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The Great CO-Mission

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 27, 2021 12:43 pm

The Great CO-Mission

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 27, 2021 12:43 pm

What we teach is what we are given back.  Wait!  Is that a math problem?  Andrew calls and gives the weather forecast.  Kinda.  But it is sweet and dear.  Jane connects from Raleigh.

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This is Sam from the masking journey podcast of our goal with the podcast is help you to try to find your way in this difficult world you chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network you are here. Life exists and powerful play goes on. You will University so just the snow. The gene radio show great commission and after that intro, you might be doing what you love this, the great commission and today show is brought to you by the Hebrew letter Gimbel and I will get in all that, of course, the Truth Network is always will bring this to you so as you can see Bruce Springsteen. I hope you can see this. He was absolutely right, baby. We were born to run. I could not make it any more clear in your mind now. The King David had the same line as you know, I think that bursting brings the Springsteen Him he got it from King David, Psalm 119. He said I will run in the path of your commandments for you meeting God will enlarge my heart begin to put that together. In the beginning that you might have heard Robin Williams the famous dead poets Society. He was teaching there. By the way, I would point out one of the great great things he is teaching there on identity is you know you can have a first what will your first be a minicourse referred Crosby still Nash and Young teacher children well see my guess, that the great commission has something to do with teaching. Well, I'm sure it does so as a car salesman you might imagine, right the first thing that attracted me to Christianity you know is all this hope of the great commission right I mean every car salesman on the planet that can gather for great commission and really see the word commission could be said co-mission commission or or or a lot of ways you could put that but there's no doubt that there is a treasure involved okay and we got all today show is so much about that. So is more than truth in Matthew 2818 is known as a great commission. It says, go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and the son and the Holy Ghost teach them to observe all teaching once again. Twice in the in the passage teaching them to observe all the things whatsoever I've commanded you and low I am with you right but sit mellow Jared and low children with you, even till the end of the world was focus for a minute on this word teach right while God instructs many many times for us to teach Yaro in Hebrew. Simpson put, you can't sent you just can't teach what you don't know right. You gotta learn it before you teach it so the joy of learning is made complete actually, if you've ever thought about this but the joy of learning is really made complete in the teaching Michelle you even more. Why that is because the reason why today's show is brought to you by the Gimbel and the dolly is these two words and letters thereto.

Hebrew letters, they are completely connected to each other. So if you can picture a Gimbel for a minute with me.

It's a straight line, down I've got a foot on the end of it. That's actually the unit and we talked about get a few shows ago but not to get confusing.

It looks like a foot. The letter itself looks like a foot and the reason why it's a foot because it's running and this running letter is a rich man and he is running to catch the next letter over which is called a doll. It and the doll. It is the poor man and the rich man is running to catch the poor man to give him what was stolen from him. Okay, so the Gimbel. This is so beautiful is running to catch the poor man who things have been stolen from him and we know who the thief is. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Satan okay now add to this that David King David. His name in Hebrew.

You can hear this with the best sound is dilated which is a doll. It of love and it all just three letters, but two of them are doll. It's so don't miss the fact that he's poor right and you might remember, Jesus made a big deal out of this blessed in the Beatitudes right is given the sermon on the Mount Blessed are the poor. So what King David was pouring see my richest man you ever met LOL oh well, think about how many times is what Jesus said is blessed are the poor in what, in spirit, and how many times does King David. Throughout the Psalm say teach me teach me teach me help me to run in the path your claim. In other words, he's trying to learn so that he can write fulfill. He's fulfilling the role of the doll. It which is to receive okay, throw another curveball at your think with me for a minute I think I can prove the fact it's not in the Bible is more blessed to give than receive.

By the way that's not that is that that is urban legend. I think I can prove it biblically. It's better to receive then to give. And here's why. When I was crushed between the two jeeps and you might remember the story that I was put in the hospital for some time and I couldn't walk and sit put me in a wheelchair for even longer period of time and I had to get a wheelchair or my house at the time was three stories and for my wife to get me down to where she could drive me was quite a chore.

