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Bible Wonders - THRONE SITTING

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 9, 2021 10:31 am

Bible Wonders - THRONE SITTING

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 9, 2021 10:31 am

Rev 3:21 Jesus tells the church if we overcome we get to sit in His Throne with Him. Those words IN- and THRONE in Hebrew are beyond cool

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Rome sitting on Bible wonders. I love that whole concept in Revelation 321 Jesus tells the church and what do you tell him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also came and sat down with my father in his throne so I just think it's a glorious thing when you look at those words in Hebrew which you know you can look at the Septuagint and see what the word for throne is in Greek and then back into how that word would actually be in Hebrew, and so as we do that, there's obviously some keywords there. One being thrown. The other one being in excess what is it actually mean to be sitting in Jesus's throne, like he was in his father's throne will the word throne in Hebrew. It starts with the which is a phenomenal letter written usually means a crown which would make all kinds of sense when it comes to sitting on the throne.

But when you break down the letter even further. It kinda has this sense of both desire and pleasure in what they call the Jews to super consciousness. So that's if you wonder why they wear the little skullcap that they use.

It's because that is their image of this super consciousness. That's like a crown above their head and so the reason why they believe that desire and pleasure are the super consciousness because even though you may not be a great guitarist like actually back last summer was my big dream my big desire was to be able to play classical gas on my 12 string guitar and even though I'm not a great guitarist because I had this huge desire. I spent months learning how to play it listening to it over and over and over again taking lessons on YouTube doing this and that until I can finally figure out how to play classical gas will then click bigger challenge. I cut off the tip of my little finger when I was trimming my hedges about five weeks before is supposed to plated boot camp and so now I had a bigger challenge, which was housing a play classical gas was essentially just three fingers once again, desire, plus a lot of prayer let God show me how to do these cords. This way we just three fingers, and eventually I actually was playing it better with three fingers and a farmer forefingers, as it were, that I was playing it with all five of my fingers not to say that was awesome but I thought it was pretty good for somebody with forefingers. It was really fun to do. But the idea was that my desire was so strong that it pushed forth the reality and you see somebody that their desire is to play football and you can see some kids that don't have that much natural ability but somehow or another they even make it on the professional leagues because the desire is so great, so that's part of the super consciousness that would be a crown and certainly when you think about it, if your desire is for heaven above all else, it certainly is a picture of what a crown is in the other, or displeasure, and that the idea is that it's read so much the word in Hebrew that has to do with this kind of pleasure and it's almost like when it said when you pray in the Lord's prayer that I will be done well which really praying is that God's delight will be done that Rhett's own word which has to do with again with pleasure like God would be absolutely delighted to see us sitting in his throne with Jesus and so as we understand it is the Jews teach with the super consciousness pleasure drives desire like you're so excited about the pleasure of doing that, it drives desire and desire drives this super consciousness that actually gets your mind to begin to work on how you can become this, or do this, that it that you see is going to be required and again the Holy Spirit in the blood of Christ and all that and you really have a you know the making of a great crown is is what I'm saying. So that first letter that Kush is huge when it comes to throne. The second letter is called a sonic and has everything to do with unity and has everything to do with sort of medicine and so here's this person that has this beautiful desire that is the super consciousness. That's over his head and is driven towards unity, not the person I want sitting on the throne. I hope that you in the last letter is in aleph which we talked about that letter to a blank before simply God's finger coming down, wanting to touch man and through the Torah which is a evolve. That's between the two goods you know through the Torah, God touches man. But that essentially is the aleph or like you know the alpha male, so to speak, like the leader and so here you have this crown individual that has this fantastic desire for unity and clearly is in charge and and that's what the throne is. It's a beautiful word and it certainly something that I look forward to sitting on now fascinatingly the word in that you know when you talk about being in the throne.

That letter is just simply a bet which means home but really means kingdom in this case, and so when you're in the throne of Jesus, it means you're in the kingdom of Jesus and you're in this place of desire and pleasure, super consciousness, so to speak. Working on unity as the leader all in the kingdom.

I mean, it sounds like good stuff so I don't know about you but I plan on sitting in my throne with Jesus throughout the day to day is is is said in Ephesians 6 to right and he hath raised us up together and had made us sit together in the heavenly places. Something I wonder about today

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