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The Refreshing Power of Discipling Others | With Jonathan Laurie

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 25, 2021 3:00 am

The Refreshing Power of Discipling Others | With Jonathan Laurie

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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July 25, 2021 3:00 am

In this special Sunday morning message, you’ll discover that making disciples isn’t just for pastors and “full-time ministers.” It’s for you too! Greg Laurie’s son, Pastor Jonathan Laurie helps you discover this aspect of unique blessing in your life. Listen in for the latest message from our series, Refresh.


“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” —Matthew 28:18–20

1. What Is a Disciple?

Disciple simply means, “Learner.”

Jesus has called us to be disciples and He has called us to make disciples.

2. What Do Disciples Do?

Disciples disciple. 

3. Who Do Disciples Disciple?

Jerusalem — immediate inner circle.

Judea — family, close friends.

Samaria — those outside of our comfort zone.

The ends of the earth — those that we don’t want to go to.  

Scripture Referenced

James 2:14–17

Acts 11:26 

Acts 26:28 

1 Peter 4:16

 1 Corinthians 11:1

Deuteronomy 6:5–7

Acts 1:8


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Everybody Greg Laurie here.

You're listening to the Grigori podcast and my objective is to deliver hopefully compelling practical insights and faith culture and current events. From a biblical perspective to find out more about our ministry. Just go to our website so thanks for joining me for this podcast.

Hey this weekend. I am so excited to get to share with you my dad asked me if I would share and continue in the series that he's been going over which he is calling refresh and the last couple of weeks. We talked about the refreshing power of evangelizing and sharing your faith and so today I'm to be sharing with you the refreshing power of discipling others.

You see there's a succession there. There's a process. First you leave that person to Christ. And yes, they crossed the finish line or they I like to think of almost like they're starting their gym membership now right okay will now the work begins. Now you're in there and the good news is spiritually speaking God sees us as completely fit as soon as we enter the gym membership so theologically and try to be correct here.

But the point is this. Once you become a Christian.

Now you got work to do. Now you need to start exercising and you need a personal trainer.

Listen, that is what we are called to do as Christians we are called to disciple others we are called to be a disciple. We are called to disciple others. My text today is Matthew chapter 28 if you like to turn your Bible there flip on your phone or go on your computer screen. Whatever it might be and you want to follow along. That's great. Matthew chapter 28 and again my message title is the refreshing power of discipling others. This last April my wife and I celebrated 11 years of marriage. Cool 11 years, it's gone by really fast and it's amazing she is not the same person that I married. I'm not the same person that she married we've both grown and we've grown more in love with each other as we've met each other's needs.

It's awesome and so we had a great time celebrating 11 years because we had our big 10 year anniversary last year, but it took place during the whole lockdown suite in exactly get to do anything. I think we went down to the beach and like everything was still kind of a lockdown is crazy and so we made up for this year and for our 11 year anniversary this April we went to the island of Maui yeah we went all out and we went together been some time. It was amazing I think was on our second or third day, the trip where action on a hiking trail and were going up this path and I was really in the zone. Talking with my wife.

We were deep in conversation. I was really paying attention to close to my surroundings as we are walking. The pathway went from well maybe like 2 feet, 3 feet wide and on the other side of us is a pretty yellow sheer cliff that falls down right next to the water and so it's a good share little drop off the drop down to some rocks in his work on going up and down at some points were no joking old hundred feet high, next to a pretty steep cliff next point. Word 10 feet off the ground or walking in the pathway narrows for about 3 feet wide to about 6 inches wide and is kind of spite you just need to step over while I was so in the zone.

I wasn't really paying attention and I was just wearing flip-flops of my board shorts and she's walking behind me were talking and I'm just, you know, just totally into what were saying and I step over, I do actually like.

I come to the spot and when I should've stepped over it. I didn't and I stepped directly into it, and on that grade that that slope was all loose gravel loose lava rock is what it really was and I stepped into and before I even realized that I was sliding down this hill and I fall onto my stomach and I do my best to claw my hands and you know you seen those movies were people like falling down a hill or sliding down like an icy slope you like, come on man, just use your ax and get it in there okay will this happen to me. Let me tell you it doesn't exactly work that way. I was sliding down and I was digging my hand.

It is best as I could. I couldn't do it. All I could do. I had the clarity of thought to look down.

As I'm sliding down. There is no way sheer edge that is approaching rapidly.

I rotate to my back and I just thought you know what if I'm gonna fall off this thing I gonna do it my way and so I rolled to my back and I vault myself off the edge intentionally so that I am in control and I'm to be able to land my feet as I'm falling.

I looked down and it's about a CTO for felt like it was 50 feet but was probably 10, 12, maybe 15 feet at the most.

