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Bible Wonders- The Relationship of Thanks to Learn and Praise

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 29, 2021 11:10 am

Bible Wonders- The Relationship of Thanks to Learn and Praise

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 29, 2021 11:10 am

This Episode was a result of how God took me from: James Banks teaching on Thankfulness and Praise Encouraging Prayer Podcast

Thanking leads to Praising in  1 Chron 6:14


So what lead to thanking - The Gimmel Caught the Dalet gave him a Yud, that became a Hey....

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Today on 52 wonder with you about the word Frank is and thank you and how that relates really so much to both praise into learning and it's interesting how God got my attention on this.

I do podcast with James Banks, the host of encouraging prayer and actually he's the author of prayer for profit goals and is also a contributor in the our daily bread piece that comes out every day and the author on many many books on prayer. I don't even know how many an amazing man of God, and in one of my favorite people in the whole concept of how much he loves prayer and how much he loves to study it.

Well the piece that we did Friday. He was talking about when you don't know what to pray. Sometimes, and you're up against your prayers hit the ceiling and think about thanking God and that will lead to praising God in which I will put the link to that podcast. I really highly recommend you listen to it every week it comes out over the weekend he he does something on prayer every single week and it's always worth listening to. This morning, coincidently, is I'm beginning to pray and really just climb up the father's lap and try to figure out where were going, I just didn't wasn't feeling it and I'm sure you've experienced that maybe you have and I hope not but anyway I'm not feeling it all and all the sudden I recalled. Oh yeah, James said if you start thinking Jesus and God and the father-in-law the way that I believe it was one of the authors he was quoting squids would say that for you to thank God, until you got to the point of praising God, and I thought what would be good so I just started to think about things I could thank him for the course will immediate ones of thinking for James.

He stopped me in the next thing I know went from this thankful to that thankful and and oh my goodness before I knew it I was truly praising God, and in my world was filled with thankfulness and so I said oh well, let me go look at the word. Thank in Hebrew.

You know, knowing me, that was where to go and so when I looked at that word my mouth just dropped open as if I were to pronounce that it looks like it would be pronounced you to. But oh my goodness what goodness that I was like I can't believe how cool this is where you'll find it, I just, you know, went to my Bible search with the blue letter Bible app.

I just typed in the word. Thank into the surgeon came in first Chronicles 16 for where the Levites are being instructed Albert to set up their thanks and their praises and so you find the two words right next to each other and you know there's a the actual quote.

It says, and he appointed certain Levites to minister before the ark of the Lord and record and to think and to praise the Lord right and so that word thank right there what you find it throughout the Scripture is a good then a doll lead and then a hay and that's why my mouth dropped open because you might remember as I was talking about the word teach that the you should that little bit means a lot letter that 1st.that you make on the page which is the spark of God can also be considered a seed and so when that seed, especially Bible truth seed is what the gimbal that would run the rich man that's going around to get run to give to the poor man what's been stolen that letter gimbal when he runs he gives it to the dollars, which is the been over servant, which we talked about was King David himself right that his name was doll involved doll.

It well when the little seed is received by the doll.

It what you do when you teach right your through the spirit you're taking this seed of the Bible and your sharing it with the poor man that has been it's been stolen. The truth, the understanding of God and so is that seed is received by the doll. It it makes the letter. Hey, which is a doll it with a good then in the corner when the whole it is received that you should you now have the letter hay, which means to express literally it means the whole it's the first letter of the of God's name Jehovah or even the words used in some ways to express God. So, how cool is it when you think about it.

To be thankful is to like oh well, the doll of the servant received this seed and immediately when you receive that seed what you want to do you been up.

Thank God. And then how cool is that that that that would lead to praise, which, when you look at the word praise.

It is another hey like behold and then to meds one of those in the bed could be learning and the other one could be loving. It's like your heart.

The limit itself is your heart okay and so you got your heart, expressing what you've learned and how you love.

I mean how cool is it that these things are so linked together this hey this you would in this doll. It to mean thankful

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