So my Sunday school class. They came out and they built a wheelchair ramp on my house, in which was really humiliating as I'm standing there and all might you know Sunday school class people out there they got always would. They stayed for the whole thing and this is no little ramp by the way, this is about because of how high this had to come down. It was about, you know, maybe 100 yards of ramp to get it so that it would be so these people are building this unbelievable structure on my house for free and I want Them I might to the subject as a baby Christian with time and I want My Sunday school teacher Mike Hammons's name. I just can't believe you guys are doing this for me. I mean what what in the world. I've never done anything like this for anybody because Robbie and I went we would do it for a lot more people, but they won't let us. And when they don't.

It robs us of the blessing okay now to think back to the game on the doll it right. If the if the rich man catches up to you and you turn away as business is offering that these try to give you back what was stolen from you, then, in a sense, you're cursing you not allowing him to have the blessing of give you that. More specifically than anything God is trying to get you to give you his okay and if you take it, then you're really spitting in God's face as he let his son die for you to be able to receive this information so again the relationship between the doll in the Gimbel so here's the Gimbel it's running. I went when these guys gave me that but wheelchair ramp that started in the whole idea of tithing in the process they were now given 10 times what they gave away so when you teach something, whatever that might be. If you teach something a secret, especially of what God's giving in the Bible. Those seeds that he has planted in your life that you've received from him.

If you teach those then now you're going to receive the blessing from God of 10 times what you gave away right and I tell you this even works with jokes, so yes I does because I've been given away jokes for years. You have no idea how many people send me jokes I can show you that I've received 10 times more drugs than I've ever given away lack of books and books of jokes that list or send me why because I give away jokes for free and so they come back in town got its it's the whole concept so here's the thing, in order for you to be blessed. You got a call in today show 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and tell me something some secret that you've learned in the Bible, and you can share it with all Give what you be blessed with 10 times more sleep at all for 7884 right back with more on hope you are here. Life exists and powerful play goes on.

You will University. The snow great co-mission to Christian Car Guy show and the reason I say co-mission is God gives you information that you get to teach. But what's really cool is he also allows us to be really poor in spirit so that we can learn from other people and that gives them the blessing of getting right 10 times more information.

What they share with you, and you share with them, and God gives you 10 more times of information that an and thus we teach each other, whether it's a conversation you know with 100 or however all that works. It's absolutely beautiful.

But you got the opportunity to blessed me because believe me today I'm feeling very poor in spirit as it had so few so you gotta get more of what you've learned so that you can be blessed and I can be blessed.

It is a co-mission 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH, but the one call it. I'm very excited to get actually have from one of my long-time students you may know that I teach special needs at Calvary and so every once in a while we get my good friend Andrew, who also happens to be blind but I'm so grateful that you call it in this morning Andrew welcome neurotic Christian Car Guy show. I am pumped because I know you're gonna teach me some and my guess is you know teach me the weather so Andrew has a gift like you know he's he really is a weatherman you can't help but wonder is he gets his tablet gone how your reading it and how its invoices and so you get your tablet actually talks to you talk and get the latest. I know I'm home were all hold manner. We would probably so well only on Andrew he's get that information. You know III think that it's absolutely now he's he's asking Alexis one of the big secrets to the great commission is Andrews get Matt, can we put Andrew on hold for just a minute and then we'll get him back in a second. I cannot. I don't talk like that, you know, I've never dealt with Alexa in my life to us week and I went to a friends house at the beach. Let me just absent. We glorify may have Alexa I couldn't get Alexis if he survives funny seeing and I was way off topic but anyway we go to bed that night, and I can't figure out how to turn off the light in the bedroom right so my wife is watching this comical scene as I start to clap. I tried everything I could possibly think of to turn it off. Alexa was paying no attention.