As I'm falling I'm looking down and I'm seeing dead giant tree over here. I'm seeing rocks everywhere and I look and somehow by the grace of God there is a patch of sand. It's maybe 2 feet wide that I am somehow headed towards I go okay I'm to land here, but as I'm falling I'm thinking broken leg for sure I gonna break my leg for sure is I come down I'm able to. No joke land completely square on my feet in the land. I feel like you know one of those gymnast in the Olympics, I stick the landing.

I don't fall I don't stumble. I lent holy square my feet rocks come sliding down the dirt falling everywhere my water bottle that I dropped on the way down comes down to lands next to me.

It was like did that just happen. My wife, who was behind me was screaming in terror.

The entire time Jonathan Jonathan. She thought I was falling to my death. No joke.

She actually turned I when I came back up to the hello like I was crazy.

She said I literally turned away and close my eyes I thought you were going to die.

I was like what if I like grabbed onto something like that. 10 seconds could've made the difference you just to close your eyes and let me die.

But the point was this is that when I came back up. She was like teary-eyed. She literally thought I was about to die and I would say this, 10 out of 10. Would recommend to do at the beginning of your anniversary trip. It elicited all kinds of sympathy. She was so thankful I was alive.

She was so thankful that I was there. It was like totally worth it to have some scratches and bruises and bumps of my leg for the rest of the trip and so it was great.

Would recommend, but while we are on that trip as well. One of the things that we got to do that was so cool was hike up to a waterfall and this is something we'd wanted to do in the past, but we always have our kids with us and it's a pretty good hike up to this waterfall and we wanted to get up there and so as we made our way up to the top of this water follows 4 mile hike.

Not too bad but there were pools along the way and they are really beautiful these beautiful pristine pools that were just clear and blue and so refreshing looking. I was really bummed that they were closed for swimming because it was really hot and humid and I was looking forward to jumping into one of those pools but they're close, for whatever reason and they were just each one was fed by the waterfalls and the waterfall came down and in succession, each one filled the next and there's eight of them is rather seven and they ultimately emptied out into the ocean, as were walking I was just blown away by their beauty and a kind of made me think why are they this way, why are they so clear and blue and pristine.

What makes them so much better than the pond in my backyard that sometimes fills up when the kids leave the hose on for too long we've all seen clear, beautiful bodies of water. Whether it's a lake or a stream or a river and we've all seen those stagnant ponds that are like disgusting with algae growing on them.

Usually there the breeding ground for mosquitoes. Their disgusting so what's the difference between those two things and I got me thinking about her message today. The thing that they have was they were fed by a waterfall. It was amazing. Rain came down this pristine water they needed that inlet. But what each one of those ponds had was also an outlet you see if they just built up more more more. Eventually not water and is nowhere to go. There's bacteria in it and he begins to fester because there was an outlet for these ponds. They are able to say so pristine and so beautiful and the difference between that and a stagnant pond.

Is it may have an inlet but has no outlet. There is no outlet for these streams to go for this water to go and so what is a do it stagnates against moss and bacteria and mosquitoes in all kinds of gross stuff. I couldn't help but just think. I think that Christians can sometimes be the same way. Hear me out here. Whether you're a brand-new believer or even a Christian for 50 years. I think this principle is still true Christians who have a steady stream in of spiritual enrichment and a steady stream out of evangelism and discipleship and Christian service and ministry are always the healthiest and the happiest Christians we found that to be true.

I sure have the ones that are doing the most are often the most happy those are being filled spiritually and then pouring out spiritually to others lives are always the happiest serving the Lord. Let's contrast that for a moment with the believers that have the steady stream in, but they have no outlet. There is no spiritual outlet of making disciples in their lives.

They're not being wise stewards with the gifts and opportunities that God is given to them. They don't share the gospel. They don't think that the great commission applies to them.

So what happens like that pond that pond that become stagnant and unhealthy.

And let's be honest, it starts to stink a little bit right will often those Christians are the ones that are the most judgmental there.

The Christians are the most critical of the most holier than thou the most legalistic and dare I say the most pharisaical because they have all this knowledge, they have all this spiritual wisdom, but they're not exercising it or applying it in.

So instead they criticize they nitpick in their generally unhappy. My dad pointed out his messages to us the last couple of weeks that evangelistic Christians are happy Christians.

Nitpicky Christians are unhappy Christians.

I found that to be true firsthand knowledge and understanding in church attendance. Those are all great things but friends, they are not enough to get you into heaven, only faith in Christ can do that but your spiritual inlet needs a spiritual outlet is your being filled. Spiritually, you need to be pouring out spiritually. Jesus half-brother James.

He wrote this in his letter found in the New Testament any kind of expands on this thought in James chapter 2, he says this. What good is it, my brothers, if someone says that they have faith, but they don't have works cannot faith alone save him. If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food and one of you says to them hey buddy go in peace, be warmed and filled, without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that. And so also faith by itself, James says if it does not have works, is dead. While faith without works is dead.

James is saying you can kinda say if you're being filled spiritually. But you're not pouring out spiritually.

