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Bible Wonders - ENOCH & Methuselah

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 10, 2021 10:53 am

Bible Wonders - ENOCH & Methuselah

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 10, 2021 10:53 am

A look at their names in Hebrew and a little of what it taught in the Jewish tradition about these Patriarchs.



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Today online wonders. I want to under a minute about to the patriarchs unit and Methuselah. His son would your two beautiful lives of the patriarchs listed in the Bible that you Nick. I'll be referring to. Although there are two meanings in the Bible, one which was came some who came first in the that came from the line of Seth that came second.

In Genesis chapter 5. Well today I just want to wonder about their names as they are written there in Hebrew in the Bible and some of the things that are also taught about them that kinda match up with these things so anything in the dad will take him first so when you look at his name in Hebrew, the first letter is a hat which is a beautiful picture of marriage to a great extent which leads to life, it's a union of a male energy and a female energy under Hoopa so this is a real picture of life just is.

And that's the first letter of the word life in Hebrew. The second letter is a nun which means seeds and so here you have when you have a union like this that we talked about in the marriage.

Quite often you have children, so we have this union and then we have the seeds of the nun and which another way to think about that letter to a great extent is fruit. The next letter is of of which means that something coming down from heaven, and the last letter is a cuff which is like this crown and the interesting thing about this word is yeah it is. Dedicate means dedicated and you'll see that throughout the Old Testament, but there's also a neat unique place you seen this word before the root of this word is and that famous proverb train up a child in the way he should go. So that word train up is the word enough for this couple is very interesting because with the Jews teach about unique what his. He was very much an educator and so as we see this marriage bearing seeds. Clearly he was sowing seeds about the kingdom and based on what we talked about yesterday about a cuff you know this was both his pleasure and his desire averages take the actual Midler story about unique which I find fascinating because we all know that unique walk with God and then was no more.

They teach a little bit more about it in the midrash, which we don't know. Again, this is somewhat legend. It was certainly an oral tradition.

This is the stories that were passed down in the cool thing about unique is the new Adam no Adam lived a long time unit nine years old unique was certainly one of his great great great grandsons and certainly spent time with them as did Methuselah and so these people had an understanding of God that came straight from the horses mouth sums it up so unique walk with God.

We know that from the Bible. And through that he had an amazing relationship and like most people that you know that walk with God. They are teachers they are rabbis they are educators which lines a perfect with his name but when you begin to think of the idea of dedication because a lot of times that we see that word used in the Old Testament is talking about the temple being dedicated to God or some house being dedicated to God. And so here we have some. It was dedicated but also very much in that word is this idea of train up from Proverbs 22 six. So for me it's kind of an interesting thing to wonder about is how is the word dedicated, similar, or in some way used here by Solomon's meaning to train up a child when you think about of the people you've known in your life that were very very dedicated to God just naturally talk about their experience with God it just seems to be part and parcel of who they are.

So in this form of educator, the Jews said that he was so knowledgeable about God and so in such an educator, that they elected him a leader over the people. However, they had a problem because in it would go away for extended times and isolate himself, and he would come into town just basically to resolve issues or come between two people. It had a disagreement and in resolve those kind of things, but they teach that the day that Adam died that unique because we know he was a contemporary of this would've been after Methuselah been born and he'd been a leader of the people for some time.

The day that Adam died unique, withdrew again went into seclusion and nobody ever saw him again. Which leads you now to Methuselah that Methuselah also was very clearly a man of God and very much a man after God's own heart but his name when you look at it really is interesting because the way a lot of Christian commentators have defined that that word Methuselah there saying it is a man of the dart which is interesting.

The Jews however say some completely different that it's a contraction of the word 230 at and they teach in the midrash that Methuselah had 230 Proverbs that he went about teaching and all his 969 years and they say that again like his father ain't Nick that this was a fabulous man of God that would share his relationship with God that you may know that Methuselah died seven days before the rain hit, you know, his grandson Noah was ordered to build the ark and of course that was done will now what the midrash teaches about Methuselah which I think is beautiful is that God that God wanted to mourn Methuselah for seven days before he brought the rain and they also teach that there was this wonderful light coming down from heaven with which was part of the way that heaven was sharing how much Methuselah meant to God. His father was a teacher unique and Methuselah was a teacher and so it would just appear to me that the fruit of walking with God, the fruit of studying the Bible is naturally to share what it is that you've learned and in doing so, you spread seeds of faith which lead Democrat health which was what eating's name means to a great extent, of course, we don't know what happened in equal order to find out when we get to heaven, but it's a beautiful thing that these men live so many years and got to go walk with God and just plan a lot of seeds that we still reap the harvest of this very day. I hope you enjoy wondering with me about the names of unique and Methuselah

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