You had to say it exactly right. Alexa turn off the light in the body back because it was just one of those things. So we check on Mr. Cmdr. Andrea ready now were going to be out there that don't do that because you you you play back on and so you just tell us what you got for his okay enter okay well I brain guide for next week. We have all work at or near area. If you have A now A out for Lori 987089 or call the recording Line Export 8384 and 83859 Recorded for Actually Go Ahead and Get a Letter Today and I Made 8885 in Raleigh 82 and That We Have a Wetter Body for the American Dream. We Have Green in the Area Next Weekend We Have Our Radar and a Look at the Is Usually You Will Allow Me with Your Ability. You Know You Really. I'm so Grateful for You and and What You Mean to Our Family Right You Talk to My Wife All the Time and I Know How Much You Love Tammy and so Were Grateful for You and for What You're Learning and Teaching People about the Weather All the Time Because It's One of Your Gifts and Send Thank You for Call Me I Will Talk to You Soon, What Now She Is Great She Is Wonderful but Probably Still Sleeping.

If I Know My Wife on Saturday Morning and so I Wouldn't Call Her Just yet.

I Would Wait till Afternoon. Thanks and Have a Great Day. Alright, so You Know Are out There Trying to Learn and and God Shares the Secrets with Us so That We Can Share with Other People and so Once You Got a Secret Something That You Learn This Week That God Showed You Is Absolutely Beautiful. You Can Be Blessed Times 10 by Colonists 866-34-TRUTH 87884 so Another Thing That God Was Showing Me This Week and I Hope I Can Put All These Ideas Together to Show Is the Letter Tess, Which Happens to Be My Daughter's Name Which Is the Letter That Begins the Word Good. You Might've Heard It Called Tov in Hebrew and the Idea of God Is Good All the Time All the Time God Is Good. You've Heard That before.

What Is Been Taught for Years and Years about This Particular Letter. The Letter Tov the Florida Excuse Me the Letter Tess, Which Begins a Letter to the Word Tap Tov so Anyway There Was a Rabbi Who Used To Quote That All the Time God Is Good and He Went on a Trip Because the Written Roman Emperor Was Putting a Curse on His Towns Were Going to Get to That Discussion of the Word Times We Got Another Call or Come in so I Could Hear Another Secret You Get to Hear One That We Need to Hear Yours so We Can All Be Blessed. 866-34-TRUTH 8784 866-34-TRUTH Co-Mission. Being That Were out There Running to Give the Things That We've Been Taught and Then Receive Those That Others Are Willing to Teach and I'm so Excited Because I Have This Raise My Spirits Because I Have Jane in Raleigh Who Has Something Forced Good Morning Jane, so I'm Excited You Called. Share Your Share Your Secret Well You I Got to Talk to Me about the Bible and Will Talking about How It Wrapped Right Walking on Our 38D All Encouragement Because Many People Now the Current Day Are Not Believers Don't Look at the Bible and Well.Dolly Confirmed over and over Again. Bev and Dave Allow Jack How He the Holy Spirit Really Continue to Be Our Time so Beautiful Jane. I Came Tell You What a Blessing That Is Not Process All That You Just Said but Is Just Jump in There at the Beginning of It What You Sent Was That My Sermon to My Pastor, My Tuesday Night Bible Study. My Wednesday Night and All the Things That You Were Saying Was Telling Everybody Listening That Wow This Is a Really Hungry Right. Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst. Did You Hunger Is Because You Know Your Points. Like I Need This Stuff I Really Really Need It and so Is All Is People Are Born into You. Your Receiving by Your Receiving Their Teaching, Which Allows Them to Be Blessed and Get More. But As You Receive Their Teaching Stephen You Called in My Showing You Taught Us, You Know What It Is That's That That You Can Receive in the Thing That That I Can't Can Help Connect Some Dots. As I Listen to What You Say and I Love the Truth Project. If You Ever Heard It from Dale Tackett in Focus On The Family Where They Talk All about How Important It Is That We Realized How God Protected His Word. The Truth through All the Centuries Long.