Your faith is in good is not a good faith. It's not a true faith and so we need to be cautious. We need to be aware of these things I tell you what James lived out his faith. James, the half-brother of Jesus lived out his faith. According to church history. James died a martyr and when he refused to stop teaching about the resurrected Jesus. The religious leaders in Jerusalem took them to the pinnacle of the temple hundred feet higher so and they took on and they told him you need to stop preaching about Jesus stop doing this and when he refused, they took James and they threw him to his death over 100 feet down except James didn't die. That's right. And so in the fall didn't kill James and they came to them with clubs and they decide, okay this is how were going to kill him and he still wouldn't stop talking James church history tells us, echoed the words of his older brother Jesus when he was dying on the cross as they were beating James to his death. James said father forgive them for they know not what they do. They don't know what they're doing. Forgive the Lord while can you imagine having those be your last words having that heart for your enemies. Having that heart for people you love them so much that the very people that are taking your life and inflicting so much pain and suffering upon you.

You are asking God to forgive them to spare them not to judge them as radical last word say a lot about a person don't say those were James last words and last words really come to give us an insight into the things that matter to people that are sharing them with their other deathbeds gives us an insight into their personalities, their character, sometimes there incredibly sad sometimes are incredibly beautiful and challenging James last words were asking for forgiveness on behalf of the men were beating him to death.

Here's the last words that kinda struck me recently as I was looking over some John Belushi who was a well-known actor and comedian kind of a life of the party. Kinda guy while he was sadly overdosing on drugs in a hotel room. He said to his friend while he was owed eating and slipping in and out of consciousness.

He said to his friend.

Just please don't leave me alone.

Just don't leave me alone and then that friend left him alone and John Belushi overdosed on drugs.

Very sad, heartbreaking to think of that, the loneliness, the fear that he may have been experiencing Steve Jobs, the founder and president of Apple computers and that the creator of the iPhone and the personal computer and all that stuff when he was dying from pancreatic cancer. His last words were, oh wow oh wow oh wow three times. He said that Karl Marx, a German philosopher and socialist revolutionary said last words are for fools who haven't said enough. I think that Karl Marx probably said too much of her honest Leonardo da Vinci. We know him.

He's got it painted the Mona Lisa.

He painted all kinds of amazing things. He was a sculptor. He was an inventor. He was an absolute Renaissance man Leonardo da Vinci who set the standard painted all kinds of amazing works of art. He said I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality. It should have.

Wow, was that mean for the rest of us. This is a guy that I was. He set the absolute standard for amazing works of art. He did not feel that his life measured up to the gift that God given to him. All of these men. All of these last words gives an insight into who these guys were and what they believed and what mattered to them.

Why would say to you that there are none more important words than the words the last words of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. When he concluded his earthly ministry here on earth before he ascended to heaven. His last words are recorded in Scripture for us to read and that is our text today if you would read with me and Matthew chapter 28 Jesus said these words all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I've commanded you.

And behold I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Let's pray Lord as we just read those words. This amazing command. This amazing charge.

This amazing promise. Lord, we pray that you would press these things upon our hearts or the you would help us to take them seriously to know that this is for us today. Even though you said them 2000 years ago. The mission is still not complete.

Lord we need your help to do it. You tell us that you are with us even to the end of the age.

So Lord you are with us today. Fill us with your Holy Spirit. Help us to understand these things.

We ask this in the name of Jesus.

Amen amen well again. The last couple of weeks my dad has been sharing messages on the refreshing power of sharing your faith and today I want to talk to you about how it's equally important that we are discipling others. I titled this message the refreshing power of discipling others. Our text today is what we know as the great commission. It snowed that it's called the great commission. It's the final words of Jesus to his followers with his marching orders over 2000 years later and there's still work to do, make disciples of all nations. Jesus says make disciples of all nations will help. That's a bit of a tall order for honest is in it, make disciples of all nations. It can sound overwhelming it can sound daunting, and I can already hear you beginning to excuse yourself from that while Jonathan is not really for professional Christians, you know, guys like Billy Graham and the apostle Paul and Kirk Cameron dared there the professional Christians we should leave that to them. Okay II hear what you're saying you're saying I can't quit my job.

I can go and pursue this full time and make disciples.

I got a make a living for my family hate listen you might be a businessman you might be a businesswoman you might be a teacher, a full-time parent. You might be a lawyer or a construction worker, whatever it might be listen regardless of where you exist on the socioeconomic scale or what your profession is you are called to make disciples. And so today I want to look at three points, three points together.

What is a disciple. What do disciples do. And thirdly, who did some who do disciples disciple before you excuse yourself from the great commission which Jesus has commanded all of his followers to do.

