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Bible Wonders - Teach

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Bible Wonders - Teach

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 28, 2021 12:00 pm

The Great Commission in Matt:28 instructs us to teach - so what does it mean to teach in Hebrew... YARAH



I about the word teach. So if you listen to my show Saturday which there's a part just about the great commission.

You may remember that passage in Matthew 28 were Jesus talks about go and teach the nation's teaching members so that words mentioned a couple different times and so the Hebrew version of that is what I wanted to talk about today which is really really just as beautiful picture and of itself, so to make up the word and again I I love the Hebrew which just points things to me that are absolutely beautiful. So the word to teach in Hebrew is called your if you were to say that in Hebrew. In the first letter is a good in the second letter is a reddish and the third letter is a hey and the way you pick those up together mixing together to get this idea if teach is more than beautiful.

So when you think of the word seed. In other words, what, when you're going to teach something you want to put it in good soil is. Jesus taught with the parable of the source and so this is so much about that in teaching is that you're sowing seeds and again the best possible seeds you could so would be the seeds of light of the God seeds as if if you if you're tracking with me that are all in the Bible no matter where you go so when you're going to teach it to teach of God amassed the best CD could possibly so, and thus you have the unit and that you and we talked about many many times is like the little that means a lot of just a little doubt that you first put on the page but it really is God that had to shrink himself way down in order to make a finite universe and the idea of that unit quite often is it succeed and it's a God spark.

I mean this is where you going to start if you want to teach something and if you ever been taught by Summit anatomy spark. You know that this is a requirement as far as teaching. They gotta have an enthusiasm that Ella know the material themselves and have been caught on fire by that spark in order to teach so that's the year that it's the first letter in the in that what we get to mix together the second letter is a rage and that rage like the dollars that we've talked about before. We talked about the show yesterday. It's a bent over kind of letter. It's a line that's been over, but the idea of the radiation is very much connected to the idea of head and affect the word had starts with the racial or the Holy Spirit starts off starts with a radiation because the ideas that were grafted in order to teach something we have to lower our head. In other words, lower our intellect to be able to deliver it to an audience that doesn't know what were already talking about right.

You know which document you've already learned it but now we need to bend over to be able to teach this to the level that people can understand that in God certainly taught me bad as I work with special needs kids every whether or not kids or adults every week in the Sunday school class I teach at Calvary. You know the first thing I ever had to teach was this idea of the fifth commandment, you know, honor your father and mother and so when you think were humming to teach this to people who can't speak, and a teacher to people that don't reason the same way that I reason and so I prayed and prayed about that. And God showed me how to bend my head down to go okay if you want to teach honor. Get down on your knees and so I spent a lot of time at very first-class teaching.

The idea of what the parents were.

And then I said we need to honor them in the way that we do that as we get down on one knee and honestly, when people were in a punch in the air looking out the window. I I didn't think I taught anything at the end of the class when the parent started to show up and that students began to kneel.

The parents asked what was going on in the other teacher said what Robbie taught about honor your father and mother the day of their honor in you than the tears started and I could see that all my goodness that the spark had gotten transferred because I've lowered my Internet intellect in order to be able to show you something that people didn't know what I'm talking about would know about. So the third letter after the race that were get a lower our intellect to deliver this spirit so to speak. As we know is rock is the letter. Hey, and the letter hay is made up trustingly of the doll that which is that poor person and then another unit in the idea behind the hey it means to express it means to say hey that's what it means when you see it in this context is very very neat because we talked about in the Christian card I show how the doll. It is actually the poor person the oneness poor in spirit and gimbal is running to deliver them. This God sparkle when you put the God spark in the doll that looks like a hey so once you've ingested that God spark you as a poor person have now become a hey and so you want to express what it is that you have been taught and that comes to you in letter form and the letter form of a hey because it's a dollar with you it down in the left-hand column. It that has been ingested by the student and when a student can go teach you know, we've now completed the cycle of the gimbal that ran with that little seed right that that God spark over to the doll. I gave it to him. The doll and ingested it and now you got a hey and so as I sit here and wonder about this.

I could just look at this word for a long time and think how God blows me away with the whole idea of ERI which means go like great commission and teach

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