Where Are Looking All Well to Add to That. Can I Just This Is What the Holy Spirit Can Teaching Me for the Last Three Weeks Robbie the Bible Is Jesus and the Jesus Is the Bible That He Is the Word, and so When You Knock the Integrity of the Bible You Know What You're Doing. You Were Talking about Our Savior. He Died for Us.

This Is the Living Water.

This Is the Word of God. These Are All These Things and and so It Really Helps Me to See That the Bible Itself Is Way Bigger Than Culture Really Do Whatever They Wanted to Do with Jesus, but We Know Who Came Back from the Dead Bentley That There Will Be More Awakening.

What Drawn Because You Know inside of Those Words Are All Alive and in and As You Can Tell As I Can Tell from Your Discipleship That All Those Seeds That We Planned That We Get a Chance to Share This Is What I Learned in the Bible Are. Listen to What People Are Learning Back and Forth with Work Were Literally Taking It God in an and Part of What God's Name Means Is to Express Yahweh. It's It's a Huge Thing to Ask Prof. God, It Really Really Is When You Call on His Name. It Is Definitely a Huge Part of Our Identity.

And so I Am so Blessed by What You Shared Today and Reinforced for Me in so Many Ways. God Bless You Jane. I'm so Glad You Called. Well There and Thank You for Your Show Now. Thank You, Thank You so Getting Back to the Tests.

The Letter We Were Talking about That. There Was This Rabbi and He Was See How God Is Good. You Know Everything God Is Good If You've Heard That before and so He Went Traveling and He Always Traveled with a Rooster or Any Traveler, the Donkey, and He Traveled with the Candle and the Reason He Did That Was so That You May Know, the Torah Means Bible to the Jewish People and so He Did That so He Had His Candle so He Could Study the Torah at Night. He Had His Rooster so I Could Wake up Early and Start Study Torah during the Day and Had His Donkey so That He Would Have the Books in Order to Do All the Studying so He Goes to This Village and Not Unlike Mary and Joseph That He Can Find No Place in the End Nobody Will Take Him in This Little Village and He's Trying to Spend the Night and so He Ends up Going out to the Woods out to the Forest and Spending the Night out in the Forest so Lo And Behold Unfortunately While He's out in the Forest, the Wind Blows His Candle out and While That's Going on.

A Ravenous Cat Eats His Rooster and All My Goodness of Lion Eats the Donkey and of Course You Know This Rabbi Says This Must Be for Good Because God Is Good All the Time God Is Good No Matter What's Going on. It's Gotta Be for the Good of What's Going on Because of Tov It's Good God Wouldn't Allow This.

If It Wasn't Good or the Next Morning He Wakes up and Quite Often the Truth Is Revealed When We Know the End of the Story and What Happened Was Robbers Came into That Town That That That He Wanted to Stay in and They Literally Either Murdered or Murdered Everybody in the Town or Carry the Other Ones Away and Slaves. And Guess What. They Ran through the Forest in Order to Get Away after They'd Murdered and Robbed All These People and Had He Had His Candle on They Would Make Sure They Had No Witnesses or Had His Rooster Made Any Noise or the Donkey Made Any Place in the Not Right. He Would've Been Visited by the Robbers and so He Realized, Wow by the Fact I Lost My Rooster and I Lost My Donkey and My Camera Got Blown out. God Is Good All the Time All the Time God Is Good.

So A Lot Of Times of the Wisdom of That Letter, the Wisdom of That Concept Is Just like Oh My Goodness This Is Something That I Really Really Need to Get Me through the Day Out Of the Red Chair with about Three or Four Things Already Today That I Got Okay God Is Good As Reasons Computers Decided to Lose Its Mind on Me Right This Minute, but Meanwhile, with More Secrets We Have Sarah Linda Is Important to Wash Orchard.