Let's look really, what is a disciple. What does it mean to be a disciple number one. What is a disciple is look at that together in the New Testament the word Christian. The term that we all use of ourselves right. The term Christian the title that we all use as followers of Jesus Christ and carried to this day was only used in Scripture three times. It was only recorded in Scripture three times in acts 1126 asked 2628 and first Peter 416, only three times that term Christian by the way, was not self applied. It was not something that they gave to themselves let's call ourselves Christians know that was not what they called themselves by the disciples of Jesus, the believers, the disciples of Jesus first became known as Christians by nonbelievers to mock them and ridicule them kinda similar we saw us kind of interesting thing happened in the 1960s and 70s those I began to follow Jesus and really commit their lives to them. There were given the term the title Jesus freaks Jesus freaks notes in error, call yeah a Jesus freak. That's cool. I want to wear that as a badge of honor.

When the day that was not a term of endearment that was not a compliment that was a hassle.

That was a distance.

It was a slang term used to make fun of people and ultimately you will be looked down upon. If you're called a Jesus freak. Just like in the first century if they called you a Christian, anyone who is a disciple they would call that term to they will call them a Christian and new again not a term of endearment not a good thing and so while the term Christian is only used in the New Testament three times the word disciple. The word disciple is used 281 times. This is the term that the followers of Jesus Christ refer to themselves as we are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are disciples of Jesus. Don't let that term scare you every true Christian is a disciple and so what is a disciple and disciple really is a simple word to understand in Exodus means a learner, a learner, but it needs a bit deeper than that bit more than that for the follower of Jesus Christ.

It means you're a learner who accepts instruction given to him and makes it his rule of conduct you see Jesus as your Lord and so you follow study and apply his teachings to your life.

You are disciple, let me clarify. Not saying that you are part of the disciples like the 12 disciples know but we are disciples of Jesus and as disciples of Jesus. That means that he is our teacher.

He is our master, he is our Savior we apply his teachings, we apply his instructions.

His guidance and wisdom, not somebody else's.

We are not following what the world has to say we are not falling what some other leader. I tell us how we should conduct our lives. No, you call yourself a Christian, you will model your life after the teachings of Jesus Christ and as Christians we never stop being disciples. That is why the apostle Paul said in first Corinthians 11 one. He said be imitators of me as I imitate Christ. Be imitators of me as I imitate Christ. Paul did not say follow me he was saying basically follow me as I follow Jesus. He was saying imitate me as I imitate Jesus using the model beat my behavior in your life.

As I model my behavior after Jesus there is a difference there. She Paul never stopped being a student of Jesus.

He never stop being a disciple of Jesus, and we never saw being disciples of Jesus either. I've a friend that lives locally. He attends our church and he owns a martial arts studio, along with his brother. They attended third third-rate guys that love the Lord. They bring people from their Academy to the church.

It's awesome, and there there really great guys and their teachers and they are the teachers at their Academy what they do is they come up with brand-new techniques that have not been created and they come up with these techniques and they teach them to their students. They train the fundamentals they train new approaches and between these two guys are really successful at what they do between the two of them. They have 10 consecutive undefeated black belt world championships in jujitsu which is pretty amazing. Another, both in different weight classes so that enough to compete against each other because I be awkward right and so there really good at what they do and they are the sensei's they are the teachers. They are the masters in this craft and I one of the ways that people advance and their Academy and this brings us kind of tour second point today.

One of things they do is they encourage the more advanced students. The students who have been with them for a while to help the newer students along so sometimes you walk into their Academy.

And yes, the two professors.

The two guys.

The two brothers are walking around in there there giving insight of giving input their given correction and helping with technique and form and so forth. But there's only two of them, and sometimes are people in our class with there's 20 to 40 people in there so they have the more advanced students go and spar and roll and and drill with the newer students and what are they do that the older students, the more mature advanced students go and they begin to do the same thing.

Hey, this is what I learned help for me. Hey, I'm noticing that you're not putting your feet on the mat.

Hey I I'm noticing you're doing this you need to make things tighter. You need to do this technique try this and leaned back in this way they are helping them along there helping really disciple. These newer students. It's great. It's a total picture of discipleship.

The two teachers are cut, giving the instruction for everybody. With the more advanced students are also at the same time, yes they're all looking to the teachers is the ultimate example, the ultimate authority on the topic, but as the advanced students are wanting to advance more.

One of the ways they do that as they help the newer students along and they begin to teach the principles that were taught to them. It is a total picture of discipleship. The advance student never becomes the teacher or the primary authority on the techniques being created and designed by these two brothers but they are able to come and help these newer students develop, they instill knowledge to help correct bad technique, and so forth. This is what Jesus has called us to do.

He has called us to make disciples and he has called us to be disciples.

He's called us to make disciples and he's called us to be disciples.

My dad said in his message last week. Every Christian should either be discipling someone or being discipled to someone and sometimes both at the same time as that brings us to our second point number two what do disciples do. What do disciples do.

