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Bible Wonders - Temptation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 8, 2021 5:00 am

Bible Wonders - Temptation

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 8, 2021 5:00 am

Some Pondering On Temptation from Deut 4:34

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Him I don't wondered her guys show talk about the word temptation then so interesting. Last night I watched a Disney movie that was dumb on the black fighter pilot group that was in World War II that was highly decorated called the red tails called the red tails and one of the reasons they got the opportunity to so be distinguished was that the fighter group that was ahead of them and trying to protect the bombers in World War II would be easily distracted because the.

The Germans would send their 109 Messersmith's out in a smaller group to try to get them off their mission.

In other words, it would look like, well, there's only six or seven Messersmith let's go after that house and shoot those down and then will get some ace marks on her wings and that kind of thing. Well, when they would leave the bombers to go after those fighters which were met.

Originally, just to distract them. Simply put, they were going after their own glory, rather than protecting the bombers, and more specifically the 10 men that were in each of those bombers and so this red tail group discerned a new way to fight where they would stay in and continue to protect the bombers.

More importantly than shooting down the measure, Schmitz staying on mission, so to speak what I thought about that word as I woke up this morning and God was playing with it in my mind and and so I decided that even though I visited it many times because it's part of the Lord's prayer or lead us not into temptation, I decided to take a fresh look at that with rich eyes as so many times I'm tempted right to go after my own glory, rather than to to give God the credit or as I like to say photo bomb Jesus right I'm always stepping into the picture when he should be getting the glory are always struggle with so Deuteronomy 434 we get a couple of looks up at word in Hebrew, it says that have God assayed to go met assayed means like you would assayed a metal to see if it was high-quality, so events like testing to go take him a nation from the midst of another nation by temptations by signs and by wonders and by war and by might by mighty hand and an outstretched arm in great terrors. According to all that the Lord your God did for you in Egypt before your very eyes, and so you'd be got a really cool thing going on there were that word assayed that word assayed is one way to spell the word temptation. In Hebrew, and then later on when he says that God was making him a nation by temptations. There's another way to spell the word temptation in Hebrew and in both cases the kind of tell a story of marriage and so you have this none, which again would speak to faith in the one way that spelled is the first letter in the other way to spell temptation starts out with Jesus seminar. The memo which is the letter that would mean water but Jesus being a living water.

When you hear the word Messiah charge that MM sounds are usually when you hear a minimum the beginning of the word is come to give you a picture Jesus, but the second letter is the same in both words is called a ceramic and interestingly sonic is a circle so it looks kinda like a wedding ring and it means very much that idea of in eternal bond and so you go G when Jesus was tempted out in the desert as he was, and I should say that the third letter in both words is a hey, meaning that this this concept of Jesus married or our faith married expressed in either spelling would give you an idea of what the word means and so you get this idea that Jesus is marriage to his father was being tempted when he was taken out and what kind it was going on. If you think about it is he was being tested to see if he would go after his own glory or if he would go after the father's and such is my temptation. So for Mike to go after my glory among the go after the kingdoms of my going go after of the shoe down the fighter so that I look good or my government protect the people that are in my care so you know it's interesting thing is, I was thinking about saying the Lord's prayer, the relic to say it, which is to create new ways to say like it was his day our daily bread. I like to say. Give us this day our daily bread/Jesus give me this day our daily Jesus because he is our daily bread, and not so now I get to temptation. I've added so now I get to temptation. I've added in this concept of lead me not to a place of photo bombing you Jesus except yourself, to wonder about today on Bible wonders with the Christian Car Guy thanks listen to

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