And Washington so Good to Have You, Sarah, Linda, What You Got One or One of the Secret You Can Share with Me Today. I Got Your Number so I Will Get.

I Think You Know: What Is Your Number in Electric Line Father-Son Spirit. When You Start by Lying You to Reach out Far and Wide Board. Thank You Brand-New Day on Route 60 There. There Will God to the Area Code.

Next Numeracy God. God in the Bible That Truth Way. One Tuesday to the Four Corners of the Year Talented New Beginning New Creation. On All of the Complete Day to Come into the New Beginning Again Declare New Beginning Every Cleric to the Four Corners. Love, Declare the Glory Eight or Wow Wow. I Mean, That Is, You Don't Want to Give God Is Giving You What You Know I Will Work in Poetry We Got to Go to Number Examine I'm Sorry but Thanks You Say That Home. I Can See It Coming Back Anyways. You Have a Great Day. We Got so Much for Coming up. My Good Friend Bob Young Is Going to Be Here with Us When We Come Back for You. You Are Here. Life Exists and Powerful Play Goes on. You Will University. The Snow, the Great Commission or Cold Mission Today on Christian Car Guy Show Teach Nations and What a Treat That Is Referred so Many Teachings and We Need More so You Can Call Us at 866-34-TRUTH 87884. We Would Love to Hear What You Teach, Because As You Do That As We Receive Your Teaching and You Receive Hours That Were Blessed by God to Get 10 Times More so We Got My Friend Bob Are Christian Junkyard Guy with Us Today before We Go There Bob, I'm Sorry to Interrupt. I Forgot I Gotta Talk about Amy Combo and the Cure She's Coming up at 1 O'clock on the Truth Network and She Can Be to about Father's Today so That's Live in Her Story. I Bet It's an Interesting One with Her Father.

I'm Really Interested to Hear What She Has To Say. That's Can Come up Today 1 O'clock on the Truth Network, so Bob Welcome Was a Little under the Weather Today so We Couldn't Come in, but You Still Join Me. Good Morning Brother You Doing Well Today. I Am Having a Great Time and I Wish You Were Not Terrible like to Get There and Have Restatement of the Safe Thing to Do.

Waited out Here and and See If I Get Pulled Back Together Little Bit. I Understand What Is He Got She Needed to Go out When Andrew Is down Always Enjoy Just Needing Alexa May Need to Elect on the Part Is Funny. That Is, As I Was Hearing Andrew You Which You Missed at the Beginning so You Go Back with the Podcast Please on My Special Needs Students and and This Is a Perfect Example. Really Bob of How Important It Is to Stay Poor in Spirit, like the Special Needs Students Have Taught Me. Unbelievable Things Even When They Can't Speak Often Okay but If You Eat, but by Receiving What It Is That They Teach You See They Get the Blessing of of Learning 10 Times More so I Have This Young Man.

His Name Was Joshua and He Was in a Wheelchair. One of Those That Was Really Really Really's Skinny He Looked Really, Really Sick and His Head Had to Be Supported so We Can Stay up and and When He Would Come in the Class Often As I Began to Teach Bobby Would Begin to Get Just Moan like You Know and so When I'm Trying to Teach Know Is Kind of Disruptive and This Went on for Months and Months and That Was Kind of Annoying Actually. I Was Annoyed, but His Mother Would Come in Every Week and Sale. Joshua Just Loves This Class Really Mean I'm Missing That I Don't Know Exactly How It Is. But Apparently He Is Well. Every Year We Have a Christmas Party and the Christmas Party We, Show off What God's Been Teaching Us through the Bible and All the Stuff and I Begin to Lead Them in the Way That They They've Learned through the Bible That Particular Year Was a Begin to Do That to You the First Year That Josh Was Not Class Course He Starts Where All These Noises and Immediately His Mother Says Joshua, It's Not Your Turn and in One Second.