Let's make it real easy here. Okay disciples disciple disciples disciple just like those advanced students in the jujitsu Academy are learning from the two brothers those advanced students are also simultaneously helping other students around them develop and grow in advance and their skills though students don't become the teacher. But they become a peer, a fellow student who was understanding to help others along. It's a beautiful picture again. The apostle Paul. He said follow me as I follow Christ. He said imitate me as I imitate Christ refocusing today and our message on understanding our master Jesus in his final words to us his disciples today. His marching orders, that he gave to all of us to this day, also called the great commission. That's what refocusing on together. Ray says in Matthew 2819. He gives us this command, all of his followers 2000 years later from the first century to 2021 and beyond. He gives us this command go therefore and make disciples of all nations make disciples of all nations with think about that for second that word go. It sounds pretty clear, doesn't it go go across the street go over there. Go across the ocean go on a mission trip and do it.

And those things are true. Jesus did command us to go and preach to the God don't preach the gospel in Jerusalem in Judeo and Samaria and to the ends of the earth that Greek word for go it's it's kind of interesting and I want to get too nerdy on here, but there's a really good insight that I want to point out to you that Greek word for go is a passive, present particle don't zone out on the right. What that means is the emphasis in the original language in which the Bible was written, the New Testament was written in Greek, the emphasis is not on the word go is the action but more on the make disciples part and so I'm trying to tell you is you could translate it more as while you were going while you were going on about your life.

You could say make disciples while you are being a lawyer in the workplace, make disciples while you are a teacher while you are a full-time parent while you're a police officer, a construction worker make disciples while your student make disciples.

This is really what Moses said in Deuteronomy 6, 5 to 7 when he tells the people of Israel you should love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might us the greatest command.

By the way that Jesus tells us that he says these words I command you today shall be on your heart.

That's our mission that's our mission right there that these words would be on our heart and that we would love the Lord our God with all of our heart for soul with our might, that he continues and says this and he gives us our strategy.

He gives us our technique on how to do it.

You shall teach them diligently to your children and you shall talk of them when you sit in your house when you walk by the way, when you live down and when you rise.

He's not saying okay. It starts at 9 AM and ends at 5 PM you be a disciple.

From this time to this time you teach these things to your children.

From this time to this time saying no. While you're cooking dinner while you're driving in the car while you're on your way to work when you're sitting across the table from your coworker, and you're talking about where you're to go for lunch or what you want to order on the table. You know for for lunch that day make it you don't make a disciple talk to them about your faith, make disciples, you do it on your way. Don't just go and it's a destination you go to, you do it all the time. It's wherever you go. It's whoever you're with, make disciples, and so number two what do disciples do disciples disciple right disciples disciple disciples teach others the truths that they know and have learned they would teach them to other disciples. And yes, they teach them in the classroom. They teach them on the job site.

They teach them on the golf course. They teach them at the beach. They teach them at the dinner table you know.

I've had the privilege of getting to sit under my dad's teaching. Basically my whole life, and I've learned so many great things so many wonderful principles found in Scripture, but I think that for me personally the greatest lessons that I've learned from my dad and my mom as well have not necessarily been when I'm sitting in the front row it church or when there behind the pulpit giving a Bible study.

It's when they're in the middle of the situation that allows them to model it in real time this weekend on Saturday.

Actually, July 24. It marks 13 years. My older brother Christopher went to be with the Lord and that was a major wake-up call for our family is by far the worst thing that ever has happened to us. It was just my mom, my dad, me and my brother were a tightknit family. We love each other. We went to church together and Christopher was 33 years old when he was driving on his way to work at our church. Actually when he was killed instantly an automobile accident and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think about my brother and I don't talk about them to my kids in my family and and share stories about him and really he's he's the reason that I like to put my faith in Christ and wanted the hope of heaven snowing to see him again. I was already kinda primed to make that decision.

But that was the thing that just I was ready I was ready and I gotta be honest, as many great Bible studies. I heard my dad given and principles that my mom taught me as a young boy.

I saw my parents live out with the preached. I saw my parents model the behavior they talked about so much in such a an obvious way. They had a true deep real faith. They lived out what they believe and that's what disciples do disciples live out what they believe. They don't just know it up here know they practice it they exercise it disciples disciple and disciples teach others what their conduct and the user actions to teach others as well. Disciples teach others the fundamentals and come alongside new believers to help them develop and mature spiritually. To quote my dad again. He said again. Every Christian should either be discipling someone or being discipled by someone and sometimes both at the same time know I mentioned earlier that I have three kids. I have a 16-year-old daughter a 10 almost 11-year-old daughter and then a nine-year-old son, Riley, Christopher and Allie and Allie is 10 now she's almost 11 and she told me the other day that dad I'm a preteen I'm like, did you just tell me your preteen like this is like a warning sign of things to come, what's what's going on here. She's Artie shown it. It's true it yeah and he was pray for me but Allie from a very young age we saw that she was very bright and she was a learner and she loves to ask questions, especially stories for my child that you got to become the family historian Sheena correct me on the way I tell the same stories to her no daddy told differently this time that each said this last time, but she loves to hear about things and ask questions about things that she doesn't know about, and she's asked a lot of great questions about what it means to be a Christian. What the Bible has to say and my favorite part is when she tells them back to me and she understands the principle that I just explained to her and so Allie came to us one day when she was like five or six years old and she came and said to us. I want to be a preacher and like okay wow if you want to be a preacher. All right yeah will Allie do something you could do and you could get high all you've got passion. You've got excitement for Jesus. You could totally do that, that's amazing.

