe and so that's part of my file and I don't remember what you mentioned about in good Will hunting the file and walked it but am my mother and things went this from from bad to worse. My father and dad wound up getting his disability disabled veteran needed his father did that sort of thing to so is a case of the sins of the fathers being passed on from father to the sons of fourth-generation and so we see that lived out and just the thing that I will glorify him.

63% 64 and on my 59th birthday. It was as if the Lord stood over by bed as I would like and gave me one of the best Christmas best birthday gift of ever had. My entire life.

If you essentially freed me for my anger towards my father and in made me aware of how much of my life which was in my file about my anger towards my father and overhears doing that and over his never having acknowledged it or are dealt with and I saw him on another occasion, and I don't know when my dad was mentally ill with brain damage there what was going on with him but we have a litter of puppies from donning Trixie and the dogs Walmart Rep. This fantastic little dog will she couldn't produce enough milk and my father took those puppies still had their their eyes closed, he took them out behind the wheel house.

We had out in the country and he took a hammer. This will be my file and doing that and for years it was and it could but couldn't get them bottle-fed done any number of other things but I refuse going into Christian ministry because I had this issue against God and not felt toward God the way toward my father at that moment and saw nearly 5 years ago.

He stood straight and forget about John. What was in that scene from good Will hunting, which I do hope you can once again I will. Robin Williams starts to tell will it's not your fault it's not your fault, and he keeps repeating it and will says yes I know but he keeps getting more upset because I do. I do remember that and I and that wasn't that wasn't my my fault.

It was Satan using that to accuse God in my life and I get that the issue would be glad that I believe God was like my father at the moment that he killed those puppies and beatniks were discovered and not believing they were discovering the truth about the scupper nods and then what we found that I'm sure you sound the same thing John is God comes added. Any and he takes this layoff, like an onion and you and you work through that one. And then there's another layer, and there's nothing Lance is it okay if I pray with you. I got some immediate financial need to go into got it just cuddled it with the Rev. been fishing with an open openface you get back lash and you get a bird nest. I got a bird nest with my health and some other things. Lord knows what it is I don't need going to need about it, but when I would appreciate prayer for sure. And I hate to time, but understand that Janice in and who are on the probably hold you over the kingdom pursuits in and get you needs because I don't want to miss them so Jesus, thank you for John and I thank you so much for his courage to call in and share I'm sure there's a lot of people listening who can relate and for all of us.

We don't want you to be the one or angry hats, the Lord, we pray that you would continue to heal pilaf or layers show us where you want to get to in this help us open our files. Be honest. Be needy out mountain and share these things that you might have us be set free to be your sons in the kingdom and be led by the end when we ask this in Jesus name. So I am so grateful for your job and for transfer for Janice and Anna and all that bit of Colvin Janice. Please stay with us and we will be back in a few minutes with kingdom pursuits and will get to Janice then and again, remember slowdown, Jesus walked everywhere he went and got all done in 33 years and am so grateful for you.

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