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Bible Wonders - Strength

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 11, 2021 11:24 am

Bible Wonders - Strength

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 11, 2021 11:24 am

What a great time to Pray - Psalms 68 especially verse 28

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This morning on Bible wonders I have an opportunity to be in prayer open really burdened by what's going on in the country.

The last couple weeks and you know I'm praying and asking God for some insider what's he praying for me or what can I do. What's my role I'm exposing the prayer might have something to do with what my role as source is.

I am praying for some reason all of a sudden I start picturing this word in Hebrew, although I didn't know what the word was.

I was just picturing the letter I which very much looks like a yoke, it all has to do with eyesight as well, but was picturing this yoke essentially what like a yoke would go on oxen and then this ion itself, which is originally in the original Hebrew that you'll find the oldest in the writings like that in the time of King David.

Whatever it was the picture of a plow and and so I think that's a really neat picture. Here's a yoke that's connected to a plow so ill with my word being engaged for the year. I thought were there you go, I need to know yoke up in and hit the plow, so to speak and so I decided to just look at that word in Hebrew, since I could see it clearly and see what it actually was well when I did that I immediately came to Psalms 68 verse 28, which I really think you know what my role is right now is for this country and a lot of our roles would be to pray Psalm 68 and if you look at the whole Psalm. It's perfect for this season for what God is doing, but I particularly like verse 28 because it's got that word in it, and so many different ways, so that verse says thy God hath commanded by strength so that word with the eye and in the Zion, which again is a yoke hooked up to a plow is thy strength and it says strength and oh God, that which you have wrought, or that which you have worked in so that word strength is in there three times the center time.

They not only have the ion in the Zion but they put above after admitting that that this strength is going to come down from heaven, and so clearly God is at work. I mean just is in our country right now with all that's going on. And so what a neat thing to pray this morning is your thinking about it that God would strengthen your strength from heaven that you would yoke up to the plow, which in my opinion is simply plowing that fellow grommet prayer life of God strengthen that what you're doing and work and bring light bring truth into what were being told so that we can know what's actually going on. So I hope you enjoy praying Psalm 68. Today I know I should

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