And Allie took our word seriously and so she went over into her living room and she got out one of our little footstools and Allie climbed up onto the top of the footstool and she stood up, so she's kinda elevated she's on a little bit of a platform, a pedestal there and her two siblings were there and mom and dad are sitting there on the couches, watching this all take place in front of us and Allie then proceeded to go and tell everybody in the room. Everything wrong that they had ever done to her. Everything wrong that they had ever done all the bad things that they did all the secrets that have been told to her and she was just telling everybody all the stuff I guess that's what things that a preacher is on no, she's not hate. She's not here for me. All right, but it was just so classic in such a funny memory, but that sometimes what people think being a disciple maker is the air just criticizing people.

You're just telling people what they're doing wrong.

You're just telling people all the things that they need to change in all the things that are missed stepping in and pointing out their failures in their shortcomings is not the case.

That's not what a disciple maker does.

That's not what a disciple does to other disciples was Allie's got a little bit older now. Allie is great athlete.

She's competitive she does all kinds of different things she's done soccer and swam in a couple of other things and she's again really competitive.

It's fun to watch.

She loves to do well. Will Allie is a natural athlete and she does really well. A lot of the time because of that, and so she's got that natural drive. You know she's the kid that after the swim meet is over.

After practice is over. She wants to stay there and swim 1015 20 extra laps, working on her technique, working on her strengths. She really wants to do well. She wants to be successful in what she does her little video of her playing swimming at a swim meet recently and she's doing the butterfly stroke who created the butterfly stroke, by the way, that is like the most unnatural looking swim stroke I've ever seen what she gets first place in this swimming. She did so well. We are so proud of her. But I gotta tell you, it when Allie doesn't get first place when she doesn't win everyone she doesn't get second place.

She is distraught. She is absolutely distraught. She takes losses really hard. She just found out she gets tears in her eyes. She usually has to do two or three or four races at her swim meets right now and so when she loses her first one or she comes in third place or whatever it might be whatever place she comes in. If it's not first or second minute she wants to give up. She wants to throw in the towel she wants to completely just leaves you want to go home and not come back ever again. And so job as dad is to come alongside her and kinda culture a little bit and encourage her and to comfort her and to bring perspective to help get her back on her feet and keep going.

That's what a disciple maker does. That's what a disciple does when fellow believers inevitably stumble in their faith when they fall short when they sin and they mess up what we do. We don't own site. Can you know what you did blow it, you probably should just give up now and and just turn back in and don't come back again no, absolutely not a member, the first time the first handful of times. I did mess up and I did sin I did fall back to some old behavior when I committed my life to Christ. I'm so thankful that I had spiritually mature Christians around me.

The said Jonathan you need to ask God for forgiveness and you need to get up and you need to keep going and you need to read your Bible tomorrow you need to pray and you need to keep consumer continuing in your relationship with the Lord. I am so thankful that I wasn't allowed to just turn my back and walk away from the Lord. That's because I had mature Christians in my life and so inevitably we have those Christians around us those newer believers around us. They get discouraged that stumble in their faith. We are there to help them get back on their feet. We remind them of what Jesus did on the cross for them. We come alongside and those times and remind them of the promises of Scripture and help move them in the right direction, reminding them of all the things that Jesus said about them.

That is what disciples do we disciple others them. That brings us to number three point number three who do disciples disciple, who do we disciple will ask 18. This is kind of a continuation of the great commission. You could say this is pretty much just an extension of an ox when a Jesus said these words before he ascended to heaven he said you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

This is actually again part of the great commission were Jesus really spells out for us who we are to go to who we are to disciple others robs you very specific instructions for the believers in the first century Jerusalem that's literally Ground Zero.

That's where they were standing there in Jerusalem at the time and the way I see that using older Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth for us. I think we all have our own Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth. I think for us. We could see Jerusalem. That's our immediate inner circle. These are the people that you could call it any time they're gonna pick up the phone and have a 15, 20 minute conversation with you, no problem. You see them on a regular basis. You have a friendship with them. These are the people that we are called to disciple the people in our immediate inner circle. Talk about your relationship with God lead that person to Christ help them along in the relationship with the Lord disciple them. That's who were called to disciple the people in Our Immediate Inner Cir., Jerusalem then there's you day up no Judea you could think of those people that that was like your family, your close friends. Every time you seem kinda pick up where you left off. They need the gospel, Judea and Jerusalem were two separate little kingdoms that are separated from each other and so they had the same belief they had the same you know everything in common. There just kinda separate cities and so we have everything in common with these people and maybe we just haven't help them along in the relationship with the Lord. They're not as close to you is your inner circle but there probably those family those friends again every time seem kinda pick up where he left off. We all those relationships right. They need the gospel they need to hear about Jesus. You can start off literally just next time seem hey Matt, it's so good to see you. I wanted to share something with you. I don't know if I told you that man, I've had kind of a life changing experience and I put my faith in Jesus Christ. And I gotta tell you, it's changed so many things in my life and it's really illuminated me in a lot of ways and helps me see things with different different perspective.