I Went from Robbie Gilmore 6 Foot Five Robbie Dome about 1/2 Inch Tall Because I Just Read All My Gosh Joshua Has Been Trying to Talk to Four Year That This Was the Way He Communicated He Really Was Having Fun and and and Immediately I Changed My Whole Way of of When We Had Joshua of Teaching a Bit and Say Josh with Your Turn and He Knew I Would Give Him a Turn and He Would Share and Will Only Know You Haven't Exactly What He Was Chairman Sees. He Shared Had a Chance to to Be Blessed by God and We Were Meant to Run. We Were Meant to Tell What It Is It Were Learning. We Are Meant to Communicate. You Thank You for Giving Me the Opportunity to Share Years Ago That You're Crazy When You Invited Me to Be Part of the Payment Is Been so Many Blessings Come Our Way and People Have Reached out to Me Get a Little Guidance about Some of My Experience and Everything That It All Started by You Have in the Wisdom. I Didn't Think It Was Last Year. You Thought It Was a Good Idea and the Business You Know I Can Just Tell You All That I Mean Things That My Soul Bob That You Gave Me like You Know What I Thought Made Me Disqualified Makes Me Uniquely Qualified to Meet A Lot Of People May Say That but When You Delivered It the First Time It Went down in My Soul and I Never Forget It in a Quite Often Hear Somebody Talking about Something That Will I Can't Do That Well Nobody Could Do It Better Than You Because You're the One That Experienced It Right You so You Invited Me to Be a Part I Thought Your Game Anyway and That Is Been a Big Button in My Life and Apparently It's Been a Blessing for You Every Step to Me and When You Get to Help Somebody That That's Just the Best Day Ever and I Think I May Have Been That Bad Day That I'm Having a Bad Day. I Need Somebody to Help Because You Get past the Bad Day, That's for Sure.

Did Terry Call You Yesterday after Talking, I Don't Think That Something Yesterday That It Was before. I Gotta Tell You We Are Blessed to Give Jesus a Beloved Car Repair Labor for Single Moms with Families in Crisis Talk about It All the Time on the Show and We Had so Many Cars Donated Lately and I Got My Other Volunteer's Been Working on Helping People Get the Cars Fixed. Based on the Show That You and Jerry Did. I Had so Many Cars Donated to Us Actually Kind Overwhelmed and I Started Praying I Need Some Help with These Parsley to Get Them State Inspected and and and Scott Will Help Get Them of the Right People but I Just Need Some Help Because I Can Do All This and You Know He Put Terry's Name on My Heart and I Called Terry Yesterday and I Said Terry I Need Somebody to Help Me Get These Cars to Where They Need to Go to Get the States Back to the Bubble Bubble Bath, You Know, and I Was Planning God Put Me on Your and He Said You Know I Robbie, I Was Praying That You Would Use Me in Some Way That Will That Work.

I Thought about It Ever How Perfect Is Terry for That Matter, I Mean Just a Willing Just Hard to Help and You Know There's a Situation Where You Know God Had a Divine Appointment Were Bob Mate Terry Met Terry and If You Had Met Terry, I Never Met Terrien and Here We Are All Three Showed That I Have Been in the Lead Really. We've Got A Lot Of History That's for Sure.

You Really Do, but It Is a Picture for All Those Who Know the Story of How God Takes the Least of These Right He Loves the Least of These.

This Is Really Loves. That's Why.

Well, I Would Bruise Things That Springsteen Says That Tramps like Us Baby Were Born to Run Right That That's the Point That the Way I Think You Were Only Ways to Go. So Anyway, Bob, My Christian Junkyard Guy Was so Joy I Hate to Have You Here in the Studio but Thank You.

Have a Great Year to Man Again. I Hate the Show Was over, Because I Had so Much Fun Back to Get Part I Wrote out All the Stuff As I Could. My Website under the Great Commission Right Now. Remember Slowdown Everywhere and He Got a Call 33 Years. I Need to Tell You My Website Going to Rob You Can See My Specialty Class That I Have a Video. This Is the Truth Network

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