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Bible Wonders - My Peace I Leave With YOU

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 18, 2021 10:49 am

Bible Wonders - My Peace I Leave With YOU

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 18, 2021 10:49 am

Jesus said HIS Peace, His Shalom  -He said a mouth full with this one for sure...

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As Jesus Goodman made it clear that his peace he would leave with some peace in Hebrew. You may know, shalom and not too dissimilar from the words we talked about here recently this word to ends in the minimum and I've just been wild.

I guess by how these words are so connected. These words are so connected by Jesus. Both the words repent, which we talked about yesterday and the word grace and and here we have the word peace and in Jesus made it so clear this is so important to our hearts to have peace and the reason is when you look at the word in Hebrew. It starts out with a shin which means to oxidize fire in a purify.

It also means truth, but the idea here clearly and shalom is that we are going to purify your heart because the second letter is a lament and that that letter means to learn but also means the heart and sweet you realize like me. If you love to learn that it's it's so much about your heart as you learn, and as the fire so that from that shin begins to purify our hearts through what we learn and how we love then the next letter is of love again. Jacob's ladder that's going to bring down something from heaven in the last letter being that Mam, as we talked about it said living water. It is you know Jesus. When you think about Moses when he was arguing to God. As we talked about the word repent yesterday that when God took comfort when he took comfort was, he realized, oh yeah, Jesus is going to make this right.

Jesus is the water that's going to come out of the Rockies living water. He's the bread that is going to come down from heaven. He is right. The promised land that this is where were all headed is that that living water that Jesus that will come and live in our hearts and so as we asked Jesus in our hearts, since he is the Prince of peace is the Prince of shalom, that our hearts will be purified so that he can come down from heaven and stay here when you look at the word shalom that shin is the fire. The LeMat is your heart the vav again coming down and then the amendment.

At the end both water and Torah and Messiah something to wonder about today on Bible wonders

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