I gotta tell you about it. Now these people are in your Judaica. They're going to hear you there to listen to. Okay Jonathan yet that that's great man let's let's get coffee, let's talk about. I love to hear about that from you and that brings us to Samaria.

I know Samaria.

These are those that would maybe be outside of our comfort zone a little bit the Samaritans for it you know it and historically speaking, they were half Jewish and half Gentile.

But relations between those Jews.

The Jewish people and the Samaritans were icy all right the relations between those in Jerusalem and the Israelites, the Hebrew people and those that lived in Samaria. They were ice cold.

They were not in good terms, but they did still have something in common.

They had something in common. What they had in common was they actually practice the same faith they worship the same God. Note they were not heretical. They deftly had some different interpretations of things in Scripture. Some of the finer points but things that were like not huge issues and so they had a common ground.

They had a bridge that they could build with them right away. These are the people that they were called to go and preach the gospel to for us today. These could maybe be the people that we don't necessarily get along with but we have something in common with. Maybe they have a heart for homeless people right there super empathetic and they got a heart for whatever's going on in the cultural or compassionate when it comes to those that are hurting hey that's a bridge that we could build on right. Maybe it's somebody you align yourself with politically but you don't really get along with. The point is, there is a bridge there and common ground, you can build upon for the sake of winning them to Christ or for the sake of discipling them in the faith those the people in some areas.

This is who we are supposed to go and share our faith with an disciple Jerusalem Judaica Samaria and now to the ends of the earth will to the ends of the earth those the places that we don't want to go to whatsoever we don't know we don't like him and we don't want to go there. God called us to go there anyways to the literal ends of the earth the literal last people on your list that you even want to go share your faith with God calls you to them now. Yes, of course, this would deftly be no those in Iraq, those in North Korea. Those in China in the deepest creases of the Amazon jungles the undiscovered people groups and so forth. Yes, go preach the gospel to them.

But for you it might be her next-door neighbor. The call the cops on you when you left your trash cans out for too long right are you parked your car in front of their house and they called the city so they come until your cards like that's the last person I want to talk to. Okay, it's not just the people across the ocean, it could literally be her next-door neighbor. Yes, Jesus commands you even them. I want you to preach the gospel to even them. I want you to go and make disciples of them now I know that you might think. Hey, that's a really tall order to share my faith with these people and I have a hard time doing and I don't know how good I'm going to be out at listen, don't worry about the results.

Don't worry about being successful. Jesus himself says that he is not looking for success.

He's looking for faithfulness. We see Jesus face-to-face. He's not going to say well done, good and successful servant. He is going to say well done good and faithful servant is looking for six he's not looking for success. Rather, he is looking for obedience. We close with this one of the most amazing and fun aspects of being a parent is getting to reexperience all of the things that you did as a child the you don't really get to anymore. The kind of outgrown and getting set to experience that through your kids like for me. You know I got really excited.

Canals, like all men I love Star Wars as a kid I watched the first in episodes four, five, six.

The original trilogy like crazy.

I wore out the VHS tape so so excited to introduce them to Star Wars. We've never made it through one movie they get so bored and so tuned out that they just completely disengaged. Now they like some of the stuff that you know how to do a sour smell like you don't like Star Wars. How could you know. But there's other things that I have got to do with them. That makes it so much fun and I get to see it through their eyes.

One thing with my son Christopher is when he was around two or three years old I used to be really good at catching lizards when I was younger and I was super into that's all I want to do is catch lizards and bugs and all kinds of stuff and so when Chris first two or three.

I caught a lizard for him and his eyes got as big as saucers and now Christopher who is nine years old is like a lizard aficionado. He is totally better at catching these bugs and little creatures and I am, he's catching and climbing in the bushes like full Steve or one style like headfirst into a hedge to grab the lizard look for the snake or the bug and he's he's a total animal is hilarious but I love it and so now that is reinvigorated my passion for catching lizards doing so when were out and about a like let's go look for lizards all look the Western fence lizard were learning all the technical names of them soften it so much fun. We love doing that. Another thing that I got to do is I never really cared about going to Disneyland for really long time but now that I have kids getting to go and experiencing it through their eyes for the first few times is amazing was almost feel like a spiritual express like oh my goodness, what is this place, it's heaven. This is crazy. Look, there's all these rides and games and toys and all kinds of fun stuff and just like having a kid in your life helps you see things in a fresh and new way. Having a new believer in your life. You might think of things like, you know, that are just mundane and normal and ordinary when you have a new believer in your life and things like forgiveness of sin, the hope of heaven. The power of the Holy Spirit, all these are elementary things. It's not that big of a deal basic stuff. Nothing to get excited over bought a new believer understands that for the first time and you get to go and be the one who shares with them.

