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Bible Wonders - I AM THAT I AM

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 15, 2021 11:34 am

Bible Wonders - I AM THAT I AM

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 15, 2021 11:34 am

What an amazing thing to Wonder What God said to Moses in response to his name. Robby how Rashi the famous Jewish commentator taught from

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Today on Bible wonders I'm sure like me you wanted many times about the IM statements that God made Exodus when Moses asked him what his name was and so I read an interesting article I want to share some excerpts from you today from

Of course I'll post these in the show notes where they came from, but essentially this is from a Jewish perspective what they see in the statements that I really had never seen before.

Fresh information so Exodus 314.

Here's their interpretation. I shall be with you in your present distress, and I shall be with you in future exiles and persecutions of Rashi that are most famous from my perspective, the one I was here the most about commentator, like their Matthew Henry, this is what he had to say when God appeared to Moses in the burning bush and charged him with the mission to take the people of Israel out of Egypt.

Moses said to the Almighty. Behold, I will come to the children of Israel and say to them, the God of your fathers has sent me to you and they will say what is his name and what shall I say to them, and God replied to Moses, I shall be who I shall be tell the children of Israel.

I shall be has sent you to name something is to describe and define it again, I'm still quoting Rossi here to name something is to describe and define it. So God is infinite and undefinable cannot be named that Scott has no name, only names. How does God who brought everything into reality. Define himself within that reality."

So from Rossi's perspective. God really knew what was underneath Moses's question, the unspoken question so to speak. And so here Rashi goes into what he believes was really underneath Moses's question again quoting Roche therein lies the deeper significance of the question that Moses anticipated from the children of Israel what is his name. They were sure to ask what type of behavior, are we seeing on the part of God in these times you say that God is seen the suffering of his people in Egypt as he heard our cries and knows our pain, and he see therefore sent you to redeem us. Where was he up until now, where was he for 86 years that we were languishing under the slave drivers whip that babies are being torn from their mother's arms and cast in the that Pharaoh was bathing in the blood of Jewish children what name is he now. Assuming, and after 86 years in which he has apparently been nameless and aloof from our lives, continuing to quote Rashi here he is from God's perspective answering the questions that essentially Moses was asking for his people as he considered what he would say to them based on what they've experienced. So here's the quote from Rossi where was I all these years with you.

I am being I am existence.

I am reality. I am a grown of a beaten slave in the wail of a bereaved mother and the spilled blood of a murdered child.

Certain things must be, no matter how painful and incomprehensible to your human cells in order that great things infinitely great and blissful things should be but I do not orchestrate these things from some distant heaven holy and removed from your existential pain. I am there with you suffering with you.

Praying for redemption together with you. If you cannot see me. It is not from my youth reality is because I am so real. I have some to wonder about today

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