Yes, your sins are forgiven, and he gives you a second chance and 1/3 chance, and even when you mess up God is willing to extend his grace to you over and over.

Your sins are forgotten by God. We get to share that with somebody.

The God takes their sin and cast it as far as the east is from the west and you get to share that principle somebody and you see their eyes well up with tears, and they understand this principle. For the first time man it's gonna give you an excitement. It's gonna give you a passion it's going to give you a re-energizing effect of your love for God and for his people, and so harvest church family make disciples make disciples look to those people in your life. You can reach out to Jerusalem. Your Inner Cir., Judeo the people that your your friends with us to marry of the people that you got something in common with and even those to the ends of the earth. Even your jerk neighbor and the people you don't get along with Jesus shed his blood for everybody. And he wants everybody to come to the kingdom of heaven.

And so in closing today. I think it would be really appropriate for us to read together the words of our master the words of our teacher, our sensei, Jesus Christ, and the great commission that he is given to all of us. All of his disciples.

Anybody that would call themselves Christian. He is given us our marching orders needs told us what to do. Let's read these words out loud to get a room to put them up on the screen phoria so you can read with us. Matthew 28, 19 to 20. He says these words go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.

And behold I am with you always, to the end of the age.

Lori thank you so much for these words. We think you so much for this challenge.

How it's actually good for us to live out these things and Lord were so thankful that you give us the power of your Holy Spirit to help us accomplish these things as well.

Lord, we pray that you would use us the you would fill us the you would guide us, Lord, guide us and direct us. Help us step into those conversations this week and in the months and years to come. Those divine appointments.

The you've prepared for us soften the hearts of people around so that we could share these things that matter to us so we can disciple others so that we could lead them into a deeper relationship with Jesus that we could help them along in the relationship with you. Help us to do that now, Lord, lower praying together, the other might be somebody watching online right now wherever you might be on your phone or device, or you might be watching this message, you know, three years from when it was recorded. That's okay with lords and speaking to your heart and even waiting to put your faith in Jesus Christ and you haven't yet been forgiven of your sin. Can I just ask you a question what you waiting for what you waiting for, is there anything in your life. Anything in this world. That should hold you back from making a commitment to follow Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. I'll tell you personally. I made that decision 13 years ago and it was the best thing that I ever did. The Bible tells us that we are not promised tomorrow. We don't know what's can it take place tomorrow where not promised the road in a live forever, one out of every one persons will die. I know it's a shocking statistic. We don't know if organa die at the ripe old age of you know hundred and 15 on our deathbed with our friends and family surrounding us. Or we might die from cardiac arrest or we might get in a car accident like my brother did unexpectedly. You need to be prepared. You need to be prepared to meet your maker, the Bible tells us that today is the day of salvation.

Choose whom you'll serve and obey Jesus himself. He said come he welcomes you with open arms come to me. He said anyone was heavy burdens.

Anybody who is weary from this life. Jesus said I will give you rest. He says in Matthew 11 come to me all you who are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, let me teach you because I am humble and gentle at heart and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. Are you walking around in this life with the burden of guilt and shame you been lugging around with you being concerned and saddened by your past behavior, your old sins that things that you've done you rip people off, you've hurt people you've done things yourself that you were just a shame for and you are embarrassed of listen. Jesus came not just for your sin, but for your shame and guilt as well. He can remove that from you and he instead will give you his burden which is easy and is yoke which is like take it from me. I could barely face myself in the mirror every morning before I put my faith in Christ. I hated who I become hated the things that define myself. I didn't know who I was anymore and I knew I needed this relationship with God. Listen when I stepped into that relationship with him. Everything changed.

He made me a new creation. I just want to tell you he can do that for you today now and invite you to ask Jesus Christ into your life right now to make a decision today. This weekend the end of July or whenever it might be the year watching this to put your faith in Jesus Christ. Today is the day of salvation. It's as simple as calling out to God and asking him to make Jesus your Lord and Savior putting your faith in him you can do it right here right now if you want to do that.

You can pray this prayer does pray wherever you're at. This is a simple prayer you're talking to God.

To say these words. Dear God, I know I'm a sinner but I know Jesus is the Savior who died on the cross for my sin. So I turned for my sin. Now and I turn to you from this moment forward. Jesus, I make you the Lord of my life.

Nasty would fill me with your Holy Spirit from this moment forward in Jesus name I pray, amen. Everybody Greg Laurie here. Thanks for listening to our podcast in the learn more about harvest ministries. Please subscribe and consider supporting this show.

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